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Regina Basciano [ Inactive Character ]
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As someone who rarely showed off much skin Regina felt utterly under dressed standing on the beach of Alohilani's island. Something in the back of her mind told her instinctively that she needed more clothing, especially for December. December meant dirty icy snow and crippling winds and layers... layers upon layers. December definitely did not mean bathing suits and shorts and sandals. She was used to the north east coast, to the cold, and to the sweaters and definitely not the tropical sun. Regina backed up as a wave crashed toward them, washing up shiny little pebbles and shells as it receded back into the ocean. She'd seen the surf before but the beaches of New Jersey were a vastly different view than the one before her. The blue of the ocean was almost overwhelming and it went on for what felt like forever. It was freeing really, she'd never felt something quite like it. In New York there was always so much crowding around her, the tiny apartment her mother and her had managed to pack to the brim with nonsense, the over populated streets, strangers pushing past on the subway, even the sky scrapers ascending around her felt like steel bars of a cage compared to this island. The young witch took in a deep breath, the warm breeze mixing with the salty water, and exhaled with a smile.

"That's it... I'm never going home."

She told the other girl even as she tugged on the fraying bottom of a cropped top she'd had to borrow from Alohilani. Regina hadn't properly packed for the trip, bringing her typical jeans and flannel shirts and stolen sweaters. She hadn't even thought to bring a pair of sandals with her, which she had begun to regret about five seconds after the first bits of sand started crowding the toe space of her Chucks. "I mean seriously, there is soooo much blue, its crazy..." She was astonished and had been basically since the moment her mother apparated her here. She barely even remembered hugging her good bye and agreeing to be ready to get picked up, right in front of Alohilani's home, in three days time. It was a weekend get away that she never wanted to get away from. After she had put her things inside the other girls home and shamelessly borrowed some proper attire it was straight out to the beach. Regina spent most of her time confined in steel boxes and concrete buildings back at home she wanted to spend as much time as possible outside during this girls weekend. She was so excited to see everything Alohilani's island had to offer that her smile was nearly bursting off of her light brown skin.

"I can't believe you live here." She said softly over the waves as she tucked pieces of unimaginably frizzy and curly hair back behind her ears. She barely knew how to manage her massive brown curls back home let alone in the humidity of the island but it far from concerned her. She wasn't the type to fret about silly things like how soft her hair looked but that didn't mean she wasn't completely enthralled with the shirtless surfer boys not far down the beach. "Oooh..." She smirked as she saw them, not that she'd do anything about it. She didn't know much but she knew she appreciated the fact that they weren't wearing shirts. "Show me your favorite places, show me everything?"

@Alohilani Ku'umomimakamae
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There was nothing like island life. It had a special kind of uniqueness and peacefulness that no other lifestyle could ever hope to boast about. Alohilani wouldn't have it any other way, she was so very happy to be home again. Stood by the ocean's edge, the pureblood witch was simply breathing and taking it all in, grateful to be at the Kepuhi beach once more, she had missed it so much. Her appreciation for the beautiful land and sea before her was heightened even more due to being beside another person who was not used to the view in front of them. Alohilani felt that maybe it was easy for her to just get used to it and take her home for granted. Staring up at the vibrant blue sky above her, she sighed contently. Her love for her land would never wane... Moloka'i was simply the best place in the World.

The Ku'umomimakamae had originally invited her friend Regina during one of their many late-night rooftop conversations and she was delighted when her friend had agreed. She was so excited to share her home with Regina and show her her family's way of life, there was so much to do and see! From the corner of her eye, the Hawaiian could see Regina smile and it made her smile softly too. She always wanted her friends to feel welcome and happy when they visited. "You're welcome to stay for forever if you really want, sistah!" Alohilani replied enthusiastically. She frowned, adding on as an afterthought, "Or, at least till school starts again." Alohilani took Regina's comment in full seriousness, and she was more than happy to share her room for a few weeks longer if Regina really wanted to stay. She didn't blame her, Alohilani understood far too well how hard it was to leave the island.

The Hawaiian noticed the New Yorker tug down on her top and Alohilani puffed air in amusement. She had found it very funny that Regina had come to Moloka'i completely unprepared with her crazy, heavy Winter clothes. She'd been more than happy to lend her clothes out, however, since she realised the poor girl would probably die of heat stroke if she kept wearing that ridiculous sweater. Of course, the Ku'umomimakamae picked out the crop top that she almost never wore, thinking that Regina would suit it and would be able to keep it, if she really wanted to, just in case for future visits. Her own attire, a simple floral sundress, was gently flapping about in the breeze and the Pukwudgie adjusted the plumeria flower that was tucked behind her right ear.

"You can never have too much blue," Alohilani chuckled, as she let the incoming wave surround her and get her feet wet. "Though, if you look behind you... there's uku of green too!" She smiled, accidentally slipping into more of her pidgin by mistake. She was awfully proud of Kepuhi beach, it was always the first place she showed to visitors, even though it was quite a way away from Kaulapu'u. The teen thought it was worth it though, just to see the look on their faces, since she didn't think the dust roads and empty fields of Kaulapu'u always made a great first impression. It was easier to ease people into the Moloka'i people's simple way of life. Still, there were so many other beautiful places to go and three days was nowhere near enough time to see them all!

"Do you like it then?" Alohilani asked quietly, though she had a smug look about her as she already knew the answer. She just wanted the satisfaction of hearing it from Regina's own mouth. Regina made a quiet sound, followed by a smirk and the Hawaiian's eyes followed her friends gaze towards the boys in the distance. They were probably going to make a complete fool out of themselves out on the waves whilst having a talk story about the local tita who always managed to get herself into trouble every few days or so. She laughed and shook her head in amusement as she noticed her brother Makana amongst them. Fidgiting a little bit as she thought, Alohilani wondered whether she would invite them for grinds that evening on the beach... Makana was always a great cook and he'd be more than happy to show off.

What were Alohilani's favourite places? The whole island was her favourite place. "Well..." she began, drawing out the syllables as long as she could, "Moloka'i is my favourite place, so I guess I'll just have to show you everything!" She giggled, as she turned away from the water's edge and towards land, beckoning Regina to follow with her hand. Her forehead creased suddenly as she thought of something that could potentially be troubling as she asked, "Can you ride a horse? As you can see, there aren't many roads in Moloka'i... and it'll be quicker to get around." She had a feeling the answer would be no, so Alohilani was heading straight for Anapuka. It was a long trek but it was so worth it for the view over the cliff edge.
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Staying forever sounded like the ideal situation. How could she ever return to New York after experiencing a place as beautiful and magical as this? Sure NYC had plenty of wonderful things going on but there was something serene about this island that it would never have. And there was the smell too, there was definitely that. NYC smelt like old shoes and and Chinese food but this island smelt like flowers and the ocean and it made Regina feel at peace. "You watch, I just might." She teased back about staying with her forever. "Moms won't miss me." She said casually, not really meaning it but sort of meaning it. Sometimes she felt like her mother barely even noticed her but she always managed to remind herself that that wasn't actually true. Her mother worked hard, long hours, to give Regina a good life and the teenage witch knew she should be thankful but sometimes she just forgot.

"Uku?" She asked with a smile before continuing. "Alohilani you know I don't understand what your saying right?" She always found it incredibly amusing when Alohilani starting speaking whatever it was they spoke her. It was crazy how the words seemed to randomly slip into the conversation, almost like they fit but Regina didn't. It reminded her of her grandparents and how they slipped English into their Italian without noticing it sometimes. She gave her friend a pointed look before shaking her head and smirking. "Like you even have to ask. This place is amazing!" She was so excited to be here. Everything was bright and amazing and perfect. It was like being inside of a postcard. It was picture perfect. Almost too perfect. She hoped it would last.

Giggling at the other witches words she shrugged her shoulder. "Ride a horse?" She kept laughing, holding her side as she did. It was an incredible thing to ask. "Not a lot of call for horse riding in the city..." But she wasn't being rude, maybe a little sarcastic, but far from mean. "But I mean it can't be that hard right? Will you show me how?" Sure it couldn't be that hard. Sure people didn't spend years learning how to do it. This was going to end well.....
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