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[mp] i was a boat stuck in a bottle [tag; konrad]
« on: October 14, 2017, 07:55:16 PM »
She could do this, it wasn’t rocket science. Blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail, centered just right atop her head, before her glasses were adjusted. She could do this! It was a tour for goodness sakes. The Iron Witch checked to be sure that he violin was safely stowed away before she moved to head out towards the common room. It was more of a walk around the ground while she answered any question he may have. She’d planned their walk down to the breaks in between, it was what she did to keep her cool and maintain the calm outward demeanor she meant to give off.

Her glasses were once more adjusted on the bridge of her nose as her gaze rose to the glass ceiling. The sky looked pretty clear and she sighed in relief. She had no intentions of being inside, they had been in class and they had done the tour of the various rooms. She had thought maybe a look around the grounds would be better. There was far more to see outside the walls of the school and she hoped that he agreed with her choice. The fifth year worried that Konrad might not enjoy the things she did, which was naturally she assumed. He was a boy after all. She paused as he came into view, just off the trail where they were meant to meet.

Once more her hands rose to her hair, perfecting her already immaculate ponytail before once more shifting the frames at her nose. Her heart pounded in her chest and the heat rose in her cheeks. Stupid non-hidden nervousness. She fidgeted a bit, worrying at the edge of her bottom lip, walking over to him. “Konrad,” came the gentle sound of her voice as her grey eyes dropped from his face to the trail “I believe that the weather will p-permit us to walk the trail today, if you’d like.” As always her hand rose to her glasses only now she took them from her face to gently clean the lens. “There is a lot to see outside of the school…” As long as she focused her voice would remain level and her stumbling over words might not happen.

The frames were lifted as her gaze drifted to him, perching them neatly on her nose she gave a smile. “Unless you had somewhere you wanted to go and see?” She wanted to make sure that his experience was comfortable as well as something he enjoyed. She could fight through her own ever changing emotions to ensure that, she was sure.

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Re: [mp] i was a boat stuck in a bottle [tag; konrad]
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2017, 08:15:44 PM »
"Well I mean yeah, it was pretty scary but we fought anyway, we had to." Konrad told the witch about the end of last years term at Durmstrang with a smile. Leaning up against the wall, one strong arm holding his frame he was just inches from hers. She had more buttons undone than any girl at Koldovstoretz might of and he was bringing his A-game and she was giggling but then the wizard watch on his wrist began to ring and he sighed. Not unlike other boys his age Konrad loved to chase girls even if not much came from it. "Sorry but I've got to go." He admitted with the tiniest of frowns crossing over his pronounced dimples. Even though he'd of loved to stay here and flirt with her he had somewhere to be and he was too responsible not to keep his word. He had told Love, who he had been shadowing this week, that he would meet her and that meant he was going to be there.

Konrad liked to flirt but at his core his was a good guy, he was the responsible paternal type who kept his word and looked out for others and never took advantage.

Not even when a lack of buttoned buttons made it entirely clear that he could have.

Following the path he'd nearly memorized even in the short amount of time they'd been there Konrad found himself staring at the sky high up on the mountain as he walked toward his new friend. It was beautiful here, he couldn't deny that, but it made him wonder if all wizarding schools were near the mountains. He supposed it made sense, hidden away and all of that. "Hello Love." He said politely, running his hand through his short blond hair and giving her a world class bright smile. "That sounds good." He said, falling in line beside her and shrugging. "If it gets too cold you can borrow my jacket." He told her honestly, tugging on the soft fabric near the collar as he did to emphasize the point.

"Show me your favorite place?" He asked her softly, staring back out at the blue sky and the immeasurably tall trees that littered the grounds.

Love Daniels [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [mp] i was a boat stuck in a bottle [tag; konrad]
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2017, 08:30:08 PM »
His smile caused her own lips to curve up as the heat rose to her cheeks again. Boys. She couldn’t say she had much experience; all in all she was invisible. She was the girl who tutored not the one who dated. She wasn’t the one invited first to parties and her name, she was sure, was only remembered because it was Love. Something everyone wanted at some point. So, she blushed and she fidgeted and she stuttered despite herself. With Konrad it had been easy, she had a job to do while around him, but that didn’t mean the older boy could bring the heat to her cheeks.

“My favorite place…” She seemed thoughtful though she knew exactly where that was. She loved to look at the stars, to dream of what lay beyond the atmosphere. “Well, that’s this way..” She turned pointing out towards to observatory. “It’s a bit of a hike though.” She warned him softly as she led the way, her hand pushing her glasses up on her nose as she glanced at him for a moment. “Are you enjoying the visit here?” Her stormy gaze drifted back to the path and the Serpent could remember walking along it with Atticus by her side.

“Is it what you imagined or have you be shocked?” She wanted to travel to other schools; she wanted to see the world outside of the one she knew. She wanted to explore and fall in love. She would rinse and repeat if she had to, she just wanted to see more then she was used to.  “I would be so nervous going to a new school…though I suppose this isn’t the worse experience..” She’d heard the hushed whispers of what these students went through the prior term. She couldn’t imagine if she could have survived through such an ordeal.

“It must have been…traumatic..” It was the only word she felt was suitable.

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Re: [mp] i was a boat stuck in a bottle [tag; konrad]
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2017, 08:36:11 PM »
"Oh that's okay, I don't mind walking." He told her casually when she said that they would have to travel for a bit to get to her favorite place. It made him wonder where she might be taking him and the not knowing made it even better. He liked surprises but only the good ones, which tended to happen far less than the not good ones. He followed along side her, hands in the pockets of his loose fitting jacket, taking deep breaths of the mountain air. It reminded him of home but it wasn't quite as cold. He missed the snow. "Pretty much." He responded, short of words about whether he was enjoying his visit. He liked it here sure enough but it wasn't home and he had missed Koldovstoretz. They had been forced out of the school last year with very little warning and now they had been sent to Ilvermorny. Sure they were given the choice but Konrad knew that if he didn't go he would regret it. In the back of his mind he had great dreams of travelling the world and experiencing so many new things but in reality he knew it probably wouldn't happen. He knew his future was probably going to be much more bland but it would all be worth it in the end. He knew he'd do anything, including getting a basic job in a familiar place, in order to take care of Anders. Konrad's dreams meant nothing if Anders wasn't taken care of. That always came first.

"Its cool here, everybody is pretty nice." He would be lying if he said he was expecting such a warm welcome after the disaster of last term. The Durmstrang students had been far from nice to most of them and it had kind of darkened Konrad's assumptions about other schools. Thankfully Ilvermorny had corrected that. "I guess shocked by some things?" He wasn't sure how to answer her question but that didn't keep the social butterfly from smiling all the same. "I wasn't expecting to meet someone as awesome as you." He nudged her shoulder and chuckled, it was a flirt but it was innocent. He couldn't help but be charismatic, it was the only way he knew how to be.

Stepping over a rock that nearly tripped him he shivered at the sudden chill. He'd of liked to think the chill was from the wind as they wound higher up the mountain but he knew it was something else. He knew that tone in her voice,  he'd heard it so many times after his mother had died. It wasn't pity exactly but it wasn't a good tone either. In a strange way he was actually relieved that now he had last year for people to talk about instead of the fact that his mother was gone and his father was a shell of who he used to be. It was nice to just be one of the Koldovstoretz students who had suffered such cruelty last term and not the boy with a messed up family life who got held back and now shared a dorm with his kid brother. That was probably one of his favorite things about Ilvermorny, no one knew any of that and he didn't have to tell them.

"It was hard..." He offered, looking forward now instead of down at her face. He clenched his jaw slightly, avoiding any real thoughts about those final days at Durmstrang. Everyone knew it was building toward something terrible but no one thought it would get that bad. "No one knows what happened to her." That was probably the hardest part. The crazed headmistress had just disappeared after that. Maybe she was gone from her wounds, maybe she wasn't, but she certainly wasn't locked up paying for her crimes.

"How much further?"

Love Daniels [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [mp] i was a boat stuck in a bottle [tag; konrad]
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She wished she didn’t fidget or at the very least that the drumming of her heart wasn’t so loud in her ears. She had taken this walk before, with a boy she thought walked on water if it were possible without magic. She remembered stumbling and dropping her papers and the constant situating of her glasses. It was hard being who she was, the girl without parents, though she wasn’t the only one among to student body to live within the walls of House Irons, so maybe it wasn’t that hard. She couldn’t say that she had very many friends, she spoke with the girls she lived with but she wasn’t sure they were friends. She wasn’t sure about most things, it was maddening.

“Yes, they can be quite welcoming.” She couldn’t say much else. She wanted to be more social and to branch out into new things. She wanted to spend time with her peers and put her violin down but that meant leaving the safety of her room, from the familiar walls and comforting sounds. It meant focusing hard on not stumbling over her words and to trying desperately to keep the heat from her cheeks. “I hope the shocking bits were good. I would hate to think I’ve been doing a terrible job.” She gave a smile that seemed to brighten her eyes as her hand rose to once more adjust her glasses. It soothed the pitter patter that was her heart before it broke off into a full on run.

Her cheeks burned hot and the flush rose deep as her head turned from him, a laughed muffled by the subtle cough she gave. “I th-think awesome is pushing it.” She cleared her throat as her hand rose to rest over her cheeks. “But thank you, I’ve enjoyed spending time with you.” She exhaled slowly, calming herself as the path curved and rose upwards, they were nearly there. She’d walked this walk so many times she was sure she could do it with her eyes closed. “I wish we could have done more…even though we did a lot. So maybe not more but there is a word I can’t think of exactly that is bound to come to me later.” She was rambling a clear sign that her nerves were gathering and getting the best of her.

“We are nearly there.” She responded to his question, adjusting her glasses again, the door was just ahead at the top of their small climb. “I come here often, though it’s more during the time when the stars first begin to appear. Sometimes I come to play my violin because I hate to disturb others with the constant flow of music. I can forget that hours have lulled by.” She looked at him as her hand moved out to use a rather large rock for support, “I never asked…but do you have a favorite thing you like to do?”

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Re: [mp] i was a boat stuck in a bottle [tag; konrad]
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"I didn't know you played the violin..." Konrad said in reply to her story before starring out at the landscape before them. He had to admit that the mountain here was beautiful. Some how it was like home but completely foreign all at the same time. It was like a little bit comforting with a little bit of adventure. In a way he kind of didn't mind it too. It was nice to be in a new place that he felt like wasn't trying to destroy him and people like him. Durmstrang had been far from welcoming but Ilvermorny was completely different. He smiled over at her as she asked him what his favorite thing to do was before shrugging.

It was a simple question and of course he had a couple of answers for it, all of them stemming from the same thing. "I love taking care of my dogs." He said quickly, not ashamed to announce that they were his favorite in the world. "Back at home, well... old home... there's a whole team of them I raised basically from when they were pups." Raising sled teams was completely common where he was from. Everyone had huskies and sled dogs, it was just what they did, but outside of his tiny snow covered town it was a little less normal.

"One day I will get them back...." He didn't realize how leading his last sentence was even as his words faded away. Maybe she would ask about it, maybe he would feel like telling her. He liked Love. She was kind and sweet and completely not demanding. It was refreshing. "How much further?"


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