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Thomasina Tatton [ Board Mod ]
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[Lesson 1] Hey Mr. Postman [Open!]
« on: May 22, 2019, 05:53:41 AM »
The day was dark and dreary from the heavy rain spattering the school grounds. It was an indoor day for sure which sort of upset Thomasina as she had hoped to have a lesson outdoors this time. She wanted to introduce some fun games like Red Rover or Tag for the students to enjoy instead of normal studies. Sadly it seemed the universe was against this idea so they would have a regular type of lesson today.  "Oh well," Thomasina sighed in disappointment as she flicked her wand to close the curtains of her office and leaving for her classroom.

Upon reaching the classroom Thomasina waved her wand and moved the desks back to where they normally were situated in rows. Two students to a desk. With the second wave of her wand blank envelopes appeared upon each desk. Today's lesson would be on muggle communication and how they would get information across to each other. Upon reaching her desk she waved her wand again this time having multiple different objects appear upon it for demonstration. Placing herself in front of the blackboard she wrote her name in chalk before waiting for the students to arrive for her class.

Once the last couple of students trickled in she cleared her throat and began her lesson. "Welcome to Muggle Studies!" Thomasina made a large gesture with her hands in order to address the class. She knew this subject wasn't always the most interesting of subjects for them, but she figured if she at least gave them something to be amused by they would at least have a decent time. Her goal was to always make school easier for the students as this was their growing period and needed to be able to let off steam every now and then. She figured this class was a good way to do this even if this wasn't an activity type lesson. "Today we shall be learning about Muggle Communication methods. Now as I'm sure most of you are accustomed to how you get your mail through owl's yes?" Thomasina looked around for some nodding heads before continuing. "Now can anyone tell me how our Muggle counterparts communicate with each other?" She was looking for different answers of any variety from her students.

[OOC: this should be a rather faced paced lesson plan overall so don't feel too worried about long detailed posts if you don't feel inclined to.

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [Lesson 1] Hey Mr. Postman [Open!]
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2019, 08:46:38 AM »
Carey strolled into the class without a care in the world. Muggle studies was going to be a piece of cake. With his mother muggle born he was sure he knew everything there was to know about the subject. If there was any class, he was going to be able to do nothing in and pass his OWLs with flying colors it would be this one. Beside it being an easy grade some ministry positions highly recommend it.

Carey sat in the back left so if he used his time to do something else like an essay for another class or a game of exploding snap (with a help of a muffling charm) his Professor would not notice. Because how could any professor get mad at their star student? Placing his bag down he picked up and examined the muggle envelope left on his desk. It was to white and thin with a funny shiny strip just under the flap. He had seen his mother with a few of them before. Carey had even received a birthday card from his muggle grandparents in one, but he had never noticed the shiny strip before. This envelope was blank and new, while the ones he got had fixed image and stamped with a squiggly lined rune. The meaning of the image and squiggle in runes were still a mystery. Most wizard dont bother with that stuff and most don't even use envelopes making their own letter sheet instead.

The professor began the class and soon a question was addressed. The envelope would be a simple and easy to talk about, but Carey wanting to assert his advance knowledge. So he racked his brain for something not as well known. Thinking about his birthday cards he remembered his mother taking him to "call," so he could thank his grandparents for the birthday card. Although it had been a number of over three years ago, it was such an unusual experience that he remembered it well. Carey raised his had and when called a pawn he said, “Professor Tatton, don’t muggles talk to each other in the glass boxes, that stand on sidewalks. I remember... You put a muggle coin in it, and it tells you what the other person says.”

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Re: [Lesson 1] Hey Mr. Postman [Open!]
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2019, 08:14:46 AM »
Muggle studies was going to be easy, right? Just learning about how they did stuff and a bunch of lectures, and she could sit at the back of the class and look up every once in a while. Maybe answer a question or two, get a decent grade - result! Having arrived a little early she glanced around the half empty room before choosing a seat next to @Carey Baisley "Hey! You think we're going to write essays on these instead of parchment?" she asked, picking up her own envelope and examining it. Being Pixie, her examination went a little further than some of the other students and she peeled off the shiny strip, discovering to her delight that it was sticky underneath. She tried the sticky strip on her hand and made a skin print, then on the desk to pick up some dust, then accidentally sealed the envelope closed and tore it a little when she tried to reopen it (there seemed to be some sort of perforation that would actually make it tear), so she put it back on the desk and tried to pretend she'd never actually touched it in the first place.

Okay, so communication methods. Pixie could name lots of normal ways of communication. Owls, fireplaces, shouting really loudly...okay so not lots, but some. But muggle methods? She listened to what Carey said and was impressed, but then she remembered - those boxes. She'd seen some! In one of the streets back home, there was definitely one, because she'd gone inside it to explore to see if it made a good hiding place (it hadn't made a good hiding place, due to being mostly made of glass). But she remembered something else as well "Yes! Yes, they have little boxes inside with numbers on, like an Arithmancy tool. And then there are little cards in the boxes with pictures of people who want friends, and those cards have long numbers written on them" thankfully though not surprisingly Pixie was oblivious to the fact that the 'little cards with numbers' were mostly obsolete now, but had belonged to ladies working a certain profession, plying their trade "So I guess...the muggles have numbers as well as names, and if you put the right number in the box, THAT'S how it knows to tell you which person said something to you..?"

Satisfied, she sat back in her seat, giving Carey a grin as she did so.

Leona Natalya Millegan [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: [Lesson 1] Hey Mr. Postman [Open!]
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The fifth-year walked into her Muggle Studies class and took a seat near the front, but not in the front. Her seat also happened to be a window seat. She noticed the desks were less desk-like and more table-like, which reminded her of the tables in a science lab. She took her textbook and notebook out of her bag and placed it in front of her. She also took out her pencil bag and set it down next to her books. Leona rested her chin on her hand and turned to look out the window. The rain was coming down rather heavily, but the pitter-pattering of the drops soothed her, just like listening to classical music.

Leona heard class begin, but continued to look out the window, watching the rain. The topic of today's lesson appeared to be all about Muggle communication. In the Wizarding World, witches and wizards communicated via owl mail, but in the Muggle world, there were more options. Muggles had cell phones, even if they were older models, or they had a landline house phone. Muggles could also communicate via the mail, just like the magical community, although Muggles used the post office and postal workers to deliver the mail to the intended home. In response to the professor's question, Leona raised her hand, waiting to be called upon.


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