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Author Topic:  [Yincang, Huangshan] Things That Have Never Been (Liu family, Taras)  (Read 389 times)

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[div style="width:50%;opacity:0.5;font-size:0.85em;border-bottom:1px solid #ffffff;"]MONDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2001, 11:52 PM[/div]

[div style="width:450px;font-family:Abel;font-size:14px;text-align:left;"]“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”
Rainer Maria Rilke[/div]

[span style="display:none;"] @Liu Yin @Liu Zhijian @Liu Daiyu  [/span]It was both very cool and exciting, and very maladroit, to be at Yin's house for this party. Taras had gotten very close to Yin over the course of their communications; in spite of his initial awkwardness their pen pal relationship had blossomed, letters flying back and forth between Beauxbâtons and Koldovstoretz. Taras' linguistic savantism served him well, as well as his fluency in his father's native Ukrainian, because it made learning Russian that much easier, and that was the only language that he and Yin currently had in common. But they were able to talk about not just their school days, but their interests and passions and hatreds and daydreams as well.

It had gotten to the point where, somewhat surprisingly, Yin's brother Zhijian had invited Taras to China to join a celebration of the end of winter break with their family, most assuredly at Yin's request, since she knew that he and his dad lived alone and (as far as she knew) his father was often away on business. Convincing Taras' father Hadeon had been easy. Hadeon after all these years was still remarkably single-minded and his idea was that Taras was going to fulfil his dreams of ruling the worldwide underground of Dark Magic some day; he saw Taras' friendship with a member of a Chinese pureblood family as "a great opportunity to make a business connexion for our grand future." Taras was in that adolescent stage where, in spite of being fully aware of his growing adolescence, he couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes, but he could and did stop himself from commenting further.

Hadeon had said yes, and earlier that day he had Apparated them both to the province capital of Wuhan since their self-assigned anonymity would make inter-Ministry Floo travel an uproar. Yin's mother met them there as arranged, and they would meet Hadeon the following afternoon to do the exchange in reverse. Then Mrs. Liu Apparated herself and Taras to their home in Yinchang, where Taras got to meet the rest of Yin's family. It was not, as Yin covertly reminded Taras, a New Year celebration, because the Liu family did not celebrate the Gregorian New Year; rather, in February they would be celebrating the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year.

Now it was almost midnight and Taras had excused himself briefly to get a breath of fresh air. While he loved meeting Yin's family and watching all the excitement of the people having fun around the house, he was still a bit of an outsider and felt very uncomfortable being stuck inside with tons of people he didn't know before today. He leaned against the outside wall of the house, breathing in the cold night air of just above the freezing point, looking up at the night sky and taking in everything he had seen so far.
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