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[mp] the world turned upside down {eun-soo}
« on: January 30, 2018, 09:57:02 AM »
December 2001

It was not like Ryūnosuke to oversleep, however he had spent most of the night reading, as he caught up with the last three volumes of Bleach. The plot was getting very interesting and the last chapter had stopped with an Ichigo cliff-hanger, much to Ryū’s displeasure. So, not only did he go to bed very late, but it also took him a lot to finally fall asleep, as the Japanese boy simply couldn’t stop thinking about how Sensei would continue the story in the next chapter. Therefore, in the morning, when seeing volumes of the manga thrown around his bed, along with him sleeping on a ton of Ghibli plushies rather than on a pillow, his dormitory mates (and friends, mind you) didn’t wake Ryū up, simply just leaving him a note that whenever he does return to planet Earth, to simply go to their usual restaurant in Takamagahara, where they will be waiting for him.

It was a bit past noon when Ryūnosuke finally woke up, and after yet another hour of preparations, particularly him being still yet too sleepy to put on his winter kimono correctly from the first try, he eventually left the Mahoutokoro grounds. Upon making contact with the cold air of winter, Ryū finally properly woke up. However, despite him wearing a lot of layers, it was particularly chilly that day. The wind wasn’t blowing, it was just that the air itself was colder than he would have expected. Now only having in mind the hot cup of green tea that would await for him in Takamagahara, Ryūnosuke started walking faster, trying to make his time spent walking outside as short as possible.

As he made his way through the path, a familiar figure could be seen in front of him. Suddenly, Ryūnosuke slowed down the pace, thinking that out of all people, he did not want to deal with @Song Eun-soo on a weekend. She was somehow one of the few people that actually irritated him, and lately it had been even more intense than normal. While he had no idea as of why Eun-soo annoyed him more than usual, Ryū simply just didn’t want to deal with her right then. He had just woken up, barely put on his kimono properly, and he still didn’t have anything to eat or drink properly. Ryūnosuke was lacking the minimum amount energy that required dealing with his fellow sixth year.

It was, however, unavoidable. He couldn’t turn back and just return to Mahoutokoro, as that would make him a bad friend in the eyes of the sole two friends he had. If he were to walk faster and simply pass by her without noticing, then it would be particularly rude, and Ryūnosuke was highly keen on maintaining his reputation of a well-mannered young man. Taking a deep breath, Ryū decided that he should just go, salute her, and hopefully she would be decent enough to not engage into any kind of conversation with him until they would part ways in Takamagahara.

With that thought in mind, Ryūnosuke addressed Eun-soo in his usual calm, slow, monotonous, yet somehow cold tone. “Konnichiwa, Song-san.” He then started walking in her own pace, by her side, like any gentleman would. While he wasn’t exactly ecstatic to engage into conversation with her, Ryū decided that he should do the minimum required. Normally, he would have to ask her about her plans in Takamagahara, but that would breach into more and more conversation topics, therefore, Ryū went for the sole subject which would probably instantly exterminate any possible desire of hers of talking a lot: the weather.

“Pretty cold today, surprisingly so.”
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Re: [mp] the world turned upside down {eun-soo}
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She didn't have to come help out at the restaurant on the weekend. That was what her mother always told her.

Sometimes Eun-soo did not like coming either. She was a lazy person by nature, and she hated doing little things like prepare hundreds of kilograms of ingredients to feed the brats of Mahoutokoro. The worst of it all was when her mother would make her check through everything by hand even after it can be easily done in a few minutes with a simple spell. So how could she actually say no and be an unfilial daughter when her mother, at only forty-five, already looked like she was starting to develop a hunch? Eun-soo always chided her mother for over-working, but it's clear to see the older woman never took her advice. Her brother never came by to help either, that selfish jerk who only thought about his future. At that thought the teenager gave a dissatisfied huff and quickened her pace, her wooden clogs making an impatient racket on the sidewalk.

Luckily, lunchtime was already about halfway through, and for some reason it wasn't too busy today. It's probably because of the cold, Eun-soo thought, beginning to sniffle a little, hopefully we'll have beautiful cherry blossoms next spring. She was wearing a thin samue set with an apron over it, a jacket thrown haphazardly over her shoulders, and her long hair braided in two pigtails. Her attire would have been fine in the warmth of the restaurant, but her father decided that since it was not busy, she could run down to the post station to send a letter to her aunt to ask for more spicy gochujang, the kind that can only be found in Jeonju. "Why couldn't they get an owl for themselves already, then I won't have to make this trip in the cold," Eun-soo grumbled under her breath, completely focused on blowing warm air into her freezing palms without dropping the letter.

Just as she was about to deliberate whether to break into a short run to warm herself up and to get the errand over and done with, she heard someone call out for her. The voice was deep and sounded a little resentful, and for some reason a slight chill ran up her spine. Must be the weather, must be the weather, she repeated to herself as she turned around to find @Murakami Ryūnosuke looking like he just rolled out of bed. "Annyeon–Good afternoon, Murakami... kun?" Eun-soo sighed internally; after so many years here she still wasn't as comfortable with Japanese as she was Korean. She gave a non-committal hum to his comment about the weather, and just when she thought the uncomfortable pleasantries were over and she could be on her way, it seemed like they were headed in the same direction. How wonderful.

If they were in school, Eun-soo would have no problem telling him to beat it, or take another road so that she did not have to see his face that would ruin the rest of her weekend. But now she was not the Song Eun-soo, the seemingly aloof first rank who did not care about anyone or anything. Now she was the Song Eun-soo who was helping out at her parents restaurant. She was not embarrassed by any means, but she still wished he did not have to see her looking unlike her usual neat self. It was no good, she could feel her cheeks heating up anyway.

The pair continued in silence for a while, at a much slower pace, because as much as she wanted to, it did not seem very polite for your eagerness to get away be too obvious. "So, um," Eun-soo wondered briefly if she should address him by his name, but quickly decided against it, "where are you headed?"

this is so bad i'm so sorry ahhhhhh


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