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Nikodim Balaur [ Inactive Character ]
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[St. Petersburg] Call it anything [Kat]
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:43:27 PM »
The ball was pretty much exactly like every single Pureblood event Nikodim had ever attended: gorgeous, pompous, and completely insufferable after about a half an hour. There were only so many times the massive Russian elemental could pretend to be interested in the schemes and plots of his fellow elite. Truthfully, he'd rather be just about anywhere but here. He would have left an hour in if it weren't for the fact that he knew a friend would be quite cross with him if he up and deserted her. Katerina was not a witch he wanted angry at him. He smiled as he thought of his young friend. He was waiting for her on one of several balconies. It was empty, at the far end of the hall, away from the more alluring music and intrigue. Of course, its position was exactly why Nikodim had picked it. The only person who would come out here was someone who wanted to avoid the crowds.

So far, Nikodim was lucky. He had to fend off very few people from his spot. A pair of giggling lovers, an older wizard who was clearly drunk but they had fled with a single look from the impossibly tall and well-built man. He was imposing, in his long winter robe, black with a blood red interior buttoned all the way up the left side of his chest with obsidian buttons. His medium length blonde hair was swept back from his strong face and bright gray-blue eyes. He watched the interior of the hall, scanning the crowds he could see for a familiar face full of mischief.

Nikodim finally turned, looking out over the grounds. The lawns and gardens were a study in contrast. White snow blanketing everything in sight, the shadows darker where the torches didn't shine their light. A wonderful winter scene, peaceful and serene. The sound of a familiar voice caught his ears, and he turned away to see Katerina caught by the same drunk wizard Niko had to glare down earlier. It appeared his inebriation had only progressed. He winced in sympathy. His face was very close to Kat's and his breath could not have been pleasant.

Three long strides and he was behind Kat. It took a moment for the old drunkard to realize Nikodim was there, although from the slight shift in Kat's stance he guessed she had felt someone come up behind her, even if she might not know it was him. The other wizard finally registered the large Russian's presence. Nikodim held his eyes, giving him a look that could peel paint. He mumbled an apology and staggered away. "You have the worst luck at these parties," he finally said in Russian, his voice a low rumble. His expression softened and he smiled broadly as he looked down into Kat's face. "Dobryy vecher. I thought you'd never get here. I was pinning fiercely."

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Re: [St. Petersburg] Call it anything [Kat]
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2016, 03:17:19 PM »
Just as Kat was deciding on which hex she would have to ram down the throat of the drunk man who had clearly either forgotten or never learned what the phrase ‘personal bubble’ meant, she thought she might’ve faintly heard the sound of someone coming up behind her. But it wasn’t until her unwanted suitor scuttled away that Katerina found herself turning to thank the stranger, only to find that it wasn’t a stranger at all – it was Nikodim.

Offering him a warm smile Kat laughed “Mm. Tell me about it, although I think the worst of the luck is having to come to these balls..” she added cynically. And this was coming from a girl who enjoyed dressing up and a good bit of fashion, but the truth was that she was just tired of the same old song and dance. Not one to complain for long, Kat offered her friend another laugh “Sorry, my little brother Ivan, wasn’t any more keen on coming than I was. It took us a bit longer to get everyone out the door.” The truth was her parents had left her in charge of making sure her younger sibling was out the door and in attendance without actually asking her, it was woefully typical. And no matter how much she loved Ivan (which was a lot) she didn’t enjoy having to convince him that yes, he had to go, when she didn’t want to go herself.

Not wanting to dwell too much on the drama that had already begun to envelope the night Kat turned her attention to her companion “So, my friend, how have things been since we last saw each other?” in truth it had only been a handful of weeks, but pureblooded society tended to move quickly, and things had likely changed enough to warrant an update. 

Nikodim Balaur [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [St. Petersburg] Call it anything [Kat]
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2016, 09:48:50 PM »
Niko tutted in a show of playful disapproval. "So young and already so jaded," he sighed dramatically. "I was at least ten years older than you are now when I entered my 'social nihilist' stage." His smile was broad and warm as he offered her his arm to escort her out onto the balcony. The elemental chuckled softly. "Poor Ivan," he said solemnly. "I can only imagine what you had to bribe him with in order to get him out of the door." Nikodim had met her younger brother and the two got on well as Nikodim could keep him entertained with stories of his travels through Asia. It helped that the burly Russian kept a stash of candy on his person which could usually be counted on to bring a smile to Ivan's (and Kat's) face.

The large man shrugged and sighed. "In the last two weeks I had to fend off no less than six matchmaking busybodies who just happen to drop by with one or two of their eligible daughters or nieces in tow." Nikodim shook his head. "I'm not at my best during unexpected social calls." He looked at Kat, his face a mixture of embarrassment and chagrin. "I stiffen up into a giant block of wood. Their aunts just talk at me while the poor girls look on, terrified that they might end up marrying such an uncomfortable old man. One was barely fifteen! I do not know what other men my age are up to but I am not in the habit of dating babies." He shook his head, thinking back. "Of course it could be worse. One girl cornered me earlier tonight, getting very... 'handsie' would be the polite way to put it." Nikodim huffed. "I wish our society didn't see single girls as property to be sold off to the highest bidder." He glanced at Kat, knowing that even now her parents were probably in some closeted room, trying to marry her off for prestige and money.

"Come, this hall is stuffy. I do not know if you've had a chance to see it, but the ground here are a wonder in winter." He wanted to get Kat away from the hall, away from the games that were played with the lives of others. He grinned mischievously at his young friend and whispered, "I even found a way down off the balcony that doesn't require that you climb down a trellis. The first time Kat and Niko had met, the two had climed down the side of a building in order to get at the rose gardens and escape the utterly boring party. "I think I even spotted a lake that should be nicely frozen."

Kat Bojkova [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [St. Petersburg] Call it anything [Kat]
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2016, 11:59:36 PM »
Taking the arm Nikodim offered Kat replied “Jaded is the new thing, hadn’t you heard?” she teased. At his sympathy for Ivan Kat shrugged lightly “It is hard on him, but this time it was mostly his own stubbornness that caused the problem.” He was the lucky one tonight, he’d be getting to leave early with the nanny that their parents had requested, since the last time they’d made him stay later, the boy had nearly managed to turn the hostess’ wine into something all too unidentifiable. Kat had to admire her younger brother’s nerve, and she hoped he never lost it.

Kat grimaced sympathetically, as she was starting to learn, unannounced visits made by potential suitors were all too uncomfortable “I doubt anyone is. Since they’re unannounced after all…” she said nudging him with an elbow in an effort to lighten the mood “But six of them in that span of time would likely do anyone in too. I’m surprised you haven’t set it up so that someone tells you when these unwanted guests arrive.” It never failed to baffle Kat that people thought it okay to shove their noses into other people’s private lives. She might’ve been pureblooded, but she hadn’t gotten the gene that bred total unawareness of actual propriety.

“Hands-y women at a party like this? Who would have thought?” she said grinning “But really, it is almost astonishing how quickly some guests get into their cups at these things.” Kat was never one to turn down a good drink, or a good party for that matter, but it never made sense to her to do it at public events, with all the beady little eyes of the old hens waiting to spread the news about who was doing what, when, and with whom.

“I’ll consider myself lucky then. But I would have climbed down a trellis again anyway, it’s at least more interesting than politics and useless gossip.” She said truthfully, and wondered what sneaky passageway her friend had found, and waited for him to lead the way.

Nikodim Balaur [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [St. Petersburg] Call it anything [Kat]
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2016, 05:50:58 AM »
Nikodim shrugged, smiling crookedly. "I am Russian, my dear girl," he replied with feigned pomp. "We were made for suffering. It is part of my nation's history. If I let myself be warned, how could I uphold our great tradition of being unhappy?" He was only partially teasing. His family history was not a happy one, and even his own personal story was more tragedy than anything else. He wanted Kat's own life to play out for the better.

The burly wizard sighed and rolled his eyes. "You think people would know better than to let themselves go at an event like this." He gestured back in the direction they had come from, continuing, "I can almost guarantee that old man will be the talk of the week. Little old witches will be tutting about who he flirted with and how soon he was found passed out in a pile of coats." He smiled broadly down at Kat, affection in his face. "Sometimes I think that the only two sane people at these functions are you and me."

By now they were at the balcony and Nikodim pulled Kat aside, closer to the railing. The stone wall out the building was covered in vines. Nikodim pushed aside some of the vines, revealing a stairway down to the grounds. "I imagine this particular feature was designed by someone who hated these kinds of parties as much as we do," he joked, winking at the younger Pureblood.

He lead the way down, having traveled this path before bringing Kat, he knew nothing surprising waited at the bottom. Just the garden, pristine in the snow. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Nikodim asked, looking out over the expanse of unbroken white. "Reminds me of where I grew up. The silence. Snow in the moonlight." He looked back at her, smiling and offering his hand again. "There's a pond, perfect for skating, a little ways out if you're up for it."


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