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Nemsi Khawale [ Dark Wizard ]
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The hot sun was beating down on his neck as he hung off the side of the ship by a rope repairing gashes in the hull. He could hear the faint sounds of the crew aboard the ship, someone was screaming about something in a familiar mix of languages which made him smile. They all came from such different places and some how they had managed to piece together what Nemsi considered Demonfishish, which was a mix of Arabic, French, Indonesian, Piratesian, Swahili, and English with a heavy emphasis on curse words. On top of the sounds and the heat he could smell the spicy rolls cooking in the gally and the salt on the water. All of it felt like home, something he had been searching for for so long he barely remembered what it really looked like. Vashti's ship had come close, probably closer than a man like him actually deserved, but now with her here on this ship it was perfect. She was his home, if he was being honest with himself, but he couldn't yet. The large wizard used his hands and his own breed of magic to repair damage to their home in record time. Nemsi was a perfectionist when it came to the maintenance of the Bake-Kujira and he never left with a job unfinished. It had taken two days but as soon as he was confident the hull was in good shape Nemsi put away his tools and returned a letter to Erika stating that he would meet her in the Gulf of Khambhat in a day's time.

Nemsi didn't have a wand, not that he knew how to apparate even if he did, but he did have a rather unique way of travelling. After letting Vashti know he would be gone for a day or two the pirate dove off of the deck of the Demonfish and into the Indian ocean. Transformation always felt like returning to his true self and as the salty water moved through his gills Nemsi felt like he could finally breathe easy. After years spent in his shark form Nemsi had become more beast than man. He set a course and swam for what felt like days before he finally reached the gulf. According to Erika's letter the muggles had discovered the site of an ancient wizarding settlement in May during some study with their machines. They hadn't meant to find it, but the muggles never really meant to find anything did they? They were always on the brink of discovering the magical world. It was a game the two civilizations had been playing since witches decided to hide themselves away. Normally Nemsi wouldn't care but this time there was profit in it for him. Erika had informed him with a letter that the muggles were planning excavations and the Gringotts Archaeological Board was determined to get there first, which was why she was drafting him. This meant there had to be treasure down there, things they didn't want the muggles to find.

It was their job to make sure any items that could prove the existence of the muggle world were reclaimed before the muggles could get their sticky fingers on them. Nemsi was looking forward to diving again, it had been awhile, and to seeing Erika. Popping his hammerhead out of the water for tiny moments at a time Nemsi tried to focus on the land and not be distracted by the smell of fish in the water not far from him. He was supposed to meet Erika on the shoreline so they could descend together but he wasn't very good at directions. There was a reason he wasn't the navigator. It took longer than he expected but eventually he caught sight of her outline just as the sun hit its peak for the afternoon and he took off swimming toward her. As he swam closer to the shore he returned to human form and shook the water off of his head and bare torso as he stepped onto the beach. The hem of his slacks and feet were covered in sand before he reached her but he was less than concerned by it. "You are going to let me take some treasure this time, yes?" He prodded her with words only mostly sarcastic. They last time they'd gone on an expedition together she'd gotten stuffy and insisted the historical artifacts be returned to the public and not sold for barrels of alcohol at Port Charybdis. Nemsi was still a little salty about it.

@Erika Trickett
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Erika Trickett [ Gringotts Official ]
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Re: [Gulf of Khambhat] meet me where the sky touches the sea. [Erika]
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It was a bloody nightmare.

Erika hated asking for help and she hated it even more than she had to ask for help from him. She was fiercely independent but she wasn't stupid. She knew she needed help. She really ought to have asked Maia instead but frustratingly, Nemsi's name was the first that had popped into her head and even she knew he was the right fit.

Though to be fair, what annoyed her most was that it was underwater. A proficient swimmer, she just didn't have the best luck with the waves. There had been the jungle river with Pierce where she nearly drowned. Then the submerged tombs on that weird isle with Ba'al where she'd nearly drowned. Then Venice again with Pierce at acqua alta where, guess what, she'd nearly drowned again. She eyed the placid water with a scowl and folded her arms and angrily kicked at the sand.

Annoyingly, she needed Nemsi. He was a proficient swimmer and effectively a work horse. He could swim faster, deeper, harder than she ever could. Dressed in a decidedly conservative black one piece swimsuit with sleeves, it looked almost like a body suit. Her sunny blonde hair was tied back into a high pony tail and her normally pale skin was tanned healthily without a scrap of make up on her face because she'd be damned if he thought of her as anything other than a damned good archaeologist.

Her expedition was more of damage control.

Muggles had discovered odd things in the ocean. Statues and ruins, just by chance and Erika had been drafted in to gut the place. She had instructions to effectively slash and burn the entire thing. She had to sort out if there was any Goblin gold and take it before any Muggles were able to figure out that this this may not be completely normal.

Erika had no idea what she might find and that was why she loved it. Despite her protestations, the threat of death had always been addictive. In her hands were the printed and waterproof photos that had been picked up by a boat. Her boat. It was run by Billy, an old friend and they'd worked together for years. He owned a rather dilapidated diesel tug that looked like it was on its last legs but when in need, went like the clappers. Billy also looked as rough as badger's arse but he hadn't let her down once.

This was more of a pre-emptive strike. Gringotts kept tabs on most ancient civilisations but as soon as Muggles began to start sniffing about, they sent in the cavalry. With her arms folded, she let out a huff as she checked her watch. The Arabian sea was calm today, thank goodness. Erika watched the waves with unease, frowning again. It was a running joke between her co workers and herself. They all had superstitions they believed in. Some had lucky talismans, some took special precautions. Erika didn't bother but she did believe in gut feelings and her gut was telling her to get back on the damned boat and get the Hell out of Dodge.

And then there he was, stepping out of the water like Poseidon himself. Erika pressed her lips together into a thin line and looked him up and down swiftly. "You're showing off," she told him dismissively before laughing. "Absolutely not," she told Nemsi swiftly. "We take what I need and no more, okay?" She told him clearly, a fine eyebrow arched in question as she handed him a list. It was colour coded; red for no and green for yes. Admittedly, his list had an awful lot of red written on it. "If anything has teeth, don't touch it."

Heaving a sigh, she lifted a hand to Billy and waved, letting him know he could moor out to see a little. Off the boat went, put-puttering away from them in a cloud of acrid smoke. "Okay," she said as she faced him, handing him photographs that showed a series of regular rectangle shapes, presumably temples or houses. "I'm gonna hit these first," she stated to Nemsi, looking up to catch his eye, she didn't care if he was into it or not. "Start in the centre and move outwards." She hadn't meant to be so terse but Nemsi was a pirate and he stood for everything she went against.

Her lithe fingers slipped out her wand from the slim pocket in her swimsuit, moving it in a circular motion, like twirling a baton as she performed the Scuba-Spell. It was just more convenient and less stressful than having any possible side effects from gillyweed. If need be, she'd cast the Bubble Head charm, despite it not being her favourite. At least using this, she'd be able to communicate with Nemsi. Wading into the water, she pulled a face. The water wasn't as warm or as clear as she was lead to believe. It felt more like a lukewarm bath, without the fragrant bubbles. Her long legs walked out until she was waist deep and taking a deep breath, she dove right on in.

Nemsi Khawale [ Dark Wizard ]
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Re: [Gulf of Khambhat] meet me where the sky touches the sea. [Erika]
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Even before she spoke he had a feeling he wasn't going to like her answer. Of course he couldn't take what he wanted, why would she allow him to profit from this, it wasn't like that was his main goal in life and occupational requirement. He shook his head at her and mumbled a few choice words in his native tongue. His language may of been foreign to her but his tone was clear. He took the list from her as he continued to mull over her first order. "No less either." He finally replied, resigning to take what he wanted but not so much as to make her angry with him. As much as it irritated the wizard that she wouldn't let him steal everything he did understand the need for this connection. More than once she had given him a job he had made some profit from and he hoped that part of their relationship would last, even if she never allowed him to get too greedy. Exhaling loudly when she began to bark out orders Nemsi's lips moved as he read her list slowly. Reading written words wasn't something he was very good at but that was the last thing she needed to know about him. He would make do, as long as he could figure out what that last word was. He had a hard enough time understand English without its numerous heteronyms.

Distracted by her words Nemsi chuckled, low and throaty, at her before looking at her face. "Good advice." He replied as his own sharp shark teeth began to fill in by magic. It was a party trick, manipulating the rows of teeth without transforming his head, but it still took a little bit of effort to maintain. Closing his mouth as human teeth returned he watched her point out where they would be working and how she wanted everything to go down. He nodded. These were clear cut instructions that he could follow, she even gave him pictures to look at instead of stupid words. This was much more his speed so he paid attention. "Okay." Nemsi then watched as she unzipped a pocket in her form fitting but rather boring swim suit and his head tilted to the side. "You show off now?" He asked with a smirk, pointing at the pouch. Sharks have no pockets. Once she had turned from him to begin wading into the water Nemsi dropped the list she'd given him in the sand. It wasn't like he was going to cross things off one by one like a good little assistant. Following her a few paces back into the water the large man moved gracefully. He was back at home in the water and perfectly content with its temperature. He felt more at ease in the water than he had standing on the beach.

Back in control the man slowly began to transform his body to suit the task at hand. "I will bring us to spot." He announced loudly from behind her as his body began to change. Dunking under the water just as the gills on the sides of his muscular torso began pumping water Nemsi's eye's adjusted to the water. With the long streamlined body and head of the Hammerhead shark Nemsi finished the transformation. It took a tremendous amount of energy and focus to transform, stopping him from moving for a few moments. Once he had achieved it however maintaining wasn't quite as much work. He took one more moment to get his bearings before swimming up to her rapidly. Swimming next to her he waited for her to take hold of his fin before propelling them under the water and quickly to the destination. Once they had reached where they needed to be Nemsi swam away from her quickly, leaving her behind to scope out the entire area. Without a second though Nemsi left her behind to assume the worst. Moments passed before he returned to her more man that beast, retaining only the sharks gills and propelling claudal fin. He was a monstrous looking adaptation of both a shark and a man but aesthetic was the very last thing on his mind. Although he'd spent years training in partial transformation it was never easy. It slowed him down, he couldn't swim as fast or hunt as easily. He definitely wasn't as deadly, his senses weren't as heightened as they would of been in a pure shark form but he could see better under water than a normal human. "It is safe." He told her before swimming toward the center of the underwater village to begin the search.

"You want this? I have?" He shouted over the rumble of the ocean holding up a little stone box with some kind of carving on the top. He hoped if he only showed her the plain side, the bottom most likely, she would let him keep it. She didn't necessarily need to know there was something archaeological etched on the top and possibly something valuable inside. It was sealed shut from aging under the salt water but Nemsi had no doubt at least one of the pirates aboard the Demonfish would know a spell to crack it open. And if not, there was always his hammers.


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