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[DADA] Information and Registration
« on: September 15, 2017, 11:14:11 AM »

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Elective Class: Defense Against No-Maj Hysteria

Defense Against the Dark Arts is a theoretical and practical lesson upon combative and defensive magic. This class will focus on a balance of theoretical and practical styles of study. Each class homework will be given for the class either to be done afterwards or during the class, there will be time allotted for such acts, and Professor Monty will be there to help each student along the way to complete their coursework. There will also be an elective class, open to those who wish to take it, on Defense Against No-Maj Hysteria where students will learn how to deal with aggressive No-Maj who refuse to believe in the possibility of magic. This elective class is NOT meant to show off your magic to make no-maj believe in magic, but rather on how to deal with them in a non-magical way to help survive in their world views.

To Sign-up:
Code: [Select]
Would you also like to sign-up for No-Maj Hysteria?: (Y/N)

✮ = Defense Against No-Maj Hysteria Student

Thunder Bird
Isis Arceneaux - 2nd ✮
Tsukishima Arashi - 5th ✮
Adam Nguyen - 5th

Alohilani Ku'umomimakamae - 4th

Horned Serpent
Shimmer Vega - 7th ✮
Sylvia Crowne - 1st ✮
Leah Fitchie Miller - 1st ✮

Mary Lou Bird - 6th ✮

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Re: [DADA] Information and Registration
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Name: @Sylvia Crowne
Year: 2nd year
House: Horned Serpent
Would you also like to sign-up for No-Maj Hysteria?: (Y/N)  Yes.


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