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Carrie Marshall [ Wampus ]
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white winter hymnal {Lou}
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:00:16 PM »
“D’you know what the forecast is supposed to be for the rest of the week?”
Curled up her favorite hollowed-out nook in the Wampus common room, Carrie tore her gaze away from the window to glance over at her friend in an adjacent armchair. She had no doubt that Lou was feeling restless with the stretch of ill weather, too; though she also had the sense that her Massachusetts-native friend wasn’t quite as bothered by it. Lou had hiked in all sorts of weather, after all, and was no stranger to New England winters.

It was doing that horrible sleet thing that this part of the northeast apparently liked to do during the transition from fall to winter: too warm for it to be real, thick, accumulating snow, and too cold for it to be rain. Instead it fell heavy and wet, melting the instant it hit the ground to form a slushy mess – only to freeze over into insidious black ice when the temperatures dropped precipitously overnight, turning any outdoor footpath into an invisible skating rink. During her first Massachusetts winter those eight years ago, Carrie was convinced that the whole city would shut down when the forecast called for three inches of snow: she was dumbfounded when some of the older girls laughed and then kindly explained that three inches was ‘peanuts’ for this part of the country. ‘The local No-Maj schools won’t even have a delay for this,’ they had explained to a wide-eyed Carrie. ‘We usually get five or six inches in one go.’
Not that she didn’t get winter weather in Richmond – it did snow, maybe two or three times a year – but it rarely stayed quite cold enough to stick around or freeze to ice. And when it did snow, it was very rarely more than two inches at once. The whole city would shut down over half and inch, literally; Carrie distinctly remembered being excited to have the day off, but also disappointed because there was hardly ever enough to snow to actually play in on those ‘snow days.’

“Ugh, I wish it’d hurry up and freeze already so we can go skating,” the former Virginian pouted. “It’s so gross out.” She still vastly preferred summer and early fall, but had to admit that winter certainly had its charms: chief among them, the ubiquitous nature of hot cocoa crammed full of marshmallows, spiced hot cider, and mulled wine as soon as the temperature began to drop. And gingerbread. She loved gingerbread… especially when whipped cream was involved. Over break, the Iron Witches and Wayward Girls all but swarmed the kitchen, eating the trays and trays of cookies and other treats about as fast as they could make them. Many times the batter wouldn’t even make it into the oven before being devoured, but no one seemed to mind. Thus reminded, Carrie snuggled deeper into her nook and rested her chin on her knees, which were drawn into her chest.

“Are y’all doing anything fun for break this year? Taking part in a family spelunking trip?” She grinned. Even after eight years in the northeast, her soft Richmond drawl hadn’t quite left her yet. It was subtle – far from the Deep South ‘twang’ – but there for the listening, and more often than not her favorite contractions would slip out.
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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: white winter hymnal {Lou}
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“Doom and gloom for the foreseeable future.” Lou didn’t need to pick her head up and out of her journal to know that Carrie was speaking to her. She finished scrawling the rest of her sentence, detailing the quality conversation she had with the Alchemy professor today. And by quality, she meant that @Fanny Applebottom hadn’t snarled at her with quite her usual ferocity when Mary Lou had asked her yet another question about the finer details of the inner workings of MACUSA. Lou made the period at the end of the sentence with a jab and a sense of finality, closing her journal and trapping her pen in the pages as she looked over to her friend with a grin. “I can’t wait to get out there this weekend.”

Lou shrugged, taking a glance out the window, shifting in her armchair to get a bit more comfortable, her legs propped up on the back cushion. “It’s not that bad, really.” It would definitely be getting worse before it got better, but it would take some sort of natural disaster to keep Lou indoors. She had plans to hike this weekend, whether or not the rain had let up or if the trails had been washed out or whatever other obstacle Mother Nature decided to throw her way. All of that would just give her the opportunity to test out new rain gear, the jacket that she had been charming to repel water and keep her warm, and to practice her orienteering skills. She almost hoped that the trail conditions would be brutal just for the sheer thrill of it all.

“I wish!” Lou slid down further into the chair before launching into complaining properly. “It’s really only my dad and me that would want to do that, but it doesn’t matter anyway ‘cause the shop is open through the break.” She shrugged, which only served to make her slump further into her chair, now looking at Carrie a bit sideways. “Open ‘til noon on Christmas Eve and closed Christmas and New Year’s Day but that’s it. I think my offer to close every night will be taken up. I hope it will.” Mary Lou was speaking without taking too many pauses to breathe, her usual method of sharing information. “I want to be able to get out while it’s still daylight, y’know?”

She sat up and resituated herself, pulling her legs up and crossing them in front of her, criss cross applesauce. “What about you? You should come to Shacks if you can hang out for a bit.”

Carrie Marshall [ Wampus ]
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Re: white winter hymnal {Lou}
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“You’re going out in that?” The blanket burrito better known as Carrie pretended to look horrified, deepening her Southern accent for dramatic effect. “Why, you’ll get soaked straight on through and then freeze your cute little curls off.”

‘It’s not that bad, really.’

“For a batshit crazy New Englander like you, maybe,” she conceded with a playful quirk of her mouth. Carrie was overdramatizing, of course: she’d certainly seen worse weather, but as much as she loved the outdoors she could pretty definitively say she did not have any particular interest in hiking under the current conditions. Especially when the alternatives were so much cozier.
She wriggled a bit in her nest at that, feeling the telltale tingling of her butt beginning to fall asleep from how she’d been sitting.

Carrie heard Lou shift positions, too, and glanced over to see her friend slouched in her chair, looking significantly more morose. The sight of it furrowed her brow slightly; it didn’t often occur to her just how much work (and personal time) must go into operating a family-owned-and-run shop like the Birds had.
“Yeah for sure,” she replied, bobbing her head in agreement. Perhaps her least favorite thing about the winter months – aside from the cold – was the ever-dwindling daylight as one got deeper and deeper into winter’s mostly-miserable clutches.

The former Virginian’s expression brightened at Lou’s proposition.
“Yeah that’d be great! We’re supposed to have one or two new girls coming in whom I offered to help mentor, but it sounds like they won’t be getting to the House until a bit closer to Christmas… at least from what Sampson said.” All of her friends knew who Sampson was and about House Irons, though to varying degrees, and so it was easy to forget just how familiar each friend was with the usual occurrences.
“So, if I owl him within the next day or two, I’ll probably be cleared to stick around for a few days after the semester ends,” she clarified with a small shrug. “Otherwise, no real plans – except for the usual movie nights and near-constant Christmas cookie baking. Which you’re more than welcome to join, if you can tear yourself away from the trails for long enough.” Carrie grinned at her friend.
But the allusion to hiking and Lou’s clearly less-than-enthused attitude at the shop’s winter break hours gave her an idea.

“Do y’all need an extra hand in the shop? I dunno a damn thing about the equipment, but I’m sure I can handle a stockroom.”
While the Sixth Year enjoyed spending the occasional day curled up in a blanket with no agenda, otherwise she was hardly an idle creature. While not quite as adventurous as Lou, Carrie always looked favorably upon having something to do to occupy her time.
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Mary Lou Bird [ Wampus ]
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Re: white winter hymnal {Lou}
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“Eh.” Lou shrugged her shoulders as best she could in her position. “It makes the hot chocolate at the end of the day that much better.” She nodded, though Carrie wasn’t too far off. Honestly, she’d prefer it to go ahead and freeze, since the store had a new ice axe in stock that she really wanted to try out once the waterfall had frozen through -- that would have to wait though. Lou sighed at the thought, blowing air through pursed lips.

She perked up, though, when Carrie said she’d be able to stick around for a few days. Lou loved living so close to school (she still liked her parents for the most part) but the holidays were so lonely. The handful of students that stuck around for the holidays didn’t usually venture into the outdoor shop in Shackamaxon, so any chance to change that, Lou’d take it. “That’d be awesome. Definitely do that.” She nodded again for the full effect.

“I think I could spare some time for gingerbread and The Santa Clause.” There was no end to their supply of Christmas movies at home, having two magbobs for parents, but with six people and the only workable system an assigned day of the week to pick the movie to watch, it took forever to watch what she wanted. Of course, her family members always picked good movies, too, but there were only so many times they could watch Jingle All the Way, her dad defaulting to his worst Arnold Schwarzenegger impression until they had taken the Christmas tree down. It might be nice to escape that, if only for one night.

Carried was just full of stellar ideas that evening. Lou made a mental note to consult her on ideas for future events after she was elected President.

“We could always use help. If you want galleons though, that might be a different story.” She sniffed and shifted just a bit so she could look at Carrie. “We usually have to fix whatever Jack or Sunny has done in the stockroom that day.” She grinned and shrugged, though it was still difficult. “Would you really want to? I can ask my parents.”


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