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Magical Hogwarts is run by a team of volunteers. If you have any questions, problems or just need help, feel free to contact any member of the team at any time. Continue reading for a brief introduction of our staff.

Fee - Head Administrator, Koldovstoretz Main / Tech Administrator, Senior Staff

Fee is a 30-year-old Israeli who lives in the USA. She is a retail worker by day and freelance web designer and a Netflix junkie by night. She loves languages a lot and is fluent in Hebrew and Russian, and can rattle off in a couple of other languages. She'd like to learn Arabic, Farsi, or German someday. She owns four dogs and likes to pretend they're her children. She loves listening to music, making art in photoshop, reading, traveling, and watching TV. Her favorite TV shows are How to Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Supergirl.

Contact: Fee

Sioban - Beauxbatons Main Administrator, Senior Staff

Sioban is a 25 year old lady girl from the north of England. She's currently studying for her Masters in Chester University and she works both as a florist and for a greetings card company part time. She has one cat, a love of travel, languages and a battered old camera called Mimi that she takes everywhere. She likes art and cupcakes, blogging and has a deep obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch for which, she had reliably been told, there is no cure.

Contact: Sioban

Samm - Ilvermorny Main Administrator / Events Administrator, Senior Staff

Samm is a 25 year old from Michigan who's been on MH for nearly 10 years. She works long hours as a retail sales manager and loves her job. She enjoys painting, graffiti, sharpies, loud music, the color purple, elephants, cars, & writing. She has an unhealthy obsession with playing solitaire and binging on Netflix shows. Shes always down for threads and plots so message anytime!

Contact: Samm

Sophie - Hogwarts Main Administrator, Senior Staff

Sophie is a 24-year-old Midwesterner and is best described as a combination of Monica Geller, Elizabeth Bennet, and Hermione Granger. She's passionate about board games, choral music, and dessert, and collects Harry Potter books from around the world as a souvenir of her travels. When she's not fighting back the urge to snag every adoptable on the board, you can probably find her binge-watching Friends on Netflix, fighting an epic battle against the stats programs on her computer, or struggling her way through her PhD program.

Contact: Sophie

Dylan - Durmstrang Main Administrator, Senior Staff

Dylan is a 25 year old Slytherin from Orlando, FL who has been lurking on MH since 2007. He works in Security at Walt Disney World, and spends his free time imbibing copious amounts of caffeine and becoming a South Park encyclopedia. He eventually would like to go to grad school for psychology when he has enough money/stops being a lazy bum. He loves adoptable characters, plotting, and sheet writing.

Contact: Dylan

Taed - Mahoutokoro Main Administrator, Senior Staff

Taed is an almost 30-annuals (and dreading it) living in Michigan with his wife, toddler daughter, and very derpy familiar. They call him a "data entry clerk" at the electric co-operative he works at, but really he does about three people's jobs including programmer and trainer. In his spare time he teaches psionic qi and meditation, records music (about once a year), and studies orthography, philosophy, and religion. Although he's only been on MH for a year (give or take), he can't seem to stop babbling about how much he loves it; when he's not bogged down by work and diaper changing, he's always up for a good plot!

Contact: Taed

Olivia - Sandbox Administrator, Hogwarts Team

Olivia is a 27-year-old Marylander from a Pittsburgh family, somewhat-recently transplanted to Virginia. She is a third-year medical student who joined MH back in 2008/2009 and has been hooked ever since! When she’s not studying until her eyes fall out or staying at the hospital until an ungodly hour or lurking about MH, she’s probably reading, attempting to catch up on lost sleep, or playing some sport or another. And desperately trying not to think about the mountain of student loan debt she’s accumulating. In addition to medicine she also loves singing (albeit not very well), music, horseback riding, puzzles, puppies/kittens, spending time with friends/ her fiancé, hot tea, and thunderstorms. Feel free to message her anytime to plot, ask questions, or just chat!

Contact: Olivia

[tay]Taylor[/tay] - Gringotts Administrator, Mahoutokoro Team

Taylor is a 24 year old uni student with a seriously unhealthy relationship with the internet. She spends most of her time reading, writing essays, watching tv shows, wasting time on imgur, listening to music, and lurking on MH. When she's not in front of a screen of some sort she's most probably taking long walks alone or hanging out with friends. She's obsessed with everything animated, Wes Anderson movies, torturing her characters plotting, fiddling with photoshop while listening to ebooks/podcasts, things that come in threes, and sending memes to her boyfriend. Feed her and she'll love you forever!

Contact: Taylor

[axel]Axel[/axel] - Games Administrator, Ilvermorny Team

Axel is a 25-year old forever student from Oklahoma. Obsessed with music he always has a song stuck in his head and could be called a human radio. He also enjoys video games which probably has lead to his contestant time spent on the computer not doing much with his life. He is currently still lost in what he wants to do with his life, but he still does his best to enjoy life by going to conventions and cos-playing. Axel is always up to play games and rp with anyone so just ask and he will.

Contact: Axel

Emily - Community Relations Administrator, Ilvermorny Team

Emily is twenty-two years old, born and bred in the Great Northwest. Joining Magical Hogwarts has allowed her to indulge her passions for creating original characters and overanalyzing the world of Harry Potter. Outside of the MH sphere, she frequents every thrift store in the Seattle area and enjoys exploring vintage and lolita fashion. She responds to many situations with the phrase "There was an episode of [TV show] where..."

Contact: Emily

Ashton - Sandbox/Games Administrator, Beauxbatons Team

Ashton is a twenty-year-old vocal performance major relatively obsessed with espresso, musicals, cinema, literature, and pretty much every other form of art known to man(espresso is included in the list of art for a reason). She loves to ponder Myers-Briggs typology and drink pink moscato in her spare time while watching Pride and Prejudice  to remind herself she just hasn't met her Darcy yet. When she's not found pinning to one of her many character inspiration boards, she can most certainly be found in a practice room, binge-watching television, drinking Dutch Bros coffee, or sleeping.

Contact: Ashton

[jt]JT[/jt] - Wiki Administrator, Hogwarts Team

JT is a 28-year-old Filipino taught in a British Montessori and currently living in New Jersey. As an overworked and underpaid public school teacher who is also pursuing an advanced degree in Curriculum, he’s got too many books for a tiny city flat, but don’t ever ask him to part with one! An alliterative and assonant aficionado, he’s got an unhealthy obsession with the OED. He is also a calligrapher, and loathes to write in anything except a fountain pen or a pointed nib. Poke him to have a chinwag on anything related to MH or the Potterverse! JT is down for shots at Voltaire or shots of vodka; Plato and Patrón: ibid.

Contact: JT

Lena - Adult Character Admin, Durmstrang Team

Elena, also known as Lena, is a pomeranian loving libra from Romania. She loves languages, probably too much, for her polyglot mind is sometimes easily confused. Unfortunately always doing something for work, but she manages to sneak in roleplaying, watching k/j/cdramas, and reading historical or mythological books. She’s always up for threads (the crazier, the better (★^O^★)) so never hesitate to poke her for fun plots~!

Contact: Lena

Inga - Special Features Admin, Durmstrang Team

Inga lives in the lovely Cologne in Germany. She knows quite a few languages and has a university degree which unfortunately is of little use for her everyday life. She has a love-hate relationship with her job which takes up most of her time. In her free time she likes to go for runs, take photos, travel and, of course, write. She has (too?) many characters on MH and still feels tempted to create more. If you want to plot don't hesitate and poke her.

Contact: Inga

Laura - Quidditch Admin, Beauxbatons Team

Laura is twenty-seven years old and lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, but was born in Cardiff, Wales. She only speaks English fluently but knows bits and pieces of Welsh and French. Known among friends as a "vampire" who retreats to her "cave" (paleness is a curse), she loves rereading old books, watching movies, and listening to music 24/7. Her favourite books include The Old Kingdom series, A Song of Ice and Fire, and of course the Harry Potter series. She loves music of all genres, but her favourite bands and artists are Arctic Monkeys, Adele, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, and Queen. Other pastimes include baking, playing with her new puppy, and napping.

Contact: Laura

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