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[trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
« on: February 25, 2018, 02:06:27 PM »
January 2002

It was quite the cold weekend. Aphrodisia hadn’t necessarily wanted to go out that day, having preferred to simply stay in her dormitory and catch up with some reading while enjoying the comfort and warmth of her bed, however, around noon she realised that the idea of going to get some mulled wine to drink was the perfect activity for such a cool winter day. Still, as soon as the fifth year stepped out of Durmstrang, she immediately questioned the unfortunate decision of leaving her warm bed. Nonetheless, Aphrodisia would not give up on her mission, for now even more than before she wanted to have some mulled wine. 

As she made her way to Belushya Guba, the Klyk Vampira was certainly grateful for the fact that she had chosen to wear one of her warmest coats as the wind was quite ruthless that day, along with some over the knee boots, which definitely helped her as she made her way through the fresh layer of snow. Despite the windy conditions, it had stopped snowing earlier that morning, which made the girl’s journey to the nearby wizarding village much easier than she would have expected.

Finally reaching Belushya Guba, Aphra rolled her eyes as she passed by a group of younger students, who were commenting the Order of the Dragon. She decided however not to focus on their childish behaviour, and simply enjoy her trip. The girl stopped in front of Sundberg Sweets for a few moments, the scent of chocolate being so strong that even Aphrodisia herself couldn’t ignore it, despite the fact that due to her ballet lessons she had always avoided sweets. It felt so nice, so sweet, so delicious, just the scent. She wrapped her hands around her narrow waist, deciding that mulled wine was enough of a sweet treat this time. Next time. The girl said to herself, before taking one last peek at a chocolate cake in the display, and then turning around on her heel, to continue her journey to The Rusty Goblet.

Before she could take another step though, Aphrodisia noticed on the opposite side of the street a rather familiar figure. It was nobody else than @Zviad Gogoladze , an upperclassman which Aphra didn’t particularly dislike. Naturally, she had been very sceptical of all Koldovstoretz students last year, nonetheless, Zviad himself hadn’t been that bad of a person. She had once caught him secretly reading an arts book in the library, moment in which the Greek decided that for a halfblood, the slightly older boy was quite decent compared to others of his status. Naturally, she never really voiced her dislike for halfbloods or mudbloods, and Aphra had avoided mentioning such subjects in their talks as much as possible, so at least on the surface, Zviad was one of the upperclassmen that Aphrodisia was relatively closer to. They were, at least, close enough for Aphra to want to catch up with him after winter break and drag him along with her for a drink.

She crossed the street, and carefully made her way towards him, trying as much as she could to maintain her stability over the slightly frozen layer of snow. Perhaps wearing high heels hadn’t been the best decision, but at least she looked as elegant as always. “Zviad!” The girl cooed, afterwards wrapping her arm around his, in a slight gesture of familiarity. “Join me for a drink?” While intended as a question, Aphrodisia ended being a bit more demanding that she had first planned. However, it wasn’t as if she was the type of girl who’d take ‘no’ for an answer, so Zviad himself should have been expecting that, at least to some extent. She didn’t ponder on it, gently pulling the older Klyk Vampira in the opposite direction, to the path that lead to The Rusty Goblet.

She looked up, feeling as always a bit bewitched by his height. “So, how was the first week back at Durmstrang? Hopefully not as boring as mine.” Aphrodisia inquired, mostly out of courtesy than anything, because she would know that later on, Zviad would also ask her about her week and vacation, which was obviously the best topic for it included her fabulous self.
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Re: [trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
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Zviad had seen no need in going home for the winter break. The almost empty school had been perfect for him. He had spent hours at a time in the library, openly reading books about human transfiguration, preparing himself for the special moment of his life that was soon to come. He had felt so at peace with himself that he had worn almost a constant smile on his face. He was getting there, he was not a loser who couldn't do anything. He was going to be an animagus. He just a little step away from his first full transformation. He was excited about this, could barely sleep anymore because he wondered what shape he'd take on.

When the school started again, Zviad tried to focus on his classes but truth be told he did not care about anything but finally becoming an animagus. He felt like bursting from the suspense, especially considering that he was keeping his ambition secret. When the weekend came and he felt restless, excited, almost anxious again, the boy decided that the best way to calm himself was to get out and do something else.

Belushya Guba was always a good place to seek distraction. Besides, the Georgian was in need of money. There was no better place to pickpocket some galleons than in the small wizarding town. While he had been judged a lot when he had come to Durmstrang for being a former Koldovstoretz student, for being of less than pure blood, for being poor… basically for everything he was, Zviad didn't feel bad about this anymore now that he was working on his very own project. If he managed to turn himself into an animagus he was more accomplished than most of the other students at this elite school.

While not exactly used to the cold per se, Zviad didn't mind the winter. He could deal with it alright although he undeniably preferred the summer. However, he had learned how to repair his boots so his feet stayed warm and dry and that already was a relief. He pulled his hat down to his eyebrows as he walked through Belushya Guba, looking out for an unsuspecting victim. He saw an old witch pull out her purse to get some roasted almonds and sneaked up behind her, observing closely where she put the purse after paying. He pretended to stumble and collided with her. Apologising several times and asking the woman if she was really okay, he did not hurry to leave her. It only attracted unwanted attention if he ran away. The woman reassured him that she was alright and moments later Zviad found a deserted spot where he could check his goods. The purse was made of tapestry of roses. It probably meant something to the woman. While Zviad never really had qualms when he was stealing he understood that some old things had a very special emotional value to their owner and sometimes he felt guilty not for taking the galleons but for taking personal things.

He was just wondering if he could take the galleons but get the purse back to its rightful owner when he heard a girl call his name. Quickly he put the purse into the pocket of his coat and turned to face the fellow student. Aphrodisia was not anyone he'd call a friend but then again Zviad did not really call many people friends anyway. She was nice enough though. They got along as far as he was concerned and she was pretty to look at for sure. Yet, it surprised him when she spoke of having drinks together.

He did not hug her back, just allowing her to greet him and offering a friendly smile. “Aphrodisia, how nice to see you,“ he said, not sure if his voice really underlined the words he said or if it revealed his confusion. „Sure,“ he added quickly, „let's have a drink...“ She already pulled him towards the Rusty Goblet which amused the former Koldovstoretz student. The girl did not take no for an answer. Durmstrang girls seemed a lot more confident to him than Koldovstoretz girls but then again he had been younger when he had attended Koldovstoretz and age might play into this as well.

„In fact I've been at Durmstrang over the winter break,“ the boy admitted. „Haven't been home. The first week has been okay...“ his voice trailed off. He was not going to reveal any details neither of his first week back at school nor of the winter break. „Did you have nice holdiays? Done anything special?“ Hopefully Aphrodisia  was like most girls who just needed a question or two to start talking about themselves.
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Aphrodisia Xydakis [ Guest ]
Re: [trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
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The tone of his voice was a bit startled. Or, at least, that was the impression it has given her. However, Aphrodisia did not suspect anything, nor did she find it unusual. In the end, it was perfectly normal to feel surprised or a bit confused when someone as perfect and amazing as herself would approach a clearly inferior person. Not that Zviad in particular was inferior to her – everyone was. Nobody could even dare to compare themselves with her perfection; truly, they could only dream of achieving it.

Aphrodisia smiled, sweetly and innocently, as she made sure that the older Klyk Vampira was carefully walking besides her and not avoiding to accompany her for a drink. While he agreed to get drinks together, he had seemed somewhat reluctant. Yet again, she couldn’t blame him for perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed to be in her presence, however, the girl didn’t particularly want to have mulled wine alone that afternoon. Zviad wasn’t chiefly bad company either; so it was a good deal. He would be graced with her fabulous presence, while she would have a drinking buddy for the day.

“Oh, really now…” Her honeyed voice trailed off, a bit surprised by the fact that he’d spent his winter break at school. While she didn’t know many personal things regarding Zviad, aside from his secret of loving the arts, the girl wasn’t curious enough to ask him about the matter. If he’d preferred to stay at school rather than go back home, then the upperclassman must’ve had his reasons. She needn’t know them, nor was she interested. However, Aphrodisia didn’t lack manners, so the Greek did ponder on the fact that he’s spent his holidays at Durmstrang. “It must’ve been quite lonely at school.” She commented, rather nonchalantly. “However, I cannot tell if that was good or bad. I mean, being alone at school must have its charm in its own way.”

By the time he’s asked what she had done during the holidays, they had reached the pub. After making their way in, Aphrodisia pointed towards an empty table, where they could take a seat. Thankfully enough, while busy, there were still a few empty tables. Perhaps the smell of sweets had tempted others to avoid the pub for the day. She wasn’t complaining; Aphrodisia enjoyed it not being particularly crowded. The girl took off her coat, and arranged her dress as she took a seat at the table.

“And yes, my holidays were nice.” The girl went back to their previous conversation, as she made herself more comfortable on her chair, her back straightening as she crossed her legs under the table. “Nothing special though.” She placed her hands on her lap, fingers gently toying with her the edge of her skirt. It wasn’t as if Aphrodisia would openly tell anyone that her grandfather had told her that the Order of the Dragon would make their presence at Durmstrang. And furthermore, she wasn’t really the one to talk about herself that much.

Gossip however, was an entire different thing. “My first week here was interesting enough, though. I finally had the pleasure of getting to know that Russian girl who’s repeating an year. She should be in your year now, so I believe you’d know her.” Aphrodisia sighed, only recalling the incident bringing her a headache. “It must be hard, attending classes with her all the time.” She paused, as a waiter came by to take their order.

“Just some mulled wine and croissants.” Aphrodisia still earned for something sweet and, despite her previous decision, she figured one croissant couldn’t do her much damage. In the end, sweets were good particularly during cold weather, and today was the perfect day to have some. “Would you like something else, or more?” She turned her gaze towards Zviad, eyes curiously analysing his figure. “It’s on me today, since I invited you.” She mentioned casually, a sweet smile appearing once more on her face. “So don’t hold back at all.” Aphra added teasingly, letting out a soft laughter.

Truthfully, she did mean it as innocently as she’d let it out. She was fair enough to pay for someone she’s invited and not cause them discomfort. In the end, Aphrodisia enjoyed being liked, and the last thing she wanted was something as trivial as galleons to get in the way of her perfect reputation. Plus, she was known for being quite generous, so surely Zviad wouldn’t mind her casual mention. Or so she hoped, at least.

Zviad Gogoladze [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
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Aphrodisia seemed surprised that he had spent the winter break at school and Zviad couldn't blame her. A year ago he would not have done that or even given the possibility some consideration. However, things had changed for him in more than one way. While the boy had been the son of a poor single mom who was a muggle he was now starting to find his own position in life. It was exciting to realise his own dreams, to see that he could be more than what he was by his family background.

The purse he had stolen felt heavy now that he briefly considered his change of life. He had been driven into being a thief, hadn't he? His mother not being able to afford anything that her son wanted to have, her not having much time to take care of him, his father being away… He had not managed to change enough though, not enough to give up on his bad habits. He needed money and had no chance of getting any in another way.

He forced himself to pay Aphrodisia full attention again, forcing a smile on his face as he considered what he should respond. He had to admit that he liked the confidence she displayed. The girl was definitely none of these wallflowers who blushed when they spoke to a boy.

“Well, it was actually nice to have the library to myself and also the dormitory was nicely deserted. I must say this had its own appeal.” He shrugged and decided to explain why he needed to spend time in the library before Aphrodisia could come to wrong conclusions.

“You know, I'm still catching up on Durmstrang classes. I'm doing okay but there are some topics that might come up in future exams that we didn't cover at Koldovstoretz.” He hoped that the girl would not react badly to the mention of his former school. Some students at Durmstrang were still rather hostile towards him and got even angrier when he mentioned the name of the other school.

Before Aphra could answer his question about her holidays, they already entered the pub and chose a table. Zviad smiled when the fellow Klyk got out of her coat. “Lovely dress,” he complimented her but made sure not to look at her for too long, not wanting to give her another ego boost just now.

Aphrodisia's reply to his question finally came but it was very generic. Bright eyes looked intensely at her, trying to figure her out. However, he feared that if he enquired more she would expect him to share more about himself too and that was nothing the boy desired to do.

“Oh, you mean Valda?!” Zviad asked when his companion began to gossip about one of his year mates. He grinned a little but didn't quite feel like chiming in although he had met the other student himself. “What's the matter? What happened?” He pretended to have no idea what the Greek was talking about although he felt quite certain that he knew quite well what she was hinting at and could barely hide a grin.

It was odd to be invited by a girl and it really didn't feel too well. However, Zviad had little money – despite the recent theft – and he definitely could not afford to insist on inviting her. He looked down, feeling somewhat inferior and uncomfortable. “I'll just take a mulled wine, thank you,” he addressed the waiter before turning back to Aphra. “Thanks, that's really nice of you.” He tried to smile but it wasn't the genuine kind of smile he was capable of. He hoped the girl would not ask him to order more or enquire why he was not taking anything else.

Aphrodisia Xydakis [ Guest ]
Re: [trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2018, 12:53:54 PM »
Hey eyes slightly widened at Zviad’s mention of the library. Having the Durmstrang library to oneself sounded absolutely ideal, now that she was thinking about it. Perhaps his decision of remaining at school over the winter break had been more well-thought than she’d initially assumed. Aphrodisia had to admit that she was rather impressed. The idea of reading any book without constant supervision and glances from other students was little said appealing. The spark in her eyes faded though upon hearing that Zviad, in fact, hadn’t ventured towards the more daring books, but rather just caught up with his studies.

Aphrodisia found herself pouting, quite visibly disappointed. “I was hoping you’d have read something actually fun.” She sighed, running a hand through her hair as she glanced in the boy’s direction. “An unbreakable curse, or some sort of amazing hex.” It was genuinely unsatisfactory. The again, the fifth year did not know her house mate particularly well, and was aware mostly of his passion towards the arts. Perhaps Zviad was less of a bad boy and more of a straight-laced guy. He seemed more proper than other house mates of theirs, nonetheless not even dwelling in the darker corners of the library was just substandard. On the other hand, she guessed that there would be such students; rarer than often, but still.

He certainly wasn’t prudish though, which she appreciated. In the end, he did like art, and she was obviously a masterpiece. Aphrodisia smirked as he complimented her dress, and wanted to point out that she made the dress lovely, but abstained as she saw him not glancing more than necessary in her direction. Again, disappointing, as she would have definitely enjoyed being admired much more. Still, she thanked him, let it be instinctively, in her native tongue. “Efcharistó.”

The conversation was now focusing on their house’s shame. “Yes, that girl, Vlada.” She said the Russian name on purpose, hoping that Zviad would catch the hint. He then proceeded to ask her what happened, much more nonchalantly than Aphrodisia would have preferred. Hadn’t Zviad also noticed the other girl’s inferiority? Or perhaps he was used to it by now, having to deal with her daily in most of their classes. “Well, she was looking positively morbid the other day, as white as a ghost, and was talking to herself in the middle of the common room.” Aphra shrugged, recalling the image and suddenly feeling a little disgusted.

“She mentioned she had an incident during break and apparently hadn’t healed yet. Was limping and everything, a true spectacle. Ridiculous.” Aphrodisia nodded her head in disapproval, trying her best not to roll her eyes as well, even if the situation was so preposterous it would have required that gesture of her too. “I told Professor Krinov about it. Can’t have her just die somewhere in our common room, we still need to use the chamber, and I’d rather she won’t become a ghost that sticks around our private space.” The idea made her shiver slightly, the girl slightly shrugging her shoulders.

The fifth year glanced a bit disappointed in Zviad’s direction, as he said he’d only have the mulled wine. He having croissants would’ve given her a perfect excuse to have some as well, but now it wasn’t going to happen. She couldn’t allow herself to eat something sweet by herself; it wasn’t good. Adding to the fact that she wasn’t exercising properly every day, Aphra had to do her best not to gain weight. She was still craving for something sweet though, however her figure was above everything else. “Just mulled wine for me as well, then.”

The girl placed her elbow on the table, her chin resting on the palm of her hand as she blinked in the boy’s direction. “Tsk.” She let out, harshly judging him for not wanting to eat croissants with her. “You could’ve indulged me.” Aphrodisia said, a little whiny. “Either way, I appreciate you accompanying me here.” The girl smiled sweetly in his direction, especially honest. It was better to drink with someone, rather than alone. Particularly on a Saturday afternoon.

“Did you do anything fun today? A date perhaps?” She cooed, a little teasingly. In the end, nobody visited Belushya Guba with no plans beforehand.

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Re: [trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
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He smirked at Aphrodisia's comment about reading something fun. “Who says the things I read weren't fun? I mean, yeah, I mostly tried to catch up with the classes I don't know from Koldovstoretz but that doesn't mean that I didn't come across some quite interesting.” He felt he wouldn't convince her but in the end it did not matter. His idea of something fun seemed to be different from hers. However, he was not going to fill her in on his attempt to become an animagus. It was a well kept secret that he was not going to unveil anytime soon. He'd rather live with being considered boring.

The change of topic was appreciated although Zviad didn't quite get the girls' need to gossip and bitch about seemingly weaker students. He agreed with most that Aphodisia said though, there was no doubt about that. Valda has not really impressed him. In fact he was trying to avoid her as he tried to avoid quite a few students at Durmstrang actually.

“Well, that doesn't surprise me,” he said, grinning slightly. “She seems to be a little helpless, pathetic even...” He did not really want to chime in the badmouthing but he'd much rather be Aphra's friend than Valda's and so he decided to say something at least.

“I met her in the library a few weeks ago,” he offered. “You'd think that a student of Durmstrang would use the vast offer of books to study either for classes or gain more information on different branches of magic or on culture or, well, anything worthwhile. Valda, however, recommended a trashy novel she was reading. It was a light remake of Romeo and Juliet.” He shook his head slightly, remembering this encounter.

“I wouldn't want to meet a ghost version of her either,” he added. The idea of Valda creeping up on him was quite scary indeed. She might find out and reveal his secret and he wouldn't even be able to make her regret it then.

Zviad didn't quite understand Aphra's problem with his order. Why didn't she take something more if she wanted it? Was there any rule that said that people who entered a pub together had to take the same things? Girls were really odd sometimes.

He smiled a little at her as she said that she appreciated his company, unsure why she'd feel like that. The Georgian definitely wasn't used to anyone appreciating his company. Her teasing comment only confused him further. The boy looked at her, warily as he wondered if this was a trick question, if maybe she had observed him earlier.

“Nope, no date for me,” he responded quickly, “just running some errands in the village. How about you? Having a good day so far?”

Aphrodisia Xydakis [ Guest ]
Re: [trg] evil and the mask {zviad}
« Reply #6 on: September 12, 2018, 12:59:17 PM »
The mulled wine had arrived right in time, for Zviad seemed to finally be saying something worth listening. Aphrodisia deeply enjoyed gossip, and somehow it was much more entertaining having such discussions with boys than with girls. Her female friends were naturally always keen on having conversations about everything that went on, but boys were different – they rarely fell into the ‘honest and innocent exchange of opinions’ the fifth year Klyk Vampira enjoyed, so the Greek couldn’t stop herself from smiling especially satisfied as her house mate started joining her more actively in the discussion.

She wrapped her hand around her mug, and gently clinked it into Zviad’s, before taking a sip. The warmth of the wine felt especially pleasing on her throat, Aphrodisia finally feeling as if the outdoors cold was leaving her. “A little? You’re being too polite.” The Greek smirked in the boy’s direction, her fingers gently tapping the edge of her cup. She arched a perfectly manicured eyebrow at her house mate mentioning meeting Valda in the library. “Odd. I wasn’t aware she could actually read; thought she was just pretending.” Well, any student who failed their OWLs was definitely not someone who could read properly anyway.

“Romeo and Juliet?” Aphrodisia let out a light laugh. She knew of the tragedy, for the girl had not only properly studied it at the National Academy of Magical Performance and Art in Saint Petersburg, but had also eyed the part of prima ballerina as Juliet for a while. Nonetheless, the fact that throughout her time at Durmstrang her ballet classes were literally inexistent, Aphrodisia’s chances had always been annoyingly low. Nevertheless, regarding the tragedy in itself, and their discussion, Aphrodisia couldn’t but feel amused. “I guess tragedies attract one another.” She commented rather sarcastically before taking another sip out of her mulled wine. “I wonder if she thinks of the star-crossed lovers cliché as something actually romantic.” Aphra let out another cynical laugh, this time also nodding her head in disapproval as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Ridiculous.”

Aphrodisia pouted as Zviad quickly responded that he hadn’t been on a date. “Pity. A lot of Durmstrang girls find you rather exotic.” Well, not her necessarily, but she could see why some of the ones who had lower standards – meaning would date someone who is not a pureblood – would find Zviad appealing. The fact that nobody knew much about him offered him some sort of mysterious charisma. It was nice it did, for otherwise Aphrodisia wouldn’t have spent too much time in his company, love for the arts or not. She wouldn’t waste her precious time in the company of ugly people. “I caught up on some reading and then decided to come for some mulled wine. Nothing too interesting. My dormitory mates are all out on dates, so I guess the dormitory was nice and quiet, just perfect for a lecture.”

“We never did actually talk about Romeo and Juliet though. Have you enjoyed it?” Aphrodisia asked, now genuinely curious. Talking about books and the arts was one of her favourite activities, and she was generally keen on listening to Zviad’s opinions – they were always rather interesting.


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