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Accepted / Resolution
« Last post by Prophetess on Today at 06:37:45 AM »

Present Day San Francisco, USA
Setting | Rules | Races | Wanted/Adpotable | Advertise

It’s chaos in the city by the bay. The humans know nothing about the supernatural and now they are threatened to be exposed. It isn’t just their usual nemesis the church of Our Light of Hope but also it seems there’s someone else pulling the strings to tear the city apart. Long standing feuds are being put aside as strange alliances are made.

Rumors of all kinds are coming out about the various things that are happening. Even hunters from afar are turning up and striking. Can the supernaturals keep war from exploding in the streets or will they eventually be exposed, and everything lost?

The world is changing. What will be your Resolution?
What We Offer:
•••18+ setting
•••Nearing 2 yrs active
•••Friendly and helpful staff and members
•••Freedom in creativity
•••LBGT Friendly
•••Relaxed rules and atmosphere
•••Active Discord Server
NPC - Gianpiero Lorenzo, Omb Seeker

Gianpiero Lorenzo was cold, tense, and stressed. Stressed about playing against his sister (who granted was not on his position and therefore playing almost an entirely different game) and stressed about redeeming himself. It was his first year on first string and the last game hadn’t gone so well against Bellefeuille. Not so well might be an understatement. He closed his eyes, focusing on the sound of the wind. As the first whistle blew, he launched into the air, scanning everywhere for the golden blur.

He had hardly reached his desired height when the pausing whistle blew. Christ!  Stalling sucks. Gian played this game to fly, not to hover. There was a reason he went out for seeker and only seeker at the beginning of last year. The youngster had no interest in the constant back and forth of scoring in the rest of Quidditch. It was the pursuit of the Snitch that made things worthwhile. He knew the history of the Snitch, of course, and how the Snidgets had been sport hunted to near extinction. And hunting was maybe not the most egalitarian sport. But neither was Quidditch.

The whistle blew again, cutting Gianpiero’s reverie short. He should have been looking for the snitch during the break, dammit. He flew upwards, trying to get a vantage point. Higher and higher, to get a better look – but also open. A glance downwards and he saw a Bludger flying towards him. He still wasn’t used to being targeted every game. Gian nearly screamed, but managed to bite it back.

He worried for nothing however, as Chastain zoomed into his line of vision, saving him in a spectacularly dramatic and dangerous fashion. “Thanks!” he yelled, perhaps too soon. Alix was circling him now, protecting him from another Bludger attack almost immediately.

Still no sign of the Snitch!. Protected now, he looked instead to Morel, Papillonlisse seeker. Maybe she had seen something he hadn’t?

Yes- she was diving now! There was a blur of motion in the general direction she was heading too. Gianpiero dived, sharply, straight down towards her, clinging to the broomstick for dear life with one hand out. He was gaining on her, maybe could even pass her –

Suddenly Danielle stopped moving. What the hell? Gian pulled up, but too late – the nose of the broom caught the edge of the turf and he fell off the broom entirely, rolling into the grass. “I GOT WRONSKI’D?” he yelled into the air, at no one in particular. That was embarrassing.

Gianpiero got faked out by Danielle and, while not crashing directly into the ground, did fall off his broom. woohoo
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Server Issues Update
« Last post by Kelly on Today at 12:23:58 AM »
A few sandbox posts of mine have been lost and I'd like to recover them because I am not sure if what I have saved locally is as up to date:


Thanks in advance <333
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Server Issues Update
« Last post by Miss Mori on Yesterday at 08:09:18 PM »
Aparrently somehow in my completely OCD obsession of collecting all my posts and writing them in google Docs, somehow i don't have one of my IC posts... i had to have written it somewhere so if i find it before you do i'll update.


Edit: Also is there any way to recover PM's? because i've lost all of Olivia's wonderful notes on Agustin's sheet ;-;
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Staff search
« Last post by Daphne on Yesterday at 07:17:20 PM »
Reminder - you only have three more days to apply!
Quidditch Pitch / Re: [GAME] Feb '03: Ombrelune vs. Papillonlisse {players only}
« Last post by Axel on Yesterday at 07:12:06 AM »
NPC ~ Valérian Félicien Desrosiers

Model: Rhys Matthew Bond

 Valérian watched as the quaffle left his hands and flew in the air towards Zimmerman. Luckily the other chaser had some inch of talent in his body to at least catch the ball. This gave Valérian an inkling that maybe just maybe he could follow his instruction, but then the boy spoke. "Really?" he whispered to himself. "That's what they all say when they fail," Valérian continued to himself under his breath. Why did he have to be cocky? Rolling his eyes he refused to follow the other chaser and went towards the middle of the pitch to watch how badly this kid would fail. If anything maybe he would fall off his broom and he could laugh at his misfortune.

To his surprise though the other boy did, in fact, keep his promise. "Huh...Surprising," Valérian said with a raised eyebrow as he listened to his house cheering for the boy. "Guess he isn't as useless as he seems." Giving off a small smirk Valérian tied his attention back to the game at hand. Sure he didn't care about the game, but he wasn't about to let himself be made a fool of by the team of butterflies. That's when he realized something about this game. Despite the issues, their own team had the butterflies also had a bunch of discord in their ranks. One of which was the chaser girl with long curly hair. A smirk appeared on Valérian's face as he watched her slap her face. Something was off about her be it her game and he had to take advantage of this.

Pressing forward he decided he would target her and make sure she couldn't do anything to help her team. His intuition was correct as she was the one to get the quaffle back in play as head down the pitch towards their posts. She quickly changed her direction into a dive which was strange. Was she attempting to do her own variation of a Wronski Feint? "That's not going to work," Valérian said in a bemused tone as he floated above her watching. There was no reason to even attempt this as she wasn't a seeker nor did it prove beneficial to her team. Sure if someone followed her, but since he was on her tail, this just meant she was wasting her breath.

Sure enough, she lobbed the quaffle up towards the girl who fell off her broom earlier in the match. The throw was quite sloppy and since it was fighting gravity already it was easy enough to scoop up the ball and head back down the pitch. Since they were still on the pap side of the pitch Valérian saw this as an opportunity to humiliate Leon even more. How nice would it be to see his face squirm at falling behind? The joy this idea brought to Valérian's face was quite a driving force for him to fly. Then the thought of the girl whom he stole the quaffle came into his mind. What about messing with her and showing how a feint is done?

For this tactic, he would need the help of a fellow chaser so he looked around him as flew and found the chaser he was looking for. "Alex!" Valérian shouted as he nudged his head towards the butterflies' goalposts. Not making sure the other boy understood his intention he continued on with the quaffle in his arms hoping the chaser would follow close behind. As he got closer to the center goal he stared down the opposing keeper with the strongest glare he could muster. Lifting his arm in order to chuck the ball towards the center hoop he held on to the ball till his arm looped behind him and he tossed the quaffle behind him. Valérian then dived down and under towards the center of the pitch. He would hope that Alex had followed his silent instructions and hopefully they could get another goal on the paps.

Summary: Val caught the quaffle and brought it down the pitch where he attempted to trick the keeper into thinking he was tossing the ball into the goalposts but instead tossing it towards @Alexandre Favre (who was hopefully behind him)
London / Re: yesterday [banshee boys]
« Last post by Liam Thompson on Yesterday at 12:23:24 AM »
If it had been Charlie instead of him, Liam obviously would have ribbed him about the boyfriend without mercy, but as it was him and not Charlie, he was getting well sick of it. He’d clammed up grumpily and retreated to the kitchen. Charlie wandered off behind him toward the studio, and as Liam perused his selection of beers, he heard him fall heavily onto the old leather sofa. He chilled a bottle with a swish of his wand and brought it back.

Liam sat backwards on the piano bench, leaning forward on his knees to get a good look at stringy-haired, eye-bagged Charlie. “When was the last time you looked in a mirror, mate?” he asked, mockingly wrinkling his nose. He’d been thrown off before, but now he was back and ready to keep up with the affectionate teasing. “I’ve seen house-elves cleaner than you.” Eyeing the stain peeking out from under Charlie’s old jacket, Liam handed off the beer. “Look like you need this, at least.”

He was saved from Charlie’s attempt at genuine conversation by the arrival of Sam. Liam sprung up to let him in.

Charlie and Sam were sat awkwardly together on the couch when Liam returned with more bottles. This was no writing session—they were having a proper family meeting. In Liam’s experience, that never boded well. The unending clown-handkerchief of possibilities unfurled in his mind as he sat gingerly back on the piano bench, each worse than the last. This was an intervention, Charlie was going solo, Kate was pregnant, Charlie was dying of dragon pox, Charlie and Sam were going to make him sit here and tell him all the reasons they hated him—

Kate’s leaving me.

Wide-eyed, Liam looked at Sam, who would not look back at him, and then back to Charlie. In their silence, he elaborated on the least of their worries. It was Sam who first managed to ask the real question. “Yeah!” added Liam, with less sensitivity. “What the hell finally did it?” He’d spent ages hoping Charlie would leave Kate, but the reverse had been, in his mind, entirely impossible. It couldn’t have been the shite in the Prophet, could it? If she hadn’t left after every other stupid thing Charlie’d done, surely it would have to be worse?

He at least felt a little bad for telling Charlie he looked like rubbish. Clearly he wasn’t taking this well at all. “Hey, look, it’s alright,” said Liam firmly, catching Charlie’s eye. He’d have reached over to the couch, but could only touch his knee at this distance and didn’t imagine that’d be well-received. “Kate can go fuck herself,” he said. “You’ve got us, mate. You’ll always have us.”
Durmstrang Territory / Re: Learn to fly [Miha]
« Last post by Zviad Gogoladze on November 16, 2019, 10:58:34 AM »
Zviad grinned at her as she started to think about and voice reasons as to why he had summoned her here. He was curious to see if she could figure it out by herself. For him being an animagus was a big thing and, lately, it had become even more time consuming than before. He was working out a lot to train his upper body and it showed; admittedly less so when he was wrapped in thick and warm clothes as he was now. He spent a lot of time in the library reading up on animagi and birds. And, of course, the boy went out - usually by himself - to transform and get used to his new body. The extent of this was probably unknown to Mihaela who had, as Zviad knew very well, her own life of which she spent long hours with Lev.

He waited and listened. His amusement clearly visible on his face. In fact, her silly remarks made the tension lesson a little and that certainly was a good thing now, wasn't it? The baby dragon... Zviad smiled reminiscently. That had been quite an adventure. He felt sure he'd do the same thing again although it had been rather a stupid idea and he knew it, of course.

As she mentioned that he might be secretly in love with him, Zviad shook his head barely noticeably. He hadn't even intended to do so at all though because, surely, Mihaela was only teasing him. However, it was like an impulse. He did not want her or Lev for that matter to think that he was trying to break them up. Miha and Lev were a unit and Zviad, who had no romantic feelings for the girl from Drakonya Krov, believed that it would just complicate things if either Mihaela or Lev thought differently.

"Now you've almost got it!" he joked when she made her last suggestion.

"In fact it's something entirely different," he finally admitted. "You know I can by now transform into a magpie at will... and as that's a bird I'm practising... how to fly. It definitely looks easier than it is." A nervous laugh escaped him. "I have so far only tried to kick off the ground and gain height by beating my wings which didn't get me very far yet. I wanted to try and dive down here as I'd have the height then and could probably figure out how to... flap my wings in order to look like a normal bird. I've done quite some research on that by now... and well..." he hesitated, feeling somehow unusually self-conscious. "I also need to practice landing for that matter," he added, smiling nervously.

"You're so far the only person who knows that I'm an animagus," he said, trying not to make it sound like an excuse for him asking her here but like a compliment. "I don't know if everything works out as I planned." He tried to make it sound like a joke although it was clear that he was really worried. "I thought you might be willing to assist me and... imagine the possibilities we have once I've got that flying and landing thing under control!" He shrugged, unable to hide a mischievous grin.

"So, can I count on you?"
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Server Issues Update
« Last post by Sioban on November 16, 2019, 09:15:57 AM »
Hi Daphne! Just this one, pretty please; 1000867990

London / Re: beat myself to the punchline [fergie]
« Last post by Fergie Flume on November 16, 2019, 06:00:20 AM »
Fergie tilted his head a little to one side, looking skywards as he thought about her response; he couldn’t say he, personally, knew more than a handful of wizards who had seen one movie, let alone would make a trip to the cinema to see one. He smiled, remember how much Honey hated films. “Yeah, suppose you’re right.”

“Uh-huh.” His brow furrowed as he looked at her, a little uncertain; he wasn’t sure if Edith was being funny but he couldn’t see how a movie about making a movie might be. Interesting, probably, but not funny. Fergie knew about cameras (non-magical ones) and that there were obviously the kind that did produce moving pictures – arguably better than the magical kind, that just caught one moment in time – but he would like to know how they did it without the potions available to witches and wizards. Not to mention all the special effects – he’d never actually sat and watched a Star Wars film but he knew all about them thanks to Charlie. He grinned. “Well, at least you knew when to give in.”

He let out a quiet laugh – more of a breathy chuckle – at her remark. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he said, before he could stop himself. Thankfully he could probably get away with blaming his rosy cheeks on the cooler weather outside, rather than the fact he’d just sounded like he was trying to make a move on her.

Also thankfully, Edith was continuing the conversation. Solstice was good, they were good: “Good.” Fergie’s lips twisted into a smile as he watched her gesticulate from within her pockets – though he made sure to glance away before she noticed him looking. “Oh, really?” He asked, feeling a bit stupid. “Right.” He hadn’t met either of her parents so he didn’t really know what to expect, but he supposed he could picture them a bit less hippie-ish now.

He’d been about to volunteer that he missed snow on Christmas, but Edith opened the door for him – he hesitated momentarily before slipping into the pub before her, some internal conflict over chivalry versus feminism – then he lost his train of thought as they ordered their beers. Then she beat him to picking the conversation back up again, surprising him with remembering his holiday plans. “Aye, no snow,” he smirked. Now was his chance; “I miss it though,” he admitted, sitting beside her. “It’s not like, blistering out there in December but still…” he drifted off somewhat, staring into space, “Toasty.”

He cleared his throat, took a long drink from his beer. “Anyway,” he licked his lips free of the froth, “you got today off or are you skiving as well?”
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