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Deborah Wilder [ Board Mod ]
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in res lingua et magia (all years)
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:20:37 PM »
Deborah Wilder smiled as she made her way through the corridors of Ilvermorny although she'd have preferred if she could just plop into her seat behind the teacher's desk of her classroom. However, if this was part of her job she'd take the challenge of walking from her rooms to the classroom. Her heels were clicking on the stone floor and, although she was not hurrying to the classroom, she was getting out of breath. Hopefully she'd arrive early enough to conceal this physical weakness from her students.

It had been a spur of the moment thing that Deborah had applied for a professor position. She had never really thought about working in the field of education before but it felt only right to share her vast knowledge with the younger generations of witches and wizards, among those also her daughter and her grandchildren. She liked the fact that she had 'spies' among the students. Hopefully the younger family members would tell her that their classmates thought she was a good professor. Of course, Deborah knew that she was not really the typical professor. She was not like Mildred or anyone like that and she didn't want to be like that either.

When she had first been to her classroom months ago, she had found that it looked dull and that there was colour missing. The straight arrangement of the desks had reminded her of dull lessons of her own past.  It had not taken too much effort to redecorate the room, painting each wall in a colour of the four houses and making the desks reorganise themselves so that they looked like they had been placed into the room at random. Her own desk had soon been painted in golden colour and the simple wooden chair had been transfigured into an armchair with red velvet padding.

Now that she entered her classroom for the first time for an actual lesson, months after getting the job, the witch sank down on her chair and let her gaze wander through the room. There were still things she could improve on but as she was not intending to leave anytime soon, she didn't mind leaving it as it was for the time being.

For this first lesson Deborah had chosen turquoise robes with matching ankle boots  and had decorated herself with comparably little jewellery - just a few golden bracelets, a golden necklace and some small studs. Her blonde hair looked a little like the mane of a male lion, just tidier of course, teased as it was.

As a first student peeked into the room, Deborah beamed at them. "Don't be shy, come in, take a seat." 

Once more students settled into the room, the woman got to her feet again. The attention was on her and she enjoyed it. Undoubtedly they would have a great time together.

"Salve discipuli. Bonum vos videre." She smiled, looking at the students' faces, wondering if they knew any Latin at all. Naturally they would not focus on conversational Latin. That was not part of the curriculum, after all. Nevertheless she found it helped with the understanding and creation of spells to know some basic grammar and, of course, vocabulary.

“Dic mihi nomina vestri et utrum Latine loqui,” she looked around expectantly, eager to find out if any of her students understood what she was saying and how they'd react to this quite active approach to a dead language.

[OOC: While I've learned Latin in school many years ago, I'm far from being an expert. I have tried and will try my best to avoid mistakes but there's no guarantee. If anyone knows Latin better than me and discovers mistakes, please PM me. Please note that your students do not have to reply in Latin. If you choose to do so anyway, feel free to use one of the multiple translators the www offers. Be warned though, some offer quite some nonsense. If you have any questions about the the lesson, the language, Debbie… anything that has to do with this class, do feel free to send me a PM.]

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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           Sylvia turned the corridor corner before she put her map away. Unlike the Home Economics class, at least Latin for Magical Practices should be easy to find. Still she made sure she had plenty of time to refine her way in case she got lost. All the class room should be right…

            Sylvia caught more than a glimpse of color through the door way. That has to be someone’s private room. She thought and as she kept on walking, stopping at the end of the corridor to recheck the map. Could she have skipped the door way? Maybe it was one of the hidden doors the Upperclassmen had described…Well if you follow the length of the wall.... NO, the location was correct.

            She walked pass the room once more and then waited a second before she ducked her head in the frame. It was the size and the shapes of the other class rooms but it looked nothing like class room she had ever seen. The room was full of color, each wall painted in the spirit of the houses. The desks were arranged in such a chaotic pattern that she assumed was due to the fact the room was a storage or disarrayed form a party. At the center of the far end sat a woman poised on a thrown. She was dressed in a short bright robe contrasted her thick lion’s mane of hair and taking on the hue of the mainly layers of gold she adorned. If Sylvia was at an unfamiliar castle, she would have thought she was in the presence of some royalty. Sylvia was just about to go back into the hall and recheck when she heard the words, "Don't be shy, come in, take a seat."

           Sylvia nature to obey her elders, override her mind which was completely convinced that walked into the wrong class. Sylvia quickly choose to sit in the nearest desk cluster across the wall form her new house color, Gold. She kept her bag in her lap and pulled out her Class Schedule rechecking the class, time and location. Other students began to filter in. Most exclaiming about the change to the room. The words on her program Professor D. Wilder triggered a memory of a golden hair women with shimmery bronze more like a robe/gown introducing herself at the first dinner. Sylvia looked up and reexamined the room's presiding Queen. Oh, yes it is her. Sylvia relaxed and waited,  tucking her bag in under her seat.

           The Professor now seemed more comfortable now that she had an audience. It was not long until Professor Wilder rose gracefully to her feet and addressed them. Well at first Sylvia thought it had to be a greeting… but it sounded more like a spell. Nothing happened. Most of the younger students looked around like they expected something magical and impressive to happen. The old student faces either dropped or smiled knowingly. Sylvia did not ketch on until the second statement.

           "Dic mihi nomina vestri et utrum Latine loqui,” Oh, come on. Sylvia thought her mother know Latin used to talk greetings to her on occasion. Sylvia tried to break down the sentence. Mouthing out the words;

Dic is do or tell, and mihi means me. Nomina is names. Vestri et is you of, well “of you” really. The word utrum, rang no bells in Sylvia;’s mind. …. And Latine is Latin, of course. Lastly, Loqui is… Liquid no it almost sounded like. … no she had no idea.

          “Do, tell me name of you, Latin? Tell me your name in Latin? “she whispered to herself under her breath. Sylvia’s name in Latin was Silvia, the Roman forest goddess often associated with wolfs. But she knew she was missing at least two words in the sentence. With two words the sentence could be totally different. Sylvia noticed the older crowd started rise their hands. Hum…. Sylvia decide to not rise her had, in case she did get it wrong she did not want to lose house cranberries or make a fool of herself.

          It can’t be standard for Wizards to be fluent in Latin first year. She then remembered her mother loved studding the language although her dad only knows the spell he used. But then again he did not do so well in his classes.

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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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To say that Bertie was decent in Latin would be an underestimation. It was the basis of the Transfiguration alphabet in the end, at which he excelled. After all, let it be very illegally and secretly, the Wampus was an animagus. However, as much as he enjoyed Latin and Professor Wilder’s charmingly dramatic ways, Gilbert couldn’t find this class as anything but boring. It was so boring he could literally feel his neurons slowly fading away, exiting his system and jumping into the void of existence.

Introducing themselves? What was this, first grade? Last time he checked, he hadn’t been seven for actually more than over seven years.

He sighed, letting his head fall on the desk. There was only one thing on his mind right now, and that was quodpot. He could be out there, practicing, perfecting the team so they could win their next match too. They were in the first place right now, and at this point, Gilbert would rather have all of Ilvermorny explode, than Wampus’ own chances at winning at quodpot.

He lazily grabbed his bag, and straightened his back, getting up from his seat as his chair was pushed a bit by his legs and movement. “Professor~” Bertie started, voice as sweet as always, especially when he was talking to Professor Wilder. “No offence, but this class is so molestus –“ well, at the very least he did say the word ‘tiresome’ in Latin, so he couldn’t be blamed for not trying “ – that I’m just gonna… Veni vedi… arrivederci~” Gilbert cheerfully waved at Deborah, turning on his heel as he headed towards the door.

This class just wasn’t worth it anymore.
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Latin for Magical Practices was worthwhile. However, that did not make it a very interesting subject anyway. Betsy had been curious about the new professor but, truth be told, while professor Wilder was an eccentric witch, her class was hardly that fascinating. Betsy, loving the outdoors most of all, had a hard time to focus on Latin for more than five minutes. Well, maybe even less.

The class begun and when she heard the professor voice the first Latin words, Betsy's attention drifted off. She thought about her last hike, about animals she had observed, about her parents' business, about her siblings. Honestly, the girl thought about everything but the class. However, her attention was brought back to the here and now when Gilbert who was her sister's friend (or maybe even more than just a friend, Betsy wasn't entirely sure) spoke.

The girl's eyes widened. He did not actually do that, did he? Betsy actually pinched herself to make sure she had not fallen asleep. She was awake. This was actually true. The Thunderbird gasped. She was not sure if she admired Bertie for being so blunt or if she found it entirely stupid. She just stared at him, turned her gaze at the professor and back to the boy who was heading towards the door. What the hell was going on? Did Bertie think he was clever insulting the professor like that? Did he find himself funny? Betsy thought that he probably thought so. She almost pitied professor Wilder, almost.

The fact that Bertie had disrupted the class like this meant that Betsy could just lean back and observe without being in danger of being addressed and forced to show that her knowledge of Latin was mediocre to say the very least.

Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Mary Lou had always been under the impression that the more classes she could take, the better it would look on her resume. She hadn't shied away from learning languages, being near fluent in French and Icelandic (which would certainly come in handy once she was President of MACUSA, if not before then, she was sure) and was passable with Spanish and Dutch. But Latin? Latin was Lou's personal hell. It was beyond pointless. It wouldn't help her in her life; no one spoke it anymore. She wasn't looking at a career in spell creation, which seemed to be the only field that really needed it. Never mind the medical field. She certainly didn't have the grades to even consider a hopeful career there.

She trudged to class, gazing wistfully out every window she passed, wanting so much to be out there rather than on her way to class. She was one of the last to arrive, and slid into a seat behind (or as close to being behind, considering the weird desk arrangement) her sister. "Did I miss anything?" She leaned forward and whispered to Betsy Mae, but the question was answered for her when Professor Wilder spoke. Or, she thought she answered it. Lou caught a few of the words, but not enough to piece together what had been asked of them. Or, she thought it was a question.

Goodbye, interest in this class.

But Bertie stood and -- hello, interest in this class. Lou raised both eyebrows as she watched him speak, doing her best not to focus on his lips, blushing when she caught herself looking anyway, and getting completely distracted for any secretly harbored feelings as he turned to leave. Oh my god. She was torn by being completely shocked to be so blatant about hating a class that, quite honestly, everyone hated, and being completely in awe of the take-that-and-have-no-regrets attitude that she really should consider for future campaigns. But she could never disrespect a teacher, not to their face. Not when she needed all the teachers on her side if she wanted to be Student President.

"Bertie," she half whispered, half implored, letting her rule-abiding side get the better of her. Maybe Professor Wilder would take Lou's concern for another student's education as a positive attribute and help her secure that presidency.

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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Leah was afraid she was going to get lost on her first day of class, which wouldn't have been a surprise. It was a new school and a new classroom. She didn't know the ins and outs of Ilvermorny yet, so it wouldn't surprise her to get lost a few times in the first week or so. Thankfully, she noticed a House Elf walking through the hallway and she stopped to ask him for directions. He pointed her in the right direction, and she thanked him with a small, nervous smile on her face. She followed his instructions and soon found herself at the entranceway to a classroom.

She opened the door and walked into the room, looking around, taking it all in. She felt herself get a little more nervous than she was before. This always happened to her whenever she entered into a new place, especially a school. She scouted out where the quietest and most secluded place to sit was in the whole room and placed herself in that seat. She preferred to sit at the back of the classroom where no one would bother her, but teachers didn't always like their students sitting at the very back of the room, so she was, more or less, always forced to pick another seat closer to the front. She didn't like to be stared at and she preferred to sit relatively secluded until she got used to her classmates.

After taking her seat, she unpacked her class supplies and laid them out on her desk, preparing for class to begin. Shortly after she sat down in her seat and unpacked her things, class began. The professor opened class by speaking in Latin, and Leah had no idea what she was saying. She remembered her father saying how he'd taken Latin when he was younger, but had forgotten most of it. She had to remember some Latin during her time in her Catholic elementary school before coming to Ilvermorny, but she couldn't remember it anymore, and most of the words she'd learned didn't apply to what the professor had just said. She didn't recognize a word. She thought she was smart, but apparently, not smart enough to read a book and remember a language that most people didn't use anymore unless you were in medicine, the Church, linguistics, or any other field that required the use of Latin or other languages.

Picking up her pen in her right hand, she tried her best to write down what the professor said so she could take a closer look at it and try and decipher it like it was a secret code of some kind. Even taking a good look at it probably wouldn't help her decipher the phrase. She had no idea how she was going to pass this class if she couldn't even get a concept they were learning on their first day. After writing down the phrase in her notebook, she underlined it and began writing each component down, trying to figure out what each individual word meant. If she couldn't get what the phrase meant, maybe she'd either have to ask for help from the professor or ask her father in an owl and hope he could help her out.

Deborah Wilder [ Board Mod ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Debbie was still all smiles when none of her students answered her question. Apparently their education in Ancient Languages had been incredibly weak. The students did not seem to know much abouot Latin and, what was worse, they did not appear to be interested in studying Latin at all. It was maybe a bit shocking and disappointing but Debbie wanted to play it cool. She was new to teaching. She could reform the entire teaching of Latin - though maybe not today. Quite obviously the basis wasn't there.

While she was still waiting for a student to speak up and answer her question, something unexpected happened. A boy thought that he was particularly funny. Instead of immediately reacting to him, she looked around for a girl who might giggle and look up to him with puppy eyes but there was none. Strange. Well, maybe the girl in question - whoever that might be - did not find his behaviour appropriate or funny. Debbie herself did not laugh either, nor did she think about awarding cranberries.

"Mr. Lightwood," Debbie said, her voice sweet and clear, "I can see that you think you're particularly smart. However, you did not take in account that remaining in this class and just playing along would cost you a lot less of your precious time than the detention you're facing now." She smiled maliciously as she twirled her wand between her fingers. Suddenly pointing it at Gilbert. Ropes emerged from the tip of her wand, quickly enfolded around Gilbert. Another flick of her wand meant that he was pushed back onto his chair.

"I thought we'd all become friends and explore the world of Latin language together..." she sighed dramatically. Truth be told Debbie did not care too much that the lesson went this way. She had not wanted to be a strict professor right from the start but if the students asked for it like that she had no other chance, had she.

"Please write down what you know about Latin and what you expect to learn in this class. Once you've done that, you should give your notes to me and then you may quietly leave the classroom. You meaning everyone but Mr Lightwood who will soon find out where we would be if we didn't have our spells for shores around the house."

The elderly witch took a seat in her armchair and pulled out a book. She was not going to pay the students any attention anymore - unless anyone else wanted to sit there tied to their chair. She briefly considered that some people enjoyed such a thing but dismissed the thought. Her book was much more interesting.


[[OOC: permission received from Lena to do this to Gilbert.
feel free to write a few lines of what Debbie asked and then post your student leaving. This is Debbie's last post in this lesson.]]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Betsy understood why Bertie wanted to leave the lesson. She wanted to do the same but she'd never have the audacity to behave like that in front of a professor. Hence the girl was neither surprised not disappointed when she witnessed the old woman's reaction. Gilbert would get a detention and rightly so. Betsy nodded to herself. She found that appropriate. She thought that professor Wilder could as well have deducted some cranberries but maybe she'd still do so later. Maybe she didn't want the big effect... then again professor Wilder obviously loved big effects!

Suddenly ropes came from her wand tip, capturing Gilbert and tying him to his chair. Betsy hid her mouth behind her hands as she giggled quietly. Served him right.

Professor Wilder wanted to become friends with them? For real? Betsy stopped giggling and frowned. This woman was too old to be her friend. She was probably older than her own grandmother! Or maybe she had the age of her grandmother... Betsy wasn't good with ages of old people. There were children of different ages, young adults, parents and grandparents and what was inbetween there was not easy to define.

Explore the world of Latin. That sounded almost interesting. Exploring was interesting, after all. However, exploring a dead language? Rather not her cup of tea. Betsy rubbed her chin thoughtfully as she listened to professor Wilder announcing what they were supposed to do with the rest of the lesson. Sit quietly and write something down? How boring

She pulled out a piece of parchment and her quill and began to write:

Latin is a dead language, people don't speak it anymore unless they take Latin lessons at school. I expect it to be the most boring class on the curriculum, but I hope to get surprised and that it's not that bad, after all. Maybe the exploring bit can be fun. I guess Latin can come handy when it comes to understanding the theory of spell creation.

She signed with her name, shrugged, got to her feet and dropped the parchment on professor Wilder's desk as she left the classroom, glad to be dismissed a little earlier than expected. That gave her enough time to take a brief stroll outside between classes.


Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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          When the upperclassman stood up, Sylvia was about half way through deciphering the teachers statement form her text book. She had put down her quill, thinking he had beat her to the answer. But it soon became apparent that he was not giving an answer. Instead Sylvia got the impression he was insulting the professor, the class and the subject in general.

          Sylvia’s mouth gaped open so wide that it could have held a whole nest of Billywigs. As she watched the boy turn to walk out… in the middle of class. Sylvia's mind reeled. She could not believe he would do something so …., crazy, stupid, no disrespectful. Yes Disrespectful. Sylvia then heard Professor Wilder address him and saw ropes appear from the Professors wand and bind the Upperclassmen, Lightwood back to his chair.

        This was a side of Ilvermorny she had not seem… only heard of. She couldn’t believe that students could be so disrespectful and teachers could be so violent. Even her worst and scariest professor, Applebottom had made the occasional threat, but they were more like 'if you get your figure cut off it's your own fault.' Still Sylvia had not yet seen Applebottom lose her temper or physically do something to a student. ALthough there was that pet... 

        The professor second announcement to the class pulled Sylvia into a new roller-coaster of emotions. At first, she felt sympathy for the Professor, who lesson did everything but go as plan. When the professor gave out an in-class assignment Sylvia got excited. Finally, we could get started! Lastly, The Professor announced that they could leave after they turn it in. “Wait what? There will not be a lesson today?” She said really hoping she would be disproven. Shocked, that the Professor gave up on them. She was mad and frustrated that she would not have a chance to learn anything today.

        Not wanting to stare angry at the Professor, she looked at the underclassman, Lightwood. Sylvia soon dropped her eyes as others took out parchment and stated their in-class-assignments. It was only after a long  calming breath that she began to write her answer including the deciphering she already did.

        Eventually Sylvia handed it in, placing it on the top of the pile forming on the teacher’s desk. She tried to give the teacher a smile, but the teacher seemed engrossed with her book.

Dear Professor Wilder,

I unfortunately know little, to no Latin. I can only guess at the words, at the minuet but I really am looking forward to taking your class.
I used the text book to desirer the phrases:

“Dic mihi nomina vestri et utrum Latine loqui,”
Tell me your name in Latin?
"Tell me your names and whether you speak English"


My name is Sylvia and I speak English and only English, but I am looking forward to learning more languages.
Ream Silvia Latina est nomen meum locutus sum, et non sum solus Latina eruditio vultus deinceps ad plures linguas.

Thank you,
Sylvia Crowne.

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Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Bondage. Kinky.

It was all what came up in Bertie’s mind as he found himself back on his chair, tied up quite tightly by ropes summed by Professor Wilder. “Well, this lesson definitely started getting more interesting.” He said in Latin, each and every word. She’d questioned the fact if he was particularly smart or not; oh, he was. And he was going to let her know.

“Maybe we don’t need to explore the Latin language that much.” He shrugged, as much as it was permitted to him, talking, naturally, still in Latin.

He arched an eyebrow at the Professor’s instructions. “No.” He said, appalled. “If anything, Professor, I’d have the best ideas.” He moved his head slightly, to get a few hairs out his right eye. “We should do fun stuff, like mock trials from the ancient times. It would be nice for all to wear togas and laurels. I’d look amazing as an ancient wizengamot, just saying.” He clicked his tongue. “A girl could be the oracle.”

“But, of course, the stars need to be aligned for that.” He added, dramatically. Everything, before and now, all in perfect Latin.

“Maybe we can have a Roman Empire day. Everyone speaks Latin and whomever switches to a different language, any language loses a lot of house points. Winner can get hundreds as compensation. That would be me.” Bertie let out a playful laugh, cheekily eyeing the Professor.

She thought she’d give him detention, but really, it was definitely going to be the other way around. If anything, at the very least, Bertie hadn’t stopped talking (in Latin!) not even after all the students had already left the classroom.

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Leah Miller [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Looking up from her notes, she noticed someone, a boy, trying to walk out and failing, being tied to his chair as punishment. She rolled her eyes and went back to her notes as she continued trying to decipher the phrase the professor gave them at the beginning of class. However, she still had no idea what the words meant and, though she loathed to admit or show it, she was on the verge of tears as she tried to come up with something that made sense so she didn’t turn in her notes with nothing written down as far as the phrase went.

When the professor gave them a new assignment, she brightened up a little, finding it to be a bit easier than trying to break down the phrase. Skipping down a few lines, she began writing.

“Professor, I know very little Latin, but it’s nowhere near enough to help me pass this class without a lot of help. I’m not usually one who prefers asking for help, but I really want to learn the language in order to pass. I want to learn more Latin than I know so I can do well and learn another language that might help me throughout my life after Ilvermorny. Also, my apologies again, as I have no idea what the phrase you asked to us to break down means. I have no idea what each of the words mean. I would very much like to figure it out, so may I please request your help in order to help me figure it out? Thank you.”

After she finished writing, she closed her notes and carried them up to the front, setting them on the professor’s desk along with the notes of some of her classmates. She knew she wasn’t going to do well on this first assignment, let alone the class if she didn’t get any help to understand and learn the material. She resolved to read her textbook from cover to cover in order to make herself learn the material, as well as actually ask for help when she needed it. After placing her notes on the desk, she left the room.


Cooper Beauregard [ Pukwudgie ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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New teachers were always a toss-up. Cooper didn't really know anything about Professor Wilder, but he had gotten the sense that his great-aunt @Mildred Franklin wasn't a huge fan. Auntie Millie was always kind enough to him, but he had sensed an edge in her tone when he had mentioned he would be taking Latin this semester. The warning look from Uncle Ernie told him it was a good idea to drop the subject, so he had figured he would just need to wait until he got to class to find out.

Cooper noticed Professor Wilder's rather wild outfit as soon as he walked into the classroom, but looked away immediately, not wanting to be caught staring. The sequins and glitter were an odd choice, in his opinion, for an elderly woman working as a professor. Maybe that was why Auntie Millie didn't like her much; she didn't seem like she was acting her age in the same way that the older women in his family did.

Settled into a seat in the back of the classroom, Cooper sunk slightly into his seat as the professor began to speak to them immediately in Latin. Cooper had done a bit of study at home, under the watchful eye of his tutors, but he certainly had never done much speaking of or listening to the ancient language. It had all been study of reading and writing, nothing more. He had never imagined he would be expected to converse in a dead language.

He thought he might have picked out a few words -- maybe she was asking them to say their names? -- but before Cooper could work through what he was expected to do, Gilbert Lightwood had announced that he was leaving the class. Cooper stared, amazed that anyone could have that much nerve. Even Gilbert. But before he'd gotten far, Wilder had pulled him back and tied him up in his seat. Maybe that was the reason Auntie Millie didn't like him.

Thoroughly fascinated by this turn of events, Cooper had a hard time focusing on his written task, even if he only needed to write a few lines. He was stunned but intrigued by the behavior of his various classmates. This had been an uncomfortable start to the lesson, and everyone seemed to be dealing with their eccentric new professor in new ways.

Eventually, Cooper managed to scribble out a few lines about how he hoped to learn Latin because he was interested in reading ancient texts, both magical and not. He slipped the paper quietly onto the front desk and hurried out to catch up with @Mary Lou Bird, eager to get her insight on her friend's behavior.

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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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"What is that outfit supposed to be?" Julianne hissed on her way in, wondering what on earth she had signed up for in taking this class. Wilder's bright turquoise dress-robes stood in stark contrast to the proper and overly-modest school uniforms that the students were supposed to wear. Annie wasn't a huge fan of the dress code, but she managed to find ways to make the look work for her: today she was sporting a knee-length plaid skirt that she had pinned to sit at her waist, a white blouse, and her black boots -- without stockings. Her shoulder-length curls bounced as she made her way to a seat behind Gilbert, poking him in the back of the neck as way of greeting and then turning to chat with the girls who she went everywhere with until the lesson started.

Annie stared blankly up at Wilder, wondering what the hell had possessed her to take Latin as an elective. She could have been in something else, but had allowed her advisors back at House Irons to convince her that the subject would be useful. Just one semester, they had encouraged her. You'll be able to interpret older accounts of and manuals for crystal-gazing. It did not seem remotely worth it now.

When Gilbert stood up, Annie snickered, both amused by his boldness and interested to see whether Wilder would lose her temper with him. Annie wasn't really the type to act out in class -- she got up to plenty of trouble outside learning hours -- but she was always pleased to see a student and teacher get into it. It was amusing to watch the adults struggle.

Wilder seemed to have a bold edge herself, though, and Gilbert was back in his seat before he'd made it to the door. "How come you never let me tie you up, Gilbert?" Annie whispered, leaning forward so that only Gilbert could hear her.

She slunk back in her seat, taking the ripped half sheet of paper her neighbor passed her. Annie scribbled a few lines down about really only caring about divination and not knowing why she was in this class other than she had been told it would help. She dropped the paper off on the desk and walked out, tossing an amused glance back at Gilbert before exiting the room. Maybe she would have time to stop by her head of house's office and see about switching courses before break ended.
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Carrie Marshall [ Wampus ]
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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Culture and language had always intrigued Carrie. While most people found history boring, she particularly enjoying trying to place herself in the time period of interest and imagine how life must have been. How many people had stood in the same place she had, several hundred years earlier? Several thousand? How many had touched where she touched? What had ruins been like to behold in their former glory? The Sixth Year was enthralled by anthropology and most everything that went with it – including language and its development and use.

Unsurprisingly, she rather enjoyed Latin class, never mind that it was a so-called ‘dead language’. Certainly, no one spoke fluent Latin anymore… but when its roots were alive in almost every word of the English language, how could it be considered dead?

She greeted Professor Wilder with a smile and a nod before taking a seat in the second row. To her bookish delight, the older woman launched right into conversation and Carrie listened intently for the root words to make inferences, working out the rough translations in her head as she did so. The Wampus didn’t have much speaking proficiency, but she did have decent reading and listening comprehension and could figure out some of the grammar by inference.

“Salve discipuli. Bonum vos videre.”
‘Hello students. Good to see you.’ ‘Discipuli’ like ‘disciples’, and ‘videre’ like ‘video’.

“Dic mihi nomina vestri et utrum Latine loqui,”
‘Tell me names… Tell me your names?… and if? speak Latin.’ ‘Dic’ was like ‘decir’ in Spanish, meaning ‘to tell’. ‘Nomina was fairly obvious. ‘Loqui’ like ‘loquacious’, meaning ‘talkative’.

Carrie opened her mouth to offer her name – though she privately felt the request a little juvenile – but was quickly drowned out by Bertie. She raised an eyebrow incredulously as he rather dramatically announced his exit, and she rolled her eyes at her friend.
‘Too bad “arrivederci” is Italian, you goon.’ she thought at him, surprised to find a hint of amusement beneath her initial displeasure with his attitude. She quietly face-palmed instead, peeking through her fingers surreptitiously and letting her gaze drift over Annie and Lou as well.

She inhaled sharply as Professor Wilder cast a nonverbal Incarcerous at her Quodpot Captain, binding him to his chair. What on Earth…? Despite her initial shock, she felt laughter bubble up in her throat and bit the inside of her cheek hard to suppress it.

But Bertie clearly hadn’t had enough: he proceeded to ramble on in Latin, and after a few moments of attempted deciphering she simply shrugged and turned her attention to the task at hand, withdrawing a scrap of parchment. Carrie vaguely registered ‘puella’, meaning ‘girl’, but that was about it.

Shaking her head slightly, the half-Peruvian returned to her parchment.

Carrie Marshall – Sixth Year Wampus

My understanding is mostly limited to root words and etymology. I can understand most of what is written by inference (mostly through connecting the intonation of a spell with its effect) and have some grasp of the grammar, but have not spoken it beyond a few simple conversational phrases.

Ultimately, I would expect to at least briefly touch on the process of creating spells and the importance of Latin root words in that process.

Folding the parchment in half, she gathered up her belongings and dropped the assignment on Professor Wilder’s desk, with a final raise of her eyebrows and the hint of a smile directed at Bertie on her way out.
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Re: in res lingua et magia (all years)
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The professor -- white, bubbly, wearing ridiculous turquoise robes -- started their lesson speaking in Latin immediately, and even though Adam had been passing his Latin classes for four years he could not claim to understand any of it out loud. He zoned out instantly, even as some of his classmates seemed to be trying to decipher it, and let his mind wander to the next time he had a phone, trying to list the main points he'd have to bring up. He would have to tell his sister about this teacher and her stupid hair and outfit.

@Gilbert Lightwood had always been better in this class than, like, anybody else at all, so as he started talking, Adam was barely paying attention, until registering that it was mostly in English. As Adam tried to decipher what molestus meant, Wilder literally tied Gilbert into his chair: Adam sat and gaped. He would have to tell his sister about this. Provided she didn't tell their parents.

The class was otherwise uninteresting: Gilbert, obviously hell-bent on making a spectacle of himself, kept up a stream of Latin for the remainder of the class, none of which Adam understood. Content to ignore this, Adam sat trying to figure out exactly what he expected out of this class. This was obviously not the kind of question he was going to answer honestly, so:

Adam N
Thunderbird 5

I know Latin is a dead language that turned into Spanish and French, and nobody uses it but wizards and Catholics. I expect that with effort I will be able to understand and use Latin over this year. I look forward to this class.

Truthfully he just wanted to pass the tests so he'd never have to learn another Latin word in his life, but he also didn't want to get tied into a chair. He slapped his paper down on Wilder's desk and left as quickly as he could, stopping only for a moment to give Gilbert an impressed nod and flip him a thumbs up.

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