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Zoe Dixon [ Guest ]
[Andorra] WANTED [Genevieve]
« on: March 29, 2014, 06:54:07 AM »

First year transfer student seeks group of library-minded individuals.
Enrollment in foundation courses a plus.
Muffins will be provided for extra incentive.

Second Floor Library, this Wednesday, 3 p.m. sharp.

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Nobody is even gonna show up.

In an effort to stop fidgeting, Zoe simply resorted to resting her head against the cold wooden table. She'd spent forty-five minutes (yes, forty-five) creating that notice and obviously she'd done it all wrong. What more could people want, really? She'd been quite proud of herself when she'd hung it on the bulletin board last Monday. It was short, simple, informative. Just a little bit of quirkiness and light-hearted humor, but not enough to undermine the overall purpose. Should she have been more specific? She'd considered putting "the round tables on the upper tier" instead of just "the library," but it didn't seem to roll of the tongue as much. What if people were lost? Quickly she sat up in her chair, and casually wandered towards the railing. Looking to the lower level, it was just as it'd been when she came. Students summoning books with a flick of the wand, pages turning automatically as quills danced freely on parchment.

With a bit of a deserved humph, Zoe plopped herself back into the chair, and angrily stared at her pile of textbooks. Grabbing the nearest one, she randomly flipped it open to the center. Chapter 23; ahead of where they were in class. She quickly eyed the passages, noting different purposes of various herbs and ingredients. I know this. I know that too. I know all of this. I know it all. She slammed the book shut with enough force to warrant a faint shhhhh from the students below. She folded her arms in protest. The truth was that Zoe didn't need to study. She did know most of these things, at least so far. What she really needed was a friend. A reason to stay in Vilaro on the weekends, instead of rushing off to Chatoeil or London or Diagon Alley or wherever else suited her fancy. An affirmation that she'd made the right choice. She didn't care if anybody showed up for a study group; that wasn't really what she was advertising anyway. She did care that nobody at the institute was interested enough in this transfer student's baked goods. She glanced to her watch again, now 3:10 p.m. She'd waited this long, what was five more minutes? She reached for the covered basket of muffins in the center of the table. Grabbing one, she took a large bite and chewed with discontent.

Even the muffins suck.

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Re: [Andorra] WANTED [Genevieve]
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2014, 03:06:11 PM »
Gen had seen the want ad for study group partners a few days prior to the time it was supposed to happen. She needed help so bad, she was close to being booted out, or at least giving up. She wasn't used to just scraping by, especially when she was putting forth her all. Just getting by wasn't what Genevieve wanted. She wanted to succeed in life, excel even. She wanted to show everyone that she was worth something and she could do it as long as she put her mind to it. But it was close to the end of the first semester and she was no closer to being a healer than she was when she started. When she saw the sign on the board though, she saw her opportunity. A study group, someone to help her get her grades up. Besides, studying in a group was almost always better then studying alone. Other people had different ideas.....

She made her way to the library, across the campus and through the crowd of people. She knew she was late, she just hoped they were still there when she got there. She pushed past a few people before making her way into the library. She looked around but saw no groups that looked like the group she was looking for. Her eyes scanned up and she smiled as she made her way for the stairs. She saw muffins, the sheet said there would be muffins. She set her stuff down next to the table and she smiled sweetly at the girl that was there. "Hello, so sorry I'm late, you know what it's like trying to get from one end of the campus to the other in a hurry." She looked around perked a brow. "Are we waiting for anyone else?"

She didn't see anyone, maybe they were late to, or maybe no one else was coming. Either way, it didn't much matter to Gen. She could care less if it was a big group or just someone to help her study. "I'm Genevieve by the way, but you can call me Gen if it's easier." She smiled and took the seat across from the girl. She was really pretty, and she seemed friendly enough. Gen just hoped she was upset that she was late. "These muffins for anyone right?" She smiled and took one off the plate before taking a bit. They were so moist and good. She smiled and ran a hand through her hair before reaching into her bag to grab her books. "Shall we get started then?" 
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Zoe Dixon [ Guest ]
Re: [Andorra] WANTED [Genevieve]
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2014, 05:27:47 AM »
Zoe's entire demeanor shifted as a beautiful redheaded girl approached the table. This was it. It was happening. She quickly swallowed her bite of muffin and sat up at the table, folding her hands on its surface and looking studious. Zoe was fairly confident she'd seen her around, but had she learned the girl's name? She found herself squinting slightly in concentration as the girl arrived. She apologized for being late, which Zoe appreciated. She did look a bit flustered, so she'd clearly made an effort to get there as quickly as she could. “Of course! Don't worry about it,” Zoe said, as warmly as she could muster. “I'm just glad somebody showed up!” she added, plainly. Zoe shook her head when the girl asked about others; it appeared it was going to be just her and mystery girl.

Zoe was excited as the girl settled into the seat next to her. This whole day was suddenly filled with promise. She envisioned heated debate between the two as they were deep into some philosophical topic. She could see the late night quiz sessions about the various properties of herbs and their combinations in popular medicine. Honestly, she imagined having someone to finally eat lunch with from time to time. Someone to call a friend. Somebody she could study with and share her love for academics. "I'm Genevieve by the way, but you can call me Gen if it's easier." Yes, because saying the whole name can be a bit exhausting... Nice, Zoe. Be nice. She's just being friendly. The remnants of her foul mood still rattled about in her head. Perhaps this wasn't the girl who'd be verbally sparring with Zoe. Not even a minute in, and Zoe already felt like she was passing judgment. She was disgusted with herself.

Smiling brightly the whole time, she never let the girl get even a hint about her inner concerns, instead nodding happily as the girl took a muffin. She appeared to be enjoying it. “Hi Gen,” she said, a little slowly, trying to keep her cool. “I'm Zoe, Zoe Whitmore. Nice to meet you,” she concluded. She waved faintly at the girl as she introduced herself, and hoped it wasn't as awkward as it had felt. Zoe blinked rapidly as she considered what to do next. "Shall we get started then?" Gen said, pulling books from her bag. Zoe was nearly overcome with emotion. She's brought her textbooks! Zoe was relieved to be reminded of this. Studying? That was something she could handle. Before they could get into the nitty gritty, Zoe needed to know where the girl stood, academically that is. She was pretty, nice, kind so far... but was she smart?

“Yes, yes definitely. I think we should start with the basics, since that's all we've really learned yet.” Zoe opened her own textbook to chapter four. “How comfortable are you with the limitations of episkey?” Zoe started, “I mean, I think it's pretty straightforward, and honestly, who would go to the medics to get something so minor mended? I mean when are we gonna start learning about ferula, you know? Now that would be some useful knowledge, wouldn't you agree?” Zoe said, all in one breath. She still couldn't believe she was sitting in this grand library, using real medical terms. It was just like she'd imagined.


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