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Re: Free & Taken Canon Characters
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Hi friends, after several months of waffling I’m here to take my biggest plunge and apply to play my alltime favorite Ron Weasley ~

Have spoken with his active siblings @Ginny Weasley, Bill @Nan, and Charlie @Kelly and also @Harry Potter and @Hermione Granger of course! If I’ve forgotten anyone I’m so sorry hahaha

The chicken was a little well done, but nothing that couldn’t be masked with gravy. It all sat, warming-charmed, on the back of the range. These days Ron was overestimating the time it took to make dinner. The first few months after he’d moved out of the Burrow, there’d been a lot of trial and error involved: time wasted as he burned things and forgot ingredients and couldn’t get charms right. He’d learned to set aside a good few hours to make something decent before Hermione got home. Nowadays he seemed to have improved. More often than not, he’d have time to sit down and relax before dinner in the evenings.

Ron looked over the little kitchen divider from his armchair, and grinned to himself. Maybe Harry and Hermione were saving the world, but could either of them cook a chicken worth eating? Not a chance. It still felt stupid in comparison, in some whingey little part of his mind, but Ron had been trying to allow himself pride in simple things. He wanted a life of simple things, and it’d taken him a long time to come to terms with that.

The contestant on the WWN seven-o-clock quiz flubbed a history question, and Ron glanced at his watch. Hermione still wasn’t home. This hadn’t been uncommon when she was working on her Elf Bill, but that was over and she was usually here by now. Ron had sent Pigwidgeon off an hour ago letting her know dinner was ready. He’d have done something faster, but she worked in a cubicle and Ron didn’t fancy sticking his head into her boss’s office fireplace. Hermione had told him that Muggles made telephones now that you could put in your pocket to use anywhere, and he’d been intrigued—but they wouldn’t work at the Ministry, or Diagon Alley, or Hogsmeade. Wizards, Ron reckoned, needed to get with the program. He wondered vaguely if he ought to put George on inventing something similar.

Crookshanks meowed plaintively from the doorway, and Ron looked toward him. Clearly he’d been waiting on Hermione too. Ron extended a hand toward the cat, a hopeless sort of You wanna sit on my lap instead? gesture. Crookshanks showed no interest and stalked back down the hall toward the bedroom.

Ron flicked his wand at the radio, turning it off as it shifted from the quiz show to a rebroadcast of last week’s Quidditch. He was just about to pick up the Prophet crossword puzzle when he saw Pigwidgeon’s compact form incoming out the kitchen window. Perking up, Ron turned his wand to open the window and await Hermione’s reply. Pig, however, had misjudged his landing trajectory. He rocketed through the window and skidded over the kitchen counter, upending Ron’s gravy boat as he came to a flapping, panicky stop.

“Pig!” shouted Ron, leaping out of his chair before his flash of anger rolled over into resigned annoyance. He felt like sort of an idiot as the owl scrambled for his footing in the puddle of sauce. “Feathery little pea-brain,” he grumbled, stepping forward to brush bread crumbs off Pigwidgeon’s back. “Don’t you start going the same way as Errol.” There’d been a number of similar incidents with the Weasley’s old owl, especially at Hogwarts. As Ron siphoned up the gravy with his wand, his mind jumped wildly to how embarrassed his future kids were going to be by this damn bird.

It always occurred to him a minute after thoughts like that that he and Hermione had money. Nothing compared to Harry or whoever, but more than he’d grown up with. Enough to get a new post owl someday and let Pigwidgeon calmly retire in his old age, instead of keeling over on the way to Auntie Muriel’s one morning like poor Errol had. It was a nice thought. A nice thought, but still sort of hard to imagine.

There was time to get more used to it, he figured.

Ron ruffled Pig’s feathers with one last Tergeo and then remembered Hermione’s reply. The parchment was, though wet with gravy, readable.

Something came up, I’m very sorry! Home by nine.


He smiled to himself, glad to see her writing and that no one was around to take the piss. He set the note aside and shooed Pigwidgeon out of the kitchen, then began to wash out the saucepan. He had enough time to make a new gravy, at least.

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Re: Free & Taken Canon Characters
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hello hello

can i revisit Su Li (canon-plus) please 🍑

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Re: Free & Taken Canon Characters
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hello hello

can i revisit Su Li (canon-plus) please 🍑

@Taylor approved!


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