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[lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
« on: December 15, 2017, 03:20:25 PM »
Having found herself with three consecutive days off, Veronika Nikolayevna decided to sign up for a special offer she received in the mail a few days beforehand, for a quick trip in Lofoten. Not having visited the archipelago before, the quidditch player was excited to go, especially because it was still a bit of time before winter would kick in and the sun would not rise at all in that area. And because of its subpolar oceanic climate, Vera found it a very good place for always having an excuse to drink. The decision was made, the drinking schedule was thoroughly planned beforehand, and the former Klyk Vampira was ready to enjoy her days off to the fullest.

Finding herself on one of the islands – which had a name Veronika could not pronounce even if her life depended on it – the quidditch captain was toying with her hut’s keys in her hand, as she made her way to her temporary place, to leave her luggage, before going to have a look around, and admire the scenery. From what she could see now, it was definitely beautiful, however, it should all be enjoyed with a never-ending number of bottles of vodka next to her and at least two more sweaters on.

With such wonderful plans in mind, one could imagine Vera’s shock upon reaching the hut. She let her bag smoothly fall off her shoulder on one of the stairs, and backed away a few steps, still not believing her eyes – that place was definitely too small. And if from the outside it looked so tiny, the mere thought that inside it was even worse was surely not a part of Veronika’s plans to relax. She needed space. If anything, since she had begun her career as a quidditch player, Vera had always emphasised on having spacious places available to her, no matter where she went.

“How rude.” Veronika mumbled, slightly exteriorising her current feeling regarding Norwegians, before arranging her dark red fur coat, and picking up her rather small bag once more. Her heels made quite the noise on the stairs, which was again something very infuriating. But after a bit of vodka everything would be better, she was sure of it. Plus, the scenery was definitely going to make up for everything which displeased her. Absolutely, her investment would pay off. And if not, Vera wouldn’t stay there for more than two days and one night anyway, so it wasn’t as if she would make the worst of sacrifices.

The door was very old from what she could tell, and the key wouldn’t fit right away, much to her annoyance. The quidditch player took a deep breath as she calmly tried to open it after unlocking it, however, the door didn’t seem to budge even an inch. She could already feel that she had lost precious moments of relaxation, therefore Veronika approached the method she knew would work. Taking one step behind, the Russian strengthened her back, and kicked the door as hard as she could, so it would open in one go, not causing even more stress for her.

However, this definitely did not go as thought through by the young witch. Upon the impact, the door just fell down, leaving Vera in a complete shock. What was this place? Or, better put, when? Because it definitely didn’t seem to be in the twentieth-first century, as Veronika previously assumed.

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Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
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Sami didn't usually look forward to days off like other hard working people did. He really loved his job. Playing Quidditch was both his job and his hobby, after all. However, endless practice sessions wore him down anyway. His body sometimes demanded a break when he still wanted to keep going. When he had heard about a special offer to spend a few days just chilling in front of a fire with no obligations, no team members, no fans, no... anything, he had decided that he could try it out. It was not that the German Turk was longing for solitude but he had a feeling that solitude might help him to regain energy for the upcoming challenges. The pressure on his team was high after having won the League in the previous season. While they all got along fine there was still tension in the air and their own expectations seemed to be rising with every successful practice session. It felt good, of course. There was this constant adrenaline in his veins when he was with his team but when he got home in the evenings he felt strained and empty. Getting away for just a little while had suddenly become quite the enticing thought.

He knew little to nothing about the Lofoten but that was what actually felt most intriguing. To go to a place that was entirely foreign to him seemed to be a nice prospect. He imagined taking walks in the less dark hours and chilling in a hut by the fire when it was really dark, drinking beer, eating snacks and reading a bunch of superhero comics that he had come across lately. Equipped with a piece of parchment with the address on it, a beer crate and a bag with some clothes, snacks and the comics, Sami apparated to Norway. Arriving there in almost complete darkness, the Quidditch player needed a moment to get some orientation. However, it was not only darker than back in England, it was also remarkably colder. Sami who had not considered wearing warmer clothes than in Falmouth was shivering. His dark red duvet jacket which was usually pleasantly warming did not help much now. Hopefully he felt sure he'd soon sit by the fireplace with a pint of beer and warm up.

Unwilling to search for the hut he had booked, Sami asked the first person he came across for the way. Once he could see the place, he shook his head in disbelief. Now this hut was... tiny. He didn't mind it too much though. After all, all he needed was a sofa or an armchair in front of a fireplace. He walked around the hut to find the entrance. The surprise was clearly visible on his features when he saw that the door was not in place anymore but lay on the floor like a carpet in an entrance hall. Did he really have to pay for a stay at a place that was in such a state? He stepped in, let the beer crate down right next to the entrance and just wanted to take care of the door when he noticed that he wasn't alone.

"Hello," he said, hoping that the pretty girl in front of him understood English. "Do you often have fits of rage?" A lopsided grin spread across his face as he gestured at the door on the floor.

He put down his bag on the beer crate and took his time to look around some more. "Are you leaving today?" He asked, assuming that she had stayed here before him rather than that she intended to stay at the place now.

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Deciding that it was better to simply ignore the door issue for the time being, Veronika stepped in the hut, and was, if humanly possible, ever more disappointed by what was inside than by the poor state of that knocked-out door. Just a bed, an armchair, and a fireplace. Was there even a bathroom? There certainly was a door at the end of the room, and Vera decided to check out what it was, therefore placing her bag carefully on the armchair before turning on her heel and approaching the second door, which hopefully was in a far better state than the one at the entrance.

Before she could even place her hand on the door knob, the Russian was surprised by a voice behind her, a man’s. She turned her gaze in the entrance’s direction, noticing a wizard, and by his rather thin clothes and definitely not something suitable for the current weather by her standards, Veronika instantly assumed he was a local, most likely an employee of the resort. Surely, no tourist would wear such thin clothes when visiting Scandinavia, it was basic knowledge. Therefore, he had to be someone who regarded these low temperatures as normal or maybe even warm. Nonetheless, the quidditch captain, while glad the help arrived so quickly, was repulsed by the fact that it just had to be such an individual. His grin and remark both annoyed and offended her deeply.

“They just had to send a member of the obviously inferior sex. Great.” She muttered in Russian, clearly assuming by the man’s accent in English that he couldn’t possibly understand what she was saying. And even if he understood, Veronika wouldn’t be bothered at all. Taking a deep breath, she turned around on her heel and headed in his direction, stopping right in front of the door which lay on her floor, placing her right foot on it, her black boot slightly shining when it got in contact with the sun’s light.

“Listen.” She started talking in highly accentuated English, her tone being noticeably irritated. “If your huts are in such a – “ what was the English term for ‘deplorable’ again, Veronika wondered for a bit. “ – bad condition, then I will be leaving as quickly as I just arrived, and ask for a compensation.” She lifted her right hand, and let her fingers graze each other for a moment, her gesture revealing that the compensation would most definitely have a monetary form.

“Well then – “ Vera continued, her gaze narrowing as she quickly looked at the man's figure. “You have the muscles, so fix this.” Noticing the beer crate the wizard had brought with him, Veronika’s opinion that he was an employee was strengthened; surely he was supposed to take all that beer to a nearby restaurant or something, hence the numerous amount. “Quickly now, I don’t have all day.” She lifted her foot from the door, now impatiently tapping her heel against the floor, waiting for the hut’s door to be fixed as quickly as possible.

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Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
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Sami hid a grin when he felt that the woman in front of him was looking at him. Did she recognise him as a Quidditch player? Was she even a witch? He was almost a little sad that his duvet jacket concealed his muscles - after all women liked men with toned bodies, right? He took his time to look at her properly now too. Her olive skin made one thing quite clear to Sami - she was not a Scandinavian. Although she was dressed in warm clothes the Quidditch player could already see that she was well built and athletic. Her facial features while feminine had something rough to them, making her seem like she was a good sport. Sami really could not deny that he quite liked the look of this brunette.

The comment she muttered in Russian did not go unnoticed by the German Turk. An amused lopsided smile spread across his face. The Koldovstoretz graduate naturally spoke Russian fluently. He wondered briefly if the woman thought he wouldn't understand that comment or if she just didn't care whether he understood her comment or not. He decided against revealing his language skills for now.

Her English was highly accentuated, making Sami feel like he was an expert in foreign languages himself. He raised his eyebrows in surprise when she spoke of his huts. Did she really think he owned such a place or that he worked here? If it was his land he'd build a proper house and a hut like this would just serve as storage for Quidditch brooms. The way she spoke to him made quite clear that she thought that he was in the service sector though which Sami thought was not quite his branch. He felt slightly affronted but somehow the situation was so surreal that it was funny. He had never expected to end up in a hut with a gorgeous Russian diva and be treated like a caretaker. Somehow he assumed he could take this as a sort of roleplay experience. It could be fun to be someone else from time to time. Being a star was tiring sometimes.

"Be my guest," he responded, therefore, trying to hide his amusement. He offered even a submissive little bow. While he thought that usually the man had the say in any inter gender interactions, he found her commanding way quite appealing.

Since he still wasn't sure whether he was facing a witch, he decided against taking out his wand. Besides she had complimented him on his muscles or had it not been a compliment at all? Sami wasn't quite sure but he was willing to take it as a compliment. "Sure," he agreed and looked from the woman to the door on the floor. "I hope you don't mind if I take out my jacket to fix this."

If she spoke of muscles he could as well show them. He opened the jacket and threw it on his bag on the beer crate. The burgundy sweater he was wearing below was a slim fit one that revealed his toned body quite nicely. He bend down and lifted the door up, examining it more closely. "You know, it looks like you broke the frame joint. I'm afraid I'll need my... tool case for that." He stepped out of the hut, pulled out his wand quickly and summed a tool case. Having a mostly muggle background, Sami was not entirely hopeless when it came to trade. However, he had never before repaired a door. After a few minutes the door was in its place again but there was still a slight gap that he could not get rid of. "I'll take a look from outside," he muttered, stepping out of the hut and pulling out his wand once more to finish his work properly.

Stepping back in he offered a satisfied little smile. "You must be so relieved that I was able to fix the door you damaged."

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The man’s slight sarcasm annoyed her; in the end, she was paying to stay in good conditions and, so far, Veronika received the opposite of that. A bad door, a small hut, and Merlin knew what other horrible things she would encounter in that cabin in the middle of nowhere, Scandinavia. In addition, it seemed to be getting darker outside; not because it was late, but mostly because clouds were gathering, and from the crisp coldness of the air, Veronika could only expect that it would be snowing soon. Therefore, she didn’t have the time to hang around the awful hut, as she did want to go some visiting before the blizzard hit.

The quidditch captain arched her eyebrow, perplexed. Why would anyone need to remove pieces of clothing when fixing something? His sudden remark shocked her, making Veronika take two small steps behind, out of instinct more than anything else. There were two things that bothered her in the current situation; on one hand, the fact that the employee didn’t take out his wand and fix the door with a quick spell was very confusing. The services here were definitely for witches and wizards, therefore having a person from the staff not using their magical abilities when asked to fix something was quite worrying. Vera didn’t ask him to fix the door because she couldn’t; she asked a staff member to do it because, should it break again, they wouldn’t have any possibility of blaming her for the damage. Their employee, their staff, their bad door, their problem.

On the other hand, being a quiditch player with very quick reflexes, Veronika made a custom out of noticing people’s figures. The man there definitely played some intense sport of some sort, as his muscles were pretty well defined, as revealed by his burgundy sweater which was most likely painted directly on the man’s skin than an actual piece of clothing. Vera titled her head a little, carefully examining the employee’s figure. Truth be told, he wasn’t half bad; nonetheless, all that this quidditch captain could think about was that her muscles were definitely better defined, as she was more toned, and clearly the overall aura of freshness and health was much more noticeable in her case. His physique was definitely inferior to hers. Not bad, but as a person who practiced sports at a superior professional level, she believed herself better.

The man soon enough finished examining the door – which took forever and a day from her point of view – and Veronika straightened her back as he addressed himself to her; something about needing a tool case. Her eyes widened, not understanding what he meant. Did he need a potions drawer to fix a door? Any tricks of some sort? Perhaps the house elf which fixed things? The thought that he might have been a muggle didn’t even pass through Veronika’s mind; the contact with muggles has been minimal throughout her entire life, and even with her exposure as a quidditch player, she had never encountered one, at least face to face. Hence, the idea that he might be a muggle didn’t even pass through her mind.

As he brought a box with very oddly shaped materials, Veronika realised something that she missed before in her logic. She couldn’t voice it out however until after the man finished fixing the door, until then remaining silent. His superior attitude then bothered her and, as she narrowed her eyes, Vera drew closer to the man. “Are you a squib?” She inquired, without even giving it any second thought that it might be offensive. The former Klyk Vampira circled him, now looking at the supposedly fixed door. “Am unsure as of how well your awkward materials fixed this.” Veronika was tempted to touch the door and check if it was indeed repaired, however decided against it. If it should fall once again, it would be when that man would leave her chamber.

“I’ve never seen one of you work before, quite… interesting.” Vera continued, turning around on her heel and looking at the man again. “Without magic, huh…” She mumbled, analysing the staff member quite thoroughly. It was fascination more than anything, as Veronika herself had never seen one of his kind before. She heard rumours of squibs, but never had the opportunity of encountering them at all. “How much?” The girl inquired, taking out her red dragon leather wallet out of her coat’s pocket, ready to pay for his quite odd services.

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Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
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"A squib?" Sami echoed, now looking at her in surprise. Why did she think he was a squib? He ran his hand through his messy hair as the information finally sank in. He hadn't been sure whether she was a witch or a muggle which was why he had chosen the muggle way to repair the door. She had now revealed to him that she was a witch and that meant he could stop pretending to be a craftsman. However, he trusted his abilities enough not to pull out the wand now to fix the door. It was not that hard to do it the muggle way. It took longer, yes. It might look awkward to a witch, yes. In the end though it was just as effective as a spell. If there was one thing he had learned from his family it was how to occasionally use his hands instead of his wand.

He found himself looking at her throughout his whole thinking process. Then again she was a sight for sore eyes. A pretty young woman, athletic and with an air of determination to her that he found intriguing. Now that he had taken the time to look at her he thought that she looked vaguely familiar but he couldn't quite figure out where he had seen her before. Maybe he was mistaken anyway. Or... maybe she had been at Koldovstoretz too. Her accent gave her away as East European so it was possible at least. He would not ask her though, not now and maybe never.

"My awkward materials fixed this as well as a wand could." Sami finally said, not yet answering the squib question. "You're quite a snob, aren't you? Thinking that only magic can fix things." He offered a lopsided smile. Really, this situation was rather amusing.

"One of us... yeah..." He tilted his head and observed her as she pulled out a wallet. Was she going to pay him now? This truly was hilarious! The young man briefly wondered if he should keep her in the dark or rather reveal that he was neither a squib nor the caretaker of this hut. It could be fun to see how far she'd go treating him as a lower ranked individual, a service provider, a squib. However, he felt that the time had come to at least correct her regarding some aspects.

"A drink?" he replied to her question, smiling at her. "I have beer, if you like. Also I should probably clarify that I'm neither a squib nor a member of staff. Just a guest like you, really. I'm at your service though." He paused and glanced out of the window. "Glad the door is intact again, there seems to be a blizzard coming up." Having said that, Sami walked further into the room and looked around. "They do not offer much in these huts, do they?" He said, frowning slightly. This might get interesting. The thought that they would have to share the hut came to his mind but he decided to put that off for later. Now was not the time to worry about that, was there? Besides there were worse things than sharing a hut with a beautiful woman. "I'm Sami by the way. Who do I have the pleasure to meet?"

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“A snob?” Veronika repeated after the man, a bit offended. While she was indeed a snob, something which she had never denied, the Russian was a bit confused as to how she was a snob in this specific situation. In the end, she had never witnessed anything similar to this before. Maybe it was her circle of friends, which mostly consisted out of people who used magic all the time, or maybe because, throughout her life, Veronika’s contact with muggles or muggleborns had been minimal, if even completely non-existent. She was someone who was raised exclusively in a wizarding environment, and even now, when she would meet muggleborns as a quidditch player, she found it odd. Part of her had expected many to somehow look like monsters, and yet she had been severely disappointed in that aspect.

“I trust your services were good enough.” She cleared her throat, half lying since the Russian still didn’t find it in her to believe things could be repaired properly without any kind of magic involved. Yet, she believed they were good enough perhaps for a person who didn’t practice magic. Who knew. Her eyes widened upon falling on the man’s figure again. That sweater was definitely too tight on him, only now that she’s finished thinking about her own muscles, realising that, strictly physically speaking, the squib wasn’t unpleasing to the eye. Too bad he had had such a fate.

He clarified the matters soon enough, moment in which Veronika felt slightly embarrassed that she had mistaken a fellow guest with a staff member. Her cheeks blushed just slightly, however it was barely noticeable due to her tanned complexion. “Why did you not say anything earlier?” She complained, her right hand slightly covering up her face in embarrassment. Veronika completely forgot his invitation for a drink, as she had been undeniably overwhelmed by this new information. She had wanted a relaxing vacation, and there she was, making a fool of herself. Hopefully, the man wouldn’t make a big deal out of this all, as the last thing Vera would’ve liked was to appear yet again in the newspapers with her personal life as a gossip material for people with no lives.

He continued to comment on the huts, and their lack of space. Veronika wanted to openly agree, but then wondered what this specific wizard was doing in her hut. Perhaps he had seen her incident with the door and had desired to help? If so, then why did he let her believe that he was part of the staff? Her ideas trailed off as he introduced himself. Sami? It sounded English, which enhanced Veronika’s opinion that he was perhaps from that area. His accent would also encourage that opinion, so she just let herself believe he was British, reason as of why he also hadn’t recognised her. Vera didn’t know whether or not the Moscow Metalmen were popular enough in the United Kingdom to be known; known of, yes, but easily recognised, perhaps not as much as in Central and Eastern Europe. But then again, she was also on the Russian National, so Veronika herself was a figure quite easy to spot and know when in public.

The quidditch player decided not to take any chances and approach the situation directly, hopeful that the man right there wouldn’t prove himself to be one of those individuals who had followed her around, just to gather dirt about her. Part of her believed that a tiny bit, as him hiding that he wasn’t a squib had been quite confusing and unnecessary. “Veronika Nikolayevna Petrova.” She introduced herself, back straightened and posture as perfect as always. Should she offer him money for his silence? Veronika hesitated and decided to approach the matter a bit more diplomatically before diving into the corrupt side of things. “I would appreciate if you kept it to yourself. Me being here.”

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Sami tilted his head slightly and arched an eyebrow when she echoed his words as a question. Did she really not understand what he was saying or didn't she want to? Of course he was aware that many witches and wizards hadn't grown up like him, knowing both the muggle and the magical world. However, at her age she must have come across some muggles, right? It was hardly possible that she had lived in an exclusively magical environment, knowing of the existence of muggles, muggleborns and squibs only from books.

The way she cleared her throat after saying that she believed his work had been done properly made Sami think that she didn't really trust his capabilities and he shook his head grinning. "No, you don't," he stated, "it doesn't matter though, don't worry." After a brief pause he added, "I know you don't. Worry, I mean."

When he saw her reaction to his revelation that he was in fact neither a squib nor a member of staff, he laughed. However, he was not laughing at her, hoping to make her uncomfortable; he was truly amused. "You didn't even give me a chance!" He defended himself. "I wasn't sure if you were a witch so I decided to hide the fact that I am a wizard. You were then so quick to assume that I was a squib that I thought I felt it was impolite to contradict you. However, you pulling out your wallet was too much then. I couldn't let you pay for this service when I am just a guest like you and led you into believing that I was not even magical."

As she introduced herself, the name rang a bell. He had heard it before. He looked at the pretty witch in front of him for a moment and then tried to hide the fact that he finally knew where to place her. He should probably have recognised her earlier. However, while Sami was a rather successful Quidditch player himself, he did not really read any gossip magazines or anything where he'd have seen her outside of her Quidditch attire. On a broom in a game of Quidditch people did not quite look the same then in their private lives, after all. Yet, he did know the names of the line ups of successful league teams and of the relevant national teams. So, naturally, he now knew where to place Veronika.

Nonetheless her snobbish attitude was like an invitation to tease her a little. "Yes... of course." He replied earnestly. "May I ask why though? Who would be interested in knowing that you are here? Are you on the run from the Ministry of Magic?" He could not hide his amusement now and a lopsided grin spread showed on his face despite the fact that he had intended to keep serious.

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Veronika wasn’t sure if the man’s defence was a good one or not. The trail of his logic wasn’t really compatible with her, and because she was aware of the fact that she wasn’t the most diplomatic person in the world, the Russian decided to simply not continue that conversation, as she had nothing nice to add. The reasoning he presented was not comprehensible, and the fact that he thought that she was a muggle or something of the sort was quite offensive in itself. The former Klyk Vampira wasn’t sure if she had ever in her life ever heard such a remark from someone, from anyone, however she decided not to dwell on it, as positively her fierce temperament would win over her motivation of keeping the conversation there on a reasonable level of courtesy and decency.

Instead, Veronika decided to think of another issue – if the man was a guest there, then he probably wasn’t just anyone. As far as she recalled, only wizards and witches with quite some funds in the banks could afford visiting this particular resort, despite its obviously disappointing services. In addition to that, there was the offer made especially for quidditch players recently, which had also attracted her attention, making it the actual reason as of why she was in Lofoten in the first place. And then it finally hit her; Veronika knew him. Vaguely. He somewhat started appearing quite familiar, despite the fact that she had yet to place him somewhere. If she wasn’t able to recognise him immediately, then he was surely of a different league.

But which league? Veronika was confident that she remembered most of the quidditch players from the continental side of Europe. So, he must be from the opposite side of the continent, compared to her at least, for the quidditch captain not to have been highly interested in researching his team, and therefore not being completely aware of whom he was. Then again, she recalled that one of her closest friends, Circenn Kekoa Teague, had specified several facts regarding his league. It was then when Veronika realised from where she knew the man in front of her. She had previously attended one of Circenn’s games, and this individual had been the keeper of the rival team, the Falafel-something Falcons if she recalled well.

Veronika’s realisation came concomitantly with his remark regarding her being on the run from the Ministry of Magic. Her right eyebrow arched, the Metalmen captain feeling little said affronted this time around. While it was perfectly reasonable for her, a quidditch player in a superior position to his, along with her national player title, not to recognise him on the spot, the fact that a mere keeper acted as if he didn’t know whom she was seemed far-fetched. Half of her wanted to simply say ‘yes’ to his rude remark, and curse his ass. Set him on fire. But the World Cup was approaching, so Veronika couldn’t openly afford any scandals. His grin was obviously just daring her to be as unpredictable as she could. Perhaps her fame wasn’t always the best of things. Her reputation for being aggressive wasn’t quite the way in which she’d fancy being known.

Vera decided to keep it courteous, and yet just a bit sharp.

“One would think you should have to show some sort of respect to famous quidditch captains – “ What was his name again? Veronika was sure she had read it during the game, long ago. However, her visual memory was extraordinary good, and hopefully it wouldn’t fail her this time as well. “ – Mr. Sadik.” She probably heavily mispronounced his name, nonetheless, Veronika was rather sure it was that. At least until she’d be proven the contrary. “Regardless, I will be the bigger person – “ At least on the surface, clearly. “ – and admit it was foolish of me not to have recognised you sooner. Still, I will not tolerate you talking to me as if I were a meagre mediocrity.” Veronika then made her way towards her bag, to place back her wallet in it. She would rather actually curse him than actually pay him for his silence, really. At this point, he might as well just tell all the media she was there, for Vera could care less.

“And still, I find myself asking, what are you even doing in my cabin? Just wanting to be a – “ cliché  “ – knight in shining armour?” She inquired, taking out of her bag a custom-made never-ending flask of the finest Zhruavlev vodka, the family one that she promoted of course. Veronika took a mouthful, deciding that she couldn’t deal with this man perfectly sober.

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Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
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He could see it in her face that his comment had affronted her and while he did not want to really affront the pretty witch in front of him, he quite enjoyed the moment. It was fun that a simple remark like this could have an effect on a woman who seemed to be so superior and haughty.

It took Sami quite some effort not to laugh at her comment. Why should he have to show respect to famous Quidditch captains? Did she really believe that the mere fact that she was the captain of her team made her better than anybody else? Apparently she did. Maybe she even was the better player. Sami did not know her accomplishments well enough to decide on that matter. However, her arrogance was definitely not suiting her well. As far as Sami was concerned she didn't need to show such an arrogant attitude. He'd like her more if she was just herself. Then again her arrogance might be a part of herself that she could not easily abandon.

He grinned when she mentioned his surname. Having introduced himself only by his first name earlier, he now knew for sure that she knew who he was. Maybe that was a first step towards a more humble approach… or not. She wanted to be the bigger person? She had the bigger ego for sure.

“Really?” he asked, shaking his head in disbelief. “I get that you think I should have recognised you at once and should probably have fallen onto my knees in order to worship you properly. I do not expect everyone to recognise me though. Admittedly there are people recognising me… mostly girls actually… and they want pictures taken with me and autographs and some even made some indecent proposals. However, I think that's mostly a fan thing. Not so much anything that we Quidditch players should do among ourselves. Yet, if you would like me to ask for your autograph, I can pretend to want one? We could even take a photo together. That is, if you have brought a camera for I haven't.”

Sami raised his eyebrows when she spoke about her cabin again. “Dear Veronika Nikolayevna,“ he addressed her politely, „I'm afraid the undeniably fabulous organisers of this vacation double booked your cabin. Seems like our line of work is not the only thing we share now.“ He shrugged and looked around once more. The cabin was still just as small as it had been when he had first stepped over the threshold but it didn't matter.

„Why don't we just start anew and have a drink together? Then we can decide how to make the best of the situation. Maybe we can use an extension charm and make this cabin our own little palace.“

Veronika Petrova [ Guest ]
Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
« Reply #10 on: April 16, 2018, 06:19:45 PM »
Despite having tried to be civil, Veronika found herself rolling her eyes in response to the man’s very long reply to her previous remark. He had been rude to her, and in addition to that, pretended not to be aware of whom she was. It wasn’t something that she only expected to be practiced when around her, for Veronika herself had been especially considerate to team captains when she hadn’t been one herself. It seemed that Sadik there not only lacked proper etiquette, but also forgot that the quidditch business was a rather small one, and the ones in higher positions should always be treated with at least a minimum amount of respect, at least for their obvious superior experience and influence.

She still treated all her former captains like that, and was reasonably courteous to others of the same rank as her, even if sometimes, Veronika had to admit, she would lose her temper when provoked. She and Sadik weren’t on the same level, and yet he was cheeky enough to believe he was some god of some sort, him mentioning his female fans and their indecent proposal being nothing but a dire need of masculine validation in the Russian’s eyes. Because she really didn’t want to shut him up by punching him in the face, Veronika decided to take another sip out of her flask, much more generous than the one before.

“Proper etiquette and good manners are not only a one-way requirement towards one’s fans, Mr. Sadik. For, if you are appreciated by admirers of the sport, but not those who play the sport themselves, then what is even the point of one’s career in the field. Acknowledgement of one’s talents comes from captains, not from fans.” She narrowed her eyes slightly, later on leaning against the edge of the armchair she’s placed her bag on, crossing her legs in the process. “And no, I do not desire to take any pictures with you, because, you see, I am not a fan of men who believe themselves to be much more than they actually are.” Veronika sighed, running a hand through her hair as she wished for the wizard to leave her cabin as soon as possible.

Her right eye slightly twitched as he’d used the term ‘dear’. She would have rather listened to one hundred cats concurrently scratching up a chalkboard than any man addressing her with ‘dear’, even if slightly ironically. “Double booked?” She repeated after him, abruptly, the tone of her voice being something between confused and appalled. Veronika mustered herself for going on a vacation somewhere else than Russia; clearly any country other than her own was severely incompetent. She’d have had higher expectations from Scandinavians, but it seemed that they were also tragically disappointing. Veronika took one more sip out of her vodka, her eyes focused on Sami’s figure.

He wasn’t showing any signs of leaving, and instead, the other quidditch player was looking around. Truthfully, she wasn’t in the mood for travelling via portkey two times in the same day because of an unfortunate mishap, so she couldn’t really blame him for not desiring to do the same thing. However, before she had the chance to point out that she was definitely not going to share that ridiculously tiny cabin with him, Sami had been on the same wavelength as her, commenting that they could use an extension charm for the establishment. It was a good idea, she had to admit it. And they could even make it so that they wouldn’t even have to encounter one another until they would leave.

“Fine, starting anew sounds good.” Veronika mentioned, letting out a soft sigh. In the end, she was on vacation, and didn’t need the stress. Sadik seemed like one of those men that had a particularly high ego and a very unrealistic image of themselves, so the Russian wasn’t particularly keen on exchanging more words with him. However, he had been gallant enough to suggest the cabin extension charm, and that proved that perhaps he wasn’t as awful as he initially let off. Hopefully.

“An extension charm is an upright idea.” She straightened her back, gaze trailing along the chamber. “I cannot even believe how someone built a cabin this small. Surely they realise it lacks any kind of comfort.” Veronika gently nodded her head in disapproval, lingering on the thought that she should’ve known better, and visited Vladivostok instead.

Sami Sadik [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
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Women in general and Veronika Nikolayeva in particular were so difficult sometimes. It was intriguing and irritating at the same time. Sami who liked a good challenge was still rather content with the situation and actually himself but she was starting to infuriate him slowly but surely.

She didn't get it. Clearly. Sami felt the need to clarify not because he was worried that her opinion of him would be bad – or worse for it seemed to be rather bad already – but because he did not like misunderstandings like this one.

„You got me wrong,” he started nonchalantly, “I didn't mean to indicate that you would want to take a photo with me. I meant that I can act like a proper fan and ask you to take a photo with me. However, I guess it's too late for that now.” He shrugged apologetically before continuing.

“I am not sure why you feel the need to lecture me about proper manners when I never said anything against you as a Quidditch player and captain of your team. And, before you tell me that there's nothing that I could criticise about you as a sportswoman, let me assure you that I never meant to say anything negative. For what I know you are an excellent player. Anyway, me not approaching you and addressing you in the way you wanted was not deprecatingly. I won't go as far as explaining my motives as I have the distinct feeling that I cannot say anything to defend myself properly and, truth be told, I don't want to be defensive now.”

Sami found it quite amusing to see the confusion in Veronika's face as she considered what he had said about the double booked hut. Fortunately his suggestion to start anew, have a drink and use an extension charm on the hut had finally been something that the pretty woman appreciated. While the German Turk was aware of the fact that they were still not exactly friends, he definitely hoped for an improvement of the situation.

“Well,” he began, smiling slightly, “if you ask me, I believe these were originally muggle huts. I am not sure why muggles would not go for a larger hut with more comfort but I've seen things like that from them before… The company renting these huts probably found them charming in a minimalistic way… Maybe if lovers come here it's actually quite nice? Or, well, if they do only let them to one person, it might be alright too. We won't ever know though, will we?” He looked around sceptically, thinking that, while he did not need much luxury, this was really very rudimentary.

“Why not have a beer first – I brought enough, after all – and then work on the extension of the hut so we get enough space for both of us. We could try and make the hut be exactly what you expected before you came here. I think, it would be enjoyable to spend a night in a hut designed by the Quidditch star Veronika Nikoleyevna… That would actually be a nice business idea, don't you think? Letting famous people design these places and letting them to other people.” He took two bottles of beer from the crate and held one out for her to take.

“I hope you actually drink beer,” he added, half expecting her to refuse the offered beverage.
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Veronika Petrova [ Guest ]
Re: [lofoten] settle for a draw {sami}
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The Russian arched an eyebrow especially suspicious when the other quidditch player remarked that these huts were originally for usage of muggles. The mere thought repulsed Veronika, that wizarding kind would still use such sort of establishments, especially considering the events before the Statute of Secrecy. Her family, and most of the people she associated herself with, weren’t exactly comfortable with this subject and, consequently, neither was she. The thought that she was in an establishment originally meant for muggles disgusted her.

While Veronika didn’t not reveal it on her face, the witch couldn’t help but wonder why Sadik even know such specifics. And furthermore, how he was seemingly so unaffected by such a fact. “Lovers?” Vera arched an eyebrow. “There is not enough space for lovers here.” Well, at least in what regarded her own opinion. “So we can just assume our tastes differ.” Veronika smirked in Sami’s direction, brushing off his question regarding whether or not they will ever know that.

Sami mentioned beer, and Veronika felt almost offended that someone actually thought she was the kind of woman who would even have such a repulsive drink. She wasn’t a fan of beer; the Russian preferred champagne, wine and, naturally, vodka. Nonetheless, she would not inform Sadik of that, should he not have realised it so far. In addition, she was slightly irked still, despite agreeing that they should start anew. While she cared for her good reputation, as any other quidditch player, and captain, would, Veronika was bitter enough to accept a beer just so Sami would have less.

She shrugged, and replied nonchalantly with a “Why not.” at the German’s suggestion, and grabbed a bottle, yet did not drink out of it. “But truth be told, it is highly offensive this was double booked. For both of us. You think one would treat celebrities much better than this.” Veronika sighed, and shifted in her place, making herself a bit more comfortable in her position – still gently leaning against the armchair, with her legs crossed.

“If that is their idea of a good business, I am not keen on helping them flourish.” The Russian smirked. “And you should not be either. It is disrespectful towards the both of us.” Well, more to her, because she was a respectable witch from an elite class of Russia, and when her mother would hear of this mishap, Veronika was sure these huts wouldn’t last for long still. Such disrespect. “You seem rather calm for someone who is in the same uncomfortable situation as I.” She added, glance falling on the bottle of beer in her hand.

“Are you not bothered by the situation at all?” Her eyes turned in Sami’s direction once more, gazing at him quite suspiciously. He’d know far too much about the hut not too be suspicious, and his calm demeanour wasn’t exactly helping Veronika actually have any kind of trust in him. Perhaps, if anything, she should charm the hut right now, and go into a room of her own.


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