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Animals are acting strange. Cats, rats, owls, nothing is safe. Is the full moon to blame?
More info HERE.

Madame Maxime is missing and there and Herr Burgstaller has taken charge of the school. The giants are still roaming the grounds and the professors are growing progressively weirder. Beauxbatons is suddenly far stricter than it once was and students are finally starting to notice.
More info HERE.

The Order of the Dragon has confiscated two dragons from the school and are now further investigating the mistreatment of the remaining dragons. Students are being subjected to a second round of interviews. Still, the school will be celebrating Dragobete. Hopefully they will still be feeling festive.
More info HERE.

February means it's time for the annual Sweetheart's Dance!
More info HERE.

Mischievous yōkai have enchanted the chocolate statues that were crafted for Valentine's Day, and now there are raccoons (made of chocolate) attacking students and staff.
More info HERE.

The Order of the Dragon is increasing their presence at the school due to January's inspection. Dragonology is now a mandatory class for all students. Despite this, Lunar New Year's preparations are still well underway.
More info HERE.

The French Ministry's poor treatment of its employees is starting to cause tension among its international namesakes; syndicates everywhere are demanding their rights.
More info HERE.


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