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[Announcement] September Quidditch Highlights
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s e p t e m b e r  q u i d d i t c h  h i g h l i g h t s

Please feel free to reference the information below in your threads! If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make suggestions please contact @Mel or @Elena.

b r i t i s h  &  i r i s h  l e a g u e
Fans were kept on edge of there seats in this match between two favorites of the British & Irish League. While the Falmouth Falcons started with a strong lead, the catching of the golden snitch by seeker @Morwen Rhydderch , sent the crowd into a frenzy at the forty-seven minute mark of the match. After this impressive win, our eyes will be on the young star seeker to see what other victories her talents will bring to the team!

r u s s i a n  l e a g u e
This match was not a good one for the Zhytomyr Ironbellies who had a rough start this month with a devastating match against the Ryazan Re’ems of Russia. Piotr Samelov of the Re’ems wowed fans with his agile broom work and strong defense in the first half of the match. The golden snitch was eventually caught by Mariska Milenova marking a win for the Russian team.

o r i e n t  l e a g u e
In a surprising turn of events, the Beijing Bashe took the win in this match after Toyohashi Tengu’s star beater, Takahashi Keiko took an unfortunate tumble from her broom after crashing into Beijing Bashe’s Xie Xueqin. While some of the fans in the stand suspected a foul, the referee did not make the call. The golden snitch was caught by Beijing Bashe’s seeker, Su Xiao.
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Re: [announcement] september quidditch highlights
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".... this sort of fihnya is exactly why we left the Ministry."  >:(

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Re: [announcement] september quidditch highlights
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Keela is NOT
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