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Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
« on: October 16, 2017, 05:47:58 AM »
There were many things that Timothy loved as a teacher. He got to impart wisdom to the youth of the school, got to witness their triumphs and assist them through their tribulations. However, the thing he hated the most was detention. Timothy had never been a fan of detention, even though he never had it as a student. It all just felt wrong to Timothy. He didn't understand how detention was going to remedy anything, but he had to do it as per orders from his boss. In this case, it was a student that many teachers in the building seemed to have issues with. Phillip Donnelly was a smart student, he just used that intelligence in the wrong ways.

Timothy made it a point to not serve Phillip detention in front of anyone. He did it in private, just the two of them. The last thing that Timothy wanted to do was embarrass the student in front of everyone. Timothy had to explain to the boy's head of house why Phillip was getting detention, a formality he also disliked. "I was teaching the class on the letter tables and he didn't seem to be impressed. He contentiously interrupted the lesson to point out how stupid he thought the whole thing was. I was willing to look past it until he started to direct things at me personally, saying I was a fool for teaching the class. I knew I had to give detention...if I let him slide, Minerva would have my head." Timothy said that to the head of house and walked off without any further conversation. It didn't need to be a discussion.

Timothy waited in his office with the door open. It was just two minutes until 7:00. Timothy would have Phillip until 9:30, then Timothy would have to walk Phillip back to his common room to ensure he was where he needed to be. Timothy sighed to himself the closer the clock ticked to the hour. Timothy was not going to make Phillip write lines, or clean, or anything such as that. No...he was planning to do something that could possibly horrify Phillip even more...they were going to have a conversation.


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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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It wasn't as if Phillip enjoyed getting detentions, in fact it was exactly the opposite. He knew they were a colossal waste of his time and being forced to learn useless things during his regular lessons already wasted at least half of his waking hours as it was. But he also couldn't help but speak his mind and even though he was smart enough to filter his words or sugar coat them he rarely did. He insisted on being heard, even when he wasn't asked to speak in class. After all it wasn't like he could just sit there and listen to the lies the ministry told them they were allowed to learn. He knew there was more magic out there than then they absurdities they learned in class. Honestly when was he ever going to need to turn an animal into a cup to drink out of (hygienic disasters aside) or create sparks from the tip of his wand that were not a weapon? Never that is when. And thus when they were learning about letter tables in Arithmancy Lip couldn't help but profess his objection. Arithmancy was a useful subject, he knew that, but letter tables, he had yet to find a single reason to use them in his search for his family. And the only magic he found worth learning was the types that would help him rescue his mother and sister. Everything else was fluff.

He was late but he wasn't running. Detention was at seven PM sharp but he couldn't exactly show up right on time. He wasn't a brown noser and most especially he wasn't sorry for what he had done. The average sized boy clenched his fists and his jaw in equal measure as he used his broad shoulder to push open the door to the professors office at a crisp 7:06. "Professor." He said with a lack of enthusiasm that even a sloth could barely match. Moving purposefully he sat down across from Professor Winchester and kept his frown game going strong.

"What shall I be doing tonight?" Was what his mouth said but his eyes said something else entirely. Something more along the lines of 'give it your best shot'. Almost like he was daring the professor to try to break him. He'd never apologize. He'd never surrender.

For a smart kid he was way too stupid to do anything of the sort.

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy sat patiently waiting for Phillip to arrive. At four minutes past the hour, he had to show. Though he probably should have been angry, Timothy smiled to himself. A little youthful rebellion. When Phillip did arrive at 7:06, Timothy had to hide his smirk. "Good evening." Timothy looked at the clock. "If your head of house asks, you were here at 7. What they don't know can't hurt them." Timothy leaned back a little in his chair. Timothy had a very different demeanor when he wasn't teaching. He was rather casual and loose. Timothy took a quick look at Phillip. The boy was a typical fifth year in frame, but in that head was the mind of some mad genius. Timothy thought to himself that someday, Phillip's lack of filter might actually do some good.

When Phillip asked what he was to do, Timothy smiled to himself once more. "Well...I'll be honest with you. I hate detentions. I think they're dumb, serve no use to anyone, and that they're a waste of time. If it were up to me, the whole thing would have been scrapped and you'd be in your common room right now. But I've got a job to keep so I must. But they never said what I must do in these detentions. So, I don't want you to write lines. No cleaning. No organizing. Nothing like that. I would just like to sit here and you and I have a little chat. I see you in class but don't know a thing about you. You know nothing of me. I suppose your punishment is just to...speak. And if you do then we'll call this a success. What do you say?"

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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It took everything Lip had not to scoff at the professor when he tried to play it cool and not even punish him for being late. Honestly he wasn't sure what was worse: being punished or a teacher who was willing to look the other way. The constant pessimist in him was immediately suspicious of the gesture and instead side eyed the professor as he continued. He slouched in his seat, trying to reiterate with all of his body language that he didn't care. It was important to keep up appearances. When the teacher confessed that he found detentions to be dumb Phillip's head actually tilted with visible confusion. Was he trying to be cool? Or did he really think that? Either way he wasn't going to break through the stubborn Ravenclaw's walls that easily.

Folded his arms over his chest defiantly he shrugged. "Cool." He said apathetically during the professors speech, completely oblivious to how rude he was being to someone who was just trying to help. Phillip was at that stage in his life where not only did he not want any help from anyone he truly believed he was better off with out it. He had stopped relying on adults some time ago and had been forging his own way. During the war, after the death of his father, the disappearance of his mother and sister, being taken in by a strange relative he'd never met and forced to leave Scotland, and even during the Dome. Phillip relied only on himself and in his opinion it had kept him alive. He wasn't about to change now.

By the end of Timothy's words he wasn't able to keep his scoff in any longer. His eyes rolled as he sighed audibly and barely budged otherwise. "So what you think were going to have a grand ole chat?" He asked with a thick defiant accent and setting his jaw. If he slouched any further in his seat he might slid right out of it but it didn't matter. He rested the back of his head on the back of the chair and used it to prop himself up as he stared absently at the ceiling. He could do this all night. It was easier than lines but more annoying too. If the professor wanted him to talk he had resigned to do nearly the opposite. He was being given a second chance here, a chance to set things right and not get into more trouble but that would be way too easy. There was a shadow that followed Phillip Donnelly. It would never let up, never let him get off easy, and tonight would be no different.

His worst enemy was himself.

"I'd rather do lines."
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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy tried to mask his amusement at Phillip's intentional button pushing. Truthfully, Timothy was rather entertained by watching the boy do what he was so well known for doing. What Phillip didn't know is that Timothy was just as capable of putting on a game face. What Timothy felt sure he had over Phillip though was much more simple. Timothy only had to catch Phillips attention. It could come about in different ways but Timothy decided that he was going to pull out the big guns. Timothy had some war stories and there was one in particular that seemed to mesh perfectly with this situation.

"Well, frankly I'd rather you not write lines. I've always found that to be far too cruel of a punishment. It doesn't do anything. It's punishment for punishment's sake. When I was in the war, I took a rather cold shoulder to all things done for the sake of doing them. You don't want to fight a war for the sake of fighting a war, you want it to mean something. I want this to mean something. I don't believe that you're a bad kid. I don't at all. I just think that there aren't enough people here that understand you. Certainly, some of your other professors wouldn't like to get close enough to you to know. You've got a reputation." Timothy nodded at a folder on his desk that had papers in it relating to the various moments Phillip had been in trouble. "But so do I. A reputation for being unorthodox in method, especially in situations like this."

Timothy leaned forward. "As I said, I was in the war. In the war, I discovered a good many things about myself. In that war, I saw things I never wanted to. Saw people get thrown this way and that and hit with curses this way and that way. All of the typical things you've heard all about for so long. But the purpose of my telling you this is so you understand that I am not like what you're expecting me to be like. I was hardened in several ways by the war and softened in others. One of the ways I was softened by finding absolute displeasure in watching people being thrust into situations they don't deserve to be in and being expected to succeed in that situation. And I don't believe you deserve this. But we're here, and we both have to be for two hours, so why don't we at least try to find a common ground to stand on so this isn't miserable?"

Timothy stood and grabbed a stack of papers and a quill and put them in front of Phillip. "But if you really, really, really want to do lines...be my guest." Timothy smiled out of the corner of his mouth. Timothy felt quite sure that he at least had a bit of Phillip captured. But would it be enough?

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Phillip was only sort of listening when the professor began to tell him all about his method and why he thought punishments didn't work but it wasn't until he heard that the man was in the war that he perked up almost completely unnoticeable. Sure that made Professor Winchester a little bit cooler in Phillip's book but that didn't mean for a second he was going to let the older wizard know it. Stubborn and selfish and completely devoid of faith in the system the Scottish born wizard rolled his eyes and sighed. The stories about the war registered with him but they didn't change the fact that Lip didn't trust the older man. He didn't think what he was saying was honest, at least not entirely, he had to be getting something out of this deal too. The Ravenclaw was entirely too cynical to believe anyone would do him any kind of favor without getting or wanting something in return. A hard last few years had taught him that that was just how the world worked. You could never get something for nothing, it just didn't happen.

Leaning forward in his chair abruptly Phillip let his elbows fall unceremoniously down onto the professors desk as he slouched again and looked up at the man. "So you don't think I deserve this detention?" He asked, not smirking but still feeling like maybe he was about to find some small victory in the conversation. He was smart enough to know that wasn't what the professor had meant but honestly it didn't matter. He was going to be an annoying little brat about the details. "Well good, how's about you let me leave early then?" He finished, chewing on the split on his lip with a bold look. Pressing the patience of the professor probably wasn't in Phillips best interest but yet he persevered. He should of taken what he could get. Should of just talked to the professor, maybe it would of even made him feel better being listened to for once, but instead he set his jaw again.

"Because otherwise everything you just said is horseshit."

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy felt that a battle of wits was set to begin. Phillip was talented at what he did. He knew the buttons to push and which nerves to ride. However Timothy wasn't easy. The war had given him a surge of patience that could be agonizing to someone wishing the irritate him. Timothy thought back to his younger years after the death of his brother. The slightest things could push his nerves. Someone talking too much, or a shoe squeaking on the floor could send Timothy into a nervous rage. That changed in the war out of pure necessity. There would be no surviving if nerves were in control. He ditched those irritants, something that made teaching such a viable option for Timothy. There was no student that Timothy had come across that was able to break the barrier of his nerves. And he knew Phillip was not going to be the first.

Timothy watched as Phillip leaned forward and placed his elbows on the desk. Phillip was attempting to challenge Timothy. He was playing a card that would send most professors into submission. However Timothy felt he had a better hand. Timothy leaned back in his chair and pointed outward. "There's the door." Timothy was now challenging Phillip. He played a card just as Phillip had. However, Timothy felt that he just may have the better poker face. 

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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He asked with a look that put his disbelief on display before sliding out of his chair. Phillip wasn't about to waste another second in this office if he was honestly being allowed to leave. The Ravenclaw took a few steps toward the door and opened it, pausing for the slightest of seconds, but turning the knob and exiting. Maybe the Professor wasn't half bad, maybe his story wasn't a bunch of crap, maybe even, he was on Phillip's side and the angry teenager wasn't as alone as he thought.

Or maybe it was a trap.

Paranoid and pessimistic as ever it only took about five steps down the hall for the thought to begin to sink in and once it was there Phillip couldn't shake it loose. Maybe this was a set up and he was going to be in even more trouble for having left. He shook his head as his hands curled into their naturally resting fists. This was stupid. Even if he was being tested it was unlike Phillip to try to "pass". He didn't much care what people thought of him, especially not the faculty or anyone in a position of perceived superiority. He didn't want to prove the professor wrong about him because he didn't have enough self respect for that but even more so he refused to prove him right.

"Damn it." He grumbled as he turned around and headed right back to the detention he'd almost gotten away from. Bursting through the door with nothing close to a knock or announcement he returned to his seat and scowled across the room. The chair skidded back loudly as he sat down and folded his arms back across his chest defiantly. "What do you want me to tell you about?" He began, not giving in but fighting back in a different kind of way. "Do you want to hear about how my father died during a war we had nothing to do with? About how my mother and sister are missing and no one wants to help find them?" He was going to overload the professor with details he probably didn't want. "Or maybe about the stranger who calls himself my uncle that I'm supposed to trust? Or the basically condemned place I'm forced to live when not stuck in this shitty castle?"

Leaning forward he ran a hand over the cut on his brow and then tugged at the split in his lip, showing them off like the badges of honor he knew them to be. "How bout these? Do you wanna' hear the story about these? I doubt it." He shrugged and leaned back again, realizing he hadn't stopped to take a breath between everything he'd just let spill out let alone leave enough of an opening for Timothy to reply. He sucked in a harsh breath of air before immediately continuing his rant.

"Face it, the world sucks and there is no such thing as a hero. So you sitting here pretending like you care about some kid you won't think twice about after I graduate is a waste of both of our times." If he graduated, which at this rate was a big if. He was ten times smarter than at least half of his class but intelligence wasn't the only thing a student needed to make it through Hogwarts.

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy counted the footsteps in the hallway and smirked when there was a pause. Then he heard footsteps heading back toward the door and the next moment, Phillip was back in his seat. Suddenly a slew of questions came from the young boy's mouth. Timothy took them all to note mentally and waited for the young man to take his breath. When he finished, Timothy leaned forward on his desk. He undid the knot in his tie and reached in his desk to pull out a box of sweets he reserved for moments such as this. He pushed them toward Phillip but did not mention them by name.

Timothy spoke with the same kindness as before. "Phillip, I don't much about you. I hear your name thrown about frequently and your reputation precedes you. But I don't believe that you are this reckless and attitude ridden person just for the sake of being one. Often, the ones who put on the bravest of faces are the ones who hide the most sorrows. I don't blame you for not respecting the adults in the building. It doesn't sound like they've respected you. And that's a terrible thing. But not everyone is cut from the same mold. I'm not asking you to set aside your reservations and trust in me as a friend. I'm asking you to understand that I'm not an enemy to you. Believe it or not, I do care."

Timothy cleared his throat. "As for your father, that is a tragedy that I cannot begin to fathom. I lost my brother to an unfortunate accident but it had nothing to do with the war. Having fought in the war I know the horror that he must have seen. But I can't pretend to know what it feels like to be a young man and hear your father was killed taking part in something that wasn't his fault. There were too many innocent people that suffered and continue to suffer as a result of that war. It's a part of our history that we can't take back. I'm not sure that I knew your father; I came across many people in the war. But I'd imagine he was a smart and brave man. You'd have to have gotten that cunning attitude from somewhere and that sounds like a father thing. I'm sorry that he's not here to see what his son can do in life."

Timothy moved a globe off his desk to make better eye contact with Phillip. "Concerning your mother and sister, I know that it must be...unimaginable. I don't the circumstances of the situation but I would imagine it's a hard pill to swallow alone. I'm not someone who's trained in searching and finding people but there's a possibility that I some friends that are. There are a few people in the Ministry that owe me a favor, I can get you in contact with them if needed. I'd imagine their disappearance has introduced this mysterious uncle to your life. It sounds to be a situation that's uncomfortable. For your lodging, I am sorry to hear that you don't have somewhere better to go following your departure from here."

Timothy stood and sat on the side of his desk and looked at Phillip with care and honesty. "I know that I'm a professor...an adult. And I know you don't have the best experiences with adults. But Phillip forget that for a moment and listen to what I have to say. You're not alone if you don't want to be. You're a strong young man, but even the strongest need some support every now and again. I may be able to help you. I want to. But I can't if you don't see that isn't a trick. If you're so sure that I am only here to get you in trouble, then by all means I won't keep you here. But I think that somewhere in that rebel heart of yours, you don't want to walk out just yet. I can't promise that I can fix everything. But I can do all that I can to try and fix what I'm able to."

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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What bullshit was this?

Phillip tried to be mean, to be ignorant, to be abrasive, but nothing worked. He tried to over load the professor with questions and sentiments, to frustrate him but it only seemed to galvanize the man's spirit. It was sickening and it irritated the young wizard more than words could describe but quite possibly the most baffling part was how much he also respected him for it. Lip wanted to hate this person, just like everyone else he came into contact with. It was safer to hate them all then to let anyone in. He'd found stopping them at the door kept them from coming inside and burning down the house. It was the only control he had and he clung to it. Some how listening or letting Timothy help felt like he was betraying himself.

And he wouldn't do it. "Your so full of crap" He told him, shaking his head with a level of discontent he reserved for idiot purebloods and people who thought quodpot was actually a sport. "Honestly your like a robot, I say something sucks, you say your sorry. How does that fix anything? Should I run around apologizing to strangers about things I had nothing to do with? Will that make this world a better place?" By the end of it he was just being obnoxious and sarcastic again. It was beneath him and the professor had done nothing to deserve it but that didn't matter in this moment. Lashing out was cathartic though, in some weird way. The brain was a twisted strange thing with dark corners and straight lines and Phillip's was no different. Some how the opportunity to yell at a professor had kicked open some other wound, allowed his mind to bring up things he forced himself to forget and without warning he changed the topic drastically.

"Have you ever done something so bad you couldn't walk it back?"

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy listened to Phillip's outburst once more. Timothy didn't take it to heart, but he outwardly pretended it did sting him. He thought it would be better on Phillip if he just played along for the moment. Phillip's words did surprise Timothy, but he understood where they were coming from. "No Phillip that won't change the world. Kindness is something that doesn't carry as much weight as it used to. Walking down the street and apologizing isn't going to take away the things that plague the world. It won't cure illness, it won't make everyone love each other. I'm not apologizing to you, I'm simply expressing my own sympathy for your situation. I know that can be awkward. When my brother died, all of my parent's friends, my professors, my friends all came out with an I'm sorry. Those two words don't take that pain away. But sometimes it's nice to know that someone at least cares enough to express sympathy."

Phillips subject change was sudden and the question struck Timothy hard. For the first time, Timothy was really taken by surprise by Phillip. Timothy tossed the question around in his head. How should he answer? Despite knowing Phillip's tough association with the war, Timothy knew that Phillip wanted an answer and he also knew that Phillip would know if he was lying. Timothy sighed. "Of course I have. Everyone who fought in the war did. I'll let you in on a moment that changed my life. I fell in love with a man named Reginald. We were school sweethearts and after school, we stayed with one another. We got this wonderful little home in the country side, we were happy. When Voldemort returned and the war began, I enlisted to fight in the war. I was placed in charge of a small battalion of me, around fifteen. About three months into the war, I returned home for a few days to nurse a wound. I arrived to see Reginald. And I caught him doing something that broke my heart. On his arm he had the mark. The man I loved pledged allegiance to the very thing I was fighting. In that moment I didn't have the heart to turn in the person I loved so I let him go."

Timothy felt his heart race a little. He looked down at his hands which were slightly shaking and he almost felt his skin turning a nervous white. "A month or so later, my battalion was ambushed by a horde of Death Eaters. We engaged them in a duel, both sides suffering casualties. I saw him. Reginald was there, the leader of the Death Eater horde that attacked. He immediately engaged me in a duel. There I was, fighting the man I loved. I managed to disarm him and he fell to his knees." Timoty's hands shook more, his complexion continuing to change. "He looked up at me and said that Voldemort wouldn't lose. I saw absolute evil in Reginalds eyes. I knew....I knew what I had to do." Timothy paused. "I killed him. Looked him right in the eyes...and killed him. So yes, I've done something terrible. Not to mention the countless others I killed over the course of the war."

Timothy's hands were still shaking but he was calming. "The war turned men into shadows. It stays with us every day. And those horrible things that I can't take back have stayed with me. They were in support of a valiant effort...but I did horrible things. We...we did horrible things."

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Part of Phillip wasn't sure if he should believe the professor's story but the biggest part of him was wondering why he was telling a student this much personal information. Especially that he had killed someone. Times of war or not that seemed like the kind of thing one might keep close to the vest. It seemed like something the faculty might not much appreciate Timothy telling his students. Phillip had lost faith in most of the adults around him a long time ago. All they wanted to do was sweep the war under the rug, pretend like it had been won and things were better and the sun was shining but Phillip knew the truth. Even though the Dark Lord had been defeated they had far from won. Bad witches and wizards got away, they ran and they were still running but they were free. Good people were killed. Good innocent people who weren't even old enough to harbor an opinion on the fight were slayed in front of their friends. People were forced to watch as children died, muggleborns were hunted like animals, and their school; a place that was supposed to be safe and good was decimated. Hogwarts and it's residents were brought to their knees that night, it didn't matter that Harry Potter was victorious, everyone still lost.

Including the professor it seemed.

Phillip wasn't nearly old or experienced enough to understand the grief of losing a romantic partner but he had lost loved ones. He could at least share in that sorrow with a man who was quickly changing his opinions on the administration at large. Maybe not everyone sucked, just most everyone. He sighed when the story had ended but it wasn't a bored or rude kind of reaction. It wasn't something typical of Phillip. It was empathetic and full of feeling. "I'm sorry that happened." He told the professor softly, meaning each of the words as his flippant attitude was swallowed by the shadow of his former warm self. "No one should of had to suffer like that." After so much time being let down and disappointed by all of the people around him who were supposed to 'take care of him' Phillip was especially vulnerable to betrayal. The idea that Reginald not only didn't fight along side Timothy but turned on him and tried to kill him nearly made the young students blood boil. The story sounded unreal but every story from that time sounded unbelievable. Phillip found himself wondering which of his memories were real and which were just nightmares made real. It was hard to sort it out in his head, harder yet because he was too stubborn to ask for help. Maybe this conversation would be good for him.

Or maybe he would ruin it. "And we didn't win." He said with the gruffness returning to his voice as his quick mind moved through the pieces of their conversation and returned to his original hatred of the system. He blamed them for everything. Sure he blamed the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters but he blamed the Ministry just as much. "And the ministry did nothing. They were put in power to protect and instead when the darkness came knocking they hid behind the drapery." He flipped his hand dismissively as he spoke, getting ramped up by the thought. "Instead people like you and my... my dad.. were forced to fight a war they weren't trained for." He choked a little at the thought but pushed forward. He wouldn't be held back by his emotions any longer.

"Forced to kill... forced to die... and now we get to pick up the pieces..."

"Its bull shit."
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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy felt that he may have relayed too much information. But to his pleasant surprise, it seemed to strike a chord with Phillip. Timothy had found some middle ground. Of course, he knew about what had been transpiring in Phillip's personal life. All of his professors had been briefed on not only his behavior tendencies but what could have been causing them as well. When he heard Phillip express his own sympathies, Timothy smiled a bit. "I appreciate that very much. It's not often that I share that story. I'm sure that that many would have reservations about me speaking about those events. But you're not stupid. None of the students here are. Everyone remembers the war, they just may not know the bloody details."

When Phillip began speaking on his thoughts of the Ministry and their role in the war, Timothy immediately agreed. "It took Voldemort himself infiltrating the Ministry for Fudge to admit Voldemort had indeed returned. And from there, the Ministry thought nothing of the people who would be fighting in the war, they just sent us off to battle. That's why the Ministry fell. That's why Scrimgeour was murdered and Voldemort gained control of the Ministry. They were weak, they were stupid, they were looking out for themselves. I guarantee you that they wouldn't have done a damn thing to assist in the Battle for Hogwarts. They never cared about the effects on the world, just the effects on themselves. Despite how horrible this sounds...Scrimgeour didn't deserve to die. Fudge did. And the fact that he disappeared after Dumbledore's death just goes to show you that the man was a slimy bastard from day one. He was weak and the Ministry was right alongside him. Everyone that fought in the war lost all respect for the institution. Even today, they've not gained back all they lost and they may never."

Timothy once more nodded in agreement with Phillip's thoughts on the post-war world. "There's never a winner when it comes to war. There is only just a side that decided to stop. And as for the one's who walk around, including certain professors in this very building, that walk around claiming otherwise are fools swayed by patriotism they never possessed until the war. I don't call hundreds of students, thousands of brave witches and wizards, and even hundreds of muggles dying a victory. And if they think that Voldemort's sympathisers aren't still out there, they're damn fools. Members of Voldemort's elite circle escaped with their lives."

Timothy thought about his next words carefully. He sat down behind his desk once more and took a breath. "I'm sorry that...your father had to give his life for something that shouldn't have happened in the first place. I didn't know you father. But from what I've been told, which isn't much, he was...a man of honor. And though his death came in the wake of a failure on the side of the wizarding world, he died a man of commitment and he died a man of bravery. And I hope when you think of him, you think of him as a man of commitment and bravery." Timothy paused for a moment. "His legacy is with you. His story is with you. You are the vessel in which your father's life continues to be loved and welcomed. I know that there's nothing that can bring him back. But...you can see him again."

Timothy opened his cupboard and took out a small shallow dish. A pensive. A pensive that had been used quite recently for another student. A pensive that Timothy had to fight to be allowed in the school. But a pensive that had done some good for others in the building. "If you ever want to come and see him...just let me know. It may not be as good as the real thing, but it's close enough to give comfort for just a bit." There were three vials sitting alongside the pensive. They were each labeled with a simple phrase: THE WAR. "I've been visiting these often recently, wanting to see what I couldn't see then." Then it was seen next to them, a small clear container unlike a vial but containing a memory. It was labelled simply as well: Reginald and Sam. "These are the last moments I had with Reginald and my brother. As you can see, this can bring you to a moment you want to return to. And I can allow you to go where you'd like to...if you'd like to."
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Phillip Donnelly [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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"You're dead wrong on that." He said even while the professor was still speaking to him, Phillip could not agree with the idea that none of the students at Hogwarts were stupid. Most of them were stupid and the other half were just complacent. Lazy. They didn't know about what was going on, what was really going on, because they didn't care. They didn't care that their ministry was bought, that the Daily Prophet was just a tool to distract them, that Hogwarts wasn't safe. All they cared about was Quidditch matches and closet snogging. Teenagers were dumb as a whole but the lot at Hogwarts took it to an entirely new level. Phillip had zero faith left in them aside from a few choice students he didn't hate entirely.

At least the professor had the ministry part right. The teenager nodded his head as Timothy went through each of their governments failings one by one and they were many. It was despicable. The whole establishment should of been burned to the ground for what they allowed to happen. Stupid or clueless it didn't matter. People died. "And they shouldn't. They should never have that much power again. Obviously they can't protect their people, they can't help them, they don't fight for them." Phillip did not include himself in this statement. It had been a very long time since he associated himself with the constituents of the British Ministry of Magic or any ministry for that matter. It wasn't just Britain. They entire world had known Voldemort was back and they did nothing.

He blamed them all.

When the professor apologized for his father dying Phillip shook his head, jaw set, and got ready to leave again. He didn't want his apologies or his sympathy or his kind words. He didn't want any of it. All he wanted was his father back and if the professor could make that happen then great but if not he didn't want to talk about any more. Honestly he didn't want to talk about any of this. He was so angry. It was blurring everything. Writing lines or cleaning up after the centaurs would of been less torturous than this. Actually talking about it? What a crock. "Yeah that's real sweet." He quipped, angry and sarcastic before folding his arms across his chest. "Doesn't help me much." He lied. It was a nice sentiment to think that maybe some how some way he was making his father proud. He thought his dedication to finding his mother and sister was noble. Maybe his father would have too. Or maybe he would of told him to give it a rest and have a life. Phillip wasn't the type to take advice, not from professors and especially not from ghosts so it wasn't like it mattered.

When the professor moved about Phillp followed him with curious and suspicious eyes. He was so done with this evening adventure. He didn't want to be here anymore. Didn't want to hear what the other man had to say. He especially dind't want to share horror stories anymore. It was helping but it was also hurting. He hated it. He hated everything. The little vial he brought out made Phillip sit back in his seat, putting a little more distance between the two of them just in case. It wouldn't of been the first time an adult gave him a tonic to calm his nerves that really just dulled them. They used to give them potions when they got out of control in the orphanage. Things that would keep them lazy and mellow, things that made Phillip forget who he was and why he was fighting. He hated those too. He never wanted to feel so dead inside again, he preferred the pain.

"Why torture yourself like that?" He asked pointedly, fully understanding what a pensieve was and what it did. Phillip found it tempting, of course he did, but it also seemed like a pretty chaotic thing to do. Visit the worst memories he had just to see his father again? Would that help? He kept his arms folded across his chest as he waited for the professor to answer.

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Re: Just a Misunderstanding [ Phillip Donnelly]
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Timothy listened to the boy's not so sweet sentiments and silently agreed. However he had to bite his lip. Talking about the old Ministry with disdain was one thing, but if anyone overheard Timothy ranting and raving about the current Ministry, it could mean disaster for him. Timothy of course trusted Phillip to not say anything, but Timothy never knew if someone could be standing on the observation deck above the room. However Timothy nodded his head in his agreement with Phillip. After all it was true. The Ministry was far too content to let the staff and students of Hogwarts to essentially rebuild and recalibrate themselves after the dome and every other plague that the school found itself the center of. A lot of the staff echoed some of Phillip's feelings, feeling the neglect that the school had been shown.

Timothy took notice of the way Phillip responded to his sympathies. It wasn't entirely unexpected. Most teenagers outwardly brush of sympathy anyway, but ones with trauma seemed to even more. It came with the territory. Timothy wasn't receptive of any sort of sympathy when his brother Sam was killed in a Quidditch accident. To this day, Timothy couldn't stand to watch or hear about the sport. Back when Sam died, Timothy was a 4th year, Sam one year graduated. Though Sam hadn't been in school, all of his professors and his older friends sent Timothy all of their sympathies and he couldn't stand it. Even from his little brother Sam. So Timothy got what Phillip's reservations were when it came to sympathies.

He also took notice of how Phillip reacted to the vial. It seemed to almost scare him. Timothy made sure to display the label on the vials from then on so nothing appeared to be something different. Timothy listened to the boys questioning of desire and intent with the Pensive. But he caught a glimpse of curiosity. "It isn't torture once you've stepped over the mental block. The pain of a memory comes not from the memory itself, but from how your brain perceives the memory in retrospect. Once you're inside the memory, everything feels so present and current that you lose the fact that it's a memory." Timothy sat on the corner of his desk. "Sometimes, seeing the face and hearing the voice of the ones you love can do so much better for you than negative. It allows that person to be real again. And trust me...once you're out of the memory, you feel so much more free. It's become quite a hobby of mine. Some of your other professors as well. Some of your classmates. This has taken many in this castle back to a time where their world's were whole again."

Timothy touched his palm to the Pensive. "Of course if you'd rather not, then so be. But ti's here for your use any time that you like. I think it could do some good for you. At least for a moment."


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