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    Deborah Wilder smiled as she made her way through the corridors of Ilvermorny although she'd have preferred if she could just plop into her seat behind the teacher's desk of her classroom. However, if this was part of her job she'd take the challenge of walking from her rooms to the classroom. Her heels were clicking on the stone floor and, although she was not hurrying to the classroom, she was getting out of breath. Hopefully she'd arrive early enough to conceal this physical weakness from her students.

    It had been a spur of the moment thing that Deborah had applied for a professor position. She had never really thought about working in the field of education before but it felt only right to share her vast knowledge with the younger generations of witches and wizards, among those also her daughter and her grandchildren. She liked the fact that she had 'spies' among the students. Hopefully the younger family members would tell her that their classmates thought she was a good professor. Of course, Deborah knew that she was not really the typical professor. She was not like Mildred or anyone like that and she didn't want to be like that either.

    When she had first been to her classroom months ago, she had found that it looked dull and that there was colour missing. The straight arrangement of the desks had reminded her of dull lessons of her own past.  It had not taken too much effort to redecorate the room, painting each wall in a colour of the four houses and making the desks reorganise themselves so that they looked like they had been placed into the room at random. Her own desk had soon been painted in golden colour and the simple wooden chair had been transfigured into an armchair with red velvet padding.

    Now that she entered her classroom for the first time for an actual lesson, months after getting the job, the witch sank down on her chair and let her gaze wander through the room. There were still things she could improve on but as she was not intending to leave anytime soon, she didn't mind leaving it as it was for the time being.

    For this first lesson Deborah had chosen turquoise robes with matching ankle boots  and had decorated herself with comparably little jewellery - just a few golden bracelets, a golden necklace and some small studs. Her blonde hair looked a little like the mane of a male lion, just tidier of course, teased as it was.

    As a first student peeked into the room, Deborah beamed at them. "Don't be shy, come in, take a seat." 

    Once more students settled into the room, the woman got to her feet again. The attention was on her and she enjoyed it. Undoubtedly they would have a great time together.

    "Salve discipuli. Bonum vos videre." She smiled, looking at the students' faces, wondering if they knew any Latin at all. Naturally they would not focus on conversational Latin. That was not part of the curriculum, after all. Nevertheless she found it helped with the understanding and creation of spells to know some basic grammar and, of course, vocabulary.

    “Dic mihi nomina vestri et utrum Latine loqui,” she looked around expectantly, eager to find out if any of her students understood what she was saying and how they'd react to this quite active approach to a dead language.

    [OOC: While I've learned Latin in school many years ago, I'm far from being an expert. I have tried and will try my best to avoid mistakes but there's no guarantee. If anyone knows Latin better than me and discovers mistakes, please PM me. Please note that your students do not have to reply in Latin. If you choose to do so anyway, feel free to use one of the multiple translators the www offers. Be warned though, some offer quite some nonsense. If you have any questions about the the lesson, the language, Debbie… anything that has to do with this class, do feel free to send me a PM.]

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               Sylvia turned the corridor corner before she put her map away. Unlike the Home Economics class, at least Latin for Magical Practices should be easy to find. Still she made sure she had plenty of time to refine her way in case she got lost. All the class room should be right…

                Sylvia caught more than a glimpse of color through the door way. That has to be someone’s private room. She thought and as she kept on walking, stopping at the end of the corridor to recheck the map. Could she have skipped the door way? Maybe it was one of the hidden doors the Upperclassmen had described…Well if you follow the length of the wall.... NO, the location was correct.

                She walked pass the room once more and then waited a second before she ducked her head in the frame. It was the size and the shapes of the other class rooms but it looked nothing like class room she had ever seen. The room was full of color, each wall painted in the spirit of the houses. The desks were arranged in such a chaotic pattern that she assumed was due to the fact the room was a storage or disarrayed form a party. At the center of the far end sat a woman poised on a thrown. She was dressed in a short bright robe contrasted her thick lion’s mane of hair and taking on the hue of the mainly layers of gold she adorned. If Sylvia was at an unfamiliar castle, she would have thought she was in the presence of some royalty. Sylvia was just about to go back into the hall and recheck when she heard the words, "Don't be shy, come in, take a seat."

               Sylvia nature to obey her elders, override her mind which was completely convinced that walked into the wrong class. Sylvia quickly choose to sit in the nearest desk cluster across the wall form her new house color, Gold. She kept her bag in her lap and pulled out her Class Schedule rechecking the class, time and location. Other students began to filter in. Most exclaiming about the change to the room. The words on her program Professor D. Wilder triggered a memory of a golden hair women with shimmery bronze more like a robe/gown introducing herself at the first dinner. Sylvia looked up and reexamined the room's presiding Queen. Oh, yes it is her. Sylvia relaxed and waited,  tucking her bag in under her seat.

               The Professor now seemed more comfortable now that she had an audience. It was not long until Professor Wilder rose gracefully to her feet and addressed them. Well at first Sylvia thought it had to be a greeting… but it sounded more like a spell. Nothing happened. Most of the younger students looked around like they expected something magical and impressive to happen. The old student faces either dropped or smiled knowingly. Sylvia did not ketch on until the second statement.

               "Dic mihi nomina vestri et utrum Latine loqui,” Oh, come on. Sylvia thought her mother know Latin used to talk greetings to her on occasion. Sylvia tried to break down the sentence. Mouthing out the words;

    Dic is do or tell, and mihi means me. Nomina is names. Vestri et is you of, well “of you” really. The word utrum, rang no bells in Sylvia;’s mind. …. And Latine is Latin, of course. Lastly, Loqui is… Liquid no it almost sounded like. … no she had no idea.

              “Do, tell me name of you, Latin? Tell me your name in Latin? “she whispered to herself under her breath. Sylvia’s name in Latin was Silvia, the Roman forest goddess often associated with wolfs. But she knew she was missing at least two words in the sentence. With two words the sentence could be totally different. Sylvia noticed the older crowd started rise their hands. Hum…. Sylvia decide to not rise her had, in case she did get it wrong she did not want to lose house cranberries or make a fool of herself.

              It can’t be standard for Wizards to be fluent in Latin first year. She then remembered her mother loved studding the language although her dad only knows the spell he used. But then again he did not do so well in his classes.