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Dublin / [Background Information] Dublin
« Last post by Albus Dumbledore on Today at 10:09:08 PM »
d  u  b  l  i  n
t h e   f a i r   c i t y

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and, though matters concerning the magical population of Ireland fall under the British Ministry of Magic, the city has become a de facto centre for Wizarding Ireland. Dublin has a sense of comfortably worn, faded grandeur. The city's heart is divided into "Northside" and "Southside" by the River Liffey; the Northside historically inhabited by the working class, and the Southside by the upper class. Wide shopping streets running either side of the river. Though much of Dublin has been modernised, some areas still have the winding Medieval streets the city was built on, such as Temple Bar and Trinity College -- Wizarding Dublin very much mirrors these older parts of the city.

Warm and welcoming, Dublin is known for the friendliness of its people and the craic or "crack" (a unique mixture of humour, intelligence and acerbic insight) which has charmed and attracted writers, intellectuals and visitors for centuries. Pubs are where a lot of the city's social life is conducted, as well as the huge amount of cafes and restaurants, and the sound of Irish music rarely allows time for silence.

Any witch or wizard visiting Dublin is bound to visit Eblana Lane. Hidden amongst the myriad of Medieval streets in the Temple Bar area of Dublin, one enters Eblana Lane by tucking down a narrow alley between two large brick buildings (once in Eblana Lane one will recognise these as the back of Ó Síoda's and The Queen Maeve), a charm allows the alleyway to widen as one progresses down into a regular size shopping street with stores, pubs, cafés and restaurants. To muggles, this back alley looks dark, dangerous, and uninviting - those still interested will suddenly remember an important appointment elsewhere should they attempt to enter. Shops include:

• Quirke's Apothecary (potions, ingredients)
• The Queen Maeve (pub, restaurant)
• Ó Síoda's Brewery (pub and brewery)
• Murphy's Menagerie (familiars, pet supplies)
• Post Office
• O'Donnell's (quills, ink, textbooks)
• Six o’ One (various magical items)
• Codraisc Curiosities (junk shop)

At some point Dublin locals began calling the portkey station the "Beyont", and the name stuck. It's a nondescript building located not far from Temple Bar.
Dublin / Re: Dublin Shop Listing [Please Read!]
« Last post by Ruari Regan on Today at 09:55:29 PM »

Address: Number 17, Sráid an Dáma (Dame Street), Dublin
Owner: Dixie Delevan (npc/ @Sioban )
Employees: ---

Hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 16:30
Sunday: Closed

An eclectic selection of vintage merchandise including clothes, accessories and home wares.


Iris Lane Vintage is a small shop that specialises in selling vintage clothing from mainly the 1940s to the 1960s. The shop also has a small tailoring service for mending zips and tears, as well as altering hemlines and letting out seams and slight alterations to garments. The shop is owned by a woman in her mid-thirties called Dixie Delevan. A larger than life character, she has pastel pink hair, usually styled in "victory rolls" and pinned in place under a bandana. Her wardrobe is bright and she really rather likes the 1950s looks and favours poodle skirts and red lipstick. She's friendly and enthusiastic and is always sure that she can find you something that is "just absolutely perfect".

Inside, the shop can be described as "organised chaos". Though small, every inch of space is used. There is a large circular rail in the centre of the floor, filled with dresses that is charmed to spin slowly. There are a number of mis-matched shelves filled with accessories such as hats, jewellery and bags which float in the air and allow shoppers to try them on. There is some sort of organisation in such that dresses, skirts, coats and trousers are separated by function but not much else.

The shop is bright inside, painted in shades of magnolia while there is gold lettering on the sign and the window front. The is a small assortment of chairs well as one dressing room at the back of the shop with a heavy red velvet curtain for privacy. There is a shiny hardwood floor underneath as well as a rather low and glitzy chandelier. There is also usually soft jazz or big band music playing to enhance the nostalgic feel.

Iris Lane also has a large variety of dress robes. The shop thinks that wizarding fashion doesn't move as quickly as Muggle fashion does and therefore, it's still timeless. The robes have their own wall, towards the left under the lights. The shop carries both male and female clothing but they don't enforce the gender norms; everyone is free to buy whatever they like. Iris Lane also sells books and copies of old magazines for inspiration and newspaper cuttings.

The owner also runs "vintage classes" on the last Saturday of every month. They consist of make up lessons using themes of times gone by, as well as hair and etiquette training. Though, these classes are for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. The classes start at 7PM and include cakes as well as a glass of wine, tea, coffee or juice if preferred. 
Dublin / Re: Dublin Shop Listing [Please Read!]
« Last post by Ruari Regan on Today at 09:53:44 PM »

Address: Grand Canal Dock, Charlotte Quay, Dublin
Owner: Clooney Regan
Employees: Chefs, wait staff, sommeliers, bar staff

Hours: Monday to Friday: 12 noon to midnight
Saturday: 8:00 to 10:00
Sunday: Closed

The Kells is a family run restaurant and specialises in fresh and local Irish fare. The food is an eclectic mixture of tradition mixed with new ideas on old classics. The restaurant is staffed by people who love what they do in it thrives in the creativity of the work force behind it.

Some of the food served is:

Irish Stew; lamb, potatoes, carrots served with bread rolls and cabbage
Coddle; layers of thinly sliced pork sausage, bacon with potatoes and onions
Irish beef burger with smoked appplewood cheese and bacon in a brioche bun and thick cut chips
Freshly caught cod and chips with mushy peas, bread and tartare sauce
Half a dozen oysters with lemon
Traditional full Irish breakfast; pork sausages, bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, black and white pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, potato farl and toast
Whiskey and marmalade sticky bacon ribs, baby roast potatoes and creamed cabbage
Mac & cheese with heirloom tomatoes
Sandwiches; shredded corned beef & Swiss cheese. Turkey, gherkins, cheddar & chipotle mayo.  Mozzarella, beef tomato, chargrilled broccoli & wild garlic.
Soups and salads change daily, see today's specials board!

For Brunch, the following is offered:

Bacon, fried egg and waffle sandwich.
Steak & eggs
French toast; maple syrup, fresh berries, peanut butter, whipped cream and Wexford ice cream or bacon
Irish Boxty; potato cake with grilled mushrooms, Kearney blue cheese, red onion jam & watercress
Home made chips with roasted garlic aioli
Freshly baked pastries

There is a fully stocked bar that serves most drinks imaginable as well as the house cocktails as follows;

Gin, nettle & thyme
Irish whiskey sour with raspberry
Plum & gingerbread daquiri
Pisco, peach & rhubarb


The Kells is a stunningly modern building, perched on the side of Charlotte Quay in Dublin city centre. The space is strikingly light, with floor to ceiling glass windows that maximise the space of the building. The restaurant is large and sprawling, complete with outdoor seating that overlooks the quay for the warming months. In the winter, the space outside is magically heated and provides a haven in the centre of a bustling city centre.

The decor, though thoroughly modern, does have touches of what makes it intrinsically Irish. Along with the unusual glasses and cutlery, there are soft cushions and a battered old Tricolour that hangs behind the bar in pride of place. During the day, the restaurant is brightly lit. There are lots of clever storage and the wine is displayed on towering book case shelves that go right up to the ceiling. There are a number of tables, ranging from large ones for groups to smaller ones for more intimate dates. There are plush sofas which contrast the modern styling that lie against the walls of the main dining room. There is a large glass bar with high stools seated around it. The Kells is a mishmatch with splashes of colour and interesting art in the form of textiles and lamps and mirrors.

In the evening, however, The Kells takes on a very different vibe. The lighting is soft and warm, offering diners the best views of the Dublin lights from within a warm and comfortable space. The music played is soft and usually accoustic and a mix of folk and covers of the more popular Irish songs. The Kells prides itself on offering the best local produce it can obtain to create a new, fresh and exciting dining experience. Clooney has made it his mission not to forget where he came from. The Kells, while impressive, still holds traditional values. Booking a table is not required but may be needed if diners have a particular table in mind as the ones nearest the window have a tendency to fill up quicker than others.

The restaurant is open all day but food is served from noon until 3PM, then dinner is served from 5PM until 10PM. On Saturdays, The Kells offers a brunch option. On Friday and Saturday nights, there is live music from a number of local bands.
Oceania / Oceania Shop Listing
« Last post by Albus Dumbledore on Today at 09:33:36 PM »
To those who own shops in Oceania, please post a description of your shop here.

Please include at least the following:

Shop Name: (this is the name of the shop itself)
Street Address: (the specific location)
Owner: (the shop owner's name)
Employees: (a list of employees, NPC's included)
Hours: (hours of operation, from open to close)
Merchandise: (what is sold in the shop?)
Description: (the look of the shop exterior and interior)
North America / North America Shop Listing
« Last post by Albus Dumbledore on Today at 09:31:35 PM »
To those who own shops in North America, please post a description of your shop here.

Please include at least the following:

Shop Name: (this is the name of the shop itself)
Street Address: (the specific location)
Owner: (the shop owner's name)
Employees: (a list of employees, NPC's included)
Hours: (hours of operation, from open to close)
Merchandise: (what is sold in the shop?)
Description: (the look of the shop exterior and interior)
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Brazil / [Training] Teaching Character (open)
« Last post by Liliya Wolanski on Today at 01:36:12 PM »

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”
Billie Jean King

"Good afternoon," Liliya enunciated clearly in her admittedly affected English, coloured by an unmistakable southwestern Ukrainian accent. It was the safest language to use for anyone that didn't have a Translation charm; few of the attendees were likely to know Ukrainian or Russian, and as far as her own linguistic skills were concerned, Portugese was right out. She beamed at all of the people who had come to her training session, standing before them in her league team uniform - a Munsell red robe with a royal yellow hem and metallic-looking grey "scales" on the hood and down the back of the spine, covering a white camisole tucked into khaki breeches. While she had also brought her national team uniform - a white robe with strong azure sleeves and hood, decorated with the tryzub of the country's coat-of-arms on the hood, back, and shoulders - she had felt more comfortable this afternoon wearing her own team's colours.

"My name is Liliya Yureyivna Wolanski, and I am the Captain and Lead Chaser of the Zhytomyr Zalizazhyvoty, or Ironbellies, a Ukrainian member team of the Russian Quidditch League," she introduced herself to the (she assumed) considerable number of attendees that would be unfamiliar with her work. "I am here today, and you are here today, not because I am a Chaser but because I am a Captain. This workshop is today about teamwork. To play together well, to win two League Cups and come in runner-up two other times," she muttered, "you must innately understand and get along with the people that you are flying with. A team whose members get along has a vast advantage over a team whose members do not. So it is in life also. When you enjoy your job, and you enjoy the people you work with, you are more effective and so are they.

"We will do a scrimmage today!" she announced. "No serious scrimmage, just a little something to loose up and start to have fun with each other. So, drop everything except your brooms, and we will count off on our teams. One team will be the 'Stars' and one team will be the 'Wings.' Line up by your position, please!" As the attendees hurried to follow her orders and stood in a line, she went right down each group of players pointing at each person, "Stars, Wings, Stars, Wings, Stars, Wings..." until everyone was accounted for. There were more people than two teams needed, so there were some reserve players. "Reserve players we will switch out throughout our scrimmage," she assured these people. "This is not an official match, it is a learning experience."

Once the teams were settled, she stepped back and said, "Now then, please meet with your teams and quickly introduce yourselves, your strengths and weaknesses. Listen to each other and think of how you all can best work together to play well. I will select 'captains' in a moment and then we will play!"
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Quidditch Academy
« Last post by Elena on Today at 01:29:31 PM »
Character Name: @Hefin Howell
Team(s): Australian National, Krazy Kangaroos
Position: Beater
Open or Closed?: Training session, group/one-on-one

Character Name: @Veronika Petrova
Team(s): Russian National, Moscow Metalmen
Position: Beater
Open or Closed?: Meet and greet, one-on-one

Character Name: @Viktor Krum
Team(s): Bulgarian National, Vratsa Vultures
Position: Seeker
Open or Closed?: Meet and greet, open, group
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Quidditch Academy
« Last post by Quinn Regan on Today at 01:23:56 PM »
Character Name: @Quinn Regan
Team(s): Falmouth Falcons and Ireland
Position: Seeker
Open or Closed?: one-on-one, training/meetgreet

Approved! @Quinn Regan please start the appropriate thread/s in the Brazil board!
First Link / MEGA//Sehnsucht; animanga, jcink, new-ish
« Last post by hira on Today at 12:57:21 PM »
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