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Britain / Re: [cotswolds] we are legends {quinn}
« Last post by Hefin Howell on Today at 05:15:26 PM »
Despite the fact that Quinn cooed, Hefin could sense both her amusement and slight sarcasm. It wasn’t like him to open up, or reveal that he actually experienced such sentiments, or intense sensations on an emotional level. Nonetheless, if anyone could understand where he was coming from, that would be Quinn herself. In the end, he would have never expected that she, out of all people, to fall in love with someone and actually form a family with them. His image of her had always been different, despite the fact that he agreed she was a wonderful mother and would be so much more in the future.

Still, the fact that he hadn’t expected any of this to happen was still enough to not cause his surprise to vanish.

“Closer.” He mimicked her earlier tone, amused yet soft. She didn’t want to admit it openly, but for Quinn that meant she truly loved Oliver, and that she was bold enough to live up to her feelings. If only he’d ever been that brave. However, Quinn did take him seriously; he had been right in assuming that she was the one who would completely understand him and his perspective on such matters. “I agree, Quidditch is definitely helping release tension.” He nodded in approval, and then blinked as she continued. Quinn was right; it was about balance. It was about dedicating oneself to what they truly really loved; and it was no secret Hefin’s love was, in fact, Quidditch. But even when on the pitch, he was reminded of her. Things were more complicated than that. Perhaps it was true; maybe one could never really get over their first love.

Hefin glanced in Quinn’s direction as she inquired if he was serious. He did not answer, but merely downed all the contents of his glass. He prepared himself to answer the question, but just as he put down the glass, the front door opened and Quinn’s mother had entered. Hefin instantly got up, and politely greeted the older with. “Mrs Castillo, it is a pleasure to see you.” He then turned around towards Quinn, and bent over so he could place a soft cheek on her forehead. “Thank you.” The part Australian whispered and then straightened his back, as he picked up his coat, and put slowly put it back on.

“I should get going now. It has been a pleasure to see you again, and obviously to meet this lovely young lady.” He gazed sweetly in Lula’s direction. “I hope you will like the rest of the presents and, of course, the dinner invitation still stands. When you have time, you and Oliver should drop by Melbourne.” Hefin delicately invited them, for surely his place was much more appropriate for such an elegant occasion; not to be rude, but the couple’s place was a bit more on the cosy side than he preferred.

With that, Hefin waved politely in the two witches’ direction, and Disapparated back to the location of the port-key. He’d just finished practice a few hours ago but, Merlin, he wished he were back on the pitch.

The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Raphael Moreau on Today at 04:20:54 PM »
Character's name: @Raphael Moreau
Changes made:

- Aged him up one year to become seventeen
- Adjusted up his parents and sisters by one year accordingly
- Added a paragraph that concludes his sixth year, ready for him to move up into seventh.


Diagon Alley / Birds of a feather must read together [dante]
« Last post by Maryana Nikolaeva on Today at 03:04:15 PM »
England had been a wonderful idea! The small Russian woman was pleased that she had made the choice to dedicate her summer to coming to the small country to study the history of magic in this region. She'd met wonderful people during her travels. Some had responded to an add she sent out and allowed her to stay with them ranging from the span of a couple days to a couple weeks. Some were more generous than others and she'd made some rather good friends that way. Others she'd met in shops or on the streets and would ask for their help as she tried to navigate her way through the winding streets in such a foreign land. More often than not, she found herself crossing from the wizarding community to the muggle one unknowingly. Maryana was usually able to learn this had happened when she stopped someone and asked for directions and the reaction she got was of utter confusion. Luckily enough, she'd never made it as far as to try to explain she was looking for the wizarding bank, or a place that sold books on the wizarding history of England, or a museum about the magical community's history.

Through all of her travels, she finally made it to Diagon Alley. There were so many shops, she wanted to stop in all of them. Anya knew better though. She needed to budget her money wisely to get her through her trip and back home. While she did want to get some sight-seeing in, she hoped to be able to find some important locations that were significant to the Battle of Hogwarts she had read so much about. Today wasn't a day for her to get some research done or for her to try and have some fun. Instead, with it being her first day here, she planned to familiarize herself with her surroundings and take the day to rest a little bit so she'd have the energy to go and explore the places she wanted to visit.

Late at night, she'd managed to find a low-priced but well cared for inn to stay at. She checked in, dropped her luggage off in the room, and decided to sleep for a few hours while the city outside her window was still quiet. When she woke later that morning, the sun was shuffling into her room through the open curtains. The brightness stirred her from her slumber, encouraging her to get up and ready for the day before she went out to get her bearings and find the locations of some sites she wanted to see so she could plan the rest of her time here in England accordingly.

During her day, she had seen such wonderful foods, she decided she'd buy herself a cookbook to take home and learn a couole of the recipes. One of the downsides to getting this book though was that she wasn't very good at cooking. Even when she followed a recipe step-by-step, she somehow always managed to botch it up. Another aspect of this book was that it was in English. Her abilities to speak it were not exceptionally good. She had learned how to ask for the nearest restroom, 'thank you', and if hotels had room for her to stay in a room. Her skill in reading the English language was even worse. Along with the purchase of the cookbook, she had bought herself an English-to-Russian dictionary. As she'd learn some of the terms in the book of recipes, she'd make notes around the pages with a pencil she'd found buried deep in her purse from the muggle world.

She sat at a small table just outside of a small cafe. Her pantos-styled glasses sat delicately on her nose as her attention was focused on the cookbook that rested in her perfectly manicured hands and the dictionary being kept open my magic. The page she was currently skimming over in the dictionary had two brightly colored poat-it notes, yet another muggle invention she wouldn't go anywhere without, with the English alphabet and the sounds the letters made scribbled on them. She'd forgotten all about the cup of the wizard's equivalent to lemonade and her slice of cake that sat on the table. Her legs were crossed one over the other at the knee. Her left foot bounced subconciously lightly in the air as she made an attempt to sound out a couple of ingredients outloud. "One tahb-le-sp-oon of cr-oo-sh-ed," her Russian accent was thick and heavy. She turned her dictionary to find what the russian word was for 'crushed' so she could understand the meaning of the word. This was a process for her. Referencing her notes, orally sounding out the English letters, referring to her dictionary for the Russian word, then making notes in her cookbook. The dedication and focus she had was so intense, she'd become oblivious to everything around her. The people, the sights, the smells, the loud noises, it'd all blurred into one that she wasn't aware of the sound of feet approaching her.

@Dante Boscono
Asia / Re: [kyoto] spotlights {kate}
« Last post by Hefin Howell on Today at 11:28:07 AM »
“It really does look lovely on you.” Hefin commented nonchalantly, as he took note of Kate carefully adjusting her kimono as she took a seat across from him. It felt somewhat endearing to see his friend act in such a feminine manner; she was always elegant and graceful, but slightly gestures such as this one only reminded Hefin how refined Kate really was. And, of course, while he was not the one to offer compliments, he had stated the truth. The kimono made her even more ladylike than usual, and only accentuated her movements and gesticulations. “Suits you very well.”

She’d answered his question, nonetheless, her reply didn’t really satisfy Hefin. The fact that not only the newspaper didn’t recognise Kate’s work and simply referred to as a third party with a romantic attachment to the lead singer was not only bothering, but it felt even worse when finding out that the boyfriend in question did not even bother with personally taking care of the certain damage control, as Kate delicately referred it to.

Yes, he trusted Kate that she loved Charlie, so he could only assume that the man was a good and decent lad, no matter what the papers said. But to not personally feel offended regarding such labels posed on his loved one was something that, as Kate’s close friend, really bothered Hefin. He wouldn’t comment; he shouldn’t. It was their relationship and he had no right to interfere. “I suppose I can understand that.” The part Australian replied, a bit reticent. His hesitation was hardly noticeable though, as he did his best to hide it, despite his disapproval.

“And it is your job to handle such things, I know.” He sighed, and mirrored her gesture, running a hand through his own locks. “But it would be nice if your partner personally felt insulted that your work is not properly recognised. Well, not only as your partner, but also as your employer. Give people credit where it’s due.” Hefin shrugged one shoulder and paused for a moment, as a waitress brought their tea. It seemed from its scent that it was rose tea; a bit too fragrant, nonetheless pleasant.

Hefin thanked the waitress in broken Japanese, while offering her a rather charming smile. As soon as the witch left, his gaze turned back into Kate’s direction. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t pry.” He admitted, and took a sip out of the tea. While sweet-smelling, it wasn’t sugary, but rather fresh-tasting, and felt quite refreshing after their long walk. Rather impressive, he had to admit it. “I just wish your own work would be highlighted more.”

Hefin placed his cup back on the table, and then offered Kate a warm smile. “Is everything alright otherwise?” He asked, positive that Kate’s answer would be a good one. “In all areas?” Hefin added, recalling that the last time they talked, their conversation had been especially revealing regarding the couple’s more private affairs.
London / Re: the unforecasted storm [hefin]
« Last post by Hefin Howell on Today at 11:26:44 AM »
Hefin arched an eyebrow as Charlie addressed the waitress with what he deemed an inappropriate appellative. True, a lot of famous individuals used the term ‘love’ when addressing their fans, or regular individuals, and it was as if it meant nothing. But the part Welsh had never approved of it; such intimate terms, in his opinion, should not be used so casually. Especially if the person using the said appellative was Kate’s partner. He decided not to commented, but the act in itself left him with an especially bitter taste.

The blonde tilted his head to the side, not completely understanding what Charlie was saying. Well, he was sober enough to understand English, but Hefin was aware that there was some sort of double meaning behind the other man’s words, otherwise he wouldn’t have voiced them in such an acid manner. “We do.” He decided not to dwell much on it; in the end, Kate and him were close friends, and there was no point in denying it. “If only you’d know all the things we share.” He added a bit cynically, yet slightly teasingly, to lighten the mood, as Charlie seemed to have dragged his baggage with him that evening. Hefin was uninterested however in the other man’s issues, that, of course, unless they concerned Kate.

As such, the remark regarding Rachel left Hefin both pleased and aggravated. While he was glad to know Charlie would not do something as repulsing and completely beneath common decency as cheating, Hefin was peeved by the comment regarding Rachel. It wasn’t untrue; he knew Rachel had a reputation that matched, or even excelled, his own. Nonetheless, as her captain, he could not stand there without saying anything. Still, he had to be level-headed about this, in the end, he was Katie’s beau, as he previously stated. Despite his lack of sobriety, Hefin wanted to keep his cool.

But the other man had to go on and ruin his decision of maintaining his calm. Lucky Charlie.

Before Hefin could say anything, the singer went on, while pointing at him rather threateningly. “Back off?” He let out a sarcastic laugh. “Ha.” Hefin lazily shook his head once in disapproval, before equally slowly getting up, and approaching the other man, until the tip of Charlie’s finger touched his chest. “I can call my friend whatever I fancy, Baker. You, however,” – Hefin heavily slapped the man’s hand out of the way – “do not fucking dare insult my keeper.” 
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] School closure
« Last post by Ashton on Today at 07:37:12 AM »
It's unfortunate but completely understandable. :'D
This is more of a question rather than feedback but if I choose to transfer my character, how do I go about that? Just update her sheet with the reason for the transfer and all?

great question~

if you're looking to transfer your student to durmstrang or koldovstoretz, you need only update her sheet accordingly (i.e. explaining that she is taking part in the exchange program) with the corresponding school and house changes. any other school will need a bit more of an explanation in her sheet as to why she'd be transferring there for the upcoming term.
Asia / Re: {JulyMP-Leh, India}A Victory for Good?[OPEN]
« Last post by Aysoy Esmeray on Today at 07:26:26 AM »
The Koldvostorez sixth year glanced across the room a second after her name was called. In an  less crowded  section of the restaurant she found a familiar face. It was her new Professor for History of Magic, Nikolaeva and she was waving her over. History of Magic was Esmeray's worst subject, yet last year wasn’t that bad. Professor Nikolaeva had somehow made the most dullest subject in the wizarding world not as boring. Yet  Esmeray was not sure if she did all that well on her O.W.L.s and was dreading her parents reviewing her test results.

Esmeray took another look at her drink while she quickly tried to run over the best courses of action. She did not want her father to find out that she ordered a alcohol beverage, yet if she left the mostly full glass there the Professor might notice and ask about it. ALthough if she downed it the Professor would definitely notice. Her father might possibly guess too, especially if the unknown Tibetan Wizard liquor would greatly affect her. She decided to bring it with her to the professors table and explain the mix-up. It was an honest mistake, and no one need to know that she was actually thinking about drinking it.

“Merhaba, Professor Nikolaeva!” she loudly gave a Turkish greeting, as she crossed the room, then switched over to Russian. “You here for Karsha Gustor? I mean, are you enjoying it?”

She took the seat tentatively, worried that the teacher was going to talk to her about what she saw. She had expected her father had kept tabs on her through her Professors, but Professor NIKOLAEVA would not have been one she expected. She was to young and Esmeray could not see her running in the same circles of influential people her father kept. Still if she mentioned it to the wrong person, it would not bode well for Esmeray. Luckily the next statement seemed to be friendly enough and put the guilt-ridden girl mind more at ease.

“My summer? Yes, I guess.”  She said before the rest of her tensioned soon dissolved, as it was replaced with curiosity. She answered the next round of friendly questions as she looked around.  “No, I have not yet run into anyone yet. I was with my family.”

She wondered if Mats Balldrshóll or Liu Yin were here. It would be great if she could spend time with them outside of school. The thought that Konrad Lidström might also be attending slipped into her mind too, but she quickly dismissed it. Believing it was highly unlikely him and his brother could afford a port key here. 

When she turned back to her Professor, she noticed that she was taking a bite of food. Esmeray got an idea and pushed the cup of the alcoholic liquid towards the Professor. “It looks like you did not have any problems ordering. Do you speak Urdu or Hindi? I tried to order water, but I got this, and I don’t think it is rice milk. Do you think you can order me a water?” With any luck the professor would think she only took a sip at most.
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] School closure
« Last post by Mimi on Today at 07:01:06 AM »
It's unfortunate but completely understandable. :'D
This is more of a question rather than feedback but if I choose to transfer my character, how do I go about that? Just update her sheet with the reason for the transfer and all?
The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Dante Boscono on Today at 02:53:57 AM »
Character's name: @Dante Boscono
Changes made:
~color coding spine
~aged him and his family members up
~revamped personality and appearance

that's about it XD

@Axel  hey, could you add just a little bit of history to his sheet if you're aging him up? If I recall his dis-engagement from Ruari was several years ago.
Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Quidditch Academy
« Last post by Edouard Pontmerci on Today at 02:43:22 AM »
Character Name: Edouard Pontmerci
Team(s): Puddlemere United
Position: Head Trainer
Open or Closed?: (Group or One-on-one?) Open

Approved ~ @Edouard Pontmerci please go ahead and start a training thread in the Brazil board!
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