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Germany / Re: { berlin } undefined/elegant { klaus }
« Last post by Klaus Schäfer on Today at 02:48:29 AM »
These were the sorts of days Klaus loathed the most – when his parents insisted he spend time with his brother. It was hot out, the summer sun beating down on them with fervor. He’d had money stuffed into his hands with an insistence of “it”ll be good for you both”, and was forced to promise that he would look out for the younger boy. He was instructed not to leave Jakob alone – lest he wanted to receive the wrath of an angry, worried mother. Then, after the longest lecture of the summer, she reminded both boys to be on their best behaviour and pressed mulberry kisses to their heat-reddened cheeks. A heavy sigh penetrated the balmy air as Klaus continued to wipe at his jowl, though the mark was long gone.

“I don’t wanna be here with you either, y’know,” his petulant little brother said, movements stiff and mechanical.

Klaus stifled a yawn. “You’re welcome to go home. I’d be happy to leave. We can tell mother we got bored. She’ll coddle and baby you like she always does and I can go to my room.” The dark-haired Schafer was met with silence and he rolled his eyes.

They continued on their way until they were at a large building, old and tall with intimidating arching columns and an overabundance of windows. None of this was his idea of a good time but it was what Jakob had been insistent on, and so they entered to view different types of art – Jakob often with admiration, and Klaus often with subdued judgement. He raised his gaze from a particularly drab sculpture and was surprised to catch a glimpse of long almost fluorescent hair. He blinked twice to prove to himself that his eyes were betraying him, but the girl was soon gone. It couldn’t be, but the pit in his stomach told him that he would remain unsatisfied until he checked for himself.

“You,” he beckoned to the younger boy who shuffled over from the statue with sulking shoulders and indignation in his eyes. “Go… do something.” Klaus reached into his pocket for money and handed it to Jakob, whose frustrated stare quickly brightened into a happier, warmer gaze. They exchanged a look, an unspoken vow that if he prattled on to mother Klaus would surely make him regret it. Jakob’s expression left him with no worries, however. They could both be granted the freedom they craved; what their parents didn’t know would not hurt them. Klaus watched him for only a few seconds to ensure that he found his way through the crowd of people, then turned to face the exit where he was sure he’d seen that shock of all-too-familiar ethereal glowing hair.

She didn’t deserve him coming after her, seeking her out to speak to her. Even as the thought crossed his mind and he internally fluctuated, contemplating following behind Jakob, his feet ordered him forward towards the exit. Gabrielle Delacour was a bad habit he couldn’t quit.

Outside, sure enough, lit like sun, was the hair of a quarter veela. They hadn’t spoken in a year – longer? Her aura was still a touch overwhelming – sort of unsettling – but Klaus slid quietly next to her with cool ease. He sat on the sidewalk, a bored expression settling on his face. “The world is too small.” He spoke it like an inconvenience.
Germany / { berlin } undefined/elegant { klaus }
« Last post by Gabrielle Delacour on Today at 02:40:26 AM »
Finally, it was summer.

Gabrielle didn't have a strong preference either way for seasons; she enjoyed the sunnier months and preferred winter fashion. But summer meant summer break, which translated to an escape from the somewhat exhausting monotony of high school. Later this month she was going to visit Donatella in Italy, and she'd already seen friends in Paris several times for things like shopping and coffees and already a couple of parties hosted by older students. Of course, summer also came with obligatory family time. The blonde had tried to organise staying with Fleur and Bill away from her parents, but she hadn't had much luck just yet. Instead, her mother had organised a girls' weekend away in Germany. The youngest Delacour would have much preferred to be here with just her sister.

Berlin might have an interesting history, but it was an ugly city. Gabrielle didn't appreciate the old, blocky buildings straight out of the seventies or the construction work that seemed to be happening all the time. Museums didn't interest her in a more-than-superficial way, and her family was irritatingly interested in exploring the hundreds this city seemed to have. Though she supposed that half of the things were closed for repair or reconstruction anyway. Fleur and Apolline had spent the evening wandering around in one, first through the muggle section and then through the wizarding section through an archway hidden from muggles with a few simple charms. Gabrielle had left them in there fifteen minutes ago, annoyed by the looks three part-veela women drew in crowded spaces and bored by the contents of the museum.

Now she was outside, where the sun was just beginning to set. The old churches and museums in this area were much prettier than the area of Berlin the trio were staying in. Gabrielle walked slowly alongside the river, pale eyes drawn up to the old, ornate buildings set against a pink-tinged sky. The old and reconstructed statues of angels and things put her at ease; she felt at home amongst such art. Even the odd, gaudier bear statue didn't make her want to roll her eyes so hard. Her outfit reflected the weather; it had been a warm and sunny day today, so she was clad in a feminine, floral dress with floaty off-the-shoulder sleeves and some understated sandals. Her hair was loose, falling in soft waves around her shoulders and catching the slowly-disappearing last rays of daylight. She also had a bag; she needed her wand on her so that her mother and sister would be able to find her easily.
The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Elisabeth Sturm on Today at 12:33:31 AM »
Character's name: Elisabeth Sturm
Changes made: added final paragraph or so to history to update to sixth year

"Mm," she replied softly, lifting her eyes to the sky. Faint grey clouds bloomed above despite the night, their undersides lit by the orange-tinted glow of the city. When the haze of the dome had lifted nearly a year ago, she had spent a few nights just looking up at the sky to reassure herself that the occasional flicker that reminded her that something shut them out from the world would not resurface. She hadn't stepped over her broom for another few months, as though the freedom it had once brought was no longer attainable. Now, clouds felt reachable again, but they could still feel heavy.

A little thrill raced behind his fingers as he traced her body. She shivered a little, finally noticing the chill settling over her bare shoulders. "I don't think that's a thing to feel good about," she pointed out with a brief laugh. She wondered how much he knew about Death Eaters. They had sent some students to Beauxbatons during the war; she wondered if they'd ever talked about what they'd left or merely held it in. She wondered if he thought about Death Eaters as people or as the faceless masks they pretended to be. The first was much scarier to Ariana. Of course, Prosper was not scarier than Death Eaters; but one of them she'd known more how to handle. Uncompromisingly, she thought.

She chuckled softly, remembering teasing Camm when his beard hair had started filling in. "Am I going to regret asking about it?" She hadn't decided if she liked beards yet. She'd started out with a solid "no" but there were a few people who looked good with one. Ari wondered too if she would see him before that. The space between their visits had slowly been decreasing.

Her lips raised in a bit of a smirk. "It might have been a little like you wanted to be bigger than you are. And now you've realized you're big enough that you don't need that so much." Was it true? Ari didn't know, exactly; he had just stolen a bottle of champagne to bring up here for her. But it also felt more authentic, in a way, like before he'd internalized some idea of what the kind of person he wanted to be was and now it was just who he was. "Or maybe you just got big enough," she amended. She blushed suddenly, realizing perhaps too late that there was an inappropriate connotation that had not at all occurred to her. "I mean, big like, in presence, that kind of thing," she added hastily, burying her face in his shoulder.
The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Louis Proulx on Yesterday at 09:28:21 PM »
Character's name: Louis Proulx
Changes made: added last para or two for history to update to sixth year, changed rp sample

Announcements / Re: [Announcement] Positions
« Last post by Laura on Yesterday at 06:26:13 PM »
Hello! I would like to apply for the Muggle Studies position at Hogwarts.  Thomasina Tatton Is a muggleborn hufflepuff alumni.

How long had it been since she walked these halls? It had been almost fifty years now since she graduated from the place she once called her home and now she would be returning back. This elderly woman would be teaching a new generation of children about the muggle world that she got to experience almost every day of her travels. Thomasina would be grateful to the headmistress for giving her the chance to spend possibly the remainder of her days enriching the youth of the world of the muggles.

Having been someone who enjoyed her spare time alone to be teaching and guiding students wasn’t something she thought she would ever do, but the dark days of her home life would always come haunting her and she knew she needed an outlet for it. So here she was about to teach the children of the wizarding world about the culture and advancement the mugles have achieved without the use of magic. Today would be hopefully a fun lesson for the students.

The classroom had been cleared out leaving nothing but the floor in front of her. She figured this would surprise some of the students and waited for them all to arrive. She waited for the last of the stragglers to arrive and gave a small nod before preparing her lesson. “Alright class as many of you can see the classroom is quite barren today and there is a reason for that,” she said as plainly as she could trying to suppress the smile she was holding from them. “Today will be a more practical approach to a lesson and if I say so myself a fun one.” She gave a quick wave of her wand and five red rubber balls appeared out of thin air. She picked one up from the ground and stated, “Simply put these are rubber balls and they will be used in today’s exercise.”

She gave a look around the class at some of the student’s faces and noticed some people with eyes wide open in anticipation and she gave them a smile. “Now if some of you have guessed what this class period is going to be like please remain quiet as I explain the rules of the exercise will be attempting to do in this class,” she said with a wink to some of the muggleborn students. “For those of you whom are confused today we will be playing a game commonly known as…Dodgeball.” She gave a big smile as a few students cheered. “Now normally this game is played in teams, but for today it will be an all-out brawl for the class and whomever is victorious will end up giving their house twenty points towards the house cup. First I must explain how this is played though. Rules are fairly simple if you get hit with a ball you are out. If you catch a ball the person whom threw it at you is out. If you are holding a ball and block another players ball with it, but drop your own ball in the process you are out.” She took a pause to see if anyone would ask any questions before continuing, “Now since this will be a free for all you have to be hit by a ball three times in order to be out. I’m sure some of you are wondering how will we be able to tell if someone is out or not. Well to answer that question the balls have been enchanted with a memory charms so that they remember whom they have hit. They have also been cast with a link charm that passes on the memory charm between each ball. Finally they will also have a color splat charm on them that when a player has been hit for a third time it will splat them with some paint to show they are indeed out.”

After her long winded explanation of the rules she dropped the ball she was holding and waved her wand once more and made chairs appear behind her facing the class. “This is where you will sit once you have been taken out of the game where you can cheer on your classmates. Don’t fret though if you get taken out of the game early on though as we will have other lessons that will be just as if not as exciting as this one will be.” She then tucked her wand away and she sat down in one of the chairs and with an even bigger smile than she had in a long time announced, “You may all begin.” She left out any ruling of actual magic to levitate balls as she wanted this class period to be a more enjoyable and relaxing period for the students over anything else. Though if any student did try and curse or hex another player she would by all means demerit them points from their house and they would of course be out of the game for the remainder of the class.

please check your PMs!
London / Re: don't be the one to leave first | prosper
« Last post by Prosper Lachapelle on Yesterday at 04:42:19 PM »
I didn't want to stop seeing you. Hadn't he said that at a friend's party on an autumn night, less than a year ago? At the time, It hadn't even crossed his mind that it might not have been healthy or useful to bring up; he just wanted to make himself clear, and to make her feel better. It didn't cross his mind now, either. "I wouldn't have," Prosper stated, still frowning. Of course, there was no way to know whether or not he would have lost interest in her. Though the months and years gathering between his current self and his fifteen or sixteen year old self continuously dampened his restlessness somewhat, he was still a very restless person as an adult. He fell in love with new ideas all of the time, fell out of love with old ones just as quickly. Prosper believed what he said, though. If she'd said these things so plainly last year then he was sure he'd have jumped into a relationship headfirst. She'd been the most interesting person in his life at the time.

The young man finished his drink, then indicated to the bartender that he'd have another of the same. "Ariane," Prosper said, nodding. He felt compelled to give her name, make her more real in this context. She wasn't just the English girl anymore, not to him. "Cheers," Prosper said, half-smiling at her self-deprecating joke. "I'm sure you're exaggerating though," he added, unable to help himself as he waved her comment away with an affectionate smile. "I bet the boys are lining up, whether you give them your time or not." She was intelligent, beautiful, sweet. He'd always thought so; it was what had made him bold enough to show interest in high school when he was fifteen and she was a seventh year.

There was a little awkwardness here, but Prosper was no stranger to things like lingering feelings and unrequited crushes. Regardless of their history, they were still friends and the best thing he could do now was just keep conversation flowing smoothly. Internally, however, he reflected on their rather short-lived fling. He supposed he'd just been happy to have everything; the freedom to kiss, touch, sleep with whoever he ended up kissing, touching or sleeping with; a girl to surprise, to spend his time and money on; someone to talk to. He'd basically had a girlfriend and permission to play around at the same time. There was an adage about this, he thought. Something about eating cake.

Of course, he'd also thought that she'd been happy with their arrangement, which was clearly not the case. His thoughts drifted and he found himself wondering about his relationship with Ariane. He was happy with monogamy, he thought. Despite his spontaneous nature and seeming inability to think about things before he did them, he'd never really been tempted in this way. While he wasn't blind, and his thoughts occasionally wandered when he saw a beautiful girl or the first time a co-worker at the theatre had hit on him, he was happy with the way things were. Happy with her.

Prosper wondered if his current relationship could ever be an open one. Doubtful. Ari was so new to the world of relationships, he didn't think that she'd really ever mused upon non-traditional relationships. He hadn't kept any secrets from her about his history in the world of sex and romance, but he also hadn't gone into too much detail about some of the more outlandish situations he'd been in. He wondered what she'd think of it all if he did. The tone of his thoughts shifted as he considered the fact that thinking about her with other men drew all kinds of negative emotions up from the depths of his chest. Prosper had a jealous streak. A possessive streak. Another part of him that he hadn't gone into detail with with Ariane.

"The first time we met was at that Hogwarts ball, years ago. Do you remember? The Victory ball?" He shifted a little, turning to face her. To his side, his new drink arrived. It happened a year after the battle of Hogwarts. Prosper had worn silver dress robes. He'd approached her with Shakespeare on his tongue. "But we only really started seeing each other at the start of this year." Or, the very end of the previous one, he corrected internally. They'd only become official at the start of this year. No need to say that though; he couldn't remember the exact date that he and Montse had hooked up after that party, but it was probably only a month or two before he started taking Ariane out.

The nineteen-year-old ran a hand back through brown curls, scratched the back of his head absentmindedly and then rested his forearm back on the bar. What was she like? He smiled a little, thinking of the brunette fondly. "She's lovely," he said, shrugging his shoulders slightly. He glanced down for a moment, then back up. A part of him wanted to gush a little; it was very much in his nature to get caught up in things, and he was very much caught up in her at the moment. But he didn't want to needlessly hurt his friend, who was obviously still harbouring some sort of feelings for him. "She's hard-working - training to be an auror, actually - but she's soft. Sweet. Really genuine, too, always entirely herself." He shook his head. "If that even makes sense."

Ariane wasn't the kind of girl who played games, or the kind of girl who was afraid of embarrassment, but her confidence was on the quieter side.
“Straight to the point, I like it,” he replied, wondering if he would ever have similar courage should he be in the same situation. Léon did not enjoy breakups, not because they were painful or his feelings were ever seriously hurt, but rather because he never enjoyed the idea of having a serious conversation with anyone apart from his older brothers. The fifth year was no stranger to dating, he had managed to convince a few girls that going out with him was not as bad as it sounded only to turn around and change his mind when he grew bored. When he actually put his mind to it, it was rather easy to cajole a girl into breaking up with him. He would take the polite week or two off from his adventures to show a modicum of respect for an ex-girlfriend before he was at it again. Maybe such actions were the reason for his lack of interested girls.

Léon rarely did anything with the intention of hurting someone else, no matter how differently his actions were interpreted by others. Settling down was a constant fear for him. The thought of missing out on something better was usually the reason he ended up not doing anything at all. Léon was afraid of becoming like his father, however at the same time longed for that type of security. His father was the least interesting person he had ever met but at least the man was consistent. Living life on the go was fun it itself, he was only sixteen after all, but he longed for something more than that. He was simply not sure if he was thinking with his brain, his heart, or his…raging hormones.

“Well, he’ll have to deal with it,” he responded almost as if he intend to do something if Frank protested about the breakup. “Or else,” he added, giving her a grin as if to reassure her that he was harmless. Léon was almost sure that Gabrielle could see right through his façade of bravery but he figured that the thought alone counted in such a situation. “What’d you tell Adrien? When you broke up with him, I mean?” he wondered. Léon did not have the pleasure of being at the receiving end of Gabrielle’s breakup speech, she had sent Sidonie on her behalf. He had convinced himself that she was much too devastated to do it herself. It was obviously not true but it eased the sting of his first breakup, especially when his friends made it a point to tease him about it.

A part of him wanted to ask her where the action was happening so that he could get front row seats to Frank’s expression when he heard it was over but felt it was a bit too crass, even for his tastes. So, this was the second best thing. He wondered who was next on her list, after Frank was out of the picture, a few suitors were sure to try their chances with the beauty. If Frank was finally out of the picture, then maybe something would happen in the summer. He made a conscious effort to stop his mind from wandering into his fantasy world, taking in the nature around them and shifting the bag in his hand to the other as he waited for her reply, half-expecting her not to bother with giving him an answer. It was rather private, after all.
New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Heather on Yesterday at 02:49:16 PM »
Hello Quinn! Welcome to MH, I'm Heather.

You can brainstorm your character in a sandbox. They're super handy. It's like your own personal space to jot down ideas and work on characters. Some even use it as a place to store random writings for muse! :)
Also, This way the admins and other members can assist you with the history involved in making your character a Death Eater if that is a route you'd like to take. We are in 2002 playtime, so it's been a few years since Voldemort has fallen.

I look forward to seeing you around, and once you have a spot for your in-progress character, I can stop by and maybe offer a connection.

New Player's Guide / Re: Welcome to Magical Hogwarts!
« Last post by Isabelle Rose Black on Yesterday at 02:03:08 PM »
I was planning on making a Death Eater lol
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