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Diagon Alley / Re: on the way [kate]
« Last post by Kate Baker on Today at 01:44:31 PM »
Noah looked so passionate as he spoke about New York pizza (which, she’d give it to him--she’d heard it was absolutely delicious) that Kate feared breaking the news to him that she’d never tried it. “I actually haven’t,” She began with her best apologetic expression. “I lived in New York for a few months part time, just a little while ago, while my sister was in a ballet there.” Best to leave out the reasons she’d moved back or that her family was wealthy enough to float her multiple places of residence at a time. For now. Of course she’d be honest if he asked her any further questions.

“My aunts. My dad’s mom. She doesn’t visit much now, luckily, but. Mostly them.” Kate grinned. Her mother wasn’t exactly the type to lash out violently, but she did have quite a few family members who erred on the side of toxic tradition, so avoiding la chancla was unfortunately never guaranteed for learning girls. “They’re dang good cooks, so it was mostly worth it.” Kate smiled at him and leaned on her palm, propped up by her elbow on the countertop. She remembered talking to him at Emma’s birthday and being refreshed that someone cared enough to whisk her away from those entirely overstimulating boys--Danny and Jeremy, if she recalled correctly. Kate could feel her batteries draining every second she’d spent around them.

“I don’t know how to cook much without practice except for Mexican food, some easy Italian food, and a few traditional English dishes. I can do, like, hippie stuff like salads and smoothies and stuff too, but Mexican food is what I grew up learning how to cook. My family’s from Mexico,” She added. Her first and last name as they appeared on paper right now didn’t exactly assist anyone to intuit that information.

Kate took the glassware and the corkscrew from him and set to work. “No, no allergies,” She confirmed with him absently as she concentrated, trying not to let the bottle slip and fling glass and wine all over the floor. When she’d been married to Charlie, she always made him open wine bottles for her. She wasn’t great at it.

Task clumsily completed, Kate looked obviously pleased with herself. “Sorry if you don’t like girly wine,” She apologized for her choice in beverage, though she didn’t exactly know why as she hadn’t purchased for his benefit, and slid his glass over the bench to him. Her face fell slack as he talked to her about getting it all out. Oh. Emma must have given him some kind of inkling, or maybe he’d been in his room while she vented to her friend. Kate hadn’t thought of that.

“I…. oh. Did she tell you?” Contrasting to her petite stature, she took a gigantic drink of wine after asking and finished annihilating almost half her glass with another. “I know you guys are close and stuff. I just, it’s. I don’t talk about it a lot with anyone, and Emma has been. A real confidant for me. She’s great.”
France / Re: watermelon sugar [erika]
« Last post by Harlan Bellamy on Today at 01:40:50 PM »
Harlan contemplated it— his place couldn't be anything like hers— and it shouldn't be. Nonetheless, he tried to imagine what that might look like for him; tried to tie the memory to something tangible. If he were being honest he had a few. The library in his home (the one in his family homie if he was being really honest), that secluded park just outside of Buckingham, the family home down the coast.

He followed her gaze ahead, intently studying the various levels of the night in front of them. Some windows were black, others alit, alive with their inhabitants following through with their business as usual. It felt intrusive to be watching them now, when he was sure they weren't as on display.

He took a long drink before turning back to Erika.

"Right, of course," Harlan couldn't stop his eyes from rolling, biting down on his bottom lip to hold his tongue. There was no way that she could be serious. Not with the way that she looked, not with the way that she was. Somehow, even now, she was unlike anyone he'd ever met. Impossibly cool. Nonchalant. And apparently, completely oblivious.

Are you in that line? The change in the air was palpable when Erika turned serious and asked him the very question on his own mind. By definition, he almost certainly was. He was here, wasn't he? "Erm," Harlan cleared his throat, stopping short of coughing back the mouthful of his drink. It didn't feel like a great time to mention that he had a girlfriend. Thankfully, Erika continued before he could.

"Plenty of those—" Harlan paused. "—none I'd recommend..." He finally grinned. Most of his single friends were dirtbags. There were a few exceptions, yet he still paused. "...not even for a cuddle," His eyes upturned to the rain. Neither of them made a move to go inside. It was cold but refreshing. A welcome reprieve. "Just cuddling you're after?" He wiped a heavy droplet from his forehead before glancing over at her.
Britain / Re: [slaughter hall] the remedy [eris]
« Last post by Eris Rosier on Today at 07:56:46 AM »
She stared at him, unimpressed. “And still a schoolboy outwitted you?” she asked, eyebrow raised knowingly. “You’re not filling me with confidence,” she told him, sipping from her wine and trying to tell herself that it would be fine. It wasn’t the first time during this planning that it had occurred to her that Avery might not be the best co-conspirator for this mission (for want of a better word).

But he was ready, apparently. That made one of them, and it bothered her that she felt like he knew it, too. Part of her was ready -- ready for it all to be over. It was time to do something more than hide behind a mask. If it showed Gaius what she was worth comparable to that Swedish bitch, then that was just a bonus. Speaking of...

Eris nodded, trying not to let a smirk creep onto her features (succeeding, just). “There’s a chance he’s shared his plans with others, but I somehow doubt it.” Usually, her logic here would have been backed up by experience -- that Gaius had shared plans with her and nobody else -- but she didn’t feel like opening herself up to that sort of scrutiny, given her mentor and lover had unceremoniously abandoned her the moment he was out of Azkaban. The Auror drank. At least Avery seemed to be on the same page; “She’s seen our faces, she’s the greatest risk.”

She picked at the food in front of her and watched Avery inspect his new robes. A small smile of amusement stretched over her lips briefly. “Need you to blend in. You go in looking like that and we won’t get past the visitors desk.”

He surprised her, then -- and her face showed it. “Are you going soft, Cecilius?” she smirked, picking up her wine again and sipping it. She knew what he meant, though -- drawing less attention was one part of it, but the Dark Lord’s words echoed in her mind; every drop of magical blood spilled is a terrible waste. She lowered her glass. “Only if someone gets in our way,” she agreed.

Eris plucked a grape from the tray and popped it in her mouth. Her eyes scanned the floorplan between them. “I think you’re right about the routes, we’ll go with C as the preferred way to him, A can be the backup if something goes wrong.” She flicked her light eyes up to meet his, doing her best to exude that confidence she so desperately needed him to see. “Escape plan, you’re still happy with it?”

She paused for a moment before adding: “If one of us doesn’t get away clean, we don’t come back here.”
London / Re: hit the walls [cordelia]
« Last post by Cordelia Leighton on Today at 07:49:28 AM »
Her flat has problems. It's a walk-up, for one. It's small, and moreover it’s cramped now that she's filled it with furniture and knick-knacks and half-filled notebooks and novels she meant to read two years ago. In theory, she could have three, maybe four people over for dinner here, but more often than not it was just Cordelia at home.

Well, and Michael. Of course Michael, for the last half a year or so, was here too, with his neuroticisms and his scars and his.... Michael-ness. She had nothing to prove to him, which made him - well, not more attractive, but certainly more fun to keep around. She liked him, to her own surprise, and still liked him after months where others had gotten too close and she had to bolt.

For a summer night, it was uncommonly cool outside. She pulled her robe closer to her skin, fumbling for her wand as a cigarette dangled from her lips. “Incendio”, she whispered, holding the tip of her wand to her cigarette. The muggle lighter was easier, of course, but she had gotten the hang of making the movements of the spell minuscule, of saying the incantation out the corner of her mouth, of holding the wand in the middle instead of the end (burned less eyebrow off that way).

It wasn’t a very picturesque view - no London Eye, no Big Ben, the window was the wrong way anyway- but even without a “view” there was something peaceful, almost like meditating, just looking away into the smoggy horizon. Focus on the streetlights dotting the roads like low hanging stars. Breathe in the nicotine. Let the constant whirring of her own paranoia out with the smoke.

Michael finally emerged from the washroom, maneuvering through the clutter to join her outside. She lazily waved her left hand at him in greeting. Finishing her drag, Cordelia took care to exhale over the balcony, away from Michael - she could never tell if he was up for a cig or not, there seemed to be no pattern with him - and let it dangle from her right hand.

This was their routine - company, take-out, talking about everything and nothing at all. It was so… comfortable. “I could eat,” she said after a moment, stubbing out her cigarette on the black metal railing and letting the ash fall to the ground below. Cordelia turned her face to Michael and reached out a hand for his. "Come warm me up for a second, before I get dressed?"
London / hit the walls [cordelia]
« Last post by Michael Corner on Today at 05:51:11 AM »
Michael had excused himself to wash his face and realised, halfway through, that he didn’t have a washcloth at Cordelia’s. He attempted for thirty seconds to let himself drip dry, stooped over her sink, before his back started aching and he stooped to using the hem of his t-shirt instead.

Weeks ago, he had stashed a spare toothbrush and cup in her bathroom, with the excuse that he had been stockpiling toothbrushes in a number of places, so why not here? He kept a toothbrush in his own kitchen to save himself the trouble of walking twenty feet to the loo. He wondered idly if he ought to just leave a washcloth here with his toothbrush, but a washcloth felt less impersonal. Maybe it just cost more money.

Bathrooms brought out the nut in him, was what it was. They set his skin crawling and his stomach turning and his mind on a hamster-wheel. Even now, with Cordelia waiting on the balcony, he was tempted to look under her sink for isopropyl alcohol so he could wipe the mirror down. Instead he wet his hair and slicked it down.

“‘Lo,” he said, joining her at the balcony. She was smoking, but Michael thought just now that a cigarette might make him sick; he propped his elbows on the rail and tried to follow her gaze, to guess what she’d been looking out at. (Cordy did that sometimes -- just looked out -- but he didn’t want to ask her about it. She’d done her share of leaving him to his idiosyncracies, and the least he could do was pay her back in kind. He knew where his crazy had come from and he had an inkling about hers.)

He tilted his head toward her; the night wasn’t getting any younger and restaurants would start closing soon. “Are you hungry?”

@Cordelia Leighton
Klyk Vampira Dormitories / Re: comfort zone. [stasya]
« Last post by Stanislava Bulgakova on Yesterday at 07:23:40 PM »
Stasya was glad that Zoya picked up on the idea of going to a museum. “I want to go to the Hermitage again for sure. I haven't been to the Peter and Paul Fortress in years so I'd love to go there again too… and maybe the Fabergé museum and…” she smiled a little sheepishly. “Well, first and foremost I want to go the Hermitage. It's fun to sneak in with groups and avoid queuing up.”

She was relieved to hear that her friend was mostly going to spend her holidays in St. Petersburg except for a few visits to relatives that, as far as Stasya knew, were widely spread. Sometimes the girl wished that she had magical relatives as well. It would make her feel better about herself if she wasn't the odd one in her family. She thought that nobody really accepted her for who she was. The only person whom she liked to spend time with was her grandfather but he had no clue of the magical world either.

Zoya suggested that she should owl her so we could go to the city together. Stasya felt how she blushed. She didn't have an owl as her family had forbidden her to get one. They wanted nothing to with anything that belonged to the magical world. She knew that Zoya probably knew about this too and she didn't blame her friend that she hadn't thought of it yet. Nonetheless Stasya felt a little awkward in the situation now. “Well, you'll have to owl me first so I can send my reply with your owl...” she muttered. “I'd love to hang out though. As much as possible actually.” She shrugged nervously, hoping that Zoya would actually make the time more than once or twice.
Durmstrang Territory / Re: Learn to fly [Miha]
« Last post by Zviad Gogoladze on Yesterday at 07:22:45 PM »
While Zviad knew he was right about having to practise and he appreciated Miha's honesty, it felt a bit discouraging how eagerly she nodded when he spoke of having to practise. He wanted to try out more, repeatedly try flying and landing but it was also exhausting and actually quite painful.

His bright eyes found hers as she said that all the effort would be worth it in the end. He was glad that Mihaela did not go through with the intended little punch. His body was not really in a fit state for this kind of interaction.

She asked him 'what now?' and Zviad hoped she did not expect him to transform yet again and make another attempt at flying and landing. He could tell that he would not be any more successful now than he had been so far. Although he wished he could do more he knew that it would be foolish to try again.

Fortunately Mihaela had different ideas on her mind as well. Zviad suppressed a relieved sigh and smiled. “Oh yes,” he said, “I'm starving. I'd love a proper meal now.” He shook his head. “I'm not eating worms now. Even when I transfigured I do not really long for worms, you know. I guess I'll have to spend a lot more time in my bird shape to develop a taste similar to your average bird. For now I can safely say that I do not want to even try a worm ever.”
Hogwarts Grounds / Re: shape it up [freddie]
« Last post by Freddie Snyder on Yesterday at 07:20:34 PM »
Donna showed some real sportsmanship as she went to catch the quaffle. Freddie grinned at her and applauded her. “Good catch!” he said. They would play dirty sooner or later but that was fine. Freddie was already accepting the risk of this game and thought that, in the end, it would be great fun.

He watched Donna attentively, observing every movement she made. He didn't want to be the first to fail at catching the quaffle and he wasn't certain if Donna was going to give him a chance to succeed at all.

“I know that!” he exclaimed as Donna stated the obvious – they were both good at catching the quaffle in a fair game. She threatened that she'd start cheating soon. He pursed his lips and nodded. “Hear, hear… I'm curious to see it.”

She threw the ball straight upwards and caught it again. Change the rules? Nope, Freddie wasn't one to back out of any games. “Why should we change the rules?!?” He asked, challenging her.

He caught the quaffle she threw and toyed a bit with it, looking at Donna and wondering if he should start playing dirty or keep it fair for now. He really didn't want to be the first to cheat but it was still tempting as he also didn't want to be the first one to choose – truth or dare.

In the end he chose to throw the quaffle with quite some force but at least vaguely aimed at Donna. She'd be able to catch it if she wanted to.
Hogwarts Grounds / Re: [mp] that's wizard's chess [freddie, open]
« Last post by Freddie Snyder on Yesterday at 07:17:53 PM »
Freddie grinned as Wini complimented him on his dive. He had really given everything – a lot more than anyone could honestly expect him to do. Truth be told the boy was torn between feeling good about himself and feeling slightly embarrassed because of his stunt.

“You're welcome. It was my pleasure. I don't think the pawn feels the same though.”  Freddie grinned.

“Thank you, but don't worry about me getting messed up a bit. I don't mind.” He was surprised that the Hufflepuff offered to perform a cleaning charm on him but as she  had apparently lost her wand she couldn't do it nowFor a witch or wizard losing their wand was no trifle. On the contrary. Of course, they were just playing games in the grounds now, there was no imminent danger but it was still an uncomfortable feeling, he assumed.

“It's actually Freddie,” he corrected her with a smile. “I know who you are.” He said this without thinking twice. Naturally he knew a former prefect's name. “I mean, you've been a prefect for your house,” he clarified, feeling how his cheeks reddened slightly.

“Yeah, sort of. I mean, I also enjoy Hogwarts but it's good to see the family again, right?!” He shrugged. He wasn't all that excited about going home although he was definitely looking forward to seeing his mother.

“I could help you to find your wand again,” he offered. He could have used accio right away but figured he should wait if Wini wanted to accept his help at all.
Hogwarts Grounds / Re: Soaked in light (Aase)
« Last post by Freddie Snyder on Yesterday at 07:15:14 PM »
“It's the truth,” Freddie said with a shrug. He really meant it although he also said it to flatter her. He wanted Aase to feel good about herself and he liked the smile she offered now. The girl's smile did reach her eyes and it made look really pretty.

“That makes sense,” he nodded as Aase spoke about Abby's birthday and the present she was creating for her. “I'm sure she'll love that you're creating something very personal for her.”

Freddie nodded again when Aase told him that the present was still a secret. “I promise. I won't tell anything! I think your present will be even better received if she has no clue and gets it as a surprise.” He smiled at her, hoping that she trusted him. He would not say a word even if Abby would ask him about it (what he assumed was not likely at all). There was no way he would betray Aase's trust.
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