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No New Posts Alchemy

Alchemy is an art that has been practiced by every great civilization and is most commonly known for its attempts to turn lead into gold. However, alchemy is used for many other, more common purposes. Essentially, alchemy is the manipulation of the elements in such a way that one substance becomes another. In modern times, alchemy is used to create a wide array of concoctions that can be used for either exotic, powerful purposes, such as the Death Vice Potion, or more domestic, customary purposes, like the Abundant Foliage Mixture.

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No New Posts Curse Breaking

In Curse Breaking, students will learn the art of getting out of sticky situations. One needs to be powerful in order to remove a curse and practice makes perfect. Students will learn the correct order in which to go about removing a curse and the proper steps to perform this dark magic.

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No New Posts Curses & Hexes

Very similar to Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts, Curses & Hexes invokes negative results upon the target. Curses are primarily used as offensive spells to physically alter the nature of an object or person, usually to damage the target in some way. Hexes are a lesser classification of Curses. Whereas a Curse is naturally dark and used to impair something, Hexes are made dark by the caster and affect the target in a more minor, subordinate way.

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No New Posts Defense & Dueling

The art of dueling is one that has existed since the beginning of mankind, whether magical or non-magical. Not only will Durmstrang students learn how to duel, but they will learn sophisticated techniques and strategies to better their skills as a patron of magic, all the while mastering a craft that could one day save their lives.

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No New Posts Dragon Flying

Dragons, ancestors of the primordial dinosaurs which first walked this planet, are an ancient and wise race of creatures that have withstood the test of time. As much magical beings as we, dragons and wizards can accomplish much if they work together. At Durmstrang, students will learn the skill of living with and maintaining good conditions with dragons, as well as learning how to fly these creatures and explore the full extent of their unimpeded power.

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No New Posts Enchantments & Bans

Enchantments and Bans is an old and complicated subject. Ancient alphabets and mysterious gem stones are used to enchant items with magical properties and students will also learn how to create powerful runic protection mechanisms. From the self-inking quill to wards against spell work, much can be learned here through careful study and application of inscriptions, carvings and incantations.

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No New Posts Illusions

Is what you see real, or is it make believe? Can you trust your eyes when they can be fooled? Illusions is the study of weaving trickery into reality; facades, masks and layers of fiction over what is true and what is false. In this class you will learn how to create and disband these illusions as well as how to identify them in a normal situation. Illusions is the Durmstrang equivalent to Transfiguration, with a darker twist.

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No New Posts Magical Weaponry & Sword Fighting

Weapons, objects of destruction and death, have always been a subject of great interest to man. Whether it be a simple blade or the complex structure of a trebuchet, weapons can grant a person great power and later take another's life.

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No New Posts Melioration Magic

The best way to combat a disease is to never encounter it in the first place. In Melioration Magic, students will adapt the common muggle concept to their own studies, allowing them to excel in magical methods of harm prevention: brewing healing potions, learning complex protection charms, becoming proficient in curse reversal procedures, mastering survival techniques, and becoming skilled in mechanisms to improve the health, well-being or status of their target, which may very well be themselves one day.

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No New Posts Nautic Magic

Nautic magic deals with the mythos and facts regarding the sea, the winds, the stars, and how the three combine. The class will cover mythological creatures of the seas, the prophecies associated with the winds and seas, and navigation via stars and magic. Students will learn to identify creatures, how to predict storms (and the advanced classes may possibly learn how to 'create' storms), and enchantments to allow travel via sea and wind. As the preferred method of travel for the school (not individuals), learning about nautic magic and magical sailing is beneficial for all students who wish to know 'how' and 'why' Durmstrang is associated with the seas.

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No New Posts Necromancy

Necromancy is one of the oldest and most dangerous of all arts in the wizarding world. It requires immense skill and power to master the spells of the ancients, which are mostly wandless. Necromancy deals with blood pacts and blood magic, the art of taking control over creatures and the early stages of what would later evolve into Legilimency.

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No New Posts Sigilmancy

A hands on class, based on age-old theory in regards to sigils, grimoires, and how these have been and can be used in day-to-day life. This class will have elements of charms, defense, runes, foreign languages, metal work, and drawing.

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No New Posts Survival

The survival class teaches basic survival skills; everything from non-magical remedies (such as how to stop bleeding and avoiding infections) to lock-picking, escaping from ropes and bindings. Disease treatment will also be covered here. In this class, students will learn practical uses of spells and functions taught in other classes, such as Illusions, Defense & Dueling, Alchemy, and Melioration Magic. Due to this, prior knowledge of the subjects of Durmstrang will be required and thus students must be a fourth year and above to take the class.

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No New Posts Teacher's Offices

A place for teachers to talk among themselves or have individual sessions with their students.

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