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Sheet Retrieval
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Was wondering if it was possible to retrieve sheet information? Specifically for Farlane Kirkpatrick, Todd McCulloch, and Anthony Williams? They were sorted characters a few years back but it seems I can only find Ashlan's information right now.

And is there a way to retrieve my old sandbox at all?

Thank you for the assistance.

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Re: Sheet Retrieval
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First Name: Farlane
     Nickname: Lanie, by friends
Last Name: Kirkpatrick
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: Scottish
Spoken Languages: English
Place of Birth: Rousay, Scotland
Age/Date of Birth: 16 / June 29th
     Zodiac: Cancer
Position: Part-time employee for To Die For fashions
Approved Special Features:

     Color: Mixture of light blue and green
     Size: Large
     Shape: Round, close-set
     Color: Brown
     Length: Several inches
     Style: Perfectly coiffed and fluffed, parted on left-hand side
Height: 5'7 1/2"
General Appearance:
Of an average height for his age, Farlane does not cut a very imposing figure. Narrow shoulders and a board-like body comprise his build-- he really has no prominent curves to him. Though he is lean and fairly small, and there is something feminine about his mannerisms, especially in the hip-sway of his walk. He is a bit fleshy, pale, and average in that he doesn't have any hard gym body to show off, nor muscles of any kind. Farlane's arms are a tad longer than is his toros, which is something he is self-conscious about. That, and his lengthy neck he typically hides under scarves and collars.

Farlane's face is round and short, though his jawbone is outlined and dips into a rounded chin. His lips are a bit thick and naturally a dark pink; whenever he smiles, it pushes out some chipmunk cheeks with cute dimples. His nose is pert, but wide, with those large blue-green eyes set closely together. As much as he has tried to tame this, his light-brown eyebrows have always been bushy-- though, they are at least shaped nicely over his eyes. Whenever he smiles, his right eye naturally squints more than his left. Farlane's hair is his crowning achievement; rich brown and several inches long, it is perfectly coiffed and fluffed atop his head at all times. It is also parted on the left-hand side, and fairly free to bounce with his movements. He uses sweet, apple scented shampoo to get that extra lift.

Dressing Style:
It is clear from his wardrobe that Farlane likes flashy but matching styled outfits, and apparently never throws anything out. Instead, it is all kept and filters back into his week with some different combination of cuts and colors. Thanks to his father supporting his habit, he has robes of the finest fabrics available and in all designs that can flatter his slim form. His most popular robes have some sort of glimmer substance to them, or even sequins, because he likes the way it makes him shine as he walks. School uniforms are such a drag for the boy, though. He does what he can to improve the outfits and still not be breaking school rules. He will accessorize with scarves, ties, and hats. Sometimes he will sneak some festive colors in, and hide them around his neck and wrists.

Other than that, Farlane is a major fan of muggle clothing. He hasn't quite figured out that there are certain ways to wear muggle clothing, nor does he seem interested to-- he uses common sense or what he feels looks awesome. He loves the variety they provide, and the outlandish (but deeply fabulous!) outfits he can create using this resource. Vests are a personal favorite, as they provide a professional yet attractive look. Belts are also favorites; they come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs. Sometimes, they aren't even looped through the holes in his pants. But overall, his most common look consists of button shirts (long or short-sleeved), form-fitting pants or skinny jeans, and a scarf.

And shoes? He goes crazy for them. Typically he tries to have a different pair that matches each unique outfit. Sandals, sneakers, dress shoes, boots; all of them will show up in his wardrobe at one point or another. He cares deeply about his fashion sense.

General Character Traits:
Farlane has become a strong individual. He has gone through tough times; he's been bullied by his step-father, siblings, students... Many people have certainly taken their toll on his young self-esteem. Some days, he doesn't feel like he is anything special. Other days, he might think he really should believe what they say, and that being so different is a terrible thing. But the boy knows he can't go through life dwelling on things that aren't going to change; he will be picked on either way, because that is just how mean people can get. So Farlane has learned to cope, and he has learned to express himself despite what anyone else may think or say. He does care a great deal of what others think of him, and obsesses about being accepted for who he is. Nowadays, it's much more common to find him standing up to his tormentors and asserting himself, and helping others who feel as trapped as he. Though if there is one good thing that these people have done for Farlane, is they've made him into an adept wizard indeed. Having been hexed and sneaked up on so many times has worked to tune his reflexes, and has him quite determined to learn every defensive tactic there is out there.

He possesses feminine traits, physically and personality-wise. Farlane had never been like the other boys his age; would never participate in their rough-housing or other male stereotypical roles despite the insistence from his step-father that he do so. Rather, he was interested in whatever his sisters were doing and his favorite game was dress up-- in his mother's clothes. Very early on, Farlane spent time on artistic endeavors such as drawing and decorating. He started small, of course, with little sock puppets his father encouraged him to dress as he wished. Over the years, his skill in both areas progressed and today, he has become something of a fashion expert. He peruses magazines religiously, and hoards them away to later borrow ideas that were interesting or just plain strange. The super unique appeals to Farlane the most; he loves to find things, or make things, that stick out. Glimmer or sequined fabrics are also among his favorite, as it evokes a star-quality emotion in him. He does like to make an impression, and usually one that puts him into a favorable light. His fashion is what he is good with, and he does exploit this-- it's the only thing that makes him feel accomplished, and may show off. In some regards, he believes it is the only way he can gain respect from his fellow students. It is his thought that he must always exercise this creative spark within him not simply because he wants to, but to maintain or gain friendships that are based on his talents and not his "differences".

Since the age of fifteen, Farlane came out to everybody that he was indeed gay (which wasn't so shocking in itself). Admitting this openly was his way of refusing to conform to what a lot of people had tried to force him as; his way to end lying to himself, even. And now he is quite in people's faces with it-- his attitude now is that if his being gay bothers them, then they're the ones who will have to leave the room because that is not in his plans. It irks him to no end, however, when people classify him as the typical feminine male simply for preferring the color pink to black. Farlane does what he can to not fit into any sort of classification; he tries to be his own entire grouping of something special all by himself. Indeed, he feels a bit self-entitled to this indulgence after what he's endured (and continues to endure). Yet, the young wizard happens to be a hypocrite on the same issue. He is the first to stereotype and categorize a person by their clothes first, behavior second, and personality third. He just thinks people are easy to sum up this way, and can wheedle out those safest to be around. But he gets upset when such methods are practiced on himself.

With Farlane, it is difficult to determine how he really feels. There are many things he is open with, and he does act on his emotions. However, it can just get very dramatic and over the top. Sometimes, people don't even believe him. And in terms of his love life... Well, there aren't many people he can discuss this with and even fewer people he can hold any shred of hopes for. It takes quite a bit of work to even catch the boy's eyes to begin with-- certainly more than good looks. He can stare at a guy and know he is attractive, and yet have no interest in him other than eye-candy. Farlane happens to enjoy artistic souls, like himself. Especially boys that are poetic and romantic; he truly gets jealous of girls who have snagged these guys. If he were to develop a crush, it can last for a while too. Farlane throws all of himself into such things, and he can't just turn off attraction. Though, he does know when to keep his feelings under curtain and admire from afar.

     clothes/accessories: Clothes and accessories are his life. He plans to one day be a fashion guru and start his own line of fabulous designs for witches and wizards alike. He loves to spice up outfits of his own, or fuss over his friends who clearly need his direction when getting dressed in the mornings. It takes him hours to make himself look presentable, as he feels 'perfection can't be rushed'.
     glamor: Farlane has always been attracted to glamorous things, pretty things, sequined things. Things that can really catch the eye, or are so gaudy that one just can't look away. Even the most hideous of things can be turned into something nice to look at.
     weddings/events: Nobody enjoys a union of two people in love, than Farlane. Ever since his mother got married to his step-father, he thought weddings were a beautiful thing indeed. It's made him really yearn for the day he can get married, just to have a grandiose wedding with fabulous robes. And he has always had the appeal to actually put these events together, since it allows him to focus on what he loves: glamor.
     cockroach clusters: These just appeal to his sweet tooth, though he enjoys the crunch to them the most.
     muggle stuffs: Muggles just have some awesome stuff, he thinks. Like clothes? They had so many different styles and cuts that form fit, bag, or stretch. It all comes in a variety of colors. Farlane is like a little kid whenever he gets his hands on muggle things because they increase the opportunity to expand ideas and creativity.
     uniqueness: He doesn't feel people are just carbon copies of each other. Everyone has something special about them, even if one has to dig so deep to find it. It interests him to learn the talents of those around him, for they are often his very own inspiration.
     standing up for beliefs: Farlane is not one to hold back how he feels. As a very emotional person, he acts on however he is feeling at the time. If he is angry or upset, he will make certain the person (if it is a person) made him so, knows they have. Yet, in the same instance he will also lend praise where it is due.
     surprises: He's a sixteen year old-- of course he likes surprises! Good ones, of course. Ones that don't end with someone's feelings getting hurt. Like presents, or just even something simple like an impromptu hug. He enjoys it all and appreciates how creative people get.
     romance: Farlane is a bit old fashioned in some regards. He loves romance, and to be romanced. As he considers himself a girl in a boy's body, he feels he deserves to be wooed like the rest of them. It makes him feel so wanted to see that someone would take the time out to make certain his needs were cared for.
     poetic/artistic souls: As an artist himself, he can certainly appreciate what other people have to offer. He finds poetry to be quite romantic and endearing itself-- such words can inspire him to do a lot of different things. But mostly it just makes him feel nice, fluffy, and warm inside.
     boys: Well, Farlane has been much more open about this fact since his fifth year. Though he knew his attraction to the same sex much earlier than that. He seems to appreciate a variety of types, but those that are like himself in a lot of ways, are probably his favorite.

     bullies: After being subjected to people who like nothing more than tear him down because he likes different things, he has naturally grown an aversion to people that behave this way. They are cowardly, and obviously hiding something if they have nothing better to do than pick on him. Farlane can get quite riled up with dealing with a bully, almost to the point where he is bullying them back. Only, he believes he is simply being honest and telling them like it is-- he will not sit there and take what they have to say without getting his two cents in either.
     derogatory terms: Words that are said simply to put him down and make him feel ashamed are what really ticks this boy off. They are hurtful, unnecessary, and prove just how low someone would sink to make themselves feel better. Farlane won't tolerate gay-bashing, and he won't tolerate when friends get flamed for their association with him.
     ignorance: Bullies and tasteless people are clearly ignorant-- as well as anyone else who doesn't like him because they don't understand. Things could be resolved if they simply asked him, as he has no qualms helping them to become comfortable.
     stereotyping: Being categorized doesn't make Farlane feel good about himself. He knows he is feminine, but he doesn't need to be constantly reminded of this fact. And he also doesn't like when people underestimate him because of this, either. Never mind the fact that Farlane typically stereotypes others, himself...
     uniformity: Ordinary is so dull and boring. He can't stand Hogwarts' uniforms. He likes to express his unique personality and spirit, which is made tougher in a school that doesn't encourage this.
     heights/broomsticks: Ever since he nearly slipped off his broom in first year, and really experienced that dizzying height and the possibilities of what might have happened to him, Farlane has gone green just thinking of it. Quidditch isn't fun in his mind-- it's simply barbaric to watch, too.
     cockiness: To Farlane, there is a fine line between someone having confidence and being cocky. The second one he doesn't find attractive in the slightest; it just makes a person look self-important when they really don't have much to be so full of hot air for.
     stifled creativity: This really affects him. He's got a lot of ideas he would like to share, and so when no one will listen, it can be very frustrating. He has to have some say or else it will just drive him crazy.
     being out of the loop: Farlane usually finds himself one of the last people to know about something, or that's how he feels. That makes him feel out of the loop, like he's not part of the group. It can run his esteem further into the ground, depending on how serious the matter is.
     dirt: Dirt is his enemy. He loves clothes, and being a clean little boy. Looking nice is a must at all times, since he feels it's something to get respect for, taking pride in ones' self. And so naturally, rolling around in dirt, mud, or anything else that will mar his features with some unpleasant substance, is not his idea of fun. He fusses if he gets any under his fingernails, even.

     makes lists: As a neat and rather orderly person, Farlane loves to make lists to keep everything in a sane pattern. It really doesn't matter what these lists are for-- whether they detail a new design he's working on, or simply weighing the pros and cons of which color goes best with his skin... He can make anything into a list.
     follows horoscopes: Farlane has followed his (and others!) horoscopes faithfully since he was a young boy. Even though his zodiac assumes only a few correct things about him, he takes that as a sign that these 'predictions' are for real. If his horoscope tells him to avoid Libras for the day, and he knows that someone is a Libra, he will.
     feminine swagger: He has never been very masculine in anything that he does; not his clothes, attitude, or even his stance. When he walks, he definitely has a sway to his hips and a pep in his step-- he doesn't 'skulk' or have imperfect posture. And he also crosses his legs every time he sits.
     soft spoken: Farlane has a naturally soft voice, and he doesn't get very loud at all even if he wanted to scream and shout his tush off. It hurts his throat to raise so many octaves and there is a slight lisp, so he has learned to enunciate clearly and command all attention so that people just can't miss anything he says.
     alters uniform/fashionista: Hogwarts' uniforms are hideous; just the fact that he is forced to stifle his creativity and become so average, is enough. So the boy finds ways to spice up the dreary robes every day. He loves to accessorize, especially with scarfs and ties. Farlane has made his very own house tie that glitters more than the others.
     artist: Ever since he was given some paper and pencils, he has been drawing. Farlane has become quite adept at portraits especially, though granted he can only do a person's face. He still hasn't managed correct body portions or anything like that.

     social: Farlane doesn't like to be left out of things-- he wants inclusion and he does go out and seek it. However, he seems to be more comfortable around girls since they don't take him as any sort of threat and are more open to who he is. If he gets put in a circle of people, he'll start talking and bouncing ideas off of others. He believes there is safety in numbers, and shouldn't have to worry about what people think. 
     open: He recognized he was different from the other boys around the age of twelve, and things really became clear to him at thirteen, when he crushed somewhat openly on a French boy. It wasn't until he was fifteen, however, that Farlane actually had the courage to come out to everybody and be open with who he is. Now, he never hides it and accepts the fact that bullying will occur whether he admits to it or not-- so lying to himself was no longer an option.
     genuine: Farlane has never been able to hide who he was. He was always that soft-spoken, feminine little boy who preferred to play with his mother's clothes rather than his father's. And since he came out, he hasn't lied about anything. He has been quite open with the sort of person he is, as he feels it's the only real way to garner respect.
     brave: He is not fearless, but has learned to keep his chin up and brace the elements under any weather. If he knows he's going to have problems, it's not going to make him turn the corner to avoid it. He tries to be courageous in all endeavors and act as something of a role model to his little sister, Caroline, most especially.
     idea person/creative: Farlane is an artist, and considers himself something of a fashion guru (he actually hoards magazines!). He's also got a lot of ideas brimming around in his head, and there is nothing more fun than to share them with others and witness their excitement as well.
     champion: He can't stand to see others being treated like how he is. He doesn't feel it's right. Farlane does what he can to stand up for others, even if it means he's got to take their place as the punching bag. He realizes not everyone has a voice, and needs help to stand on their own two feet. He's always wanted to be there, to stand behind them, lend them support and encouragement.
     positivist: In this day and age, one can't get down. Farlane knows this all too well and does what he can to retain a positive outlook on all matters. He thinks about what he loves, and the friends he has, to keep his spirits lifted even after being hexed in the hallways. In truth, he simply wants to make it look as if they can't break him no matter how hard they try.
     strong: Being strong is really not a choice for Farlane. All his life now, he's had to endure people who tried to put him down and make him feel ashamed of himself for being different. Kids have been cruel to him-- adults, even. But he has lasted this long, and has grown a tough hide because of it. These students who like nothing more than to pick on him, are the reasons he has become so adept with a wand for dueling and defense magic.

     seeks popularity/acceptance: One thing Farlane really wants, is to be accepted amongst his peers. He obsesses over it constantly, no matter how much he may tell someone otherwise. It matters a great deal to feel as if he has friends, support, and someone to turn to. Popularity would be a nice thing to have, too. He feels so many people could benefit from having him as their gay friend... Some of them really need proper direction.
     brash: Farlane can possibly get into people's faces when the moment calls for it. He likes to assert that he is who he is, and won't be changing that for anybody. Sometimes, he just feels that this can only get across to others when he is being so rude and loud about it.
     emotional: It is very difficult for Farlane to hold anything back. He can get very emotional, even over little matters that are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. He doesn't hide tears if he feels like crying. He will yell if he gets angry, though not for long because it strains his voice. He stomps his foot when frustrated. He lashes out if stressed. Farlane is a person who behaves exactly as he feels.
     low self-esteem: Despite how pompous he can behave, it is only covering up how down he really is about himself. He may have come out and has stopped lying to others about who he is, but Farlane still feels as if his differences aren't something to be very proud of. He has been told all his life that it's not natural to be the way he is, so he has internalized this belief in some regard. Farlane figures there must be something wrong with him, like they say, since he just isn't like any other boy.
     feels alone: He has never been able to shake a bit of emptiness in him. Farlane doesn't feel like he has many people to turn to if he needs someone to talk with. He is alone, and has to endure it all-- or, this is just how he feels. Another reason is that he doesn't think many people can understand what he is going through; there aren't many openly gay students at Hogwarts, or they are all keeping low-profile. So he feels lonely.
     stereotypes: Unfortunately, he's one of the first to label others by how they act and behave. It's become natural to do this since so many others had done it to himself. Farlane knows within the first few minutes of meeting someone whether or not they will get along or not, using this method. Though he is prone to sum someone up rather quickly and think there isn't much else to them but this surface personality.
     hypocrite: Farlane's tendency to stereotype also makes him a class a hypocrite to his very toes. Stereotyping is something he hates to his core-- when someone is doing it to him. He doesn't seem to think it applies the other way around, though.
     haughty: He does act superior and like things are beneath him; for instance, he won't get dirt under his nails or get sweaty during Quidditch. It's just gross. And he doesn't really think other people who like to do such hooligan stuff are all that great, either. He's just a snob at times about this sort of thing.
     jumps to conclusions: It's very like Farlane to make assumptions and jump to conclusions quickly in a situation, whether he has the full facts or not. He just likes to think he knows what's really going on and can solve it all himself, if people would only stand back and give him creative thinking room.

Mother: Cadha O'Maley (nee Liddell), 33, former Hufflepuff
     Blood Status: Halfblood
Father: Murdock Kirkpatrick, 33, former Gryffindor
     Blood Status: Halfblood
Step-Father: Desmond O'Maley, 35, former Gryffindor
     Blood Status: Halfblood
     Vanora Kirkpatrick: 17, Ravenclaw
     Caroline Kirkpatrick: 14, Hufflepuff
     Conor O'Maley: 13, Gryffindor, half-brother
     Isleen O'Maley: 11, Hufflepuff, half-sister
Background Story:

     Rushing Through Life:
Murdock Kirkpatrick had never been an average boy, something he knew the second he found an attraction to other boys. So many students had tortured him with the idea that he could be different... But Murdock had enough of this abuse by his sixth year. To prove just how ordinary he was, he got himself a girlfriend. Cadha Liddell was just the girl for the job, since she had faithfully crushed on the boy for three years straight-- her dream came true when he finally noticed her. The two were good friends to begin with, and they became closer during these months. Murdock made certain that students would see the two kissing each other in public places, or holding hands; he spent much of his time with her, just to cool down the rumor that he may not be straight.

After a while, Cadha began to think something must either be wrong with her, or there could be a kernel of truth to what the other students said. Murdock would never do anything with her beyond fleeting kisses, none of which he seemed very enthused over. Cornered and desperate once she brought her suspicions up, he allowed himself to get pressured to be with her like any true couple would. It was all that was necessary for Cadha to get pregnant when the two of them were just sixteen. Their parents were not thrilled, but thankfully the Liddell's daughter would get through school before having her first child which both she and Murdock named Vanora. As soon as their seventeenth birthday rolled around, he did the right thing and married her. He had long since decided that, for their daughter's sake, he would try to be content with her mother and hopefully smother out this empty feeling.

Upon graduation, Murdock pursued a career as an Auror. Fighting for those who couldn't had always been a dream of his-- to be a role model. Cadha, on the other hand, remained with her parents to care for their daughter. The Liddells had graciously opened their home to the young couple, at least until they got onto their feet. It made Murdock feel that his relationship with his wife was closely monitored, however. Just like in school, he felt pressured to shower the woman in affection he did not feel. Just when there was enough money to move them out of that house and into a small, run-down apartment, Cadha gleefully announced her pregnancy of Farlane mere months after Vanora.

Murdock was a good father, very sensitive with his children. Every chance he was home-- which, granted, wasn't too often with his hectic schedule-- time was spent with the two babies. Vanora and Farlane proved to be quite the little handfuls; the two required constant attention, or else they would get into every thing. Farlane especially liked to get into his mother's makeup and eat the lipstick despite the fact it made him sick afterwards. There was a period of relief for Murdock as the two of them settled down into this new life as parents. It took a long time before Cadha began to complain of exhaustion, and how she didn't feel as if he loved her anymore. He loved his wife, but not in the way she wanted. The further along into the relationship they got, the unhappier he was.

     Men Love Men:
Once Cadha was pregnant with their third child, Caroline, he wasn't so sure he could continue on in the role of husband. Murdock felt as if he was lying to everybody; his wife, his family, and most importantly, his children. An older man, Jude Stephans, had taken to mentoring Murdock throughout his career. Jude was attractive, charming, and incredibly perceptive. He knew his young friend was not a happy man. The two of them got close during Cadha's pregnancy. Sometimes Murdock would stay out all night with this man, and simply tell her they had lost track of time. Their relationship turned physical one night after too many drinks. Jude was surprised he could feel this way for another man, and despite the fact that his lover was married with a family, the two progressed into a deeper relationship.

Cadha could not ignore how her husband was suddenly so sidetracked with this man. He wasn't responsive to her anymore; he hardly came home if it could be avoided. Her suspicions were riled, along with her upset. Determined to get to the bottom of this strange behavior, she set out after him one night. Unfortunately, she caught the two outside her own home in a compromising embrace as they said goodnight. Murdock had been sorry to be discovered this way, but jumped on the opportunity to tell his wife the truth that had been eating at him for years. Of course Cadha was hurt beyond belief-- the man she loved had just admitted he was gay, and had never held any affection for her beyond friendship. Murdock moved out in the following weeks in stages and into the apartment of Jude, who kept their relationship on the down-low from the other wizards at work. They knew what would happen if people found out two men were living together, and not as flatmates.

Alone and depressed, Cadha turned to the only other man that had showed an interest in her, an Irish wizard named Desmond O'Maley. To cope, she spent her days with him instead to forget the man she was legally married to-- that was until their divorce had been made official. Murdock would come around to share joint custody with their children, every other weekend. Desmond and Murdock had never gotten along; it seemed the two of them could not be in the same room without getting into an argument. He didn't believe that Cadha's kids should be exposed to a relationship that wasn't 'natural', and Desmond never made this a secret to anybody. She bought into this argument too, a little. She preferred Murdock not to bring their children around Jude, as she was convinced he had bewitched her husband somehow.

Just months after this all happened, Cadha was pregnant once more-- this time with Desmond's son, Conor. The four(soon to be five)some was quickly relocated to his home, and an engagement ring put on her finger. Though he wasn't the love of her life, he still made her forget the depression that threatened to consume her every time Murdock was around.

     Youngster Years:
Farlane, like his siblings, did not understand what his parents were going through. One day, his father was around and the next, replaced with another wizard. Desmond seemed stricter than Murdock; he was not nearly as sensitive or caring, and did not encourage the same affection between everybody. Farlane was used to being cuddled at night whenever the closet monster stared at him-- he was used to having his hand held each time he crossed streets, or being picked up and carried. Cadha's new interest did none of these. In fact, Desmond encouraged the boy to stand on his own two feet, and be independent of others. He was four already! He was a boy! He didn't need to hold hands, or any sort of coddling. It confused the child, for his sisters were treated with far more lenience and gentility.

Vanora and Farlane started life as close because they were only months apart. They were partners in crime, running around the house and getting into trouble wherever it could be found. At first, playing dress up had been fun. The two often raided their parents' closet and wrapped up in their nice robes. Only, Farlane always wanted to put on his mother's prettier robes. He and Vanora would dress themselves in expensive fabrics and drown their heads with frilly hats, then run out into the yard to show off the ensembles. Caroline would follow them around, wanting to be involved in the fun-- though she usually sat on the sides and laughed at their antics, as if her siblings were putting on a show especially for her.

Unfortunately, the other boys in their neighborhood took notice of how five year old Farlane liked to dress up in his mother's clothes and play housewife with his sisters. Soon, the nastier ones would wander near their yard to taunt him about it. Desmond sometimes had to come outside to run them all off, but not before they would reduce the boy to tears. Desmond's solution to this would be to put Farlane into time out for having gotten into his mother's closet in the first place (though Vanora never received punishments for the same behavior). If Farlane wouldn't stop crying, he would go to bed without any supper.

So the boy learned that, at least in front of his mother's boyfriend, he had to buck up. It wasn't just he who got such rough treatment; Desmond was the same way with his own son, Conor. Though Conor was much younger and therefore easier to mold to his will, whereas Farlane had experienced Murdock's mollycoddling first. Desmond feared that this 'unusual' behavior would rub off onto Conor, so he was refused to be alone with Farlane without any supervision. Usually, he was kept at his father's knee and told all about what it was like to be a man. The fact that Cadha's ex-husband had run away with another man seemed to poison Desmond's mind into the belief that Murdock's children would be just like him, especially Farlane. Cadha never really stepped in to halt this progress to turn her little boys into 'little men'; she felt it would do good to have a good role model in her sons' life.

Isleen was born, and attention shifted away from the other children a bit to make way for their new daughter. During this time, Farlane, Vanora, and Caroline were often passed to Murdock's waiting arms to care for, so that the other couple had breathing time. Desmond refused to let Conor go with them, as he would not have his son exposed to two gay men. With Murdock, things would return to normal. Farlane didn't feel as scared to cry if he stubbed his toe, and he was allowed to dress as whatever he liked there. It became a habit of his to knock down the curtains around the apartment and match up pretty or exotic colors. He would then get to parade around in front of his siblings, his father, and Jude to a flurry of applause. This positive attention really made him feel better about himself, and not quite so different when among people who encouraged everything he did rather than limit him to specific behaviors.

It wasn't always fun and games, though. Murdock was also concerned with giving his children a decent education-- he took it upon himself to start their lessons at the same time, even though Caroline was two years younger (four). Before this, Farlane and Vanora had spent time with picture books and marveled at the figures running across their pages. Cadha and Desmond both had been too busy to do anything more with them, so Farlane's education started later than usual. Murdock was a patient person, though, and filled his nights tutoring the three children. Each night, he would find different ways to engage them in their lessons. Farlane especially enjoyed when sock puppets were brought out and chatted about the importance of spelling and reading-- though, the fact that he got to decorate the puppets in something different each time certainly made things more interesting. Murdock claimed the boy was a blossoming artist, and encouraged this.

Farlane did not begin to actually draw until his seventh birthday, when Jude bought him muggle pencils and paper. He was told this was his very own, and could be used to put down all of his ideas. While it was originally intended as a journal of sorts, the boy spent more time doodling in the corners. Sometimes entire pages would be dedicated to crude drawings of how he next planned to decorate sock puppets, or even what he had seen witches and wizards wearing that he liked. Farlane also liked to do amateur portraits of his family, though being so young at this time, they looked more cartoonish with large heads, stick arms and legs, and bulbous eyes.

     It's Just Not the Same:
Cadha and Desmond finally decided to tie the knot, though the wedding was a small and quick affair. Conor was allowed to be the ring bearer, while Cadha's daughters were flower girls. Farlane wasn't involved, but sat in the front row as supporting family with the rest of his grandparents and Desmond's loved ones. It seemed that his step-father had lost all patience once this happened-- he was no longer tolerant of any 'fruity' behavior in his house. Murdock had allowed Farlane to take the sock puppets back with him, to work on new designs for their next lessons. However, Desmond took it that Farlane was playing with 'dolls' and had them burned. His explanation for this behavior was so his son didn't get confused and think it was okay to play with dolls, or other girl toys. To say the least, Farlane was devastated by this loss. He felt stifled, unwelcome, and unfairly picked on by this man.

Murdock was outraged to learn of Desmond's treatment of Farlane. In a confrontation, their argument had escalated to wands withdrawn, bloody noses, and several broken lamp shades and mirrors. Murdock was especially shocked that Cadha would have no hand in denying her new husband anything, including how he decided to raise her children. The step-father showed an obvious preference for his own children and neglected the other three, though his discrimination especially centered around Farlane. If that weren't enough, the kids in their neighborhood had begun to pick on him even more after learning about the 'dolls' he played with, something Caroline had let slip while trying to prove a point about her brother's (whom she idolized) creativity.

     He's A Wizard:
One day, while Farlane, Vanora, and Caroline were playing in the front yard, these kids came by to toss rocks. His sisters had the opportunity to run inside to tattle while Farlane stood to ward them off, but only managed to get himself beat up in the process. It was three on one, and they had knocked him down easily. Desmond had come outside to see the commotion that Vanora and Caroline had complained of, seeing that the boy was being attacked. Rather than help, he yelled out commands to Farlane on how to fight back and get out of this situation. Seeing that an adult had come on the scenes, the other kids had stopped kicking and stood there guiltily, wondering if they were in trouble. By this time, Farlane had screamed his frustration, which caused a branch to snap off the tree hanging above the small group. It nearly fell on the boys, but they had enough time to jump back and then ran for it, laughing all the way home. Despite this first display of magic, Desmond did not congratulate him. Instead, he was chastised for his weakness and sent inside to clean himself up.

To say the least, Farlane came to despise his step-father. He hated how Isleen ignored him because her father told her to, and how Conor would never meet his eyes. Things were always different when the man wasn't around, though. Even they would not see any harm sitting with him and playing-- until their little session got broken up, of course. Of the two, Conor seemed to hold back the most. On several occasions, he had sought out Farlane's company to ask for approval of something. Though Farlane was only eight at this time, he thought it meant that his little brother looked up to him in some regards, but was simply afraid of what his father would think. Frustrations in the home were high, and it all centered around this little eight year old boy and a man more than three times his age.

Farlane retreated into his room for the most part. He spent his time drawing and expressing his creativity this way; he seemed to get into less trouble if he simply kept out of Desmond's face. Caroline usually came to keep him company; she often served as his portrait model. Using her face as practice, he was able to get better and better. The eyes were no longer so bulbous... Arms were fleshed out... Farlane was beginning to show true talent, which he shared with Murdock on every opportunity. Murdock was so proud of all of his son's accomplishments, he hung each drawing up on the walls. It showed a literal progress of the boy's artistic abilities, from square one and further down to things that began to resemble an actual face. This was Farlane's encouragement, his inspiration not to let his step-father ruin his life. Because he knew at least his father and Jude cared about him, and his sisters.

     One Relationship Lost, Another Strengthens:
By this point, Vanora and Farlane's relationship had begun to deteriorate. She had begun to hang out with the other neighborhood girls, who did nothing but consistently drag her brother's name in the mud. Some even tried to lump her into the 'weirdo' category because she was his sister. A sort of bitterness formed within her about it; she demanded to know why he was so different from everyone else-- why couldn't he just do what everyone expected? Vanora ignored her brother, and shunned him for being more interested in artistic endeavors than outside wrestling with the other boys. If the two got into arguments, she was the first to throw out that Desmond was right, and he behaved 'fruity'.

So, his relationship with Caroline strengthened considerably. He felt as if he was losing everybody around him because he did not act like every other boy did. He was more interested in clothes, drawing, and decorating. He still played with new sock puppets Murdock had made him, in secret. Caroline was about the only one, besides his mother, who would address him kindly now. The two of them holed up in his room to play together, separate from the other kids because they refused to tolerate Farlane's presence in their games. Desmond encouraged this behavior-- he made Farlane feel as if the only place for him was locked up in a room, where nobody could see him and be embarrassed. Because that was what he was, a family embarrassment.

Farlane did his best to get through these tough times. Vanora began Hogwarts, which alleviated some of his stress-- she wasn't around to blame him for how the other neighborhood kids ignored her. Nobody at Hogwarts would know who they were, and he hoped some of her anger would be displaced because of that. As Farlane kept to himself and Caroline, he was quite the soft-spoken boy. It was hard for him to control his emotions. Each time Desmond looked at him with that disgust, he wanted to cry. Sometimes he would, but only in private. The only highlights were getting to stay with his father every other weekend. These moments pepped him up enough to last the week with Desmond.

Desmond may have been a monster to Farlane, but he treated his children as any good father would. Of course, he steered Conor away from feminine behavior; he showered him in stereotypical boy things to reinforce the fact that he was, in fact, a boy. And Isleen was coddled; she got pretty dresses and a lot of his attention. He thought he was simply helping Farlane, too, by being so hard on him. He wanted his step-son to stop with the girly-behavior and so practiced tough love. If Farlane wanted to get any sort of praise from the wizard, he had to prove worthy of it. This was difficult to do, since he considered himself a mistake-- Desmond had beat it into his skull so many times, it was only natural for him to believe this too. Under this roof, his self-esteem just crumbled.

     Changing Homes:
Murdock was not blind to his son's change in attitude. Each time his children came over, Farlane seemed more and more withdrawn and would not reveal exactly why. Of course, his father correctly assumed it had a lot to do with Desmond's non-tolerance of feminine boys. Murdock recognized that his son was different; the last thing he wanted was to see his son go what he went through. And so, he finally appealed to Cadha. Farlane should stay with him, on a more permanent basis because where he was now, was clearly not healthy for him. Indeed, the boy had grown pale and tired easily. At first, Cadha was resistant to allow her son to move out of their house-- he was her baby, and she didn't seem to understand how deeply bruised he had become.

However, Desmond of all people, stepped in and convinced Cadha this would be for the best. This was for selfish reasons, of course. His son wouldn't be exposed to Farlane any further, which was what he ultimately wanted. With everyone against her, the woman relented and allowed Farlane to move in with his father. The change was immediate: stress was lifted from the boy's shoulders. It was unfortunate now that he could only see Caroline every other weekend, but it was worth that sacrifice to be away from their step-father. Murdock set out to rebuild his son's confidence, and not to be ashamed of who he was. This was good medicine.

Though, even at his father's, the ten year old was not blind to what went on around them. It became clear to him that witches and wizards were suspicious of the relationship Murdock shared with Jude-- they were slowly becoming more and more open about it. Once, being taken out for an ice cream treat, the trio was denied service by an elderly wizard. He would not give them any specific reason for this discrimination, but the look on his father's face told Farlane he knew exactly why. When asked, however, Murdock simply brushed it off and complained their ice cream hadn't been any good anyway. Instead, they bought some from the store and had a quiet evening inside. This memory has stuck out clearly in Farlane's mind since.

As Hogwarts loomed nearer, his trepidation began. Would the boys there be just like the ones on his street? Had Vanora stopped hating him so much? What had she told everyone? Murdock assured his son not to concern himself so much with what other people thought. There were always going to be bullies that wouldn't like him for one reason or another-- he would not be able to control this. But he would also have friends and people who loved him still rallied behind, and never be alone.

After receiving his letter, Farlane's present was a tortoiseshell kitten which earned the name Precious through a series of adorable mewls and showing off her patched tummy. Murdock also took his son to Diagon Alley to purchase the necessary items. Farlane was allowed to run wild in the robe shops. The uniforms he felt were atrocious and so...uniform... His father still bought him the finest silk he could afford, since the child had a preference for the shinier, more expensive fabrics.

     A Whole New Chapter:
Farlane was terrified for the train ride, as he would be leaving behind his support and going in alone. Vanora's attitude towards him had not changed; she had brushed by him on the platform without a word, and joined her friends in their own compartment. Murdock, Jude, Cadha, and Caroline had all come to see the two children off. He was queasy the entire ride, purely from nerves alone. He was forced to sit with other first years who spent more time eating their boogers than talking. His only company was Precious, who had laid on his lap the whole way. The sorting process was scary as well. Farlane felt on display for the entire school, and thought he could hear other boys whisper about his shiny clothes. But the hat wasn't on his head for very long at all, and he was able to join his boisterous table in relief. His sister, Vanora, was not in the same house as he.

That first year was a tough one. His first obstacle was flying class-- heights had never been something he had to tackle before, and it terrified him when he nearly slipped from his broom. Afterwards, he did his best to keep his feet firmly planted by complaining of constant stomachaches and being excused to the Hospital Wing for check-ups. Farlane's fears of being bullied by the other students were recognized when they pointed out his feminine behavior and how soft-spoken he was. His classy, stylish robes did not help dispel these rumors. Not every student was cruel, just a select few that liked to follow him in the corridors and berate him as he walked. Many of them were Slytherins, like Julius Witts. But there were others from his own house, even, like Eamon Doyle, who loves to use him as a guinea pig for their pranks.

Not too long into the term, the attacks on students began. Everyone, including Farlane, was in a panic. He had not been warned that there was such a danger to attend this school. He did his best to stick around with the other first years, but rumors had it that muggleborns were being targeted. Farlane was not willing to risk a chance of assuming he was safe, and neither was his father by the time a second year student and a ghost had been petrified. Murdock yanked Farlane out of school before he could find himself as one of these unfortunate kids. He was thankful to leave the frenzied atmosphere, as home felt safest. Though he sometimes thought he had given into his father without a fight and abandoned the rest of his classmates, which was simply a cowardly thing to do. The only thing that made him feel better was the fact other students had been pulled from school too because of worried parents, along with his sister Vanora.

With the free time he had, Farlane spent time figuring out ways to make his uniform nicer. He didn't plan to actually use any of these ideas, since he already had enough students commenting about it. It was purely to amuse himself. Jude took interest in Farlane's potential-- he had some friends who owned a fashion boutique and thought that, once he was old enough, he'd make a nice addition to the ranks. It was also Jude's fault that Farlane took up an obsession with horoscopes; the wizard perused them daily, and left the newspapers lying around for anyone else. Once Farlane got his hands on them, he was hooked. He simply had to know what his Cancer sign revealed with each day.

Once the second term rolled around, he was ready to return and start anew. The attacks had been solved, there seemed to be no real threat-- expect that the wizarding world was now on the search for some escape convict. Neither Murdock or Jude thought a convict would get into Hogwarts, not with the doubled security. Farlane spent his time worrying over how students saw him. For once, he just wanted to be liked for who he was but that was impossible. His own sister ignored him blatantly in front of others. He was considered so different. Farlane was tired of being an oddity to gawk at, simply because of his clothes and feminine swagger! So, he attempted to mold in with the rest of the boys (thinking back on what Desmond had always told him). He pretended to be fearless; he picked on other girls; he hid his drawings and borrowed regular robes for a while.

It was terrible. Farlane had never felt so ordinary and unlike himself before, or since. None of it felt right. Spending time with these boys was about as interesting as a broomstick in his eyes. They were beyond dull, only wanting to tackle each other and get their clothes dirty. Acting like a hooligan simply was not Farlane. To make matters worse, this dark-haired boy seemed to catch his eye more and more. For a while, he believed this student could do no wrong and was somebody to idolize. It may have been a slight crush, but as he was only twelve, this was not recognized by the boy. The more time he wanted to spend time with him, the more people noticed. Vanora had even spotted this behavior, and 'accidentally' let slip to the student how her brother felt. That was the end of their friendship-- Farlane got ostracized from the group of boys immediately.

People were beginning to get cruel now. Farlane could hardly walk down the hallway without a hex being tossed over his head, almost like a warning. Protecting himself became a necessity. Classes took on a sudden new meaning to the young wizard-- it was important he concentrate on what was being taught him if he wanted to survive in the school. More chaos began when all the students were woken up in the dead of night and herded into the Great Hall. Farlane's PJs were of a dark purple, glimmery sort of fabric that only served as an embarrassment that night. He had never expected anyone else to really see them, since he had the privacy of a four poster bed before then. Confused as to what could be going on, he spent the night curled up in one of the sleeping bags, away from the general group of people. It wasn't until during classes the next day that whispers claimed the escape convict had somehow broken into Hogwarts.

First thing Murdock tried to do, was pull his children out of school once again. This was his chance to get away from those students that just would not stop harassing him. Though, he was tired of trying to hide from everything-- it made him feel as if he did his own house a disservice, not sticking it out with the rest of them, and coping with the bullies. And so, Farlane was able to convince the man not to do this, mostly through claiming at how far behind he was in classes because of the last time. It took many letters, but in the end, he was allowed to remain there.

There was another close call with this crazy convict; Farlane almost believed he could walk into this man rounding a corner. But he got through the term just fine, and in one piece, despite some emotional bruising. Over the summer, some pimples popped up on his face and had him fret. He thought he looked hideous and could barely look at himself in a mirror, until Murdock bought some special ointment that helped make the disgusting boils disappear. It didn't really help much though, since another pimple would replace the one that just disappeared. He also sprouted a few inches, and seemed to plateau around five foot five. Farlane was a bit disappointed about this, as his father and mother had been rather tall. He was hoping to have some height to him, so that students would stop pointing out his feminine features and behaviors. Height could have equaled a new intimidation factor..

Farlane wasn't too out of spirits to start Hogwarts for his third tyear. Caroline had finally become of age and would now join him. He got to spend the time with her on the train ride there, and smiled encouragement to her during the sorting process. Unfortunately, she was sorted into Hufflepuff-- so far, none of the Kirkpatrick children had been sorted into the same house. This didn't stop the boy from sticking to his sister's side like glue. School was finally tolerable because he had support from somebody at last; he was not so completely alone. People didn't bother him as much when he was with her, either. Apparently, there was some truth to safety in numbers. Caroline introduced him to another Hufflepuff first year, Ariana Laurier, who was a little fireball. The three of them began the winter holiday with a huge snowball fight (which they have continued each first snowfall every year since). Ariana won the entire thing; Farlane had given up when she pelted a huge snowball right in his face and made his nose sting. His concentration had been far too much on making the snowballs so perfect and round..

It felt so great to finally have some friends. Farlane was a lot more open about himself because of these girls. He wasn't afraid to walk around in those fancy robes, or practice his portraits in public. He even dared to modify his uniform a bit with some lace, borrowing from the ideas he had never planned on using the year before. It seemed that Farlane got along best with the girls in Hogwarts; they didn't see him as a threat, and he often got compliments for the crazy fashion sense. A muggle friend had opened him up to their style of dress, which burst in a new generation of fashion opportunity for Farlane-- now he had almost an unlimited wardrobe to play around with. Even at this young age, he had thought of pursuing this as a career. This idea, however, was kept to himself for now. Thanks to Caroline, Ariana, and their girlfriends he now felt he belonged somewhere.

He was quite excited to watch the Triwizard Tournament. Once the Beauxbatons students invaded their school, he felt as if he'd met his soul mates. They were such an artistic, eclectic bunch of students that were so completely open with who they were-- he was jealous of them for it! There was even a boy, Marcel, that he got to meet who was a year older. Marcel was like himself in a lot of ways, very stylish and feminine. But the student was a poet, and spent the time with Farlane, sharing this amazing stuff he wrote. He was completely in awe of the boy, and this was the first time he recognized attraction for someone of the same sex. He blushed whenever Marcel came around, whenever Marcel would touch him, even if by accident. This, he knew, couldn't be normal for every boy. And it seemed that Marcel returned the sentiment, as he didn't mind being around Farlane even when he acted so tongue-tied.

The Durmstrang students did not impress Farlane nearly as much. In fact, he did his best to avoid them, afraid they might target him for some reason as they seemed so cold. For the Yule Ball, he prepared to go with one of his sister's friends, a chunky girl in her fourth year who hadn't wanted to go alone. He spent an entire three weeks preparing an outfit of his own make, for the first time. He got a little help from some older girls, who knew some handy sewing spells and taught him how to string it all together for a final project-- these tips, of course, ones that propelled him further in his dream to become a stylist. His robes were fine silk of a light blue material that shimmered as he walked; it matched Farlane's eyes perfectly. In the end, he ended up going-- sort of-- with Marcel. The girl Farlane had originally went with, abandoned him about five minutes in for the refreshment table. Luckily, Marcel showed up to rescue him from a lonely night indeed. They weren't official, but they banded together for the entire night so it felt as if they had been dates. Though neither actually got on the dance floor with each other, they did stay on the sidelines and sway together. It was as close to dancing with him as Farlane was willing to do with everyone watching.

While the tasks went on, Farlane cheered for Hogwarts with the rest of his school. He felt Cedric Diggory should have been their only champion, and hoped he would win. The entire populace was in collective shock however, when that famous Potter kid had returned from their final task, dragging Cedric's lifeless body. Farlane couldn't believe that someone would go as far as to murder their opponent, simply to win. He, like many others, refused to believe the story that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had returned; there was no evidence. Things ended on a sour, depressed note after that. Saying goodbye to Marcel certainly did not help anything, either. Though they promised to write each other, Farlane accepted the fact he most likely would never see or hear from the boy again.

This was not the case. Over the summer, he received countless letters from Marcel which he has kept faithfully in a little box under his bed. Caroline almost became jealous of the budding friendship between the two, and didn't quite understand why her brother was so enamored. Farlane wanted to tell her how he really felt, but didn't think she was old enough to hear it. He was also trying to deny that these feelings were anything odd to begin with-- maybe he was just mistaken... When lying to himself didn't do it, he simply covered it up.

Fourth year started unpleasantly. After being back to school for merely a week, Farlane got his head shoved into one of the enchanted knights. It took a full twenty minutes to extricate himself from it; there was some physical bruising and scrapes on his hands because of his struggles. Embarrassed, he tried to hide in a deserted corridor but his sniffles had echoed loudly enough to bring the attention of an older Hufflepuff girl, Alice Acelyn. They got to talking about what happened and she helped him out with his minor injuries-- apparently the girl planned to become a mediwitch of some sort, and took this task seriously. Farlane was just glad she hadn't laughed at him and added to his misery; they were friends from this point on.

There was a new DADA professor-- the position seemed to be cursed-- and she was appointed from the Ministry. Dolores Umbridge was the most horrible creature he had ever laid eyes on. Her classes were absolutely useless to Farlane; how could he protect himself from other students if all they did was copy notes? He never once got to use his wand under her supervision. To make matters worse, new decrees kept stomping out the freedoms of all the students. It felt as if they were all prisoners.

Farlane was quite shocked one day when Jane Lennon, a girl a year older than himself who had been one of the rare people to not give
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Malcolm Todd McCulloch
i wake up every evening with a big smile on my face
and it never feels out of place
and you're still probably working at a 9 to 5 pace
i wonder how bad that tastes

First Name: Malcolm
Last Name: McCulloch
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: Irish
Spoken Languages: Gaelic, English
Place of Birth: Kerry, Ireland
Age/Date of Birth: 18 | September 18th
Approved Special Features:

when you see my face
hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell
when you walk my way
hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell

Eyes: Blue, very light in color.
Hair: Brown, flat buzz cut.
Height: 6'3 ft.
General Appearance:
Todd has light-brown hair cropped short in a buzz cut. If one were to pat the ends of his hair, they would feel stiff and prickly. His almond-shaped eyes are an expressive blue, and easy to interpret his emotions from. The boy has his father's defined features considered by some to be agreeable to the eye. With a square jaw, a large protruding nose, pointed chin, and high cheekbones, he has quite the distinguished appearance. Todd's lips are thin and pink, his cheeks sallow, eyebrows dark and arched. His height is perhaps the first thing people notice of him, as he's grown to an astonishing six foot three over the summers since his fourth year. Athletic endeavors like Quidditch have given the boy some muscles and strength, though he isn't hulking but lean. Todd spends a lot of time outdoors, so naturally his skin would take on a tanned glow and has been relatively blemish free since his fifth year.

Dressing Style:
Wizard wear is, of course, Todd's most preferred choice considering it's what he's grown up knowing. Usually outfitted in the best of robes, he likes darker shades that flatter his complexion. It's not uncommon to see him in blazers or jackets, slacks or jeans. He dresses for the casual on most days; that careful medium between slob and proper. Todd wants to look nice but he doesn't want to be considered a brown-noser for it. And he does have a penchant for scarves, too. Todd wears his house scarf daily, no matter wear he goes, as a symbol of pride. As a result, he will also don his house colors often too, especially during Quidditch matches... He'll practically drown in house sportsmanship then. No matter what, though, Todd's dress is form-fitting and considered - by himself - to be superior. He does make an effort to look nice.

now where's your picket fense, love?
and where's that shiny car?
and did it ever get you far?
you never seemed so tensed, love
i've never seen you fall so hard
do you know where you are?

General Character Traits:
Todd comes from - what his father would call - "good breeding". From a young age, he was brought up to be a well-mannered individual to uphold the family's name. Years of watching and adopting his father's behavior has allowed him to be quite the respectable young person. While Todd is frank in speech, he knows to tread lightly on touchy subjects for others - he is delicate, careful not to upset the balance. He will ask questions but not to the point of overstepping personal boundaries, and even if he did, there is always a quick apology on his tongue. Todd is amicable; someone who makes a strenuous effort to get along with everybody. He constantly revises his personality to what his company would expect or need of him at that time, and it is rare that he will disregard a body in the room. In fact, some have speculated that Todd has no temper of any kind because he is so disciplined to withhold his anger. It's this friendly, calm demeanor that makes him a favorite for some. Not to mention this debonair quality he's got about him. Todd tries to be a lady killer; he's romantic in the very definition of the word. He'll wine and dine, shower in gifts and attention, though he does so expecting a return of his efforts. Fast-talking appears to be a gift of his; he loves to sugarcoat lots of things and typically tosses the "love" word around even though to him it means nothing. It doesn't pain him to open doors, hold out chairs, or pay for a meal every now and again. Indeed, he's somehow managed to keep most of his ex-girlfriends as friends and if he's lucky, they'll still pay him favors.

It is against Todd's nature to be shy in any fashion; since a young age, he's been the out-going strong personality. It doesn't scare him to approach others, and it doesn't intimidate him to offer hip new, inspiring ideas for others to leech onto. He always tries to be the life of the party in a very direct manner. It's fairly obvious when he walks into a room that he'd prefer all eyes to be on him. Naturally, this makes Todd a lover of athletics - especially Quidditch. Quidditch has been his life for as long as he can remember because there's a history of it in his family, and he fully expects his father to get him on a professional team once he graduates from Hogwarts. Todd is heavily involved in all school functions; anything that will show him as a responsible young adult that should be admired and not criticized ( even though fulfilling responsibility is a drag ). But he is an aggressive competitor in everything he does - not to mention a sabotager and a poor sport. While he may keep a good face in public, it's not uncommon to find Todd ranting his Gaelic later on in the day. What confuses some people is that he does it with a smile on his face so they don't pick up on what's actually wrong. He's intelligent in that clever way. If knowing a bunch of useless facts makes someone smart, then he's got to be Einstein. Todd has a distinct thirst for knowledge for the sole purpose of being the best. To him, a few extra hours of studying is worth it if it means overshadowing his peers. Todd wants to be influential and feels this would definitely make others aspire to be like him - followers, in other words. He's quite ambitious, wanting to have anything and everything, and isn't afraid to put in the effort to acquire it. The boy thrives on control, to know that things are a fixed guarantee. It provides him security to know he has it all under thumb.

Clearly, this perfect image that Todd works to uphold does not come without sacrifices. Narcissism makes everyone dispensable in his eyes. Everything he does is done for a specific reason, and most certainly for a benefit to himself. Todd is self-indulgent; he is neglectful of his peers and considers them "pawns" in the grand scheme of things, because they are all used to make him happy. If someone presents the opportunity, he will take advantage and he will also blackmail. No information told to him is safe - if it proves to be vital for him to betray someone's trust, he will do so. The boy plays dirty; whatever weapon that's available to him will be used. Because he is such a poor sport, he typically finds nasty ways to practice vengeance on his opponents. Though, Todd is also quite manipulative. He can reinvent himself for every person he meets - become what they want him to be. He uses reason and logic to influence their own faults, and misdirect their attention away from his own. Todd purposely uses his amicable personality to win people over with smiles. Situations are twisted to fit his advantage. In the end of it, Todd will find a way to make himself look the victim.

     Activities: Todd's entire life has been Quidditch, which is mostly his father's influence. He thinks of it often and gets depressed if he has to sit out on games rather than play. But it's not the only activity he participates in. In fact, Todd is found at all the school functions voluntarily, whether attendance is mandatory or not - promptly, too.
     Progression: It's only natural for someone to want all their endeavors to pay off, and Todd is no different. He's downright determined whenever a decision is made. He loves planning and hates surprises. Todd has to predict what the future will hold before proceeding. Everything he does is for the better, at least in regards to himself. There is not one thing he does that isn't some cold, calculated move to further his ambitions.
     Sources: Anything that helps to supply knowledge is greatly respected by Todd. As a sponge, he likes to soak up everything he can and store, almost like a weapon, for later use. He's a sore loser and cannot take that someone else could know of something before it's reached his ears. Todd will literally spend hours of his day in the library or another solitary space with one book, newspaper, or other, pouring over every aspect until he could recite it back. His idea of perfection includes smarts beyond imagining, which happens to be something he's trying ( and is failing ) to accomplish.
     Butterbeer: It was difficult for Todd not to become accustomed to the sweet taste of butterbeer. Actually, it might be that he's addicted to it, as he's been consuming the subject for many years on a regular basis. Though he isn't technically superstitious, he tends to blame irritability or bad luck on the off-chance that he didn't get his daily dose of butterbeer. Of course, he prefers the drink because it gives him a jittery sugar-high for a good two hours afterwards.
     Smoking: Only recently has Todd taken up this habit because several of his friends considered it cool. He will only light up a cigarette when there are many people around to watch him do so, and even then it takes some control for him not to cough it all up. Though, he has begun to think it provides a calming element to a particularly stressful day.
     Females: Women... they are definitely the source of Todd's delight. He loves to wine and dine them when he'll get something in return for it. As it seems, his tastes run a little older than himself. Todd's developed a pension for women who are - what he calls them - seasoned; they are not only older, but experienced. They also happen to be either wealthy, pureblood, or with a keen fashion sense. And it doesn't hurt if they are married, either. That way, Todd doesn't have to worry about making promises.
     Popularity: Having everything is important to him. He always seems to be striving for something bigger and better, to one-up those around him. Todd wants to be the role model. It pleases him when others seek him out for advice, even more so when they take orders he gives. There is nothing more satisfying for him than to be surrounded by a large group of admirers even as he pretends to be modest with the attention.
     Status: Though it may not be as noticeable, Todd does align himself with specific kinds of people. Usually, their family boasts of a long line of purebloods, wealth, and extraordinary talents. Now, he won't exactly ignore those that don't meet these qualifications, but he is most often found with someone that could be considered important.
     Perfume: Perfume, when the person isn't drowned in it, can be a sweet, attractive thing. Todd responds most to those who wear what he'd deem as "expensive smells"; if it smells as if it cost several galleons for one tiny bottle, then it's worth being around. He has learned that most perfumes of quality happen to be less compelling in presentation but last the longest. Todd doesn't want to stand four feet away and smell a woman but a simple fragrance that lasts all day is nice.
     Earrings: Earrings happen to be a very cheap gift to spoil on the opposite sex, at least in Todd's experience. It's the first thing he would think of to purchase - indeed, perhaps the only thing - as they are the sort of pretty, shiny objects that he believes girls fawn over. They look nice enough in his opinion; he finds it odd if a girl doesn't wear earrings.

     Kissing: Kissing is enjoyable, but Todd has felt that it is too intimate, even more so than the act of love itself. What unmans him is the fact that his lover's face is close and he can now look into the eyes he is deceiving; it is much easier for him to avoid this contact and spread enjoyment elsewhere, meanwhile keeping his own emotions out of it. He doesn't want to have strong connections like this. Todd is always quick to make up reasons why he will never kiss his current conquest, though he isn't always able to back out of it. Often he'll turn his head away if a girl attempts to kiss him. If it can be helped, his lips are a no-touch zone.
     Clinginess: No-strings attached fun is what Todd is looking for. Girls who are needy, and cling to him as if they cannot support their own legs, annoy the hell out of him. Dependence upon a soul shows sign of weakness, which to him is highly unattractive. Though it isn't just those simpering girls that have this quality - it applies to everyone he's around. Todd's been raised to believe that strength must always be maintained, and a slip-up could be vital. While he may not be openly rude to those who need others, he tends to stand several paces away from them. However, should their loyalty be to him? That isn't quite as hard to stomach.
     Innocence: What bothers Todd most of innocence, is the fact that some people are quite adept at faking it. Sometimes, he cannot decipher if one is being true or not. As a result, he finds the entire thing a fiasco whether it be truth or not. He cannot understand why people would prefer to stand in ignorance; he cannot understand how they could be so sheltered. In Todd's mind, to know is to be prepared. Therefore, someone without this knowledge must be dumb. He doesn't associate with dumb people, unless it could be of any benefit to himself. Just the fact that somebody could dare to wear white could make Todd sneer in judgment - well, in his head at least.
     Frustration: No one likes to lose their cool. It takes an awful lot of effort to make Todd slip in his demeanor, but it isn't impossible - the right buttons just have to be pushed. Unfortunately, when his frustration is released, it is done so in a tidal wave of tantrums and abuse. This is not good for public face and requires a lot of butt-kissing to make up for his momentary lapse in behavior. Thus, he's employed the use of his native tongue should something ever set him off. Todd's found that not many students understand he is cursing foully because he does so with a smile.
     Responsibility: To be in charge of anything is cumbersome, especially if it's of another being entirely. If Todd has not purposely gone off to take charge, then he does not want to. It offends him deeply whenever asked to take on a workload in addition to what he's set for himself - it hinders plans, takes effort, and is usually unpleasant. It also tells him that he's being used - discreetly, of course. The only upside to responsibility is that it shows others he can be dependable, and therefore they will come to him first for favors. And of course, favors come at a price where Todd is considered.
     Apologizing: To humble himself for any reason is a great loss of dignity. While it may raise his esteem in the public's eye because he's taken the mature road, Todd never fails to feel as if he's just swallowed soap. It's unpleasant, uncomfortable, and admits defeat; to apologize is to say he was wrong about something, which Todd strives never to be. He cannot be perfect if all people remember about him is his knack for doing everything wrong.
     Skeptical folks: Todd isn't one for too many questions, especially when they're aimed at his character. Inquisitive minds, he finds, are highly detrimental because they're nosy. What he wants is someone who'd take what he says as truth without the interrogation to satisfy their own curiosity. He can't have people questioning his motives right and left - he'll lose the contacts he's worked hard to maintain. Indeed, those skeptical people are, perhaps, the ones he trusts the least.
     Dances: While Todd shows some skill and gracefulness on a broom, he is far less as impressive on the dance floor. He cannot dance to save his life, knows this, and keeps it under wraps. Also, having to partner only one person, as is custom, bothers him. Todd likes to spread the love - he'd rather not have to bring a date and pay her certain obligations. Going stag means he can hang around the perimeters with friends and feign disinterest, as if no girl there was anybody he'd like to dance with. It's just as well, though. He's never learned how to dance well because to stand close to another in such intimate settings also unnerves him. Todd does better when the dance is horizontal and there isn't room to talk.
     Coyness: Todd loves girls; he loves women. He likes to spend time with them, especially if it'll result in some heavy snog sessions or more. What he doesn't like, however, is how much they like to play and wind men up. Teasing. Unfortunately, Todd isn't someone who appreciates a game as "foreplay". He's learnt that, nine times out of ten, the girls who like to tease and flirt with ideas, will never act on them and he's stuck with some alone time. It'll be wasted effort. These girls aren't innocent - they know exactly what they're doing, leading him on. For this reason, Todd spends very little time tolerating them. He may make a small effort now and again to get her to finally own up to everything she's been playing at, but it doesn't turn him on. At all.
     Body Odor: Bad BO is about the worst thing to tolerate. Todd himself goes to great lengths to keep himself clean and nice, and yes, he does expect the same respect from others. He doesn't want to have to smell a guy's armpits, or a girl who's drenched herself in foul-smelling perfume. If they can't make an effort to be presentable, he won't spend time around them.

Todd is only human, so frustration and anger is bound to flare up in him at times. His method of hiding it is through cursing with a smile on his face. This is almost always done in his native tongue Gaelic, as he doesn't want people to discover what he's actually saying--it'd be too messy to patch that up. He is also very physical, usually touching people in some fashion whether it's a pat on their shoulder or a handshake. Todd feels some kind of contact puts souls at rest, and that they're far more likely to trust him because of it. His smile may also be used in the same calming technique. It's always present, even if someone is yelling his ear off. Though, one thing he can't really cover up is the arrogant arch of his brow when he's thinking. The boy often runs a finger across his bottom lip or has his arms crossed, but it's the lift of his eyebrow that some might not really trust.

Todd happens to be an extremely dedicated individual. He faces all endeavors with a confident, precise attitude that rarely fails him. Once his mind is set, there is nothing that can derail him until he personally acknowledges there isn't any conceivable way to accomplish what he's after. This persistence stems to his thirst of knowledge as well. Todd is controlled; he works hard to keep himself calm and collected, even though little things can annoy him. With such things working against him, it's only natural that after so many years of discipline that it'd be easy for him to smile in the face of anger.  The boy is versatile, able to adjust his personality to whatever situation is presented ( though admittedly, he's only experienced things a regular teenager would consider "hardships" ). Todd's got a good head on his shoulders, too; useless facts seem to be his specialty and his athletic prowess can come in handy. His imaginative side is quite darker than most - his most creative ideas usually involve the destruction of another. There are "scenes" in his mind's eye where he considers every possible happening he can think of, and they usually leave him victorious. And Todd is a decent manipulator; he'll conjure stories as quick as he needs them, making them out to be any believable scenario there is. The student is all honey and sugar, capable of seemingly genuine antics.

Of course, Todd's manipulating personality isn't something to always benefit him. He takes advantage of those weaker than him, makes them believe that everything is their fault. He's a dirty little liar and will stop at nothing to keep his precious name out of the mud, even if it means dragging his closest allies down. Todd is quite insincere and very untrustworthy; any juicy information given to him will certainly find it's way to a higher power unless he can scrape some blackmail out of it for himself. The boy would be the first one to turn on everyone; the first one to sabotage if a better opportunity presented itself. It's because Todd is narcissistic. There is nothing that he does that isn't in some way supposed to benefit himself. Nobody else is ever considered; they're his chess pieces. He's mistrusting of others, as well. Paranoia runs deep within him - if he can betray someone else without any thought of remorse, then he is positive another could do it to him as well. Those people he calls his "friends" are not ones he feels any true loyalty to. They are susceptible creatures that can turn as quickly as he, and therefore he must have the upper hand first. It's Todd's judgmental side that keeps him out of hot water most times, too. Within the first few seconds of meeting a person, he'll figure what their character is ( whether it be true or not ), and base their future relationship on that. It is very rare for him to correct first assumptions; he can be very close-minded in that regard. Todd happens to stereotype people by which house they originate. If someone seems to be problematic, he isn't likely to waste his time. Todd is insatiable, however. He loves attention, especially when it comes from the female population. He uses women. And even though he might get what he wants on occasion, it is never enough.

Personal History
tomorrow you'll be thinking
where did it all go wrong?
but the list goes on and on

Mother: Marianne McCulloch ( nee Sinclair ), fifty, Hufflepuff alumni, Substitute with specialization in Care of Magical Creatures
     Blood Status: Pureblood
Father: Dwayne McCulloch, fifty-six, Slytherin Alumni, Ministry Offical of Level Seven ( Department of Magical Games and Sports )
     Blood Status: Halfblood
Siblings: - - -
     Great-grandmother: Maitilde McCulloch ( nee Flanagan ), pureblood, deceased at one hundred and sixteen years of age, Slytherin Alumni
     Great-grandfather ( legally ): Ewen McCulloch, pureblood, deceased at one hundred and twenty years of age, Slytherin Alumni
     Great-grandfather ( biologically ): Henrik Ganesvoort, halfblood, one-hundred and twenty-six, Gryffindor Alumni
     Grandmother: Moira McCulloch ( nee Flynn  ), pureblood, eighty-six, Ravenclaw Alumni
     Grandfather: Odran McCulloch, halfblood, ninety, Ravenclaw Alumni
     Cousin: Paige Sinclair, halfblood, eleven, Hufflepuff
Background Story:
Maitilde McCulloch was known for her promiscuous ways--it was, perhaps, her most prominent fault. Even in marriage she was unfaithful, finding solace in whatever man would give her the attention. People assumed her pregnancy was owed to her husband, Ewen, as was only natural. However, the birth of their child could be credited to none other than the Dutch halfblooded wizard Henrik Ganesvoort. Maitilde and he carried an affair for over five months before his profession took him elsewhere, but by that time the damage had been done. Odran was born less than a year later, and it only took another two months before the woman confessed everything to her husband. Ewen of course was outraged at this discovery--his family had worked so hard to maintain their bloodline! He had believed, at the time, that having another child would solve everything; Odran would be the only soiled one in the bunch. But Maitilde and Ewen never conceived themselves, and he believed the family cursed for it. In a desperate effort to conceal this information--for whom outside of the McCulloch clan could possibly suspect Odran was not Ewen's true son--they were sworn to secrecy. The two were rather tight-lipped of the entire ordeal, and Ewen went on to pretend as if the kid was actually his, so as not to raise suspicions. And so, the family continued to align with other pureblooded witches and wizards under the pretense that they, too, shared a long history of lineage themselves. The secret died with them, but the fact remains that the McCulloch clan are not purebloods as they say.

Dwayne grew up with the same ideal to preserve family lines, though he had no clue to the truth. He was the type of man who fished around for a woman whose history was just as impressive as his, and whose family wasn't dirt-poor. He encountered Marianne Sinclair first in Hogwarts, granted they were seperated by six years and the man had no interest in children. Marianne wasn't a very pretty girl, either, and she never did grow into any great beauty. She could be considered nothing but plain, though to Dwayne, she was perfect. Oh, not in the sense of love or any of that nonsense. Rather, Marianne came from a long line of witches and wizards herself, and her personality was very mild indeed. He knew within minutes of meeting her she wouldn't cause any great stir in his life, and thus was the reason he proposed several years later when they were both in their twenties. It was a shotgun wedding with only the closest relatives involved; their honeymoon was short and uneventful. Being with Marianne was a chore, when it came to the matrimonal bed. Her plain appearance didn't help to inspire lust in him. They settled into a way of life that seemed normal to each other, though to someone on the outside would be suffocating. Dwayne was a proud, though aggressive man. He had to control everything, including Marianne. She, being a meek, sweet woman was easily under his influence. Indeed, the witch was lucky to see her family every so often as Dwayne liked his privacy. He didn't need in-laws questioning how their marriage was going.

After several years of marriage, the unlikely couple successfully reproduced in the form of their son, Malcolm ( and they would have no further children besides him ). It was a rather proud moment in Dwayne's life; his "heir" was born and simultaneously, his duty to his wife no longer required. In fact, their son grew up knowing they never shared a room together. Dwayne's treatment of Marianne declined severely once Malcolm came into existence, though his abuse only ran to degrading verbal comments and short tolerance of her mistakes. From an early age, Malcolm believed his mother as the inferior and this was natural--he too, developed a low opinion of her whereas his father raised in his esteem. Dwayne was the one to usually bounce the boy upon his knee and talk of the family and whatever great stories they had to share with new generations. He assured his son daily that greatness was in their genes, and he too, would some day astound all others. The man held high aspirations for his son. Marianne, while she had little influence in either of her mens' lives, was allowed the luxury of spoiling Malcolm rotten. He was given whatever he asked for--if he went to her at all for anything--and hardly ever had to use tears or tantrums to sway her opinion. Marianne simply wished to gain favor of her child and husband, and believed that giving in would only get her one step closer. What it did was let Malcolm see he could trample all over his mother and use her, just as his father did. Her attempts to teach him what she knew went in vain, as well. The witch occasionally subbed and had a certain flare for Care of Magical Creatures--she understood a lot of animals, and at one point tried to pawn the obsession onto Malcolm. However, he rejected the idea purely for the fact that she could like it; if she enjoyed it, then he most certainly would not ( at least in his eyes ). He was always more interested in his father's position and how much influence he had over Quidditch.

Malcolm wasn't allowed out much, and his contact with other children was seldom unless their family could boast of a history similar to the McCullochs. If he attended social functions, Dwayne would keep him within arm's reach at all times unlike the other children, who were banished to back rooms to keep each other entertained while the adults mingled. This exposure to social settings amongst the older crowd certainly influenced baby Malcolm enough; he learned fairly quickly that a smile could infinitely improve the positive feedback to his parents of how he was such a young gentleman or something of that sort. He was intrigued by the many wizards who--after imbibing a bit too much to drink--would embellish outlandish stories of all nature to impress his company ( and a good few of them really weren't fit for a three year old's ear to hear ). The ladies he encountered were all nice enough, well-dressed and respectable, even intelligent women. However, Malcolm always considered them sub-par to the male gender, if that. He figured they were only there to keep the men happy, and his misjudgment got him into trouble when he demanded to know why a man's wife hadn't prepared the dinner yet. It had been the first ( and only ) time that Dwayne had ever laid a hand on him. Granted, it was only a few smart whacks to the bottom, but it was enough to send Malcolm to bed in sniffles and embarrassment. His father ranted for weeks afterwards how he was forced to kiss butt with the Morgans to cover for his son's blunder. Malcolm knew then that it was best to keep his opinions all to himself; he needed to be more like his old man, reserved but sociable even to people he didn't relish tolerating. He witnessed many times Dwayne shaking the hands and participating in stimulating conversations of wizards he would later that night speak lowly of once they left.

The boy strived to imitate his father in this regard, finding it surprisingly easy to fake emotions even at such a young age as four. It was so much fun for him to watch people accept whatever drivel came out of his mouth, so long as it was polite and favoring. His deception became an art to him, or more like an obsession. In public, he was nothing short of perfect--or, at least that was what he aimed for. It was clear to him that his job in life was not to embarrass the family; each approving gleam from Dwayne's eye only encouraged Malcolm further to become the social butterfly. He had some control over his young peers because of this. His father's friends would encourage their children to befriend Malcolm in some fashion and to "follow his example", so the boy found himself being the center of attention in kids his own age. The rules in their circle however, was quite different. Malcolm didn't need to be on his best behavior twenty-four seven, and let show some of his controlling, bossy nature. He once convinced a kid to steal a few galleons from his father's coat, so they might run down to the store together and gorge on candy with it. Unfortunately, the plan was botched and the kid caught; he had stood by with a perverse satisfaction at witnessing this child get punished for something he'd persuaded him to do. And the kid never blabbed on him, either, which Malcolm had found somewhat surprising. Though, he eventually assumed their parents probably would think he was using Malcolm as an escape from his own punishment, since Malcolm was the picture perfect child and could do no wrong!

Dwayne taught his son how to ride a broom ( using Marianne's old Cleansweep, as they couldn't necessarily afford a decent one for their son ). Together, they discovered that Malcolm had an affinity for such an activity; it came rather easy to him, and soon it was his new obsession. The boy was outside for hours at a time, zooming around their grounds and daring to push the boundaries of how far away he could travel before his parents flipped. He was never allowed to go past a mile, and the one time he disobeyed, Dwayne had banned him from flying for a week solid. Malcolm couldn't remember a more miserable time or a more hellacious tantrum he'd had because of it. His screaming and stomping around the house had caused several of Marianne's prized dinner bowls to shatter or crack. Eventually, they just locked him in his room until his tantrum settled to choking sobs. The very next day, he had come down red-eyed and apologized ( to his father ) for his behavior, and for the rest of his week-long punishment, remained in docile spirits like a good boy. Luckily, Dwayne decided he'd learned his lesson and Malcolm was in the air once more. Sometimes, Marianne's broom managed to frustrate the boy however, as it wasn't nearly as fast as he wanted it to be. He hated seeing his father's wealthier friends spoiling their children with the newest, top-of-the-line models when he was on a used broom to begin with. Malcolm had decided then and there to save up every knut and sickle he managed to swindle from his parents in the hopes that one day, he could purchase himself one of the best brooms too.

Malcolm's interest in Quidditch was none other than Dwayne's doing. The wizard himself enjoyed the sport so much, his profession revolved around it. Malcolm remembered his first Quidditch World Cup was when he was six years old; they got to camp out for a week with Dwayne's excitement building his own as the days loomed closer. Needless to say, watching a professional match first-hand like that inspired the boy to take the sport on himself. Father and son started their own two-man game ( which pretty much consisted of tossing the Quaffle back and forth as they sped along on their brooms ), which seemed a lot of fun for the available man-power. In an effort to seem hospitable, Marianne's family was invited to join in on the occasional game. Her brother Frank and his wife especially seemed to welcome the idea most; Malcolm wasn't very familiar with them until Dwayne extended the invitation. Before then, he'd only ever seen them at the occasional get-together, and even then he hadn't understood they were any important relation to him. The small family affair was cut short with the pregnancy of Frank's wife, Meredith, and the games returned to just being Malcolm and his father. His aunty Meredith gave birth to a daughter they named Paige--Malcolm got to be there a few days after the brat had "arrived", and he had thought only of how tiny and vulnerable she seemed in comparison to himself. Surprisingly, he took to the baby however. His cousin would definitely prove great sport; the idea was to make her loyal only to him so that he basically had someone he could boss around without having to consider the consequences. It didn't turn out this way, however. While he encouraged his father to involve his aunt and cousin more in their life, he still only saw them at periodic intervals. Little Paige wasn't nearly as easy to win over either--he'd been expecting her to be impressionable so he might mold her to be his little play-slave. Malcolm quickly learned that being nice to Paige was the only method of gaining her trust and loyalty, or else she'd run to her parents and get him in trouble.

His interest to secure Paige's faith and trust subsided through the years, and he quit bugging Dwayne to invite them over for more family matches ( he preferred it when things were just between the two, anyway ). Malcolm never dropped his act in front of the little girl, though. She was so sweet and innocent that he figured it was better if she knew him to be the nice, loving older brother almost, for if Paige thought he could do no wrong, then surely everyone else wouldn't view him negatively. It was a strategic move on his part; he'd worked so hard to become the perfect son that it simply wasn't worth giving up the benefits just to boss around his dorky little cousin. He had Quidditch to keep him occupied, anyway. Malcolm assumed that--with his father's influence in the management of the actual sport--he could eventually become a professional player himself. In fact, he aspired to it. Dwayne would be able to pull a few strings that could easily get him onto one of the teams, even as a reserve player ( or so, that was how Malcolm saw it, even if he never shared these considerations with the man in question ). These were just the dreams of a ten year old. He figured all he had to do was impress Dwayne with his talent and it would be smooth sailing after that. With the assumption that Hogwarts would soon be knocking on the door, Malcolm planned to chase the sport through school. He'd use Hogwarts as a springboard to perfect his skills and impress his father, and eventually secure what he wanted. It was all so very simple!

Things went on as scheduled--his letter came and with it, the long-winded lecture of Dwayne as he explained the prudence of Malcolm's good behavior at school. He warned the boy that should any unfavorable news reach his ears, he'd yank him from school and that would be the end of it; Malcolm assured him he would be a good boy, like always and it seemed to placate his father enough to get him off his back. Of course he understood Dwayne's sudden on-edge concern. Malcolm would no longer be under lock and thumb as usual; he would be off at some school, representing the entire McCulloch family. It saddened the young boy, to learn that his father had so little faith in him--however, it only strengthened his resolve to impress the man. He was forced to stomach a day alone with his mother ( for his father had claimed it a woman's job to do the "shopping" ) as they roamed Diagon Alley for the things to prepare him for Hogwarts with. The entire time she encouraged him to enjoy being a kid and not to worry about what people thought or expected of him--this all went in one ear and out the other for Malcolm, as he usually tuned out after the first few syllables that left her mouth. Before he knew it, the ordeal was over and he was being waved off with demands to write on occasion ( this from his father, of course ). On the train, he found a few other first years ( and to this day, cannot recall their names ) and integrated himself into their compartment, though he wasn't much in conversation during the ride. His stomach had felt queasy from the rocking back and forth, and he had spent most of the time just holding in his breakfast. It wasn't long after they stopped he'd regained the confidence that not many of the surrounding first years had. Indeed, he'd been impatient throughout the entire sorting ( especially waiting for his name to be called ).

At first, Malcolm was guilty at being somewhat snobby and choosy of his friendships. There were some kids that he felt he simply shouldn't hang around with, on account of their family roots. Muggleborns were most often in this group, as he hadn't been prepared of them or what they would be like. Classes were fairly easy for him to grasp--he rather enjoyed the lectures and sponging up whatever the professors chose to share with them. For a while, Malcolm had been so vain to assume that he was the best pupil of the year. However, that all changed when a fellow Ravenclaw first year managed to prove him wrong in one subject, which had thrown the boy into a temper right in the middle of the classroom. He managed to get three nasty sentences thrown into her face before the professor had him removed from class for the rest of the day. Malcolm received three weekend detentions for it, alphabetizing potion ingredients mostly, and a letter home describing his conduct to Dwayne. A howler arrived for the boy not too long after, which was thankfully given in his dorm where no one could witness the embarrassment of his father's screaming, high-blood-pressured voice expressing its anger over his behavior. It was perhaps the only time in his life when he felt chagrin over what he'd done, and publicly too. The students were all avoiding him, assuming he would go off on them as well. Malcolm knew he had a lot of work to smooth over and repair, if he wanted to gain the esteem of his father and win back the support of his peers. He was not going to spend his Hogwarts career as the school outcast. However, he wasn't willing to accept that another student had better brains, either. That girl's correction had made him adamant in perfecting himself, his book-smarts especially, so that would never happen again.

His plan to gain favor from his peers once again started with a rather public apology to the Ravenclaw, to show his "remorse" over hurting her feelings and allowing his own emotions to get the best of him. Malcolm put her under the impression that her smarts had simply intimidated him to the point of fear, and when he was afraid, he lashed out like a caged animal. It worked; she'd forgiven him and just like that, the boy had patched up the mess. Eventually, people seemed to forget that he'd even had any sort of outburst whatsoever--or at least, nobody ever brought it up again. They had no reason to, as Malcolm was suddenly all charm and smiles. People he used to ignore, he was now speaking with and befriending; he involved everyone around him in his life, leaving no stone left unturned for he was determined to fool them all. It was just like when he was younger, attending his fathers' parties and entertaining his friends. A smile and a few seemingly sincere compliments could get him a long way; it certainly provided for a nice ride, since it was easier to have people loving him than stressing out over their contempt. Not to mention that it was a lot less trouble to just pretend like he tolerated everyone just fine--bitterness could really tire a kid out! Besides, now that his time in the library had tripled in that desperate attempt to be far superior in knowledge to his peers, Malcolm really had no time for enemies. People didn't do favors for folks they disliked, anyway. He loved favors. He was back to presenting himself as the perfect student: he studied ( quite often ), participated in classes, had a positive social life... There was some personal satisfaction whenever it was he who was responsible for house points; Malcolm was nothing if not competitive. He wanted to see the other students' crushed faces when it was his house who won the year cup.

It took some time before Malcolm had the confidence to try for the Quidditch team. Before his third year, he attended games ( and even practices ) to lend support and soak up ideas and tricks he could later perfect himself. He also spent every free moment outside, on a broom he either bummed from a friend or one of the cruddy, used brooms that the school itself provided for the students. Sometimes, he managed to scrounge up enough friends to play their own Quidditch match just for sport and fun, though in reality Malcolm was using these like practises and taking them seriously. Even though they were just games, he wasn't always saddled with the best players and it killed him whenever his side lost one of the matches. Though, the boy usually put on a good face to cover up his disappointment and anger at losing, but once behind closed doors, he'd throw tantrums and destroy something. One of his dorm-mates had come in during one of his childish displays of poor showmanship, surprised to hear him cursing a storm something foul. Unfortunately, that was one relationship Malcolm wasn't able to fix with just false smiles and favors; his fellow housemate simply refused to believe anything the boy had to say from that moment on. Infuriated by this, Malcolm decided from then on to curse in his own tongue, Gaelic, should anyone come in on him when annoyed. This proved to be quite useful to the kid, as he found out a lot of the students he hung around with actually didn't understand the language, so he was able to whisper obscenities ( and sometimes, these nasty comments were about his "friends" themselves ) and they had no idea what he was saying. If asked, Malcolm normally told them he was quoting passages or repeating something he heard in Gaelic because he "remembered" better in his native tongue. Usually, he was able to keep a clamp on this temper and normally, it only came upon him during these play-matches that he and friends would involve themselves in. Quidditch meant a lot to him.

The Lennon family seemed to share the McCulloch's like of the sport, and they too were soon invited to friendly matches between the two. Dwayne only tolerated the halfblooded wizards because of Stuart Lennon's pretty new wife, Elizabeth, whose familial roots were traceable back longer than he cared to research. The two families were quite a match for each other, each very competitive even though the games were for sport. Malcolm became aquainted with their young daughter, Jane, who was the same age as he and just as ferocious when it came to who'd come out on top. He found the tomboy tough and annoying to deal with, but this did not stop the boy from acting as if they were great friends off the field. The summer went by quickly; back at Hogwarts, Malcolm recognized Jane more. Separated by houses, there was never the opportunity to hang around her more than what classes offered, but it wasn't as if he ever wanted to. Their relationship was one of civility - they ignored each other's existence except when the summer rolled around, knowing full well that their parents would resort back to those games. Because of this, Jane was also witness to Malcolm's bout of puberty which was something he felt she could use to embarrass him with later on. His figure sprouted several inches, his face broke out in ugly hives, and his voice began that awkward transition from high to deep. He tried his best to avoid the girl during these troubled times, but no amount of begging would dissuade his father from a rousing game of Quidditch. It was the only time Malcolm ever played half-heartedly because he was so upset with the way he looked. It distracted him.

Luckily for Malcolm, his transition wasn't a long, tedius battle. By the time he returned to school, his acne had begun to clear and he was well in control of his new height. His friends made a little fun of him because of his deeper voice, but soon enough, everyone got over it. Instead, it became apparent that Malcolm had his father's good looks. And it wasn't just the opposite sex noticing - no, the boy's eyes opened to the giggles and flirty winks going on around him with a sudden fervor. His hormones raged, and for three painful months, all he wanted was a girlfriend to snog. All his friends were doing it! Unfortunately, he had no game whatsoever. These girls made him nervous for some reason even though he knew they shouldn't. After all, his father treated his mother like she was nothing. This didn't erase the boy's needs, however. Malcolm was far too embarrassed to go to his father for advice. Instead, he began to take notice of the older crowd. Those in their sixths and sevenths year seemed to know what they were doing - one guy in-particular impressed him the most: Aeric Regan. In his final year, the teenager was a legend among the female population. He went through relationship after relationship with the most attractive girls Hogwarts had to offer. Malcolm wanted what he had, so he followed Aeric and copied his attitude. He adopted that suave, cool nature the older boy appeared born with. It worked well enough to get him a shy Hufflepuff girlfriend, Morley, for three solid weeks. After that, his exploits improved. Malcolm liked having a girlfriend, but some of them got clingy and others got domineering. There was no happy medium. He found it easier to leave them once he got bored, which was fairly quickly. But this left him with unhappy females to deal with. After his third girlfriend, who slapped him in front of a group of people, the boy decided to question his father on what to do finally. The answer was simple: sweet talk, make them feel special, though let them be aware that he just wasn't ready for a serious relationship. As excited as Dwayne was that his son was now exploring the female population, he was quick to remind the boy of his roots one final time. Malcolm was instructed to remember that while girls whose families weren't up to snuff with theirs were fun, that was all they were good for. In other words, he wasn't supposed to lose his mind over some muggleborn girl.

Quidditch had suddenly become a way to impress the girls as well, Malcolm soon discovered. Having found the courage to try out for his team, he swindled a spot on the reserve side. This wasn't what he wanted of course - Malcolm wanted to be the star, in the limelight. He was no second-stringer! But, seasoned players had returned to the team and all the choice he had was what he got. As a skilled flier, his abilities were most used as a chaser. During one game, he was called to fill in for another student after a bludger knocked her clear unconscious. Though his team hadn't won the game, Malcolm had caught the fancy of a Ravenclaw. Their relationship hadn't lasted longer than a week, but the boy seemed content with his lot. It seemed to impress even to say he was reserve - none of it mattered, so long as he was part of the team. Still, Malcolm told himself that second place just wasn't good enough. It encouraged him to practice harder, wanting the captain to see his efforts.

In addition to the strain of Quidditch, Malcolm juggled his studies. Never once had he let up on his quest for knowledge, if only to undermine his classmates and show his superiority. When OWLs drew nearer, his time was less spent on the Quidditch pitch; instead, he could either be found in the library, common room, or even the Great Hall with a book glued to his nose. It bothered him to know that someone could possibly best him in anything - he wanted to be the only fifth year to boast of receiving OWLs in every subject. Unfortunately, this dream was quite hard to achieve. His mood deteriorated a lot more rapidly because of how stressed he felt. Sometimes, he'd resort to his Gaelic tongues to vent frustration in front of people. And by the time the exams rolled around, he'd been sleep deprived with a foul headache. His performance was one of exhaustion, and while he hadn't impressed every single examiner as he'd intended, it hadn't been abysmal either. In the end, Malcolm wasn't able to claim he'd received an Outstanding in every subject, but he got damn near close to it. After the stress of exams had waned, the student eased back into the smooth-talking individual they had all known before. Things were well again, though he was quite wary at the mention of N.E.W.T.s and the idea of having to go through another nervous breakdown all over again, that one with the potential to be far worse.

Malcolm was sixteen when he decided to go by his middle name, Todd. Over the summer, he'd come into contact with a witch about three years older than himself, fresh out of school and yet already married off to some connected pureblood fool. Her name was Elizabeth Walters. Though Elizabeth was married, her loyalty to the man was nothing. Once she saw the younger boy, the attraction was there and the lust ensued. Before he'd known what happened, Malcolm woke up beside her at the Hog's Head Inn, tangled in the sheets together. It was there, as she sat tracing her finger along his boyishly smooth chest, that she teased him of having such a nerdy sounding name. She'd told him that 'Todd' sounded a lot more mature. Well, of course he couldn't have others thinking of him as an immature kid. Todd it was from that moment on and it did take a great deal getting used to - though, Elizabeth helped him out. The two carried on an affair well into his sixth year. His trips to Hogsmeade were purely to see her at this point; he loved her no-strings attached behavior, and how fiesty her temperament was. She was, in his eyes, the perfect woman. Not only did she want him, but she was married so he knew there was no chance that she'd push him to be with her longer than they needed to be. In fact, it was Elizabeth kicking Todd out once she bored of him more often than not. Some weekends they chose to ignore each other and some weekends they were blatantly snogging in front of the world. He'd never discovered how she managed to keep the boy a secret from her husband. And it occurred to Todd on more than one occasion that he might not be the only man she was carrying an affair with. Jealousy like none he'd ever experienced before sprung up inside him - Elizabeth, as far as he was concerned, was his to play with! Eventually he demanded to know what she did on days he was not with her until Elizabeth set him aside calmly, and explained to him she was a free woman to do as she pleased. He learned that he, indeed, was not her only lover.

Unsure of what to do with this news, Todd refused to see her for several weeks and ignored her correspondence over the summer. He contemplated telling her husband everything they had done to get her in trouble, hoping this would make her feel a third of the anger he had upon learning of her deceit. But, he was only a man. Before long, Todd grew lonely and returned to her waiting arms with an apology on his lips and no thoughts to ruin what they had. Though, he did attempt to make her jealous on some occasions. Madeline Fletcher was a Hufflepuff girl he'd noticed and spoken briefly to over the years - the girl was blonde, ditzy, and screamed sex appeal. Todd's choice was to parade Madeline around Hogsmeade once, knowing that Elizabeth would be there to see him. His rouse didn't work, though. It only spurred a few inquiries about this fair, blonde-haired girl and how serious his affection for her was... but beyond that, Elizabeth showed no signs of care. In fact, she encouraged him to see others as it would ease her own guilt. At last, Todd was forced to accept the fact that their relationship would be purely casual. His attentions waned and instead turned back to the girls at Hogwarts, Madeline still being one of them. His weekends, however, were reserved solely for the married twenty year old.

Now in his seventh year, Todd is adjusting to the rapid changes being made around the school. New professors... new rules and regulations. Fear in the hallways. As Todd had always grown up with a superior disdain of muggles, he doesn't blame the dark wizards for taking over. So far, he's relished in silence over the changes. He's become a sneak of sorts, even, reporting to professors whenever he finds a student against the laws now set forth. In truth, he is curious to see what'll happen and how far everything will go. Todd is juggling both sides for he's quite aware that to choose wrongly could result in far worse repercussions than he could possibly imagine.

Hogwarts Sorting
if you find a man that's worth a damn and treats you well
then he's a fool, you're just as well, hope it gives you hell

Strong Area of Magic:  Defense Against the Dark Arts
Weak Area of Magic: Care of Magical Creatures
Preferred House Choice: Slytherin
Responsibility or Guidance?: Responsibility
Forgiveness or Justice?: Justice
Adventure or Security?: Security
What does "Never tickle a sleeping dragon" mean to your character? "You'll never make it anywhere in this world without the risky steps it takes to get there. Common sense can only get you so far."

Minor Details
now you'll never see what you've done to me
you can take back your memories, they're no good to me
and here's all your lies, you can look me in the eyes
with the sad, sad look that you wear so well

Pets: - - -
Wand: Ten and two quarters in length, elm bark, dragonheart-string core, bendy
Quidditch position: Keeper? Chaser?
Anything else? Mentioned played characters Paige Sinclair, Jane Lennon, Aeric Regan, and Madeline Fletcher have permission to appear in this sheet by their drivers.
Are You A Native English Speaker?: Yes

RP Response
when you hear this song and sing along, well you'll never tell
and you're the fool, i'm just as well, hope it gives you hell
when you hear this song i hope it gives you hell
you can sing along, i hope it puts you through hell

So Samantha was looking for him--she was always looking for him. A mental eye-roll shrugged through him at the thought, smoke escaping through his nose in slight frustration. This girl was really starting to get on his nerves. Sure, they had fun when her mouth was shut. But now the boy considered her more of a liability than anything. If she was now having his friends deliver messages that she was on the look-out for him for the thousandth time. What couldn't she understand about him needing his space? They weren't even dating! No, Todd McCulloch never dated. As if he would ever consent to date an air-head like her, anyway. He was far too great to settle for someone so pathetic.

"Sure, sure. Thanks for letting me know," he finally responded, tone honey as it always was. Todd offered his mate a short smile and nod, as dismissal. He really didn't need someone hovering around his elbow. Plus, he wanted to finish his smoke in peace. Fingers lifted the cigarette to his lips, eyes squinting as he watched the guy head off to who cared where. This Samantha business was really starting to vex Todd. Everyone he knew considered they were dating--which wasn't something he was going to have. They ought to know better. He exhaled the smoke, tossing the butt into the grass and using his toe to snuff it out. It was time to set that bitch straight, even if he had to break character to do so.

Perhaps he was just being full of himself, but it really wasn't a good thing when Malcolm Todd McCulloch was on the search for someone. Usually, people wanted him and that was how things worked. He liked it that way; liked to be in demand and have that control of suceptible minds. However, if he was looking for someone? Ninety percent of the time, it wasn't a good thing. Of course Todd would never make a public scene. Oh no, no... He would ruin years and years of perfect control, building the trust and respect of these people. He'd never be so careless and throw it away like that. Privacy was good, and having the support of his peers was the best. That way, when he did lift the mask and reveal his true colors to that one unfortunate soul, there wouldn't be many to trust their word should they claim McCulloch to be anything different than what he presented.

Todd chuckled to himself, thinking of how foolish he believed everyone. It was really too easy, especially at a time like this. Nobody wanted to step on toes--they all wanted to get along. Trust was too easy to accomplish now, not that he minded. It actually made his job a lot easier, more tolerable. The boy started off from the wall, long strides taking him in the direction of the front of school. Samantha was probably in Potions right about then, if she went and she normally did. Todd didn't mind waiting fifteen minutes for her to get out; he'd just lounge around and find other entertainment. But today was the final straw. He would have a talk with her, and if all things went according to plan, she'd back off and only come to him when he desired her company. Though, Todd had a feeling the loud-mouth bitch would have a difficult time in accepting he wasn't her plaything--that she was his plaything. It was all nice and fun to pretend as if she'd had the strings to play him those first few weeks; she came with a lot of perks. Except now, his interest was gone. Unless she had something more to offer him, he was pretty sure he used up all the resources she had.

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General Information

First Name: Anthony
Last Name: Williams
Blood Status: Halfblood
Nationality: ½ British, ½ Russian
Spoken Languages: English, Russian
Place of Birth: North Yorkshire, England
Age/Date of Birth: 35 || May 18th
Position: Mediwizard
Approved Special Features: - - -


Eyes: He has a mean brow over almond-shaped blue eyes. Wears glasses for reading fine print.
Hair: Brown and wavy, usually just a messy mop left to fall where it may.
Height: 6'2 ft
General Appearance: At the age of sixteen, Tony sprouted to the height he is now--nearly six foot two in stature. The amount of time he spends in the gym, jogging, or practicing martial arts has kept him in-shape and bulky. He is strong in body, with muscles and a chiseled upper torso. His form tapers into narrow hips and long legs, built for endurance thanks to the time he's spent pushing himself at six in the morning. The wizard is indeed athletic and no small man. He happens to be incredibly hairy as well, especially along the arms and chest regions. His skin has bronzed just a tad from out of doors activities.

Whether Tony is handsome, however, is left up to opinion. His features can be termed rugged and unkempt, as he rarely shaves and brushing the brown mop of hair is done once--maybe twice--a day. He doesn't appear to care much about his physical attributes as much as he does his clothing. That is not to say he never bathes; he does so regularly, but it is uncommon to find him with a freshly shaved face or without bags under his eyes. Scruffy, Tony's bone structure is long and round. His lips are full, nose big, and eyes deep blue. Overall, he cuts quite the intimidating factor and seems powerful, at least in size.

Dressing Style: Anthony only ever knew wizarding garb before he began Hogwarts, but once introduced to the muggle style of clothing, he found preference in the free-moving shirts and jeans. It actually made him realize how stuffy and infuriating cloaks and robes could be. However, to fit in with the others, the man continues to wear professional wizard's robes. Indeed, Tony prefers to have darker, strong shades ( or even the occasional blue to bring out his eyes ). In contrast to his rugged, unkempt features, he makes a conscious effort to look presentable and nice at all times. His robes are pressed and an anti-dirt spell is cast over them so they won't lose cleanliness during the course of his day. At home, where others aren't likely to bother him any, Tony indulges in the muggles fashion. He likes button shirts and pants, though he won't wear them in public and should someone come calling, he throws a cloak over himself.


General Character Traits: The first thing to note about Tony is his reclusive habits. It is unlike the wizard to talk much about himself--especially if the conversation backtracks over what's transpired in his life thus far. Normally, he pushes the focus onto those around him, even though he could really give two figs for what they have to say or what's happened in their life. It is simply a diversionary tactic of his, since the last thing he wants is someone getting into his business uninvited. But, Tony just happens to be a private person that doesn't need any more outside influence. Any and all advice given to him--no matter how sound or deep in common sense it lies--is typically disregarded for his own reasoning. In Tony's mind, he is the only one that really knows what he's doing and it actually offends him when another dares to tempt him with change. And, on the off-chance he does finally consider their advice and it does benefit him, the man grows very petulant and down-plays their involvement.

In truth, Anthony has simply lost faith in everyone. Thanks to his ex-wife, the people he's met along the way in life that always discouraged his curiosity, even his own siblings and family... They have all contributed to this inane fear of trusting anyone but himself. To Tony, no one else can emphasize with his plight, as they are not the ones experiencing it. These people have influenced the man right into a stark depression he can't seem to climb out of. Relationships--whether they are of love, family, or social ties--mean next to nothing for him now. Commitment and responsibility for anyone other than himself? He laughs at the thought of it. Yet, in reality, Tony is simply too afraid to turn back to that security another person may offer; he refuses to seek haven or solace in anyone. To do so would make him vulnerable once more, and leaves him open to disappointment, regret, and worst of all, pain. By relying on himself, he doesn't have to worry whether or not these people will be in his life tomorrow.

And, if anything, the outside influences that he's been exposed to for thirty-five years now have only succeeded in turning him sour. Indeed, Anthony has become nothing more than a bittered, aggressively confrontational soul. Everything about him, at least personality-wise, is unpleasant. His frank speech and behavior can certainly raise a few brows. He dares to go against all norms; he defies proper customs and disregards the consideration of others. It is not a good day unless he's managed to provoke some unfortunate person into a form of retaliation, if only to point out their flaws and deficiencies, so they might distract from his own. As others have ripped and torn him down, he now returns the favor with vengeful delight. The fault of his behavior can be harnessed to his ex-wife; Vonda all but broke him completely by taking his son. Tony know figures that if life can be so unfair and cruel, he might as well grow tough hide and claws to keep up. He doesn't particularly care who gets caught in the crosswind of his personal war waged on humanity.

One thing that isn't so nasty about Tony's personality though, is his drive. This need to know and understand everything that interests him--mainly the medical field, experiments, poisons, and the like--has never dissipated once in his life, even with the dissuading folks around. He has always been a fierce, determined sort bent on dissecting every little factor in life. Nothing has managed to knock him off the beaten path he's chosen, and he won't allow anything or anybody to get in his way, either. If Tony's made his mind up, it's rock solid and the man is too headstrong and stubborn to go back on whatever was decided. He doesn't particularly care if it's detrimental to himself or others. His reckless abandonment and thoughtlessness can definitely make him a person to keep watch over.

Lately, he seems to have lost himself not only in his work but also in food. Tony indulges in unhealthy snacks but balances it out with an almost obsessive habit of exercise. Whether he is at the gym, jogging, or even practicing martial arts ( a new hobby he's gathered from his interest in muggle history ), the wizard never seems to be lazy, persay. His eating habits just aren't the best for anyone. Tony is the type of guy who'll grab whatever and compile it into the biggest, unlikeliest assortment ever imagined, and then tear into it like an animal. He's not a person to turn to for advice on health, even with his compulsive activity, due to this messy habit. It's rather ironic that he takes such interest in his medical career when he has such disregard for himself as a person.

Likes: Ah, women--they have always been a delicious sight to Tony. He is a man, of course, and so is not immune to the lust and desire that courses through him daily. He can definitely appreciate a woman, though usually it has more to do with physical attributes than anything else. Curves, mature development, attractiveness... Tony loves blonde-haired, blue-eyed ladies with that doe-like aspect. Otherwise, innocence. And then he likes to destroy that so-called innocence.

Alcohol is also a favorite of Tony's. In fact, he imbibes more and more with each passing day. He likes a good scotch, usually, though firewhiskey has been known to hit the spot as well. But, he isn't so picky to turn down any drug offered him--if he can get drunk from it, he'll drink it. This particular drink has become something of an elixir to him; it helps him to drown out his pitiful woes, even if only for the night.

Junk food is his life, too. Unhealthy snacks and such are what makes Tony salivate. Chips that clog the heart, greasy burgers that clog the arteries... Anything and everything that couldn't possibly be good for the human body, he would consume ( which is ironic, considering his heavy involvement in the medical field ).

Though, he isn't all so unhealthy. At least Tony likes to exercise, which kind of balances out his unhealthy eating excursions. He spends a lot of time in the gym, or outside jogging. And recently, he has come to look into the muggle art of kung fu. Though he has yet to master the idea of meditation--as Tony is FAR from a calm, serene person in charge of his body and mind--he has learned some martial arts that keep his physical form finely tuned.

Something that does help him keep calm is journaling. Ever since his Hogwarts' professor suggested he find another route other than fighting to ease his frustrations, Anthony's been writing. Actually, he has several journals stacked high in his room that all detail his life from that point on; inside, he speaks of his angers, his upsets, his accomplishments... whatever there is to talk about, he has. In some of them, he may have even gotten poetic for a bit.

Tony likes to curl up in blankets--they give him a sense of security, of all things--and because of this he has come to enjoy the bleak, cold weather of England. In fact, he pines for it if his travels take him outside of the country to any place that doesn't suffer from as many thunderstorms or chilly nights. This cool weather gives him reason to wrap himself up. Perhaps this could be why he enjoys the overseas, as well, since water tends to be cooler than when one is inland.

The archaic has always interested Tony as well. History and outdated sources intrigue him; they are, he believes, fountains of knowledge that most overlook. If one simply studied them as he did, they could understand just as much as he. Mistakes can be discovered, and with this discovery comes the ability to correct them. It makes him feel like a pioneer of sorts. Plus, the stories are never the same. A good story is always fun to hear.

Dislikes: As a disciplinary technique, Tony has found that standing in corners is rather pointless and redundant. In fact, when he was younger, it only gave him time to consider how best cover up the unfavorable behavior that made his parents punish him in the first place. Facing the wall--or specifically, the corner--has just come to annoy him. If someone were to visit his office, nearly every ninety-degree space has something shoved up against it, purely as a tick of his. That way, he won't have to stand next to it even in idle conversation. Outside of his office, the man stands clear of corners almost to the point of ridiculous paranoia.

Another thing one might say he's paranoid of, is women. Tony likes them for physical needs only--his lust, his need for comfort. But otherwise, to have them around only seems to anger or upset him. He is not a man who wants to stand around and talk about his feelings twenty-four seven, nor does he have any desire to listen to some woman complain and whine. If he ever had the ability to mute all women, he would. Plus, since his ex-wife decided to play hackey sack with his heart, Tony has lost all faith in the female gender whatsoever. He doesn't trust them, and he will never open up to another again.

It shouldn't be shocking to learn that a man like Tony might balk at rules and regulations. He's never been good at following orders; he'll swallow them down if they are shoved down his throat, though only if this in some way advances himself somehow in life or career. Otherwise, having his behavior dictated and modified beyond his control is not met favorably by the man.

Healthy foods also disagree with him. Tony lives on fatty, greasy substances--meat is his life. If someone came at him with salad, he would smack the plate out of their hand or beat them upside the head with it. The thought of low or non-fat foods, the tastelessness of it all, simply makes him want to vomit. He doesn't see how one can survive without any spice to cover their dish. And, this averse feeling seems to be reiterated by the fact that it makes him physically ill. Health foods make him ill; his stomach can't seem to handle the cleanliness of the food and makes him queasy.

Though, this is not the only thing to make his stomach churn. Tony also hates to lose, at anything. In fact, he is the biggest poor sport imaginable. He is just the type of person to load on all the excuses he can think of to cover the fact that someone else could be better than him at something. Sometimes, he copes through anger or intimidation to make himself feel better about it.

One thing Tony cannot tolerate, however, is romance ( that and know-it-alls ). The idea of foreplay through courtship is ridiculous and nothing more than a corporate holiday. He feels it is a big commercial and a load of bull. Flowers--especially roses--are a waste of his money, and the thought that a woman might expect some from him makes the man curl his lip. He doesn't want to have to say meaningless drivel just to earn her trust; it wastes his time. Not to mention he considers love a fluke in and of itself. Tony doesn't see how this seemingly "fine" idea can exist when the things that have happened to him, happened at all.

Young adults bother Tony too, though. Those kids that are just fresh out of school and heading into their careers? They can all go shove it, even though he used to be as bright-eyed and excited as they once. Now, he just thinks they are canvases that have already been painted on with false assumptions that they already know how to do everything. He doesn't see how a body can learn if they think they know all there is to know.

Habits/Mannerisms: To say Tony has colorful language would be a drastic understatement. Most of his cursing slips out in anger or frustration, however he is never without aggressive tones. Gruff speech that may seem to him as normal might be shocking to another, and it is unlikely for him to filter anything he says just because it makes someone else uncomfortable. Whenever he does encounter these prudish sorts (whom he considers simpletons), Tony is accompanied with the occasional brow lift to relate just how ridiculous he finds them. He also has the tendency to stare holes through the unfortunate stuck in conversation with him, as he believes it serves to make them disconcerted and therefore vulnerable. During these assessing moments, he may also interlock his fingers and recline in his chair to make himself appear completely at ease. Whether he is, however, is debatable. 

Strengths: Anthony is, and all signs indicate this personality factor of his will never change, an aggressively determined sort. There never seems to be a place where the sidewalk ends, in his mind. Once he makes a decision, it's unlikely he will budge or give in. If he has to, he makes things work by whatever means possible. Tony has always thrust himself into his work and is quite relentless--while he may grow frustrated easily if something isn't perfect immediately, he never loses faith that one day, it will be. Where others may lose heart, Tony is simply too headstrong to let go.

Perhaps this would make the man seem fearless, as well. Or stupid. Either way, Tony disregards risks and advice given because he feels that it only hinders progression. He is someone who believes that one can never accomplish anything without trying it first. Failure, in his eyes, is only a minor setback. Without mistakes, he would not be able to understand exactly what went wrong or how to fix it, which is what intrigues him most in the first place. Tony doesn't care if he has to test unchartered waters--if it has any meaning towards his work or life, he'll do whatever necessary.

But his drive to dissect everything--his failures, his accomplishments--has made it so the wizard is quite knowledgable. His intelligence is not infinite; it stems mostly to his line of work and the many 'experiments' he locks himself away to play with. It's possible he could have an answer for any medical question asked of him, as Tony has made it his life's ambition to fully understand the field inside and out. And if he doesn't have an answer, he'll be sure to get one.

As imagined, this stubborn need to know everything there is to medical ailments has helped Tony to become quite skilled in the area. He has, after all, been heavily involved in it since his early years in Hogwarts. In fact, he had to be tough and fight just to be able to continue his interest, as so many students were afraid of what he was capable of. He never allowed anyone to stand in his way; he toyed, tinkered, and stole in the hopes of sharpening his skills and knowledge-base. And the man stood his ground, always. Tony is blunt, and strong in his endeavor.

Weaknesses: Stopping to think and consider his options has never been a strong point for Tony. Rather, he is prone to act on whatever comes to mind first, and later down the road he may think back and chastise himself for being so hasty in judgement. He tends to ignore all sound advice given, as the only person he knows that understands any of what he's going through is himself. Tony doesn't see the point in listening to another person's reasoning when they aren't experiencing anything of what he is.

To inspire temper from this man happens to be incredibly easy to do. Tony has the shortest fuse out of his entire family, and the simplest thing could offset it. Whether someone's words are ill-timed or the food is undercooked--it all rankles his nerves until he starts barking his discontent. This wizard gets physical when angry and may use the nearest available resource as his weapon; sometimes, his wand just doesn't do it for him. The sense has to literally be knocked into him before Tony will even consider calming down, or exhaustion has to set in. Either way, violence is a key factor in his life and a good explanation of why he's so anti-social.

Maybe, if one knew his past, they might understand his need for reckless and violent behavior, and they would certainly see how he could be so bitter. From the moment his ex-wife took away his son, the wizard spiraled into a depression unlike anything he experienced before. Now, he has never been one to see the glass as half-full to begin with, but after that, he considered the glass shattered and beyond repair. There is no hope, no justice left in this world--at least in Anthony's eyes. This feeling of helplessness has been like a poison that spread to every part of his body, and now that everything is out of his control, the only thing left to do is fight. And yet, even fighting has only become half-hearted attempts.

Though, Tony is one man who feels the need to justify everything he does. In fact, he relishes in the idea of latching onto specific examples of what someone else may have done to explain his retaliation. But, in essence, he is merely escaping the blame and responsibility for what was clearly his antagonistic behavior in the first place. He doesn't accept the possibility that he is simply the cause; Tony only sees the fault in others, not himself. He is never in the wrong, or so he'll say.

Another thing about him is his lack of patience for anything. Frustration and upset are easy to come by for this man. One little unplanned glitch, one mistake--it sets everything back and stresses him out. Sometimes, when expected to wait, Tony might just rush through things to finish all the more faster and receive results in a timely matter. Then again, this careless impatience has it so mistakes are often made, and therefore must be gone over two or three more times. Tony never seems to realize that he is wasting just as much--if not more--time speeding through things than if he simply eased through it.

This might also account for his rough nature. Anthony can hardly be expected to treat everything and everyone with a kindness; he has no patience to sugarcoat or play to another's needs. In fact, he could care less what people think of or see him as. Bodily functions? Tony will burp, fart, spit, scratch--whatever he feels like doing, he will do. It really doesn't matter to him who he's around when he does, either. The man could be decked out in suit and tie for all he cared, and he'd still adjust himself in public. It certainly makes for an ill-bred wizard.

Personal History

Spouse: Vonda Sokova, aged 28, halfblood, former Drakonya Krov, field reporter, ex-wife
Children: Mikhail Sokov, aged 5, halfblood, son
Mother: Dina Williams (nee Lutrova),aged 57, former Klyk Vampira, healer
      Blood Status: Halfblood

Father: Gary Williams, aged 63, former Gryffindor, wizard repairman
      Blood Status: Halfblood

Siblings: Brendan Williams, aged 42, former Slytherin, halfblood, brother, wizard repairman
Feliks Williams, aged 40, former Slytherin, halfblood, brother, substitute
Kitsa Williams, aged 30, former Gryffindor, halfblood, sister, mediwitch

Background Story:
Gary Williams and Dina Lutrova came from two entirely different worlds, and it was for this reason perhaps that the opposites attracted. His family’s background was based solely in wizard repair, the muggle equivalent of a ‘handyman’ but with wands. Out of her family arose intelligent, strong-minded individuals who found their calling in medicine. Their meeting had been happenstance; Gary often traveled with the money he shrewdly collected. He never guessed he would ever meet a blonde hair, blue-eyed Russian beauty, but it was not something he ever regretted. Instant attraction was there for them both, so to secure her attention was only too easy. They quickly rushed into a heavy relationship, and before either family understood what had happened, their children were married. As soon as the honeymoon wore off, Gary and Dina were ready to begin a life together. Because Gary’s business held most ties in England, the two relocated there were she found a position in St. Mungos to continue her own career. Within the first year of marriage, the couple became pregnant with their first child. For the next nine months, they argued over names as each wanted to retain their heritage in their offspring. It was eventually solved diplomatically: they drew straws! Gary, having won the silly game, decided they would take turns naming whatever children they may have. He, of course, would have the first rights. Baby Brendan was born shortly afterwards. Parenthood struck the two hard and several adjustments had to be made – the main of which affected their careers. Their schedules underwent a lot of changes until they coincided as necessary. Brendan was a handful, so things became really strained when Feliks came into the picture as well. Now with two sons to care for, Gary and Dina found themselves being less of a romantic couple and more of wary parents. However, to this day, they will not undermine the time spent chasing these two hoydens around the house. But with the children, and having to juggle their careers to keep a fixed income alive, they did not have much time for themselves anymore.

Whenever the couple did find time to be alone, they certainly did not spend it talking. Dina announced her third pregnancy after over five years of tough marriage. Their families worried that if they continued to reproduce, it might tear them apart! But, while they were tired a lot of the time, Gary and Dina welcomed the third addition to the small unit. Anthony was born on May eighteenth with a violent storm waging war outside. Uncommonly, he did not cry and for a few horrifying seconds they believed he might have some physical inhibition until someone swatted him on the butt. That made him wail, and they all breathed a sigh of relief. As the youngest now, Anthony received most of his parents’ attention which did not place him in much favor with his brothers. In fact, the two found more joy in teasing him or breaking things in order to get some notice around the house. Dina felt slightly overwhelmed, being the only woman in a household of boys who each demanded her undivided attention at any given time. Anthony seemed to understand they were wearing her ragged, and so he often went to his father should he need anything rather than trouble her with it. Brendan and Feliks picked on him a lot, however, and it was not the friendly sort of sibling rivalry most grow up with. They were spiteful and mean just because he was not held accountable for anything, whereas responsibility weighted their shoulders. His brothers would often gang up on and goad Anthony to the point where anger turned into aggression, and their dispute would be solved through vicious fistfights and hair-pulling until one of their parents came running to tear them apart. Usually, he lost. Anthony was younger and weaker, not the mention hardly a force when it’s two against one. As imagined, the constant fighting did not endear him any to the boys, nor did it help to ease the strain on their parents. Dina felt it prudent to cut most of her hours at St. Mungos and instead stay at home to watch all three, as they obviously needed round-the-clock care. It became easier for her once her eldest son began Hogwarts.

Dina’s fourth pregnancy had been a surprise, and not one the family particularly felt they needed at the time. The thought of adding another son to this clan just seemed too much. However, Dina was pleasantly surprised once she was told it would be a girl – she had always wanted a little girl, and so they made room for baby Kitsa. The day Kitsa was born, Anthony felt something change inside of him. He would no longer be the baby in the family, nor would he receive most of the attention. This did not bother him, though. Rather, he saw the fragile arms and big eyes, and he felt instant love for the small girl and a fierce desire to protect her from harm. Anthony did not want either of his brothers going around her in fear they would give Kitsa the same treatment they had him, and so the boy often stood ‘guard’ around her, if only to keep an eye. It was always he who held her, he who fed her, and he who took her outside to play – under their parents’ supervision, of course. Anthony all but hogged his baby sister away from his brothers, and often pouted whenever she was with Brendan or Feliks. But Kitsa and Anthony shared a stronger bond, and the girl would usually choose to be around him most as he frequently told her he would always be there for her, to protect and love her. It was easier for them whenever Hogwarts was in session, as Brendan and Feliks would not be there to interrupt their time together. When they were, however, Anthony always got an earful of his ‘sensitivity’ and practical jokes they had to turn his wardrobe pink in an effort to undermine his masculinity. He would not allow their goading to affect him, though.

Anthony’s acceptance from Hogwarts came and went. His parents – mainly through his father’s decision, as the man was something of a miser – slipped him the handmedowns from his older brothers, arguing there was no need to waste money on books or robes when there were already perfectly good sets he could have. He felt dirty and cheapened by their garments, which were a tad too small; their books were untidy and scribbled in with nonsense. The boy was out of his element at Hogwarts, because even though his two brothers were currently in their seventh and fourth years, they refused to acknowledge him as any relation of theirs. It also did not help that they were Slytherins, whereas he had been placed in Ravenclaw. Now with new responsibility to weight his shoulder and some separation anxiety from Kitsa, Anthony was introduced to muggleborns and their history. Before Hogwarts, he probably knew as much about muggles as they would have known of him – nothing. In a wizard’s home, there was no reason to talk of them and so up to that point in his life, they had only ever been a name. However, Anthony found himself fascinated with their lifestyles, psychology, and history. A lot of the people he made a point to befriend happened to either be muggleborn, or have one muggle parent (and of course anyone who had extensive knowledge of muggles). There was also some intrigue in Potions; the boy found interest in what went into droughts and such, and the effects they would have on the consumer. At home, his brothers relapsed into their old ways – only this time, they called him muggle-lover and brainiac, as if his intelligence should make him feel ashamed. Rather, Anthony felt a sense of pride in himself to know others saw him as a smart kid, what with his calculated methods in Potions, a growing need of discovery in muggle technology, and a sudden awareness of his parents’ careers. Gary repaired things; Anthony liked to take apart, dissect, and reassemble. Dina cured illnesses; Anthony tampered with potions and brews to understand the effects. He suddenly realized he had the two best resources at his fingertips: his parents.

As he grew older, Anthony took advantage of the resources around him – namely his parents and the interesting classes Hogwarts offered. During Holiday breaks, he would return home and beg the time to spend with either parent while they worked. He split his time between his mother, his father, and his sister Kitsa. At school, it was uncommon to find him without a book pertaining to some sort of Potions, Herbology, or even Charms subject. Sometimes, he would hole up in his dorm to create concoctions from ingredients he could pilfer (only ever in small doses), and which he would try to test out on his peers. Of course none of the students wanted to be his guinea pig, and instead he got into a lot of trouble with the male population. Rumors spread that he was trying to poison everybody, and the tougher kids thought they could knock the curiosity right out of him. Anthony spent a lot of time in the Hospital ward his fifth year because he refused to give up these crazy inventions or stop himself from slipping it into someone’s drink. His peers wanted to frighten him out of it, but what happened was a relatively passive yet knowledge-hungry boy turned aggressive and mean. Anthony could not understand why they wanted to squash his dreams, and it angered him to see them try. Now, some fights he got involved in had been ones he initiated – they were not going to stop him. It came to a point where the nurse suggested that, instead of physically venting his aggression, he find another outlet to vent with. This got Anthony into journaling; the boy found it easy to express his thoughts and feelings by scribbling them all down rather than plant his fist in someone’s face, or flick his wand at their back. If someone gave him trouble about the kooky experiments he continued to pull off, he might slam a door or two but eventually, his journals would pile up with all the dark-seeded thoughts of what he really wanted to do.

His sister joined Hogwarts in his sixth year, and Anthony was immediately on the defensive for her. Whoever thought to get near the young Gryffindor, he would come to bark and shuffle her away. As the sister of the school’s creepy and violent nerd, Kitsa often got teased to tears which of course would send him into fits of rage. No one could make his sister cry and get away with it. But, it also had Anthony in many detentions and more hospital ward trips, as not even his journals could keep him sane enough to refrain from revenge. Even with his frustration with his peers at Hogwarts, Anthony continued to pursue a career path much like his mothers – he wanted to help others, others like his sister and his parents, and offer the inventive ideas he worked on daily in the medicinal movement. He graduated with top marks, ones he had worked hard and literally fought over to keep so he might obtain this desire of completion. A lot of people told him he was nuts, and he would never make it as healer with his harebrained experiments. Anthony thought otherwise, and if anything their dissuading comments only made him want it more. With a deep passion of Potions and Herbology, he left with specific goals in mind. 

Immediately, Anthony applied to The Dilys Derwent School for Healing which his parents forked the money over for. It was, his mother once told him, the least they could do as he had never been given new things for school (everything had always been either Brendan’s or Feliks’ first). Plus, Gary and Dina were quite proud to see their son so determined to make it in what was considered one of the most intense, rigorous careers that only a select few could achieve. Within the month, he was accepted mainly through his impressive grades and his parents’ monetary supply. Those first two years sucked for Anthony; he did not enjoy the basics at all. Everything seemed a repeat for him, and so the excitement was lacking. The only reason he got through it all was because a lot of what they had him study, was stuff he had already perused in Hogwarts; they simply went into greater details and methods. An established healer at St. Mungos offered to tutor Anthony for his next required two years of tangible practice, as he worked on the third floor dealing in potion and plant poisoning which was closest to what the young man wished to be in. Dane was a tough mentor who placed much stock in the theory that the only way to learn was to do, and often times he would not remain around to walk Anthony step-by-step. Instead, he learned to pay close attention to orders given and then perform them as directed, otherwise lose the opportunity. As much as the two men bickered and butted heads, Dane would occasionally admit the only reason he tolerated Anthony’s attitude was because he happened to be the same way at that age. And truth be told, the younger man truly appreciated the chance to work under someone who lived what he wanted to be. When he graduated from Derwent’s, Dane recruited him into St. Mungos to continue working on his floor, under his supervision, but as a licensed healer. Anthony jumped on the opportunity without hesitation.

Eventually, Harvey and Anthony became a dynamic pair on level three. He now had a place where he could practice with his ‘medical discoveries’ and not receive odd looks or nasty words because of it. If asked, Anthony would claim he was simply trying to find ‘cures’ for his patients, which was the truth – it had always been the truth. His curiosity had been for a good cause, and now without people afraid of what he was capable of, he pretty much had free reign with all sorts of medical supplies to continue experiments with. Occasionally, he would get lucky and find a certain herb concoction that might aid in healing an extended bottom lip, or a reduced tongue. It seemed that things were going well for the man, now. Anthony had the support of his parents and his sister Kitsa, his mentor Harvey Dane, and he was aiding in the health progress of others which just gave him an inner level of satisfaction. But there was also a darker thought rooted down in his brain – it never escaped him that while he could help these people, he could just as easily harm them too with everything he had access to and how he knew to use it. Not that Anthony ever wanted to injure any patients, just the idea was there. Though, once his sister began to see a wizard named Corey, his old protective habits flared up and he tried unsuccessfully to scare him away from her. It got to a point where he threatened to poison the man if he thought to touch her anymore, and Kitsa had to step in to calm Anthony down. Since she was the only person who could make him sane again, it was not long before he saw the ridiculousness in his behavior and stepped back, giving her the room to enjoy her relationship. Though Anthony did not like the thought of his baby sister in love with a possible predator, there was not much he could do to change it.

Comfortable and successful thus far in his career, Anthony felt content. However, his thirst for some sort of accomplishment in his life made it so the man never really had any relationships. Certainly he had interest in women, and occasionally he would go out to pubs and meet up with a special lady for a night or two. That was the extent of it, though. No woman had caught his attention until one day, a blonde haired, green-eyed woman spilt her coffee all over his brand new blue shirt. Instead of his infamous temper getting the better of him, he guilted the woman into having dinner with him that night. Anthony learned she was a Russian lady, whose name was Vonda Sokova and she, as a reporter, was there to cover a Ministry piece. He found himself instantly attracted to the strong personality, and the irony that he too, had fallen for a Russian like his father was not lost on him. Unlike his father however, Anthony had a hell of a time convincing Vonda to return the feelings that so strongly overwhelmed him. To say he pursued her would be an understatement, for the man all but stalked her back to St. Petersburg, Russia once she finished her business in Europe. Anthony took an extended vacation, and on that vacation he made sure to conveniently pop up and around Vonda’s most favorite hangouts, each time appearing none the less discouraged by her denial to date him. Eventually, the persistent man wore the woman down and she agreed to give the half Russian a chance. Their relationship escalated from that moment, and like his father before him, Anthony found himself hastily proposing marriage within a month of knowing the feisty, spirited woman. Surprisingly, it did not take much coaxing for her to marry him. They spent their honeymoon blissful, but within the week his controlling and aggressive personality resurfaced.

Anthony automatically assumed she would return to England with him, and they would continue a life there together so that he might remain where his career was. Vonda however, had no desire or intention to leave St. Petersburg. This of course made his temper resurface as he attempted to bully her into relocating, though what he accomplished was further from what he wanted to happen: she left him. In fact, divorce papers were thrown right in his obsessed face. Stunned, Anthony hightailed it back to England where his shock deteriorated into depression. His work suffered during this time, as he spent most of his night in the pubs and most of his day recovering from a hangover. He refused to take medicine that would ease the pounding headaches and return him to normal, instead preferring to wallow in the misery of it. As he his anger turned bitter, Anthony was ignorant to the fact his ex-wife had left him while pregnant with their son, Mikhail. A part of him still wanted Vonda back, but the letters he penned her way all went unanswered. The man was forced to wait until another vacation was allotted him before a trip back to St. Petersburg could be taken. Upon his arrival, he found Vonda had moved back in with her parents. And, to add confusion to his understanding, there was a curious baby in her arms. Vonda eventually broke down and admitted that Mikhail was Anthony’s son, and allowed him to visit with the child. For the second time in his life, there was that overwhelming urge to protect and love the fragile ball, and it reignited the desire to mend their family back together. She was not so keen on the idea, and as her ex-husband pushed and begged, the authorities had to move in to keep him away from her parents’ property. Anthony had no choice but to return to North Yorkshire, England a broken man.

A sense of hopelessness he had never experienced before overcame Anthony. His ex-wife refused him access to his son, her family was making certain he had no contact with either their daughter or grandson. It would be a blatant lie to claim that this man did not want to be apart of Mikhail’s life; he wanted to be the father he was meant to have been! If he continued to ‘harass’ the Sokov family, he risked being sent to Azkaban for repeated offenses. All that was left was for depression to harden into resentment for the woman who had all but killed his spirit and taken an important piece of himself away. Indeed, all that Vonda allowed him were the occasional pictures she would send through owl, to ‘keep him updated’. In Anthony’s opinion, he felt his dementor of an ex-wife was just wanting to torment him and rub it in further, however he would not have given up the opportunity to have those photos either. At least in one way he would get to see his son wave, smile, or show him a missing tooth. Each and every picture he has received, he has framed and hung up not only at home but in his office at work. Though, he has not forgiven Vonda whatsoever for keeping Mikhail from him, or even ultimately leaving him. Spurned and alone, Anthony continues his odd experiments that might raise a brow. Only now, the stuff he plays and dabbles in might not be very… safe, if consumed. In fact, he’s gone on a new mission to discover each and every poison out there possible, and the side effects that come with them. His old mentor Harvey Dane has retired, and Anthony is now in his stead.

Minor Details

Strong Area of Magic: Potions
Weak Area of Magic: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Former School / House: Hogwarts / Former Ravenclaw
N.E.W.T.s: Care of Magical Creatures ( A )
Charms ( E )
Herbology ( O )
Muggle Studies ( O )
Potions ( O )
Transfiguration ( E )

Pets: - - -
Wand: Thirteen inches, flexible spruce, phoenix feather
Quidditch position: Merely a spectator.
Anything else: ? Mad scientist, ftw?
Are You A Native English Speaker?: Of course.

RP Response
“Vonda… ple—NO!”

Tony sprinted forward just as the door slammed shut, his left arm bearing the brunt of pain as he fell into it. Disbelief clouded him; was she serious? No… no, she isn’t. I know this woman! She changes her mind as often as her clothes. She’s just… she’s just angry with me right now. She doesn’t know what she’s saying! His frantic thoughts did little to calm his anxious nerves. Palms flattened against the heavy blockade as he crushed his front against it, his lips almost kissing the wood. “Vonda, baby… please,” Tony spoke through the door in her native tongue, assuming she was on the other side much like himself. “You can’t do this. I know you’re mad… I know I need to change. I-I will. I’ll change. I’ll do whatever you need me to do. Just please, don’t take my s-son from me.” Never before had he felt so crippled, so unmanned. His emotions had become too great; they choked him, and all Tony could do was press his forehead to the door and wait for her to open it again. His ears strained to listen for any hint of noise; her voice, maybe, or even signs that she stood just beyond this barrier, worrying her lip as she decided whether or not this second chance should be given.

He waited for several moments, all the while struggling to retain some semblance of control over the tremors that threatened to shake his body. He waited to feel this obstruction to lift away from him. He waited to see the green eyes, full of forgiveness. He waited in vain. None of this happened. It was all a perfect story concocted in his mind. Tony could relate it perfectly: after a quivering moment of uncertainty, she would open the door and he would move in so she could not keep him away any longer. He would brush blonde hair from her face, or encircle her frail body in his strong arms. He would whisper the apologies until she begged him to stop. Whatever was necessary, he would have done it. And yet, the door never relented. Vonda did not open the door, the only clear sign that she had not – and possibly would never – forgive him. Tony’s breath left him at this realization; his own personality, the need for control and stability, had been his downfall. “I cannot live with someone so unbearable!” The Russian woman had screamed at him. “I won’t have my son become what you are.”

What was he? There had to be some monstrosity of a deformity to him that repulsed her so. “You won’t change your mind, will you?” He whispered this, partly from shock, and partly from reckoning. Tony’s fist rapped against the wood then, suddenly unwilling to give in so easily. “VONDA! Open this door!” His anger was heightened due to the very real possibility of what was at stake: losing his son, who was just three months old. The wizard flailed his limbs to the wood, pounding and kicking in some vain attempt to rip it open. “Damnit, I said OPEN THE DOOR!” He hollered until his throat burned; he punched until the skin broke and the pain sheared through him. A shaking hand groped within the lapels of his coat, grasping for the willowy stick to jab it towards the lock. If she was not willing to let him in herself, he would take matters into his own hands. However, the nerve failed him; it kept him from ever uttering the enchantment. The man stood on her stoop, foolishly pointing his wand at her locked door with no voice or intention. It’s hopeless, his mind screamed. There are four wizards inside. You’re not powerful enough to fight them all off. What good would you be, to find yourself in Azkaban?

All at once, energy failed him. His muscles became too heavy; he dropped the wand and sagged against the door, back to it. “Mikhail, oh god,” he gasped out, a shudder sweeping through him until his legs gave out. Tony slid to the stone, squatting as it was all he could manage. He realized then, he had lost. There was no convincing others; there was no making this better. His wife did not love him – had she ever? Her family threatened him… His son would grow up without him. A crushing blow to the would-be father, the man would swear whatever heart he possessed had stopped then. It sank low, right into his gut. He was spineless. Useless. Bared. Tony no longer cared, not even as the tears stung his eyes and overflowed. They fell in silent streaks as he stared hopelessly in front of him, seeing nothing and everything at once. Eventually, he simply curled into himself and buried his face in his arms. If anything, his misery could be suffered in private.

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Was wondering if it was possible to retrieve sheet information? Specifically for Farlane Kirkpatrick, Todd McCulloch, and Anthony Williams? They were sorted characters a few years back but it seems I can only find Ashlan's information right now.

And is there a way to retrieve my old sandbox at all?

Thank you for the assistance.

I could not find your sandbox :(
You could always make another?

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Re: Sheet Retrieval
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2018, 01:35:51 AM »
That's perfectly fine! I honestly didn't have high hopes that my sheets would even be retrieved so I am so thankful you took the time to find them and got back to me SO QUICKLY !!

You are a gem and I appreciate it so very much!!!!


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