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[tartarus] sky on fire. [tag; ba'al]
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"Thanks, Billy."

With a soft thud, a tall blonde jumped off the bow of the ship and landed on the jetty, the wood creaking in protest beneath her weight. Turning, she gave a cheery wave towards the captain. Erika had hitched a ride. She had a lot of contacts. William Grimauldi, or Batshit Bill as he was more commonly known, had worked with her a few times. They were friends. He was docking at Crete and as soon as Erika caught wind of it, she asked if she could join. They went way back. They were loyal, purely because Erika could keep her word.

She'd been on board for two days, having been picked up at the port of Teignmouth. It was lucky that she liked the water. It had been slow but easy, giving her plenty of time to read over her notes and pack her bag. She honestly thought Tartarus was a myth, like Atlantis but as soon as she heard there was an assignment going, she almost fell over herself to get there first.

It was late December but it was a barmy twenty degrees, feeling much more like summer than mid-winter. Erika would more than likely be away for Christmas, depending on how long she wanted to stay and how fast she got her work done. That being said, she wasn't keen to rush. What did she have to go back home for? She'd be attending a party without a date, eating turkey that she didn't even really like and feeling cornered when her numerous aunts why Murphy hadn't proposed yet. It was a sore subject. Tact did not run in the Trickett family.

Behind her, Erika heard the growl of the ancient diesel engine as the tugboat reversed, the waves breaking against the shoreline as the smoke drifted out of the funnels. Waving again, she watched Billy manoeuvre his craft. It was old. The paint was chipped and it looked like it needed some serious TLC but she'd gotten here in one piece. The Fair Weather was the name of the boat and she smiled as it put-puttered its way across the crystal blue waters, heading towards Crete.

The arrangement was that Billy was to collect her in three days. If she wasn't waiting at the dock at three in the afternoon, she was either dead or she changed her mind and he wasn't to wait for her. Simple as.

Erika had checked and double checked her kit. Magic was fickle on the island; sometimes it worked but more often than not, it didn't. She'd had to go back to basics. In her heavy khaki rucksack were various things. Map and compass. A knife. First aid kit containing potions as well as bandages and a needle and thread, just in case she needed to sew herself up. Again. A tent, sleeping bag, pencils, various journals, a camera and a flask for water. Basic rations but she didn't need a lot.

Once the cloud of diesel fumes had subsided, Erika blinked. "Wow," she sighed wistfully as she looked around. It was beautiful. Warm and clear, the water was a shocking shade of turquoise. She could hear running water. Waterfall? She'd have to check that out. White beaches, a warm breeze, Erika felt like she'd set foot on paradise. Just then, an uneasy feeling washed over her. It felt like a punch to the gut, the invisible hand twisting and turning, making her feel queasy. She shook her head as a thought crossed her mind; Murphy would love it here.

Not that it mattered. They'd have a row and they'd broken up. A clean split. They hadn't spoken or seen each other in months. He wasn't answering her letters so it was clear that her feelings were a one way street. She had told her mum that they were no longer together. The information had been passed on but even though people knew, they still asked about him, about where he was, about why she hadn't brought him, about why she was so sad.

Drops of sea water landed on her tanned and freckles cheeks, stinging them briefly. Her long blonde hair was tied back into a tight braid, her face free of make up. Dressed simply in a cream coloured vest and a pair of dark shorts, she'd made sure to rub plenty of sunscreen and various types of insect repellent onto all of her exposed skin prior to disembarking. This would be the perfect place to immerse herself. Erika had an innate desire to explore. She could feel it now, niggling away at the back of her brain, the voice telling her to start right this second. She wanted to have a look around. She wanted to see if there were caves she could look around. There were already cliffs she could jump off.

But first things first.

Her cousin, Torrence, had given her a list of herbs she needed to collect. His writing was rather illegible but he'd drawn clear diagrams for her to follow. She should probably get there first. Unfolding her map, she pressed her compass to the paper. There were plenty of things she needed to see and do. Gringotts had sent her in search of a few items.

Erika felt uneasy. She could never tell if the goblins were lying to her but then again, why would they? Erika wasn't a thief. She was an explorer. Out of her pocket she opened a small slip of parchment, drawn on it was a beautiful golden necklace. It was painstakingly made. Apparently, it had been made from goblin gold. The drawing was detailed, showing a thick but short linked chain. If Erika was to wear it, she supposed the chain would press against her clavicle, like a choker. It held two golden discs and two golden wings in a filigree style, each exquisite and delicate.

The tall blonde heaved a heavy sigh. "I hope this isn't haunted like the last one," she mumbled, shoving the drawing back into her pocket as she opened her map and began to walk. It was very quiet. All she could hear was the gentle and soothing lapping of the crystal clear waters beneath her feet. On she went, twisting the needle of the compass to find Due North and smiling when she did.

Her smile, however, faltered when she saw who was blocking her path into the island. "What the Hell are you doing here?"

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Re: [tartarus] sky on fire. [tag; ba'al]
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Re: [tartarus] sky on fire. [tag; ba'al]
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And he went down like a sack of spuds.

Confused, Erika blinked as she took a half-step backwards. She and Ba'al didn't know each other well but they knew enough to realise that they didn't really get on. Was it too late to call Billy back? Looking over her shoulder, she realised with a sinking heart that it was. The dilapidated diesel tug was already chug-chugging its way back through the crystal clear waters. Typical. No escape now.

She offered a sunny smile. "Dr. Livingston, I presume?" She asked dryly. It was a thinly veiled insult that she was sure he'd miss. Tilting her chin up, she reached out and deftly plucked a stray bit of kelp from his shirt. He looked every inch the intrepid explorer from a time gone by. Very much Victoriana. Thankfully, his tall frame was blocking most of the sun and she no longer had to squint.

Casually, she shrugged as she folded her map back up neatly. "Just having a look," she said sweetly. It wasn't far from the truth, really. She actually counted herself lucky that they hadn't crossed paths before now. Ba'al was very much a scientist, mixed with historian and a pinch of goody-two-shoes. They operated differently. He had his tools and Erika had her fists.

A look of righteous indignation crossed her pretty face which soon twisted into a look of surprised hurt. "Plunder?" Erika spat, her bright blue eyes wide as though the man had mortally offended her. "What do you take me for?" She snapped. "Some kind of common thief?" Of course he did, he needn't answer that question at all.

"I beg your pardon?" Erika counted, gob smacked by his words. "It's not the sixteenth century, I don't need a chaperone," she tutted. She felt as though Ba'al was shunting women's rights backwards by five hundred years. She looked him over swiftly and heaved a sigh. "I promise I won't go poking around with the flora and fauna," she mumbled, heaving a heavy sigh and folding her arms across her chest sulkily like a sullen child. "I have a gentle touch," she stated. "You know that," the tall blonde replied with a flirty wink.

She couldn't be trusted? Outraged, she inhaled quickly and held her breath until her cheeks turned pink. Her nanna said that if she couldn't say anything nice then she shouldn't say anything at all. The archaeologist was right, more or less. Erika did have a habit of asking questions later. She was reckless and flighty and stupidly brave but she had a good head on her shoulders and she didn't like him casting aspersions. She was here for a few days to look around, not endure a character assassination from someone who looked like he'd fallen out of an eighteenth century explorer's handbook.

"Why?" She asked sharply, lips pursed in distaste. "What have you heard?" They were just rumours. Something about mermaids? She'd never met one. Except maybe for Maia but she wasn't quite sure what the redhead was but she wasn't sure she was totally human. "You know I don't believe in ghosts stories, Ba'al," she told him as she tutted darkly. "It all looks perfectly nice so far," she said, gesturing to the crystal waters, sandy beaches and warm breeze. If she was here for a few days, she was sure to tan. She needed one.

"Don't be such a scaredy cat," she teased as she turned to look at the volcano. "Dormant or active?" She asked him softly, her eyes flicking back and forth for any tell-tale signs of smoke coming from the crater. She wondered where a golden necklace would be. Hidden in plain view or just plain hidden? She folded her arms again and rubbed them, suddenly feeling chilly. Oh she really hoped it wasn't on some sort of ancient altar. The last time that happened, she'd almost lost a hand.

"Well," she said briskly, clapping her hands together. "If you're going to be my shadow, we might as well get cracking." She picked up her bag and slung it across her shoulder, turning as her boots dug into the sand and opening her maps again. Muttering to herself, she drew a finger across the map. "Quickest way to the jungle looks like through the waterways," she said, squinting at the overly bright sun. "We can find a boat. Unless you fancy a dip?" She asked with a sunny smile.

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Re: [tartarus] sky on fire. [tag; ba'al]
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Re: [tartarus] sky on fire. [tag; ba'al]
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Erika blinked. "I'm not great with animals," she offered truthfully. She liked nature well enough, sure, but animals didn't really like her. She trusted Ba'al's judgement. This was an odd sort of place. She felt distinctly uneasy and she didn't know why, it felt like she was walking on sheet ice over a frozen lake. Had she been inclined, she imagined she could make a fortune if she studied the flora and fauna here. Erika felt a little guilty, barging in and ruining the poor man's trip.

"I'm sure they're just pulling your leg," the blonde said breezily as she wafted through the leaves, something rustling around in the undergrowth near her feet. She flashed him a bright smile. "Live a little, Ba'al," she added brightly as she looked around. The hairs on the backs of her arms prickled as they stood on end, goose bumps rapidly spreading on her exposed skin as she heaved a shudder and grimaced. "Maybe you have a point," she mumbled gently.


That made Erika stop and spin around, squinting at the taller man. "An island witch?" She hadn't said anything but she did have the distinct feeling that they were being watched. She grimaced. "Sounds a bit excessive," Erika replied as she looked over her shoulder. "Do you think we should introduce ourselves?" The curse breaker scratched her head thoughtfully as she frowned. "I mean no harm. I just came for a look around, really. I hope we're not interrupting." Pausing, Erika mentally sent out good vibes, as though this would some how appease said island witch.

She watched Ba'al briefly. "Mm," she agreed darkly. He was, of course, correct. This was a vivid and strange place where magic often failed. It was filled with oddities and shrouded in mysteries, most of which Erika didn't want to go poking. "Me too," she added gently. She sincerely hoped said necklace wasn't one of her favourites. "If we run into her," she began as she trailed after him. "Do you think she'd believe we're newlyweds on our honeymoon who just so happened to fall off the beaten track?" She smiled at him again. "I feel like I should call you Snuckums, just in case we need a cover story."

Erika lingered back as she looked around. This place was insane. It was like every explorers dream. She could smell the salt from the water and the must from the leaves, her eyes distracted by flashes of vibrant colours beneath her feet. Her fingers itched to dip in and test the temperature. The fish looked like fun but Ba'al was the expert, not her, and if he wasn't going in then neither was she.

"Oh goodie," Erika said, her words tinged with sarcasm. From previous experience, drawings meant they were entering a world of pain. Stepping behind him, she reached out a finger and gently poked it. Nothing happened. She watched Ba'al with interest and she was amused. It was like a different side of him was emerging. She'd always been impressed, if not a little jealous of his talents. As he spoke to himself, she watched the bright and strange snake-fish hybrids with interest.

"Seems a bit misguided," Erika offered. Ancient Greek wasn't her forte as she was much more familiar with hieroglyphs but she had a look anyway. He was right. They looked wrong, distorted, confused. "Chariot?" She echoed, a look of confusion crossing her face briefly. "Wait, don't--"

She let out a squeak of fear, her pale fingers reaching for the back of Ba'al's shirt so she could haul him backwards. Her pale blue eyes were wide in surprise as a dinky little boat popped up. "Nice," she whispered as she leaned over the edge of the dock, the wood creaking in protest under her weight. The grungy colour has dissipated, leaving the beautiful azure colour behind. "Well if this doesn't mirror the River Styx, then I don't know what does," she joked with a laugh and then the realisation hit her and she shot him a panicked glance. He'd mentioned the word "chariot". It could easily have been Charon instead. And a boat had appeared. She gave another laugh, albeit this one sounding decidedly more nervous. Just a coincidence, she told herself as she hesitated. They weren't that far from Greece, after all. She just hoped that they hadn't accidentally stumbled across the river of the dead.

Taking a breath, she hoisted her bag and stepped into the boat as she steadied herself. Erika wasn't a huge fan of boats as she'd suffered terrible seasickness for years but needs must. She blinked at him. "You're gonna have to," she told him. Then she sighed. "Not to tempt fate," she added, trying to sound cheery as she held out an oar for him to take. "But be my Charon," she said, gesturing to the edge of the boat. "Or gondolier. Whichever panders to your demographic." He'd have to stand and use the oar like a pole and ferry them across because there was no way in Hell she was going by herself.

"Okie dokes," she said breezily, placing her hand on the edge of the rotting dock as she pushed the boat away, sending them wafting into the middle of the clear blue water. Erika leaned over the side of the boat and gently dipped the tip of her finger into the abyss. The water was bright. It looked like it was lit from within somehow and it seemed to glow.

Beneath her fingers swam shoals of strange and unusual things. "It's really deep," she told Ba'al as they drifted further into the cavern. "I think I can see ships," she said aloud as she leaned further over the edge of the boat, entranced by the shifting colours and glittering scales. It felt like they were drifting above some sort of hidden city. She could see coral and rock formations and something glittering deep below, glittering and winking at her in the light. She leant further over the side of the boat, her nose almost touching the surface when she gave a scream as she was suddenly nudged, sending her splashing into the blue.


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