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Britain Shop Listing
« on: August 07, 2011, 09:12:08 PM »
To those who own shops in Britain, please post a description of your shop here. (please note that London and Hogsmeade have their own shop listings.)

Please include at least the following:

Shop Name: (this is the name of the shop itself)
Street Address: (the specific location)
Owner: (the shop owner's name)
Employees: (a list of employees, NPC's included)
Hours: (hours of operation, from open to close)
Merchandise: (what is sold in the shop?)
Description: (the look of the shop exterior and interior)

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Re: Britain Shop Listing
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2012, 01:25:03 AM »

Shop Name: Eximius (meaning superb in Latin)

Street Address: Eximius is located on High Street in Old Aberdeen, Scotland. Its street number is 7 1/2 because of the chronological order and it not being visible to Muggles.

Owner: Callum Reilly

Employees: Emily Fleming (open for played or non played characters as well)

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Merchandise: Obviously, being a bookseller, the main quantity of the merchandise sold in Eximius are books. Bookmarks, quills, parchment, journals, planners, ink, and other related items are also sold.

Description: Eximius is a narrow hole in the wall, though it is roomier than it looks. It contains thousands of books, all stacked to the top of the walls, the top shelves almost reaching the ceiling. There are ladders on each wall to allow easy employee or customer access. Things are organized, but not necessarily in a systematic manner. Often, customers have to ask for help because the employees are more familiar with the mechanics and semi-haphazard organization of the shelves. Hanging from the ceiling are signs pointing to the various sections to guide customers to the general area they're looking to go to.

New arrivals are kept in a back room until shelved but can also be looked at with employee permission. In a few of the aisles, there are small sitting areas with a chair or two to allow a quiet place or just someplace to sit and evaluate the literature. At the front of the bookshop, it is more open with a table and a set of chairs, and towards the middle is where the "front" desk is located, with the door a little ways in front of it. It's a large desk with plenty of room for employee usage, with drawers and compartments necessary for appropriate storage.

There is a cozy ambiance in the store and it's quite old fashioned, partially due to the owner's age and partially because of its location in Old Aberdeen. It's open to the public wizarding community, but anyone that causes disruption will not be granted service.

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Re: Britain Shop Listing
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2012, 08:01:22 AM »

Shop Name:  The Drunken Hedgehog

Street Address:  426 Dittisham Road, Southern Devon, England

Owner:  Tempest Forscythe

Employees:  Victoria Wyman (NPC); 35 years old; former Hufflepuff; works on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; has short, red hair and blue eyes, medium height and weight; cheery and upbeat personality, bit clumsy, good-humored, drinks a lot of coffee and is generally rather hyper.

Hours:  Monday - Friday, 11 A.M. - 6 P.M.

Merchandise:  The Drunken Hedgehog is an all-purpose shop for magical pets.  One can find anything they might need on the various shelves and tables; chizpurfle collars to gnome repellant, kneazles to European fire-bellied toads, and more!  If a customer cannot find what they need, Tempest is willing to obtain said item(s) in a speedy time.

     Kneazles/Half-Kneazles:  Six in number with another litter on the way.  Kneazles have spotted fur, very large ears, and a tufted lion-like tail; these particular animals are mostly orange in color with brown spots, although two of them are a darker color with lighter spots.

     Crups:  Two adults and four pups.  Crups resemble Jack Russell Terriers in every way aside from their forked tail and their aversion to muggles.  They will eat almost anything.  White in color with brown spots.

     Aethonon:  One foal.  Chestnut color with cream-colored wings, mild temperament.  Aethonons are much smaller than their cousin, the Abraxan, which are roughly the size of elephants when full grown.  An Aethonon only grows to about the size of a Clydesdale, roughly 6” tall when fully grown; although certain males will exceed this in height.  Owners are required by law to cast a disillusionment charm on them on a regular basis.

     Fire-Bellied Toads:  Although they appear to be normal European Fire-Bellied Toads, bright lime green with black spots and bright, warmly-colored bellies, they are not.  In fact, they are not at all suited for a student to take to school.  They are known to spew fire when agitated or hungry, making them quite the oddity.  Tempest continues to sell them because they are “nifty.”  He also sales special fire-proof tanks for these creatures, it would be disastrous to throw them in a normal aquarium (you know, unless you like exploding glass.)  Favorite food?  Billywigs.

     Barn Owls:  Kept in an enclosure outside of the shop, Tempest has a good number of owls.  Since they are indeed domesticated, they are let out at night to hunt for their own food.  These are, aside from the crup puppies, his best-seller.  They range in color but all are sleek and well taken care of.

*Certain information is taken from the HP-Lexicon, other information is made up or based upon the realistic equivalent of these creatures.

Description:  Located in the southern countryside of Devon, there isn’t much else around the Drunken Hedgehog besides trees.  A small building made of sand and mud-colored bricks, it has very few windows and a faded green door bordered by an equally discolored wooden frame.  Over the door hangs a fairly new-looking sign that bears the name of the shop as well as a depiction hedgehog clutching a beer.  Although the frame of the roof is wooden, the covering is old-fashioned, more of a thatch than shingles.  A rarely-used chimney spouts out of the roof and all around the establishment there are flowers and herbs growing haphazardly – although it is a garden, most would think it to be the natural foliage of the area.  On the side of the house, there is a small patio with a backdoor, neither of which is used for business. 

Behind a small thicket of trees, there is a paddock in which the Aethonon is kept in.  No more than a yard away is the enclosure where the owls are kept.  Due to the nature of the animals he keeps, Tempest casts multiple muggle-repelling charms around his land.

Once inside, the lighting – or lack thereof – may be the first thing one notices aside from the smell.  It is a menagerie, after all.  It isn’t that it smells horrible, just extremely stale and musty.  As for the lighting, due to the lack of windows very little sunlight gets in and though there are a multitude of candles everywhere, it is still quite dim.  The front room makes up the shop, the back half of the building being Tempest’s home, and it is filled with an assortment of tables and every space on the wall is taken up by shelves.  On every surface there are salves, aquariums filled with fish as well as empty ones, cages with and without insects and creatures, potions, grooming supplies, food, and many other things.  If a customer cannot find what they need, Tempest has a record book up front for special orders and he does his best to find exactly what is needed or something similar.  In the middle of the shop there is a rather large pen where he keeps the crup puppies during the day – cute is good for business.

At the back end of the room is a long counter where purchases are made, to the right of this is a section entirely devoted to books about magical creatures – it is cut off from the main area of the shop by the tall row of bookshelves that it is made up of.  This is the only area of the shop that is well-lit.  Although it is not intended for customers to be able to sit and read a whole book without paying for it, there are a few mismatched chairs scattered throughout the shelves.
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Re: Britain Shop Listing
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Spoiler: "Translation" • show
The Broom & Room

57 Maesmawr, Rhayader, Powys, LD6 5PL

Trahaern Conway (NPC), proprietor, desk clerk, maintenance
Enid Conway (NPC), housekeeper, laundress
Catrin Conway (NPC), cook
Brynn Conway (NPC), barkeep, maintenance

The Ysgubell is a wizarding pub and inn in Wales, located at one end of Maesmawr in the market town of Rhayader.  Muggles see it as an condemned dump site, and the property is thoroughly covered in both the standard Muggle-Repelling Charm and a pair of other preventative spells invented by Morgan Conwy in 1789 when he was the proprietor.  Witches, wizards, and magical creatures have been using it as a waystation and travel destination since the Conwys built it in the 14th century.  Most of the original architecture -- stone mid-walls, crossed beams, and copper inlay -- remains intact, reinforced by regular maintenance, upkeep, and charmwork. 

Check-In:  1 pm - 9 pm
Check-Out:  9 am - noon
Kitchen Hours:  5 am - 9 pm, Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm Sunday
Bar Hours:  11 am - 11 pm, Monday - Saturday; 11 am - 10 pm Sunday

Ground Floor

Coming in through the front door on the east side of the inn, you will see the front desk straight ahead of you.  To the immediate left, in the southeast corner, is a spiral staircase leading to the upper floor.  Further west on the south wall is a hallway with doors leading to the small parlor rooms on either side (east and west).  Next to the front desk is a west-facing door that leads into the grand parlor.  Heading north from the desk, the lobby opens directly into the dining room, where fourteen round tables of varying sizes are spaced around the room.  Across the dining room on the north wall is a swinging double-door leading to the kitchen.  On the west wall, there is a plain door leading to a public restroom, and just north of that is the ornate door leading to the proprietor's quarters.
Upper Floor

Coming up the staircase in the southeast, visitors will end up on a walkway extending around the lobby and protected from falling by a chest-high balustrade.  All of the rooms for rent are on this level, all furnished with a clothes bureau, mirror, sink, private toilet, full-size bed, two lamps, reading chair, sofa, coat-rack, and two sets of shelves.  The rooms are blocked in pairs, with hallways extending along each grid and a window at every dead-end.

✦ The kitchen opens in the morning for Brecwast Cymreig llawn - cockles and laverbread, Welsh bacon or smoked fish, mushrooms, eggs, with tea or coffee or milk.  Between ten and noon, only a daily snack type is available, such as vegetables and dip, or cheese and crackers.  However from noon to kitchen closing at nine, a variety of dinner specials are available.

✦ The bar, complying with both Muggle and wizarding laws, opens no earlier than 11 am, and serves Muggle and wizarding beverages alike - very carefully checking the I.D.s and ages of all people asking for something stronger.  For the less-legal beverage seekers, fruit juices and sparkling ciders are also served.
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