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Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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high hopes [mary lou]
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:39:28 AM »
@Mary Lou Bird was quite domineering when determined. When she had something on her mind, the girl would rarely stop until reaching her goal; and, in this case, she’s reached it, by having convinced Gilbert to go hiking with her. Generally, the boy was pretty much open to any kind of activity, but hiking, that was an entire different issue. Actually, he was sure that nobody had ever actually seen him hiking; while the outdoors type of person indeed, Gilbert spent most of his time on the pitch, playing either quodpot or quidditch. Otherwise, he could be easily found in the library, or with his group of friends somewhere on the school’s grounds. But hiking… no, never.

At least to the public eye, of course, for ever since Gilbert first started practicing his animagus skills, he did his own kind of nocturnal hiking. But nobody aside from Minnie knew of that, and he was certainly not going to change the situation anytime soon. It was going to be hard, but Bertie figured Lou would enjoy taking the lead, and that she knew all the paths and the forests pretty well, so he wouldn’t actually have to interfere much and reveal that he knew the forest like the palm of his hand.

She’d chosen the twentieth as the day of the hike. It was just before his birthday and Bertie, yet again, found himself a bit sceptical about spending it in such a way. Even if he was going to be outside, he’d rather at least play catch. But no, there was no way out of this, for he had promised already he’d go with her. Bertie wasn’t the type to go back on his word, as uncomfortable as he was. However, the Wampus was sure that, as long as the weather would be fine (it was especially cloudy outside, and Bertie really hoped it wouldn’t rain) and Mary Lou had the walk perfectly planned, nothing would go wrong.

And there was one more issue – he didn’t really have any actual clothes in his dorm that went well with hiking. Taking that into consideration, Bertie found himself going to the Lightwoods’ house in Shackamaxon to take the black tracksuit his mother had bought him for when he used to play basketball. That, combined with some matching sneakers, should do. Before leaving towards his meeting spot with Lou, Gilbert also took his leather jacket. Not sure how practical that would be, but it was still chilly so far and assuming the hiking would go well, and he would actually get tired (not a chance), Bertie could take it off anytime.

He soon reached their meeting spot, exactly at their agreed time. Mary Lou was already there, and Bertie waved before he approached her, not really quickening his pace but just lazily walking towards her. “Cheep, chirp, chirrup!” He greeted her teasingly, as always making bird sounds whenever around her. Gilbert then stretched out his hand, and arranged a more rebellious curl of hers, gently tucking it behind her ear. Her hair was arranged in a bun, which Bertie didn’t necessarily like; Lou’s hair was by far one of her best features and while, sure, it’d be impractical when hiking, he would’ve preferred her to leave her hair loose.

His hand then trailed to her chin, lightly lifting it so he can take a better look at her face. “Bonita.” Bertie commented, realising that Mary Lou’s hair often times distracted from her other features. With her hair gathered, she was, in fact, quite pretty. Still, he preferred her having her hair loose. She looked more rebellious, to some extent, and his friend there could definitely use that reputation for her upcoming elections. Rebels attracted voters, for some incomprehensible reason.

He retrieved his hand, placing it in his pocket. “Which way?” Gilbert inquired, encouraging Mary Lou to pick the path they’d take that day. The quodpot captain was determined to always gently push her to take the lead, as smoothly as possible. In the end, he didn’t want her to find out he knew these paths as well as her, if not even better, for he’s always adventured at night rather than during the day.

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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: high hopes [mary lou]
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2018, 05:11:32 PM »
Mary Lou had suggested they meet at six that morning; it would be just before dawn, giving them plenty of time to get the hike started, keep the sun at their backs as they moved. She was used to being turned down for such early starts, and they had settled on eight instead -- but Mary Lou was an early Bird and had gone down to breakfast at her usual time (half past five) had her usual cups of coffee (three) and headed outside anyway. It looked like the excuse of escaping the sun was for nothing, anyway, as it was pretty overcast. But she was prepared, of course. She was wearing a flannel shirt, shorts, knee high wooly socks worn slouchy at her ankles, and her well-worn, mud-caked hiking boots. Around her waist she had tied her rain jacket, bright yellow.

A glance at her digital watch as Bertie approached (with his familiar chirping greeting that was annoying her less and less) told her he was right on time (or two hours late, depending on how one looked at it). “Mornin’,” she offered, just as his hand reached out to take care of a rogue curl for her. She was about to thank him, but he wasn’t done: his hand was on her chin and she found herself moving her gaze from his eyes to his lips and back up again.


A couple months ago this wouldn’t have been any cause for hesitation on her part. But then he had suggested they attend the Sweetheart’s Dance together (which they both agreed to do as friends), thinking it wouldn’t hurt to try to boost her campaign numbers at every chance she got. They had fun (she even had a couple sips of alcohol -- shh) but that was it. Just a nice evening with her friends. But then the comments started coming, probably with innocent intentions, that they had looked cute together. They had made some effort to match at the dance, and she had certainly put effort into her makeup (read: she got a roommate to do it for her), but she didn’t see what they were trying to point out.

That is, until the offhanded comment from a roommate that Mary Lou Lightwood had a nice ring to it. She was, rather surprisingly, not disagreeable. It hadn’t occurred to her before that moment that there ever could be a possibility of any sort of something more than friendship -- there were so many things she wanted to fix about him, after all -- but maybe the idea wasn’t too far fetched.


There had been zero indication from Bertie in the weeks following that anything between them was different. And now, a couple weeks past that, Mary Lou was coming back down from the idea, reassuring herself that she needed to focus on her campaign, anyway.

But he had never called her pretty before.

“Gracias,” she said, her mind blank of any and all things beside that word. Bertie moved his hand, Lou blinked, and she pointed west. “That way.” She blinked a couple more times, the fog in her mind clearing up now that she was getting back to her element. Taking the first few steps forward, she gave her head a scratch as she continued to walk and talk. “I figured we could follow the AT a little then branch off into the reservation.” She shrugged, tightening the straps of her backpack. “I have plenty of stuff to stay out all day, so you’ll have to tell me when you’re halfway to quitting so we can turn around.”

She smiled, the trail already heading into an incline. The last of the snow on the trail had disappeared the week before, but the path was still drying out and there hadn’t been anyone through yet to clear out any of the overgrowth. “Is that the only jacket you own?” Lou looked over to Bertie with her eyebrow raised, the hint of a smirk on her face. “It’s very practical.”

Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: high hopes [mary lou]
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2018, 03:12:54 PM »
“Obrigado, actually. Or obrigada, since you’re a girl.” Gilbert playfully winked in Lou’s direction, and then started lazily started walking in the direction she pointed to. The air was especially fresh; while he was still hoping it wouldn’t rain, and pleading to every famous dead wizard and witch out there so it wouldn’t, Bertie enjoyed the scent that surrounded them. That specific scent the air had when it was cloudy, and it was just about to rain – it felt humid, fresh, and somehow as if they were by the seaside. He enjoyed it quite a lot, and Bertie took a deep breath as he listened to Lou’s following words.

He laughed, genuinely amused. “Me, tired? Halfway to quitting?” Has she met him? Seriously, Mary Lou. “You’ll have to be the one telling me when you’re tired, Miss President.” Bertie added the appellative on purpose, half wanting to see Lou’s reaction to it, and half wanting her to also get used to it. In the end, while he did not enjoy this system at all, and considered it all complete shit, he’d rather have Mary Lou as president than someone else. Of course, if someone else (anyone else) would win this year – and they won’t – the sixth year Wampus was already planning to make their life a living hell. Why? Just because chaos was beautiful.

“This is nothing compared to my daily training.” Bertie commented, shrugging as he glanced in the direction of a tree as they passed by it. Someone else – another dog – marked their territory there and he wasn’t enjoying it. Ilvermorny's grounds were his. He would definitely have to come back late at night and make sure to put his print (read: pee) on that exact tree again.

He smirked at the comment regarding his leather jacket. Of course she wouldn’t like it. Mary Lou was more into the straight-laced type of boys, he would figure. But even if she seemed so innocent and sweet, the sixth year was sure his house mate had her own fair share of flirting. In the end, as he’s stated before, Mary Lou was quite pretty. She probably attracted the straight-laced boys that she was surely into. However, he didn’t quite like her remark. Leather jackets were the actual best. But he didn’t want to tease her, or at least not pick on her in a way he would with others. She was more delicate, and Bertie didn’t want her to actually take him seriously.

Gilbert bit his lower lip, pulling out his wand from his pocket. “You only need one jacket, Mary Lou.” He commented, and with a slightly movement of his wrist, Bertie transfigured his own outfit into one that would match hers, with slight modifications – flannel shirt, but matching trousers which were tucked in his boots. Bertie then threw his wand in the air and took a step forwards, turning around and presenting himself in front of his house mate, making sure she would stop and enjoy the view: him.

He caught the wand just in time, and winked. “Magic.” Bertie giggled, more playfully than usual. “So what about now?” He smirked, teasingly. “Am I poised to your liking, Miss President?” Gilbert drew in a little closer, just for the dramatic effect. He couldn’t wait to see Lou’s reaction to him looking actually ‘proper’ for once.

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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: high hopes [mary lou]
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2018, 05:07:10 PM »
Lou didn’t want to focus on that: Miss President. She wanted to hear it, of course, but this was jumping the gun far too soon, wasn’t it? She rolled her eyes, mostly at Bertie saying that she would be the first to quit, choosing to ignore her new nickname. “Oh right. Whatever you say.” She would take that as a personal challenge, no doubt about it. She had enough provisions and there was no rule that said she had to share.

She raised an eyebrow at his claim that his training had prepared him for all of this. Lou wasn’t sure that daily flying really equated to hiking and climbing, but she didn’t want to argue. She’d much rather prove him wrong by demonstration rather than with words.

Stopped short from telling him that she owned multiple jackets, too distracted by his literal magic this time, Lou came to a halt on the trail to watch him. “Uh,” she started with a smile before having to suppress a laugh at the all-flannel outfit. She nodded quickly and wordlessly. He was poised to her liking, which she very much did not like. He stepped closer and she swallowed, hardly taking her eyes off of his. “Better,” she said with a small nod, before stepping around him and continuing on the trail, processing her thoughts in double time. That was definitely him flirting, wasn’t it? But it was also something he always did, right? There was nothing special about today. Nothing, she reminded herself.

She willed her cheeks to cool down with a shake of her head. “You’re going to jinx it,” she said after a few seconds, trying to clear her head. “Calling me Miss President, I mean.” She didn’t look over at him, eyes focused straight ahead on the trail. Lou hadn’t told anyone about what Dajon had told her last year, that she would be elected Vice President, nor that he had just recently told her she would be elected President. Of course, she wanted to believe him, believe in herself, but she wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as last year. She was completely focused on winning her election fair and square, and didn’t need any outside distractions.

And yet, there she was, hiking alone with Gilbert Lightwood, covertly trying to figure out if he like liked her. This wasn’t part of the plan, the one she had made years ago and laid out in multiple notebooks, the one that decided her future for her based on the outcome of the upcoming election. There wasn’t room for a crush. She needed to crush the crush.

She didn’t want to crush the crush.

“Do you think you could teach me that? With the jacket?” She glanced over at him again, eyebrows raised. “I can’t transfigure a needle into a toothpick.” It was only a slight exaggeration, but she wasn’t kidding in that she was actual garbage at the subject. “My dad says since I won’t be campaigning next year, I’ll have no excuse about my grades,” she finished with a shrug, hoping he wouldn’t catch on that she was pre-scheduling study sessions well into next term.

Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: high hopes [mary lou]
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2018, 01:08:57 PM »
“Nervous, are we?” Gilbert teased Mary Lou, having noticed that she had been taken aback by his appearance, even if slightly. In the end, she’d never seen him actually tailored to her liking, so surely this was a nice surprise, to which his friend didn’t know how to react. Tsk, tsk Lou. After he’d made the effort of looking nice for you. Bertie nodded his head in disapproval as she stepped around him, realising that maybe teasing her in such a way wasn’t the way to go. In the end, Lou was an angel, someone whom he didn’t want to annoy. It seemed like a sin to annoy her, that’s how nice and sweet she was.

Bertie sighed, and caught up to her, gently placing his hand on her back as she mentioned he was going to jinx her winning. The young animagus did not believe in such superstitions, especially not after Dajon’s failure of foreseeing his true animagus form’s breed. It was all a fraud, some weird notion that people could foresee events, or have any kind of ability of interfering with things. As long as someone didn’t change the course of events through the usage of a time-turner, Bertie doubted that ‘jinxing’ was something legitimate. He hated the system with all of his being, but Mary Lou would be its perfect leader. He’d voted for her since their first year, and had confidence that she will win this year. It was a truth, and he needed no second-rate seer to confirm it.

“Fine, fine.” He commented, deciding to just go with the flow this time. “This flannel feels nice on the skin.” Gilbert remarked, only now realising how comfortable it was. Perhaps it was the fact that his senses were starting to heighten, nonetheless, now he could understand more why Mary Lou had a preference for such clothes. They were indeed simply cosy. “The transfiguration?” Gilbert asked, his hand reaching for Lou’s neck, later on stretching out his arm over her shoulders and letting it rest there while the path was still uniform and didn’t require much effort.

He let out a laugh at her explanation, tapped his fingers twice on her shoulder. “I can teach you that, of course. It’s only hard until you manage to keep your focus the first few times, but then it’s quite easy. What’s your level though?” The young wizard asked, aware that she’d been joking before. She was a sixth year, so of course Mary Lou was at least passable at the subject. “Where are you at with the Bird-Conjuring Charm?” It was in their sixth year curriculum, and among the first spells learned at Transfiguration that year. Therefore, a good reference for him.

“Chirp, chirp.” He whispered in her year, not resisting the urge of remarking the coincidence between her surname and the spell.

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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: high hopes [mary lou]
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2018, 05:18:54 PM »
Lou was relieved when Bertie didn’t fight her on the jinx. They were still close enough to the school that she would have been tempted to turn back and call it a day, which she really didn’t want to do. “It does, doesn’t it?” She was glad to be back to talking about things she was comfortable talking about, like flannel and hiking and not election-failing talk. “We sell an ultra-soft one at the store,” she mentioned off-handedly.

This is normal Bertie, she reminded herself as his arm found her shoulders. It was nothing that hadn’t happened before. “Yeah, the transfiguration. I’m not great,” she added, though she was making herself sound much better than she actually was.

“Oh, um.” Lou glanced sideways for a brief second before focusing on the trail ahead again. “I failed my CHEPI. Well, I got a D and went to summer school, so I still got to take the class this year, but…” She trailed off, feeling her cheeks warm. It was no secret that she wasn’t the best at wandwork, but she hardly ever admitted it out loud; that, plus the fact that she had neglected studying last year to devote all of her time to her failed campaign. Lou shrugged, deciding that was enough of an answer for what level she was on.

His follow up question was almost a relief. “That might be the only thing I get right on the exam this year.” It had seemed like a good campaign move, conjuring birds. She was a Bird, after all, and every campaign needed a gimmick. Besides, her brothers had thought it was a really cool idea and once she had mentioned it as a possibility, they wouldn’t let her forget it. It had taken a few sleepless nights (thanks, coffee) of practice, but she was up to making twenty-four different kinds of birds now. Her schedule included learning a new one every week. It wasn’t something she was letting people know about -- her roommates probably thought she had some weird sort of obsession by now, but that wasn’t new -- until the perfect time was upon them, when the campaigns would ‘officially’ start.

And she was about to tell him as much, was about to pull her wand out to show him because he seemed special enough to get to know, but she was thoroughly distracted by his voice in her ear. She could feel his breath on her neck; the words sounded so much more than what they were. He said that to her all the time, but at a normal volume and distance and while not wearing flannel or smelling so appealing and certainly not after calling her pretty--

Lou took a large step forward and turned around, walking backwards a few steps as she took her wand out. There was no use hiding her flushed cheeks; she was pretty sure they would never go away now but hopefully the sun would rise further very soon so she could blame it on the heat. But thankfully, she really did want him to see that she could conjure a bird, so it was easy to focus on the spell and even do it nonverbally (which had taken an extra few months of practice, but whatever).

A bright red cardinal appeared above them and she looked up at it with a half smile. Tilting her head a little, Lou shrugged. “Watch this not even be on the exam, though.”

Gilbert Lightwood [ Wampus ]
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Re: high hopes [mary lou]
« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2018, 06:38:02 PM »
Being in the same year as Mary Lou, Bertie was vaguely aware of her strengths and weaknesses, nonetheless not to the extent of knowing how advanced she was in a certain area of magic. To him, the other Wampus was more shining through her love for politics; quite ironic, since Gilbert hated anything to do with politics in the first place. Nonetheless, over the years, he’d gotten quite attached to his female friend, so he supposed this affection had made him hypocritical enough to find her in her element when campaigning and being a senator – even a president, in the future.

“Ah…” He let out involuntarily, feeling a bit bad for mentioning a subject which was obviously (yet not to him) one of Lou’s weaknesses. Nonetheless, if he wanted to help, Gilbert had to know, so regardless of how uncomfortable his question proved to be to her (he’d noticed her cheeks getting a bit rosy), Lou had proved great class and courage for answering it without any kind of reservations. This truthful and honest side to her was always a nice sight to see.

Gilbert let out a laugh at her answer to his inquiry regarding the Bird-Conjuring Charm. “Of course.” He commented, nodding once his head in approval. At the very least, such a charm would get someone with Lou’s surname to become more motivated about learning it properly. He straightened his back and shrugged as Lou took a large step forward, smiling as she started walking backwards. She conjured a bright red cardinal, and Bertie couldn’t but widen his smile. Her conjuration had been, indeed, flawless.

“Even if it won’t be on the exam,” He doubted it though, for it was the one charm which was essential to advanced Transfiguration, for some sort of reason he could not understand. Truthfully, human transfiguration was much more entertaining and would prove itself more useful for them all in the future. Anyway, he wasn’t going to voice his thoughts about that now. “it will prove itself very useful in your campaign, no?”

Gilbert moved his gaze from the bird to Mary Lou. “Plus, it shows that your transfiguration skills aren’t bad at all. There’s a lot of potential there.” His smile got the tiniest bit playful, as he took a step forward, and teasingly bumped his shoulder into Lou’s, as a small sign of encouragement. “And, let’s be honest, it’s not as if we’ll use a lot of these spells in the future. Can’t imagine how useful it will be conjuring a bird in one’s career unless they’re a magizoologist or whatever.” Bertie shrugged, his gaze still focused in Lou’s direction.

“You’re going to work for MACUSA, right? I assume not in a department which needs a lot of transfiguration.” He commented, a bit irked at his own words. Not that he was friends with someone who would actually work with such an organisation (of pure evil), but because he was actually talking down on his favourite subject. It was no secret he was good at it, excelling at it in his private time and in secret, but Gilbert wasn’t going to lie – there were too little career opportunities for witches and wizards talented in that certain area of magic. He loved transfiguration deeply, nonetheless, knowing that society restricted such a marvellous area of magic was always irritating.

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