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[Background Information] Beauxbâtons Student Services
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Thanks to @Tori for the banner <33

Hello and welcome to Student Services! This is an initiative exclusive to Beauxbatons with the aim of getting all students involved with their community. This is an opportunity for the students of Beauxbatons, who are usually wealthy, to give back to the community that serves them. The school does not raise snobbish or bratty young people and this is how they do it. The Academie aims to educate their students to become kind and good members of the community with exemplary interpersonal skills. Each character will select a Student Service to complete that appeals to them and fits their strengths. Beauxbatons offers a wide range of Services that students can pick from so they can do what they enjoy or try their hand at something new completely. Below is a list of Student Services that are offered but if you have any new ideas, please feel free to follow them.


 • It is not mandatory to play out your character's Student Service, but it is encouraged. Please be aware, you will need to complete a minimum two class posts, participation in either the Beginning [BoT] or Ending of Term [EoT] threads or a Student Service for your character to progress a year.
 • Each Student Service post is worth 5 FPP Points, the same as a class post.
 • Your student is allowed to change their Student Service each year and they are not forced to partake in the same one continually.
 • Student Services run on a full IC school year playtime.
 • House Points will be awarded to students who take part, so it's a great way to get your House on the way to victory.
 • Please make sure you sign up your character in this thread by filling out the form with their name, house, year and preferred student service.
 • You can get involved with other drivers to make plans with each other to get your characters paired up for their Service. You can, of course, have a group thread if you so wish. Here, you can also ask owners of any shops in Chatoeil if they'd be willing to let your characters help out through the year.
• Please make your threads in THIS BOARD and sign up using the code below HERE
• Each character who participated will get a shiny new badge for their trophy cabinet!


School Beautification includes, among other things, gardening duties. Your character can help out in the greenhouses, water plants in hot weather, prune the hedges and make sure all of the flora and fauna are happy and healthy. This Service also covers areas of school refurbishment, such as painting, cleaning graffiti off of desks, mopping floors and making sure the school is looking shipshape.

Stable Service is just that. The horses and other magical creatures at Beauxbatons need to be exercised, fed, brushed and mucked out. Saddles and tools also need to be maintained. Madame Maxime's Abraxans are off limits.

Beauxbatons' library is vast and needs to kept up-to-date and maintained. Tasks that need to be completed include mending ripped books, cataloging and keeping up to date records of the books the school has in stock, making sure the areas are clean and quiet, and ensuring that howlers are send out to students who fail to return their books on time.

Students here are required to make sure the school's supply cabinets are fully stocked. They are in charge of making sure there is enough parchment, inks and quills and other necessary equipment. Stocking and keeping track of anything from potions ingredients to violin strings and medical supplies is the responsibility of students who partake in this service.

This Service covers almost anything else in the wizarding town. Perhaps your student would like to lead a painting class in the town hall or work in the gallery? Maybe they'd like to help out in Rebert's, the famed chocolatier. Maybe your character would even like to tend to one of Chatoeil's parks or harbour front? Maybe give a tour of the museum? There is absolutely no end to the possibilities here. If nothing catches your fancy, feel free to make up your own service to complete. Be aware, your character needs to be over 13 years old to be allowed visitation to Chatoeil.

All threads, like any on MH, should adhere to the site rules and be PG-13  rated. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to PM a Beauxbatons Administrator.

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