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Accepted / The Next Incantation
« Last post by Romulus on Yesterday at 11:20:48 PM »
Potions / Re: love and other disasters [all years]
« Last post by Keela Doyle on Yesterday at 11:10:25 PM »
Their eyes met – and he promptly flushed pink. A giggle bubbled up in her chest at the sight, constricting it – and suddenly she couldn’t quite catch her breath. Her heart slammed against her ribcage, like a poorly-trained dog straining at the leash to investigate an interesting smell, and her palms prickled with anticipation.

She knew that she, Keela, was still there – but this overlying blissful euphoria settled over her like a thick blanket, gently but insistently directing her attention to that single person in the room. Several people had gotten up from their desks and were milling about; but she didn’t have eyes for any of them. DJ was looking at her in a way that no one had before – Val included. She’d vaguely expected to feel a pang of sadness at the thought, at this perceived validation that the Head Boy wasn’t interested in her… but it never came. In fact, the mere thought of him was quickly dismissed from her Amortentia-saturated brain, as though it had already forgotten that it had processed his unique scent just minutes earlier. And as the seconds ticked by, that was – quite frankly – fine by her, because the effect induced by her Slytherin friend’s eyes on her was more than satisfactory at the moment.
And his subsequent proclamation of adoration for her only snowballed the effect. She felt her neck and cheeks flush pleasantly at the praise – but something niggled at the back of her mind.

Fortunately, the Amortentia seemed to allow them to retain some semblance of themselves. For instead of standing on top of their workstations as Clem had done and bellowing at the top of her voice, the Quidditch Captain slowly rose from her seat, weaving her way through the layout until she reached a still-pink DJ’s desk. She arched a dark blonde eyebrow.

“Beautiful? Never quite pegged you as a shallow one, Conway,” she teased, resting her fingertips nonchalantly on the surface before him. She dropped her voice to a hush.
“Let me tell you what I think about you.” She grinned wolfishly, casually moving his empty goblet out of the way and pulling herself back onto the desk so that she was sitting on it, facing him, but offset. Her legs dangled freely, and she crossed them daintily at the ankles.
“You’re stubborn, and steadfast. A goof, and brilliant. A little gunner, and a great friend. And you know what?”
Slowly Keela leaned towards him, the outside of her left calf accidentally-on-purpose brushing the outside of his left thigh as she did so, pausing only when her mouth was a few inches from his ear. She thought she’d felt him shiver. Her hands trembled slightly, and she gripped the edge of the desk tighter to quiet them; she’d never said what was currently on the tip of her tongue (with emphatic meaning) to anyone outside of her family and close girlfriends.
Her voice was now so hushed that she’d merely breathed the words: “I think I love you, too.”
London / Re: [LaBEL] Interviewing future potential [Piper]
« Last post by Lesleigh Ollivander on Yesterday at 10:36:59 PM »
She is serious. I do have the job! A F&**^ Job at LaBEL magazine! Lesleigh internally screamed as she attempted to outwardly control herself. She wanted to dance, jump up and down, but instead she held still while trying to intently listened to her new company boss. Her face was plastered with the widest smile it held since she Graduated from Hogwarts, breaking the illusion.
As she heard Ms.Morel’s words her own excited inner dialog interrupted.

“Well you do have much learning to do….” and shopping to go, and outfits to pick out… “is no walk in the park” Oh, how am I going to get to work every morning? Should I walk again? No. What if I am not wearing the right foot wear. I will have to find a safe place to apparate to. “...if you are as dedicated as you claim to be then everything else will come naturally to you." Of course. I was meant to be here. I just did not know it. This is going to rock. I am going to rock! I am going to learn the ropes in no time!

Lesleigh confidently thought, before a sigh came from Ms. Morel. Something changed in her tone that made Lesleigh stopped her inner dialogue and really pay attention to the older witch's words: “… others will always use whatever mistake you make to bring you down so while I do encourage you to proceed confidently, be sure to stay aware and hard working,”

What? Back stabbers? Maybe there was one or a few in the department that she is warning me about. They must be really mean for her to say something. Slytherins likely. It sounds like them anyways. Lesleigh was not one to back down from others. She was never afraid to stood up and spoke up for herself and others. She would have normally dismissed the statement without a second thought, but the cautionary word from a woman with just as much confidence and in such a high position was disturbing Lesleigh. So, the Gryffindor did not take the words lightly.

“Thank you, for the warning. I will.” Lesleigh said with a small nod.

The mood changed and Lesleigh was told Monday, (THIS MONDAY!) would be her start date. She repeated the instructions back to he boss to show she was listening, “Monday, tour of creative department, just give my name to the girl at the front desk. Got it.”
She followed Ms. Morel’s lead and stood up and took the brunettes hand in an excited quick handshake. “It was nice to meet you too. I am totally looking forward to working here. Thank you, Ms. Morel! ” Lesleigh was only able to hold herself together long enough for her new boss to leave. Then she gave a little shriek of an “Eeeeeeeeeee…. YES!” finished with a jump and punch in the air.

To her horror she heard a clearing of a throat as Catharine had come in and apparently watched her childish cheer. “I’m just excited.” Lesleigh said with a shrug, although her reddened cheeks gave more away. The lady smiled dismissively and moved on to the forms that Lesleigh filled out quite quickly. In no time flat she had a copy of the employs handbook and was out on the street.

The guards that greeted her on the way in, must heard she got hired or spotted the hand book pressed against her chest. They congratulated her and told her that they will see her First thing Monday Morning!

"Will do!" She yelled back before practically skipping down the street.

London / Re: [shoreditch] won't be long till the summer comes... [ryan]
« Last post by Ryan Hadditch on Yesterday at 09:45:16 PM »
Painting had been going well. Ryan and Justin had spent the weekend getting started painting Kelly’s room, and it was almost done now. The walls were a dove gray, which they were certain she would love. They wanted it to feel like home to her, since she had not had any place that was really hers in many years. She deserved a nice room while they could provide it. Living with Justin was some kind of domestic dream. Justin kept the place cleaner than Ryan ever did, and didn’t seem to mind cleaning up after his messy lover. It always smelled like cookies, now, or other baked goods. There were scented candles on the counter that smelled like slices of heaven. Ryan had never know how good he could live before Justin showed him how to organize things and be more responsible. He never knew that he could like coming home to his apartment, not just because his bed was there, but because it felt like a home.

The apartment he shared with Darren had felt lived in, but never like his home. Ryan had never had a real “home” before now. Justin had done that more than anything, and living with him was absolutely perfect in every way. They almost never fought, they were constantly making love, they were truly in what Ryan considered the ‘honeymoon’ phase. He hoped it never ended. As far as Ryan was concerned, they were married now. This was his man for the rest of his life. He found his one true love, and as much a it scared him, it excited him too. Did he really deserve happiness? Maybe, maybe not. He had it, though, and so long as Justin was willing to be there, Ryan would keep a tight hold of him.

He missed Darren, though. He missed that kind of fast-paced, dirty life that the other brought him into. He felt a bit like he was being toned-down, domesticated. He loved Justin, but didn’t quite love how mushy he had gotten because of Justin. Darren had left, though, left him behind, and Ryan never did well without a leader to follow. He was hurt and confused that his brother, his partner-in-crime, would leave him without a second thought. He supposed that if Darren hadn’t left, he would never have met Justin, though, and he wouldn’t trade that for anything. He supposed there was a reason for everything. In his case, there was a reason his brother heartlessly abandoned him, even if he didn't know it at the time.

Ryan dwelled on Darren less and less as time moved on. He thought about him less. It wasn't likely that he'd just show up and waltz back into his life like nothing happened. It wasn't likely that he'd ever come looking for the things that he had left behind, and so Ryan was moving on. Until he heard the door open, hours before Justin should have been home. He turned and looked to see who it was and thought he saw a ghost. Was Darren really there? Back? In their apartment?

“Uh, what?” He said dumbly, taking a moment to figure out that Darren was really there. Did he still have a key or something? He never came in. “What the hell are you doing here, man?” He asked, a bit standoffish at first. When Darren got whims, they were never good. When Darren got ideas, they were even worse. He wasn't there on accident, so what did he need? Did he want to make some sickles? Yeah, Ryan was always up for that, but there was something more important going on than that, wasn't there?

“Where the fuck have you been?”
Dining Hall / Re: [EoT 2002] The Future is Uncertain
« Last post by Aysoy Esmeray on Yesterday at 08:52:04 PM »
Esmeray walked within the sea of Tigrova girls, all loudly talking or giggling as they made their way to the Great Cavern. The strong willed fifth year made her voice the loudest when she proclaimed, “The only thing good about O.W.L.s, is that it is OVER!” One of the girls next to her gave a little Whoop. While most just laughed and went on to describe the worst question on a test or which one they think they did best on. Their chittering continued as they entered the Great Cavern and melted into their referred tables under the large tree.

It was not just due to the fact that their O.W.L.s were over, that Esmeray and several her classmates where in such high spirits. This year had been jammed packed with the trip to Ilvermorny, getting ready for all the Visitors to the school, and the inspections by the Order of Dragons. It was a relief that it was all finished. During this year, Esmeray had unconsciously held onto a tension, as if she was waiting for something awful to happen. But it had not. Every visitor had came and left without (much) incident. The school had received praise from the Order of Dragons and was promised eight new dragons. But once she realized they passed the one-year anniversary of the awful fight at Dumbstrang, Emeray felt like she could finally let go of a breath she had been holding. It did not look like Kolbovstoretz was going to be closed and merged permanently with that crazy school. Instead the Students at Koldovstoretz were now looking forward to another year in THEIR school and they will be able to continue raising dragons next fall.

The promise of new dragons was the best. Something about the dragons remind Esmeray of herself. She did not know if it was that fact they were so inquisitive, playful or thrill seeking or more of the challenge that they were so untamable and unmanageable, but she felt bonded to them. She longed to be there when they took their first flight. She had been visiting them almost every day, until the Headmistress had borrowed them for “training.” The last few weeks, Esmeray had felt withdrawals. She realized playing with them helped her relieve her tensions especially during the intense days of studies and tests.

Thinking about her dragons, Esmeray glanced at Masa and Masha. She was surprised to find them holding incredibly still and proud, on a pedestal under the Tigrova banner. Glancing around to the other dragons, she found that with an exception of one that had an itch and another that seemed to be having a hard time keeping balanced, most held the same position.  The fifth year was extremely impressed. To get one or two dragons to hold still was a feat, but all eight (at least to attempt to) was a miracle.

When the Headmistress stood up, her chair fell and made an cacophony of sound that echo against the cavers walls like a bell. Yet it did not faze their strong willed Tigrova Headmistress. If there was anyone that Esmeray would want to be like it was her. The sixteen-year-old listen intently to the Headmistress.  She admired her, the confidence, the brilliance, while also having away with dragons. If I did well On my OWLS, maybe I can be the next Headmistress... after being a quidditch star of course.

Esmeray thoughts were snapped back to the here and now with the Headmistress's clap. With the addition of the food appearing on the table, two fireballs also leaped into the air form her houses dragons. She turned to see the banners on fire and the dragons joyful jumping up to snap at the flames. Esmeray jumped to her feet and pulled out her wand.

"Masha Down!" she commanded before razing her wand. She hoped to not hit him with her water summoning charm, but as the jet stream was produced it still startled the playful dragon. He let go of the banner, and landed awkwardly on the pedestal, before rolling to the floor. Esmeray ran over and knelt next, to him to check if he was injured. Thankfully the dragon simply stood up, gave an all body shake and sent water droplets into the students face. As she tried to wipe off the water with her sleeve, the tall girl was almost knocked forward. Partly to protect her brother and partly to be included in the playful experience, Masa jumped on Esmeray's back.

"Masa offI! I'm not playing." They must have missed her as much as she missed them.
Adèle beamed as the figure identified herself.
“Hi, Émilie! Some of it, yes! They’ve gotten their hay already but I haven’t grained them just yet… wanted to refill the water buckets first.”
Stepping out of the stall she was in, she gently slid the door shut, pausing only to push its curious inhabitant’s nose back inside so it wouldn’t get pinched. And as she emerged into the aisle, someone else had arrived: an older girl in her House whom Adèle knew only because she was their Mousquetaire.

“‘Morning!” she greeted Lyra brightly, briefly introducing herself and Émilie. It was quite clear that the older girl was not used to being around horses, given her reaction to Foxtrot’s chewing on her sleeve.
“Sure! Do you know where the leather cleaner and sponges are? And the bits should be fairly clean, but if any of them are looking grimy you can just wipe them down with a damp cloth.” She paused, realizing that the blonde might have no clue what she was talking about if she wasn’t familiar with horses. “I can show you, if you’d like?”

Another voice came from the double-doors at the end of the aisle, and Adèle turned at the sound of her name.
“Good morning, Emylou! No you’re okay, we had a bit of an early start today,” she laughed. “Let’s wait to put down fresh straw until we’ve mucked out the old stuff – usually it’s easier to clean stalls once we’ve turned them out so none of our escape artists try to make a break for it.” She grinned, tilting her head in the direction of a particularly crafty pony a few stalls down. “So—”

But before she could finish her sentence, one of the people she’d first expected made her appearance.
“Hi, Maddie! I’ve hayed everyone and watered almost everyone, but haven’t grained them yet. Everything is already measured out and labeled in the feed room, though! Maybe you two” – she nodded to the Papillonlisse – “can give everyone their grain and then start grooming?”
She turned back to the group at large then.
“Once they’ve finished their grain and been groomed, we’ll open their back doors so they can go out into their paddocks, and then the rest of us will divide and conquer the mucking as Maddie and Emylou finish. For Brisby, Gemini, and Lady, make sure to shut them out of their stalls before you start mucking, because they can and will try to squeeze out. But don’t forget to unlatch the door once you’re done so they can get to their hay and water again.” She grinned. Each of the stalls had a latched door in the rear that led out into a small dry paddock, and there were usually two horses to a paddock. A few times per week they were turned out in a larger grassy paddock for the day, but today was not one of those days.
“Oh and for the Abraxans… they have their own paddock that’s not attached to the stable. Maddie and I will turn them out since they know us and can be a bit of a handful sometimes.”

Adèle hoped she hadn’t come across as too bossy – but when it came to the horses’ care, she wanted to make sure everything was in order. And after five years, she had come to know the stable and its occupants quite well. She beamed at her fellow equestrians.
“Sound like a plan?”
Announcements / [Announcement] Staff changes
« Last post by Albus Dumbledore on Yesterday at 05:44:12 PM »
There have been a few changes within admin recently.

Firstly, I'd like to announce that @Mel has joined the admin team. Welcome!

Secondly, instead of six separate teams for the schools, there are now three teams. Additionally, a few admin positions have changed, so please make a note of that when figuring out who to direct pm's to.

Ilvermorny/Mahoutokoro team
Samm - Ilvermorny/Mahoutokoro Main Admin
Elena - Events Admin
Mel - Adult Character Admin
Emily - Gringotts Admin
Taed - Games Admin

Hogwarts/Beauxbatons team
Sophie - Hogwarts/Beauxbatons Main Admin
Olivia - Sandbox Admin
Sioban - Wiki Admin
Ashton - Community Relations Admin
Laura - Quidditch Admin

Durmstrang/Koldovstoretz team
Dylan - Durmstrang/Koldovstoretz Main Admin
Inga - Special Features Admin
Kaisa - EFB Admin
Fee - Head Admin/Tech Admin

The banjo? his frowns furrowed at the thought. He did not particularly enjoy the instrument, had never had an affinity for any instrument if he were to be completely honest. But, if Darla enjoyed listening to the banjo he would damn well have to learn it after all, now didn’t he? Though the fact that Edith confessed to being uncoordinated and in turn unable to learn how to play it felt like a small victory in his head. Brennan could not understand how the woman could divulge her friend’s secrets so easily, maybe she simply did not realize that she was helping him win the race to Darla’s heart. But then again, Brennan could only assume that he was just that charming. It was a good thing for both of them, even if he would never tell Edith to her face for fear of hurting her feelings, he was not convinced that Darla was particularly interested in women. “That’s funny, I was just thinking about picking up the banjo, bluegrass is a bit of a family favorite,” he lied. Unlike the woman before him, Brennan was not about to give her the upper hand, no matter how pleasant her company had been.

He could not help but to grin at her positive response to his limerick, her encouragement was both confusing and well…very encouraging. Maybe Edith had given up hope that Darla would fall in love with her and instead had focused her attentions on finding her a better suited match. Brennan had simply been in the right place, next to bar, at the right time, at Darla’s celebration, and had somehow lucked out. He liked to think that life was finally smiling down on him. At least, it was the only way he could explain it. And here he was thinking of simply giving her a card, how very thoughtless of him, Brennan had not done his research after all, he would have to do better should another occasion like this come up in the future.

He gripped the bar a little when she sighed after he inquired further about Darla’s ex-boyfriend, particularly the one with the red hair. Brenna’s father had always told him that redheads were a load of trouble, he could understand that considering his very mother was a redhead with a very fiery temperament. Even though at the time he had dismissed it as a mere joke, the thought that the statement would somehow apply in the tale he was able to hear made him unreasonably upset. However, Brennan knew that he had to remain calm, this was not the place to cause a scene and if something particularly traumatic had happened to Darla with that man, the last thing he wanted was to bring attention to him. Of course that did not mean that he would not handle it outside and discreetly.

“Oh?” he asked curiously, her making him cry was not a story he had expected in the least. He grinned a little, partially at the man’s misfortune but also in response to word of her strong personality. Darla could relate in part, the day he had asked her out in the library she had also almost made him cry. “Prick probably deserved it,” he muttered, mostly to himself but loud enough for Edith to hear. Darla was an inherently good person, of that he was most certain of. It seemed unlikely for her to ever do anything violent without proper provocation he figured, she worked in the Maternity and Pediatrics ward after all, anyone that was brave enough to work with a young child or a pregnant woman had to be a saint.

Yeah well if he’s not careful, he’ll be leaving bloody at the hands of someone else,” he responded, his tone slightly more menacing, “What’s he here for anyway? Must’ve not gotten the message last time,” he continued as his eyes swept the room in an effort to trace his movements. He brought he drink up to his lips again, his eyes widening in shock as he looked over at Edith, unsure of what to make of the secret she had just shared. He had briefly seen her brothers accompany her the summer she had entered the gallery but had never suspected any sort of relationship between her and any of them.

Now, that seemed like a rumor, probably started by a jealous old friend or maybe even started by that red head ex-boyfriend in revenge. “Your secret’s safe with me,” he promised, but was not convinced by what he had heard, “Sure that’s not something you’ve heard from the ex?” he wondered casually, looking back into the crowd to spot him again. If he saw him doing anything strange, he would confront him immediately, the man sounded dangerous. “But people talk, you seem like a good, honest woman, Edith, what do you think happened between them?” he asked, he figured that as her best mate, Edith would know the truth.

"Anyway, the past is the past, don't want to judge Darla on what might have happened, I've got my own stories too, I once snogged my cousin," he said absentmindedly before rubbing the back of his neck suddenly embarrassed by how easily he exposed that secret, "Think she's got a type? I support you trying to pursue her but I intend to ask her out before the night's over, maybe the limerick will do the trick?" he wondered, putting his hand over his chest as if to make sure that the letter was still there.
Ilvermorny Grounds / Re: [bonfire] tonight we are victorious {open!}
« Last post by Carrie Marshall on Yesterday at 05:49:49 AM »
A familiar voice from the periphery met her ears, and Carrie shifted her gaze slightly to see Adam, trusty skateboard in tow. She grinned toothily at him.

“Would it burn itself out if it was magical, though?”

She bit her lip. Even after living in the magical world for nearly nine years, there were still things that simply didn’t occur to her. Could they start the fire (or maintain it) with magic? Sure. Had she planned for that?

The Sixth Year lifted a shoulder casually.
“Dunno, really… to be honest, though, I hadn’t thought to use magic for it. I remember my Girl Scout training well enough to get us by, I think.” Her Brownie troop had gone on a few overnight trips to the Shenandoah Valley and the surrounding campgrounds, where the girls had learned a few basic survival skills that included starting a fire. She waggled her eyebrows playfully at the younger Thunderbird, tossing her long dark hair over her shoulder with a casual flick of her wrist. She’d probably need to braid it soon to keep it from becoming a rat’s nest, she thought absently – the wind had picked up slightly, and though it was May the mountains were often much cooler than closer to sea-level.

Before she could get her next thought organized, a shout came from behind her, and Carrie whirled around to find a small girl sprawled on the ground with various paraphernalia strewn about her. The Wampus moved towards her, but her fellow Iron Witch – Love – was already handling the situation. She beamed and waved to the younger girl, but she wasn’t sure if Love had seen since she’d already engaged the even younger girl in conversation. (Was she, Carrie, really about to be a Seventh Year in a few months’ time? She didn’t particularly care to think about it at the moment.)

Instead she’d busied herself with finding several good-sized stones to serve as their makeshift fire pit before arranging the scraps of kindling and few sizeable logs she’d gathered on the way up within the stone ring, tenting them against each other.

“Carrie picked the day.”

Her head popped up upon hearing her name, instinctively swiveling in the direction the comment had come from.
“Hmm? Oh, yeah, a few of us did! Tried to have it even earlier in the year, but it’s been so damn—er, darn rainy…”
She squinted at the collection of kindling then, picking up a piece to inspect it further. It was quite possibly still too damp to give off much more than a lot of smoke. She sat back on her heels, chewing at her lower lip. They could use the hot air charm to dry some of the thinner pieces… otherwise they’d either need to find drier stuff, spend the evening enveloped in smoke, or go the magical route.

As she worked, Love asked if there was anything she could help with, and as Carrie glanced up Adam chimed in again.
“Yeah, and you’re gonna need a lot more sticks, if you want to keep a fire going for a while.”

The Wampus grinned wolfishly, cupping a hand to her ear. “Ooh, is that a volunteer I hear?” she teased, then winked at the pair of them. “If y’all feel like foraging for some more kindling, that’d be super helpful! Try to pick the driest pieces you can… otherwise we’ll have more smoke than fire. You can usually find them in areas with a lot of tree cover, and ideally they’ll be laying on top of something other than the ground so less moisture is absorbed. Thanks!”

Carrie withdrew the flint from her bag and knelt again by the circle, vaguely noting the slowly-seeping coolness in the knees of her jeans as they pressed into the still-damp dirt. She took in a deep lungful of the mountain air, closing her eyes briefly. It was going to be a great evening; she could feel it.
Romania / Re: [mp] [scoarta] beyond reach. [miki]
« Last post by Melita Albescu on Yesterday at 03:03:59 AM »
Miki leaned into his hands, silently encouraging him to go farther, give her more but alas it was not meant to be. At first she was upset that her cousin interrupted, but then she was incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful girl on her side. Reluctantly she pulled her own hands out from under Zhi's shirt, handing him his jacket.

"Thanks, Miha!" Miki called down. "Me and Zhi will only be a minute. Tell Auntie I'll get her some more of that cherry cough potion she likes as a thank ya for keeping papa from hunting me down!" Her father was protective of his only child and would not be best pleased to know what his baby girl and her boyfriend were getting up to above his head.

As she tried to slide off the Chinese boy's lap, Miki noticed his predicament. She giggled softly, blushing, wiggling her hips just a little to tease him. "That for me?" She purred, grinning like a cat with the cream. "I wish you could come sleep in my room tonight, but papa will likely be keeping a close eye on you. It was a fertility rite we just took part in." She giggled again as she wound her scarf up and helped him put her jacket on.

She scooted back, slipping down from their perch to a lower branch, looking up at him with a smile. "Coming, Zhijian?"
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