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Special Features & Items / Re: Special Feature Applications
« Last post by Inga on Today at 05:46:39 AM »

Name: Ashton
Character Name: Jocasta Silverman
Feature you are applying for: Legilimency

Description of the character: First and foremost, Jocasta is a passionate woman. Passion drives the most important ideals in her life. She's invested in each and every cause that she agrees to involve herself in, and when she commits, one can be assured that she's committing for the long-haul. Jocasta is normally very set in her ways and her morals -- she is a person who is very sure of herself and her motivations. That being said, she is ethical and lets the boundaries of her moral compass guide her in what she feels is the right direction. The morality of certain things or courses of action are immensely important to her.

Jo is a natural-born leader. Being the oldest child, she had plenty of experience before school with her younger siblings in learning leadership skills. This also led to a very maternal attitude, and she often feels the need to protect those who are younger, weaker, or less fortunate. While still very enthusiastic about her own causes and goals, Jocasta tends to be very altruistic and will almost always put another before herself. She believes it's necessary to think of others first in order to be a good, effective leader, so often times, her own needs are last on the to-do list. In dire situations, she's immediately willing to risk her life for innocent people. However, before she does this, Jocasta likes to exhaust every possible option and then to pick the best one -- in all cases, it's the one that benefits the most people (or keeps them safe). Thus, she's brave and will take many leaps for others and for a cause she believes is important. She's an understanding person and can empathize -- to a degree, of course. She's much more willing to try to understand someone's point of view if it's not rooted in malicious intent. Understanding people is a particular specialty of hers, considering that her job involves a daily process of attempting to conceptualize what goes on in criminals' minds.

It must be emphasized that her bravery shouldn't be confused with recklessness. Jo is rational and logical; she is perfectly capable of examining things with a clear head. Especially in a daily workplace setting, the witch is careful not to let her emotions and personal feelings about a subject cause her to jump the gun, make any careless mistakes, or to rule the way she acts in general. She's also quite analytical and is prone to analyzing things from potentially different circumstances, viewpoints, and stages to reach conclusions. These things have led to a mature disposition -- she strives to make herself easy to talk to and to get along with. In her opinion, it's exceptionally difficult to accomplish anything monumental when constant immaturity and purposeful naivety are present.

In school, Jo was one of the top students in her class in terms of academia and popularity. This being said, she's a very smart woman, capable of thinking in abstract thought processes, decoding the motivations of enemies, and understanding complex subjects from all areas of the spectrum -- morally, academically, etc., respectively. Jocasta is hardworking and efficient, almost always managing to set her eye on the prize and to simply go for it. That's the tried-and-true method she's used in achieving all the previous goals she's reached in her life, and it consistently seems to do the job. She's meticulous and persistent with how she goes about this; she's reluctant to take breaks or let anything slip by. Though she has room to be a braggart after her achievements and considering her skillset, Jo is actually quite humble and prefers to put those skills and talents to use as opposed to showboating them for attention.

Jo is all for theorizing, but after the theorizing, she prefers to go carry out her word. She's not one to sit back on her laurels and is a go-do kind of person -- progress won't happen without some degree of action involved. She wants to be the person making a difference and doesn't like to let other people do all the work for her. Jocasta tries not to beat around the bush about her motivations or ideas and is, a great deal of the time, a straightforward person to work with and to be in any kind of personal relationship with. She possesses a certain degree of wit and is a quick thinker, but this almost never interferes with the delicate balance of professionalism she's managed to craft.

As a general rule, unless outwardly insulted, Jocasta is a friendly, warm person. She tries her hardest to be approachable as most of her job entails serving the public and as a result, she's become very personable over the years. Jo knows the dynamic of the human brain rather well and she is usually able to navigate social situations, even sticky ones, with great grace. In uncomfortable happenstances or when she's simply in the presence of people she might blatantly disagree with, Jo is usually diplomatic and good at appeasing both sides to prevent fights from happening. Lastly, she's become very wise in her years as an Auror and as a member of the Order of the Phoenix -- she can pick up on subtle cues and warnings that others might not be able to, and she's also had quite a bit of tumultuous life experience to give her that kind of wisdom at twenty-five.  description will go here.

Application: Jo is very responsible, hardworking, and a quick learner. All of these things in conjunction with her nearly-expert knowledge of Occlumency make her a good candidate for having learned its sister branch of magic, Legilimency. As proven by already learning Occlumency and mastering it in a rather short amount of time, Jocasta possesses the mental stability and capacity it requires to be a very good Legilimens. She's meticulous in her learning style and will have poured every ounce of energy she has available to learn and hone the obscure branch of magic, especially since it will prove useful or resourceful to those her allegiances lie with.

One of those allegiances is, of course, her workplace -- The Ministry of Magic. The Department of Magical Law Enforcement, to be specific, and the Auror Department, to be even moreso. Jo loves her job. It is one of the aspects of her life she places a great deal of importance and value on. She feels an incredible need to protect her department, its secrets and classified information, and those who serve in it. With an impending promotion to head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, she will feel even more intensely about that subject. She's passionate about the work she does and respects all of the people who place similar values on their work. The promotion will increase her sense of responsibility for the goings-on in the department and having Legilimency at her disposal will make her feel more capable of acting as that shield, as well as to help her become more secure in her own abilities to be a leader in such a significant way. Additionally, she'd be able to use Legilimency on particularly difficult cases. It would be used sparingly, but this might be something she chooses to resort to in special cases -- on or off the record.

Secondly, even moreso than to the Ministry, Jo is loyal to the Order of the Phoenix. As it currently stands, I'm not aware of any played members of the Order who are proficient in Legilimency. There are a couple who are proficient in Occlumency, but not in its counterpart. Moreover, in character, she will feel very much as though it will serve as an asset to their organization, especially with the hike of new Death Eater activity and attacks since the Sleepers' awakening. It's not difficult for me to see her having volunteered herself to learn it as she's already an expert in Occlumency, which, I infer, will have made the Legilimency learning process quite a bit smoother. While the Order tries to maintain a good balance of effective action and strong morals, Jocasta is a fairly seasoned member of the Order and could be trusted in interrogations that might require the morally-questionable help of Legilimency. Dispute within the organization about the morality of such forms of magic is also a plot point I'll be exploring, even with her husband, Kendrick. Regardless, the vital information she could inevitably extract from some Death Eaters would be helpful to the Order and to moving along those plots. Her skills and her position at the Ministry will make her a valuable resource that the Order has at its disposal, which is important because, conversely, the Death Eaters will also have many resources and more numbers at theirs.

Thirdly, she's loyal to her family and friends. This overlaps with the last two sections a little bit, but this is mostly where she'll draw the conclusion that bending her usual morals is acceptable from. Protection is very instinctual and natural to Jocasta; she feels that every measure she can take to secure things she is responsible for and cares about should be carried out -- thus, her family and friends, being the most important things in the world to her, will play a part in her decision to learn Legilimency.

I think, initially, Jocasta will have been very averse and reluctant to the idea that learning it might be beneficial. However, after that inner battle, she'll have come to understand that her discomfort with the idea of breaking into someone else's mind is alleviated by the lingering principle of the 'greater good' she tries to live by. This will be the only way she's able to keep it together without crumbling -- justification of this kind of magic because of its arguable benefits. She wants only the best for all of wizardkind and is willing to sacrifice her own peace of mind to prevent problems on a larger scale.

Future plots: I have a number of future plots set up that are versatile in style, involve several characters (some of which are only mentioned in the "larger" plots) and can be long term or short-term. I've discussed things with quite a few separate drivers, and while not all of these plots are heavily dependent on Legilimency, it can be easily included in all of them. I have also left out some smaller budding plots that have potential in response to Jocasta using Legilimency on Auror cases or working with other witches and wizards who have these abilities.

   chantal garnier:

The first plot I have is with Lena's French Auror and Diplomat, @Chantal Garnier. Chantal, fleeing France for personal reasons, and already being skilled as a foreign worker and an Auror, will come to work for Jo in her department. Taking a liking to Chantal and seeing some similarity between Chantal and her younger self, the two will develop a camaraderie and get to know one another. Eventually, Chantal and Jo will come to trust one another and to see one another as driven, powerful allies. Jocasta learned how to perform Occlumency from a member of the first Order of the Phoenix, but has not since taught anyone how to do Occlumency -- or Legilimency. Legilimency is borderline dark magic in Jocasta's opinion and so she is very reluctant to reveal to anyone that she knows how to perform it, and so Chantal will be one of the first people she entrusts with the information. Chantal will find out that Jo is proficient (whether it's in a letter to her husband she stumbles upon on her desk, hears her speaking to Kendrick one day, etc.) and promptly confront her, asking Jocasta to teach her these forms of magic in the name of self-preservation, protecting others, and protecting confidentiality.

Furthermore, this will give Jocasta an opportunity to trust someone of a similar mindset, and Jocasta, upon increased Death Eater attacks, will utilize her relationship with Chantal to induct her into the Order of the Phoenix. Chantal's new skills (though not quite as honed) will be useful as Jocasta's are, as will her skills as an Auror.

Jocasta's relationship with @James Laurent, Chantal's superior/boss at the French Ministry as Lead Auror and Jocasta's friend, will ultimately either be strengthened or tested by her interactions with Chantal.

   basil stringfellow:

@Basil Stringfellow is a proficient Occlumens, but he is only a learning Legilimens and his ability is not as strong as Jocasta's in either area. He is close with the young girl Kendrick and Jocasta will be moving into their home this summer, @Billie Fay, and this has presented multiple plot opportunities. Basil is a Death Eater, and when Jocasta attempts to break into his mind using her Legilimency, he will be able to relay this unsettling information to his superiors and the rest of his comrades who are also Death Eaters.

This will put a strain on Jo's relationship with Billie and, in her desire to monitor the letters Billie is sending to and receiving from Basil as well as supervise her visits with him, cause her to act out.

Basil's knowledge of Jocasta's Legilimency ability and his spreading of this knowledge is going to make for some interesting plot opportunities both in her personal life and between the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix.

   gaius purcell:

@Gaius Purcell is an imprisoned Death Eater with a lot of power and influence. According to plans that Gavin and I have later on in playtime, Gaius (either through Billie or through word of mouth by Basil) will learn of Jocasta's abilities and seek to do something further about this. He will feel threatened by how dangerous she has become and will use the people he has rallied as brand new Death Eaters or old loyalists to curb the new Department Head's plans to divert his.

We have discussed more but we are preferring to keep it secret as some of it is a surprise!

Billie's relationship with Gaius will also be a talking point. Billie knows much more about Jocasta and Kendrick than any other child or person who is closely connected to Death Eaters, and Gaius is intending to use her to get closer to the Silvermans. Jocasta's Legilimency ability (or her Occlumency, which the Death Eaters do not necessarily know about) will come into play several times while trying to protect her job, the Order, her family, and Billie.

RP Response: "Legilimens."

The encantation was quiet, but it was serious and sure. Jocasta operated best under such circumstances. If she let herself get too emotional, let her control slip too far away from her, that was when the magic got sloppy. Wasn't that always the case, though, and not just with these more obscure branches? Jocasta could count on one hand the amount of times emotion in terms of magical proficiency had served her better than rationalization.

She was not to be confused for a cold, unfeeling person: She felt things. All the time. Jo considered herself a passionate witch, and her husband, the subject of the most emotion she ever showed anybody, was more than enthusiastic to back that statement up. Performing Legilimency was a special job, though, and it required a meticulous, analytic mind to sift through the information to really glean anything from the literal invasion of someone else's mind. This was exactly why not many witches and wizards found themselves right for twisting and bending to fit into such a specific space.

Jocasta wondered about Chantal, though. She was certainly capable in terms of intelligence and ability, and she hadn't doubted as much of her apprentice in their first few sessions. They were starting out easier, less morally corrupt, and she was teaching Chantal to learn the defensive counterpart, Occlumency. She'd started there herself, and she wasn't sure where along the line she had decided that Legilimency couldn't be that much worse, but it had happened. Somewhere. Jocasta justified many of her actions by thinking of the greater good and how many lives would be saved rather than violated by her actions. She thought the saved far, far outweighed the violated. Or dead, in extreme cases.

Chantal was a good person, and she would have been naive to assume it would be easy for her, especially in light of that fact. Her face was more than telling.

"That was okay," Jo straightened up and raised a light brown eyebrow, her topaz eyes appraising Chantal. She felt a tingly surge of approval trickle down into her fingertips. "But you can do better. This time, think of your mind having a shield. A stone shield. Keep me out, whatever you do. Remember that everything could be on the line if you encounter a Legilimens as proficient as me, Chantal. If you did today, and they were a Death Eater, many of my secrets would be there for the taking."

Jocasta's hands, deceptively manicured, adjusted her dress robes as she leaned down to her protege for another test. "Legilimens," She commanded more firmly than the last time, and felt the light of Chantal's mind swath the sides of her head in white.

New Player's Guide / Re: Find a Mentor!
« Last post by Rubeus Bruxton on Today at 03:05:53 AM »
Wotcher! I'm getting ready to leave for the evening, but I'll check back on the was suggested that I get a Mentor to assist with the process. If anyone is of a mind to...I'd appreciate the help. Thanks much. :)

Hi Robby and welcome! I'll be in touch with you shortly by private message!
Shackamaxon / Re: [gs] soothe my soul {minnie}
« Last post by Minerva Cavendish on Today at 02:49:16 AM »

Minnie had always found Gilbert Lightwood to be particularly attractive, not because of his face, his handsome features were undeniable. And as a painter, the physical had always drawn her attention first. But more than that, far below his extremely superficial persona, there was emotional depth. And there was nothing more that Minerva Cavendish prided in her partners than emotional depth, she blamed all of the angsty novels and sad, teenage movies she often watched with her father during school breaks. The line, though a little bleak by Lightwood standards was inspiring, and so she could not help but to feel touched by it. “I’ll have to write that down when I get back to the dorms,” she said, committing the line to memory. If anyone had the capacity of understanding her aesthetic it was him, the two of them shared an eye for beauty and even if they had their own ulterior motives, at some point in their friendship or possibly during their past romance, they had found aesthetic quality in each other. Minnie still did at the very least, it was obvious in the way she enthusiastically described the scene in her head.

She shrugged at his comment, he wasn’t fazed in the least, “Wouldn’t be the first time,” she half-joked at his comment, refusing to become flustered at his insinuation. There was not a lot of imagining to do considering she had, in fact, seen him naked before. However, that was a story for another time, and one that Minnie was not going to dwell on just yet, lest she did start blushing. It had always been this sort of game between the two of them, trying to figure out how to make the other slightly uncomfortable for the sake of a laugh. Bertie had never been mean-spirited about his jokes, at least not to Minnie, and because of this, the Thunderbird had always found his company especially stimulating. “I am not thirsty, Bertie,” she said decisively, crossing her arms as she rolled her eyes at him, the corners of her lips twitching in amusement. “At least not for you, anyway,” she added, before bringing another piece of the fluffy pancake dipped in chocolate syrup to her lips, savoring the treat before moving on to a strawberry. “Ugh, don’t get me started on quodpot, please,” she said once she had finished, using the fork to shuffle the food on her plate around. She was starting to get full, her eyes had always been bigger than her stomach.

“You can eat some of mine, I’m starting to feel stuffed,” she complained, pouting in an effort to incite some sympathy on his end. She straightened in her chair when he mentioned the training, leaning forward in her chair to pretend her words from falling on prying ears. “Have you been training on your own?” she asked though she already knew the answer. Minnie had been one of the first people to find out about her ex-boyfriend’s ability as an animagus, something she was still trying to wrap her head around. “But who’s doing all the hard work like scratching your ears and playing fetch with you? Tsk, tsk,” she joked. Minnie had not been able to resist doing either of those things in the past and to be particularly honest, there was nothing more comforting than having him curled up in her lap in his animagus form. Little dogs had always been her weakness.

Minnie looked around them, starting to feel a little embarrassed by their displays of fabricated affection. Everyone practically knew they had dated in the past, and many knew they were close friends. But, what if any of this reached her boyfriend? Would he become upset with her? Minnie considered how particularly jealous he could be, though she could not really understand why. Bertie was not the type to recklessly get involved with her knowing that she had a boyfriend and she was certain that the romantic feelings they once had for each other had disappeared soon after. Regardless, she leaned in to bite off the tip of the strawberry, licking her lips to make sure she did not leave any of the chocolate syrup behind. “Mhmm~” she said, smiling widely, as she noticed from the corner of her eye that they had attracted some of the attention in the room. “You know if you really wanted to make this obscene, I could lick it off of—” she started before her thoughts were interrupted.

A woman cleared her throat and it was then that Minnie looked over at the waitress standing there, a little shocked at their display and unsure of what to make of it. “Can I get you two anything else?” she asked hurriedly, almost as if implying that it was time for them to leave. “Can I get a look at the menu and a few minutes, please?” she asked as sweetly as she could before extending her hand as the waitress complied with a polite smile and marched off. Minnie set the menu down between them, looking at it as if she intended to order anything else, she leaned over the table a little. “They’re going to ban us from coming here if we kept acting out, Bertie,” she said with a grin, her eyes trained on the menu, “Still hungry? I could go for some coffee, I was up ‘till four, I’m so tired,” she continued and as if on cue, she yawned, bringing up her hand to cover her mouth. “But you know, if you need help with your training you can just ask, I’m happy to help and usually up ‘till late anyway. Or if you’re brave, I can bring you up as cute little Fluffy and you can sleep in the room with me, my roommate loves dogs,” she suggested. “Fluffy,” she laughed, “that’s totally going to be your name from now on.”
Beauxbatons Palace / Re: Beauxbatons House Cup
« Last post by Volker Blauvelt on Yesterday at 09:56:50 PM »
House: Ombrelune
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 100 points
Reason: For @Séverin Desrosiers and @Elisabeth Sturm keeping Beauxbatons entertaining with their banters

House: Bellefeuille
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 150 points
Reason: For @Donatella Bertinelli and @Jaspar Travars getting away with causing a flood in the library

House: Papillonlisse
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 100 points
Reason: For @Cosimo Marconi and @Léon Lachapelle's funny discussion in their dorm

House: Ombrelune
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 50 points
Reason: For @Ludwig Baumann scaring off girls by mentioning giant residuals

Bellefeuille 150
Ombrelune 150
Papillonlisse 100

xoxo Prof. Blauvelt
Beauxbatons Palace / Re: Beauxbatons House Cup
« Last post by Bérénice Bonaccord on Yesterday at 09:48:03 PM »
House: Ombrelune
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 5 points
Reason: For @Tristan Deveaux 's efforts in Chatoeil service.

House: Bellefeuille
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 5 points
Reason: For @Donatella Bertinelli 's efforts in gardening service.

House: Ombrelune
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 5 points
Reason: For @Ludwig Baumann  's efforts in Library Service.

House: Ombrelune
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 5 points
Reason: For @Séverin Desrosiers efforts in Chatoeil service.

House: Bellefeuille and Papillonlisse
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 15 points each (15 to Bellefeuille, 15 to Papillonlisse)
Reason: For @Léon Lachapelle and @Donatella Bertinelli 's efforts in School Beautification.

House: Papillonlisse
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 15 points
Reason: For @Léon Lachapelle and @Gabrielle Delacour 's efforts in Chatoeil service.

House: Papillonlisse and Bellefeuille
Award/Deduction: Award
Amount: 10 points each (10 to Bellefeuille, 10 to Papillonlisse)
Reason: For @Emylou Petit @Madeleine Girard @Adèle Appel and @Émilie Deschamps 's efforts in Stable Service.

Bellefeuille 30
Ombrelune 15
Papillonlisse 40

Accepted / STATE OF MIND [jcink, post potter au]
« Last post by Thistle on Yesterday at 08:22:32 PM »

We are an AU Post-Potter site based in 2022.
Herbology / Re: [Greenhouse] Herbology Quiz [all years]
« Last post by Aysoy Esmeray on Yesterday at 08:12:41 PM »
Esmeray let out a sigh. The Professors answer did not instill much hope for this being the only Herbology class that did not bore her to death. She glanced around the room to see if there was any other hazards that might make the class worth it, but just an number of unassuming broad leaf plant and a sad cactus sat on the table. There was no hope for Herbology. she thought as she shook her head.

Her attention was drawn to Yin when she rushed into the greenroom. “Merhaba Yin!” The Turkish born greeted her friend excitedly in her native tongue. She gave a flick of her wrist to gesture for Yin to join her on her side of the potting table. It was only after this that Esmeray caught her favorite little Zhivoystya lamb, Ada standing next to Fima.

“AH, Ada. I did not see you."  Esmeray experienced a little pang of guilt. She had promised herself that she would watch over their little Durmstrang Stowaway, even if the poor thing was a lamb not a tiger. But she had not seen much of her this semester. Emeray glance over the little frail girl who thankfully did not appear mangled by the Devil Snare. Esmeray gestured to the aggressive vines re-extending itself around the doorway while asking Ada, “Made it in ok? You were always fast on your feet.” She gave a wink.

Poor girl just needs a little love and confidence. she thought to herself before the lesson began.

The professor addressed the class and drawn the attention to the two of the plants that Esmeray already dismissed.  The statement, “don't touch anything you don't know.” Peeked Esmeray's interest. Not that danger was always fun, but it certainly made things more interesting. It took only a second to spot the grumpy face on the large knotted root just peeking up out of the soil of its outgrown pot.

The word, “Mandrake” jumped off her tongue with a smile. She amazed herself that she remembered something that was as ancient as second year. She also recalled they had on ear plugs while handling it and how much the scrunched up baby root wailed while it was out of it soil. She couldn't recall if their Professor at that time had explained it had the ability to parallelized or was it kill? Either way, Esmeray knew not to mess with it. She figured she will let the plant-loving-nerds figure out the rest. So she moved on to the next one, the shivering pale grey cactus.

As she took a closer look at the cactus, she spotted the boiled covered pods and found it was indeed familiar. A knowing smile crossed her face. Oh, I am going to ace this class, she thought. Then taking out her wand she announced, "We have this one growing in our upper garden in Turkey. They could be found in my area and other places in Assyria, but my Grandfather said there a little rarer now. We used to play with it as a kid..." when my parents were not looking, She finished as a thought. She tried to gently stroke the plant, attempting to get it to demonstrate the odd crooning noises that the plant back home would make. The plant vibrated a little but pulled away from her touch. Frustrated that it failed to produce the sound, she tried a little more aggressively while recalling, "It is called...  mimble-ya...mimble ton or something?"

Lost in thought as she tried to recall the Latin version of the tongue-tying name, she accidently prodded the unhappy specimen a little too aggressively. Suddenly green sludge shot out of every pore. Although the jets only lasted for a second, it resulted in 1 cm of rancid manure smelling gross goop on everything facing it within a 10 foot radius. Esmeray let out a "Ack!" as she spat out the familiar substance. Oh it had been a while since that had happened to me.

"Sorry about that." She gave a boisterous laugh. "Sometimes that happens. That was our version of Russian Roulette. This one sprang quite quickly, it must not trust me." She continued to laugh, although trying to stop long enough to scourgify herself with a spell.
Valda had been attentive to the events of the game. The shining sun overhead caused her eyes to squint against the bright rays, but she remained focused. She'd maneuver back and forth a long the pitch, getting into view of Lev when he had the bludger, and then easing up, while still staying within close proximity of the flying iron orbs, to be ready to take it when the timing was right and intercept it.

Her team was playing wonderfully and Valda couldn't've been prouder of the teamwork and skills displayed. Watching Gio catch the quaffle and then advance caused for her to shout in celebration. Valda was proud of her boyfriend and was thrilled that they were able to work together. His hunting skill, being aware, careful, and precise, were honorably displayed on the field. She was very much aware that her skill level barely matched those of the younger students, but she was determined to play her best and serve as a respectable captain.

Her gaze had been stolen by the rogue bludger that was following Mihaela. Valda's pulse accelerated as she made a move to go and help her friend out. The initial plan she had formed in her mind quickly dissipated though when the other bludger whizzed overhead towards their keeper. It was a split decision that barely took a second to make, but Valda weaved off course, letting Miha to fend for herself while she rushed to Kęstutis's aid. The freckled-faced girl was very aware that Mihaela could take care of herself. If anything, Lev would probably jump right in where Valda had been and come to his girlfriend's rescue if the Romanian girl wasn't able to shake the ball.

She leaned into her broom, gaining speed with every second as she raced the ball to see who would be the first to get to their keeper. Now, Valda knew she wasn't the most skilled in the game. She hadn't been able to gain such an experience with her days being filled with much more important things such as her studies, but she still played with her friends on the quidditch pitch for fun and had even practiced often as tryouts were nearing at the beginning of term. Now, she was depending on those skills to save their teammate.

Her hand and pulled back as she managed to swoop in front of Kes just in time. The iron ball glinted in the sunlight, causing her to squint even harder to continue to see the flying orb, but not let it strike either her or Kes. The ball neared, she took a deep breath, and smack she had swung her arm to strike the ball, making contact. Her whole body seemed to shake and her arm immediately felt the strain from diverting the heavy ball. Her aim hadn't been on anyone particular. The blinding sun in her eyes made it difficult for her to do so. However, she had managed to knock it away and send it in the opposite direction of the goal posts.

"You alright?" She called back at him, but Valda didn't bother to stick around for his response. She leaned forward again, guiding herself back into the game. The bludger that had been following Miha swooped back into middle of the pitch and her eye was caught by the dark haired girl flying back in with her hand on her side. "Crap," she mumbled under her breath. Mihaela had been injured and it was her fault for not continuing to follow her, but she had managed to defend Kes. You win some, you lose some. Valda had a deep concern for her friend's well being. She kept an eye on here, while still being aware of all that was going on around them while playing the game.
As the game started Mihaela joined her friends in kicking off. She loved playing Quidditch, she loved the freedom up in the air, she loved the competition, she loved the violence, but today's game was going to better than the rest of the games the entire year put together. Not only was she actually getting the chance to play on the same team as her boyfriend but they were playing against the teachers. Mihaela smiled brightly when she'd gotten into the air and saw Miki's banner. She waved proudly at her cousin and then leaned into her broom to whoosh back into the game. Aphra had gotten to the quaffle first, naturally, and Miha quickly followed the other Romanian down the pitch toward the hoops. The sun was a killer this afternoon but she pressed on. When the quaffle was released Mihaela was a little put off that she hadn't been close enough to catch it but she reacted quickly to the Professor's taking control. Switching tactics and surrounding the other team's chasers as they ventured down the pitch she could see Kes' hair glowing in the sunlight like a fireball. The professor let loose the Quaffle too soon and Mihaela saw their keeper catch it and send it flying back out. After Kes tossed the Quaffle to Gio the Drakonya Krov witch raced after him to help escort him down the pitch. He passed it to her and she was ready to catch it when the Nautica professor intercepted.

A string of curse words escaped her mouth, not directly at the Professor because she didn't want to get bounced, but loud enough for even her cousin in the stands to hear. Mihaela shook her fist and leaned farther into her broom to gain some speed. She was not above playing rough but she would never cheat. She followed Professor Fisker closely, waiting for the other chasers to join her, so they could put the pressure on him but she heard something else coming up behind and chasing her intead. The hunter had become the prey and after taking a split second to look behind her Mihaela swerved out of formation. She hoped the bludger would blow past where she had just been and smash into the professor she had been chasing instead but when it didn't she had to dive. The bludger was on her! It was rogue. Her brown hair whipped around her face as she tried to gain enough speed to lose the bludger.

Flying straight at the ground she tried to shake it but when she finally pulled up the brown ball of death followed her. "Get this little beast off me~!" She half howled half laughed before swearing at the ball itself. Trying to outrun it wasn't working, she didn't have time to find a beater, she had to outmaneuver it. Some might of been scared or angry in this situation but Mihaela Lupesco found it utterly entertaining. She turned quickly at the edge of the pitch, trying to evade it, but before she'd finished the turn the Bludger had quickly changed paths and cut her off. With it's full force the bludger smashed into her barely shielded side and she clenched her jaw tightly. Pain rushed up and down her torso and she was pretty sure she'd heard something crack. She hoped it was just her imagination but she had other problems. The collision had flung her outside of the playing area and with one arm holding her aching side she barely managed to steer back into the pitch. She wanted to keep playing, wanted to stay in the game, so she was fighting the pain. At least she would have a killer bruise after the game was over, she was looking forward to showing it off to Lev. She slowed as she watched the damn ball heading back toward the center of the pitch and shouted after it.

"Yeah you better run!"
Great Hall / Re: [ball] if i love you was a promise • { p h i l l i p }
« Last post by Billie Fay on Yesterday at 12:46:32 PM »
Originally I didn't.

So what had made him change his mind? She didn't want to guess that it was her; that would be ridiculous. Then again, the way he was looking at her... He smiled at her and she couldn't really help but smile back; her cheeks ached a little just from her trying to tone it down. She knew she was blushing - and her skin was so pale that it would be impossible not to notice - but she hadn't caught any reaction from him regarding the fact. It was taking an embarrassingly large amount of effort to maintain her composure. For a girl who'd been composed her entire life, that was saying something.

"Oh... Okay," she whispered, mostly to herself, as he pulled her in close. Billie knew how tall he was, knew that there was almost a whole foot between them, but the height difference was never quite as painfully obvious as it was now, chest to chest. Even with the small heels she was wearing. She moved her arms tentatively up his chest as his hands found the small of her back. Her dress swayed, following her motion. The girl froze as he leaned in close to her, feeling quite bare and vulnerable with her hair so neatly off her face. Goosebumps appeared down her neck and arm. She swallowed.

A part of her wanted to double check that she wasn't dreaming. If it wasn't Phillip - if it was some random older boy she didn't know - Billie might have thought this was all happening because of some dare or prank. It just felt too much like the kind of fantasy she would daydream about while distracted from studying, before swiftly trying to forget about it. But it was Phillip. And she trusted him so absolutely. "It's... the makeup," she said, a little embarrassed. Her voice was small; she was too flustered to even thank him for his compliment. Bad manners, she thought distantly, but that voice was very distant. She was far too distracted.

It occurred to her that Randi would probably be back soon, looking for her. What would she think when she saw this? The blonde wondered if her friend would interrupt. She quietly hoped that she wouldn't. "You look nice too," she said, resting her cheek on his chest and trying not to notice all of the things she was noticing, like how comfortable this felt or how the rest of the room seemed to melt away around them. She didn't speak for a while, afraid that if she did, everything might stop and they might be rudely returned to reality. Instead, she just let him sway her in gentle circles. "I'm really surprised you're here," she admitted. "I'm glad you are, though."
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