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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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"Carey! Are you all right?"

Annabelle had just about to ask what "butter beer" was when she witnessed the Gryffindor run into a cabinet. She knelt down to help him, thinking that it was absolutely absurd that there would be a random cabinet in the middle of a maze. Then she heard Professor McGonagall's voice. She looked up at her Headmistress with a furrowed brow and scrunched nose. That couldn't be right, could it? She had never heard Professor McGonagall talk like that to any student before. And what was she saying about Carey's condition? Clearly not all of the other students had found out because she had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Carey seemed to though. The young Hufflepuff found herself in a situation where she had absolutely no idea what was going on around her. This was quite common these days, but something about this particular instance seemed incredibly off. Could it just be a fake McGonagall? Was that possible?

She was snapped out of her confusion when she saw Carey knocked to the ground. She gasped and immediately went to her knees beside him. She tried clasping his hand, which felt shaky to her. But it was like she wasn't even there. This had to stop. This mean McGonagall needed to leave Carey alone. She couldn't stand bullying, even from professors. It wasn't right. She stood up and blocked Carey from her headmistress.

"Hey!" She said, forgetting that she was addressing the headmistress of her school. "I'm Carey's friend and I don't think he's disgusting!" Her professor looked at her, and then the most bizarre thing happened. Professor McGonagall turned into a spinning mass of black and gray. She gasped in shock and confusion. She heard Carey yell something that sounded like "booger," but Anna wasn't really paying attention because all of a sudden she was looking at her step-father. But that couldn't be right, could it? She hadn't spoken to Harold since the day she returned from Diagon Alley with all of her new witch things. Was he finally here to love her again? He was standing there, plain as day, looking down at her in a black suit. But that was odd, because he normally strictly stuck to gray. Then she noticed there was a coffin beside him with the name "Alfie Graham" etched on the lid. Anna clutched at the pocketwatch hidden underneath her shirt and tried to avert her eyes back to her step-father.

"Ha-Harold?" she asked, shaking. "Wh-what is this? Why are you h-he-here?" Her step-father took a step towards her, a look of disapproval that she had grown quite used to over the course of the summer before she arrived at Hogwarts. Then he spoke and she shuddered.

"I'm here to take you home, Annabelle." He said coldly. "We received a letter saying you weren't good enough at magic. So you can come with me back to London or they'll take care of you like they did your good for nothing father."

Annabelle looked at the coffin, tears in her eyes. She didn't want to die. But she didn't want to give up magic either.

"No! You can't! I don't want to go! Please, I'll practice harder, I'll do better!"

"Too late, Annabelle." Then he lit the coffin on fire.

Anna screamed and bolted toward the scene, but she got pulled back. She was suddenly aware that something was pulling at her wrist. She looked over with tear blurred eyes and saw that Carey was pulling her away.

"No! What are you doing? We have to fix this! I don't want to leave!" She tried struggling, but Carey was way stronger than Annabelle. She was pulled away from the scene in front of her, crying and screaming the whole way. When Carey had finally stopped and they were on a deserted path, Anna whirled around, red faced and tears streaming down her face.

"What did you do that for?" she shrieked. "I had to fix it! I had to try to prove I was a good enough witch! He lit my dad on fire! And they're going to kill me!" Annabelle crumpled to the ground, her red curls creating a curtain over her face. "I need to fix it..."

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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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          “It is a Boggart, Anna. A Boggart!” He yanked her arm. “All we have to do is walk away.  Come on!” 

          He heard bits of the conversation between the Boggarts new form and Anna “ …you weren't good enough at magic.” Like most students, Carey surmised that Anna’s worst fear was to force to leave Hogwarts.

          “The Boggart will go back into the cabinet if we leave.” He said as attempted to pull her now with two arms. She was arguing with-it and fighting Carey’s grasp. Facing the Boggart again he noticed where McGonagall was, is a guy next to a coffin…. Yeah, it was not like the Boggart would show anything good… but a coffin. Not good. Suddenly the coffin was on fire. Carey acted with out thinking. He yanked her back and got in front of her, bent down and lifted her on to his shoulder. She was not having it. She tried to push off, reach and plead. He just needed to get her away. Carey almost lost his balance, his hat fell and he and Anna almost toppled over when they got back at the fork. He let her down and was doubled over out of breath.

            He was afraid she would run back. Did not she say she was raised by muggle? She must not know what it was. Still out of breath and unable to argue or explain so he grabbed her in a tight hug. He used his own shoulder to wipe his tears that escaped his eyes. He breath finally gave way to his words, “it is…” “a beast…” deep breath “not a person…” he took a few more deep breaths. “it shows you your worst fears to scare you.” He pulled back to look her in the face. “None, none of it,… is real. None of it!.”

           He wanted to shake sense into her, but instead he just looked at her and decided he would have to explain more. “The Boggart showed me my worst fear. Mine is McGonagall making me leave Hogwarts, because …. because… ” he glanced away because he could not look into her face. “My friends would find out I had…” He pulled his scarf more tightly around his neck before continuing. “I was sick, a lot, when I was younger. Because of this,… I fear, my fear is... no one at school would not want to be around me.” He thought for a second she would step away from him…

           He took a deep breath, to try to slow his racing heart, before looking back to her and tried to continue to explain “What you saw…” not wanting to describe it or admit that he saw her worst fears, even if it was just a brief glimpse, he choose to simply to announce, “It was FAKE! A False image created by the Boggart to scare you away. But…” He sniffed a dripping nose and wiped it with his sleeve, revealing a grin. “I think the Bogart chose the wrong images. You wouldn’t leave.” He gave a little bit of a chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

          "Lets choose another path", he picked up his hat brushed it off and made for the next path closest to him. "Any path HAS to be better that that one." he said with a chuckle.  He stated down it, hopping she would follow. Hoping she would not mention  or ask about his fear. It was the last thing he wanted to talk about,...
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Annabelle Hanshaw [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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Anna sat there crying, shaken from everything she had just experienced. She couldn't get the image of her father on fire out of her head, or the words of Harold telling her she wasn't good enough at magic to be at Hogwarts. She tried to listen to Carey's words. None of it was real. But if it wasn't real, why did it feel so real? Why was it affecting her like it was real? She gave into Carey's hug, wrapping her arms around him, and tried to repeat that it wasn't real over and over in her head. This helped a lot.  Her breathing slowed and she was able to really listen to Carey for what he was saying as she wiped her eyes with the pinky side of her hands.

As she heard more of Carey's fear, things started to connect a little more. She understood what the fake McGonagall was saying now. And as she started to understand more and more what the boggart did, she started to feel a little guilty for having seen his deepest fear. That was an incredibly personal thing to witness. She was also feeling incredibly vulnerable for having Carey witness her deepest fear. Before today, she wasn't even entirely sure herself what her deepest fear would be. It was a thought that the little eleven year old had never taken the time to think about. But her fear did make sense. Every detail she ever knew about her father was savored. Because of the stories mum told about him, all she ever dreamed about was going to Hogwarts and being magical just like him. He was her key to the wizarding world and she idolized him for that. Her step father she also loved dearly, and ever since he found out she had magical abilities, she had vied for his love and attention. So for him to destroy her father and tell her she couldn't be a witch anymore, that she wasn't good enough to be a witch anymore, of course that would break her. She hated that Carey had to see it, and that he had to see her like this.

Annabelle could tell Carey was trying to lighten the mood, so she gave a polite giggle. She wasn't quite back to her cheery self yet, but he had definitely helped her, more than he probably knew. So for this, she pushed her wild mane out of her face and gave him a smile. Standing up, she followed her friend down the next path, hoping that there weren't any more of those boggarts in the maze. She wasn't sure if she would be able to deal with any more of those today. Or ever. She couldn't help but wonder more about Carey. What could he have been sick with that he thought people wouldn't want to be around him? He looked fine. She didn't want to make him uncomfortable, but the nosy part of her was dying to ask him. After they had been walking in silence for a few minutes, she finally got the nerve to ask.

"Hey, Carey?" she started in a sort of quiet voice. "What were you sick with? You know, that you thought that other people wouldn't want to be around you? Because I like you just fine, sick or not. Even if I had known before today, we still would've become friends I think."

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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          As soon as their joking stopped and quiet fell between Carey and Anna, memories of just a few minutes ago bubbled up like the festering sores that used to cover Carey's body. The memories grow and sprouted thoughts he did not like. Thoughts that hurt and pained him.

          Yet he could not stop it, instead McGonagall's words repeated in his head. He could almost see the faces of his friends bearing looks of disgust, while backing away from him. Their looks were like stabs within his heart, even if they were not real.. Not real, Not real… he repeated to himself. He squinted his eyes closed and rubbed his forehead with the back of his sleeve, trying to shut the memories and rub away the thoughts.

          “Yeah?” He automatically answered Annabella, before what he realized what, she was asking. “What was I sick with?” He repeated. “You mean,..” he looked into her eyes “Oh, you don’t know?” That is right, the word Spattergriot was not said. To his family the word had become kin to a dirty word.  His parents and sisters would just say ‘he was sick, again’ or ‘he had another relapse.’  Carey debated about making something up. Something that might seem like he was just slightly over reacting. But there was just so few wizard illnesses he should not think of one. Shoot I will have to tell her. He thought and steeled himself before saying, “I was hoping no one would find out. I mean, it is not like I am a werewolf or a vampire or anything.”  He gave a half-hearted laugh before continuing.  “When I was young, I ate something that gave me a bad case of … of Spattergroit.”

           Realizing she never heard of the wizard illness, he gave out a sigh. Mean while, they came to a fork on the maze and Carey choose left. As he walked down the new path he tried to explain. “It is one of the few, but un-curable and highly contagious Wizard illness, like Dragon Pox.” Although he did not see comprehension in her eyes. He decided to just continue. “I was… I am worried about telling people, because it is highly contagious, when you have it.”. He corrected “which I don’t, not… now.” He know he left out the world the ‘right'. She did not have to know all the details. He became distracted by a buzzing in his ears. He pulled on his ear a little, before continuing. “Most parents do not want their children to play with a kid that has it,.. Spattergroit. I did not play with other kids…” BUZZZZZ  “.. I was kept….” BUZZZZZZZZZ”

           Carey stopped walking. He pulled out his wand. The buzz was NOT in his ears. It was coming from the stalks.  He walked up to the corn stalks maze wall, and his eyes caught small movement.  Something very small was moving inbetween them. “Was that a bug?” He whispered. He leaned in, as a tinny clawed hand pulled away form the stalk. Followed by a loud buzz, then Carey thought he saw something fly away.  “LUMOS!“ Carey casted the spell. His wand lit up the surrounding stalks, simultaneously as a loud “HISS,” came from every directions.  Suddenly visible was countless of redish-pupple-glowing beady eyes, giving the illusion that the corn stalks were suddenly in a magical bloom. It was not flowers, instead teeth barring insect like-fey, stacked three to five high on each stalk, completely surrounding them. Carey did not realize it unto now, he had led Annabelle into a dead end. A deadend infested with Doxies!

           Carey automatically yelled “Flipendo!”as the one right in front of him jumped out with all four claw bearing limbs and tinny venous teeth aiming for Carey face. Althuogh the Doxy flew back, Carey still stumbled backward and tripped over a dirt mound. His foot dislodged sacked of a Queen Doxy's eggs form the ground. As he got up he yelled, “Doxy!” Looking at Annabelle he explained, “Biting fairies, RUN!”

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Annabelle Hanshaw [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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Anna listened to Carey explaining Spattergroit. It sounded awful, to have to grow up without playing with kids his own age and with a taboo sickness. Though she couldn't begin to relate to his situation, she felt empathy towards him and his situation.

"Well, Spattergroit or not, I still like you." she said quietly, hoping to make him feel better. She wanted to say more, but she was becoming increasingly distracted by a buzzing noise that seemed to be getting louder and louder. She scrunched her eyebrows, trying to find the source, but before she could find it, Carey was shooting off spells and talking of biting fairies. She had barely caught the sight of some very sharp teeth before she realized it was most definitely a good idea to follow suit and run away with the Gryffindor. 

The two ran until they found themselves in a clearing that opened up to what looked like a very obscure obstacle course. On one end was a wooden trough filled with water, on the other end was a rather large plant resting in front of large badger statue. In between the plant and the water were holes and small mounds placed randomly so that there was not direct path between the two ends without having to zigzag and go over the mounds.

Annabelle looked at the sight before her, catching her breath from their latest escape.

"This must be the Hufflepuff challenge," she said aloud, recognizing what the large statues have come to mean. She immediately began assessing the situation, trying to figure out what about her house would be challenging. Hufflepuffs weren't exactly known for too much physically or mentally. So there weren't going to be any battles with animals or clever riddles. She looked at the plant and realized that there were several of the same plant scattered around her common room, just smaller. Then it hit her.

"So I think I know what we have to do, but it seems almost too easy," Annabelle began. There had to be more, but it's the best thing she could think of. "We have those plants in our common room, just smaller. And our head of house is the Herbology professor. I think we just have to water that plant over there. But I don't really see the challenge in that. Yes, it's a bit of a struggle to find a path, but it's just.... watering a plant?"

She started to walk over to the trough, there were handles on either end, It was just long enough and heavy enough that it was uncomfortable for her to carry, but she could do it, she would just have to take a few breaks here and there. It would definitely be easier if the two of them worked together, but it'd be quicker if only one person carried it. Besides, maybe trough of water would appear for Carey to carry after her. She picked it up, letting out a groan and sloshing some water everywhere. Getting wet made her crinkle her nose, but she started forward.

It took one step for two things to happen simultaneously. She was starting to realize that she couldn't really see in front of her to watch where she was stepping. As she realized this, the giant badger sprang to life and started running towards her. Freaking out, she dropped the trough and ran back to Carey. As soon as she went back, the trough reset itself and the badger sat on a mound in middle of the course, staring at them as if waiting for their next move.

"Well, there's the challenge then!" She said, looking to Carey to see if he could come up with a better solution than her failed plan.

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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          Carey had run away from the Doxie dead end so quickly that he almost forgot about Anna.  It was not until he got into the opening that he spun around to checked on her. His worried thoughts melted as he saw her a few steps behind him, panting and looking around at the new area. Care followed her gaze and found a large badger statue.

          To Anna’s assessment that this was the Hufflepuff challenge, Carey replied “I think you are right.”

          Carey eyes examined the area, trying to distinguish what to do. The sword and egg of were obvious targets of the Grffindor and the Slytherin challenge, but this was challenge was more obscure. The badger just seemed to be guarding a series of dug holes and ditches.  Carey walked to the edge of one and peered in. They were not deep, and only came to his shoulders or head. Nothing was inside of them.

           “What do you think?” Carey stated to ask when Anna interrupted him. She then brought his attention to a plant behind the badger, one Carey totally over looked. Although it did not look special, Anna seemed to recognize it from her Hufflepuff common room.

              “Hum…You think we have to grab it?” Care asked. Carey noted the first two pumpkins were received by touching the guarded item, but Anna went onto explain they had to water it.

               “Wait, what?" Carey replied. He turned to see Anna make to an oval wooden trough and pick up. It sloshed back and forth, spilling water on Anna’s robes before she got it steady and stated forward. Torn between helping and protecting her. Carey thought decided on the ladder and took out his wand. “Badger!” he yelled attempting to distracting the badge as he did the snake. But the badger had his eye on the Anna and charge her who immediately dropped the trough.

                Carey yelled out the jinx, “Ventus” attempting to protect Anna, who was now ran behind him. Although he through a protective hand out before Anna, did not seem required. The moment the trough touched the ground the quick moving badger stopped. His spell hit an unmoving statue now sitting halfway between them and the plant.

                “You got a response. You must be doing something right.” Carey gave a stressed chuckle. Keeping his wand up and not letting his eyes fall from the badger, he slowly walked over to the trough. Finally, at the trough he lowered his eyes, and looked at it. “So, we have to use this to watering the plant?” Carey asked.

            Carey pocketed his wand and grunted while he picked up the trough. But the moment he stepped forward the badger came to life. Ready, he dropped the trough which sloshed out a lot of water getting his shoes wet.

              Carey tried to unsuccessfully shake out the water in his shoe which was slowly soaking into his socks.  “We need to rethink this… What are we missing?” Giving up on his shoe he started to tick off the challenges on his fingers. “The lion was bravery. The snake was distraction... no cunning. The eagle was wisdom… well more like wit.  And now we are at a badger symbol for Hufflepuffs. What are they know for?” He always just thought of Hufflepuffs as being nice and friendly. He looked at his friend, Anna for the answer, although a little mad at himself for not know this…

Annabelle Hanshaw [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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Anna crossed her arms and scrunched her nose. She didn't know what Hufflepuff was really known for. She was always proud to be a Hufflepuff because it was her father's house. It made her feel like she was part of a legacy or something. But her house wasn't really known for anything special. They weren't the brave ones or the particularly clever ones. Just looking at the different house tasks in this maze proved that. The pair had gone from battling giant animals to watering a plant for crying out loud. Even the enormous badger in front of them was kind of cute. And Anna had not escaped the jokes about Hufflepuff house just being the "leftovers" of the school, the ones that didn't belong in the other houses. She was very aware what some of the other students thought about her house. The sorting hat just said some poetic thing about loyalty and being unafraid of hard work. That's probably why the maze required them to water a plant of all things. There were so many plants in the common room and they were always helping out in the greenhouses to help their head of house, they often helped each other out just to make it easier. Then it hit her.

"We're helpful," Annabelle said quietly, lighting up at her thought. "We help each other out when there is hard work ahead! Carey, we need to help each other to water the plant together! C'mon!"

The first year ran back to the trough and motioned her newfound friend forward. Looking at the path ahead, it looked as it got narrow in some places between the holes and the mounds. She turned to Carey and looked at him with a light in her eyes. She was starting to get excited again.

"So if we each grab a handle, we should be able to carry it together. I'll walk backwards so that we can make it through the whole way. Can you be the guide?"

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: (OCT-Maze) Lost, an amazing time. {OPEN}
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           He wanted to burst out laughing at her quiet response. Luckily only a small chuckle escaped as he asked “Helpful? You don’t mean…” His words and then his smirk faded as confusion expression slowly creeped onto his face. As Annabelle’s excited words settled and grow into comprehension, his blue eye’s widened. He joined the first year Hufflepuff as she examined the obstacle course in front of them and then the trough at his drenched shoes.

             The First year beat him and announced the same plan in his head. “Aye, I are right!.” Carey bent down and garbed one sides handle. He was eager to get this finial challenge done and get out of his wet socks and shoes. So, the moment he saw his partners hand rap around the handle he lifted his end. The uneven wide lipped trough sloshed spilling water over her end and then as she balanced it sloshing back. A half of a inch of water crested the edge and met with his lower waist. Giving the illusion the young Hogwarts student had waded into the lake.

           Carey let out a frustrated “Gahhh AH,” before closing his eyes. He then took calming breath, while he let the cool water snake it way down to his legs, sink through his layers as goosebumps on his flesh rose up in protest.  It was not until he finally opened his eyes he examined what damage he did to his red headed friend. “Blimey, sorry.”  If they did not need the water to finish the maze he would have kicked the bloody thing but decided just focus on the task at hand.

           After the first few tentative steps, the badger lack of reposes hardened Carey’s resolved. He followed her as they made they way to though the divot landscape. The newly turned soil caked onto his wet shoes and pants legs as they moved through tight turns. Carey soon realized that his right was Anna’s left. A mistake that almost caused Anna to loose her balance and fall into a whole. Luckily Carey was able to pulled on the trough to help her regain balance which caused even more of the water to pore onto the two of them and the thirsty earth.

         Continuing on, they squeezed past the badger, who’s black beady eyes never blinked as it watched them pass.  Using the trough to direct Annabelle around the next turn, Carey swung his end around. He was to busy directing her and forgot to watch his own footing, subsequently he tripped on the badger’s tail. Trying to regain his balance he stumbled sideways and his left leg plummeted down into a waist deep hole.  He attempted to hold the trough as high as possible, yet the jarring motions still caused a deluge of water to pore on his head.

          He spat and said through gritted teeth, “Put it down, so I can get out.”  He lowered the trough a few remaining inches until it sat flatly on the soil.

          With both hands-free Carey used a dry protion of his sleeve to wipe the water from his face. With his vision clear or clearer, he met the brown eyes of his partner. It was then he realized what he said  came out a little too harsh. “Sorry, I’m just.. Just give me a second.” The soil clung onto his wet chest and the dirt crumble under his hand as he trayed to scramble up the embankment.  He finally jumped half way out, laying his torso on the dirt and he tried to scrabble the rest of his body out of the hole. With a little help he was free. He stood above the hole and examined it by the moon light.

         “Blimey,” he brushed off top layer of dirt off his chest. “They’re not deep, but the earth being loose and soft makes it hard to get out.” Carey kicked a clump of dirt into near his foot pass the edge, before examining the rest of the path. “I'll take the lead, maybe I can hold it with one hand and keep an eye on the path.”

          Carey bent down to pick up the trough which now barely held inches of water. “I hope we don’t spill to much more or we have to reset it.  I fear my costume would look more like a garden gnome then McGonagall.” Carey gave a short laugh. He hoped he could lighten up the air his harsh words and soggy clothes might have put a damper on.
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