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Anniversary 2018 / Re: [GAME] Anniversary Trivia (Round 1)
« Last post by Emily on Today at 02:59:58 PM »
backstories 150 !

Why was the young Remus Lupin targeted by Fenrir Greyback?
Anniversary 2018 / Re: [GAME] Anniversary Trivia (Round 1)
« Last post by Christine on Today at 12:42:09 PM »
backstories 150 !
        The cliffs on either side of the valley were decorated in their own colors. The western force wore bright warm chestnut hues and seem to leaned in as if greeting the sun, while the eastern side still stood dark and brooding. With beep bluish-black shadows extending out in aggressive jagged lines towards its brightly lit rival, one could hardly imagine the two faces were once connected nor that a thin narrow stream had divided them.

        Most of nature was oblivious to the morning standoff, instead it awoke like Esmeray just before dawn. Barn swallows chittered in the trees like red squirrels sharing in the enjoyment of the bright sunny spring morning. A small group of Putorana bighorn sheep made their way down steep slopes to the smooth still water of the lake below, as part of their morning ritual like coffee. Beneath her pounding feet were smaller creatures stirring among the rocks and in their burrows, awaking with the gradual warmth of the morning.

        It was not part of Esmeray ritual to get up this early. Nor was it part of her routine to start a run just before daybreak. Yet here she was, up out of Kolbovstoretz's cave and running up her evening's exercise trail, when she normally would be rolling over in hopes of getting another two to three hours of sleep. The problem was that she had been tossing and turning all night and only slept for a few hours at a time. After the last hour she gave up simply out of frustration of staring at her eyelids and the crack in the cave-wall ceiling. Within the last few weeks, her sleeping patters had become more and more erratic. Although she was not one who kept to a strict schedule, she had noticed it began to affect her memory and patience.  The Tigrova fifth year knew it all stemmed from her concerns about her compiling assignments, her teetering grades and the dreaded fast approaching OWLs. She hoped that with a good run followed by a large breakfast, she could get more sleep before knocking out an essay and getting in some much-needed clear headed study time.

      Once outside, the cool morning air woke her. The brunette’s leg muscles fell into its familiar rhythm and her breathing soon followed. Breathing in for four, then slowly out for four, she jogged up the valley's path. Being a gradual incline, it was the perfect running warm up. She knew this path well and took it often in the evening. If she continued along the path, it would eventually plateau along a ridge where it split. One trail continued further up the mountain and the other more treaded path looped back, descending down another valley to the lakes edge. Esmeray had found that a walk along the shore, was the perfect cool down after the 45-minute run. It was a loop shared by a few runners, which was why she was not surprised she heard a similar cadence to her own stride coming up from behind her.

       Glancing back she found the outline of her fellow jogger barely visible behind the bending path's trees. She decided to pick up the pace at least until she reach the plateau. She had always hated to let someone over take her as she ran. She was anything, if not competitive and sometime used her own nature to challenge herself against others. Even with her quickened pace, she heard the steps of the fellow runner grow steadily louder. Esmeray frowned, wondering how long the other student had been following her, and if they had cut over from another path. She dug in her reserve, and gave her run a bit of boost, although found it to have little effect. Her mirror was still closing. Frustrated she glanced back again and was able to make out the familiar outline, which once would have brought her a beaming smile...Konrad.

@Konrad Lidström ( @Samm   )
Anniversary 2018 / Re: [GAME] Anniversary Trivia (Round 1)
« Last post by Lena on Today at 09:35:36 AM »
Anniversary 2018 / Re: [GAME] Anniversary Trivia (Round 1)
« Last post by Axel on Today at 09:34:04 AM »
bb 50!

Which Beauxbatons student owns a pet chameleon and a buzzard?
Anniversary 2018 / Re: [GAME] Anniversary Trivia (Round 1)
« Last post by Lena on Today at 09:33:24 AM »
bb 50!
The Timeturner / [timeturner] shake, rattle and roll [honey]
« Last post by Charlie Baker on Today at 09:25:45 AM »
staffordshire, england | october 1998

When Charlie had asked Honey out on a proper date – not just for a drink late at night, to be followed by other activities – he’d half expected her to decline his invitation, but she hadn’t. He wasn’t sure if it was out of pity because it was his birthday, or because she had actually wanted to come, but judging by the semi-awkward smiles they had both been wearing all day she wasn’t hating every minute of it. They were at a muggle theme park – had been for the best part of the day, having arrived late morning after a sleep-in. It was the end of October so the schools had all gone back, which meant the park was relatively quiet compared with how busy it would have been a couple of months earlier.

Charlie sat next down next to Honey on the bench. “Here,” he said, handing her a freshly-cracked can of ginger ale that he’d just purchased from one of the many stalls dotted throughout the park. “Would buy you something stronger but,” he smirked, “that’s all they’ve got, sorry.” His grandmother had taught him that ginger ale was good for upset stomachs; he assumed that was what the problem was. Insensitive though he might be appear of the time, Charlie could be observant and considerate when he wanted to. And he’d really rather not make an arse out of himself the first time they hung out like a normal couple. If that’s what they were. He thought so, at least. He wasn’t being entirely exclusive but, he wasn’t seeing anyone else.

The musician felt a little guilty that she’d been negatively affected by the g-forces of the newest park attraction: a rollercoaster that Charlie had had his eye on all day but had been building Honey up to. He didn’t know why he preferred coasters – the speed? The adrenaline rush? Or perhaps just that it removed any need to talk. Charlie didn’t spend a whole lot of time with Honey sober, or any woman for that matter. Alcohol made him more chatty, amongst other things. It was like going to the cinema to see a film – you got to spend time together without needing to have topics of conversation. But he hadn't wanted to take Honey to the movies.

He gave Honey a minute or two to sip at her drink, then produced a folded up, brightly-coloured card from his back pocket. Very obviously, he opened it and flashed the photograph inside at her. “Shame they don’t move here, eh?” He smirked. Charlie hardly looked picture perfect, his usually perfectly-styled hair whipped back by the sheer force of the rollercoaster, but Honey looked like she’d eaten something foul and was struggling to keep it down. He let out a laugh and stood, taking a step away and stretching. “I saw a haunted house I think, if that’s more up your alley?”

@Honey Bea Flume
Anniversary 2018 / Re: [GAME] Anniversary Trivia (Round 1)
« Last post by Kita on Today at 08:33:53 AM »
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