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[thailand] souls a'fire
« on: February 03, 2015, 03:22:13 AM »
"No no no, I swear that's what she said," Lulu said on a laugh as she glanced over at her friend, her grey blue eyes as bright as the sun overhead. Lulu Prescott and her healer friend were on a group trip to assist at an elephant sanctuary in a place Lulu had only dreamed of visiting - Thailand. It was a last minute thing and something Lulu hadn't put much thought into, but when Kit mentioned it, she couldn't say no. Especially considering her new job and salary allowed her to take weekend trips like this. It's not like she really needed more reason than helping elephants, but it is also February in Great Britain and not exactly bikini weather. This little impromptu trip was just what Lulu needed.

With dimples showing, she continued to press her point as she walked alongside Kit down a pebbled path that led down to a clear blue lake. "Erika said she convinced the mahout to let her wingardium that elephant and they floated along for a mile or so before some locals took notice," she continued. Lulu was in the middle of retelling an outrageous story about the last time her best friend had visited Thailand. Honestly? She was pretty sure it wasn't totally 100% truth, but hey Kit didn't know that. Plus it was fun because he was always sure to call her on the bs.

It was a warm day in Northern Thailand and Lulu wouldn't have it any other way. She glanced up at the fluffy puffs of white clouds above through rose-tinted sunglasses and didn't even mind the trickle of sweat on her brow. She didn't even want to think about wearing anything other than her bikini and cover up when she had to return home. This girl wanted her own beach and ocean every day, all day.

Nevetheless, she wanted to live it up while she was here and that's why they were trekking down the side of a hill to get to a secluded lake. They were with a small group of wizards and witches who had come on the elephant sanctuary trip with them and collectively they had all decided after a long day of caring for elephants that they would enjoy what Thailand had to offer. And today it meant cave exploring!

They were with a very petite, very chatty Thai witch who would be their guide and would be exploring a cave where muggles were not permitted. Lulu was apprehensive but excited in turns. Somehow Kit made her feel more at ease than if she had been here by herself, but she found herself twisting the rings around her fingers on her right hand. "Have you ever done this?" she asked Kit with a glance up at him.

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Re: [thailand] souls a'fire
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 04:24:38 PM »
"Mmmh," Kit thought aloud, his gaze exploring every new facet of Thai scenery as the group made their way to the lake that would serve as their starting point for cave diving. "Y'know," He was quick to add as he turned to Lulu Prescott. "I would say that there isn't a chance that story has an ounce of truth," The Healer pushed a few unruly waves of hair off of his forehead. "But given we are talking about Erika Trickett..." He paused, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "Really anythings possible," Kit shook his head with a small laugh. Considering the first time he met her she was falling off of a bar and on to him, it wouldn't be fair to rule out any story, no matter how absurd.

"She's quite reckless, your friend," The Englishmen directed his statement to the tall brunette that walked alongside him although his eyes were to the sky. "I can't imagine what sort of trouble she's cooked up for the two of you over the years," Blue-green eyes snapped to Lulu, a hint of mischief detectable even through his sunnies.

The Healer, ever observant, couldn't help but notice his friend nervously toying with the rings on her finger as she questioned his level of expertise with cave diving. Anyone else might not have noticed, but Kit did. He wasn't all that surprised given that their lovely guide had a penchant for trying to spook the group of travelers every chance she got. "I have," He smiled delicately, his tone as reassuring as if he were in the office treating a patient.

"She's not serious," Kit whispered to Lulu as he leaned into her her ear, his hand making it's way to her shoulder without a second thought. "Part of the tour. She's just trying to spook us," He gave a nod in the direction of their guide, who's back was now to them as she continued on her story about some creature that lived in the depths of the cave that preyed upon tourists.

It wasn't much longer before the group of 8 had arrived to the secluded lake that they would starting their adventure in. The water, although a shade deep blue, was crystal clear, and knocked the breath right out of him. "Looks like we aren't in London anymore, Lu," Kit let out a breath of contentment as he began to unbutton the white shirt he had over his swimmers. The guide instructed that they could swim for a little to acclimate their bodies to the temperature before the real adventure began. Kit excitedly dropped the article of clothing to a nearby rock before turning to Lulu. "Are you ready?" He asked with a grin.

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Re: [thailand] souls a'fire
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2015, 04:32:34 AM »
Lulu grinned and perked her eyebrows, shrugging her shoulders in a casual, if-you-say-so kind of way when Kit spoke of his doubts about her story. She couldn't hold back the smile completely though because even if she wasn't going to admit it to him, she was pretty sure he was right. She laughed along with him because she knew at least that part was true. With Erika, anything was possible. Even levitating elephants if she really wanted to. Playing into it, Lulu held up her hands and glanced over at him. "All I heard was that it almost became an international wizarding emergency. Flying elephants and all. If anyone could have done it, it would be Eri."

Pebbles crunched under her sandals, her bright coral nail polish gleaming on her toes, as they got closer and closer to the clear blue water. Lulu gave Kit a sidelong glance and tried, but failed, to hide her grin as she noticed his eyes dancing with mischief. "I don't know what you're talking about," Lulu said, feigning offense. "Erika and I are angels." She smiled and batted her eyelashes innocently just to prove her point. But then on a impulse, she moved closer to him, her arm brushing his, leaned in and whispered, "but even if we weren't, a lady never tells her secrets."

She spun her rings round and round on her finger, a nervous habit but Kit's hand on her shoulder and his reassuring words had a calming effect on her. Her shoulder tingled where he touched herLulu was glad to find out that he'd done this before and especially that everything the guide was saying was not 100% fact. That seemed to be the theme of the day apparently. "So there aren't slugs that can eat your toes off in the cave?" Lulu whispered back, repeating one tidbit the guide so graciously had warned the group about. She wasn't regretting her decision to come, but she also really wanted to keep all her toes..

Nevertheless, with the lake just a few feet in front of them now, Lulu seemed to have the same reaction as Kit. Awe. Appreciation. Bliss. She never wanted to go home and be out of this glorious sunshine. "Do we have to go back?" she asked with a grin as the guide instructed them to get used to the water. She shuffled out of her sandals, placed her sunglasses on top, took a moment to appreciate a shirtless Kit and then pulled her coverup over her head. "Let's go!" she said as she took the last few steps toward the water. It was warmer than she expected and refreshing and she didn't hesitate at all about wading in further until she was hip deep. With arms spread and her hands dancing along the top of the water, Lulu glanced back at Kit with a smile before diving gracefully underneath the water, stroking through the clear blue, waiting until the very last ounce of air in her lungs was used before pushing herself to the surface.

With one hand, she pushed her hand from her face and grinned. "Why haven't I come to Thailand before now?" she asked with a laugh before reclining to float on her back, her face toward the sky, enjoying the warmth from the sun.