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[Dec MP] a hard days night [tag; valda]
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Continued from NC17 here

His eyes washed over her, covered by the blanket and safe, and he realized she was right. They were alive. Yes, things had gotten scary, not to mention he had cried. His head shook a bit, he cried. It might have been a few fleeting tears but they had still be there. Seeing Valda so vulnerable, so close to being gone it had broken his heart and tore through him in way that felt devastating. Gio had never felt a fear of loss so great the shook him, that lingered in the back of his mind like the unforgettable lyrics of a song. There was nothing he could do now but tend to her and actually protect her. “Here let me.” He reached pass her carefully to pull the bag to her so that she wasn’t forced to strain. His gaze drifted around the shadowed portion of the cave, the opening and back to the fire. He realized that He couldn’t look at her fully just yet, his mind constantly replaying those slow moving seconds before her body dropped. He shifted, lifting a hand tinted red to push his hair back from his face, a gentle sigh passed his lips.

“I…was just at the trees when I heard you yell.” His head inclined toward the bow resting just at his reach near his feet, “They weren’t allowed close.” No threat ever had. It was the one rule his mother had during training. Never let anything close enough to hurt him unless it was apart of a plan that ensured he always came home. His brows knitted as he glanced over to watch her build a concoction and then take a drink. She was closer now, holding his hand and he couldn’t help his small smile as his gaze moved to rest on her. “I should. I should have realized…this won’t ever happen a-" he paused as Valda leaned up to kiss his cheek and he could feel the heat there making him shift his gaze, her words of thanks causing him to smile fully. “we'll be more careful next time.” He couldn’t let it go, not until the guilt vanished and his heart beat like it had before.

His worried expression returned as she gave a groan, he knew she just might be in pain. He should have been better, run faster, he just should have been there. The wood should have been closer or at the very least he should have taken her with him. He stared into the orange and red flames that crackled softly as the heat warmed them. He felt calm, his calmest as he sat there in silence. His finger tapped lightly at his thigh a faint repetitive sound that ease his worries and fear. He chuckles softly once more pushing the hair from his face, “You did most of the work. I just came in the catch the stragglers.” He moved to pick up the broken tooth, which he had spent far too much time turning into a necklace her. “it was in your shoulder…I didn’t kn if you might want to keep it but just in case.” He held it out, it’s construction had been the only thin keeping the panic at bay as he had waited the hours for her to wake

Time has passed just a couple days, the pair have decided to continue their journey

Blue eyes watched as the snow fell, blanketing the prints that had been made over the days that had passed. Gio knew it wouldn’t be long before there were no tracks at all. The Krov rose to his feet and walked back into the cave, back to his resting spot just next to Valda. He had refused the covers she'd offered, she needed the warmth. Gio had taken to leaving before she woke to get food, cleaning it as it needed and he set it over the fire each morning. Sometimes he got lucky and got enough food where he didn’t have to leave the cave unless it was to get water. The stream wasn’t too far and the small hole he’d made had kept them hydrated, well after he’d made sure to kill the germs that lived within it. Just like the mornings before it, the food was over the fire cooking. Gio had taken to cutting it up so that Valda couldn’t see what it had been before.

The tin next to the meat help the freshly cleansed water. His foot moved out to shift the wood before he looked over at Valda. The sun hadn’t rose just yet and the breeze in the air was still unnoticeable. They would be setting out again once they had been fed and Gio was sure Valda could stand long enough to walk. He would carry her when needed buy he knew at the start they needed to make up for lost time. His pack was left near the opening and his bow and arrow filled quiver was leaned against it. “Valda…” came his soft spoken words and he glanced at her once more. They were cleaned now, well as much as one could clean out in the wilderness, the blood had been washed away from their skin though Gio's hands still held a faint tint of red to them. “I’m just going to check your bandages.” He informed as he shifted the cover just enough to look at her shoulder, his hands touched the bandages testing to see if they were still dry. They weren’t stained by blood and that to the boy was a good sign. Her ankle had been the same, she was healing and there was no sign of infection.

“I think changing would be good before we leave today.” His words were absentminded as he recovered her giving a soft grunt as he fell back to rest against the cave wall. “Are you hungry? The meat is almost done. I got more water also in case you want water.” His hand rose to run over his hair which rested up away from his face, pulled back and held there with the hair the that usually donned his wrist. “I figure we should leave midday. I want the sun up higher there is a small town not too far. We can stop there and figure out where we are.” They had gotten lost before the wolves had found them, thankfully Gio had left wood all around in case the snow drifted them off course. “How are you feeling?” He asked this of her each morning and just before she would drift asleep at night. His own eyes were heavy from his exhaustion. He couldn’t sleep, the Krov didn’t trust the time he would spend unaware.

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Re: [Dec MP] a hard days night [tag; valda]
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The familiar smell Valda had grown accustomed to waking up to wafted in the air. She could smell the food cooking. Shr could hear the fire crackling amd had now had enough time over the last couple days to learn Gio's pattern in the morning. Lying on her bedroll with her eyes shut, leg propped up using one of her jackets, and her coat's hood pulled over her head for warmth (and to block the early light of the fire,) she found herself in a state of slumber while still being self-aware. There was something inside her that kept her still and forced her to sleep. Every morning, it began with hearing Gio get his tin canisters out of his backpack and then quietly slip out of the cave to fill them with water. His soft grunts as he sat beside her in the mornings and spoke her name seemed to be the only thing that could get her to rise. His voice had become her alarm clock and she loved it. It felt sure. It felt comfortable. It felt right to hear his voice wake her in the morning.

At his information of his actions, she carefully rose, yawned, stretched as best she could, and relaxed again. She sat there with the blankets covering her lap. Her healthy leg was tucked beneath her as the injured one was stretched out. Valda unzipped her coat to shed the heavy outer layer and make it easier to expose her shoulder. Her right arm couldn't move. It was so sore and stiff, even just touching the healing flesh made her whine in pain. Gio's sturdy, chilly hands on her shoulder made her not only whine softly, but gasp too at the shocking change of temperature on her skin. She bit her bottom lip as she closed her eyes, only for a moment, before she turned her head to watch Gio.

His hands, he himself, were so gentle and careful with her. Though those hands had killed monstrous beasts for safety and innocent creatures for food, she saw them as being skilled and quick in their work. Valda wasn't  scared of what his hands were capable of doing, but rather in awe how they could perform such violent acts, yet still be comforting and make her feel safe and secure with him. Gio knew what he was doing and what he had to do in order to live, in order to survive out in the wilderness.

Her eyes followed as he then tended to her ankle. From what she could tell by glancing at it, it was recovering well. Though it looked pretty gruesome, the fresh, sensitive, new flesh was evidence that Gio had been taking all the cautious steps to prevent infection and have her heal the best way possible. She offered a small smile as she observed thr lighting between him and the fire, and the cave's entrance. Her half-opened eyes remained at the bigger opening for a little longer than normal before looking back at Gio to study his tired features. "It's still dark outside." There was a pause. "You didn't sleep last night, did you?" She then noticed his bag and how all his belongings were packed.

Valda wanted to lecture him about taking care of himself for their journey rather than fuss over her, but she knew his intentions were pure. She was aware he was most likely still blaming himself for her sustaining the injuries she did and not being present to prevent any further harm to her sooner. Instead, she picked up the clean dressings he had and lifted her shirt to tend to the big gash across her abdomen. Gio had offered and tried to handle that wound, but Valda refused. She felt exposed and naked, though it was only a little bit more skin revealed. Valda never liked to show too much skin, even in the Summer. She was letting him tend to her shoulder, though that meant she had to expose that part to him, and that was as much as she was willing to let him do. This only happened because she couldn't move her arm or see the wound fully to know where to clean and how it was healing.

"Food sounds good." She put the dressings aside and poured them both a drink of water, passing him his cup. Just like how Gio prepared for the day befire she woke, this was her usual ritual now; wake up, clean the wounds, get Gio and herself a drink, and then ease herself against the wall next to Gio with her pillow behind her and a blanket she always pulled over both of their laps.

The tin cup rested in her hands as her thumbs idly stroke the sides of it. Her eyes were still trying to lose, but she was slowly waking up. "Today's the day," Valda grumbled groggily. "My shoulder still hurts as if a bludger smashed right into it, but I'm feeling stronger than ever, no thanks to you." She carefully shoved him, more so taking precautions for herself than over him.

Her dark brown eyes observed Gio's worn features. In just a matter of days, he had developed darker circles under his eyes, his eyebrows were constantly furrowed together as he was deep in thoufh, probably replaying the events and analyzing what he could've done to save her faster, his body visibly sagged, and he just looked so worn down and beaten. Whether the biggest influence was external or internal, she couldn't tell. She could tell he was pushing himself past his own limits. For too long than Valda would have liked, he had worried about her state of health and made sure she did as little as possible while took on the load. Now, it was her turn.

"Once we eat, I want you to rest. You don't have to sleep, but you need to rebuild your energy and strength for our journey." One of her own hands combed through her long hair. The sleep was beginning to leave her body. "I don't need you fainting or becoming weak out there. I only have enough strength to really carry me the rest of the way. I don't think I'd be able to get you to the nearest shelter available." Her own features now began to portray the same expression Gio wore as she worried for him and his health. It crushed her to see him in such a state. She didn't want him to blame himself for what happened, but she was starting to do the same for herself-blaming herself for making Gio work harder and longer, having him carry all the load of healing and preparing to leave and surviving in the wilderness on their own. She had sat idly by for far too long, sleeping and watching him more than she was pleased with.

The hand that had combed through her hair now snaked down her front and came to rest on the tooth around her neck. At first, she didn't wear it. It was pretty neat what Gio had done and she took it with gratitude, but the images were still fresh in her mind. They had started talking though about magic and described their wands-Valda had actually revealed hers from within her boot. She learned that Gio had vampire fangs tied around his ebony-wood wand. They weren't just therw to prove he had killed a vampire, but rhat he had survived a vampire. This new perspective convinced her to wear the necklace crafted by his hands. It served as another piece if evidence as to what his hands could do. As she stroked it now, she could feel the size, surprised at just how big it was. It was smooth all over until she got to the tip where the point was sharp. For some reason, the redhead found it soothing to rub the point against her thumb. It tickled, yes, but to touch it reminded her that she was stronger than she estimated hersekf to be. She was smart, cautious, daring, bold, and fearless. These were attrivutes she could never imagine she'd use to describe herself.
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Re: [Dec MP] a hard days night [tag; valda]
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His blue gaze drifted towards the cave’s opening as she spoke and his head shook a bit. Gio hadn’t realized that the day had drifted into night and was now the beginning of a fresh morning. He had sat in his spot next to her lost in the thoughts of the days that they had lagged behind.  He thought of the direction they would travel in and if they had enough supplies to hold them over. He thought of anything and everything so long as his mind didn’t drift back to the attack, “I didn’t know I was awake all night.” He looked over at her s he said this, his shoulders lifting as he took a deep breath. He didn’t want to give her reason to worry but he knew she probably would, just as he did. His gaze drifted towards the opening of the cave as she lifted her shirt to change her bandages. He had offered and she had refused and he could understand why. Being that exposed couldn’t be easy, even if it was just her stomach.

He shifted as she spoke of the food to check the meat once more. It was like clockwork, this routine they had. He would clean the water, and put the meat on to cook. By the time the water was clean she was being stirred from her sleep and once they had settled after her bandage change the food would be ready to eat. As he moved to sit back he took the cup handed to him, “Thank you.” It was lifted and he had a drink, the cool liquid seemed to chill its way down his insides. He had needed that. “You don’t have to thank me for taking care of you.” Especially when it had been his fault that she was hurt, “I wish it had never happened…” He hadn’t know that the words weren’t echoing in his thoughts, in his exhaustion he had spoke them aloud. “The food is ready…” He said just after as if he had just realized he hadn’t before.

Gio looked at Valda and he smiled, lifting his hand to run over his hair before he toyed with the hair handing from his ponytail. Her words echoed his own thoughts. He wanted to rest just for a bit. He wouldn’t even close his eyes; he would just lay for awhile. “I think a little rest might be a good thing.” He shifted to slide down the wall as he said this, exhaling a heavy breath. Even though he was exhausted and he wanted to let his eyes close he knew he couldn’t sleep, not the way he wanted to. He was afraid he would drift too far and something would happen while he slept peacefully. A strong hand rose to run over his face, calloused fingers rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “What if I can’t actually rest?”

Blue eyes drifted up towards Valda and he found himself shifting as he spotted the freckles he had never really take notice to before. “I didn’t know you had freckles.” He said, shifting to sit up with his weight resting on his elbow. His eyes washed over her face and he smiled without knowing. He had looked at her dozen times before, he had found himself captivated over and over again and still he found something new he liked about her.  The glow of the fire dances around her, highlighting her perfectly for him to admire. For once he was happy the sun hadn’t fully risen. They had spent their days talking; he had even seen her wand. He promised to show his once they made it to his house; outside of school he rarely carried it.

“Sorry..” He looked away and suddenly realized that if the moment hadn’t been awkward before it certainly was now. His hand rose to rub at the back of his neck, “I shouldn’t have just blurted that out…” but he couldn’t help it when he was around her. She made all the things he wanted to say actual things he said. He found that the more time he spent with her the more he wanted to hear her talk. He wanted to ask her questions and talk about their plans for the future. It was all so overwhelming for the Krov. He was slowly falling in love and he didn’t notice that it was happening. The slow building in his chest that seemed to make his heart feel as if it beat harder, faster when she was around. He felt the heat rise in his body that made him feel as if he was sweating and caused his palms to itch.

“I just…I don’t know how I haven’t noticed them before..” He looked up at her again, the edge of his bottom lip between his teeth. He was in awe of her, it seemed always catch him up short. “You really make me nervous…” He thought back to that day in the library when she had mistaken his words. “I don’t mean like on the edge of fear nervous…it’s a different kind.” He couldn’t really explain it, it was a feeling. It was something that felt like a million wings in his chest. “It’s like…my heart races…” He was exhausted but for some reason he needed to say these things. “…and my palms itch..it’s the weirdest thing. One second their fine and you look at me and my hands get hot and my palms itch.” He dropped his gaze giving a slight chuckle.

“I find that I enjoy your company…and I wish…to spend more time with you.” His brows knitted, this was hard. “I…” He could say it. “..Like you..” He hoped she didn’t crush him.

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Re: [Dec MP] a hard days night [tag; valda]
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A small sigh escaped her smiling lips as shook her head. How he had not recognized that he had been up all night was astonishing. She always felt tired. She started to assume that an adrenaline rush lasted days for Gio. He was constantly up and moving when she didn't have him rest. The tin cup was lifted to her lips and she sipped on it slowly. The cold fresh water gave her a kick of energy. The feeling of sleep had almost vanished from her body by now. This was a refreshing feeling. Now, when Gio would sleep, she could be the watchdog and stay aware of any signs of danger.

"Don't be talking so negatively, okay? You don't want me to thank you for helping. I don't want you to apologize for what happened." She spoke as he checked the food. She set her tin cup aside and retrieved her hairbrush out of her bag. Valda never liked to brush her hair when people were right next to her. Doing so felt rude and demonstrated a lack of manners. Even if they were in the wilderness, the orphan was careful to practice the lessons her mother had taught her and always look her best while respecting the space of others. It didn't help that her red thick hair was incredibly long, almost reaching her waist. When he stated their breakfast was ready, she nodded and tucked her brush away back in its original resting place amd pulled her hair over her shoulder. "Even if you can't sleep, relaxing and closing your eyes would help a ton.You could use me as your pillow if you wanted since your bedding is packed." Offering to be his pillow was an awkward statement. She had never felt so odd about what she said. She meant it though. If he wanted to rest his head against her shoulder, her left one of course, or her lap, she wouldn't mind. It was another opportunity for them to be close. When she was close to him, she felt safe. Yes, he could ise her bedroll, it had yet to be rolled and stashed away, but she enjoyed his company nearby.

She found her chocolate brown eyes opening wide when Gio started discussing her freckles. No. Not my freckles. Tall about anything BUT my freckles! Please! Her freckles were Valda's biggest physical insecurity she had. She never worried about her body's shape or size, or lacking in upper body strength, or not being super flexible. She had always worried about her freckles. Her gaze was locked on him. Hardly did anyone ever mention uer freckles, which she was thankful for. In her eyes, they made her face constantly look dirty, like she didn't clean herself, and they served as a big mask over her nose and cheeks while a few managed to crawl up the bridge of her nose and scatter just above her eyebrows. They were almost the same color as her eyes, too. She hated them. Even in the winter months when there was no sun to make them bold, they were still prominent.

All of her internal instincts were screaming at her to turn away and cover her face so he couldn't see them anymore. If she did though, she wouldn't have been able to witness Gio's reaction upon studying them. She felt her chest tighten and her breath catch in her throat. Her mouth opened as if she were to say something, but not a sound came out. Valda was stunned. The smile that had formed on his face while he studied the dark sprinkles permanently ingrained into her face made the world stand still. For a split second, time had slowed. She felt her heart beat harder against the cage her ribs encased it in. It felt as if it was trying to break free. She reached for the tooth around her neck and gave it a tight squeeze as if she could keep her heart encased in her chest a little longer. Her eyes shifted from his smile to his eyes that danced over her face and she immediately felt her face grow redder with an increasing amount of heat. His eyes, she had always admired but never studied, twinkled in the fire's light. They were bright and popped in contrast to his dark tanned skin. They reminded her of the daytime sky, the home where the sun would shine, the gleam in his eyes.

His apology snapped her back to reality and she felt herself relax slightly. Her heart slowed and her breath returned. The bewildered look and blush on her face seemed to be everlasting and didn't hint that it would fade soon. She didn't react this way because he had apologized, but because he had broken her train of thought that had been moving so quickly and loudly in her mind, that his apology brought it to a screeching halt. In those moments, she was starting to recognize what unknown feelings she had noticed would emerge the longer they were together. The redheaded Klyk wasn't sure how to describe what she was feeling and what had slowly started to grow within her. Out of all the books she had read repeatedly, both muggle and wizarding teen-romance stories, she should have been able to recognize that she was starting to fall in love with him. The signs were clear if she only took her blinders off and took the time to acknowledge them. Rather, she tried to live in the moment and not think about the past. That only led her to think of her mother.

As he spoke, his familiar words that had played itself over and over again in her hears echoed once more. “You make me feel nervous…my heart it, it races. I’ve never felt like this before…I don’t even know what it all means. I just know I want to be around you, more and more.” They mirrored what he said now, almost word for word. Anytime she was along\e, she found those words had found a home in her thoughts. Now that he was going more in-depth and describing just how she made him feel, she felt the heat travel to the tips of her ears. How she had not fully recognized that he had confessed his feelings before escaped her. In the moment they found themselves in, she was finally able to connect the dots. All of the hints she head learned from her fictional tales made sense. Gio didn't just like her. Nor did she feel the same way about him. Instead, the two were falling in love with every glance, every touch, every exchange of words. At this new realization, she felt the heat and redness spread over the majority of her face and to the tips of her ears. Her agaped mouth no longer looked shocked, but shifted into a smile, the biggest one she had shown since she heard the news of her mother's death. The same smile seemed to reflect in her eyes.

At first, she wasn't quite sure what to say. There were so many thoughts running through her mind that the train started to roll again. She felt the same way about him, though she hadn't recognized it until his words had brought it to the surface. She really liked him. This situation was new for her. No one had ever admitted to liking her. She was thrilled that these feelings were being expressed. At the same time, however, she found herself feeling guilty. It was all so sudden and she wasn't sure if the timing was appropriate considering her mother had passed no more than two weeks ago. Was it okay for her to feel this way? At this time? In this place? With Gio? She so desperately wanted to reciprocate her feelings to him, but there was a sense of doubt and unfairness in the back of her mind. Rather than open her mouth to speak, she hid her face in her hands and let out a soft chuckle. It slowly evolved into erupted laughter as she tried to recognize how to feel and what was appropriate for the moment. She felt ashamed for laughing and couldn't help but feel guilty that it was possible she was making Gio feel bad.

"Ow!" She gasped as she held her stomach. Tears were running down her cheeks as she cried. Embarrasment seemd to engulf her as she tried to hide from the situation.

Slowly, her laughter died and she relaxed into the wall. One hand wiped at the tears that had run down her cheeks while the other held her stomach tightly. "Im sorry! I'm sorry!" She hadn't expected laughter would be one of her reactions to someone confessing their feelings to her. "I didn't mean to laugh! Honestly, I didn't." She took a few deep breaths to help her regain her composure until she was certain she could speak again. "I..." she sighed as she shook her head. "That wasn't intentional, I promise." They not only shared similar feelings, but similar mannerisms too Valda had noticed she she bit her own lip, but more on the bottom right corner of it as she tried to compose her thoughts and express them into words. "You make me nervous too-in the sense you're talking about. I like you too. I really like you... My hands have never started to itch, but I blush all the time when I'm around you. I feel safe beside you. Now that mom's gone..." Her voiced drifted into a quieter mumble when she said those words. A tinge of guilt made her blood run cold. There was a moment of hesitation in her thoughts, but she concealed it well through her actions as she reached out and rested her hand on Gio's. Her eyes pulled away from his face to look at their hands. "I don't really have a place to call home. Eruda isn't the same. But I've noticed, when I'm with you, no matter where we are, I feel like I'm home. My chest tightens and I feel like I can't breathe sometimes, but I feel as if I can do anything around you, say anything I want to say, and you'll never judge me for it. I want to spend more time with you too." Her brown eyes quickly moved from his hands back to his face, wanting to see his reaction in hopes that there would be a hint she didn't disappoint him with her laughter. "After mom's funeral, I could only think of being by you. I couldn't stand or think to be anywhere else. Now that I'm here, I know that's true. I don't want to go anywhere you aren't."

She gave his hand a squeeze and offered a small smile. Her fears of finding happiness with Gio instead of feeling saddened and empty with her mother passing were pushed aside. He was here. She was not.

The bookworm, full of knowledge and a lengthy vocabulary, was at a loss of words for what else could be said. She noted Gio was looking more exhausted than ever and he needed to rest soon. Valda wanted them both to eat before he did. They could always discuss their feelings for each other later. They'd have plenty of time for that. At the moment, Gio was running out of energy quickly. "This cave isn't really much of a home, though." She smirked as she looked about their shelter. If they really wanted to, they could probably make one out of it, but Valda preferred to live in a building rather than a rock. "Like you said, the sooner we get going, the better. Pass me some food and we can both eat and then you can rest, okay? We can talk more about this later if you'd like." Valda couldn't help but send him a smile. If he wasn't halfway propped on his elbows and she wasn't handicapped against the wall, considering their moment, she would have acted on her instincts and kissed his cheek once more. Instead, she allowed the pain to restrain her to her spot. "Right now, you need to build up your energy and save it. I'll keep an eye out and will wake you if there's any danger. Deal?"
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