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  • [library service] you only fail when you stop trying. [ludo]
    « on: December 06, 2017, 06:18:44 PM »
    "Shit." Jaspar whispered, just barely over his breath, in the quiet of the library as the book he was feebly attempting to repair actually got worse. The binding was splitting and the little fibers holding it together were strained to their breaking point. He held the thick book awkwardly with his off hand as he tried to use a charm to stitch the binding back together. Naturally the spell wasn't going to work. That would be far too easy and of course nothing could ever be easy for the fifth year. At least not where magic was concerned. Sometimes it was so frustrating he just wanted to give up and live as a solitary muggle. He didn't understand how magic could be so difficult for him but seem to come so easily to others. Jaspar sighed at the unfairness of it all. He hated that it seemed he had to work twice as hard for meager results while some of his classmates seemed to be able to do things like this in their sleep. He was an upperclassmen now and a Pureblood to boot, wasn't it supposed to be easy for him too?

    Frowning a little and considering quitting the Bellefeuille (who was starting to realize why he hadn't been sorted into Ombrelune to begin with) sighed loudly and sat back in his chair. The damaged book mocked him from its burial place on the table among a dozen others just like it. Jaspar had signed up for Library service this year, like many of the ones in the past, because it called to him more than any of the other ones. He definitely would not be working in the stables. Despite participating in last years Derby and all of the help Emilia had been Jaspar still found himself afraid of the large creatures housed there. And school beautification was certainly out of the question, he could barely keep himself from looking like a disaster let alone making the school look better. He had considered the Storage service only because he sounded like less magic but then he realized they would be dealing with combustible ingredients and decided not to tempt fate more than he already did on a regular basis.

    Resigned to serve in the Library once more the fifteen year old tried to remain positive. He could always just sort the books and let another student repair them. He found safety and comfort in the number system they used to keep the books in order. It was like math and science. It was real, tangible, and not up for opinion or discussion. Of course by the time he had reached the library he had convinced himself that he was in fact good enough at magic to repair books and had sat down at the table where they had begun to gather. Jaspar always managed to build himself up only to be let down. He was rather hopeless in that way but he never seemed to learn. Sitting forward again he decided to try the spell once more. He picked up the book, spoke the words, and watched as what was left of the seam unraveled and felt his cheeks burning with shame as the other half of the tome fell to the ground with a disappointed thud.

    "Well... damn it."

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    « Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 01:48:19 AM »

    Ludo ran his fingers along the spines of the books, the leather worn, the fabric fraying at the edges, the gilded letters fading. It was a beautiful sight, the books, especially as he considered that he hadn’t been able to get library service the past year and he had learned just how much he had taken it for granted his first three years. He had already finished his work for the day, had repaired his share of books and replaced stray books to their homes on the shelves.

    But he didn’t want to leave; he liked the coziness, the quiet, the stillness of the library. He was avoiding other responsibilities, avoiding homework, avoiding his brother, avoiding others in general. So when the very recognizable thud of a book falling to the floor rang out, Ludo rolled his eyes. He didn’t appreciate being interrupted, even if he wasn’t actually doing anything, and even though he was technically done with his service, he still felt somewhat responsible.

    He sighed, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, and stepped out from around the bookshelf he was lurking behind. The fifth year had started scolding the younger students the past few weekends, taking his library duty to heart. He was almost disappointed to see that it was not an underclassmen, not even an upperclassman that he would be willing to take the risk to get a chance to yell at.

    “Jaspar, what…?” He was closer to the discarded book -- or, half a book -- and he leaned down to pick it up, moving around the table to sit across from his friend. “Are you trying to murder the books?” He held up his half in front of his face, squinting to take a good look at what was left of the binding. “Yikes.” Ludo slid the book half back across the table. “I didn’t know you were working today.” Not that it would have mattered, really, as Ludo enjoyed working alone, but he thought it was the right thing to say nonetheless.

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    « Reply #2 on: December 12, 2017, 04:12:56 PM »
    If anyone else had approached him Jaspar would of most likely found some special spot on the floor to stare at as he ran away like the big chicken he was but thankfully it was just Ludo. Despite not being afriad that the other wizard was going to bully him or make fun of him for real Jaspar's cheeks still burned with embarrassment. He hadn't been trying to destroy anything. He never tried to break things or make them explode. It usually just happened that way. He was quite possibly one of the worst wizard's in his year regardless of his intelligence. "I, uhm, well I didn't mean too..." He said softly, chewing on the inside of his lip and tasting the shame.

    He reached out across the table to pick up the book that Ludo had slid back to him before resigning into his chair with a typical pout. "I mean, if you could call it that?" Self-deprecation was becoming something Jaspar hid behind and today would be no different. He eyeballed the ruined binding of the book before trying to smile at his friend. "Any chance you could show me how to do the spell again?" Ludo was a genius in his own right and Jaspar counted himself lucky to know him. They could talk about things other students never understood and Ludo wasn't mean to him for no reason.

    "Preferably before Madam Boivin comes around and sees what I've done. Not sure how much longer she will let me stay on library duty if I keep breaking more than I repair...."

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    « Reply #3 on: December 12, 2017, 04:35:23 PM »
    Ludo shrugged off Jaspar’s apology. He had been kidding, of course, but Ludo’s main talent was not humor and he was never too surprised when people didn’t pick up on the slightest attempts that he made. He shrugged again as Jaspar asked for some help, though this time he added a nod to it. Thankfully for him, Jaspar was probably one of very few people that Ludo wouldn’t try to lecture when they asked for help. He would leave out all the details of the spell, those little things that no one actually need to know to be able to perform it, like how it was invented in 1754, nor would he point out that they had been taught the spell four years ago.

    “Yeah, well, Madam Boivin looks like a foot.” He offered his unhelpful observation in a hushed voice, because despite how much she resembled a foot, she had impeccable hearing. “I heard storage duty is full, so what does that really leave? Stables?” Ludo shuddered at the thought. He had been put on stable service the past year, either by some stroke of bad luck or cruel test of fate (or, as Ludo suspected, he had been signed up for stables by his loving brother).

    He motioned for the damaged book again and placed it in front of him, page-side down on the table so that he could line up the two halves of the split spine. “You don’t have to line them up, but I like to.” Magic didn’t require this attention to detail, the borderline obsessive attention, the unnecessary set up for such a simple spell. Setting his wand down, Ludo flicked his empty hand through the air as he said “Reparo.” He had been starting to try nonverbal spells, even though they wouldn’t start learning until next year, but he didn’t want to add in anymore complications to things.

    Picking up his wand again, he repeated the spell, flicking his wrist at the book. It mended itself neatly, though almost imperceptibly as Ludo had lined up the tears near perfectly. “Have to make the R’s a little lazy, I’ve found,” he said with another shrug, sliding the book back across the table.

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    « Reply #4 on: February 02, 2018, 04:31:47 AM »
    "Lazy R's got it...." Even though he totally didn't Jaspar tried to pretend like what Ludo was saying made sense. He wanted to be better at his spells and to impress his friends but that just wasn't in the cards today. He replayed Ludo's wand work over and over in his mind until he felt like maybe he could try it and soon after the Belle took the next book from the stack. It wasn't in such a bad state as the first, the binding was barely starting to fray, but it was time to see what kind of damage Jaspar could do to it.

    Silently he wondered if Ludo would get extra credit for repairing all the books Jaspar managed to damage during their time in the library.

    He really thought he should.

    He held the book in front of him and slowly moved his wand in the right direction, taking a few practice swings, before finally trying for real. "Reparoooo~" He said, managing to curl his r's and draw out his o instead of doing what Ludo had said and right before his eyes things took a strange turn. The biding of the book began to unwrap itself in a fairly uniform fashion. After it had neatly undone itself the pages stacked themselves up on top of the table they were seating at with perfectly straight piles. The string that had once held the tome together took to doing a couple of loops mid air, like it was happy to be free of the pages, and then set off toward the open window across the way. "You have got to be kidding me...." Jaspar muttered, head falling into his hands with a defeated tone, before he peaked up at Ludo and barely whispered.

    "Got any good spells for that?"

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  • Re: [library service] you only fail when you stop trying. [ludo]
    « Reply #5 on: February 05, 2018, 06:57:09 PM »
    “Yeah, lazy,” he reiterated, unsure if he should elaborate a little. Ludo shrugged, watching his friend pick up the next book in the pile -- the pile that was so big it looked as if Jaspar hadn’t made any sort of progress with his assigned work since starting his service that day. It was a good thing Ludo had been here to help, it seemed. He gave a little reassuring nod, though he slid back an imperceptible amount in his chair, just in case something went awry.

    Silently he wondered if he could get extra credit for repairing all the books Jaspar managed to damage during their time in the library.

    He really though he should.

    Ludo heard Jaspar’s mistake before he saw the proof. None of what he had suggested had been followed, and he watched with interest (and no surprise) as the book reacted. It certainly wasn’t what he had been expecting, and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to recreate it if he tried. If it wasn’t so disheartening, Ludo might have actually been impressed.

    “Er, well,” he started. He wanted to be delicate about it, but there was really no way around it. “You would just use reparo to fix it.” He looked at Jaspar with pursed lips, looking as apologetic as he possibly could. He reached for the pile of pages, complete with covers and string on top, and pulled it towards him, thinking aloud, “There has to be some other something you can do in here, right? How is your handwriting?” Madame Boivin had already asked Ludo if he could copy some new entries for the card catalogue because she liked his penmanship, but he was willing to trade that with Jaspar so he didn’t have to bother with book repairs anymore.

    He tapped his wand on the pre-book, watching as his non-verbal spell began successfully reconstructing the book.
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    « Reply #6 on: March 05, 2018, 01:26:39 AM »
    It honestly didn't matter how lazy or responsible his r's were, there was no way he was going to get this spell right. At least not in this book's lifetime. It was a sad truth that Jaspar, a pureblooded son of a Ministry official, was a terrible wizard. He was better at muggle science than he would probably ever be at magic but that only seemed to impress his Bunsen burner. He scooted forward in his seat even as things began to unravel further, it was all so typical. He tried to keep the extremely disappointed pout off of his chapped lips as Ludwig stepped in with far superior magic. The other student made it seem so easy and that frustrated Jaspar even more. Some students were bad at magic because they were unintelligent but Jaspar had brains for miles. Smarts was never his problem, he was just unlucky. He tried to pay attention to the details of magic like he did with science but it was so hard. He always forgot something. Always messed up. Always made a fool of himself.

    "Its okay... I guess?"

    He shrugged his shoulders when Ludo asked him about his penmanship, not wanting to be even more useless than he already was but knowing his writing was nothing to brag about. Sure it was legible, most of the time, and Eilis didn't seem to have too much trouble responding to his letters, but it was far from perfect. Typically when he wrote an essay it began very neat and ended with harsh rush words, slanted lines, and blots of ink spilled. Jaspar watched the book as it began to repair itself and failed this time to hold back his frown. "I don't get it...." He shook his head, knowing he was safe complaining here with Ludo. The Ombrelune was basically one of his only friends and despite feeling inferior to him magically he never felt uncomfortable around him.

    "Maybe I should just sign up for the Stable Service. That way when one of the horses bites me I can spend a few days relaxing in the hospital wing and still get credit."

    It was a valid plan to be sure... but exactly how much would it hurt? Jaspar leaned back in his chair as he seriously contemplated the risks and then chuckled.

    "Then again, I'd prefer to keep my fingers."

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    « Reply #7 on: March 07, 2018, 05:01:13 PM »
    “Oh, okay.” If Jaspar didn’t think too highly of his handwriting, Ludo wasn’t going to push it. “We’ll figure something out.” He shrugged, though he was out of ideas. He’d think of something, though. He didn’t want to lose Jaspar on library service -- even though Ludo was technically done with his work for the day, he had to admit he was enjoying the company. Nor would he recommend Jaspar for a job he didn’t think he could handle. And maybe, just a little, Ludo had thought himself perfect for the card catalogue job, as he had meticulous penmanship.

    He shrugged again as he pushed the repaired book back across the table. “In an ideal world, you won’t need to repair things. People really ought to be better at making things that don’t fall apart.” It was an honest assessment, though Ludo was angling it toward making Jaspar feel better about his lackadaisical charmwork.

    “Don’t go to the stables though.” Ever since that Bellefeuille girl -- he knew her name, he was just refusing to use it -- had gained some sort of authority over that service, it had been a nightmare. Of course, it was a nightmare both with and without her tyranny; point was, the stables were a horrible, horrible place. “Equine influenza,” he offered his reason why Jaspar shouldn’t leave, one step short of admitting that it was nice to have someone to have an actual civilized conversation with.

    Ludo glanced out the window, just in time to see a giant amble by outside. He audibly sighed, watching it take off across the snow covered grounds. It was headed in the direction Ludo usually travelled, though not in this weather, toward Ludo’s favorite tree/reading spot.

    The sharp intake of air sounded more like a squeaky gasp, and Ludo’s hand flew up to cover his mouth. “Oh no, oh no, oh no,” he whisper-shrieked from behind his hand, scrambling up to get a better look out the window. He dropped his hand to point out the window, toward the remains of his once brilliant reading tree. “He smashed it.” Ludo couldn’t take his eyes of the tree, now just splinters several feet tall. “He-- I--,” he started, but he didn’t know what the giant nor he had. “My tree,” he finished in German, visibly crestfallen.

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  • Re: [library service] you only fail when you stop trying. [ludo]
    « Reply #8 on: June 07, 2018, 09:09:52 PM »
    Still pondering the horrors of Equine influenza Jaspar was startled by Ludo's sudden change in tone and the wizard jumped up to see what was the matter. Joining Ludo at the window it only took a moment before he realized exactly what was happening and he couldn't help but cringe. He didn't want to watch the massacre, it was too terrible to watch. Closing his eyes Jaspar hoped it wouldn't happen but he heard the crunching of branches far before he saw them. Slowly opening his eyes he turned back to Ludo and frowned deeply. He knew it was an important place for the other wizard and that made it sad.

    "I'm sorry about your tree Ludo."

    He said softly, honestly, but knowing it wouldn't make it any better. How could it? Jaspar didn't have a favorite tree but he knew what it felt like to have his things taken away. He experienced it on a daily basis some weeks, at least while at Beauxbatons. And he knew it was a terrible feeling. Shaking his head at the Giant he was reminded of exactly how frustrating it was to have them here at the school. Jaspar was a tolerant wizard, he understood Giants were important too, but they didn't belong at a school for wizards. There wasn't even doorways big enough for them. And trees were not chairs. It angered him to see his friend in such pain. Jaspar's cheeks grew a bit red as he ran his hand through his hair, causing it to stand up on end like it often did when he was nervous or anxious.

    "This is stupid." He huffed, sliding back into his chair to pout a little before a thought crossed his mind. "Ludo, books are made out of paper, among other things of course...." He began, his fingers tracing the repaired seem of one of the books on their table absently as he pondered. "Paper is made from trees." He was getting some where and the hope that maybe it would work made him less angry and more focused. Slamming his hand down a bit more enthusiastically than he had planned the wizard turned to look up at where Ludo was with fresh eyes. "Can we repair the tree with the same magic as the books?" Magic could do anything. If Giants could break it surely magic could fix it, right? Maybe they'd even get extra student service points for it too.

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    « Reply #9 on: June 22, 2018, 12:40:45 AM »
    Ludo pressed his palms against the panes of glass in front of him, his nose just a centimeter from meeting it, too. “My tree,” he stated again, still in German, unable to peel his eyes away from the destruction. The giant hadn’t even stopped, hadn’t noticed that it had happened, had just continued on his stupid giant walk. “My tree.” He looked over his shoulder at Jaspar, his hands still firmly planted on the window. “My tree,” he said, one more time, this time in French.
    “This is stupid,” he agreed with a solemn nod. He peeled his hands off the window and slowly turned, finally resuming his seat across from his friend. He didn’t think twice before using his wand to clean his hands, getting rid of all the germs he had picked up from the windows, just shaking his head as he muttered his cleaning charms. “I’d say they’re about ninety percent paper, yes,” thought he didn’t really want to debate the composition of compositions right now.

    He raised an eyebrow, chancing a glance across the table. He didn’t respond, suddenly understanding where Jaspar was going with his line of thinking. Slow nods turned to excited nods as Jaspar slammed his hand on the table. “Why not?” He knew why not; it wasn’t logical. It was a natural thing that had been destroyed and if it was that easy, there would never be any concern about the weather or natural disasters or anything like that. People would only be afraid of magic, and the majority of the world’s population didn’t even believe in it.

    But he was suspending his disbelief. He wanted that tree back, he had to try. “Let’s go.” He pushed his repaired books aside and stood up to leave, but only made it a few steps to the door before thinking better of his rash decision and turning around to first reshelve the books, and then he was ready. His wand was in his hand as they emerged into the hallway, but the farther and farther Ludo got from his safe space, the less confident he was about this plan.

    “Do you think it’s safe to go out there?” There was a reason he had been in the library in the first place.
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    "Hmm... probably not?"

    Jaspar answered Ludo's question honestly but with a small pause. He still thought it was a good plan, even it wasn't entirely secure. It was important to Ludo and Jaspar wanted to fix the tree for his friend. Of course it would probably be Ludo doing most of the actual magic fixing, Jaspar would probably just make it worse if he attempted the spell. But he would be there for a support! "I'll be your body guard." He said, pretending to be tougher than they both knew he was with a small smile. He chuckled as he flexed his spaghetti noodle arms and led them toward the exit.

    "Maybe we can distract the giant with something and then go to the tree?"

    He hated to say it but the Giants didn't seem particularly smart. It shouldn't be too hard to distract one of them right? Jaspar shrugged his shoulders because all he could think of was food but would it be enough. Would the Giant even bat an eye at a human sized plate of lunch? "I would say food but we probably couldn't get enough food to impress him without being caught. And Gamp's law will keep us from making it any bigger." He was going through the motions, hypothesizing, and trying to come to the best conclusion. "Do they like music, do you know?" He asked as he opened the door to the hallway and waited for Ludo before started the journey toward the big doors.

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  • Re: [library service] you only fail when you stop trying. [ludo]
    « Reply #11 on: June 30, 2018, 05:15:52 PM »
    “Probably not,” Ludo agreed with a frown. That really wasn’t the answer he had been looking for. Honest or not, he really needed that reassurance. But his feet were still moving toward the out of doors, carrying him farther away from his safe space. “Thanks, Jaspar.” He glanced sideways at his friend, not realizing that his grip tightened on his wand. This was stupid. He knew it was stupid. But somehow having Jaspar do this stupid thing with him made it a little less stupid.

    He nodded. “Yeah we’ll have to distract him.” He frowned again, trying to sort through his knowledge of giants, figuring out what would make the best distraction. But the books he had read hadn’t made mention of any sort of humane distraction; giants were always the bad guys in the books, just things to be moved so the wizards could have their land. Things almost always didn’t end well in the books, not for the wizards, not for the giants. Jaspar mentioned food, and Ludo looked at him again, this time with his eyebrows raised. In all honesty, they would be the food.

    Ludo slowed to a stop. “I don’t think they like music.” At least, not music as they defined it. “It might just make them angrier.” He scrunched his face up in thought. “This was a bad idea,” he stated, his voice low, not wanting to be overheard by anyone when he was chickening out. “We can just try to fix it when the giants leave, right?” If the tree was even fixable at all.

    “I can finish all your book repairs for you, though,” he offered, hoping to successfully distract Jaspar from their previously brilliant plan.

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    It was like all of their previous momentum was coming to a slow and dragging halt and it was weighing on Jaspar. He wanted to help with the tree, wanted Ludo to have his tree back, but like always he was basically powerless against the wave of bullies infesting this school. It was bad enough already but now they had to deal with Giant bullies too. The poor boys couldn't catch a break it seemed. "Yeah, your probably right...." Jaspar shrugged, the empowered look on his face being replaced by his more familiar defeated one as he slunk back into the library and held the door for Ludo to join him again. At least they had made it out right? That was progress.

    He wanted to be brave but it just wasn't going to happen today. He was working on it though. "Probably better this way really." He tried to deflect and make himself feel better. "Not trying to get eaten by a giant today." Though it might be a healthier alternative to not finishing the essay for one of the meanest bullies, he was running out of time to finish it. When they reached the book repair table Jaspar shrugged again and fell into one of the seats quietly. "I mean, I won't stop you. I'm probably just making more work for you each time I break them instead of repair them."

    But there had to be something he could do to help right? He was good at some things... some times... "I can put them away?" He understood the filing system in the library like it was second nature. Numbers, organization, he had this covered. "You fix them, I'll sort them, we can get done in half the time?" Or find more work to do to avoid venturing outside of the safe space that was the library. It was nice here.

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  • Re: [library service] you only fail when you stop trying. [ludo]
    « Reply #13 on: June 30, 2018, 05:53:01 PM »
    Ludo nodded. As much as he wanted to save his tree, there was really no point. Even if it was intact, he wouldn't be going outside to use it any time soon, not as long as the giants were still loose. They turned around, and Ludo followed Jaspar back into the library. At least they had made it outside the confines of the shelves. That was definite progress. At this rate, he'd be ready to face the giants by the time he was eighty. Probably.

    "Not trying to get eaten by a giant any day," Ludo agreed, rather pleased that Jaspar hadn't tried to convince him to continue on with their plan. That's why they were friends. They cared just enough to not encourage the other to do stupid, reckless things. Or inflict stupid, reckless things upon the other. "Those poor books." Ludo chuckled as he resumed his seat, offering Jaspar as smile. He pulled the stack of broken books toward him, working silently through the pile with ease.

    Ludo nodded, not looking up from the books,  not wanting to lose his concentration. But he wouldn't mind if Jaspar put them away; not that he minded doing all the repair work. He looked up once he finished with a book, offering a small smile and a "Thanks." Half the time would be amazing, even if he wasn't planning on leaving the library again until dinner time.

    [[ out ]]

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    Jaspar was happy with the rhythm the pair fell into during the repair and re-shelf process and before long he found himself smiling and humming silently. It was peaceful here in the library and more than anything it was safe. There were rarely any bullies hanging around the corners unless they had come looking for something in particular. And best of all there were no scary creatures like giants, or worse, horses. It was safe and quiet and it was kind of like their club house. No jerks allowed. Jaspar nodded a silent 'your welcome' as he grabbed books from the table and ventured back out into the aisles of the shelves.

    The adventures in the books they were repairing was all the excitement he needed. He could travel far and wide, face dangerous beasts, save the girl, find the gold, all from inside this very room. He didn't need anything more than a good sturdy book and maybe a snack. Jaspar would lose hours in here and now he was getting points for being here. Honestly it was a perfect trade. Way better than shoveling horse crap all day, that was certain.

    Finding himself lost in his own world as he traveled down the aisle to find the home for the book in his hand Jaspar smiled as he worked.



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