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England / Re: don’t lie, don’t tell the truth [harlan]
« Last post by Harlan Bellamy on Today at 10:21:25 PM »
Harlan wasn't aware of it until she said it, but a part of him had hoped that she might want to stay, mainly for his own selfish reasons. For one, he was jealous that she could just leave on her volition; and two, he had no intention of mingling with any of Audrey's other friends. Especially not after they'd had a few drinks.

"As long as?" He repeated, his eyebrow inclined as he watched Honey take a step toward him. He handed over the drink without much thought though his gaze lingered on her, unwilling to let the question go unanswered. He figured that she was going to say as long as he didn't mind. He didn't, of course, but it was more fun to tease her. "Ah, think I can survive your company—" He chuckled, an answer to the question he assumed.

"Please don't poison it, I was only joking," Harlan said over his shoulder with a grin, getting a look at her, and the dress, as she made her way to the bar.

Honey made quick work of the drink (he half trusted her pour), and Harlan took the glass with an appreciative nod, giving it a sniff before taking a hesitant sip. "You know, I could have sworn I broke that zipper..." He couldn't help but grin but his voice stayed even. Surely she knew exactly what zipper her was referring to— the one down her back, the one he thought just got in the way.
It was good to hear him say he wouldn’t tell. Meredith never really thought he would in the first place, but the verbal confirmation was nice to hear. Mer hesitated for a second as Freddie offered to be an assistant. It was actually quite a splendid thought. “Having a second pair of eyes while I work would be great,” Meredith replied gratefully. She didn’t need his help particularly, but she thought it would be good to have him there just in case she accidentally created a wand that hated her guts or something. They were semi-sentient after all.

“Yeah,” Merrie began, her face falling a little, “I think I rely too much on magic sometimes.” She shrugged her shoulders as she chewed her bottom lip, debating whether to open up or not. “But when we moved to Hogsmeade a few years ago, the underage magic tracker didn’t apply so I could use my wand whenever I wanted. So I did.” Mer scratched her forearms sharply, frowning and taking a deep sigh. “Mum would probably be a little disappointed at that. There’s some things I just can’t do without magic now.” Mer admitted, lowering her eyes to the floor, praying Freddie wasn’t going to judge her.

“That’s a shame.” Mer said, as she shook her head slightly. “I was hoping for some fairy wings so I could have a similar core to my own wand... No matter.” Mer’s brow furrowed as Freddie mentioned a stuffed owl, and the animal-loving witch couldn’t suppress her shudder. That was so cruel. “Yeah, owls don’t have the magical properties I need. It’s a nice thought though.”

As Freddie offered her his arm, Mer laughed and gently placed her hand in the offered crook of his elbow. “Why, thank you!” She offered, with a twinkle in her eye. “Oh, there’s no need to trouble the shopkeeper,” Mer hastily replied. She didn’t really want to draw attention and have them listening in. They could even refuse to sell her the feather if they found out what she wanted it for, Meredith knew from her cousin that MACUSA tended to be stricter about these things than their own Ministry of Magic.

She stood in front of the box with the feathers in and smiled to herself. “I got an O in Care of Magical Creatures, so I’ll embarrass myself if I can’t identify most of these okay, if they are magical creatures.” Mer told Freddie. She didn’t mention her results in her O.W.Ls to brag, she genuinely wanted to make a little fun challenge out of it and have a study session in an unorthodox way. Just because they weren’t in school didn’t mean that they couldn’t learn. “Besides, it’ll be kind of fun to figure them out ourselves, don’t you think?”

She pointed to the first feather she looked at, a brown and rather plain one. “That looks like an eagle feather to me, so that won’t help at all.” Merrie said, already moving on to the next feather. The second was bright pink and orange and Mer instinctively stepped back and hugged her forearm. “Fwooper feather,” she muttered, “that’ll slowly drive you insane…”

The third feather she saw intrigued her, as she didn’t recognise it at all. “Do you recognise this one?” She asked Freddie, peering down at him slightly. “It looks magical for sure, but I’m not sure what it is. Must be a native bird from here.” It was at this moment that Meredith realised she had no idea what a thunderbird actually looked like, so it was possible that it could be a feather from the majestic species.
Scotland / Re: [MCG] a new day has begun [louise]
« Last post by Louise Ellington on Today at 09:11:19 PM »
“You mother, eh?” Louise nodded and grinned. “Yeah, I guess explaining your mother why a sex toy is on your wish list for Christmas might not be the most fun thing to do.” She chuckled softly. Sam apparently really had trouble to discuss this in public. “I sure hope you'll tell me later,” she added in a conspirational whisper.

“Yeah, I've heard about that. Do you think it was really cursed or just a coincidence, though?” she asked. “Who does professor McGonagall consider the worst teacher then?” she was curious to hear about that and wondered if it was someone she had been taught by. Then again she didn't recall any professor being so bad that they deserved the title of the worst professor.

“I guess it's hard to find suitable staff,” she mused. “I mean, you basically need to find someone who knows a lot about a subject, is able to teach and is ready to basically mostly abandon their normal life as they're stuck at school instead of having a proper private life...” Her voice trailed off as she realised that Sam might take this the wrong way. “No offence at all. I mean, I think you're a brilliant professor and your students should be happy to have you. Besides, I guess you manage to balance private life and school as well as possible.”

Now that they had their coffee, Louise was happy doing no matter what. “Yes, sure,” she said, “let's go to the arena. Should be fun and we can catch up some more. It's great to have some time to talk again.”
Scotland / Re: [MCG] a new day has begun [louise]
« Last post by Samuel Dickinson on Today at 07:40:48 PM »
"Because there are some things I don't wish my mother to have to think about!" he said, and thought it wasn't exactly the full response, it was close enough to the truth that it both answered the question and would make Louise smile. As for whether he had any ideas...his mind decided to be completely blank on the subject at that moment, which was probably just as well considering they were somewhere that Sam didn't really consider appropriate for such a conversation. He smiled, though "I'll tell you later...if you like."

Really, it was probably less acceptable to be talking about professor positions in public, but as Louise said, it was doubtful whether anyone else was paying them any attention. "It happened a couple of times" he said "You heard that the Dark Arts job was apparently cursed? Once or twice Dumbledore went and visited former professors or people who had suitable qualifications and asked them to take the position for a year" yet again he glanced around before adding "everyone who worked there at the time is very careful not to say anything, but I'm convinced that's the only reason Gilderoy Lockhart ever got a teaching post. Minerva once told me he was the second worst teacher she'd ever encountered - and that included my predecessors!" Sam felt no discomfort in saying this. It had been common knowledge that the headmistress had considered divination to be the one subject she would happily scratch from the school curriculum. Right up until the time Sam had accidentally had a proveable vision in front of her, after which she'd mellowed somewhat...

"Indeed...take all the time you need" he said, matching her earlier smirk with one of his own. He didn't really mean it though - every minute they weren't together today was a minute wasted. The aroma of the hot coffee drifted through the air and Sam was glad that the queue was a short one. He took the cup gratefully when she returned, though didn't make the mistake of trying to drink the contents right away. Most stalls used a charm to keep the drinks piping hot until they were taken away in case several were ordered at once, and he didn't want to burn his tongue. "Thanks. You know, I don't really mind what we do, as long as I get to spend some time with you" he said "though the eagle display is pretty impressive. If we walk down to the arena we'll probably be able to see two or three displays at once if you like?"
August 2003

Summer vacations used to be Mihaela's favorite part of the school year. It was never easy living in Scoarta, but for all the lessons and training and chores there were never written essays due at the end. And that was what Mihaela had loved. Theoretical classes at Durmstrang had been so difficult for the Romanian witch. She had excelled easily at things like Survival and Dragon handling but History, Necromancy, Illusions, the sorts of things that took real brainpower to work, she had struggled with. For seven years she had been positive that when she finally graduated things were going to be so much easier. She was good at working with her hands, at doing spells and using weapons, and identifying poisonous plants, this should have made life in Scoarta a breeze.

But things in Scoarta were never what they seemed.

She'd been doing back-breaking work for the last month and a half, waking up before the sun, training for the trials, working in the fields, and filling job roles the older villagers saw fit to pass onto the young graduates. It was a tough summer, that was certain, but there were still things to look forward to. The end of August meant the start of the Harvest festivals. High in the mountains, Scoarta's harvest started earlier than most lowland towns. And what had originally been a few days of celebration had quickly turned into an entire month of partying, harvesting, and winemaking. All the work she'd been doing had been in some way related to the festival of the harvest. Mihaela wasn't much of a planner but she was great at reinforcing the wards and magical barriers around the town, levitating the hanging string lights across the village center and helping her bunică pluck the chickens for the feast.

While working hard was entertainment enough for the witch there was something else she was looking forward to. She'd sent a letter to Zviad about a week ago inviting him to the festival. And she hoped he'd be able to make it. Floating a red and white striped cloth along another of the worn hand made wooden tables that had been set up outside of the large storehouse in the middle of the rustic village the witch smiled as it lay perfectly. Tonight was the first night of the festival and it was one of her favorites. The town was still working on this year's harvest but the first night was always spent gorging on whatever food was left in the stores and a ridiculous amount of alcohol. There would be music, dancing, and if they were lucky the spirits of the ancestors might even stop in for a visit. Dressed in an embroidered shirt that hung off one of her shoulders and a pair of denim shorts Mihaela's hair was tied up in a high band. Slightly wavy brown hair fell past her tanned shoulders. Quickly she finished her project and began debating whether or not to tell her grandmother she had finished because she knew there was another project waiting for her.

Scoarta Pinterest Board

@Zviad Gogoladze
Romania / Re: [Scoarta] Good lives are gold [Mihaela]
« Last post by Lev Leskov on Today at 05:57:48 PM »
Did he remember this place? How could he possibly have forgotten. This place was one of his fondest memories, the thing that stated it all. He remembered many nights reliving the situation that happened between these walls, and was happy to go back there. He lugged his suitcase behind him as he struggled to keep up with his beautiful future wife. He grinned and put his stuff down as soon as they were inside.

He looked up at her, eager and excited. He was ready for a congratulations and wow he had missed this. It felt nice to see her again, even if he would have to continue to sneak around for a little bit until she got her own place. “So, I went to Moscow this past week. Got myself settled in a place, got a job—“ He smiled wider. “You’re looking at the newest player on the Moscow Metalmen.”

He let it sit in the air for a minute before he continued. “I know it’s going to suck having to come back and forth between here and there all the time, but I think we can make it work. Besides, you’re always welcome to stay with me.” He smiled. “One day, very very soon, we’re going to have ourselves our own place and I’m going to make love to you slowly, for hours and hours… and you can be as loud as you want.” He smiled. “No Delchev to catch us.” He teased, having been caught by their former Survival professor more times than he could count.
Romania / Re: [Scoarta] Good lives are gold [Mihaela]
« Last post by Mihaela Lupesco on Today at 05:30:24 PM »
Everything was better now that she was in his arms again. Mihaela had gotten lonelier than she'd like to admit in his absence but now none of that mattered anymore. Her crankiness, her longing, all of it washed away as his hands ran down her back and her feet fell back to the ground. "Oh, I'll show you," She winked at him without bothering to whisper or keep the other witches from knowing just what she was talking about. They weren't kids anymore, they weren't a proper married couple, but no one not even her father could keep them from being so openly in love it would probably make the other villagers sick in no time at all. Never one to shy away from public displays Mihaela gave him a kiss before they turned to head away from the landing area.

"Big news?" She asked, curiosity piqued and eyebrows raised.l Not that she needed a man to swoop in, claim her, and save the day but it would be a lie to think she hadn't thought about marrying Lev. She'd thought about it so many times, about the life they could have together, about how fun it would be. She loved him with everything she had and it was easy to think about those sorts of things,k about the future, it didn't scare the witch one bit. Of course, Mihaela thought about it, but she wasn't the sort of witch who sat in her room all day making collages out of cut out magazines planning a wedding. She wasn't thinking about the details, about where they might live, how they would make money, would they have a family, she was just thinking about spending every waking and sleeping moment with the love of her life.

Their hands intertwined she led him down a dirt path away from the center of the village. Headed toward one of the training sheds they had practiced fighting in during one of the first summers Lev had worked in Scoarta. It felt like a lifetime ago and yesterday all at once, but it always felt like that with him. Like she'd known him her whole life but there were still so many new and interesting things to learn and explore. "You 'member this place?" She asked him, pointing toward the wooden building she knew would be empty this time of day and smiling at him a little before she broke out in a run toward it. She wanted to know his news right now, no time to wait, and certainly no patience.

Scotland / Re: [montrose] The Comeback Zone {Ashley}
« Last post by Ashley Morigan on Today at 04:49:06 PM »
Merlin, this girl was cute. Blink 182? Not even a similar genre, but he liked the enthusiasm. “Oooh, they’re classics. Maybe…. Uh… Ramble on?” He suggested. “By Led Zeppelin, they reference Lord of the Rings, which is one of my favorite muggle fantasy series.” He smiled. “Have you ever read it? Or… well, heard of it? It’s fantastic. Wizards and elves and dwarves and these cool people called hobbits. It’s an incredible series.” He was gushing. “Immigrant song is a good one too. As far as AC/DC goes, I think maybe…. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or TNT or… well, they have a ton of hits.” He laughed.

“Actually, if you wanted, I could probably take you to a muggle pub and play some on a jukebox. You hungry?” He asked. “We could drink more, eat some bar food, listen to music and hang out a bit, if you’re interested.” He shrugged a bit, but he certainly was interested in spending more time with her. She was gorgeous, funny, and cute. He almost didn’t mind that he probably wouldn’t take her money.

“I got a motorcycle that flies, if you wanna take a ride.” He admitted. “As a quidditch girl, I bet you love flying. The bike is obviously different than a broom, but it’s pretty fantastic.” He grinned wider.

“if you’re not chicken, that is.” He challenged playfully.
Diagon Alley / Re: one for the price of two [poesy]
« Last post by Hunter Street on Today at 03:56:14 PM »
Yeah, Jimmy was smart. Street-smart, and that was more important than the other kind, in Hunter's opinion. That was what got them through the war unscathed, how he'd managed to hide those scared little kids who realised they couldn't go back to Hogwarts and known where they would be relatively safe. There was a sadness in his eyes as there always was when his thoughts turned to the war, and he was glad for the distraction.

Even if he was afraid he'd upset Poesy for a minute. Hunter was about to say he'd been teasing when she realised it for herself. Though...suggesting that someone was flirting...technically that was flirting in its own right, so as he flirting with her..? Well, if he was, it was pretty enjoyable. He raised one hand, holding thumb and forefinger a tiny distance apart “just a little bit..?” he asked, feigning innocence, though when she said he was a modern man...

He liked that. Didn't even stop to consider whether it was true, but he like the way it sounded. Yep, that was Hunter, a totally modern wizard, climbing out of windows to go for breakfast at stupid-o-clock in the morning, in the company of a cat. It would make a good story, actually. Pity he wrote reports rather than fiction...

“Oh Merlin, that sounds...” Hunter's face showed exactly what he thought that sounded like, though he was trying not to laugh. Maybe being an only child was the best option! “Do you get on any better these days, now she's grown up?” he asked, oblivious to the probability that this might not be a good topic of conversation.

“Hey, I could take photos if you like...” Hunter said. He supposed he could borrow a camera, but whether they would get any decent  pictures, given his general lack of experience in that field, was another matter. It was becoming clear to him that Poesy was definitely a behind-the scenes sort of person. The kind of someone who loved helping others and making them happy but who was never going to be comfortable in the public eye. “ I think you'd be a lot better off with a photographer who knows more than which end of the camera to look into, though. I'll be there, though. Especially if you make pancakes again” he added hopefully.

He noticed her face change when he mentioned where he'd lived as a kid though, and mentally withdrew a little. It was okay. He was used to people being shocked that he hadn't grown up in a pretty little cottage somewhere, and felt it said more about them than him. Hunter felt he couldn't have been more fortunate during his childhood. Sure, there hadn't been a lot of money, but he'd been surrounded by parents who loved him, and Jimmy's friends, and lots of fun. He said nothing though. It was only a look after all.

Besides, he was enjoying spending time with Poesy and didn't want to say anything that might make her not want to invite him back. Even if he didn't really have the first clue how to train cats, he was sure they could figure it out between then. How hard could it be, anyway? “I don't know, but cats are intelligent. The trick is to persuade them that they want to do something, rather than make then think they don't have a choice. See, Jacko knows she'll get another treat later if she stays outside, so she'll decide to do that. So if we convince Norman...Freddie I mean that he'd rather be on the floor that the counter, that kind of thing...” Once again, Hunter innocently proved that he knew very little about cats.

“Okay, I'll bring the cat treats. What d'you think, mate? Cheese flavour?” he asked, turning to the fluffy white cat who paid no attention whatsoever. He continued to pretend to include the cat in the conversation “Hear that? You're going to get a nice collar with a bell, so all the pigeons know you're coming” That wasn't the main purpose of it, but if Freddie was going to be a house cat they should probably discourage him from chasing birds just for fun. He turned back to Poesy "Maybe I'll bring some chocolates, too" he added on a whim "You know, to say thanks for breakfast..."
Hogwarts Castle / Re: One, two, Peeves! (Brietta)
« Last post by Freddie Snyder on Today at 03:30:39 PM »
"Yeah, it's like killing two birds with one stone," Freddie said, grinning. "Getting both Filch and Peeves caught up in that prank makes it even more worthwhile." It was not that Freddie had an ongoing enmity with either of them. However, Filch was just generally annoying with all the things that he didn't allow at school and confiscated and Peeves, well, Peeves had just pranked the wrong boy today.

Freddie laughed when Brietta mentioned revenge. Of course that was also what he was after but for him it really was a mix of revenge, fun planning and pranking and just spending time with his friend. "I hope our prank will be successful. Would be too bad if we got into trouble for that. It's only revenge if everything works out as planned." He shrugged anyway. The worst that could happen would be that they'd get caught and end up with a detention. Given that it was April's Fools Day, he supposed that they weren't the only ones crossing lines today anyway.

As they reached the door of the greenhouse, Freddie looked around if there was anyone close who might see what they were doing but there were only some people further away who didn't seem interested in them at all. He opened the door for them, letting Brietta step out first. "Okay," the Gryffindor nodded. "Sounds like a plan." He figured that the poltergeist would like the idea of pranking him twice in one day and he would not be too angry about it if that coincided well with their own prank, making Peeves look like the only guilty party. "Then let's hurry to get the stinksap so we can get this started!" He was tempted to run down the path but had a feeling that Brietta wouldn't like running so they walked at a normal pace to put their planned prank into action.

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