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Welcome to Charms!
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Welcome to Charms!

This course is open to all students at Ilvermorny. All students who have not yet completed their C.H.E.P.I., which takes place at the end of Year 5, take this course each year as part of their primary core curriculum. The class is open to older students as well who wish to earn a W.E.N.D.I.G.O and have earned at least a "C: Satisfactory" on their exam.

OOC things to know:
- No sign-up is required; feel free to post in any class you find interesting.
- While the class is required IC for Years 1 through 5, you are not required to post in this class.

IC things all students would know:
- Professor Franklin goes by "Professor Ernie" to avoid confusion with his brother, who teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his wife, who teaches Home Economic Magic.
- Ernie has several great nieces and nephews who are currently students at the school, but he tends to treat everyone like family.
- Ernie has a reputation of being a lax disciplinarian, disorganized, and eternally behind on his grading.
- As Deputy Head and Head of Pukwudgie House, Ernie tends to know the trouble-maker students particularly well.
- Students in Ernie's class are always treated with respect and given the benefit of the doubt.
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