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[Mar MP]A night to sing about[OPEN}
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        This was not this social lights first trip to the Southern-African English colony town. Which was why she expected to find the white wood Edwardian styled colonial buildings that she seen in her youth. Instead she quickly found that Johannburg had succumb to the same concrete and glass modernization that swept over most of the worlds cities. Korrine was not sure if it was the direness of plain square buildings or the muggle political atmosphere that caused the social and economic degrade over the last 20 years. Although She did hope, Johannesburg hosting the annual Dance Umbrella Festival at this scale will see a turning point for the town and a lot of the building will get revamped elegance, wealth and grace of the original gold rush settlement.

          The chauffeured sedan turned the last corner before talking its place in the queue as approached the entrance to the Opera House. Korrine had a view from her window of the wizards exiting the vehicles in front of them. She studied the side profile of the European and African Wizard officials in hopes to see a familiar face. He handsome young escort, her son Grover Ollivander stepped out first and then (like the gentleman she raised him to be) reached back it to assist her. Just how he still remained unmarried baffled Korrine.

          The lights struck stone and gold embroidered water slick fabric of her caftan cut opera dress as she stepped out from the car. She adjusted her 1920’s style headband before she took her sons arm and headed into the grad entry of the opera house. Presenting their tickets at the door the were admitted and directed into the lobby for pre-admission appetizers cocktails. 

              Although they had box seats and their house elf could easily retrieve cocktails form the parterre bar, Korrine would not pass up the opportunity to mingle and socializes with their fellow art, dance and culture loving wizards.  Her eyes made a quick sweep of the room as they entered the filling lobby.  With most of the British Ministry protesting, it should not shock her that most of them and their waves were not be here.

            She walked a few more yards in and took another sweep with her eyes. It was then she finally spotted a familiar face.  He gave him a quick nod and a squeeze of her hand, acknowledging her son offered to receive drinks before heading over to her acquaintance.

“Oh, Hello dear! I did not think I would see you here!”  Her said with a smile. Their conversation stopped, as they turned to meet her eyes.


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