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Akiyama Rei [ Kitsunebi ]
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Bunkasai was once more upon them – and with it, this year, an added bonus. Visiting students from the other wizarding schools around the globe! It was only for the weekend, but nonetheless it had been the talk of the school since the announcement had been made several weeks ago.
Of course, Mahoutokoro expected its students to be nothing short of welcoming and polite towards their guests, and Rei took that expectation to heart. The prospect of foreign students visiting was so exciting to the sociable Kitsunebi that she could hardly stop fidgeting, which had earned her more than one quelling glare from the professors. Each time she’d lower her gaze, dip her head, and murmur an apology for her behavior; and after the professor was out of range, she’d be right back at it within five minutes. She couldn’t help it! Rei had thrived in the international social atmosphere that the ISS had provided, and found herself wanting more.

The first round of Portkeys were due to arrive any minute on the ground floor of the main keep, and so Rei and a few of her friends had staked out a spot just outside the Dining Hall to keep watch and be among the first of the welcoming committee – after Headmaster Ogami and Chae-sensei, of course. Rei had gone a little ways ahead and had been sneaking peeks around the corner every few minutes, growing increasingly restless, when suddenly a small commotion caught her attention. She peered cautiously around the corner for perhaps the hundredth time, and a thrill of excitement shot down her spine when she saw that a cluster of unfamiliar people had materialized in the space that had been empty a few moments prior.

Quickly, Rei ducked back around the corner and scuttled back where her friends were lying in wait.
“They’re coming!” she hissed loudly, grinning excitedly. “Do we have the mochi?!”
The little group scrambled to arrange themselves such that they wouldn’t give the approaching guests a heart-attack by suddenly springing into view. Rei accepted the tray of colorful desserts then, and was positively beaming by the time their guests had come fully into range.

Ohayō gozaimasu,” she greeted them formally, offering a short bow. The fourteen-year-old may be excitable, but not so much so as to neglect her manners in a stranger’s company. Headmaster Ogami had mentioned that their guests would be wearing translation-charmed stoles; Rei took note of these then.
“We are honored to host you this weekend! My name is Akiyama Rei – you may call me Rei-san – and these are my friends.” She gestured to her schoolmates then so they could make their own introductions. Naturally the most outgoing of her friends, they were usually more than happy to let Rei do most of the talking.

“We have made some sweets for you as a welcoming gift; we hope you find them to your liking! They are called mochi, and are made of rice.” The Kitsunebi extended her arms to offer the tray, inclining her head slightly as she did so.

“And if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are pleased to share our home with you!”

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Damien Conway [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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"Thank you, Chae-sensei," DJ said simply to the professor who gave him a map of the grounds, inclining his head before scurrying off to examine his documents more closely, and decide whether to find his lodgings or go look at an exhibit first. As he meandered toward the outside of the main keep, he saw a gaggle of Mahoutokoro students out of the corner of his eye and looked up, seeing that they were standing a polite distance away but had smiles of greeting on their faces, as well as apparently some food trays.

Not one to pass up a snack (especially because he still wasn't 100% awake yet), DJ stepped over along with a few other visiting students from the various participating schools. One of the female students wearing an extremely bright shade of lipstick, apparently the group's spokesperson, said "good morning" to them and DJ noted that, while it certainly was morning for another three minutes or so (Hogwarts was the last group to arrive, he had determined), he wasn't sure just how good it was until he managed to awaken to a much more coherent state. As he made these jetlagged observations, the girl and her friends all introduced themselves by name, and then offered them some sweets called mochi as a welcoming gift. The sugar would certainly help him regain some energy, so--- wait, what?

"Uhhh," DJ said intelligently. A sweet... made of rice? Somehow that just didn't make any sense in his head and for a moment he was absolutely terrified about what it would taste like. But, wasn't that the point of coming on this trip? Experiencing new things, getting a taste (apparently both figuratively and literally) of how students in another country lived?

"Thank you," he finally said coherently, bobbing his head toward Raisin (which he was sure was actually Rei-san but it was a bit more fun to think 'Raisin' in his head) and delicately taking a piece from the tray that she held. Cautiously, but trying to look like he wasn't being cautious, he bit into the circular rice cake. The texture was a bit crunchy and the taste was... surprisingly good. The rice itself didn't really have a taste, but rather the filling which was something like pods of jelly contributed to the sweetness. It really wasn't that bad after all. "Thank you!" he said again, and his improved enthusiasm seemed to be the trigger for other students who were also as hesitant as he was to try their own mochi. "Rei-san, I'm DJ. Uh, san. I think," he introduced himself awkwardly. "It's wonderful to meet you and we're grateful to all of you allowing us to visit your school."

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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         Carey and his accomplice was sulkily heading up a stair case to the Dining hall.  They tried to slip out of the Main Keep, but a chaperone professor caught them. Under the Chaperones watchful eyes, they now caught up with the group who was filtering into the Dining Hall. How was he now going to explore? How can they find out if the school was actually in a cloud? (OOC:See Welcome to Our World ) All that Carey got from his few mins of exploding, was that it did not look like the school was in a volcano, instead it looked like they were in a walled complex and apparently exploding for you a very stern look form a chaperone professor. A Professor who did not believe that they got “turned around.”

         If there is anything Carey was good at was finding a way of entertain himself, when he was in a ‘naff’ situation. Carey looked around, when he turned the corner, something else caught his eye. He forgot the first step in the plan. A guide. If they had a Japanese student that could show them around then… well it should be a good enough excuse to really look around. Carey made a v-line to a group of kids who looked like they were holding colorful trays of food.

         Carey slipped in front of an older Slytherin ( @Damien Conway ) and grabbed around ball of food form a tray being held by a bright clothed Japanese Student ( @Akiyama Rei ) that seamed around his age. “Oh, man theses look good.” He was hoping food will settle his empty stomach, so he stuffed it in his face. He was immediately impressed with the taste, so he grabbed another. “I’m Carey.” He directed the informally introduction to the girl, before completely swallowing. “It is nice to meet you.” 

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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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       The Dining Room was filled with students from around the world. Sylvia grabbed a spot near the front so she could hear and take notes on every rule this amazing magic school had. She tried to imagined what strange things might cause her to get sent home.  She wondered if she could possible do something so bad here, that would even get her expelled form Illvermorny. Sylvia shook the thought out of her head. But some thing started to really, get her attention.

           She really, really, really had to pee. She tried to remember, if anything she read anything about the proper procedure of being excused to the ladies’ room. No, nothing. She wished sometimes books can be more wide-ranging. She sat squirming, debating. Well, the last thing she wanted to do is miss the rules, get in trouble and get kicked out. But the sooner she left, the sooner she got back.  Making up her mind she quickly turned to the closet person and asked “Can you save my spot?”

          She quickly walled out of the room. She stopped at the closet person that were wearing a Japanese style clothing, bowing and asking for the way to the restroom. A line she memorized in Japanese, although now with the stole was not necessary. As Sylvia turned the corner she re-opened her notebook and checked her agenda page, noting the time of the formal reception. Sylvia checked her watch, and became alarm that it was still set for 14 hours behind. She tucked her notebook under her arm and then attempted to adjust her watch.

       Preoccupied, Sylvia accidentally bumped into a tall, green and black robed student ( @Damien Conway ), Sylvia automatically preformed the phrase and bow that she repeatedly practiced,  “Moushiwake arimasen deshita.” The moment she finished it, it hit her. The stole would translate what she said  to “I am so sorry.”  Or maybe it was the other way around. She wasn’t sure how it worked. Maybe it was better if she spoke in English anyways. It would be less confusing.

      She looked up to the group of students gathered around the trays of food. “Oh,.. I mean, I am sorry. By chance can any of you tell me where can I find a restroom. They pointed this way, but I don’t see a door. Is it down stairs?”
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Akiyama Rei [ Kitsunebi ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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Rei dropped her gaze respectfully as the oldest boy who approached them accepted a mochi, but she continued to watch him covertly from under lowered lashes with bated breath. The older boy’s expression seemed… unsure, at first, but his subsequent reaction and intonation told her all she needed to hear; if her smile got any wider, it would certainly consume her entire face.

She then offered the tray to the younger boy who – to her shock – not only sidled in front of the older boy but also grabbed two mochi in rapid succession, shoveling them into his mouth. Managing a polite nod (and hopefully keeping her expression pleasantly neutral) despite being thoroughly taken aback by his behavior, she finally offered the tray to the youngest of the group, a petite brown-haired girl with the most adorable glasses. But instead of accepting something off the tray, as was customary, the small girl asked where she might find the toilet. Rei had to continually remind herself – as the Mahoutokoro staff had continually reminded it students – that their customs were likely very different from her own, and to be mindful of that. So she smiled warmly and nodded.

“Yes of course! Continue down the corridor” – she shifted the tray to one hand for the time being so as to free up a hand to direct the younger girl – “and turn left just after the tapestry of the cherry blossoms, and the ladies area will be on your right.” Rei smile faltered for an instant as she remembered another piece of information the staff had reminded them of that would likely prove useful to the younger girl; problem was, it was not appropriate to discuss in a public setting. With a covert glance over her shoulder, Rei beckoned the small girl closer and dropped her voice to a whisper.

“I think it may be different in your country, but here… for our toilets, you must… squat over them. Not sit.” Her cheeks flushed pink as she said it, and she snuck another glance over her shoulder to ensure one of her professors wasn’t close enough to overhear. But she couldn’t very well send the poor little girl off without some sort of warning, could she? That would be even more of an impolite transgression – at least, Rei thought so.
“You will see when you go inside,” she finished lamely with a nod and what she hoped was a reassuring smile. Surely she would figure it out… right? Rei wasn’t quite sure what to do if not.

Returning her attention to the older boy at his polite rejoinder, she dipped her head in acknowledgment
“Deejay – how nice, I have not heard of that name before!” she commented, delighted. “I am honored to meet you both,” she continued, addressing the younger boy now as well.
“Which schools do you represent, Deejay-san and Carey-san?” She suspected Hogwarts, based on their speech, but it was impolite to make assumptions.
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Damien Conway [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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As DJ nommed on his mochi and watched Carey, one of the other Hogwarts visitors, jump in and grab two off the tray -- it was not surprising at all to DJ that the younger kids would be the least likely to try and be respectful in other cultures, but maybe that was just his old soul poking through) -- he registered the impact of another small slight figure and turned his head to see a young student backing up and bowing, saying, "I'm so sorry. Oh... I mean, I am sorry. By chance can any of you tell me where can I find a restroom?" Ah, he saw as she stood up out of her bow. This was another visitor. But this one at least was trying to be respectful; the bow was typically, maybe even stereotypically, Japanese.

Raisin had pity on the young girl and gave her some directions, but then also leaned close and gave her some more information in a quieter voice. DJ didn't want to eavesdrop but he was very curious. Had there been some other cultural faux pas that the little girl had committed, that DJ perhaps didn't know about and might also perform to his later shame? Probably not; DJ had the suspicion that the students here at Mahoutokoro would share information like that with everyone present to prevent it happening again. Maybe it was something about lady parts. Shuddering slightly, DJ turned his attention back to the tray (now held by another student) and accepted another mochi with gratitude.

"Well what do you think so far Carey?" [span style="display:none;"] @Carey Baisley @Akiyama Rei [/span]DJ started to ask, more out of propriety than out of interest or friendship; Carey was several years too young for DJ to hang around, and although he wasn't stereotypically Slytherin he still found that most Gryffindors demonstrated behavioural patterns that irritated the hell out of him. Carey was young, he might be taught to avoid them... or not.

But before the conversation could get much further, Rei-san turned her attention back to the Hogwarts boys. Something in her inflection of DJ's name made him smile and fight the urge to chuckle; she ran the two letters together into a word instead of treating them as separate initials. Which was probably not a common thing in this part of the world, so DJ could absolutely forgive her. "We are both visitors from Hogwarts," he answered her question with the smile still on his face. "I belong to Slytherin House, and Carey-san here belongs to Gryffindor House."

Akiyama Rei [ Kitsunebi ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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The Fourth Year was pleased to learn that she had been correct in her suspicion. Her expression lit up as she recognized the names of the Houses that Deejay-san had mentioned.

“Oh! The Slytherin House animal is a snake, yes? And Gryffindor… a lion?” In her excitement, Rei had taken a few days before their guests arrived to refresh the international-school-related information she’d picked up from the friends she’d made at the Academy this summer. She was mostly interested in the different Houses and their mascots; the rest she could learn firsthand.

“I met some of your schoolmates at the Academy Anansi this past summer – they told me a little about your Houses,” she explained, somewhat apologetically. Was she being too forward? She shrugged off the nagging thoughts for the moment.
“Several of them seemed to think I would do well in Hufflepuff… that is the badger, yes?” Rei smiled, finally settling down enough that she was able to get a better handle on her composure. From what she’d been told (and researched later), Hufflepuffs were hardworking, friendly to basically everyone, and loyal friends – they sounded like Rei, that was for certain.

“I am of House Kitsunebi,” she offered after a moment’s pause. “Our House animal is a fox, our mon is a sunflower,” – Rei twisted slightly at this so they could see the flower represented on the back of her sakura-colored hakama set – “and we are perhaps best known for being energetic and playful.”

Her gaze flicked over to Carey-san, who seemed to still be enjoying his mochi. Well, at least he’d liked it!

“Will you tell me more about your Houses? What are you known for?” she asked curiously. The Kitsunebi didn’t want to detain them too long, for they certainly must be eager to explore the school (and not to mention she still had plenty of mochi to hand out to the subsequent arrivals), but at the same time she was somewhat loath for them to go. Her extraverted, talkative persona was sometimes difficult to rein in; especially in situations like this.

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Miyahara Misaki [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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It was to be Miyahara Misaki's very first Bunkasai as a student. That fact was impossible for the young actress to forget, as soon as it had been announced her father had written to her to remind her how important it was to get into international wizards' good books. The power-hungry witch was more than aware of what her role was to be, Misaki was a capable and disciplined little girl... but that didn't mean that she couldn't have any fun with the event. She had been looking forward to it from the moment the month began, especially because of the other schools from across the World being invited. It was a unique opportunity, indeed. And in an egocentric manner that summed up the prodigy Miyahara entirely, she was certain that this whole international part of the event was solely because of her. After all, it was no secret that Misaki (or rather, her representative) was negotiating an international project. So, the conceited witch had no trouble assuming she had a growing fan-base outside of Japan too. She liked the idea of meeting them.

Misaki knew that one of her cousins was planning to greet the foreign arrivals, so the little Kitsunebi found the older witch at breakfast and stated, rather than asking, that she would be joining Rei-chan and her friends. The remainder of the Miyahara's early morning had been spent making sure she was presentable. Unfortunately for her 'friends', this meant that they would be slaving for hours to make Misaki look her finest. The finishing touch was a gold and orange kanzashi which was seamlessly arranged around her elegant bun before she made her way with Rei-chan. It seemed that she was to be the youngest of the small ensemble, but Rei-chan's friends seemed eager to talk to her. Hardly surprising.

A sudden hiss of excitement from her cousin drew an amused smile from Misaki, but the young witch would have been lying if she didn't admit that she, too, was eager to meet them. The Japanese girl wondered what they would be like. Grabbing the tray filled with mochi, the actress tried not to show her disgust for the sweets on her face as she passed them to Rei-chan. Not a lover of sweet things, mochi just wasn't for her but she supposed that other cultures probably made a big deal over sweets. The Miyahara made sure to stand right by her cousin, in front of the rest of the group, as it was important that she could been seen. But without Asada-san there to advise her, Misaki was unsure how to deal with the foreign visitors, and as they approached Misaki kept a beady eye on Rei-chan to see how she addressed them.

As her cousin gestured to herself and their companions, Misaki bowed slightly in greeting to the strange looking visitors. What were they wearing?! The high and mighty actress didn't think they were worthy of a proper bow but she was determined to be tolerant, even if the clothes they were wearing were very strange. "It is a pleasure to welcome you to our home," she began, raising her chin confidently. "I am Miyahara Misaki," she simpered smugly, clearly expecting a reaction of some kind from the gathered crowd, "and you may address me as Misaki-sama..." The Miyahara trailed off, unsure whether she chose the right honorific. Apparently, it was arrogant of her to make others call her that, though she merely saw it as ensuring that she got the respect she deserved. It was possible that these non-Japanese guests would get confused though and so the pretentious witch quickly changed her tune with a tacked on, "I mean, Misaki-san. Apologies." She looked up at Rei-chan, fiddling with the kanzashi in her bun, feeling like sticking by her cousin was the best bet.

The young Kitsunebi waited with bated breath as their guests warily tried the mochi they had offered. The tallest and presumably oldest student in the group seemed unsure of the sweet at first, but then suggested that he liked it. The actress hummed in thought, partially surprised by his reaction. Misaki was secretly hoping that he wouldn't like it, but maybe her initial thought was correct and that his culture liked sickly sweet things. Deejay-san... He had a funny name and he looked so awkward. Misaki couldn't help but giggle at him. Suddenly, a young teen burst his way through and took not one, but two mochi, before even greeting them! The actress, expressive by nature, couldn't not hide the shock on her face at the rudeness of the young boy, and she furrowed her brows up at her cousin when the boy stuffed the mochi into his face. Deejay-san and this... Carey-san couldn't possible be from the same place, Misaki thought.

Another rude girl about her age bumped into Deejay-san and immediately asked about the bathroom. Misaki was determined to be tolerant, and so her face only twitched minutely in disgust as she watched to see what Rei-chan would do. As Rei-chan moved away, the Miyahara turned to her cousin's friends, wondering if they were as appalled as she was.

Misaki gasped quietly in shock as it turned out that Carey-san and Deejay-san were actually from the same place. Hogwarts seemed like a very strange and silly name for a school. "Oh!" The Miyahara exclaimed, realising she recognised the strange name from her potential project. "You are from Scotland, yes?" The actress became more enthusiastic, glad to meet someone from the country where a potential co-worker could be. Misaki let Rei-chan and the nice Hogwarts student talk for the most part, just listening intently, she liked hearing about houses. She was eager to learn anything that could help her get a co-worker to respond well to her. Being a charming young lady, with info like this to help her, would be much easier. Smiling up at Rei-san, Misaki wondered if she would belong in Hufflepuff like her cousin too. They were both in Kitsunebi, after all, though Misaki would never have believed that to be possible a year prior. She liked Kitsunebi however, she found people didn't think any less of her for it. In fact, they celebrated her for being different to the rest of her family, the special one. "I am of House Kitsunebi too!" Misaki beamed excitedly, proud to admit it to the crowd, a great change from the deep guilt and shame she originally felt.

She was eager to see what else she could learn from their visitors.

Damien Conway [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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DJ had paused to let Carey get a word in, since he remembered hating how older kids would talk over top of him when he was a very young Hogwarts student. But the Gryffindor seemed to be content with his rice cake, and another young Mahoutokoro student who was in Rei-san's group was also starting to get involved in the conversation, so DJ shrugged and continued speaking with both Rei-san and Misaki-san.

"You're correct. Slytherins are represented by a snake, which is supposed to allude to their cunning, and Gryffindor by a lion which alludes to their remarkable bravery," DJ answered, thinking with a slight twinge of his friends Reece and Keela, both Gryffindors, the former being an old flame of DJ's who had sadly moved away to the United States with his parents, and the latter being the only other real Gryffindor friend he'd ever had (and at one time someone DJ had feelings for). Slytherins and Gryffindors normally disliked each other on principle, but at the very least in the case of Keela (who had defended him at trial) and Reece (who had helped him face acromantulas and wild hippogriffs), DJ could honestly say bravery was a defining trait of the House. "And that's also correct - the badger represents the diligence and steadfastness of Hufflepuff. The fourth house would be Ravenclaw - their eagle represents the heights of knowledge." [span style="display:none;"] @Keela Doyle @Carey Baisley [/span]

DJ was interested to learn the first of Mahoutokoro's student Houses. Kitsunebi, the fox. Rei-san also said that their "mon" was a sunflower, and she and Misaki-san turned their bodies so that DJ and Carey could see the sunflower motif on their robes, by which DJ inferred that a "mon" was a sort of icon or associated decal for each house, avoiding the need for him to ask what the word meant. And they were known for being... well, very fox-like, it sounded like. It made sense, as did Rei-san and Misaki-san's following questions.

"Hmm. Well I'll let Carey answer for Gryffindor himself," DJ said graciously. "House Slytherin... well to be honest we often get a bad reputation because some of my classmates think that 'cunning' means 'cheating' or 'taking advantage' or getting into some Dark things. But the way I believe the House was originally designed, it was the way a snake uses all of his senses to look and smell and listen for what is around him, and utilises his environment however he can to survive. So I guess you could say we are very good analysts, very good at looking at our circumstances and making the best of them. We also tend to have the highest percentage of pureblood students in Hogwarts in our House because of the founder's extreme preference of them," he said bluntly, with a look and tone of voice that he hoped conveyed that he didn't share that preference or bias.

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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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Eun-soo didn't care for Bunkasai.

Two weeks ago, she was deeply involved with the preparations of the annual festival when she announced that she was absolutely done with this fanfare and no, she definitely would not like to lead the visitors on a tour through the school instead. Exasperated at her non-compliance but not having any time to properly berate her, Eun-soo was given beautification duties on top of her library duties, which suited her just fine. She wanted to be as far away from the crowds as possible.

Because of her infringement then, she found herself unable to say no when she was 'ordered' to keep an eye on all the students who served as the welcoming committees. She had argued and reasoned, and still she found herself encumbered with the extra duties. Her original plan of staying inside her room wearing her sleeping clothes and reading a book was now completely wrecked. Silently wishing that she'd never became a First rank just to spite her brother, she got dressed and made her way down.

As she was about to approach the group of conversing students, she was pulled to one side by one of the Zero ranks, and felt the slightly warm handle of a teapot being thrust into her hand. "Why can't you just go over there yourself?" Eun-soo hissed at the older girl, who just gave her a thumbs up and slipped away. She wanted to go over where the Mizuchi were stationed, because they were far more controlled than some Kitsunebi could be, but that plan was wrecked too.

Carefully carrying the pot of tea, she realised why they needed it. Taking a deep sigh, she rearranged her perpetual expression of boredom, indifference, and slight annoyance into something that was less... off-putting, or that was what she'd been told. Eun-soo coughed slightly to announce her arrival as she got closer to the group, just in case someone decided to turn around suddenly. Her shimmering golden robes were in stark contrast to everyone else's and Eun-soo flushed slightly; she did not like this subtle exertion of the difference in status she had over other students.

"Akiyama-san," her voice was slow and lazy, remembering a time when she used to call her brother by that as well, "I brought some tea. You know how sticky mochi can be, it wouldn't be nice if our guests had any trouble with them." Flashing them a cordial smile, because she definitely didn't want to be there much longer, she cast a warming charm on the teapot. It could refill itself, but the tea becomes undrinkable after thirty minutes. "If there isn't anything else I'll be on my way," Eun-soo left her statement open ended, even though she made it very clear that she'd rather be going. Or at least, she hoped she did.
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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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         The moment Sylvia’s question left her lip, she watched as the Mahoutokoro students’ faces fall and they lower their trays slightly. What Sylvia perceived as hopeful or inquisitive expressions, now pulled away.  A girl, Sylvia’s age even seemed appalled, turning to her friends. Sylvia began to worry. She hoped for help. She really did have to use the restroom. For only a second, she turned to the two boys that had their hands on some small powdery balls. She hoping they would intervene, but they did not seem willing to offer any assistance.

How were boy of another school going to assist her in finding the girl’s restroom. She chastised herself.

        An answered came from an older, kinder-looking girl. Sylvia looked to her, as the girl gave her tray to a friend. Gratitude washed over Sylvia and a smile formed on Sylvia’s lips. “Thank you. I…” Sylvia’s words of gratefulness were halted as the older Mahoutokoro girl beckoned her over. Frowning with confusion, Sylvia  looked down the hall, towards the direction of the restroom before approaching the Mahoutokoro student. Thoughts raced in Sylvia mind as the tall girl glanced over she shoulder before lowering her lips to Sylvia ears, to whispering something. What did she had to tell me? Sylvia asked herself. Maybe, there was a password to get in the restroom? 

       When the girl started her explication about “doing things different.” Sylvia heart raced. She thought that she would find out she did do something culturally wrong, when she asked for the bathroom directions. But really, what do they expect? She did not want to have an accident. But instead the girl continued by describe the restrooms and the means one uses them.

       “Squat OVER them? No sitting at all?.” Sylvia asked in a half-mouthed whisper. Sylvia could not imagine what type of restroom you would squat on. She stood a second in bewilderment. Even after the student gave her reassuring words and a smile. Sylvia still hopped that the girl would offer to show her. Well, maybe not show her, how to use the restroom. But it would have been helpful if she just walk her there and talk her through it.

         The girl’s lips closed with a simply satisfied expression and stepped slightly back to let Sylvia make her way through the crowd to the direction of the restroom. Sylvia thought about asking another question, but her bladder pained and she really needed to find the restroom.

         “Um, Thank you. You were very helpful.” Sylvia said quickly before turning to leave. She stopped herself mid turn and remembered to bow. Then trying to be thorough, she turned slightly and addressed the black and green robed boy who appeared to be preoccupied with the round balls on the tray. “Please forgive me for bumping into you.” She hesitating for a second before, giving a bow that was more of a nod. She felt funny about bowing to a boy that looked like he should be in her school. Well at least, an European wizard school. Sylvia took note of his uniform and the small crest with an "H" on his name badge. "Hogwarts?" She asked herself, before feeling another warning pain. She then turned and took off quickly in the direction of the restrooms. Hoping she will figure out the squatting thing before she had an accident. 

          She noted she will have to come back and introduce herself and thank them properly after she was done.
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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
« Reply #11 on: January 20, 2018, 07:27:58 AM »
          The sweet balls were coated in a fine white powder. He bit into the first one finding a race of sweet flavors bombard his tongue. It was only natural for his to grab a second one. While shoving the remains of the first one in his mouth. He looked up at the Mahoutokoro girls holding the trays expecting to find warm friendly faces, that would be ready and willing guides. Instead they appeared confused and put-off? 

          He introduced himself, they only exchanged looks.  Worried this purple scarf was not translating he turned to the Classmate behind him. “Yo, can they understand…” Carey eyes got wide and his words fell out of his mouth.

          He was standing in front of Domien ‘The Tree Maker’ Conway.  Well at least that is what Carey's friends call him… His face had been in the Daily Prophet all summer. Carey heard the trial concluded in Conway's favor at the end of summer. In the fall Carey was surprised to hear that Conway wasn't kicked out of school and a number of students,  including Carey’s Gryfinddor Quidditch Captain Keela Doyle made a deposition, claiming his innocence. Still Conway, being a ‘the Tree Maker’ or not, was not someone to piss off. Luckily Conway was distracted, he was in the middle of being plowed into by a very boney school girl. He could tell the Conway was solid muscle, by the way the girl just bounced off of him, while he in turn hardly moved a centimeter. The poor girl was almost a tree already. Long thin legged you just have to dress her in green instead a blue school uniform, likely form Ilvermorny or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. The girl apologized and then quickly asked for the bathroom. It seemed obvious to Carey, that ‘the Tree Maker' would not know where the girls bathroom was, so he glanced at the girls holding the trays. Most of their expressions did not warm with the girl. Only the oldest put on a friendly face and placed her tray in a helper’s hand and beacon the girl over.

          Carey got out of the way, turn to another tray manned by a girl close to his age with her hair pulled back in a tight bun. He felt nervous and thought that Conway was watching him. He went into his “polite parent/ teacher” mode. The one Carey reserved for his parents or teachers stern eye.  “These are great. What do you call them? May I have another?”

           While waiting for a re-spawned, Carey noticed 'The Tree maker' followed his lead and helped himself to more balls. Carey felt uncomfortable being to near to this upperclassman. Normally he gives any 6th and 7th year a wide birth. They know dueling spells that could leave you in Madam Pomfery care for days. But all Hogwart’s Badassess have been eclipse by the roomers circulating around Conway. Just as Carey decided to shove the new ball in his mouth, give thanks and  leave, Conway turned to him and stated to chit chat.

              Bloody, why is he talking to me?  Carey inwardly asked before politely saying, “Oh, yes, Um. It is great, well… I mean I guess. I have not really seen much yet.” Carey realized he was babbling, so he shoved another ball in his mouth.  Rethinking his words, he swallowed before asking Conway “How about you?”

             A moment later the blue girl gave a round of thank you and apologies before darted off. Leaving  Rei free to returned her attention to both Conway and Carey.  Carey was more then happy to let Conway answer their questions. Nodding nodding and saying “Yes," and "Umhum.” Between bites. Carey was thinking about slipping away, but he found himself studying Conway’s responses. He had not ever been this close to Conway and kind of wanted for form his own opinion of the 'the Tree Maker.' Plus, his friends will not believe it!

            He eyed the two girls, before responding “I have an Hudfflepuff friend, Anna.. Annabelle Hanshaw. I would say she is about as energetic and playful as they come. But you can’t go wrong with any Hogwart’s house.” His mother’s words rippled throw him without him thinking. He took a second to ask himself if he really believed it. “Yes.” He said out load and to himself. Although Carey once felt he might have died if he did not get into Gryffindor. “I now have amazing friends form all the houses.”

            He eyes Conway’s reaction. Carey then watched as Conway eloquently describe his house, level headed, not seemly to promote any pureblood bias. Carye realized this was how Conway talked his way out of Azkaban! How was he going to follow this up? As the girls turned to Carey. What was he going to say. Gryffindors are Brave... and fearless? Isn't that the same thing? He was not a walking copy of 'Hogwarts, a History'. He almost failed Wizard History. Carey slowly swallowed the ball in his mouth. Luckly, a girl interrupted and called out to "Akiyama-san" who Carey realized was the tall girl.

          Carey thought that a drink would help him organize his thoughts. What he said infornt of 'the Tree Maker', just might determine if he gets turned in to a tree or not. He put on his best parent/ Teacher Charm on and turned to the new. “Hello! I am Carey Baisley.  You are right, these… “mo-chee” are sticky. I would love some tea. May I have some?”
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Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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        Ok, if there is anything severely different between Japan and America it was the restrooms. If it was not for the local girl’s instructions, Sylvia would have mistook the girl’s restroom as the school’s mop sink and continued her search, to the detriment of her bladder. Yet it was there, just to the right, after the left at the cherry blossoms tapestry.  The square room in no way resembled a restroom, at least any restroom that Sylvia had ever saw. There was no toilet, no sink, there wasn’t even a smell. Instead a small crib like thing was inset into the floor. She was alone and she had to figure out how to use it. She thanked Merlin, that she only had to pee. In the end, it was not much different then going in the woods. But still weird.

       She used a bowl and pitcher sitting on a nearby stand to wash her hands and pored it down the hole in the crib thing when she was done. Feeling ten times lighter as she made her way back to the group. She really wanted to thank… Shoot. Sylvia never got her name.

        Retracing her steps, it was not long that she found the growing group of students near food trays outside the dining hall. Really, she did not know why there were all gathered there…. If they did not hurry they would miss the welcoming orientation.

       I will just say my thank yous and go.

          They seemed to be watching the young blonde boy as he shoveling deserts down his throat. This gave Sylvia a chance to slip in near the girl who helped her out before, without attracting to much attention from the others. She tapped the girl’s shoulder.

         “Excuse me, I just want to thank you for helping me.”  She said with a half whisper. “Without your help…. I um. Don’t think I would have found it.” She decided not to go into the details.

         “I need to get back into orientation. But….  I hope I will see you around.” She start to turn and give a small way bye.  She stopped, just now remembering her manors. She turned back as stated, “Oh, my name is Sylvia, by the way.”  She did not think she get a chance to introduce herself before and thought it was wise to… in case she needed help from her again.

[Sylvia out]
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Akiyama Rei [ Kitsunebi ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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Rei beamed at her little cousin as Misaki spoke up and introduced herself – but frowned slightly at the honorific she had used. But when Misaki quickly corrected herself and looked to Rei, the older Kitsunebi nodded her approval.

She listened intently as Deejay-san described each of his school’s four Houses. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw. What funny-sounding names! But Rei, of course, kept that thought to herself as the older boy told them more about his own House. Carey-san chimed in then, and Rei watched him curiously.
“They are called mochi,” she repeated with a smile. “And you may certainly have another.”

The youngest girl – the one who had asked about the toilets – took her leave at that moment, and Rei watched her (to make sure she was headed in the right direction) for a moment before turning back to the group.

Just then a quiet cough just behind her right shoulder caused her to half-turn, and her gaze lighted upon one of the older Mizuchi First Ranks who was friends with her brother.
“Song-san,” she greeted, dipping her head politely. “Yes of course. How thoughtful, thank you.” Spotting a collection of teacups on a table a few feet away, Rei excused herself briefly to procure a few. Upon her return, she held each cup so Eun-soo might fill it before passing each filled cup on to one of the students gathered before her.
“Certainly. You must be busy with the preparations as well.” The Kitsunebi dipped her head again. “Thank you for bringing the tea.”

They made small talk for another few minutes before the small girl returned and whispered her thanks. Rei beamed.
“It was a pleasure to meet you, Sylvia-san,” she replied warmly with a short and correct bow. “I look forward to seeing you again, and I hope you enjoy your visit with us!”

She turned back to Deejay-san and Carey-san and made a sweeping gesture with her hands.
“I certainly do not wish to detain you against your will if you would like to explore, as you have only just arrived! Now that we are acquainted, if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask any one of us” – she gestured to the small circle of her Housemates around her – “and we would be delighted to assist.”

Rei bowed again, allowing them to take their leave if they wished, ready to receive the next wave of new arrivals.

[[ Rei out! ]]
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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: {Bunkasai MP} [just outside the Dining Hall] one short day {open!}
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        The young Londoner boy took the swig of the tea… but to him it tasted bitter-green, and not at all what tea should taste like. He tried to hide his cough, as he attempted to force his body to swallow the nasty substance. Thank Merlin they only served it in tiny cups. Otherwise he would have to find somewhere to pore out the rest.

      Cough. “Thank you.” cough “I’m, I am good. No more.” He gave a dismissive wave, hoping she wouldn’t serve him again.

        He turned and then addressed the group again. “Oh, Gryffindors. Um, their symbol is a lion. SO, like a lion they are known for their pride, bravery and um, and…“

        Carey couldn’t think of anything else to say. Well, more like nothing he 'should' say. All that was running through his head was: Pride, bravery and a member of gryffindor never turned a classmate into a tree. It must have been the way tree maker Conway was looking at him, studding him. Carey actually thought that Conway was deliberating how he could be turning Carey into a tree. The words be Fearless... be a Gryffindor finally popped up in his head. 

        “We are often fearless, to the point of recklessness. We are known to be willing to stand up and fight for others.” Carey said as he stared up at the tree maker. He was trying to tell the tree maker that he was not scared of him, and that he will fight for his friends if he was planning to turn anyone else into a tree…again.   But to others not in-tuned with the running dialog in his head, his look must have only resembled pride, for they continued on with their conversation.
         Carey noticed the tall thin girl was back and after a few short words to Rie now was leaving obviously to go to orientation. He decided to follow her to make sure Conway did not corner her and make her into an american sycamore or something.

        "I guess I got to go." he announced, as he grab another Mochi. He gave a quick "Thanks" to the girls and then took a last look at Conway before running after the girl, while he kept his wand at the ready just in case.

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