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Author Topic:  The Zolotoy Cherep Competition (The House Cup)  (Read 769 times)

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The Zolotoy Cherep Competition (The House Cup)
« on: April 27, 2018, 03:07:30 PM »
[lena]Race for the Zolotoy Cherep (The Golden Skull)

Students at Koldovstoretz compete all year long to earn points for their house and win the Zolotoy Cherep, or Golden Skull. Students are expected to attempt to earn points in and outside of class and even on the weekends during special activities that test strength, endurance, intelligence, and magical ability. At the end of the term the house with the most points is awarded the great honor of housing the Golden Skull in their common room and bundles of sweets and treats. While the administration claim the event is nothing more than a good spirited competition to encourage students to try their best there are always rumors floating around that the Golden Skull actually represents the school's rivals at Durmstrang. These stories used to be barely whispers but after the last year they have become more and more popular.

House points can be awarded or deducted for behavior in and outside of class. Professors, Snegvoin, and Snezhny/Snezhnaya please post below with this form to add or remove points from a select student or group.

Code: [Select]
[b]House Points:[/b]
[b]Amount: [/b]

[lena]Current House Point Standings[/lena]
House Tigrova ~ Дом Тигрова: 0
House Zhivoystya ~ Дом Живоыстя: 0
House Rayasov ~ Дом Раясов: 0
House Medvedev ~ Дом Медведев: 0
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