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Author Topic:  Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment  (Read 961 times)

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Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment
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Welcome to Metamorphosis

I am delighted to be your instructor for this subject.
You will kindly refer to me as Monsieur Améliore, rather than Professor.
Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm; Saturdays, 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Metamorphosis is the academic study of magic that changes a fundamental existence, rather than modifying its characteristics or properties.  In our Metamorphosis class at Beauxbâtons, we will take a broad look at the four types of Metamorphoses (Transformation, Vanishing, Evocation, and Reversion) and practise those spells which are commonly used by witches and wizards.  We will also delve into the Theories of Metamorphosis and learn to think critically about magic from an ordered perspective.   
The textbook we will use is Métamorphose: Devenir Maître du le Changement by Cosme Chauveau.

Classroom Etiquette

Disciplinary Measures
You will be punctual.
This does not mean "on time," it means "early."
Have your wand, textbook, quill, inkwell, and parchment with you when you arrive.
If you are late, do not show up for my class.
I will not punish you beyond forcing you to miss the lesson of the day.
It is your responsibility to catch up, either by reading your textbook or by asking your classmates.
You will enter our classroom quietly.
Step over to your assigned seat.
Stand next to your seat until I start the lesson and give you permission to be seated.
When I am lecturing, I expect you to pay close attention.  This means that you will not speak unless I call on you for a response, and that you will be following along either in the text or with the demonstration.
If you do not comport yourself professionally:
• you will cost your House points (the number of which depends on how often you have done this);
• you will be set lines (the number of which depends on the severity of your disrespect).
When we are practising spellwork, I expect you to exercise due caution and attention.  This means that you will follow directions as exactly as possible.  Metamorphosis is a precise branch of magic and carelessness can have dire consequences.If you are not paying attention, or not participating:
• you will cost your House points (the number of which depends on how often you have done this)
If you make an accidental error, but are able to tell me what it is that you did wrong and how you would correct it, you will not be penalised.  I am more concerned with educating you than with punishing you.If you make an accidental error, and are unable to tell me what it is that you did wrong, you may be required to stay after class or come in during your free period until you understand your mistake.
If you purposely err while practising spellwork, you will be set detention.
How to Earn Points

How to Lose Points
• Be well-prepared for the lecture 
• Exhibit comprehension in your answers 
• Model proper behaviour for your classmates 
• Assist your peers without interrupting class 
• Demonstrate mastery in your spellwork
• Cause a ruckus when entering our classroom 
• Sit before you are instructed to do so 
• Fail to pay attention during lecture 
• Be a distraction to other students 
• Fail to participate in active practise

• Make sure you comply with MH's Basic Rules and Regulations when posting. 
• As in other classes and boards, please post in English - it will be understood that your character is actually speaking French, but not everyone can do so in real life! 
• When Metamorphosis class is available, I will make a post on the Timetable
• Unless there is an overwhelming flood of interest (by current Beauxbâtons students), all classes will be for all years, first through seventh. 
• Just because something is forbidden in the rules doesn't mean you can't try it - if your character would try to misbehave, go for it! Just pray you roll a natural 20 when Mˢˢʳ Améliore comes by. :Þ 

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Re: Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment
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Metamorphosis Enrollment

Please sign up for Metamorphosis here, utilising the code snippet below.
Once you have signed up here, you may post in our classroom immediately
(I will add you to the class roster as time permits).
Note that my class teaches first through seventh years
until otherwise indicated.

Important! By signing up for this class, you agree that
you have read the Syllabus and Rules and are ready to participate.

This thread has been updated for the first semester of the 2002-2003 school term.
There is currently an open September class thread;
however you are also welcome to thread with me for private tutoring, or to thread study groups amongst yourselves.

Code: [Select]
[o][b]Name: [/b] ~student name here~
[o][b]Year: [/b] ~student year here~
[o][b]House: [/b] ~student house here~

Bruno Baumann (7ᵉ)aucun 7ᵉ étudiants OmbreluneSabrina Sasseville (7ᵉ)
aucun 6ᵉ étudiants BellefeuilleElisabeth Sturm (6ᵉ)aucun 6ᵉ étudiants Papillonlisse
aucun 5ᵉ étudiants Bellefeuilleaucun 5ᵉ étudiants Ombreluneaucun 5ᵉ étudiants Papillonlisse
aucun 4ᵉ étudiants Bellefeuilleaucun 4ᵉ étudiants Ombreluneaucun 4ᵉ étudiants Papillonlisse
Sabela Portela (3ᵉ)aucun 3ᵉ étudiants Ombreluneaucun 3ᵉ étudiants Papillonlisse
Théotime Travars (2ᵉ)aucun 2ᵉ étudiants Ombreluneaucun 2ᵉ étudiants Papillonlisse
aucun 1ᵉ étudiants Bellefeuilleaucun 1ᵉ étudiants Ombreluneaucun 1ᵉ étudiants Papillonlisse
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Re: Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment
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  • Name: Bruno Baumann
  • Year: 7th
  • House: Belle

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Re: Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment
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Re: Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment
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  • Name: Elisabeth Sturm
  • Year: 6th
  • House: Ombrelune

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Re: Metamorphosis Syllabus and Enrollment
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