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Liu Zhijian [ Zhivoystya ]
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[thd] [china] some people learn to dance. [yin]
« on: July 31, 2017, 06:50:36 PM »
others are born to it.

The summer was rapidly coming to it's end and Zhijian was starting to freak out only just a little. They had spent so much time this year worrying about the state of things at Durmstrang that it almost felt surreal to be going back to Koldovstoretz for the coming term. Returning to the school he had grown up in was a welcome relief to the harsh reality of Durmstrang but it wasn't without its disappointments too. Zhijian had met Miki at Durmstrang and going back to his home school meant he wouldn't be able to see her quite as often. It made him sad to think he wouldn't be able to eat lunches with her or study late into the evening like they had begun to. Other things he would miss made him ache as well but he tried to push down those teenage emotions and keep his composure. He knew he could write her all the time so at least there was that. And maybe he could even convince his parents to let him visit her village again during the holidays. Zhijian wanted to spend every waking moment with his girlfriend but life was keeping him from being able to do that. And life always had to go on.

Walking stiffly through the damp crowded streets of Shanghai Zhijian kept his chin up, back straight, and eyes focused. They had to buy their schools supplies today and naturally the wizarding alley off of Nanjing Road was the only place to go. Much like it's British equivalent Diagon Alley the wizarding shopping district of Nanjing had everything a witch or wizard could need. It was rainy this evening but Zhijian didn't mind it, the moisture and fog in the air reminded him of their home village high in the mountains and made him relax a little more. As they walked down the bustling street Zhijian tried not to stare at each and every brightly colored and lit up building, still fascinated by Muggle technology even to this day. He lead them timidly toward the Taikang Dumpling shop that housed the secret entrance to the magical portion of the shopping road but before they made it to the entrance something else happened.

Music began blaring from a weird black box someone was carrying on their shoulders, it had buttons and a handle and Zhijian stared at it while the upbeat techno music got his foot tapping. All around the two of them muggles began to break out into what seemed like a completely planned out dance routine. They swept their feet from side to side, swooped around, jumped in unison, and a crowd began to gather around them. First it was only a handful of muggles but soon enough all around Zhijian people began to join in the dance until he and Yin were the only ones standing still in the middle of this spontaneous mob.

"Yin what are the muggles doing?" He whispered to her, trying to remain calm but taking a protective side step toward his sister just in case things took a turn for the worst.

@Liu Yin
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Liu Yin [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [thd] [china] some people learn to dance. [yin]
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2017, 07:18:38 AM »
Yin was happy to be back in China even if it meant shopping for school supplies. It was her home essentially and being anywhere with her brother Zhi was always an experience. It seemed like things always attracted to them to Zhi as if he was a magnet. It was quite funny at some times and others it got quite annoying it just depending on how it affected Yin herself. Still today would be a pleasant day just because it was a cool day today. Yin was carrying an umbrella for them to cover them should they need it for some heavy rain, but she only had it out right now to be close to her brother. He always had this warmth to him that was nice to be around when it was chilly out and Yin felt quite cold. Despite wearing a coat and gloves and even a scarf to cover herself she could feel the rain through the layers.

Then things got interesting and just like Yin thought her brother attracted something interesting. Some muggles were now dancing all around them. First it was only a few and then suddenly it was a mob of people and Yin couldn’t help, but giggle at the turn of events. Her giggling was made even worse when Zhi asked her what they were doing. “I’m not sure, but it looks fun doesn’t it?” Yin said delightfully as she decided to try and join them. She attempted to follow in their dance routine, but was behind in the beat quite badly. This was a choreographed routine for sure and it was planned quite well if Yin couldn’t blend in at whim. Still after a few second of making a fool out of herself she returned to Zhi saying, “Well that was fun, but we should probably get going right?” She could only imagine how angry their parents would be if they saw them goofing off with a group of strangers and she bet Liu Daiyu would also be ashamed of their behavior. Yin began to push past the dancing people heading straight for the shop where they were to be heading pulling Zhi’s arm behind her.

Liu Zhijian [ Zhivoystya ]
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Re: [thd] [china] some people learn to dance. [yin]
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Staring at the crowd that was gathering beside them Zhi was still unsure whether he should be worried or laughing. He had heard of muggle diseases that spread very quickly throughout the population and maybe this was one of them. When Yin began to join them Zhijian's nerves went into over drive. "Yin wait," he tried to warn her off but it was already too late. She was infected and he had to get her out of the epicenter before it was too late. Moving closer to her he covered his mouth with the collar of his polo shirt and reached out for her hand. Before he was able to whisk her away though she was stopping of her own free will and soon Zhi's heart beat returned to a some what normal pace. "Are you feeling alright?" He asked after her as she began to push through the crowd and escape toward the dumpling shop. She dragged him toward the building and he rushed ahead to hold the door open for her properly before moving in himself. The glorious smell of greasy food hit his senses immediately and Zhijian led them to the counter so they could order. Speaking in his native tongue he ordered both of them some bat dumplings with a side of Kimchi. The Kimchi was real, and so were the bat dumplings, but it was the bat part that was the code word. Zhijian was handed a number and a tray and he took the familiar route to the back of the diner to find the table that matched his number.

Sliding into the little booth he folded his hands on top of the table, the restaurant to the left of him and the napkins and wall to his right. He looked around and waited for her to sit down before pressing down on the glowing number at the end of the table. By magic the table seemed to spin around like a carnival ride bringing them to the opposite side of the wall. It was almost like they were a mirror reflection of where they were just moments ago and the magic made him feel a little queasy. Gaining his orientation and center of gravity back as he turned to the opposite side as before to look out into the restaurant. Now firmly in the magical part of Nanjing Road he was pleased to see the plat of bat dumplings and kimchi headed there way by a witchy waitress. He was as patient as a plum but his stomach had other plans in mind. Nodding his head in gratitude when the witch placed the tray on their table he spoke up lightly. "Could we also get two pumpkin juices please?" The waitress nodded in return and walked away from them quietly as he turned his attentions back to his sister.

"Do you have your supply list with you? May I see it?"

Liu Yin [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [thd] [china] some people learn to dance. [yin]
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2017, 09:26:02 AM »
Yin was enjoying herself overall in this flash mob. Sure she didn’t know the steps, but people getting together to do something they enjoy or just to see the confused or surprised faces of those around made things quite fun for her. It was like being in a group of similar minded people who just liked to have fun in their own unique way. Yin felt right at home with these people and she would have gone on longer, but her brother acting like it was a disease to dance in a group made her giggle. As she ran from the crowd to get to their destination she giggled at her brother’s question and responded, “I’m just peachy you?” He was such a silly brother to be worried about her dancing with people. Still she loved his reactions to her doing weird or odd things so it wouldn’t stop her from doing it again.

As they reached the table Yin let Zhi take control of getting them to the correct place and followed along. If she was honest she didn’t much care for the bat dumplings they had to “order” in order to get their desired seating, but she always played along. When they got into the booth Yin watched as Zhi pressed the button to flip them around to the other side. Unlike her brother who didn’t seem too much care for the quick turning movement Yin quite loved it. She loved the rush of quickly moving rides or attractions. It was one of the reasons why she wanted a dragon when she got older. The adrenaline rush she got from these types of things was fantastic to her senses. Yin vividly remembered the dragons from Durmstrang and became slightly saddened at the idea that she wouldn’t see those particular dragons again, but things happened and she was certain she wouldn’t be away from her favorite creatures forever.

Yin watched as their food made their way to their table and her brother ordered two drinks for them and began her way into taking a bite out of the kimchi. She smiled as she savored the flavors of the food, but she quickly had to catch herself back as her brother asked her a question. “Oh yes,” Yin said in response as she dug in her pockets for a scrawled up piece of parchment and handed it to him. She had made her own list as a copy of the regular list for easier carrying around. This list also omitted items she already had a few other items she knew she would be getting at a later time from either another student or as a gift from a family member. “What about you?” Yin asked her brother wondering if he may be he forgot his own list of items they needed to go shopping for.

Liu Zhijian [ Zhivoystya ]
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Re: [thd] [china] some people learn to dance. [yin]
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"Yes I've got it." He replied to her with a warm smile, knowing she was looking for any leg up she might be able to get on him. She was a little tiger and she always kept him on his toes but he loved her for it. "Mother and Father wanted me to make sure you buy all of the things on your list, and nothing that is not on the list, like the fireworks last year." He gave her another knowing look before taking a bit of his food and then pulling his list from his pocket. "I'll need to go to the cauldron shop for a new size, do you need cleaning supplies?" He asked before taking a look over her list and moving around uncomfortably in the lumpy cushioned seat of the booth. Zhijian was uncomfortable in his own skin most days, his bones ached, his muscles were tense, his mother said it was just growing pains though.

Before he could return to telling her about what he needed and comparing their lists something started happening in the back of the shop. They were... singing. Horrified and completely humiliated as the group of singing waitresses and a particularly greasy looking chef began heading their way Zhijian honestly considered hiding under the table. It was not out of the realm of possibilities as the blush he was sporting crept past his cheeks and all the way to the tops of his ears. "What... why..." He complained, defeated and huffing.

"Congratulations on being the 500th customer to order a pumpkin juice!" One of the waitresses sang as she handed them both paper lantern hats that looked like Jack-O-Lanterns. Well, more like shoved them on top of their heads. Zhijian's hat was too small for him and it crushed his hair and made his eyes feel like they were bulging even though physically they weren't. "Um thanks." He said, still wanting to be proper but having a hard time holding it all together. He was sure Yin was going to have a thrill with this but he wanted to melt into the plastic fabric that lined the seat. If Miki was here she would of loved this, she always found the best in things. The waitress went on to to take their picture, a moving magical one popped out of the camera, and she used her wand to put it into the frame above the booth they were sitting at, much to Zhijian's dismay. They had won some sort of contest and now they were going to get free pumpkin juice for life, the picture was the proof, and he tried to smile.
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Liu Yin [ Tigrova ]
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Re: [thd] [china] some people learn to dance. [yin]
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Yin gave a small smirk at her brother. “You got to admit the fireworks were a nice touch though,” Yin said giving her brother a giant smile. She didn’t feel anything wrong with getting a little extra now and then. “We could always try and sneak in some joke items like some nosebleed nougat,” Yin replied enthusiastically. Yin rolled her eyes at her brother and made a hushed comment to herself, “You’re no fun.” She then watched as he pulled out his list saying he needed a new cauldron and asking if she needed some cleaning supplies and dropping her utensils she said, “I might need some more, but not much.”

Then it happened there was noise going on in the shop just like it was outside. Though it wasn’t the same exactly this time it was a celebration and not a flash mob. Apparently Zhi had just won them a contest for being the 500th customer to order pumpkin juice. This was quite a strange winning, but Yin smiled as they wait staff gave them both hats to wear. Yin put hers own with pride and excitement as she saw the hat, which was too small for him, being placed on her brother. She couldn’t help and laugh at how ridiculous her older brother looked. If she had a camera right now she would have taken a photo and sent it to father just because of how silly he looked. It was almost as if the waitress had read her mind as she took a picture of the two of them and framed it above the booth they were sitting. She gave a nice laugh at the series of events and told her brother, “You are now the pumpkin juice king. How shall I serve you my liege?” Yin gave a graceful bow forgetting she was in a booth and fell out and onto the floor. She began laughing on the floor making a bit of a scene. She picked herself up and said, “Let’s get going we need to get this done or we will be stuck here for a while.”



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