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[Information] Herbology Class
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Welcome to Herbology!

IC Information your Character should know about Nazreen and the Greenhouses:
?  This is Professor Nazreen's third term teaching Herbology at Hogwarts, the year of the Dome was her first. She doesn't own a home, doesn't sleep inside her professors quarters, and instead is often found on the edge of the woods with a small campfire when not in the Greenhouses. She sleeps under the stars and rarely goes inside the castle except for meals, late night snacks, and to hang out with @Fflur Blevins
?  Unlike some of her predecessors Nazreen greatly encourages that students socialize during class, is never upset by tardiness (she is usually a bit late herself), and very rarely deducts house points. Trouble making students and opportunists may take this information to their advantage ;]
?  The only sure fire way to earn detention (which she always uses as a "teachable moment" in the greenhouses doing chores) is to disrespect the plants and other students. Purposefully hurting the plants (which she considers to be sacred) will earn detention and loss of house points for all responsible parties.
?  After, during, and before classes students are welcome to hang around in the Greenhouses and especially in the northern corner where she has quite a few pillows and bean bags scattered about. Nazreen often serves tea after lessons and loves when students stop by even just for a moment. She is always available for a chat, though rarely gives the answer a student might think they are looking for.
?  Students are also allowed to keep their own breeds of plants safe in the greenhouses.
?  During the events of the Dome parts of the greenhouses were destroyed and over run by inky dark creatures and while Nazreen has used every spell she can think of and a good bit of elbow grease she has not been able to remove all remnants of them. Dark burn marks from where creatures were exterminated scar the walls of the other greenhouses. Despite almost constant incense in use there is a faint smell of sulfur in the greenhouses.
? The Greenhouse farthest from the castle was hit the hardest during the Dome and has been condemned for the time being. Gnarled vines twist their way up the outer walls and the doors are always shut. Students are not permitted to enter but there more than a few rumors about the things that are growing inside. Stories ranging from monstrous muggle eating plants to hybrid strains of magical (and recreational) herbs have been in circulation.
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