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From the Table in the Corner - Jan MP - [OPEN TO ALL HOUSES]
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101... 102... 103... 104...

Dark chocolate brown eyes scanned the grand hall. They began to count how many floating lanterns there were. It seemed to be one of the only things to help her stay focused and calm. She was surveying the room to find patterns in the shape, placement of items, or the quantity of an item scattered throughout the room. She found herself at the Klyk Vampira table a little earlier than when most students appeared with enough space around her for all of her friends to join her at. Her back was facing the wall so she could see anyone approaching and have good vision over the room. No way could she be missed with her firey orange-red hair that curled down over her shoulders and her speckled nose and cheeks whose color matched the same as her eyes. They were a deep, dark brown.

They had only been back a couple days, and the first day of school since returning from break was tomorrow. Valda had been given the opportunity to catch up with friends she hadn't seen over break and exchange the, what was becoming ever-so-annoying chit-chat, of her well being since her mother's death. She was thankful they cared, but really, she wanted to hear about everyone else's break. How they celebrated Christmas, where they went, and what they got was much more important to her than it was to discuss how she was coping with being an orphan.

105... 106... 107... 108... 109...

She hadn't been waiting too long when all of the students had began to gather for dinner. Her eyes drifted from the lanterns down to each student that entered. Those who didn't know her simply walked on by to their own table where they greeted their own friends. Those who did know her, those who at least recognized her, waved or gave her a friendly smile. One was offered back, seeing that was the only polite thing to do. Leaning against the table with her arms folded in front of her, she took deep breaths to help her keep a level head. It was all so exciting, yet nerve-racking to be back. She wasn't quite sure just what to expect from her fellow peers. Only time could tell what was in store. Her eyes flickered back to the lanterns.

110... 111...

As she sat, contemplating what had occurred over the last couple days, she began to reflect on the headmaster's words. The dragons were now restricted. Valda was so close to getting her dragon flying permit! Not only that, but she missed Jaspar, the Ukrainian Ironbelly she had grown quite fond of and named herself, regardless if it had another name already given to it. She was certain she could fly a dragon well. Her broom flying had improved greatly over the last couple months. On dragons, they didn't hover in the air, so she didn't have to worry about that. She was looking forward to when she'd be able to ride Jaspar through the sky and she could let the dragon lead, showing her all he wanted to.

112... 113... 114... 115... 116... 117-

Upon hearing familiar voices enter the grand hall, her focus was pulled away from the lanterns and turned towards familiar faces she didn't mind seeing. Her face lit up when she saw them. As much as she had enjoyed her one-on-one time with Gio over Christmas break, she had missed her friends of the Klyk Vampira house and was more than pleased to see them all together again. She called out to them and gave them a wave, just to take precautions that they would see her and know she wanted them to join her. All of the seats remained empty, except for one next to her her bag sat. She was saving for a special hunter, in case he wanted to join them. He wasn't a big fan of Lev's though and had his own friends in the Drakonya Krov house. If he didn't want to sit by her and her friends and be the odd one out, she couldn't blame him. The seat was still reserved, just in case.

Laughter erupted from Valda at a comment someone had made about nothing in particular. Their mostly playful jabs and sneers made Durmstrang feel like home again. At the beginning of term, when Dima and Lev in particular would pick on her and tease her, she grew flustered and upset. Once she was able to spend time with them and get to know them a little better, she found that they weren't that bad and quickly overlooked any attributes she had first not approved of.

Though there was lots of loud chatter quickly filling the halls, the orphan didn't seem to mind. This was Durmstrang; full of life, energy, and there was always something to discuss. Now, it was the dragons and the new policies implimented while checks were performed to see if the school should be allowed to continue housing them and teach lessons about dragons. Valda hadn't heard what the cause for this was, but there were plenty of rumors going around. At every table, if one listened closely, there was a new rumor being shared and spoken about. It appeared as if not a single table within the room wasn't talking about the dragon stables or something dragon-related. Yes, she missed Jaspar, but it wasn't the end of the world if the dragons were taken away. She would go to the Ministry if she really wanted to fly a dragon, then. Maybe she'd even own a Ukrainian Ironbelly in the future and name it Jaspar Jr. Who knew? Life was full of surprises. She had had her fair share over break, but she was looking forward to see what good ones would come leading up to the end of their current term.
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