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Author Topic:  [jaracas residence] sleigh bells ring, are you listening? [tag; zofia]  (Read 431 times)

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we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland.

Though Christmas was now over, that didn't stop him from playing Christmas music in the home of his parents'. The rest of the family had been gone on their typical holiday trip, and out of the kindness of their hearts let Jonas and his girlfriend stay at their home. Jonas' face almost fell off because he hadn't remembered the last time he was welcome in the house without utmost scrutiny by his parents and siblings. Perhaps things were changing, or maybe his mother just felt bad for him which was most likely the case of the invitation.

It was New Year's eve, and Zofia and Jonas had been outside building a snowman while the snow fell gently on their skin. He was in quite a good mood because due to the holiday weekend, it meant no work. No cares, except to take extra care of his dragon who was currently laying on the rug in front of the fire. Jonas had just went inside to check on her, and grab a carrot, hat, and scarf for their snowman. He didn't care if it seemed childish, it was fun to him and he felt like Zofia was having a good time too.

Just as he headed back outside, he stared into the cold winter night at the girl who was standing there, slightly shivering. He debated if it was time to go inside so he quickly walked over towards the blonde and wrapped his arms around her back and whispered "ready for some cocoa?" he smiled. He could feel her shake slightly as his fingers traced her back. "Let me just throw this on this poor guy." he said, as he let her go and went to put the hat, scarf, and carrot in place.

Then he went to grab Zofia's hand and lead her inside. "Juju is certainly enjoying the fire." he said as he started shedding his winter garb and setting it on the grand coat rack they had. "We should join her."
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