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Author Topic:  Overview and 2001-2002 School Year Class Syllabus  (Read 383 times)

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Overview and 2001-2002 School Year Class Syllabus
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Arithmancy Rules

1. Register in the class registration thread so you can be added to Timothy's role list. 
2. One liner posts are not going to get by here. I don't expect a novel, but a little effort goes a long way! I allow you to use colored text as long as it is not difficult to read. If it is difficult to read, I will let you know so you can change it.
3. Timothy is a kind man who has a lot of room for forgiveness, however he does not tolerate class interruption and tardiness. If you so chose to post your character being late or causing a class disturbance, Timothy will respond as a teacher would.
4. Don't be afraid to interact with Timothy and other students. The more involved you are, the better your experience will be.
5. Timothy does assign homework. Homework's will be based solely on the lesson so make sure you're paying attention so you don't miss anything!
6. And finally, enjoy what we're doing. I will make lessons as fun and engaging as possible. This classroom is a place to have fun!  :) :)


Welcome to Arithmancy! This class is a paced course for 3-7 years and is structured to teach young wizards and witches about the mathematical properties of magic and how those properties are applicable to every day uses of magic. This course is recommended for any who question "why" when it comes to magic. This class will also be useful for those students who are looking to go into the medical field as St. Mungo's takes preference to those who have taken at least two years of an Arithmancy course.

Below is the required reading that will be utilized in the course. There were no summer assignments so these texts will be used in class.
Arithmancy for the Young Mind
Secrets of Magic
The Arithmasts Handbook

These three texts will be used to highlight lessons taught in class, therefore they will not be taught. Students will also not be able to pass the course by simply reading the book and not listening in class.

Through this school year, we will cover many topics. These topics are broken into units. Each unit will be concluded with a test. All units will be referenced in the final exam. They are as follows:
-Properties of Arithmancy
-Arithmancy in Ancient Magic
-Arithmancy in Modern Magic
-Arithmancy in Health Practices
-Arithmancy's Future

Overall, I think that this course is going to be something all students will love. I am honored to be teaching you and welcome you to Arithmancy!

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