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Volker Blauvelt [ Elemental ]
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another world [mihkkal]
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Snow. Cold. White.

All around him.

Ozero Vivi had always been a location Volker wanted to visit, particularly because of its low temperatures during winter. It was the last week of February, and while the temperatures definitely weren’t as low compared to the ones in late December or early January, they were still low enough for Volker to consider this part of the world some sort of personal heaven. Still, Volker, despite being an ice elemental, did not particularly feel at ease. Ozero Vivi was known for hosting a lot of dangerous creatures in its forests, including dragons.

Ah, dragons. So similar, yet so different from him. Ice and fire were more alike than the simple mind could ever understand; while one cold and the other hot, they were equally dangerous for both burned. Truthfully, Volker was positive the regular wizard couldn’t even tell the difference between an ice burn and a fire one: the sensation, it was no different. Frost and fire felt the same, and were equally dangerous. However, burns or not, Volker did not want to encounter a dragon that day. He was sure it wouldn’t end well, let it be for him, for the dragon, or for both.

As his eyes examined the snowy forests, Volker’s thoughts trailed to the reason as of why he was in Ozero Vivi... well, in Merirsovot Lahti. Surely, the person he was meeting with was more concerned by the dragons and their fire affiliation than he was; in the end, [member=25380]Mihkkal Huuskonen[/member] was a water elemental. Water and fire did not mix well.

Still, Merirsovot was not particularly bad. It was a small wizarding village and the people were very friendly, having provided Volker with all the necessary directions he’d asked for. While he wouldn’t remain there overnight, it was a village he would definitely visit again in the future, probably during in summer, with his wife. However, that wasn’t the point. Sighing, Volker gazed on the path that should lead from Koldovstoretz. Mihkkal should arrive anytime time; the ice elemental was waiting for him at a quite rustic pub, which served very hot beverages outside. Its wooden tables and chairs were enchanted so they’d never have snow fall on them, and their hot honey lemon with vodka drink was just perfect.

Volker took a sip from his drink, as he crossed his legs, his dark silver robes, shining in the winter sun’s light, putting even the snow’s shining to shame. His long hair was neatly arranged, straightened, but elegantly curled at the tips, and Volker was wearing his usual amount of jewellery, several (over five) white gold bracelets, one decorated with amethyst stones, on each of his arms, accompanied by a simple, long earring in his left ear. He figured the robes would be alright to wear, particularly since he was in a wizarding city. In addition, perhaps such a familiar attire would make Mihkkal at ease, since Volker had a similar fashion at the Council.

While the ice elemental had not received any tasks from the Council, as he’s been focused more on his own research, Volker found himself unable to decline the request of visiting a younger elemental. He’s been Mihkkal’s age once, and having someone check up on you to see if you were doing alright, particularly when forced to spectacularly fail in public at wand magic, was always welcomed. Hopefully, Mihkkal would react positively to his visit. Their meeting time arriving, Volker could now spot the young boy’s figure on the path. He lift up an arm and waved twice, afterwards taking another sip from his drink. While hot, the vodka was glorious: the Russians were obviously the best.

“Mihkkal. Hope you didn’t have any problems on your way here.” Volker started in Russian, his German accent being very noticeable. He encouraged the boy to take a seat opposite to his, and gestured one of the servers to come to their table. “Some mulled wine for my friend here.” He added, also in Russian, later on turning his gaze towards the water elemental. “I won’t get you the vodka, but the wine should be good enough.” Volker smirked playfully, as he switched to Gaelic.

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