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  • I can hear the ocean's roar [All Years]
    « on: March 14, 2018, 04:40:07 PM »
    It was icy cold as Erik made his way down to the docks. He asked himself if he shouldn't have postponed this trip until it was a little warmer outside. Even wearing a thick sweater over his clothing, Erik still felt like he was going to freeze, and the water might only make things colder. No matter. He cast a charm on the area nearby to try and increase the temperature just a bit. That was a little bit better, though it wouldn't last for very long. Today he had a big class planned. He would be taking the students out to a real ship, going over the parts, and maybe even taking it for a little spin around the harbor if time (and weather) permitted.

    Erik liked being in the classroom to some degree. It was fun to talk and listen to students, but he didn't think it was really any way to learn how to sail. Sailing was a hands-on sport. While there were many things about the sea that needed to be taught with words, diagrams, and pictures—most of the daily activity was best learned on the job, and would be better remembered with a practical lesson.

    He had left a note on the classroom door requesting the students make their way down to the docks. He knew that this would mean a few stragglers, and he was prepared for slightly late people. He was fairly laid back as far as teaching was concerned. While he did appreciate discipline, he tried not to come down too hard on his students if he could help it. This was an early retirement for Erik. This wasn't his career. This was meant to be fun.

    As the class slowly began to congregate, he pushed up the sleeves of his sweater, the tattoo on his arm visible, but he wasn't noticing that. He smiled at them all. “Greetings, class.” It was chilly enough, despite his charm, that he shivered a little. “I promise I didn't take you down here just to freeze you. Today, we're having a practical lesson about ships. If we're lucky, we may even take a quick trip around the gulf so you can take turns performing the different jobs.” If they weren't, he'd save that for another lesson.

    “Can anyone start me off by telling me what they call the left side of the boat? What's the term for that.” He looked around at the students. “Go on, just call it out.”

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    Re: I can hear the ocean's roar [All Years]
    « Reply #1 on: March 15, 2018, 04:34:07 PM »
    Upon reading the sign on the door, the redheaded Klyk Vampira wandered down to the docks. She wasn't too thrilled it was being held outside on a cold January day. This meant not only would she have to endure the cold, but she'd have to limp all the way to the docks and back up to the school when class was finished. A warm lavender and rose-hip scented bath was forseen in her future to help cure the chilly aches she would most likely suffer. She made sure to stop by her dorm first to dress in enough layers to keep her warm, but not enough they would constrict her movements. As soon as she was sure she was dressed appropriately, she made her way down to the docks.

    Upon getting closer to the class, she saw a good amount of students already there. Her arrival was on time. Valda was never one to be late -especially for Nautical Magic- and she wasn't going to let her limp or handicapped shoulder keep ger from arriving on time and going about the laborous activities usually taught when they went to where the boats rested. She took off her white knitted mittens and stuffed them into her pocket as she made her way to the side of the group, but still close upfront. Valda was always in the front, eager to learn, answer questions, and volunteer for demonstrations. She did keep an eye out for her friends though, hoping she'd spot them soon. No time was wasted in putting her hair up, bringing her cap down over her ears, and getting her mittens back on.

    Once class began, her attention was fully turned towards Professor Erik Fisker. Out of many of her classes, she found herself excelling and enjoying his the most. Nautical magic came easily to her, though Durmstrang was her only experience she had with boats and the sea. Nor, did she ever plan for her to be in a career that was centered on the magic. This class was simply a hobby she had easily taken up.

    His question was a simple one. Any first year could answer it. Rather than wait and give them the opportunity, Valda spoke up. "Port side!" The promise that they would be able to go out on the seas if time permitted was too exciting that she couldn't wait for others to take their time and think. She knew these questions and was determined to get out on the open water and practice the jobs. If she was feeling bold enough, the Klyk considered asking her professor if she could steer the ship later. The less time they spent on land, the more time they could spend on a boat and not in a stuffy classroom. Though she had to admit she missed the comfort and warmth inside the school and she constantly had to adjust her weight and favor one leg over another to help reduce the pain, it was worth it to be onboard a ship, breathe in the salty air, and have the opportunity to hone all of her focus into a skill. Nautical Magic was something she couldn't be partially focused on or else she risked putting herself and other crew members in danger. It served as a chance for her to be able to forget all of the painful and unimaginable events she had suffered over Christmas break and to participate in a class she was actually good at and understood well.
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  • Re: I can hear the ocean's roar [All Years]
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    To say that Aphrodisia excelled at Nautic Magic would be an understatement. Particularly when finding out that this lesson would not only be a practical one, buts its focus would be on ships, the fifth year rolled her eyes a bit bored already. The Xydakis were known for living on ships in the Eastern seas for centuries now, and having spent most of her life on a ship, Aphrodisia was sure that while this lesson would be particularly easy for her, it would also be ridiculously boring. Still, she liked Professor Fisker, the wizard being her favourite Professor. Not to mention, his attempts at getting the plebs into the superior art of watercraft were slightly endearing.

    The Greek exhaled deeply, unbuttoning her coat slowly, as she arched an eyebrow upon hearing Valda’s ridiculously quick and predominantly excited answer to Professor Fisker’s question. Eager not to repeat another year, are we? She thought, her gaze raising in the other girl’s direction. Aphrodisia was thankfully in the opposite side to the other Klyk Vampira, and she couldn’t be any more grateful for that. Being associated with Valda, or even being in the same house as someone who was repeating a year was uncomfortable.

    Aphrodisia found Valda’s answer rather simplistic. While it was technically correct, it wasn’t truly complete. No wonder she’d failed to pass her sixth year, really. The fifth year redirected her gaze towards the Professor and opened her mouth to complete Valda’s answer, however, at the last moment, she decided against it. Her answering such a question would technically be a bit like cheating, and Aphrodisia wouldn’t ruin her good reputation with such an awful act.

    In the end, Professor Fisker was aware that she lived on a ship herself. Her pointing out that the left side was technically called ‘the loading side’, or ‘larboard’ in more maritime speech, would be a bit too much. Her also pointing out that only those who couldn’t be accused of high intelligence called it ‘port’ in order not to get their little brains too confused, would also be a bit over the top. Not that she didn’t desire to emphasise on the fact that Valda’s answer was simply partial, because Aphra did want that, but she highly doubted that she would get points for an answer that posed absolutely no difficulty to her. The girl could only hope that someone with less maritime experience, yet with a higher level of intelligence than her house mate there, would just add to her answer.

    Eventually, Aphrodisia only sketched a quick smile in the Professor’s direction, and then took off her coat, placing it more casually on her shoulders. If this lesson was going to be a practical one, her coat would only get in the way and the mere thought of that made it uncomfortable on her already. Still, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t freezing, because she was, the uniform being a bit too thin for the present conditions. The Klyk Vampira librarian wrapped her arms around her waist, quietly and patiently waiting for the class to advance. She doubted that it would be particularly entertaining for her, that, unless Professor Fisker had a surprise up his sleeve.

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  • Re: I can hear the ocean's roar [All Years]
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    It was cold, stupidly amazingly cold, and the Romanian was shivering before she even reached the docks. She should of been used to the cold by now, years spent split between her rural village in the mountains and school that only let the winning house have heat for months at a time, but she wasn't. Some how it still managed to creep under her skin and into her bones and she shivered hard from it. The usually chipper witch was still bouncing as she made her way down to the docks but with a little less enthusiasm than usual. She managed to find a spot right next to Aphra before the professor started speaking and Mihaela started pretending to pay attention. She was the worst at class, not because she didn't believe in learning or because she was dumb but mostly because she was unbelievably distractable. Instead of paying attention to what the professor was asking them she was eyeballing Valda's hair and wondering if some how it had become even redder than before. It seemed impossible.

    When Valda began to answer the question posed to the class Mihaela's attention snapped back to the discussion, even if just for a moment, and she contemplated it. She didn't know the answer. She really hadn't spent much time on boats growing up, they had very little use for them in Scoarta, but she racked her brain for an answer none the less. She wasn't the academic type, cared little for her grades because she already knew where she was going after graduation, but she was still competitive and there were house points at stake. Unfortunately the fiery witch was unable to come up with any sort of real answer so she did what she always did: improvised. "Professor, if'n were to learn a practical lesson shouldn't we be gettin' out there?" She inched toward a boat, wanting to learn by doing and not by talking. She rarely soaked up any information by listening or reading, she had to be doing. "I mean, we'll figure it out as we go right? If not I guess we be swimming." Shrugging she looked at Valda pointedly and half smiled, "Hope you can swim." She still harbored strange feelings for the other witch. On one hand she was over the fact that Valda was dating Gio now and honestly wished them both happiness but on the other she was still about sour about the sucker punch over Christmas break.
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