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piece in the puzzle [closed]
« on: May 12, 2018, 01:23:09 PM »
Sixth year had been very tense and stressful so far, and Ryūnosuke hadn’t realised how much until today. His birthday. He was officially seventeen years old, he would take his Apparition license soon, be able to practice magic outside of Mahoutokoro and, of course, hopefully succeed into advancing into his seventh year. His grades were great, the professors were generally pleased with him, so one would assume (and correctly so) that Ryūnosuke had nothing to worry about. However, both of his parents had dropped out during their sixth years at Mahoutokoro, and his own sixth year not having ended yet, Ryūnosuke was little said anxious. He wanted to bring back honour to both the Murakami and Yukimura families, for his parents not to continue being criticised by every other member of the two families.

Truthfully, both his parents were great, and Ryūnosuke couldn’t be any more proud of them, and their achievements. His father, a successful shōgi player, and his mother, an equally successful and famous karuta player, were amazing, the wizarding community appreciating them. So, it felt even more frustrating when everyone else but their own families appreciated them. While Osamu and Yoshiko couldn’t be less bothered by this, Ryūnosuke was. And that day, his seventeenth birthday, was no exception from his general frustration with his grandparents. Of course that both his grandfathers had sent him letters, along with a monetary present, but the content of the letters certainly did not match the presents themselves, severely lacking. He had to take responsibility, be a competent young wizard, and successfully graduate to bring back the honour his mother and father so nonchalantly took.

It was ridiculous. Ryūnosuke threw away the letters, and yet kept the money, which he used to take his two dormitory mates and close friends to a particularly fancy restaurant in Takamagahara. His friends later on had to go finish their homework (such irresponsible fellows, who wouldn’t finish their homework before the weekend, really) and Ryūnosuke remained in the wizarding village. His friends also told him it would be for the best for the Tsuchi to go borrow a nice book and get some tea in the quiet teahouse next to the lake.

Ryūnosuke figured it would be much better than read manga back in his dorm – at least he could read something new that way. As soon as he’s reached the library, Ryūnosuke went to the fiction area, to pick up the third volume of a series he’d started a while ago, but didn’t get to continuing, as he’d focused on both his studies and his club activities. This year had been so busy he couldn’t even read for pleasure. It was outrageous. Spotting the book in question, the sixth year stretched out his arm to reach it, but his hand touched another’s, as someone else reached for the same book.

He quickly retrieved his own hand, and turned around towards the other person, his dark blue kimono elegantly swaying in the motion. “I apologise, please – “ go ahead and take this copy. Ryūnosuke continued the sentence in his mind, as he noticed that the other person was nobody else than the one individual he’s been religiously avoiding for almost a half a year now, Nezu Nagisa herself. The former girlfriend. The one who took his heart, to do nothing else with it but rip it out and then shatter it into a million piece. He was calm, he was very calm. Not. As much as Ryūnosuke kept his outer demeanour as cool as always, inside he was burning. He thought that if he avoided her until she’d graduate, he’d have nothing to worry about. But there she was. In front of him. On his birthday, out of all possible days.

And she looked as beautiful as ever. Of course, being the weekend, Nagisa took extra care of herself, as usual. Her freshly coloured dirty blonde locks, her dark make-up, her elegant appearance noticeable even by one glance. No. Ryū told himself, frustrated that he even took a second to gaze at her. The Tsuchi then quickly placed back his hand on the book, before she’d have a chance to claim it. “ – do realise I have been here first, Nagisa – “ No, no, no. He did not call her by her actual name. Why did this habit have to stick, even after six months of avoiding her? “ – Nezu-senpai.” The worst bit? Ryūnosuke had yet to recall that Nagisa herself was the one who even recommended him to read this series in the first place.


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Re: piece in the puzzle [closed]
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npc | nezu nagisa

Nagisa could not wait for the weekend to arrive; her naturally dark hair and the school kimono making her feel moodier than usual. As the end of the year quickly approached, the young witch found herself in her dormitory more often, studying and catching up on the work she had paid little attention to over the year. On the outside, the bubbly teenager was carefree, the weekend marking the start of her day long trips to Takamagahara, in which she spent almost the same every time: with a group of friends, going from store to store trying on new makeup and filling each other in on the school gossip.

She ran her hand through her dirty blond locks, the students were not allowed to dye their hair but Nagisa could argue that the temporary change in style, one that was possible through the invention of a temporary hair bleaching potion, was not technically breaking the rules. She felt more comfortable, more herself when out of the conservative school kimono and in her own clothes: an elegant, dark dress that followed the trends of young muggle witches in certain areas of Tokyo. The day was particularly beautiful and as her friends huddled into a booth at a local teahouse, the spotted a familiar face in the crowd. She perked up, her eyes widening just slightly before excusing herself with a series of polite goodbyes, apologizes, and several bows as she left her friends behind to follow the object of her affection: Murakami Ryūnosuke.

Nagisa followed him for a while, her eyes trained on his movements, a softer expression on her face as she admired him—the way he walked, the dark blue kimono so fitting on his tall frame. He had been avoiding her for some time, not like she did not know why but she missed them, the Kukan’s seventh year had not been the same without him and although they still attended the same school and had she been actively looking for him she was certain she would be able to seek him out, the distance between them after their break up had been difficult for her to overcome. Nagisa had dating several boys since then, her larger than life personality and aptitude for bold gestures making it difficult to find the young girl single—she enjoyed the life of being in a relationship, no matter how little she cared for the boys she was dating. Going out on dates, sharing couple items, calling each other pet names, it was all a much needed distraction from the impending future, one she was not worried about but did not want to think about either.

She followed him into the library, a few paces behind as he moved into the manga section, Typical she thought to herself, when in the library they had spent much of their time in this section, often times too distracted with each other’s presence to really get any reading done but those were memories she remembered fondly. A manga enthusiast, Nagisa had even recommended some of her favorites to him, some they had read together. It was safe to say that out of all of her previous relationships, Ryu had been by far her favorite, his somewhat standoffish nature attracting her much more than the desperate young boys that had only one thing in mind. She approached him but he took no notice and when he reached for one of the books, one she was pleased to realize she had recommended, she reached out as well. The corners of her mouth twitched in amusement at the younger teenager’s exaggerated politeness, but the young woman said nothing, simply stood there to give him a moment to adjust to her presence.

She watched him place his hand back on the book before she frowned softly, putting her hand over his in a bold gesture, “Oh Ryu-kun, you’ve missed me, calling me Nagisa as if we are close,” she leans in a little closer to him, “I guess we were pretty close once, but you’ve been avoiding me,” she pouted, poking out her bottom lip in an attempt to appeal to him, it was one of the many ways she knew to tease him. His body language showed her everything she needed to know and even though he had somehow managed to successfully avoid her for several months; it was obvious that he had not quite gotten over their relationship. It was as she had expected, he had taken something very important from him and therefore he was hers, and no matter what had happened between them in the past, he was certainly not going to let him slip from her fingers again.

“Even when you aren’t with me, you still think about me, don’t you, Ryu-kun?” she teased glancing at the title of the manga then back at him, to give him a few moments and see if he remembered, “Ryu-kun, let’s read it together,” she stepped closer to him, “Like old times when we were a couple,” she emphasized, then her expression darkened, and she narrows her eyes at him, “Unless you are waiting for some other girl, and I won’t be very happy if that’s the case,” she added venomously before she smiled, “Just kidding~” the pitch in her voice rose again as she pulled her hand away. “I’m here now and it’s not polite to avoid me. So, let’s talk!” she suggested, choosing the next volume in the manga, her hand brushing against his intentionally.

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Re: piece in the puzzle [closed]
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It was stupid of him to put his hand back on the book. Ryūnosuke should have realised that Nagisa was bold enough to place her own hand above his. However, he hadn’t thought of it previously and obviously acting rashly wasn’t something the Tsuchi was especially good at. Her gesture made him freeze on the spot, Ryūnosuke’s mind going blank. Her hand on his, the feeling of her soft skin burned his own. It ached; his hand, his entire arm, his entire soul burned. He could feel pain, his heart starting to beat faster and faster. I’m over you. Ryū told himself, eyes looking directly into hers.

Her words hurt, only adding to the pain he already felt. I’m over you. He repeated in his mind, being more than determined to not let her remarks break him even more. She emphasised on the fact that he’d been too familiar with her, just like he’d been in the past. “I apologise, senpai. I should have known my place. Rest assured that I certainly did not miss you. My lack of politeness simply reflects your own importance, or lack of.” Ryūnosuke replied as coldly and emotionlessly as possible. However, as she mentioned that he’s been avoiding her, and pouted, his features slightly softened. It wasn’t because Nagisa spoiled herself as usual; it was because she acted like nothing ever happened, like she hadn’t decided to break up with him out of the blue, to rip his heart out of his chest and throw it to the wildest and fiercest of oni. He felt even more pain, the weight on his chest being unbearable.

But he would rather die than show it to her. I’m over you. Ryūnosuke told himself yet again, head gently tilting to the side as a cynical smirk appeared on his face. “One would think you would not notice the person you dumped – “ It hurt even saying it out loud, but there was no point in denying it, now was it? Especially since it was just the two of them there. “ – avoiding you. If you talk this way, one would assume you’re still – “ In love? Pinning over? Charmed? Obsessed with? What was the correct expression to use here? “ – having a weakness for me.” That was the best choice, wasn’t it? In the end, no girl enjoyed being called weak for a boy. At least, from his own experience with girls.

Her following remark made his left eye involuntarily twitch. He could only hope that Nagisa herself hadn’t noticed the gesture, past his glasses. He only now realised that the manga in question was one she’d recommended. Suddenly, the Tsuchi hated himself for not figuring it out sooner. However, a good book was a good book, no matter of whom recommended it to him. Nagisa telling him about this series in the first place had nothing to do with him liking it or not. He could’ve easily hated it, even if Nagisa had recommended it to him in the past, as his girlfriend.

I’m over you. Ryūnosuke thought yet again, as Nagisa stepped closer to him, suggesting that they should read it together, like ‘old times’. It took everything he had not only to maintain his cynical smirk on his face, but widen it, almost mockingly at her words. She then mentioned on a venomous tone that she wouldn’t be glad if he were waiting for another girl; her expression darkened, and Ryūnosuke recalled it was similar to the one she had when they broke up. Cruel, mean, ruthless. Evil. He thought, his right eyebrow gently arching at her words. She then jokingly brushed it off. He couldn’t call it typical of her, however the change in her voice was somehow reassuring. Ryūnosuke did not know how to deal with the Nagisa that was punishing. He didn’t like that Nagisa. Not that he liked the current Nagisa anyway, because he was over her.

She pulled away her hand and Ryūnosuke was still frozen. Even if she moved away, his hand was still burning, as if the flesh was just non-existent and his bones were turning to ash. Did he even have a hand anymore? She took out the volume next to his, and once she brushed her hand against his own again, Ryū realised he, in fact, still had a hand. Automatically, he pulled out the volume, and retrieved his hand.

“Talk?” He commented, as condescending as before, if not even more. I’m over you. “With all due respect, Nezu-senpai, I do not think we have anything to talk about. And, actually...” His voice trailed off, later on letting out a sarcastic laugh. “What if I am really waiting for someone?” I’m over you. I’m over you. I’m over you. I’m over you. I’m over you. I’m over you. The sixth year kept repeating in his mind, deciding that he wasn’t going to lose this battle. In the end, she did not deserve his pain, and even if he felt it with every inch of his being, Nagisa wasn’t worthy of knowing she’d caused him such feelings. If anything, just out of sheer spite, he was going to prove to her that she now meant nothing to him.

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Re: piece in the puzzle [closed]
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npc | nezu nagisa

He’s still in love with me, how cute, she thought to herself, his words were meant to be cold, meant to hurt her but Nagisa’s own emotions hardly stirred. He had always been this way, pretended to be the sort of unapproachable type that felt the need to keep others at a distance because he was emotionally unavailable and disinterested in the opposite sex. It worked on many of her classmates, that was for sure, and until now he walked around campus with a group of hopefully girls falling over themselves in hopes of grabbing his attention. But Nagisa had always known better, “Oh Ryu-kun, is that so?” she responds, the playfulness lingering in her voice as she frowns a little in mock concern, “I’ll let that one slide, just because you sound so adorable when you call me senpai,” she teased.

She laughed out at his insinuation, her high pitched laugh, a little more dramatic than necessary resonating around them both, drawing the attention of the other customers. Nagisa apologize with a small bow as she quieted down, but it was obvious that she was unimpressed by his words. “Of course I noticed,” she said with a smile, “I was your first, don’t you remember,” she said a little louder than necessary, she was trying to embarrass him. Ryūnosuke had always had a talent for reading her, she noticed because she cared, she cared because she liked him much more than she had led on. Unfortunately, it had been a discovery she had made after the fact. Nagisa had a reputation to uphold, and the last thing she wanted was to encourage the belief that he held any power over her. Because then, he would win. Then, he would have the power to break her heart. Nagisa was far too beautiful and much too intelligent to waste her feelings on any boy. “I have to make sure you aren’t doing anything reckless, getting into trouble because you’re all heartbroken,” she adds.

But Nagisa missed being with him, he had given her a sort of happiness she had been unable to find with anyone else, and part of her wondered if it was because she actually liked him, unlike the many other boys she had dated in the past. She was unsure about what it was about Ryu, in all honestly, the entire thing had started as like a game for her—a dare to herself. It did not take long for her to claim her victory, the innocence and inexperience beneath his cool façade had been a very pleasant surprise. But it was also when she got to know the real him, the more expressive and emotional side that she would start to feel her heart flutter in her chest when they spent time around each other. Nagisa grew softer and more vulnerable. It scared her, so much so that she forced herself to break up with him, pretended to not have cared about him at all even though it was quite the opposite. 

“Oh we’ve plenty to talk about,” she offers, “Come on now,” she offers sweetly, leaning closer as she stands on the tips of her toes to lean in closer to him as she whispers, “I don’t think its polite to tease me, you know how I get when I’m upset,” she whispers quietly, pausing for a moment, “You’re mine, Ryu-kun,” she added, pressing a kiss against his cheek as she leans back again, the mischievous smile still on her face as she looked up at him, her hand running down along the length of his arm before taking his hand, and pulling him along, “I’ll even buy you a drink today, lucky you~” she adds, the sugary pitch in her voice returning at full force, “Wanna sit over there?” she points to the area in the corner where couples sat closely as they read, smiling to each other and whispering in between pages. She was sure that it would make him flustered, for someone so stoic, the type of rise she at times got out of him was impressive.

Nagisa would not let him slip away so easily, she had never been fazed by his refusal and rejection before, what made it different now? It had been that very boldness, the type of confidence that only eccentric types like Nezu Nagisa possessed that made it easier for her to go after what she wanted. To make matters luckier for her, she could almost sense that he too had thought about her, it was evident in the way that he tried so hard to pretend. She didn’t want him back, didn’t think he’d even agree to it, but she would not be satisfied until she heard him say it, heard from him the words that she longed to hear: I still have feelings for you, sempai and did not intend to leave him alone without them. She knew she meant something to him, and intended to prove it, even if it was simply for her own selfish comfort. 


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