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[all years] and into the forest we go...
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to lose our minds and find our souls.

Nazreen was making the last of the preparations, tucking things into each of the humanely sourced leather satchels that lined the wall of on of her greenhouses. She'd never been very good at preparing things, she was more of a 'deal with things as they came up' type of witch but this was part of the deal she had made with the headmistress. If she was going to take the students out into the forest for the night she had to first make sure they had what they needed to survive. She'd checked the magical forecast about fifteen times in the last hour, for once in her life not hoping for rain, and packed a few extra things just in case. It was March which meant lovely rays of sunshine in the afternoon but cold nights and she had to make sure they didn't turn into student-popsicles on her watch. As the first of her students began to arrive at the greenhouse, which was listed as the designated meeting spot on each of the common room bulletin boards, she greeted them with her usual warm and friendly demeanor. As they entered she handed them a back pack one by one and motioned to the tea ready to go by the bean bags. Once more of them had arrived she grabbed a satchel for herself and joined them by the bean bags. "Good afternoon students." She said with a great big smile on her makeup free face before taking a seat. Nazreen never spoke down to her students, if they were sitting, she was sitting. As she took a seat the class mascot waddled across the counter of planters and onto her shoulder before sliding down strands of her dark frizzy hair like a fire-pole and taking a seat in her lap. Loomley was a small breed of leaf creature, he was part plant-part beast and wholly adorable. Nazreen gave him a quick pet before beginning the lesson softly.

"Inside each of your bags are supplies but my hope is that we won't use most of it." Naz wanted them to learn more than just how to rely on stuff. She wanted them to learn what it really meant to be part of nature tonight. She hoped they would share her respect and devotion to the forest. "Being out there.... its about more than just surviving, its about... its about... thriving." She was trailing off, becoming distracted by her own love of nature and the strong ties she felt toward it. Nazreen tended to trail off during thoughts, she was a bit strange, but she had a good heart. Turning back toward the students she continued. "Take this little guy for example, sure we can give him a nice bed of soil, some water and sunlight and he will do just fine." She turned toward Loomley who had started his triumphant journey off of her lap and up the slacks of the student sitting next to her. "But is just fine enough?" Maybe she was just talking nonsense now, maybe she was being deep, maybe she was about to lose her train of thought all together. "Just promise me, when were out there tonight, you will focus on more than just who has the best tent. Look at the stars, play in the leaves, listen to the wind." She wanted to inspire them and she was trying but she wouldn't force it. She understood that not all of them would be able to connect with nature, just like she'd never feel comfortable in the solid stone walls of the castle. She would never make them do anything they didn't want to but she knew it was her job, her responsibility, as a professor to at least expose them to all of their available choices.

"You all have a magical tent, a star chart for observing but should you become lost just tap the map with your wand and it will lead you back to the Castle, some beef jerky and juice in case your a bit peckish, and some healing herbs for any bumps." She thought that was a good line up of supplies. Nazreen took care of plants for a living, she was used to the basic necessities: shelter, food, and water. Finishing her tea and smiling at them once more she set down her cup and began to explain the nights activities. "Were going to hike up through the woods to one of my favorite spots in the forest, there we will set up camp and spend the night." Nazreen had given them all in-case-of-emergency magical tents but if they were together and safe they would be learning to build camp the muggle way. Nazreen loved magic, she was proud to be a witch, but she believed that it was her undeniable duty to teach the students to thrive no matter what. It was like Herbology, there were plenty of potions and spells they could use to make the plants grow but nothing was better than doing it by hand. "We will wait a few more minutes for the any stragglers and then we will get going. For now why don't you guys go through your bags, have some tea, and use the loo if you need to." She smirked at the last words, knowing some of them had probably never had to deal with that out in the woods before.

[[ooc: this thread is part of this month's MP woodland festival. posts here will earn x5 points in the fpp and also count toward class posts for the year. house points will also be awarded. feel free to have your students get lost, fall down, find themselves, and all of the wonderful things in between that nature has to offer. have fun~]]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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          A small pocket of the last remaining snow crunched under Carey's boots as walked around the north side of a greenhouse. Carey’s friends had continually teased each other throughout breakfast, guessing whom would chicken out first and whom with get captured by the centaurs or get eaten by a giant spider. Spring Woodland Festival had become a betting game among them.

          At first when Carey seen the announcement of the Festival, he had no desire to sign up. Muggle Wilderness Skills, a Four-Leaf Clover Search, a Wand Wood Forest Hike, and a guided Forest Creatures Adventure sounded like lame events designed for Muggle-borns or extra credit lovers.  Yet the more his friend talked about it and the longer the signup list got, the more Carey started to change his opinion.

           He still wished that McGonagall had organized an all-ages trip to Hogsmead instead, but he guessed the forbidden forest was not a bad second. Up until this point the forest had been strictly off limits, forbidden to all student who did not want to get expelled or (one would assume) killed.  It was a place Carey wanted to explode given the opportunity. Being only a second year, the most he had done was flown over the edge of the forest on a dare with his broom. From that advantage point, the forest did not look much different than the trees in the city, it was what the ideas of what may lurked underneath the dark canopy which kept him up with a combination of fear and excitement last night.

           He was one of the first in the green house and swung on his back pack the moment he received it, eager to turn and walk into the forest. His excitement was deflate the moment he was motioned to the bean bags.Oh no. Not another Herbology class. Carye thought as he waved away the tea offered by another student, and took out his wand out of his pocket before dropping onto the first bean bag to face Professor Nazreen.

           She was actually one of Carey’s favorite professors. Not that he liked her weird quirkiness or love working with plants, it was more that he preferred her relaxed nature compared to other teachers. Carey could almost get away with anything in her class!  Well, her one exception he learned the hard way was harming plans. For tearing off a small steam and a few knocked over, broken pots which held some saplings, she made him clean the floor for a full hour. Since then he always tried to handle her plans with care, and greatfully Nazreen had became his indifferent pant-loving natural-naturist Professor again.

          Carey watch the fat fuzzy leaf-faced green caterpillar, Loomley waddle around and slide down the Professor before she finally began.  Nazreen always talked in spurts, alluding to sections of her own wandering thoughts. Over the last two years, Carey had grown accustomed listening to her rambles and did not mind it, although at times he has enjoyed reenacting her glazed look for the enjoyment other students.  When Professor Nazreen told them not to focus on who had the best tent, and instead insisted they look at the stars and play in the leaves… Carey face brightened. His fears that the camp was going to be another Hogwarts class dissipated and he excitement began to bubble over.

           It was then that his pants fabric shifted and he felt a light weight slid across his sock. Convinced it was a centipede, he was just about to kick it off, in mid jerk he caught the sight of a bright green fuzz. He immediately stopped and lowered his leg. He cupped his left hand behind the small creature so it would fall. Quite quickly for its size, it made its way up to the peak of his knee without a missed step. Carey experimented with a few tentative passes with his index finger of which Loomley did not seemed to mind. It appeared more curious with his wand he held in his other hand.

           Concerned that the beast might take a tentative nibble of his wand, blonde young boy watched it closely as he let the fuzzy bug-leaf examine one of his most prize possession (competing with his broom). Because of this, Carey failed to pay attention to the ending of the Professor’s instructions. He was alerted to this fact when he saw the other students jumping to there feet or examining their bag. He struggled to stand while balancing the creature on his wand, while looking around trying to understand what he missed.

           “What is up? Are we setting out or what?” Carey asked a friend as they downed the last of their tea.

           Carey nodded with their response and was about to say something in reply when he noticed a few students had gather around him to examine Loomley. “Here.” He said attempting to hand off the creature off the closest interested student, so that he could use the restroom. Yet the beast had a mind of its own and slid down the young Gryffindor and made his way to its next preferred host among the students.

           Leaving the disappointed mass, Carey pocketed his wand and tugged at his scarf as he ran, cutting off quite a few students whom were also on the way to the closet restroom. He was excited to leave and did not want to get left behind.
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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The news that the day’s Herbology lesson would be held not only in the Forbidden Forest but also as an overnight event had made Aase feel slightly ill with nerves. She wanted desperately to believe that Professor Ajay’s presence would mean they would be safe – but after last year, how could anyone know for sure? They couldn’t. No one could. Two years ago her excitement would likely have outweighed her misgivings; now, sometimes mere shadows in coziness of her own dormitory made her flinch.

The dark-haired Trickett made her way down to the Greenhouses, got her supplies, and claimed a beanbag shortly before Professor Ajay brought the session to order, all the while keeping a lookout for her cousins and friends. If she had to do this… well, then she was fully intending to stick close to Abby. And Jari, of course; though, chances were, he’d want to do a lot more exploring than she was particularly keen on.
She noticed the tiny leaf-like creature then, dangling from Professor Ajay’s hair, and felt the tiniest bit better. Aase was so preoccupied by watching its antics that she was only half-attending to the Herbology Professor. What sort of creature was that? She was fairly certain she’d never seen one before, though she wasn’t even done with her first year of CoMC yet. Maybe before tomorrow’s class she’d—

“… surviving…”
Her brain plucked that single word from the fray and it struck her a glancing blow, bringing abruptly her back to the present with an almighty crash. Merlin, why was her school so determined to test them? Her chest felt tight; she raised her cup to her lips and took a too-large mouthful of tea. Her eyes watered as the still-hot liquid burned her mouth, marking its progression by an advancing wave of pain; but loosening the knot in her chest somewhat as it did so.

How was she going to do this?

Movement caught the corner of her eye and she flinched, but breathed a sigh of relief when she realized it was only the leaf-creature attempting to scale Carey’s pant leg with single-minded determination. It had been a welcome distraction from her momentary despair, but by the time Professor Ajay concluded the sense of fear and apprehension had begun to creep back into her chest.

She’d sat for a moment, frozen with uncertainty as her classmates began to rise and prepare themselves for the sojourn into the forest.
“Here,” said a voice to her right, and she glanced up in time to watch Carey attempt to pawn off the leaf-creature on a classmate. The latter an idea of its own, apparently, for it had spotted Aase still seated and made its way over to her as fast as its tiny appendages would carry it. Any remaining tension in her chest and shoulders promptly dissolved at the sight, and she couldn’t hide a small smile as she leaned forward to offer her cupped palms to the creature. Delighted by the gesture, it took what she could only describe as a flying leap into her hands, and Aase sighed with relative content as her new companion inspected her fingernails – polished yellow, with sparkles – and attempted to gnaw on the zipper to her sweatshirt.

Perhaps things would turn out alright, after all.
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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Herbology. As Deirdre made her way towards the greenhouse she put her hands into the pockets of her coat as the wind was still quite chilly on this afternoon in early spring. The Slytherin prefect was not too eager to get the the meeting point, fearing that she'd have to endure a disastrous lesson like the one towards the end of the last school year when DADA and Herbology had had a joint class. She did not particularly dislike professor Ajay but she definitely did not respect the witch a lot. Hence, any lesson she might come up with was something Deirdre looked at very critically.

When she entered the greenhouse she was surprised by professor Ajay handing her a satchel. Since this was rather unexpected the girl took the knapsack before second guessing what she was getting herself into. However, upon holding the whole weight in her hands, the girl shook her head in disapproval. She decided against speaking up just yet though and made her way towards a bean bag in order to have some tea. Tea was always a good thing. However, the tea professor Ajay offered was not exactly the kind of brew the Scottish girl fancied.

She watched as professor Ajay took a seat and was at least half relieved she was not going to have to endure a joint class again. The little creature that took a seat on the teacher's lap was admittedly adorable but Deirdre did not think that she'd like to have on of those herself. She liked her own pet clabbert although she was not allowed bring it to school and she did not need another pet if it could not, by far, compete with her own.

So professor Ajay had packed bags with things they would not need and the whole adventure was about thriving rather than just surviving? How much… fun. The girl suppressed a sigh and looked around, wondering if any of the others found this as ridiculous as she did.

While the Slytherin had intended to stay quiet and just endure this class or whatever this was meant to be, she let out a sarcastic laugh when the teacher announced that they should play in the leaves. Really? Was this woman serious? Did she intend they'd roll on the ground and throw leaves into the air or what was playing in the leaves meant to look like?

So they were really supposed to spend the night outside? Deirdre was not afraid of spending a night in a tent in the forest but she wondered what it was worth. She did not expect any real dangers out in the forest. Most likely, especially given recent events, the staff had taken care of the safety measures. Then again, Hogwarts seemed to be losing its reputation more and more. Danger and mishaps seemed to be quite common nowadays. The more the girl thought about it the less sure she felt about the precautions. Nonetheless the prefect was not scared, if anything she was bored and annoyed that her regular schedule was disrupted and that she wouldn't be able to sleep in the bed she knew.

Did professor Ajay just suggest they'd go to the toilet before they leave? How old did she think they were? Five? She looked at the teacher, her eyebrows raised, tempted to comment but resisting. Instead she soon turned her gaze at the satchel and inspected it quite indifferently. She heard younger students speaking up but not really addressing any of the more interesting questions like 'does the headmistress know of this?' or 'where's the educational purpose in camping in the forest?'. As a prefect though Deirdre did not want to oppose the professors too much and thus decided to wait for the appropriate moment to speak up.
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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Meredith knew Herbology wasn't exactly her strongest of subjects, but it certainly wasn't her weakest either. She enjoyed the class greatly and liked Professor Ajay, which made the class even easier to pay attention to (something the constantly daydreaming Ravenclaw struggled with). However, when the Emerson witch found out that they were going to be camping outside in the Forbidden Forest, she was quite nervous. Mer wondered why it was named as such if it wasn't absolutely forbidden, which is clearly wasn't since they were going into it. Part of her was cautious about all the dangers that could probably be found lurking within... but another part of her was curious and excited. She was always knowledge-hungry, and what better way to find out what really went on in the forest than to go on an adventure there? She couldn't remember a time where the Emersons had ever gone camping the muggle way, so the trip would be a new experience for the English girl, which Merrie always liked.

Even so, Laetitia the puffskein was safely cocooned away in her robe pocket, hidden from view, as the clingy girl didn't think she could do the trip without her trusty companion. Sitting on the nearest bean bag, Meredith smiled back at the professor as she listened to what she had to say. Her attention quickly diminished as she spotted a cute little leaf creature, and the easily distracted Ravenclaw began cooing at it with soft eyes. Mer's attention was bought back again by Professor Ajay as she became somewhat philosophical in the Emerson's eyes. What was the difference between surviving versus thriving? And which one was she? Meredith raked her fingernails across her forearm in deep thought. The English witch didn't know. Her OWLs were almost upon her, meaning the time to choose her NEWTs was also close, and yet she still had no clue what she wanted to grow up to be. Somehow, Merrie still felt lost.

"Look at the stars, play in the leaves, listen to the wind." Professor Ajay said, and Meredith couldn't help but sigh. If it was the professor's aim to inspire her, then she had definitely succeeded. The Ravenclaw considered the possibility that maybe she'd find the clue or sign she needed to answer her tormenting question in nature. The Emerson couldn't recall the last time she'd allowed herself to mess around with leaves or mud or really taken the time to appreciate the cool whip of wind in her face. Her mother's locket in the English witch's grasp, Merrie frowned and her brow furrowed as Professor Ajay mentioned there would be beef jerky in the bag of emergency supplies. The animal lover couldn't help but look down at the bag at her feet in disgust. She hoped she would not get lost, otherwise there was a strong possibility of her getting overly hungry.

Left to her own devices for a few moments while they waited for any remaining students who had not yet arrived, Mer went to get some tea with the hope it would fill her up somewhat just in case she did lose her way. Noticing @Deirdre Coltrane nearby, Meredith strolled up to her friend with a bright smile. "Deirdre, darling!" The Emerson looked shiftily about her from left to right, trying to gauge if anyone would be able to hear them. "How do you feel about this?" Mer asked, lowering her voice to make doubly sure no one else would hear her voice her opinion. "I... I have my doubts, honestly," she continued, not really waiting for a reply, "I mean, the Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason, right? The rule suddenly seems... confusing." She took a sip of her tea, eyes lowering down towards the bag that contained the food item that she so despised. Looking back to Deirdre, Mer tilted in head. "Do you want my jerky? I... I can't have it in my bag. I just can't." The Emerson bit her lip, hoping the Slytherin would play along and relieve her discomfort. If she didn't, then Mer was determined to find some other way of disposing of it.

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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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Henry was rubbing sweat from his nose as he sat down after the walk to the greenhouse, but he still wasn’t sure his sweatshirt would be enough for the night. They hadn’t been instructed to bring cloaks or anything, but still… The weather these days was prone to wide variation. Right now it was sunny, if breezy, but there was still a little snow left on the ground.

He flashed Professor Ajay a smile from his beanbag. When the month’s activities had been revealed to the students, Henry had been eager to assist in preparation. Not that there was much for him to do, of course. He didn’t know anything about the forest, and the only camping he’d ever done was sleeping out in the fields with his dad for a night sometimes when he was little. But he was good at little things: organizing supplies, making signs, keeping students in the right place and answering questions about the schedule, things you didn’t have to know anything to be good at. This was what Henry had been looking forward to upon receiving his prefect badge. He wasn’t really a leader, not intellectually or magically or morally, but he liked to help out.

That said, the sweat on his neck felt somehow colder as Professor Ajay spoke. He didn’t fancy this talk of survival. Eyes darting around the other faces in the group, Henry thought it looked as if several of the younger students were on edge too. He clenched his jaw. Couldn’t the professors just have let this be a fun outing?

He wondered whether this was some sort of training exercise in disguise—whether the staff was now doubting their control over the castle so much they were trying to teach the students how to take care of themselves in adversity. He’d heard stories from older students about a school-sponsored Dueling Club set up after the Chamber of Secrets was opened years ago. The climate that led to that had been one of helplessness and Henry thought it felt rather the same now, even in the relative peace. There wasn’t anyone at Hogwarts anymore who felt really safe there. Teaching survival skills was good, technically, probably. It was better than his second year, when the teachers had been too helpless to even help them help themselves. But still, Henry thought as he looked over the heads of the younger students in front of him, it felt a little bit screwed up.

Everyone began to shift up off of their beanbags around him, and Henry realized he was overthinking. It wasn’t even what the professor had been talking about at all. She just wanted them to get closer to nature, not to prepare to live off it any second now. Henry shouldered his bag and looked around again, feeling silly. His mind did this often, took things and ran with them, leaving the context behind.

He glanced toward the Slytherin prefect Deirdre, wondering if they ought to coordinate their efforts, but she didn’t seem interested in any of it at all and was soon engaged in conversation. This was alright with Henry. She intimidated him the most out of his colleagues and he’d prefer not to talk to her if he could help it. He wasn’t even sure he was supposed to be acting as any kind of leader on this trip, he realized as he watched her and Meredith’s backs. Why was he trying to be in charge every second he could?

Henry hung back as the students filed out of the greenhouse. He figured he’d try to keep everyone together even if he didn’t have to. It was easier than just going along without a purpose, anyway. “Make sure he doesn’t wander off, now,” he said to the Hufflepuff girl whose hands Loomley had settled into, giving her a friendly grin.
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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Once it seemed they had all had plenty of time to situate themselves and their bladders Nazreen smiled brightly at the door. "Alright students, it seems the time as come to step out into that great wild." She clasped her hands together by her heart, smiling and hoping they were as excited as she was. "Its time for an adventure." And with that she waved one hand toward the door at the front of the building as it burst open enthusiastically, allowing the warm beautiful sunshine of midday to flow inside the vine covered greenhouse. "Someone hang on to Loomley, he's very small we don't want him to be stepped on." And with that she grabbed her own rucksack, swung it over her shoulder like she had so many times before, and stepped out into the world.

She was looking forward to getting back to nature. It had been too long since she'd really spent time out in the forests. Sure she went out their daily, she basically lived out there except for lesson time, but it never felt like enough. If Nazreen wasn't so enamored by the idea of teaching others to love the earth as much as she did she probably would of removed herself from society long ago. The British muggleborn would of had no problem living in harmony in the woods with nothing but her wand and a good pair of hiking boots. She wanted to instill that same feeling in her students. Maybe the forest wasn't for them, but she wanted to make sure they had at least tried. Life was about the experience, the journey, not about accepting what was 'normal'.

"Don't worry about walking in line, spread out, group up, explore." She told them as they crossed the lawn and reached the threshold of what was once off limits to them. It was exhilarating, like she was showing them some secret club house. Her smile reached all the way to her dark eyes as she stopped for a moment to look upon each of them. Nazreen lived in the moment, she hoped they would too, at least for the night. After the smallest of pauses she continued to lead them into the forest until they had walked for a good ten minutes. They weren't far but they were at the first part of their journey. This was a camping trip yes but it was also a lesson. Nazreen stopped near a grouping of shrubs that were just beginning to turn toward the afternoons changing sunlight and then waved for the students to join her. "Can anyone tell me what plant this is?" She asked as the last of the stragglers joined them in a somewhat uneven circle around the small trees. "I'll give you a hint, the name of the plants root means light of spirit." She chuckled slightly at her own wordplay, the root of the word.

And then her face turned to a bit of a frown as she saw what a few students at the edge of the circle were doing, touching the plants and... were they eating them? "Oh dear," She said softly as she took a moment to steady herself and stand up. "Next hint, don't eat them unless you want to go a bit mad." She laughed again, finding the innocent curiosity of the younger students endearing. Of course she wasn't going to punish them for being curious, she commended it honestly but she was glad she had come prepared for this. "Its good to wonder, good to try new things, but perhaps consider learning what it is before you eat it next time." She told the students with soft smile as she handed out Glumbumble lollipops from her bag. Of course the side-effects from ingesting the Alihotsy leaves would kick in far before the antidote could work but she hoped the lollipop would at least curb most of the hysteria for the students who chose to eat the plant. "An additional ten points to anyone who can tell me what potion this plant is most commonly used for."

[[ooc: feel free to have your students be the ones who ate the plant, they will feel the effects of the Alihotsy fairly quickly if eaten and a bit slower if they just touched the leaves. The effects are laughter in mild cases, hysteria in severe ones, but the Glumbumble lollipops should keep the worst from happening.]]

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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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         Carey had not gone to the restroom. Instead he had made a mad dash along the Long Gallery, across the viaduct towards the Great Hall. He had only maybe 10 to 15 mins, he guessed. He knew he could make it if he ran.

           “Beef jerky and juice. That is all….. she gave us?”  He grumbled to himself as his breaths started to get more labored. He started down the stairs that lend the corridor which held the fruit painting. “How are we supposed to…..” deep breath “survive for two days on Beef jerky, juice and just plants!”

          Carey tickled the pear and stubble into the kitchen. The house elves greeted him, already holding out a bag of rapped up pastries. Somehow, they knew. Carey smiled, and offered a breathy “Thanks,” as he stuffed the large bag into his back pack. As soon as he slipped his bag back over his shoulder, he was already turning towards the picture guarded portal.

         It took him slightly longer to make it back at the green houses. He slowed just before entering the green house and tried to stroll in casually. Although he was practically gasping for breath and his backpack now bulged at the seams, Professor Ajay did not seem to notice. Instead she brightly announced, “It’s time for an adventure” and started to march out the door.

          Carey slip into the middle of the group, but his legs failed to carry him at the same pace as his rested and eager classmates. Falling behind, he was one of the last of the classmates to enter the forest. There he let his’s mind wandered. He imagined slipping a few his classmates a pastry as they looked sadly down at their pile of leaves they had gathered for dinner.  I would be completely natural that the whole class would hail him their savor! His daydream took an unpleasant turn, as he not imagined Professor Nazeen Ajay confused they did not eat her forest bounty. He then worried that their Professor would deducted house points or even worst, give him another detention of clean the green houses.

          Carey then racked his brain of just how he would keep his teacher happy. There would be no way around it, he would have to eat every edible plant she out in front of him. In doing so, he would out sine his class mates, ans so likely earn house points! He would wait until his fellow class mates finish eating their 'forest harvest salad' before passing out his back pack full of goodies.  Keeping the exchange closer to a slide of hand. Already proving himself in the eyes of his Professor, she would likely over look the pasties, that was IF she noticed.

        With his plans set, the young blonde Gryffindor boy looked up to see his fellow classmates standing around a group of short trees. They all had dubious looks as they examined the plant. One student near him plucking it and sniffing a bundle of leaves. Carey steeled himself, ready for the first challenge. 

          He strolled right up, plucked a small bunch and stuffed them into his mouth. He thought they would be bitter, but instead they were sweet, and caused a slight a tingle effect on his tongue. A joyfully smile appeared on his face as he proclaimed, “It not bad!” Suddenly the thought that the plant could be “bad” was extremely funny to him. Carey stated to giggle. “Bad…” Taking in a sharp breath before trying to continue, “like plants can...” he then broke into a fit of laughter, before finally adding “be bad.” His shoulders shook as he laughed, imagining the trees darning death eater robes and masks. He tempted to say as much to a classmate, but he his words were not intelligible. Although the one who smelled the leaves seemed to get it and a smile appeared on their lips shortly before giggle escaped.

        Carey was double over with laughter over his own attempt to act out his impression of a ‘cloaked death eater tree,’ when the Professor handed him a brown sucker. Carey found what appeared to be treacle were in the center of the lollipop even more funny then the fact it was the color of poop! It was not until the salty-sour taste hit his mouth that his laughter died. A sad frown crumpled the young Gryffindor’s joyous face. His words and thoughts got lost… and he could not imagined what he thought was so funny a moment ago. Carey tried to find a reasons for the new wave of emotions. “Oh, but that is just so, …so sad. We just ate that plant.”   He looked around to the others near him, to seeing if they share in his sorrow.
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Phillip Donnelly [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Reply #8 on: June 30, 2018, 04:40:17 PM »
Typically travelling into the forest was something Phillip would prefer to do alone. It wasn't the first time he'd come out here, not that he was going to admit it aloud, but he supposed it might be a little easier to get things done with a group of students trampling around and distracting any monsters near by. Better for his neck anyway. He grumbled as he tried to get out of the ridiculous bean bag chair in the green house because it felt like it was trying to swallow him whole. He ignored whoever tried to pass the little creature toward him, pretending he was too busy securing his ruck sack when really he just didn't want the responsibility. It would surely leap to it's untimely death in Phillip's care and he wasn't going to take that risk. Following the rest of the student body out of the greenhouse he hung around at the back of them, trailing the group but never really a part of it.

When the reached their first stop Phillip ventured out on his own to take in his surroundings for a moment. He didn't stray too far from the group but far enough that he had nearly missed the ridiculousness that was about to ensue. He heard the obnoxious amounts of giggling and even though he had a feeling he wasn't going to find whatever it was from funny he was still curious. The pessimistic Ravenclaw turned around and headed back toward the class and that was when he saw what some of the younger kids had gotten up to. Rolling his eyes he could barely believe it. Some of the younger students had really thought it was a good idea to start eating the plants. "Think that was a good idea did ya?" He asked with a shake of his head, not meaning to call attention to himself but speaking up was never something he stopped himself from doing. The last thing he wanted to do was become a bully but he was still spinning from the fact that they would even try to eat the plants. Did they sleep through the self-preservation lesson?

"Alihotsy, for the love of Merlin it's Alihotsy, tell them to stop eating it." Phillip didn't find it amusing or endearing like the professor seemed to. He understood they weren't in any real danger but this was how student's died. Hogwarts didn't teach them not to ingest things they didn't know about and what if that had been a moonseed or something truly toxic. They wouldn't be laughing then. Phillip had very little hope in the wizarding education system and this was just another notch in the ever growing list of why. They didn't prepare them for what was really out there and even worse than that the faculty at Hogwarts had the bad habit of letting the bad things out there attack them inside the castle walls. The past few years had been proof enough of that and this young wizard was literally counting the days until he was gone from this place forever. He had a calendar hanging above his fourpost.

Aase Trickett-Cassoway [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Reply #9 on: June 30, 2018, 06:12:32 PM »
‘Make sure he doesn’t wander off, now.’
She had nearly forgotten where she was, so the voice suddenly so close beside her made her jump; but a friendly grin greeted her, and she relaxed ever so slightly. Aase recognized his face and that he was an older Gryffindor, but wasn’t certain she remembered his name. She returned what she hoped was a genuine smile and nodded.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I think he likes playing with my sweatshirt too much,” she continued, trying a soft laugh on for size. She had been trying so hard not to dwell on her negative feelings, but it wasn’t easy. Sometimes she had to fake or exaggerate her positive ones to compensate; sometimes it helped her feel better, and other times it didn’t make a difference at all.

She did recognize, though, that for whatever reason she felt instantly more at ease around the older boy. He had the look of someone constantly on-guard; but, oddly, it didn’t make her feel anxious. It felt… protective. The small Hufflepuff glanced up at him as their classmates milled about, preparing to march into the Forest. The thought made her feel slightly nauseated.

“Have you… um… ever been in there?” she asked tentatively, tilting her head towards the treeline. Then she realized he might construe her question as something incriminating, and her warm brown eyes widened. Aase had always been somewhat of a timid child, but now she had been primed to look for danger around every turn.
“Not that I'm trying to get you into trouble” – she continued hurriedly, cuddling the little creature closer to her chest in hopes of stopping her hands from shaking – “but—I mean, I just…” She took a deep, shuddering breath. “I'm not very brave,” she finished quietly.

Then the little party started to mobilize, and any sense of calm she had managed to summon moments before evaporated on the spot. Anxiety constricted her chest like a vice and she felt her breaths coming shallow and rapid, her heart contracting so forcefully that it slammed against her small ribcage, demanding to be released. Aase tried to swallow but her mouth had gone bone-dry. She felt hot all over – and then cold, so cold that she started trembling like a leaf caught in the gale of a coming storm. Little tendrils of panic wound their way around her fingers and toes, up her arms and legs, inching closer to her heart. Her feet carried her forward mechanically somehow, maybe out of subconscious fear of being left behind; but she still felt paralyzed. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to scream, to run, to throw up, or to just curl up in a ball and refuse to go any further.

‘No no no… slow down, breathe… you know what happens if you don’t snap out of it.’
What happened was that she had the tendency to pass out (or almost pass out) if she let it go on for too long. It had happened twice so far this year, and had nearly happened another four at least. Her Healers said it would take time to the episodes to stop happening; but couldn’t tell her how much. It was more crippling than reassuring.

Dark spots began to appear at the edges of her vision and her heart skipped a beat. She was much too close to that precipice. Aase forced herself to pull air all the way into her lungs, hold it for a heartbeat, and blow all the way out. Holding her breath, even for a fraction of a second, made her feel so lightheaded that she swayed on the spot – but she kept going. Focused on putting one foot in front of the other; on the comforting weight of the little leaf-creature still cradled against her chest; on the soft rustle of leaves beneath her feet; on the older Gryffindor boy’s solid presence beside her. It was nice of him to walk with her. She hadn’t failed to notice the shiny Prefect badge pinned to his clothes; maybe it was his job to bring up the rear. She was the very last one of the group, after all.

Finally the tightness in her chest eased the tiniest bit, and her heart rate slowed. She still trembled from head to foot, but her breathing came easier. Then she heard giggling, and a frown creased between her dark eyebrows. What could possibly be so funny about this place? It gave her the creeps.
She was just within earshot to hear an older Ravenclaw boy say ‘Think that was a good idea did ya?’, and her stomach shifted uneasily when she saw that Carey was involved in whatever was going on. She’d only seen a few sides of the younger Gryffindor – once in the library with her First Year Housemate Thorson, and another in Flying when he placed himself in the advanced group when he was most assuredly not at that skill level.
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Jari Trickett [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Reply #10 on: July 14, 2018, 08:49:41 PM »
Jari absolutely loved to be outside so when the day came that Herbology was going to venture out into the grounds he was ready and raring to go. He'd packed his own survival kit fully equipped with tin foil hats, enchanted binoculars for watching the sky, and a home made (and totally not functional) proximity detector just in case any extraterrestrials decided to stop by for s'mores. The thirteen year old had been through it all: the war and the dome and hair growing under his arms but he was still a child at heart. Nothing could take that lightness away from him and nothing was going to convince him that aliens weren't real. Muggles thought magic wasn't real, they were easily fooled, so why not aliens?

Underneath his classrobes he had one of his many alien themed shirts on. This one was a long sleeve in case it grew cold in the night because he was prepared. He bounced around as the professor told them about their packs and Loomley travelled from student to student and finally they were headed out. Jari was at the front of the line but quickly fell toward the back looking for Janne so he could keep an eye on her. He looked for Abby and Aase too but was quickly distracted by the student who was eating one of the plants. He felt bad for Carey and went to help him. "Want me to carry your bag til you feel a bit better?" Jari offered quietly, hoping the lollipop would help him swiftly. He hated when people were distressed and it was clear that the younger Gryffindor was not in the best of moods. He stuck close to Carey for the moment, hoping to help, but kept his eyes peeled for his younger sister just in case she needed him. On top of trying to look out for them he was under constant vigilance, waiting for the aliens to arrive. Jari wanted to be there for everyone around him. He stretched himself thin trying to care for everyone else and rarely took any time to help himself. He waited patiently for the next step of the lesson, one eye on Janne and one eye on the sky.

Nazreen Ajay [ Board Mod ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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Nazreen felt a tiny bit bad that the student seemed to be growing through the emotional effects of the Alihotsy but at the same time she was proud of his curious nature. This was how she came to love the earth around her, experimentation and wonder, and she wanted nothing less for the beautiful souls surrounding her. She turned back toward the class as a Hufflepuff boy went to aid the young Gryffindor and frowned at them slightly.

"Does no one know what potion Alihotsy is used in most?" She tsked at them playfully and smirked. "I shall have to inform your potions professor." Of course it was a joke and far from a threat. She wiped her hands on her apron (the one she'd forgotten she was wearing before they left for their adventure) and continued. "The answer is the laughing potion." She told them but she didn't fault them for not knowing. Maybe they were too over taken by the wonders of nature to pay much attention to her. Next she pulled a pile of unevenly cut scraps of parchment with her messy green ink hand writing all over it. Some of the pieces were smudged with dirt and others had stains from sips of tea gone awry but they had held the same list of plants on them.

"Next we shall have a bit of a scavenger hunt." She smiled again and used her wand to hand out the lists. "Break off into groups or go it alone, whatever you prefer, and bring back these ingredients. They are all close by so don't wander too far." Part of the reason she'd given them the map was for this hunt. She wanted them to have the opportunity to experience a wander through nature but within reason. She wanted them to enjoy the thrill of the unknown, of finding themselves as they looked for their list, their was order in the chaos. "First ones back get a special treat."

And with that she shoo'd them along. "Go."

[[ooc: each list has four items:
1. root of asphodel, to be dried later.
2. stem and leaves of dittany, do not set on fire please.
3. full length mallow sweet herb, for tonight's stargazing
4. small bundle of balm, just in case.]]

Aldous Cresswell [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Reply #12 on: July 15, 2018, 05:32:16 AM »
Aldous enviously watched Loomley crawl over @Carey Baisley, wishing he’d sat a bit closer. Even in his second year, he still found himself gravitating instinctively to the back of groups. It wasn’t shyness—at least, he didn’t think so. He’d never considered himself shy, more… Cautious, perhaps. Sometimes it was an unfortunate instinct. He felt more comfortable in the Greenhouse than several other classrooms, and wanted to look it.

His family had camped frequently throughout his youth, and hiked more often. The Forbidden Forest didn’t seem intimidating in anything but name as they took their first steps into it, swallowed into the dappled woody shade. But none of the forests Aldous had visited had a reputation for harboring a number of dangerous creatures. Mysterious, reclusive ones? Absolutely. His mother’s family lived on the Olympic Peninsula in proximity to a colony of sasquatches, and once he’d gotten to see one from a distance. If they ran into any centaurs here he’d be very interested in listening to them. But there were other things that worried him. Acromantula he knew of for certain, and a number of other rumors. Aldous liked Professor Ajay and generally considered her capable, but he wasn’t sure how aware she was of the non-botanical aspects of the forest. Not to mention that there were too many of them for one witch to possibly protect.

He wanted to trust that the Hogwarts staff knew what they were doing, leading them all in here like this. Maybe it was that unfortunate caution again. Aldous kicked a pebble along the path and bit his tongue.

Boldly, for him at least, Aldous gradually passed groups of friends and made his way toward the front end of the line. He reached it in time to collect a scavenger hunt list. Looking it over, he brushed a tea stain with his thumb and smiled to himself a little. He could find some good specimens, he felt sure. Enough to stand out a little, maybe.

Well...he’d have to find someone to show him what Dittany looked like. But he’d start with the others.

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Lionel Sterling [ Slytherin ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
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Was Herbology really the place for this type of lesson, Lionel wondered darkly as he sat toward the back of the crowd of students assembled in the greenhouses. At sixteen and a half, he was nearing 180 cm, much to his dismay with respect to the fit of his robes--at long last, even the ones that fit Kay now hung awkwardly on him, and only Gaheris was taller--and he had no problem seeing over the heads of the majority of his classmates even seated where he was. It wasn't even as though the Slytherin thought the whole night was a wash. It was true that he had an incredible amount of work to do--O.W.L.s were only three months away--but he'd already looked through the pack and noticed the star chart, and free rein for observing the sky was one of the very few easy ways to placate the fifth year. It was just that Professor Ajay's entire way of structuring the night made it clear that it was only tangentially about concrete learning. She wanted them to commune with nature or something of the sort--and right on cue, the words 'it's about…thriving came out of her mouth and Lionel heaved a heavy internal sigh. It was bad enough having to supervise things like four-leaf clover searches as part of his prefect duties, but this was class. From the looks of it, Deirdre was not that impressed either. They didn't speak more than they absolutely had to, since their conversation early in the term, but Lionel took some small satisfaction in knowing enough about her to know he wasn't the only one with these sentiments.

His eyes skipped over a head of honey-colored hair and Lionel immediately chose the opposite direction to look in as they finally shuffled out of the greenhouses, jostling gently. He had no desire to repeat their last encounter; he did not intend to get worked up to that extent about her ever again. Though conversation buzzed around him, Lionel was comfortable, as he had been his whole life, with silence, drawing invisible barriers between himself and others for his own sake. When the silence was broken, as it was by the peals of laughter, he couldn't help but try to meet Phillip's eyes as his Ravenclaw counterpart commented sharply and swiftly on the cacophony. Lionel didn't have the patience to try and stop stupidity--and Lionel was a patient boy, it was simply too frequent of an occurrence--but he wanted to acknowledge his friend's attitude.

Professor Ajay finally decided to move onto a practical portion of the day and Lionel seized the opportunity to break from the pack, having absolutely no intention of attempting to be the first person back. His caramel eyes blurred as he scanned the list rapidly. Lionel didn't use herbs for stargazing--it tended too much to the Divination side of things, and Lionel was much more interested in what the universe could tell him about itself than about him--but he would be remiss in not knowing about different approaches to the discipline, and he knew what mallowsweet looked like. Thick stems, fairly broad, downy leaves, likely too early for pinkish blooms. Glancing quickly at his map, Lionel slipped out in the direction of thinning trees, searching for the type of open field the herb would prefer, with the double motivation of open skies for later astronomical twilight. It wasn't long before he found himself crouched on the edge of a field, fingering a few stalks of the herb, its undercurrent of sweet scent wafting up to heady effect, reveling in the sense of being, as he too infrequently was in a castle of hundreds of students, alone.
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Deirdre Coltrane [ Slytherin ]
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Re: [all years] and into the forest we go...
« Reply #14 on: July 23, 2018, 07:08:53 AM »
As @Meredith Emerson approached her, Deirdre smiled a little. She could tell that the Ravenclaw was not too eager for this adventure either and briefly wondered if she should encourage bad feelings about the whole thing. Sometimes it was fun to try and influence other people's thoughts in a way that they spoke up and told so called authority figures their opinion.

“Hi Meredith,” she greeted the other girl. “I absolutely agree with you.” Deirdre said and the smile vanished from her face. “I doubt this has been properly planned. I'm not afraid to be in the Forbidden Forest myself but for the younger students it might be dangerous.”

As Meredith offered her jerky, Deirdre shrugged indifferently. “I can take it, of course. However, why don't you tell professor Ajay that you don't want to eat it? I mean, she could have been more thoughtful, couldn't she? I think she should know that you are a vegetarian. Maybe she has something else for you.”

The Slytherin frowned as their professor told them to spread out and explore. If the young students spread out in the Forbidden Forest they'd soon have to search for them, possibly rescue them even. It was just silly.

While Deirdre knew about which plant professor Ajay spoke and the incentive of earning ten points was rather nice, she did not feel like speaking up. She would not participate in this class if she could help it. She shook her head disapprovingly when she noticed that one of the younger students had tried to eat from the Alihotsy. This was only the first mishap. She was quite sure that more things like that would happen sooner rather than later.

“A scavenger hunt?” Deirdre muttered to Meredith. “Now this will be great fun, won't it?!” Her voice made clear that she did not consider it fun at all. She took one of the pieces of parchment with the list of plants on it and sighed.

“Come on, let's go and find the ingredients quickly.” She did not ask Meredith if she'd team up with her. She made it quite clear that the other girl had no choice but join her.

“Root of Asphodel...” Deirdre read aloud. “That should be easy to find. We'll have to look for white flowers that belong to the lily family.” She looked around and gestured further into the forest. “Looks like there's something white blooming over there.”


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