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Author Topic:  [JAN MP] Within Winter's Wonder {OPEN}  (Read 354 times)

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[JAN MP] Within Winter's Wonder {OPEN}
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            Until recently the lake had been a picturesquely mirror of Ilvermorny's castle, the surrounding emerald green forest, the rolling mounds of Mount Greylock above the varying shades of sky. This changed, when last night’s winter storm crystallizing the lake and covered Ilvermorny's grounds with a blanket of the finest of powdered snow. The effect was a large white span which stretched out to the horizon and glitters in the morning light. Giving the illusion, it was created by natures most coveted magic.

            To enjoy this winter wonder land, the school hosted a day of winter sports and snow filled activates. Large logs line the snow and ice-covered cove beaches, await students who wish to rest after Ice-skating, view other or just socializing.  Father up the snow hill sits semi circles of cushioned chairs and small tables encircle ready bonfires and facing varying slopes for sledding activities. Catered tables line the areas offering all students a seemingly endless supply of hot-coco, and freshly backed pastries.
            To this all of this Sylvia could only say, “Wow, wow, WOW!.” Other than that, she was speechless. Sylvia had promised herself that she finished her essays, before she would enjoy the day. She now stood in late morning, with only two out of three of her essays done… but she could not sit in side any longer. Who can be inside on a day like today! Wearing three layers to stay warm, Sylvia stiffly ran towards the edge of the frozen lake. On the way down she grabbed a warm buttery pastry and a spare pair of ice-skates form a display. She stuffed the pastry into her mouth as she slipped the self-sizing skates on. By the time Sylvia swallowed the pastry, she was on the ice. The ice was so smooth, it make skating effortless. Gaining speed she felt the cool crisp wind whipped her hair back, and nip at her exposed face. To her supersize and wonderment, her movements kicked up swirls of the fine powder, which danced behind her.

              After skating for some time, Sylvia finally stopped for a second  to ketch her breath. She was near the shore and had an excellent view of the snow covered school. She watched as early rising students who had already been out on the ice, were now picking choice seats for the sled races. While others students were just now stumbling out of the school onto the snow to either skate or join the social groups. Distracted Sylvia did not see the snow ball until it swoosh by her head. “Hay!” she yelled and made the mistake of looking back to see who throw it. As a result a even larger snow ball landed directly in the middle of her face.  She turned her head and clear the soft snow form her stinging face and eyes. If it is who she thinks it is, THE GAME IS ON!
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