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Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
« on: January 17, 2018, 05:45:26 PM »
A hand run through a blonde witch's hair, as she sighed whilst staring out the small window of the balcony. The snowfall was heavy and making rhythmic thuds against the window in the balcony of the Durmstang dragon stables. She guessed it was late, judging by how dark it was outside, but all this realisation succeeded in doing was making the Finnish witch sigh heavily once more. It meant that Marja did not have long to stay within the pleasant surroundings of her favourite companions whilst studying herself to death. The dragons were her saving grace when it came to studying and the Finn came as often as she could to see them, or be in their company. The Kirkkomäki felt the pressure to have perfect grades.

Her quill, mangled and chewed on, was thrown down and it rolled across the floor. Marja did not care where it had gone, at that moment. She just couldn't concentrate on studying anymore, the emotional and self-conscious girl's mind was racing full of crazy thoughts, some that she had never dared to ever think before. The Drakonya Krov's mind easily wandered back in time, to the infestation that Durmstrang had discovered of ghouls and boggarts, left behind by the disgusting pack of mudbloods and their other foul, beastly companions. The ghouls had been no match for Marja, she was stubborn and strong-willed with great skill and she had been a companion for many a weak  housemate or family member but... that boggart. The teenager shuddered, and not because of the bitter cold.

Marja would never be able to forget the boggart that had found her. It really got to the pureblooded witch in a way that she still was reeling from it. This boggart had brought her to her knees in tears, had made the formidable Marja Kirkkomäki defenceless and passive. Her hands gripped her head, as she tugged on her uncharacteristically flowing hair hard. She remembered the unwavering relief that had washed over her when her sister, and her idol, Rina had found her, and saved her from her worst fear realised. Then, she had been hit with the shame of having to be rescued, followed by confusion and dread of what the scene she had witnessed meant. Rina would have seen it too. Oh Merlin, Rina saw. She hoped her sister could keep a secret, she wasn't ready to admit her feelings... not to her, not to Kyllikki and especially not to @Daniil Krylov.

He was her boggart. Or, sort of. It wasn't her best friend himself that she was afraid of, rather what he had said to her. Telling her dragons were the worst creatures on the planet and they should be eradicated was something that really threw Marja into tears, and then the boggart hammered it home by adding that he hated her, that he would rather die than be in her company for any longer than a second. She didn't think she'd be able to be alive in a World where Daniil thought ill of her. She just couldn't do it. And yet, maybe the boggart was right and it was the truth. The frustrated girl couldn't think of a reason why he'd have been avoiding her so often since they had returned, unless he really did hate her.

How could she admit her true feelings to a person who would never feel the same? Marja thought it would be for the best if he never knew. Otherwise, things would change between them. The loyal girl didn't want it to change. She sniffed loudly, placing her head in her arms on the table she had conjured earlier, and was sat at. Her hair fell down around her, forming a curtain, blocking her from the view of someone coming up behind her.

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Re: Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 03:01:17 AM »
"Agh!" Daniil resisted the urge to fling his mini Romanian Longhorn across the room as needle-like teeth sunk into his little finger, instead gently prying his dragon free. Anya seemed slightly agitated, though this was really Daniil's fault. He'd been hiding in the dragon stables for quite a long time, but he'd given the dragon hardly any attention at all. He wasn't meaning to be rude, but the young Krov had been incredibly distracted lately, or, if he was being honest with himself, he'd been distracted since the middle of the previous term. The merge had really messed with the boy's head and made him doubt nearly everything and everyone he knew. Especially Marja.

While Daniil had been rather neutral towards the merge, his closest friend had not, instead becoming hateful towards the merge and all the students that had come from Koldovstoretz, especially the muggleborns. Her views had frightened Daniil. It had reminded him far too much of Marja's attitude towards him during their first year of school, and he was afraid that she'd been reminded of his less than pure heritage and would no longer want to be his friend. This hadn't happened while the merge had still been in force, but the fourth year hadn't been able to stop thinking of this possibility for the entirety of the summer. Thus, when he'd come back for his fifth year, he'd made the difficult decision to avoid his friend as much as possible until he was sure that she still liked him.

Of course, it was incredibly difficult to tell if someone liked you while avoiding them. Making the whole situation even more difficult was the fact that he and Marja were in the same year, house, and had many of the same favorite places to hide out. Still, he'd been doing his best to avoid his best friend and as a result had been in the stables much less often than usual, though this was not something that Daniil enjoyed. The young krov wondered if Marja had noticed him avoiding her, or if she even cared. Daniiil certainly did. He missed spending time with Marja and Rina (who he'd also been avoiding) and was incredibly close to actually facing his fears and attempting to talk to them again, but he just wasn't sure he was brave enough for that yet, or at least not brave enough to face Marja. Being brave was hard.

With a sigh, Daniil left Anya in her stall and began making his way out of the stables and back towards Durmstrang. It was getting rather late now, and Daniil figured he could spend the rest of the night hiding in his dorm, attempting to gather the courage to approach Rina in the near-ish future. Before he could make it out of the stables however, the krov came upon a rather unexpected sight. She was there, right in front of him. Marja. Daniil stopped in his tracks as he took in the scene. A table, the somewhat destroyed quill on the ground, and most of all a seemingly distressed girl laying on the table. He couldn't actually see the girl's face, thanks to the large amount of hair the girl had, but Danill was sure that he knew who it was. Marja was the only one who would be in the stables at this time in the evening, or at least the only one who would be studying. Eyes wide, the fifth year debated what to do. Did he dare talk to her? Would she even want to talk to him? Would she be angry at him for avoiding her all these months? She hadn't noticed him yet, so he could easily just turn around and pretend he'd never been there, but was that really what he wanted to do?

No. It wasn't. And besides, Marja looked like she was in a state of high distress, which simultaneously made Daniil want to help her and hide from her. Though he didn't actually know if or why she was upset, he couldn't help but feel at least partially responsible, though he doubted that he had anything to do with it at all. Still, he decided that he might as well attempt to talk to his best friend again, and that this was the time to do it, while he still had his courage.

Slowly, Daniil walked until he was just behind Marja, only pausing to pick up the mangled quill that he assumed was hers. Then, because he couldn't think of any better way to bring attention to himself, he gingerly tapped on her shoulder. "Um, Marja?" he said, holding out the quill, "I-I think you dropped this and I just wanted to give it back." Oh no. As soon as the words made it out of his mouth Daniil felt quite nervous. What if Marja hadn't actually been distressed, but was actually sleeping and he'd just woken her up? What if she was just testing her ability to see in the dark? What if now was the time she was going to tell him that she'd made a mistake and could never actually be friends with someone who wasn't pureblood? "S-s-sorry to interrupt you," he continued, his speech getting faster with every word, "I just . . . well, you seemed sort of . . . n-nevermind, sorry! I mean, I-I can leave if you want me to." The boy groaned internally. None of that had come out the way he'd intended it to, and Daniil was feeling incredibly awkward now he didn't even know what to do now, so he just stared at his feet, preparing to run away.

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Re: Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2018, 03:39:35 PM »
Marja's distress was resulting in her chest rising and falling much more quickly than usual and her louder, more laboured breathing easily masked the intruder's footsteps as he came up behind her and made the mistake of tapping her shoulder. Whatever the Kirkkomäki felt before that moment was suddenly irrelevant, as her mind flashed back to the year of the merge and her head whipped up as the alarmed witch immediately reached in her robe pocket for her wand, ready to attack whomever was there to hurt her. Luckily, the wand never made it out of her pocket, as she sighed with relief and her face and shoulders relaxed upon recognition of the person's voice. It was only Daniil. She was safe.

A sharp intake of breath, followed by hasty fingers wiping underneath her eyes, Marja turned to meet her best friend. Her eyes fell on the mangled quill that he held out in front of her, and she gently took it from her housemate, her eyes rising up to meet his with a soft smile. "Thank you." Marja said quietly, though she wasn't sure why she had said it that way. After all, there was no one else in the building to hear them. She took in the state of her quill and immediately decided to get a new one if she couldn't first repair it sufficiently. And, of course, the Finn had known that her quill was on the floor the whole time but she wasn't about to tell Daniil that. She had appreciated the gesture and he could have just as easily left without saying anything, since he'd been doing quite a lot of that to her recently. She wondered what had changed his mind for him to start acting like he used to, instead of acting like she merely an acquaintance of his and nothing more. Of course, she definitely wasn't going to complain! Just being in his company was lifting her spirits once more, just like it used to, and the niggling hidden emotions she had for him were making the wise decision to stay hidden for the time being.

Ah. There it was again. All Marja could do was raise her eyebrow in response to her friend's odd behaviour. She had always known he was quite a shy and timid boy, but she thought that they had gotten past that a long time ago. Why was he stuttering and stammering in front of her again? Why was so annoyingly apologetic?! What had she done to deserve this? What exactly was behind all of this? Marja Kirkkomäki had had enough of all of this silly avoiding each other, and strange behaviours to their best friends. She was going to find out what was wrong and get to the bottom of this once and for all, and maybe she'd finally get to do something productive. Daniil seemed ready to leave that very instant and the Drakonya Krov girl's face fell. Oh no, she thought, no one is leaving. Not yet.

"Wait!" Marja called out, with probably more urgency than was necessary, as her hand stretched out as if she were reaching for her friend. "Please stay," she pleaded softly, "don't go." The Finnish girl wasn't sure what else to say, and so she merely stared up at Daniil, a light blush forming on her cheeks. The silence between them was awkward and Marja felt the need to give him a reason to stay. "I mean," she began nervously, as she ran her hands nervously through her hair, "hear the snow fall outside?" She paused to give him time to listen. "We shouldn't be, uh, out in that kind of weather... we should at least wait for it to die down..." Marja had been outside in far worse snow flurries for sure, and she was positive Daniil had been too, but she was desperately grasping at straws to try and give him some reason to stay, anything to allow her a few more moments with her best friend.

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Re: Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2018, 07:24:01 AM »
Daniil said nothing as Marja took the pen for him, though he did have an odd, pained sort of grimace that was meant to be a smile but was failing miserably. Not wanting to bother Marja any longer (since that was what he assumed he was doing), Daniil turned around and began to shuffle away.

He had only made it a few steps however, when Marja called out, and Daniil immediately paused in his tracks. Huh? The krov was more than a little taken aback by her words. She didn't want him to go? This was good, right? He wasn't sure. He thought it was good, but he was still nervous that his friend had ulterior motives. An older boy from his house had once told him that women were sneaky creatures, and while he hadn't thought that it was even remotely true at the time, he couldn't help but think of that conversation now. Nevertheless, Daniil closed his feet and turned back to face his friend, though he wasn't sure what to do now. The fifth year awkwardly stared at his friend, choosing to ignore the pink tint to her cheeks (what did it mean when a girl was blushing?) and wracked his brain for something, anything to say. Luckily he was spared from thinking for too long as Marja made some comment about the snow. Wait, what? Daniil strode over to the window to peek at the weather outside.

"I-it's not even snowing that hard," he began, turning back to Marja, "It's only falling slightly harder than usua- oh." It suddenly dawned on the boy that Marja actually wanted him to stay. He was even pretty sure that she didn't even intend to yell at him at all, though he wasn't one hundred percent positive about that because an older boy in his house had told him that women were 'sneaky'. Still, he was approximately ninety-seven percent sure that there was going to be no yelling today. "Y-you're right," he finally agreed, "it looks p-pretty bad out there." For the first time in a long time, Daniil gave his best friend a small smile. Now it was his turn to blush. "I-it doesn't seem like it will let up for a bit, so we might have to be here for a while."

Then his mind went blank. He wanted to say something cool or interesting, but suddenly he couldn't think of anything at all to say, not even something irrelevant or stupid. So instead he fell into a state of internal panic, staring awkwardly first at Marja, then the floor, then the window, then back at Marja. He felt like some sort of bug, unable to focus on any one thing for longer than a moment, his eyes instead darting about and making him slightly dizzy. After what felt like forever but was actually only a couple of seconds, Daniil came back to his sense and gave his head a quick shake, causing everything to go back to normal. Geez, he hoped that Marja hadn't been paying too much attention to his obvious nerves. Then he would really feel uncomfortable. "So" he said, finally finding the words he wanted, "what do we want to do while we are here?"

All of the stuttering and stammering from before was gone now, as Daniil was beginning to remember how much he liked Marja's company. Once again, he gave his friend a small smile. He was glad that they'd found en excuse to stay in the stables, even if it was an invalid one.

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Re: Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2018, 02:31:20 PM »
Marja watched her friend closely as he paused, her eyes pleading with his back to stay. Swirling orbs of crystal blue darted across Daniil's frame, then followed him to the window as the pair remained in silence. The  Kirkkomäki swallowed nervously hoping that he would figure out her intent and not invent an excuse to leave. As he began to (correctly) contradict her, the blonde witch's eyes lowered down to the floor, as her head dipped and she pouted, the blush on her cheeks quickly disappearing to return to their usual pale colour. Until she heard 'oh'. The Drakonya Krov's head flew up and she raised an eyebrow questioningly, praying that it meant what she thought it meant, before allowing herself a sly smirk. The Finn knew Daniil would eventually understand, he was very smart.

Smiling to herself as he began to agree with her little white lie, her smile grew into a grin as he, too, began to blush. She wondered what it meant if a boy like Daniil blushed. Always wanting to be the perfect student, Marja's brow furrowed as she thought of the quickly approaching curfew. The Finnish witch wasn't planning on this little heart-to-heart taking so long, however, so felt somewhat appeased. Sliding out of her seat, Marja strolled up to the window to join him as they gazed out of the window. "Not to worry then, hm?" She didn't even turn away from the window and yet she could still see his eyes flittering about for a few seconds, seemingly unable to keep contact with her. "The dragons will just have the pleasure of our company for even longer." Something was still holding Daniil back. She was going to find out what it was before the end of the night, she was determined.

For a moment, the Finn was worried about how she'd broach the topic of him avoiding her without it seemingly coming out of nowhere, or worse, sounding like an interrogation. The last thing she wanted to do was scare her best friend. But, Daniil had just handed her the perfect opportunity on a silver platter. Turning away from him, so that he couldn't see her face (which looked like the cat that had just got the cream), Marja cautiously began small talk. She didn't want to spook him, but Marja Kirkkomäki was a direct and honest girl and her plain stubbornness to get information that she wanted often made her quite brutal and with little tact. "Well, we have quite a lot to catch up on," she began pleasantly, "outside class, I've barely seen you! Let's talk." Her tone began to border to passive-aggression, and was one that dared him not to obey. Despite this, she looked up at him with an inviting and friendly smile as she conjured a chair for him to sit on.

"There," she muttered, mainly to herself. She resumed her spot at the table, placing her arms onto it and using one hand to rest her chin while she waited for Daniil to sit too. "I...I've missed you." The words were out before she could do anything, and her eyes diverted away from her best friend, afraid of his reaction. "Things haven't, um, been quite right without you." Taking a deep breath, Marja felt like there was no time like the present. Maybe, this would help her figure out everything. The boggart, her feelings towards Daniil, everything. "Why have you been avoiding me?"

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Re: Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
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While Daniil actually did want to talk to his friend, he wouldn't have dared to refuse Marja's, uh, suggestion even if he didn't want to. Something in her voice told him that if he refused she would likely hex him or something which sounded considerably less fun than talking anyway. What were they going to talk about? He hoped it would be about something easy like school or what they'd both been up to this term, but he had a feeling the conversation would end up being about him and his odd behavior or something, which was a topic he would really rather avoid. Tentatively the boy sat in the chair Marja had conjured for him, but the first thing out of his friend's mouth wasn't a question, but rather an unexpected "I've missed you." That simple phrase, as well as the one that followed not only caused the corners of his mouth to turn up, but made him feel relaxed; as though things between them were back to normal.  "I've missed you too." He said "This year has definitely been . . . different." Daniil felt like there was more that he wanted to say, but couldn't find the right words and instead opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, feeling much like a fish.

Marja's final question caught the boy off guard and nearly caused him to fall out of his chair. So she had noticed. He sat, frozen, and contemplated what exactly to tell Marja. Naturally the best most reasonable option would be to tell her the truth, but sitting there across from his best friend, it seemed ridiculous that he'd been afraid of the girl rejecting their friendship. He felt like an idiot, ashamed to admit that he'd been so insecure and maybe, just maybe he wasn't quite ready to admit how he really felt about Marja Kirkkomäki. But as embarrassing as admitting the truth would be, it would be worse, not to mention completely unreasonable, to pretend that he hadn't been avoiding her, and he couldn't think of any good lies or excuses.

He also felt tricked and a little betrayed. Just a moment ago it had seemed like they were going to have a nice, casual chat and catch up with each other about the year so far, but it seemed like Marja had a plan of her own. Daniil didn't like it, not one bit. Had Marja only talked to him for so long so that she could get at this question? He supposed it was fair that she was curious, he certainly would have been if their roles had been reversed, but that didn't mean that he had to like it. For a moment, he considered just not saying anything at all, and instead getting up and leaving. He knew however, that even if he did leave now, he would only be prolonging the conversation, not avoiding it. No, it would just be better to fess up now.

"I was af-fraid," he blurted, his stammer back in full force. "After l-last term with all of the crazy things that happened with Koldovstoretz and the m-muggleborns and you just hated it so much and you really d-didn't like that there were muggleborns here and I was worried that you w-wouldn't like me anymore because I'm n-not a p-pureblood." Daniil hung his head low, not able to meet Marja's eyes. "I k-know it's silly, but that's why I f-figured that it would be best to avoid you."
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Re: Fan this spark into a flame (Daniil)
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The pureblood witch smiled as Daniil sat, tension leaving her shoulders as he smiled, relieved that she could still make him happy. It was an irrational fear and she knew it, but it was a fear nonetheless. As he replied with the matching phrase to her own, Marja lowered her eyes with a soft smile, tilting her head to the side as she muttered under her breath, "that's one way to put it." The Kirkkomäki knew that she had startled the fellow Drakonya Krov, for he sat completely still and frozen, and the deafening silence that followed was heavy, unbearable even. His stance was completely the opposite to hers, as the Finnish girl squirmed in her chair, tapping her foot on the ground and running both hands through her long mane of hair. Marja didn't really want to make Daniil uncomfortable (even though she'd learnt from experience that it was easy to accomplish) but she needed to know the truth. And, she needed to know it that second.

The words that came out of his mouth were both expected and a complete shock, they passed straight through her like a ghost, and it spent a shiver down her spine as the colour drained from her already pale face. Instantaneously, Marja felt like she was officially the worst witch in the World. Her mouth fell open, while she mentally chastised herself for being so stupid. How could she not have foreseen this happening sooner or later? The pureblood despised those from non-pure heritage, and then she was best friends with two half-bloods. The Kirkkomäki should have known that the mixed signals would confuse someone, she just hadn't expected it to be him. The Finn's affection for the Russian boy was hypocritical... but she didn't care. She didn't care anymore. The worst part of it all, was that his fears weren't silly, they weren't just a figment of his imagination. She really had started to have a nagging thought in her head during the latter parts of the merge, questioning her friendship with someone lower than her. Marja had nothing to defend herself with, no excuse to counter him with. Daniil was right, he was completely right. Was this his image of her? She bit the inside of her cheek, as her eyes burned with unshed tears in shame of herself.

The Krov rushed up from her seat, planting herself down on her knees in front of him, noting how he refused to look at her. "I'm sorry," she whispered softly, a tear rolling down her cheek as she stared up at him, struggling to think of something, anything to say. The affectionate witch wrapped her arms around Daniil's torso, hugging him tightly as her head rested over his heart. "I could never hate you," Marja said with conviction, as she gradually pulled away. "I..." love you, she wanted to say, but she couldn't. Not yet. She was in love with a halfblood... if her parents knew, she was certain she'd be doomed. "You're my best friend." She softly finished her sentence, her eyes reflecting something greater than her words suggested. "Nothing will change that." That was true, within reason. Even if things didn't work out the way Marja hoped they one day would, she doubted she could ever find a better friend than Daniil Krylov.

Dragging her chair closer by so that she could still be in physical contact with him whilst sitting, the Finnish witch anxiously bashed her knuckles together as she sat down again, unsure how to say the thoughts that flew into her head next. "I know my... prejudice can be difficult to deal with sometimes," she grimaced at her own words, disliking having to admit her prejudice of non-purebloods, "but I never meant to hurt you, or scare you." This was said quieter and more gently, though the truth and determination behind her voice remained the same. Looking into Daniil's eyes with an intense look, she wasn't going to let him turn away from her. There were more things that she needed to convey that just could not be put into words. Lightly placing a hand on top of his, she murmured, "forgive me, please."
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