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Birçan Akyıldız [ Board Mod ]
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The Discipline of Study [open]
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:35:36 PM »
FRIDAY, 8 FEBRUARY 2001, 3:00 PM

“I believed in studying just because I knew education was a privilege. It was the discipline of study, to get into the habit of doing something that you don't want to do.”
Wynton Marsalis

"Quiet down," Professor Akyildiz said sharply. "Turn in your textbooks to page 76 on the Käymäjärvi Inscriptions." She scowled as she looked over the class, some of whom were moving too lazily for her taste and making more noise than was necessary to simply take out a book and open it. But this was the cost of teaching modern children. They lacked discipline, and as an instructor it was her job to force them into the proper mold and straighten them out. Some might say it was a losing battle, but Bircan Akyildiz did not lose, ever. "With silence and celerity, please," she said even louder, and most if not all of the room hushed quickly as students obeyed and found their place. Bircan nodded firmly and began walking between the desks as she began her lecture.

"The Käymäjärvi Inscriptions are an example of Sami rounets. The Sami witches were among the first in wizardkind to realise that individual letters could be considered magical words in their own right, and to reason out that what we call words came to mean what they do because of the way that they were spelled out - that is, literally, the individual letters or 'rouns' cast a spell to interact with each other, forming an analogue that described something," she slapped her wand down on the shoulder of a near-sleeping student, jolting the boy awake and making his hair stand on end with static shock, "physical. Detention," she growled at the alarmed-looking boy, before proceeding back to the front of the classroom.

"The Nords, Danes, and Angles would eventually make similar discoveries about what they called 'runes,'" Bircan went on mercilessly, "but instead of using them to connect to physical acts of magic, their runes would be used to shape and direct energy. Examine the picture on page 76 for a moment." She paused, affixing the entire class at once with a penetrating glare, and the children all hurriedly lowered their gazes to look at the illustration. "This is Birch bark letter number 292. This is no random splattering of stems and branches like the so-called fuþark. This is raw Cyrillic, and the language is an old Finnic dialect of Russian called Karelian." A bit of pride filled her voice. "This is true written magic, and this is what I hope to teach you for the last semester of the year.

"Not all of you will succeed, however. In fact, I have little hope that most of you will comprehend enough of the subtleties to enchant the colour of a single brick." She sighed, and went on, "But you'll certainly learn nothing if you do not read your text or fail to complete your coursework, so I expect nothing but complete commitment to your academic pursuits or you will be spending many of your free time hours in this classroom catching up, and believe me," she smiled viciously, "if that eventuality occurs, I have no reluctance about keeping you hexed to your seat until I have managed to affix the lesson firmly into your heads, even if it takes all night. I trust I have been clear."

One by one she met the gaze of every student, gauging those that were going to excel this semester, and those that were going to cause her the most problems. Then at last she went on with her lesson. "I would like to hear your hypotheses. What do you suppose it is that causes the stroke of a pen or the carve of a knife to produce a roun rather than a simple letter or word?"
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Mattias Hedlund [ Medvedev ]
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Re: The Discipline of Study [open]
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Friday afternoon meant two things. First it meant that he was only a few hours away from being able to spend the weekend catching up on what he had missed during the week as far as homework and workouts were concerned, but he also would have a good deal more time to enjoy himself with Mats. Now that the two were a little more official than they had been before, Mattias tried to go out of his way to do something special for the other boy, to show him how much he cared for and valued him, at least twice a month. The other thing that it meant was that he had Runic Magic, one of a few courses that he and Mats shared. Coupled with the fact that Runic Magic had been one of Mattias' best classes since he had arrived at Koldovstoretz, Friday afternoons were that much more enjoyable.

Gathering his things, Mattias made his way down the familiar corridors of the cavernous school hidden within the mountains. His feet could direct him to nearly any location within the school, which was extremely useful in completing his duties as Snegvoin as he could wander the halls during his patrols without worrying that he would find himself down a hall that he didn't recognize. As he rounded the final bend in the corridor, Mattias entered Professor Akyildiz's room and moved towards the first bench near the front of the room, setting his bag on the table and retrieving a few sheets of parchment and a quill.

After a few minutes, the rest of the class filtered in and Professor Akyildiz instructed them to review an picture in their books that was known as the  Käymäjärvi Inscriptions. Mattias had seen something of the old carvings in his previous studies of runic history and was glad to have at least a slight idea about what they would be discussing today. Titling his parchment, Mattias scratched down a few comments on the inscriptions, specifically Professor Akyildiz's note about being the "true form of written magic" Rune symbols used in bans and enchantments were complicated magic to be sure, but Mattias had spent some of his time at Durmstrang learning how to cast in the old languages.

As the professor scanned the room, the Swede ensured that his gaze did not falter as she searched him. He wanted to ensure that she knew he would maintain the high levels of work that he had displayed over the last few terms and that his break at Durmstrang had not entirely been a loss. Only as she passed from his gaze to the other students did he look back to his parchment, scribble a few more notes, and then look back to the front of the room. The first question of the day posed was one that magical theoreticians had long discussed.

Taking a moment to see if anyone else wanted the first go at it, Mattias placed his hands on the table and stood, speaking in a clear voice in crisp, measured Russian. "The difference between a runic enchantment and simple prose written in runic script is similar to the difference between a potion maker who is brewing a potion rather than cooking a soup. The intent of the spell caster and his conscious transference of magic to the written words is what creates the roun rather than a letter or a word." Taking his seat once more, Mattias waited for Professor Akyildiz's thoughts on his hypothesis.

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: The Discipline of Study [open]
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2018, 07:32:33 PM »
         The tall Ilvermorny first year made her way through the tunnels of the school. She has learned to memorize the caved features better than the map and finally on Friday was starting to get a hand of making her way around Koldovstoretz. She arrived at her Ruin Magic class, a few minutes before class was to start but waited against the wall near the door. She learned to not just jump into a chair. There was a nasty girl her second class she attended at Koldovstoretz that made her switch. Instead she simply slipped into any empty seat just before class would begin.  Most of the time it was in the rear of the class, which was not Sylvia's normal preferred location, although she learned it helped her to have a view of the whole class and follow the lead of other students. 

          This class was different than others. Most of the students did not sit in front. They preferred the back and sides. Leaving a spot or two in the front-middle of the the class. Sylvia slipped into the seat near an upperclassman ( @Mattias Hedlund .  ) She hoped she could follow his lead. In doing so, she took out parchment and a quill and place her book to the left.

          Behind her, she could hear the class talk and gossip. Occasionally, the world “Ilvermorny” and “Americans” were clearly made out in-between glances at her or her fellow student’s way. Although many of Koldovstoretz’s students were friendly like @Margarita Gavrilova  , most seemed weary as if on guard. Like they were expecting a hostile interaction.

          Sylvia had been preoccupied by studding her temporary class mates when Professor Bircan Akyildiz’s sharp announcement made her jump.  Sylvia adjusted her  translation scarf on her neck nervously. She was told she would not need the scarf she acquired from her stay in Japan, but she found it immensely useful. Instead of asking an English-speaking student to explain, she would use the scarf and a short-term translation spell on her book.

          Thanks to the scarf, she can hear and understand the teacher’s instructions. The brunette pushed her parchment off the side and opened her loaned book in an attempt to find page 79.  Thankful that Russian numbers look like English numbers.  An even louder announcement startled the girl again as the teacher seemed upset THEY were being to loud. Sylvia attempted to turn the last few pages quietly. She was starting to understand why no one else wanted to sit in front of this class.

           She followed the long-light hair boys example and started to take notes, although Sylvia was not sure how was “Sami” spelled.  Her note taking was interrupted by a short cry behind her. Turning she found a (newly) alert boy with his hair standing up on end, as if he was just magically shocked. Next to him stood the professor, who gave him a detention. Sylvia was not sure what the student did, but she was determined not to do anything that would earn her that shock or whatever that happened to him. It looked worst then anything hex or jinx she herd of in Ilvermorny.

            Sylvia eyes dropped to the paper as the teacher looked around the room.  She obediently studied the diagram on page 76, The birch bark letter number 292. It reminded her of some of the runes she used in Alchemy. She wondered if these older one where the root of the language. At first, the first year Ilvermorny student was surprised to find Rune Magic on her schedule. She thought it was a mistake. They might have mistaken her for an upper-years class, which was often the case due to her height. Still she not going to argue and kept the schedule without conflict. Now she was wondering she could use Runes Magic to help her under Alchemy… a class that she was currently struggling with.

            The upperclassmen next to her started to scribble again and Sylvia again took her quill to the parchment in a frantic effort to scribe everything the professor said. Then the teacher start to go into disciplinary mode, even talking about hexing her students! Sylvia was so happy she was NOT a Koldovstoretz student. Although she realized she better not do anything to receive the teachers wrath, at least until she goes back to Ilvermorny.

          Sylvia watched the tall light haired boy star unblinkingly into the teachers eyes. Although to Sylvia it would seem a challenge… but the teacher did not seem aggravated, instead possibly pleased? Sylvia tried to do the same but this professor rich brownish-red eyes boar into her’s. Sylvia dropped her gaze back to the paper and she only raised her eyes when the professor continued with her lecture…

Roun, Sylvia thought. What is roun?

          She was still thinking when she saw the boy near her stand up, and without raising his hand, he announced his hypothesis. Within his sentence the word, roun seemed to mean rune. His words jog her own memory for an answer.

            She copied the boy and stud up, although her legs where slightly unwilling. “In Alchemy…. we use runes as well as many shapes. Individually, they are just a sketch, carving or two-dimensional form. Yet if they are placed in a particular order and… well or I guess, just instilled with intent,” gesturing to they tall boy acknowledging his statement. “as well as power, it helps unlock their transformative-powerful properties. To do it correctly, you have to align your intentions with the core or truth of the forms meaning. If one makes a mistake,” She gave a shudder remembering a particular Alchemy lesson. "it could be disastrous. Unlike other magic, what is written, can't be easily erased or undone.”

            When Sylvia sat down her legs practically clasped. She wish for good grades was the only thing that ever outweighed her shyness in class.

Sorry just realized the spelling/grammar mistakes.  @Michael   &  @Taed
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Liu Zhijian [ Zhivoystya ]
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Re: The Discipline of Study [open]
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Zhijian was not unfamiliar with Runic magic but he was far from an expert. He studied hard and he did his best to excel in each and everyone of his subjects, his father would have no less, but he struggled with this class and few others in particular. He found the coursework especially daunting and rarely felt he had spent enough time on it. One of the most challenging parts of his school career, he had found, was balancing time. As he grew older the subjects became increasingly difficult and thus time consuming. Classes and professors demanding more from him than he had and sometimes the young wizard felt stretched a bit thin. Of course he could spend more time on homework if he spent less time drawing things for and writing letters to his girlfriend @Melita Albescu but that was about as likely as a yeti getting a sun tan.

Sitting up straight in his seat from the moment his bottom had reached it he opened his scroll and began to take impeccably written notes. Neat and without splotches (at least to start with) he copied most of what he could gleam from what Professor Akyıldız was telling them. She was straight forward and to the point and that made it easier to follow along while also taking notes. When other students began to chime in though Zhijian froze. He didn't want to accidentally write anything they said down in case it was wrong. Fearing he'd commit bad information to memory his brown eyes flitted from one student to the next as he listened and then it came time for him to speak.

"Professor," He began softly before bowing respectfully to her as he stood and continued. "Forgive me if I am wrong but we lend a piece of our magic to our runes when we create them right? Could it be something less tangible becoming physical that creates the roun? A wizard allowing their magical essence to flow through them. The quill or knife becoming an extension of themselves and finally the magic is stored in the roun?" The last thing Zhijian wanted was to sound crazy or like he was just saying words. He tried to calculate each word as he said them but his tanned cheeks were quickly growing red and there was a nervous bead of sweat threatening to roll down the side of his face. He was no good with public speaking but he couldn't not answer. She had asked them to participate and he never disregarded a request from his superiors. "After writing some rouns I grow weary, could this be why?"

Konrad Lidström [ Tigrova ]
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Re: The Discipline of Study [open]
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Teaching Konrad runic magic was like landing a cow on the moon in a volkswagon. It just didn't compute. Give him some defensive spell work or a Deveritch match and he was all over it but ask him to pay attention to higher learning and postulate theories and it was snooze-o'clock. Konrad was a nice guy, he didn't set out to break the rules, but there was a reason he was held back a year and it wasn't because the professors thought he was too cute to graduate. Head cupped in his hand Konrad watched sleepily as the other students stood up and chimed in. Each answer confusing him more than the one before it as he began to doze off. He felt his eye lids growing heavy but he fought it. He did not want to know what would happen to him if he fell asleep during Birçan Akyıldız's class of all classes. She was one tough witch and he had a feeling she would have a zero tolerance for nonsense.

Shaking himself awake he sat forward in his chair as more students spoke up and he followed them sluggishly with his eyes. He blinked heavily, opening his eyes wide and rubbing at them to force himself to stay up. It seemed he was always tired these days but there were too many causes to count. Deveritch practice, Ander's having nightmares every night and Konrad staying awake to comfort him, his own dreams, it seemed he never got any kind of good sleep.

Leaning forward he picked up his quill to at least hopefully look as though he was paying attention and part of the class even if he was too confused to contribute anything. Bringing the hand that was holding the quill toward his face he rested his cheek on the back side of his hand. It was far from comfortable but apparently just comfortable enough as his eyes began to sag again. Weariness was pulling him under until the sounds of his classmate's voices began to fade away. He was drifting off to sleep, a little bit of drool edging it's way toward the corner of his mouth and it's inevitable escape. Maybe this lesson would teach him something after all.
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Aysoy Esmeray [ Tigrova ]
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Re: The Discipline of Study [open]
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       I am not hiding. At least that was what she told herself, I am just avoiding Konrad  . Her parents would approve, but she did not do it for them. Since the semester began she kept her distance from him to limit the chance of him engaging her in any discussion, especially one involving the past or worst, where they stand now. At least until she got her own emotions straightened out. Right now, they were as twisted, knotted and gnarled as the ancient olive tree at the edge of her village.

       Her efforts appeared for not for even from a distance she could tell Konrad   was exhausted and would likely not have notice her even if she was standing three feet behind him. An uncontrollable emotion of concern bubbled up, to which she quickly batted down. I hate him, she reminded herself, as a familiar wave of pain washed over. Entering the classroom well after him, she purposely chose the seat on the opposite side. Still from her chair, she watched him as he slowly dozed off. Her first instinct was to wake him up by throwing something, but decided against it. If he got it trouble it was his own fault.

      Her focus was finally pulled away, when a girl next to her asked her about the visitors.She had hardly noticed a skittish first year in a western uniform ( @Sylvia Crowne ,) slip into the seat in the front row. Still she examined her as if the back of the girls head would allude to any possible threat.

      "No, I have not met any Ilvermorny students yet, but that one seems benign." she concluded in her light turkish accent before the Professor got the classes attention.

Esmeray did not much like Professor Akyildiz. Although she did admired the muggle born power and control she held over the class but quite hated when it was directed at her. The jolts were tolerable, but the main problem with Professor Akyidiz was her Georgian supremacist view. Like most of the Wizards and witches in Kolbostsrtetz  they believe that the creation of magic starts and stopped in their own country.

          Her hands clenched as she heard the 'yağ çekmek' answers from the other students. Or could they be so oblivious they are swallowing her lecture hook line and sinker.

          "Your wrong," Esmeray stood with a loud scrape of her chair and pounded her palms on the desk.

          "This Käymäjärvi inscriptions," She tapped the image in her book before continuing by waving a dismissive hand. "and other similar runic inscriptions only date back to the first century. You act like this is the first time rouns were used. Hasn't the combination of writing and magic developed in middle east well over 2000 year prior to these ruins? Or are you saying that Sinaitic script and Egyptian hieroglyphs have not power?"

Esmeray sat down content and oblivious to the fact that she failed to answer Professor Akyildiz's question .
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