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Timothy listened to Phillip's outburst once more. Timothy didn't take it to heart, but he outwardly pretended it did sting him. He thought it would be better on Phillip if he just played along for the moment. Phillip's words did surprise Timothy, but he understood where they were coming from. "No Phillip that won't change the world. Kindness is something that doesn't carry as much weight as it used to. Walking down the street and apologizing isn't going to take away the things that plague the world. It won't cure illness, it won't make everyone love each other. I'm not apologizing to you, I'm simply expressing my own sympathy for your situation. I know that can be awkward. When my brother died, all of my parent's friends, my professors, my friends all came out with an I'm sorry. Those two words don't take that pain away. But sometimes it's nice to know that someone at least cares enough to express sympathy."

Phillips subject change was sudden and the question struck Timothy hard. For the first time, Timothy was really taken by surprise by Phillip. Timothy tossed the question around in his head. How should he answer? Despite knowing Phillip's tough association with the war, Timothy knew that Phillip wanted an answer and he also knew that Phillip would know if he was lying. Timothy sighed. "Of course I have. Everyone who fought in the war did. I'll let you in on a moment that changed my life. I fell in love with a man named Reginald. We were school sweethearts and after school, we stayed with one another. We got this wonderful little home in the country side, we were happy. When Voldemort returned and the war began, I enlisted to fight in the war. I was placed in charge of a small battalion of me, around fifteen. About three months into the war, I returned home for a few days to nurse a wound. I arrived to see Reginald. And I caught him doing something that broke my heart. On his arm he had the mark. The man I loved pledged allegiance to the very thing I was fighting. In that moment I didn't have the heart to turn in the person I loved so I let him go."

Timothy felt his heart race a little. He looked down at his hands which were slightly shaking and he almost felt his skin turning a nervous white. "A month or so later, my battalion was ambushed by a horde of Death Eaters. We engaged them in a duel, both sides suffering casualties. I saw him. Reginald was there, the leader of the Death Eater horde that attacked. He immediately engaged me in a duel. There I was, fighting the man I loved. I managed to disarm him and he fell to his knees." Timoty's hands shook more, his complexion continuing to change. "He looked up at me and said that Voldemort wouldn't lose. I saw absolute evil in Reginalds eyes. I knew....I knew what I had to do." Timothy paused. "I killed him. Looked him right in the eyes...and killed him. So yes, I've done something terrible. Not to mention the countless others I killed over the course of the war."

Timothy's hands were still shaking but he was calming. "The war turned men into shadows. It stays with us every day. And those horrible things that I can't take back have stayed with me. They were in support of a valiant effort...but I did horrible things. We...we did horrible things."
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Hi all,

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While Daniil actually did want to talk to his friend, he wouldn't have dared to refuse Marja's, uh, suggestion even if he didn't want to. Something in her voice told him that if he refused she would likely hex him or something which sounded considerably less fun than talking anyway. What were they going to talk about? He hoped it would be about something easy like school or what they'd both been up to this term, but he had a feeling the conversation would end up being about him and his odd behavior or something, which was a topic he would really rather avoid. Tentatively the boy sat in the chair Marja had conjured for him, but the first thing out of his friend's mouth wasn't a question, but rather an unexpected "I've missed you." That simple phrase, as well as the one that followed not only caused the corners of his mouth to turn up, but made him feel relaxed; as though things between them were back to normal.  "I've missed you too." He said "This year has definitely been . . . different." Daniil felt like there was more that he wanted to say, but couldn't find the right words and instead opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, feeling much like a fish.

Marja's final question caught the boy off guard and nearly caused him to fall out of his chair. So she had noticed. He sat, frozen, and contemplated what exactly to tell Marja. Naturally the best most reasonable option would be to tell her the truth, but sitting there across from his best friend, it seemed ridiculous that he'd been afraid of the girl rejecting their friendship. He felt like an idiot, ashamed to admit that he'd been so insecure and maybe, just maybe he wasn't quite ready to admit how he really felt about Marja Kirkkomäki. But as embarrassing as admitting the truth would be, it would be worse, not to mention completely unreasonable, to pretend that he hadn't been avoiding her, and he couldn't think of any good lies or excuses.

He also felt tricked and a little betrayed. Just a moment ago it had seemed like they were going to have a nice, casual chat and catch up with each other about the year so far, but it seemed like Marja had a plan of her own. Daniil didn't like it, not one bit. Had Marja only talked to him for so long so that she could get at this question? He supposed it was fair that she was curious, he certainly would have been if their roles had been reversed, but that didn't mean that he had to like it. For a moment, he considered just not saying anything at all, and instead getting up and leaving. He knew however, that even if he did leave now, he would only be prolonging the conversation, not avoiding it. No, it would just be better to fess up now.

"I was af-fraid," he blurted, his stammer back in full force. "After l-last term with all of the crazy things that happened with Koldovstoretz and the m-muggleborns and you just hated it so much and you really d-didn't like that there were muggleborns here and I was worried that you w-wouldn't like me anymore because I'm n-not a p-pureblood." Daniil hung his head low, not able to meet Marja's eyes. "I k-know it's silly, but that's why I f-figured that it would be best to avoid you."
With the opportunity for Valda to skip class, she was a little relieved to take a break from her studies. She'd been studying relentlessly and was particularly focusing on herbology and potions studies-not to mention consistently reviewing and studying for her upcoming OWL exams. Now, she was expecting to find Gio and hang out with him for the rest of the day. He was going to skip his classes just so they could meet up. Valda had time before they agreed to meet. There was about three hours to spare before she'd have to go and meet Gio in their special secret spot.

For now, she was either going to go rest in the library with a good book, visit the greenhouses and tend to the flowers, or go to the Klyk Vampira common room and curl up in front of the fireplace, though the weather outside was beginning to warm up. The warmth and crackling of the logs burning was always a small comfort she enjoyed. She didn't have any big plans for the day nor many girl friends to hang out with. Relaxing and enjoying time alone was the perfect way she was going to use her free time.

Then, there was a voice that seemed so distant, but echoed in her head. She was hoping she was just having flashbacks and the voice wasn't there, but then the heavy footfall echoed and she knew all too well that Miha was on her way. She had recently been talking to the girls beside her about an upcoming project. They were a couple years younger than she, which Valda knew meant she'd do the majority of the work. The redhead had been trying to assign the girls duties so she wouldn't have to carry most of the load when Miha showed up beside her. The girls were frightened off, but Valda knew that Mihaela wasn't all that scary, though Valda was pretty terrified of her herself. She was waiting for Miha to strike her in some way to teach her a lesson from their Christmas debacle. Since then, Valda had been avoiding the darkhaired girl. Once the girls had run off, Valda slowed her walking. Her eyes narrowed as she looked over at her new companion.

"You're a hunter. Aren't you supposed to have quiet footsteps? Not loud ones that sound like the stampede that killed Mufasa? Ugh. Nevermind. You wouldn't get my reference."

Uh-oh. Miha had been thinking? Since when does she ever think? This is either going to end really well or really bad.

Her next words made her heart drop in her chest. Was she seriously bringing this up? That had been the underlying subject as to why Valda struck her first in Scoarta. Her pace quickened, trying to avoid the topic, but of course, Miha was far too quick She seemed to be keeping one step ahead of Val. When she stopped, Valda froze in her steps. The expression she had changed from frustration to a deep thoughtful one as her eyebrows furrowed together. The Krov's words settled on her mind. But if Val could contact her mother one last time...

It was all she had dreamed of when she learned her mother had died. Was this real? Could Miha do this? Could Valda handle the disappointment if it didn't work? Most importantly, could she handle it if it did work? Just what would she say and do if she saw her mother once again? Would she apologize for not being there when she passed? Apologize for not being able to heal her? Would she tell her she loved her? Tell her about Gio? What was she supposed to say?

It was a split second decision that would change how she felt and reacted towards her mother's death from this moment on to til the end of her days.

"I'm in." Valda entered the door, moving off to the side for Miha to come in.
Romania / Re: [mp] [scoarta] beyond reach. [miki]
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He was glad that he came out tonight, glad that he met Miki, glad that he chose to dance. It seemed that was their thing. They'd danced the first time they met and sure it was because they were being forced to but maybe that was the push he'd needed to talk to her. They'd danced later during last semester and what an eventful night it had been. It was the first time he'd kissed Miki, the first time he'd kissed any girl, it was honestly magical. And tonight was no different. His skin was tingling from the magic it was almost electric and every touch from her sent him on fire. "I'm really glad too." The way she used his full name send his heart pounding in motion. So hard that he could feel it in his throat, hear it in is ears, but all he could see was her. She was his everything and he would stay in this moment for the rest of his life if he could. The village behind them, the forest beyond, and the stars above, how could he ever need for more?

"I came all this way for you Melita."

He confessed, apparently having way more charm then he gave himself credit for. A true and honest smile fell upon his thin lips as he pulled her ever so slightly to him. He never wanted this feeling to fade. Despite being in a land of strangers he felt more at home next to Miki than he felt in his own bed. She was his home and his heart would never be evicted. "The festival food is just a bonus." He said with a soft giggle, popping another tradition Romanian desert into his mouth and holding the bowl out for her.
Jane didn't allow her gaze to linger on Darren's defined abdomen like she would have over a year ago, but she did visibly cringe at how the scar still looked. She might not have been in love with him anymore, but she still cared for him and worried about how he was doing and if he was going to get himself hurt-- or worse. That was why she couldn't seem to stay away when he'd shown interest in trying out their friendship one more time, a few weeks ago. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, the Hadditches would always have a special place in her heart. Especially Darren.

Which is why it was a little distressing to see that look on his face and hear that tone. He knew. She knew that he knew. She knew that look. It was the same look he always had whenever she'd talk to him about any of her love interests prior to him. Her face paled slightly, and she took one more shot for courage. "Yes, I trust him. Why wouldn't I? He's never wronged me." She felt her heart start to race a little and she was struggling to keep her composure. "Qualified? Well, he did always help us with whatever shenanigans that we were getting into when we were younger. Why not now? Right? It'll be almost like the good old days... Almost." Should she just tell him? Or would that do more damage than good? Her brain was fuzzy from the alcohol, and she couldn't think of how best to handle this new dynamic.

No. She'd wait for him to accuse her, if he even bothered. She'd heard about his new girlfriend, and so she wasn't even really sure why he was acting so put-off over this. She'd heard that Eva had already moved in with him and everything. Slowly, her guilt was replaced by outrage. Sure, he hadn't explicitly vocalized that he was bothered, but she could see it in his face. Usually, Darren was so good at hiding his emotions. Get a little bit of drink in him, though, and he was an easy read. Jane knew this because she was the same way.

Shit... Here we go.

"No but I did get stabbed two weeks later." He said, lifting his shirt to show her the scar on his abdomen that she had probably seen a hundred times by now. Hidden behind fresh bruises and cuts courtesy of his 'training' it was relatively small. Compared to all of the other scars it had healed nicely, thanks to Jane's quick thinking on that particular night. All of these things reminded him of all the time they had shared. Fighting, bickering, loving, everything. It was like a memory that shouldn't belong to him now. He felt like he'd stolen it from someone. It was easier to swallow that way.

"You trust him?" He asked again, forcing her to repeat herself even though all he would hear is that she was fucking him. Having no right to hold such thoughts didn't deter him from harboring them. Not in this moment at least. The weightlessness he'd been feeling moments ago was lost to him and he felt like he was sinking. He'd lost touch with Piers, like everyone else including his own family, when he'd joined the army and in a way it was a blessing but in some ways it was crippling. Constantly he was reminded about how much they had all moved on without him. It was grounding. It was sickening. Darren used to be the top dog, the most important Hadditch in the room, but now they all had their own things going on.

But that was just another reason he kept fighting, kept rising, forged by terror and remade into a sharper weapon than he had ever been. He was nothing more than a school yard bully before but now he was something more. And so was she. Jane seemed happier than he ever remembered her being and a tiny, thawed out part of his heart knew that was a good thing. Knew he should be happy for her but instead he was jealous. He was always jealous.  "What exactly makes him qualified for this?"
"But did you die? No." Jane grinned. "As a matter of fact, why is it that you tell it as if it's always my fault? There were plenty of times when you got us into trouble. I distinctly remember receiving a month's worth of detentions because you and Piers convinced me that we should explore the Forbidden Forest in second year. Remember that? Hmmm?" She laughed with him a little bit. This was sort of nice.

Or at least it had been until she saw that familiar flash of discontent across Darren's already dark features. She tried not to look nervous or guilty but was failing miserably in her buzzed state. She reached for another shot and drank it, deciding on how she should approach this situation.

After sipping on her chaser for a moment, she spoke again. Her face had involuntarily lit up at the mention of her former housemate, and she was afraid that it was too late to dissuade Darren from whatever (again, correct) conclusion that he had come to. "Yeah. We do a lot of treasure-hunting sort of jobs. He's really good; would probably be a big help." The only complication would be trying to pretend as if nothing was going on, if Darren hadn't already caught on to them. "Of course he can be trusted. It's Piers. We've known him since we were firsties."

That was precisely why she'd been so surprised, a year ago, when their friend and her current lover/boyfriend had offered a physical sort of comfort after Darren had seemingly vanished from their lives for months at a time. She had never suspected that he'd have ever had any sort of sexual or romantic interest in her while they had attended Hogwarts together. It wasn't as if he'd never had the opportunity to get close to her.

Whenever she and her mum and whatever sleazy "stepdad" was in the picture would fight during the summer holiday, she'd always had a home with the Lovells. She and Piers would stay up late and roam the streets of London together, often with Darren as well. She and Piers had always been close, particularly due to the fact that he was much more emotionally available than Darren, and she concluded that that was probably why their relationship was working so well. They genuinely cared for one another, and she knew that he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her. She doubted that he'd even let anything bad happen to Darren or to Ryan if he could help it.

"I trust him."
"You've got to be.." freaking kidding me. Memphis was lost for words. Every time he thought he understood where Volker's head was at the iceman went and set things on fire. Honestly he was like a conundrum inside of a firecracker wrapped with hair entirely too silky to belong to a male. Memphis snorted at the other elemental's words, his lover, CDs, literally he had no idea how to respond. And apparently neither did the forest wraith. She stared at them behind black and green beady eyes that Memphis was sure reflected more than just the two of them. Never the less Volkers insane antics seemed to be working and in that split second Memphis some what understood the plan. That or the toxic hallucinogenic spores they must have both ingested were starting to work their way through his mind. Either way he jumped on the crazy train and fed his arm around Volkers waist, letting it fall casually on his hip bone.

"The cutest boyfriend ever." He played along up until the moment when the figure came toward them, slowed by the cooling spell, and then Memphis let his arm fall off of the other man as he took a step back. "Maybe we will just find our own way? If that's okay?" He said softly, having literally no clue how to get out of this one. Normally he was capable of being quite the social butterfly. Soft and smooth and able to charm the pants off of a giant but Volker put a serious dent in his flow. He was off of his game and if today ended in his face getting in any way damaged there was going to be hell to pay.

He shot the other wizard a pointed look before reaching into his pocket for literally anything he could find. He reached for a rune stone, muttering words, and calling upon the wind as much as he could in his frazzled state. The leaves from the forest floor began to rustle and surge toward the figure. He hoped it would gain them a little bit of cover to make an escape but he didn't know where they would go.

"Quick Run!" He shouted, nearly dragging Volker away from the spirit and naturally leading them right into the next trap.
He stared at her from behind his newly filled mug, foam hops crawling up his nose as he did, before setting the glass down and smiling. "Maybe you do, but we wouldn't need saving if you didn't get us into some shit in the first place." He laughed, low and real and in a way he really only did with her. During his new found life he didn't laugh unless it was at another person's pain. There wasn't humor or lightness in the Devil's army, especially not under Grisha the Grim's tutelage. It was nice to laugh again. "Do you remember Hackney?" He asked with a laugh, reveling in the memory of the night they had taken a wrong turn out of Shoreditch, a town where they were known and protected, and into Hackney. "You said pizza -- this way, next thing I know were being chased by fool muggles with knives." They made it out just fine, a story to remember and laugh about but in Darren's selective memory it had been her fault. Reality was usually a different story.

Such was true for so many things having to do with the two of them.

Reality was a bitch.

"Piers" He asked, hoping he'd heard her wrong. Of course Darren remembered him, he was like a brother, a running mate, a trusted friend back in Hogwarts. What was she doing still hanging around him? Were they friendly now... Were they more? Darren's drunk mind started to spiral as another tray of shots was brought to their table and instead of doing the responsibile thing he took another shot. "Yeah, I mean if you want. You think he can move it?" Darren was always on the offensive sober or not and this would be no different. "Can he be trusted?" It was a pointed question. Jane grew up in the same rough neighborhoods as he did, under the same stupid absent parental types, no one could be trusted. Her answer would tell him everything.
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