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[MP - December 2001] Ma vie commence aujourd'hui (Maximilien)
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His mother had married during the summer and he was still behaving as though it meant anything for his life.

He had kissed @Lyra Hartmann and she had not confessed her everlasting love to him.

He definitely had to get a grip and start living in the present, leaving behind the unhappy parts of his past. Nowadays Sylvain struggled to make sense of his feelings and even of his actions. Quite honestly the boy didn't know what to think or feel anymore. Last year he thought he had been falling in love with @Sofie Gustavsson but then she had graduated and they hadn't even been in touch over the summer which he had not regretted the way he had expected to because... Well, because there had been Lyra. Lyra was lovely... Already towards the end of the last year at Beauxbatons he had felt that she was a friend, a good friend even, maybe slightly more than that... He had invited her to his mother's wedding and somehow from there his life had been a downward spiral.

He blamed @Maximilien Manet for what had happened but if he was entirely honest he wasn't sure whose fault it really was. He despised Maximilien for who he was, how he treated him and how he made him feel. He did not want these negativity welling up inside of him all the time though. He wanted to ease up. He wanted to enjoy his life but there was nothing enjoyable about his life right now. His only hope was that after his graduation he'd be free. The thought of the graduation carried him through the days now. However, he had become aware of the fact that graduation might still be a bit far away to just live for that. He needed to get a grip before that or else he was doomed to get a grumpy and depressive young lad with no future whatsoever.

It was time for him to stand up for himself, for his beliefs, for his dreams. The Ombrelune musketeer felt like hiding in a corner but instead he straightened up and tried to be the best version of himself. He could be a role model like his student position called for. He could be pleasant if needed. He could be anything he wanted. He was an actor of some kind, after all.

There was one thing that he felt he couldn't be though - a perfect son. When the letter of his mother arrived and he saw not only her signature but also Alphonse's, Sylvain felt like he just could not go home for the holidays. He knew he could not smile facing his new family when he didn't mean it. Hence he wrote back, telling that his role of a musketeer required that he helped at the castle because of the invasion of giants or so he phrased it anyway. He hoped that the rest of his new family decided to that spending Christmas together was a good plan and he definitely hoped that his step brother and year mate Maximilien felt the desire to meet his dad again.

The first day of the holidays arrived and already at breakfast Sylvain could see that many students had gone home to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. He ate his croissant and drank his cocoa feeling rather relaxed now as he spotted neither Maximilien nor Lyra in the Grand Hall. If both had left Beauxbatons to go home that was just terrific. Really, had the Ombrelune still believed in Santa Clause he'd have asked for just this one thing - him having a few days without these particular year mates. Nevertheless, up in the common room he had a gift neatly wrapped and well hidden which he meant to give Lyra in case that she'd ever talk to him again.

After his breakfast Sylvain made his way outside. He felt that his role as a musketeer demanded that he'd check the grounds and see if there was anything he could do about the giants destroying the castle. It had only been yesterday that he had seen a giant reach through a mosaic window of one of the corridors, leaving a large hole and lots of shards behind. What he had intended to do Sylvain didn't know but he could not deny that he was not exactly a fan of the giants. The shattered ice sculptures that were everywhere to be found made the boy feel sad, they looked like his heart felt - a pile of deformed pieces of ice. He suppressed a sigh and forced a smile onto his face. He did not want to look back. He was a new man now.

When he had managed to shoo away all his negative thoughts and feelings he went back inside to patrol the corridors. Just as he turned around a corner though he froze - there he was, Maximilien Manet. His enemy, his step brother, Lyra's friend. He briefly considered turning around and just avoiding the other boy but then he decided that he was stronger, braver than that. There was nothing about the Papillonlisse that had to scare him. Yes, maybe Maximilien was more popular, considered to be more fun, had more friends, was admired by more people (well, one single admirer was probably one more than he had). All of that meant nothing now though because today Sylvain 2.0 was born. He was determined not to let the other boy get him down this time. After all, they even had one thing in common - they both didn't approve of the marriage they had been unfortunate enough to witness during the summer.

"Maximilien," he greeted the boy when he was just a few steps away. "Merry Christmas."

@Maximilien Manet <333

Maximilien Manet [ Papillonlisse ]
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Re: [MP - December 2001] Ma vie commence aujourd'hui (Maximilien)
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The day was cold and dreary.

Maximilien Manet had not returned to the house for the holiday. It no longer felt like home, not when he shared halls with strangers who did not care to know. Selfish or not, forgiveness was buried beneath the harsh bitterness and resentment he just could not let go of. Sylvain had been his sworn enemy from day one, and now his father just expected him to hold hands, sing songs of merriment, and call the Ombrelune his brother with a hard clap on the back. Just the thought made Maximilien cringe.

Frost glazed the windows, cool and sharp like crystal. The Papillonlisse sat alone in an alcove that was tucked away in a winding corridor, lazily strung along the padded seat. The wall behind him was carved with various elaborate designs and he traced his finger along a particular one – a rose. There had been a rumour a few weeks ago that Gabrielle disliked roses. He’d been uabashedly eavesdropping when the topic came up and felt ridiculously, humiliatingly stupid when the gossip ended. How many roses had he sent her over the course of their relationship? Enough to start her own garden. How had he not noticed?

Lyra liked roses. Not surprising; the pair were both blonde, sweet, and pretty, but Max believed that was where the similarities ended. Where Gabrielle was poised and elegant, Lyra was clumsy. Max smiled at the thought. She was sporadic, too. Much more like him than the veela. To think that they had been separated for such a long time after steadily spending almost every day together was strange. Lyra was almost foreign to him, now. Did she even still like roses? His mouth curved downwards into a frown.

Pulled from his thoughts from the last voice he wanted to hear – or really, the voice he would love to never hear again if it could be helped – Max sat up, exasperation spreading across his handsome features. “Merry Christmas, indeed.” He laughed with no mirth. “Why are you talking to me?” His eyes narrowed at the other boy, lip curling in distrust. He wondered if the Ombrelune got some sick sort of satisfaction from invading every aspect of his life.
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