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Regina Basciano [ Thunderbird ]
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there comes a day | when you're gonna look around.... [Minerva]
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and realize happiness is where you are.

The softness of her green and blue pajamas could only be outdone by the material of her polka dotted fuzzy socks. Regina was in full on comfy mode and the haphazard lazy bun of dark brown curls that wrapped itself up on the tippy top of was like the cherry on top. Her school uniform was tossed in a pile on the floor next to the hamper in her dorm, her face was free of make up or other pesky products (other than the cucumber facial that was on tonight's menu of course), and in her hand was a big bowl of cheesy popcorn. She was all geared up for a girls night in the common room. These happened from time to time for the Thunderbird girls, mostly it was sporadic and unplanned and a complete mess (in a good way) and tonight would be no different. She'd put a note up earlier letting witches know about the timing and warning boys to stay away for a while. She carried her popcorn in one hand and a stack of pop witch magazines in the other as she padded her way into the comfortable common area of the Thunderbird dormitories. These were always her favorite nights, they really made being stuck at the school worth it. Honestly it was like a slumber party on steroids because she didn't have many girl friends back in New York and her apartment barely fit her mother and her. No this was way better.

As she reached the sofas that were collected around the sea of comforters, pillows, and blankets in the center she set the bowl down and then the magazines, right in the middle. She plopped herself down comfortably and then used her wand to flick on some music from the wireless that was in the corner of the room. It was getting dark outside and Regina could hear the crippling cold winter wind as it blew over the grounds outside. She shivered slightly, tugging on a throw blanket with cartoon foxes printed on it as she did but the fire was nice and the lanterns cast a warm glow around the room. Inside was safe and toasty. It was after dinner but far before curfew so there would be plenty of time for snacks and gossip and make up tips (not that she paid much attention to the latter). Someone always tried to give her a makeover at these things and if she'd had enough sugar she sometimes let them... sometimes. But Regina didn't judge the other girls for being into make up and hair products, she almost envied the way they could arch their brows and she couldn't. She tried sometimes to catch up to their knowledge base but she could barely figure out how to apply lip liner let alone do up her whole face. Sometimes these nights turned into learning experiences for that kind of thing though, and she wouldn't complain. But if they just wanted to eat terribly unhealthy snacks and gush about their latest crushes and the best music of the week she would be okay with that too. More than okay. She basically lived for that stuff.

Regina had had a pretty awful week since they had come back from holiday break. She missed her mom, of course, but more so than that she missed New York. The young woman was always home sick when she left New York and it was hard to deny the fact that she had been a little gloomy the last few days. Not to mention she'd slept through her alarm the other day, missed an exam, and forgotten to finish some home work before it's due date. She was off to a pretty bad start academically as far as the new year was concerned and while grades weren't her top priority she did understand she needed to graduate if she wanted to make it in the wizarding world. Regina needed tonight, she needed to laugh and have fun and stop worrying about things, and that was exactly what girl's night was good at.

When she heard someone else entering the room she couldn't help but smile brightly even as a pesky long curl dropped out of her loose bun and into her face. She swiped it away before basically shouting at the other witch. "Minnie!" The other girl was a year older but that hadn't stopped them from becoming friends. Typically the two girls were the first to join these types of gatherings and the last to fall asleep. Sometimes that led to harmless pranking but other times it led to midnight heart to heart conversations and honestly Regina enjoyed the other witch's company. "I hope you brought your appetite." She told her with a bit of boastful confidence before smiling. "Traded with some of the house elves, their going to bring sooooo~ many snacks tonight." Regina loved snacking even though sometimes she felt judged for her appetite. In a world where all the women she saw plastered in the big lights were paper thin and she was far from it was hard not to, but during these girls nights, that was rarely the case. She trusted these girls, especially Minnie, and it was nice to just relax.... and possibly eat an entire bowl of chips by herself.
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Re: there comes a day | when you're gonna look around.... [Minerva]
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Minerva was more than ready to leave her room, she had been in a self-imposed exile since she had returned home from winter break, debilitated by a nasty cold and jet lag. While she had the energy to get out of bed and go to class, well she did not have the energy but she had made a promise to her father that she would do her best to never miss class, as soon as classes and dinner were over, she often found herself in bed and asleep way before curfew. The sleep was much needed, considering how many times she got up during the night because of a stuffy nose or to take medicine when she remembered to do so. But the more time she spent away from other people, she more starved she became for social interaction. Not only was she skipping out on hanging out with close friends, she had given up extracurricular activities for the time being. The last thing the young girl wanted was to infect anyone else. 

Apart from meeting with her penpal during the vacation and attending her mother’s wedding, Minerva had not been keeping in touch with her friends, which was rare for the young Thunderbird, who made it her duty to keep in touch with as many friends and acquaintances that she could remember to, she was always one to encourage summer and winter meet-ups, it made the time away from school go by faster. She had not even seen her boyfriend much, even though he had been concerned about her health, she played it off and kept to herself. In reality, the winter vacation in France affected her more than she initially realized. Her mother had finally done something that she had never expected of her: her mother had remarried and was somehow less of a mother because of it, at least in her eyes. Her father had not acted affected but Minerva was certain that he was pretending. When she brought up the topic of the actual wedding, he would redirect to a different conversation, so much so that Minerva eventually knew to drop the subject all together. Nevertheless, the trip had managed to reinforce her belief that staying with her father was the right choice, not that she had any, Minerva has never been given a choice. On top of the bitter taste of her mother’s betrayal, Minerva felt homesick, having wasted her time in France for the sake of a woman that did not love her anymore. And now, with this cold, things simply could not get any worse.

As she walked down the hallway she stopped as she noticed the note on the bulletin board, she sneezed before trying to read it one more time. This was exactly what she needed, to interact with the other girls and to get distracted from her personal issues, to remember why she always loved coming back to school. Before the wedding, Minerva had often asked her father if she could stick around school during the holidays, even though he always said no, it was a testament to her desire to be at school. After all Ilvermorny was were all her closest friends were located, along with her fondest memories. She returned to her room for some medicine and to change clothing, something more comfortable than her school uniform. She looked into her closet and picked out some comfortable sweatpants, an oversized t-shirt, and some fuzzy socks. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and it was much colder than she had expected. Thankfully, her father had recently sent her a box full of delicious snacks and some warm socks.

Gathering some of the snacks from home and a few of the souvenirs she had brought from Paris for her dorm mates, she made her way down to the commons, smiling when she noticed the only other student in the room, “Regina!” she responded with a big grin, a box of tissues underneath one arm and a bag full of snacks in the other, she moved to sit with the other girl, “I’m still sick but I needed a girl’s night, I’m recovering though, I promise!” she says with a small smile, “Just don’t get too close and you’ll be safe,” she adds, smiling as her dormmate told her about the incoming snacks, “I brought some things too,” she reaches into the bag once she settles down and hands her a box of macaroons, “I brought a ton of them to share but these are for you, a souvenier,” she adds. “So, how was your break? Are you glad to be back?”

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Regina Basciano [ Thunderbird ]
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Re: there comes a day | when you're gonna look around.... [Minerva]
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Regina held her nose and backed up as far as she could into the sofa with a playful smile as Minerva sat down in response to the other girl's word. And then it dawned on her, being sick might actually be in her benefit. "Bring on the germs girl, I have a Latin test this week I'd love to skip." She confessed with a giggle before settling back into a comfortable sitting position. She basically bounced with excitement "I love souvenirs!" She exclaimed as the other witch sat down beside her. Regina rarely got to travel. Sure she went between NYC, Shackamaxon, and Ilvermorny all the time but that wasn't even really travelling. It was like routine now. It was mandatory, it was for academic purposes, it was not fun travelling. The most travelling she was riding the subway and that got old real quick. She smiled brightly at the other girl even as she popped a macaroon into her mouth.

"What is it?" She asked, completely unaware of the big wide world around her. She was a little bit jealous that Minnie had gotten the chance to go to Paris but that was quickly overshadowed by her insane amounts of questions. "How was your trip? Did you floo or aparate with someone?" She spoke with a mouth full of the Parisian treat and then swallowed which only allowed her even more capacity for questions. "Where did you go? Got any pictures?" And of course the most important question of all was soon to come.

"Meet any cute boys?"
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Re: there comes a day | when you're gonna look around.... [Minerva]
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Minerva laughed at Regina's comment, "Sounds like a good idea 'till your nose is stuffy and you feel like you got ran over by a truck," she reminds her. But she understood the sentiment, Minerva had often wanted to be sick in order to miss classes, especially when important assignments were due. But, at the same time, she often found herself going to class even with a fever, her decent grades was at least something that her dad could be proud of, Minerva knew that he would be happy and that would make her even more proud of herself. "Help yourself! They're pretty good, especially these ones," she pointed down at the chocolate macarons, "Raspberry is pretty descent too, I ate like a thousand of them before coming back," she joked. Traveling had been a lucky circumstance but the reason had been less than pleasant, Minerva grimaced at the thought. It was a nightmare.

"It was great, I didn't stay long, went by travel, the normal No-Maj way," she explained. It had been a long flight but it had somehow made her feel normal, and Minerva had appreciated the extra time she got to think about her mother and how betrayed she felt about her re-marriage. But Minerva would not be getting into that, this was a girl's night, it was supposed to be fun stuff only. "Yeah, I got some pictures, they're up in my room, I can go get them if you want though? It's just a bunch of scenic stuff, nothing fancy," she explained. Minerva has a habit of taking photos to help her paint, it had been a habit of hers for a while.

She laughed at Regina's question, "I did actually, my penpal," she explained. Minerva had gotten lucky in that Raphael Moreau had the time and the generosity to spend the day with her in Paris, she had not written him in some time but his kindness had spoken volumes to her, especially when she did not have the courage to tell anyone else. "What about you? Stayed in NYC or went on a trip? Did you meet any cuties in the summer?"


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