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    Name: Laura
    Character name: Bérénice Bonaccord
    Feature you are applying for: Hypnotist

    c h a r a c t e r

    Bérénice is intelligent and focused, with a very patient and dedicated demeanour. She is reliable, meticulous and careful. She dislikes being rushed and likes to ensure things are done to the highest standard, often going beyond what is required. Because of this, however, she has a tendency to overload herself. Bérénice has a strong sense of duty and is a perfectionist. She has an aversion to conflict, which often results in her being overloaded by others, struggling silently to meet expectations. She is much more tolerant of others than she is of herself.

    She is a hardworking, studious individual. Bérénice is responsible and disciplined. She places a high value on her reputation -- well, her family's. Social status and influence are important. Bérénice is vulnerable to criticism; generally she retreats inwards, blaming herself for her "inadequacies". She wants to prove herself and is determined to do well, both in her own eyes and those of her parents. Her ambitious streak and strong willpower come in handy here, and she can be very resourceful when she wants to be.

    Nice was raised in a traditional, conservative family. Her morals and views, therefore, are rather old-fashioned. She believes in order and authority, and is not rebellious by nature -- she won't blindly go along with something just because her friends or family tell her to, but she won't be disobedient just for the sake of it. She isn't completely inflexible, but is cautious and dislikes taking unnecessary risks.

    Bérénice is naturally confident, though is susceptible to a fluctuating self-esteem. She is charismatic and kind, and likes inspiring people to achieve their goals. Her cool, calm demeanour allows her to be gently persuasive. She is authentic and eloquent, warm and sensitive. She cares deeply about other people and their feelings, and seeks win-win situations wherever she can. She is good at connecting with people because her interest is genuine. Bérénice is supportive of others; she will happily share her knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who needs it, but especially with those she holds dear. She is loyal and trustworthy.

    h y p n o t i s t

    Hypnosis is described as "a trancelike state, artificially induced, in which a person has a heightened suggestibility, and in which suppressed memories may be experienced". The word Hypnosis comes from the Greek for "sleep", however there is debate over whether the subject is truly unconscious of their actions or if they are in a wakeful state of hyper-suggestion -- that they are simply far more susceptible to the suggestions of the Hypnotist. Hypnotism is used in both the muggle and magical world; in the muggle world, hypnotism is used in both Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnotism.

    Hypnotherapy is a type of suggestion that is often used to modify a subject's behaviour, emotions, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development. It is not a cure for illness or disease, but can help manage the pain endured from such afflictions.

    Stage Hypnosis is far better known, but also more dangerous. Stage Hypnotists are not qualified medical professionals, and their only aim is to entertain their audience. Also, many are simply faking their performance, so it is difficult to tell if they are truly using hypnotism in their act. Looking at a Stage Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist side-by-side would offer glaring contrasts; a Stage Hypnotist attempts to (or at least gives the illusion of being able to) 'control' their subject, often offering amusement to the audience at their subject's expense, but a trained Hypnotherapist gives the control to the subject, allowing them to access their inner resources. A Hypnotherapist is a Therapist who uses Hypnosis as a primary tool in assisting clients meet their goals, and a Hypnotherapist differs from other therapists in that they focus on the subconscious behaviours and influences of their clients.

    In addition to sending subjects into a Deep Sleep, Hypnotists may also Suggest things to the client, ranging from modifying a memory to changing lifelong habits and more. Bérénice would be proficient in all aspects of Hypnosis, but would most commonly use: Deep Sleep, Dream Production, and The Great and Small Pendulums. I envision Deep Sleep and Dream Production would be somewhat like Inception (for those of you who have seen the movie), planting a suggestion within a dream for it to seem as natural as possible; the client (or subject) would never even know they hadn't thought of it themselves. Suggestion (whilst the subject is awake) is a greyer area: Bérénice would be able to subtly encourage people into doing things she wants them to. A number of factors would influence the success of this particular area of hypnosis: eye contact, a soft, soothing tone, and a susceptible victim -- strong-willed or suspicious individuals would be almost impossible to Suggest to without the help of her wand or other tools.

    Hypnotists in the muggle world can perform their 'spells' without need of a wand, however a magical Hypnotist's power lies in their wand. Without her wand or tools, Bérénice's ability is greatly diminished. The Hypnotist can utilise tools such as the small and great pendulums, or a musical instrument. The most important thing in the hypnotism of a person is their susceptibility to hypnosis. In the muggle world this is vital, however with the introduction of a wand, a witch or wizard finds this less of an obstacle, though still an important factor.

    The main limitations for Bérénice would be the draining effect on her fatigue by performing hypnotic spells (where repetitive casting of spells increases the likelihood of exhaustion), the willingness and/or character of her patients or subjects, and the availability of her tools. People who are more easily manipulated in everyday life are more likely to fall under Hypnosis easily, and those who are more stubborn, or questioning, will be harder for Bérénice to put under, and almost impossible without the use of one or more of her tools.

    s u i t a b i l i t y

    Bérénice is a people-orientated person and enjoys being sociable. She is an emphatic and perceptive being, with a gentle and kind disposition -- despite small moments of ambition and pride. Bérénice is largely a serene woman, only becoming emotional when pushed to her limits, however this is not to say that she isn't passionate in what she believes in. With all these traits taken into consideration, I believe that as far as character alignment goes, Bérénice is well-suited to be a Hypnotist.

    Bérénice would have learnt Hypnosis at Beauxbatons, furthering her study at L'Académie Guérison Adrienne d'Heur, the French Healing School that specialises in Psychological and Psychiatric Care, including Hypnotherapy. As a Hypnotherapist, much of her training and usage of hypnosis has been in treatment of clients. Although there is no classification of experience I would suggest Bérénice be fairly adept at her skill; having taken deep interest in the subject since beginning Hypnosis classes during her time at Beauxbatons, she would have over twenty years of experience, though admittedly the first decade would have been largely looking at hypnosis from a theoretical and academic approach rather than using it on other people.

    There would have been periods in her history where Bérénice used Hypnosis to her own advantage, but these instances would have been few and far between. She would not be above using Hypnosis to help a friend or loved one if she felt strongly enough about the cause. She has, as an adult, realised that her actions have consequences and that people shouldn't always be able to get what they want. It is quite likely that she uses it almost unintentionally in some cases, shrugging it off as simply being charming or charismatic -- a free drink, a seat on a crowded train.

    f u t u r e

    My plan is to apply for the Hypnosis position at Beauxbatons (which I have discussed with Sioban), but I created this character with a full backstory just in case that doesn't get approved -- hence her established career as a Hypnotherapist at L'Hôpital des Maladies Magiques Bonaccord. Should she not be approved for the Hypnosis Professor position I would play her as a Healer. As a Healer, Bérénice would be based in the Paris hospital, but could take secondment opportunities elsewhere. Any plots involving her skills as a Hypnotist will require me getting permission from other drivers, which I am happy to do. I have already established connections and/or future thread opportunities with the following, and there is some more detail in Bérénice's sheet.

    Sebastien Proulx: Bérénice had a crush on Sebastien in school, and in their sixth year he began dating another girl. In her jealousy Bérénice used her skill to hypnotise Sebastien's girlfriend (an npc) into breaking up with him. He later realised what Bérénice had done, and was understandably mad at her. They patched things up after she became a qualified Healer, but he is still wary of her using her Hypnosis in a non-altruistic manner.

    Sylvester Walker: Upon discovering some of Sylvester's less pleasant opinions and traits, Bérénice tries to Suggest to him and make him (in her eyes) a better person. He realises what she is trying to do and is unhappy with her at first but finds a benefit in her skill, later enlisting her help with several of his Quidditch team players.

    Healers Ben Fletcher, John Lennox and Varvara Zakharova: Though I am sure I will be able to connect Bérénice to many more healers, she would have had working relationships from her stint at St Mungo's with Ben and John, and a professional friendship with Varya. Additionally, Darla Boyd will be interested in Hypnotherapy and how it can help children with nightmares.

    John Lennox: Bérénice met John when she did her secondment at St Mungo's, and after his divorce John sought out Nice in France both for her good reputation as a therapist and because she was no longer a fellow colleague. Being attracted to John, Bérénice would have been faced with a similar situation as she'd already experienced in school with Sebastien. This time, however, with her career at stake, and with her respect for John, Nice would have performed only the hypnosis that John requested. Moving forward there would always be the delicate line to tread between friend, colleague, and patient.

    Donatella Bertinelli: will become more interested in Hypnosis class under Bérénice's teaching. Upon seeing the Bellefeuille's early skill, Bérénice will agree to tutor Donatella outside of standard classes. Over time, however, she will realise Nata isn't going to use Hypnosis for good, so Bérénice will (try to) stop their lessons.

    Some smaller connections include Sioban's WIP Clio Bonneville: Clio has a unique ability that makes it difficult for her to integrate into society normally, and Bérénice may inadvertently start treating Clio like a patient rather than a friend; Christèle Deveaux and Tristan Deveaux who will be Bérénice's cousins through her maternal line; and Lena has also offered a potential future plot with Viktor Krum but has asked me not to reveal it due to spoilers.

    s a m p l e


    Bérénice's cool fingers stroked from his temple down the side of his face softly, her wand still held delicately aloft in her other hand from casting the non-verbal incantation. The worry lines in his brow had smoothed out, the strong bite of his jaw had softened; all of his features relaxed under the magical sleep. Everyone always looked so peaceful in this slumber -- it didn't matter what their troubles were when they were awake, everything melted away when they were put under. It was hard not to want to leave some people like this: they were in less pain this way. She could help them relive their favourite memories, or dream up new ones. Everything was possible in sleep -- but dreams were not living.

    This particular man had seen unimaginable horrors. Bérénice wasn't a legillimens, she hadn't seen what was there in his head, but he'd told her. Described in detail what was tearing his mind and soul asunder. She couldn't really understand the pain he was suffering through, but she could empathise. He was an ex-Auror, and in his retirement he was haunted by what he'd done, and had been done to him, over his lengthy career. He couldn't sleep peacefully, and couldn't function awake without taking potions or other substances to get him through the day.

    The Hypnotist wouldn't remove his memories, or change what he'd done -- but she could quiet his mind. Bring him comfort and let him accept the past, so that he could move on with the future.

    Wordlessly, she waved her wand over him. Somnio. As she cast the spell, her soft, dark eyes focused on his serenely sleeping face. Bérénice wiped her mind clean of anything but the thought that was to be implanted. The depth at which this suggestion needed to be sown into the seams of his subconscious was somewhere in the deeper layers of Dream. It wasn't a simple bad habit to kick, like smoking, which could be weaved in somewhere near the surface and still work. No, this was trauma, and it damaged the soul. To accept ones actions, or indeed inaction, especially when they resulted in harm to other beings, was not easy -- even if you had just been following orders.

    A gentle flick and tight whirl of her wand, and it was done. The brunette let him rest for a further few moments as she steadied her breathing, recovering from the physical toll of planting a suggestion deep in someone's mind. Gently, Bérénice pressed her palm to his shoulder, urging him awake with another unspoken incantation before stepping away to her desk to fill in her notes and let her patient come around without her leering over him. With a soft smile, clipboard and quill in hand, she sat in her chair and faced him. "How do you feel?"